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RAISER OF TAXES & RISE OF THE ANTICHRIST!--Daniel 10 Summary, Daniel 11 Verse 20-24.       ET# 52       DO 2189       5/85

       1. YOU'VE ALREADY SUNG, PRAYED & PRAISED? (FAM: YES, SIR!) WELL, PTL! TYL! I GUESS WE CAN GET RIGHT DOWN TO BUSINESS THEN. My poor Bible's falling apart! Poor thing, I beat on it too much. I should remember to beat on the chair & not on the Book, but I want to emphasise how important the Book is! Amen! PTL! TYJ! TYL!
       2. BLESS THY WORD & BLESS THY HEARERS, MAY WE ALL UNDERSTAND BY THE ENLIGHTENMENT OF THY HOLY SPIRIT, in Jesus' name. Not just for satisfying our curiosity, Lord, but to help us to really know the things that are going to happen, to understand them & recognise them, to be expecting them, Lord, looking for them, & therefore know the days & the meaning of the times & the seasons, the signs, all of these things, in Jesus' name. Amen. TYL!

       3. NOW WE'RE NOT GOING TO GO ALL THROUGH THIS PRAYER IN DANIEL CHAPTER 10. This is some time after Daniel 9, as you can see, in the time of Cyrus, King of Persia, that he had this next vision. But a few things might be good to point out. He says in the first verse, "A thing was revealed unto Daniel, & the thing was true, but the time appointed was long." In other words, what he's going to tell you about now was a long ways away & was going to be a long time coming.
       4. AND DANIEL'S PRAYING & HE'S FASTING & ALL THESE THINGS. Some of these are almost a little bit amusing if they hadn't been so trying to poor Daniel! He faints again, falls flat on his face, & in the 10th verse a hand touches him "which set me upon my knees & upon the palms of my hands." What position is that? Who wants to volunteer to get down here & show being on your knees & the palms of your hands? There, like that! First he was flat on his face. How would you be flat on your face? Well, don't get too dirty! Then he got up like that, & finally He gave him enough strength to stand up. He was really what some Pentecostals called "slain in the Spirit"! He was almost slain in the flesh! He fainted & finally the Lord gave him the strength to get up in a crawling position, then finally he stood up.
       5. AND WHO IS THE ARCHANGEL THAT IS COME TO SPEAK TO HIM?--APPARENTLY GABRIEL AGAIN, because he talks about Michael. (Verse 13) And he'd had a struggle on his way. How long had he been on his way trying to get there with this message? (Fam: Three weeks.)--Three weeks, 21 days trying to get there with this message! But he had a little problem with whom? (Fam: The Prince of Persia.) 13th Verse: "The Prince of the Kingdom of Persia withstood me one & twenty days."
       6. NOW OBVIOUSLY PERSIA, MIGHTY AS IT WAS, DIDN'T HAVE THE KIND OF WEAPONS OR WARFARE WHICH COULD WITHSTAND AN ARCHANGEL. It wasn't the King of Persia that was stopping him, it was the spiritual king of Persia, the devil king of Persia, the archangel of the Devil who was withstanding him & wrestling with him. So as we brought out one time before, spiritual communication is not always that easy! There's a battle going on in the Spirit World, a real struggle, & sometimes it's a struggle even for the mighty Archangels of God to get through the powers of the Devil, but they get through & he made it.
       7. THIS IS AN INTERESTING CHAPTER ABOUT THIS STRUGGLE & THE ANSWER & ALL THAT, BUT IT'S NOT EXACTLY ON THE SUBJECT WHICH WE'RE STUDYING. So I figure you have read it & therefore you don't really need to study it in detail, except we're just bringing out a few points here that are interesting.
       8. NOTICE IN THE 14TH VERSE HE SAYS AGAIN, "NOW I AM COME TO MAKE THEE UNDERSTAND WHAT SHALL BEFALL THY PEOPLE IN THE LATTER DAYS, for yet the vision is for many days." In fact, about how long was it going to be before this final kingdom that he was talking about, which all of his visions were leading up to, which all of his revelations were giving the background of & which