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THE MAGIC SPONGE!        DO 2187        6/11/84--A Dream!

       1. I HAD DISCOVERED A SECRET FORMULA I HAD BEEN WORKING ON, & SOME PEOPLE STOLE IT FROM ME! I was chasing them, trying to get it back! I was about to catch up with them when they threw it out the window of this building. Every time it would bounce or get squeezed it would grow in size. It was bouncing along & bouncing along & soon it was as big as a building itself! And then it became bigger even than all the buildings!--Kind of like the Kingdom of God, every time they try to squeeze us or shake us up or throw us around, we just grow bigger!
       2. EVERYTHING MAKES IT GROW! Words make it grow, even light makes it grow, vibrations make it grow! Isn't that good? (Maria: Isn't it supposed to grow?) Yes, of course, but it will grow too fast & we won't have time to get out of the way! It's too big to bounce any more. People are bouncing all around on the top of it like a child bounces on a bed, you know? Every time they bounce, they bounce higher & higher!
       3. IT'S LIKE THE POWER OF GOD, NOTHING CAN STOP IT! The more people jump on it, the more they bounce & the higher they bounce, the higher they go, like the Power of God! And pretty soon they're going to bounce right up into Heaven! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       4. ISN'T THE LORD GOOD TO US? See, it's not our power that makes it bounce, it's the sponge! All it does is grow. It doesn't bounce any more, but people bounce on it.--Way way up like a trampoline, where they almost fly!
       5. IT'S JUST LIKE WITH A LITTLE EFFORT OF YOUR OWN, JUST A LITTLE JUMP, THE SPONGE WILL BOUNCE YOU CLEAR INTO HEAVEN! It's like I discovered it & I let them have it. They found it & they just got carried away, bounced away! It's amazing! Can you see'm bouncing? They're bouncing hundreds of feet in the air!
       6. SEE, IT'S JUST LIKE THE POWER OF GOD! You just take a little leap of faith & like a trampoline or something, it just really bounces you way up! It's beautiful! All those people bouncing so high, they nearly reach the sky! I think some of them are reaching the sky!
       7. I LOVE YOU, HONEY! WHY DON'T YOU BOUNCE, HONEY? (Maria: Are you bouncing?) No, I'm tired of bouncing & watching them bounce. Of course, you wouldn't leave me so I guess we're just stuck, but it's nice to watch them bounce with what I started. I don't have to bounce any more, they're doing the bouncing for me! I just tell them how, that's all! I just show them how & then they bounce better than I ever did!
       8. BE QUIET! BE STILL! YOU'RE GOING TO MAKE US BOUNCE! I'm tired of bouncing, I did my bouncing! It's time for me to rest, so would you please be still & stop bouncing? You're always bouncing! It's this bed, I think. If I make a move we both bounce!
       9. CAREFUL! DON'T SHAKE! Shhh! That thing is too loud, it squeals, & then the sponge grows. It seems to me like it's already too big, I can't even control it. God will have to control it because He made it. It's terrible! It's so big! Be still, Honey. Would you please be still? (Maria: I am, I'm not moving.) Well, don't. Don't move a muscle or you'll make it grow again! Everybody is going to bump & bounce clear off the Earth! You've got to have a little wisdom & not go to extremes or bounce so high, it attracts too much attention, Honey. You always want to be so careful, so why don't you be careful? Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus!
       10. I CAN'T BOUNCE ANY MORE, I'M GETTING TOO OLD, IT'S TOO HARD ON ME! I'm not very bouncy any more, am I? (Maria: In spirit you're keeping up with them all!) But I'm too old for that. You quiet down, Honey, & just stay here with me & be still. Let's just rest & let them bounce, OK? Hallelujah! Thank You Lord!
       11. IT'S BEAUTIFUL, JUST WONDERFUL HOW THEY CAN BOUNCE, but they're young & they're strong & they can do it! We just need to take a little leap of faith & then the sponge does everything & bounces up sky-high! Isn't that amazing? Honey, we have to find some nice quiet little corner where we don't have to bounce any more, OK? Please?
       12. IF THOSE GUYS HAVE GOT A NICE LITTLE QUIET CORNER IN HEAVEN, THEN I DON'T HAVE TO BOUNCE! (Maria: Do you think you'll really want to be quiet in Heaven?) Well, I'll have a lot of strength There! That's OK, I don't mind, but for right now I need a little bit of rest and not to bounce so much.
       13. ARE YOU GOING TO STICK WITH ME? (Maria: Yes, of course!) Even if you can't bounce with the rest of them? Look at that! Look at the way they bounce! They shoot up like sky rockets!--Waaaay up!--And they come way down! It seems like the minute their feet touch they shoot way up again! Whew! Wow!
       14. IT'S THE MAGIC SPONGE! But this sponge doesn't soak up, it puts out! All its energies go on up & out, & up & out, & up & out! They discovered the secret from me & all they had to do was take a little leap of faith, & boom, away they go! The sponge just does all the rest! Isn't that amazing? It's the Magic Sponge! It doesn't sponge'm, it shoots'm!--Like a trampoline, only more & more!
       15. SEE? CAN YOU SEE LIKE I DO? THEY JUST HARDLY TOUCH & THEN THEY GO BOOM AGAIN! They do have their ups & downs, but you know, the minute their feet touch the Magic Sponge up they go again! They just need a little extra push, a little extra energy, a little extra. They just come down & get their feet full again & away they go! You savvy? You're not saying much! (Maria: I'm listening to you!) It's true! Do you believe it? Can you see'm? If you could only see'm!--All the little people! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!
       16. WILL YOU PLEASE WIPE MY SWEATY BACK WITH THE SHEET, HONEY? I'm so sweaty. Don't you think it was from bouncing? Hurry! Cover me, quick! (Coughs) Honey, you shouldn't uncover me. (Maria: But you uncovered yourself. You were hot, remember?) Well, don't pay any attention to what I say, just get it off! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Amen!
       17. WELL, SOMETIMES I'M WRONG & SOMETIMES I'M RIGHT!--AND YOU HAVE TO KNOW THE DIFFERENCE! You have to decide on what you should do & what you shouldn't do, Honey. You're my keeper, you're supposed to know the difference!
       18. DO YOU WANT TO COME BOUNCE WITH ME? (Maria: I thought you weren't going to bounce, Honey?) Well, with you I might! You're pretty bouncy, Honey! I love you! Sometimes I wonder if I shouldn't have discovered that Magic Sponge! But it really seems to help people sort of bounce out of themselves, so I guess it was worth it!
       19. (MARIA: HOW WOULD YOU EXPLAIN IT TO CHILDREN?) Oh, the children, they'll understand the best of all! (Maria: Well, what would you say the big Magic Sponge is?) It's God!--And the Power of God, of course! I told you that! When they discover Him they can go anywhere, bounce anywhere!
       20. AT FIRST I THOUGHT MAYBE IT WAS DANGEROUS FOR THEM TO KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT GOD! I gave them a secret weapon, they can go anywhere with it if they use the secret weapon! At first I was afraid it would get out of control, & it did! But that's good! It's good for Him to control them & not me! Thank You Jesus! The churches didn't want to give them the secret because they were afraid it would get out of hand, out of control.--And it does! I gave them the secret & they're plumb out of my control, they're just in His control now! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! That's all we need.
       21. I JUST COMMITTED THEM TO THE SPONGE & THERE THEY GO, SEE?--BOOM! Maybe sponge isn't the best word for it, because with a sponge you think about soaking up things, but this doesn't soak up anything, it just gives off power & energy! (Maria: Is it like a rubber ball?) It's like that ball I saw that time, remember? It just kept on bouncing! (See #213) (Maria: Should we call it a ball?) No, it's shaped like a sponge. (Maria: Oh, you mean rectangularly?)--Yes. And it's bouncy & squeezy like a sponge. I don't know what else to call it. It looks like a sponge, acts like a sponge, only it doesn't soak up anything, it just gives off bouncing energy, boom, boom, boom! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name. Amen. Thank You Lord! (Are you bouncing?)

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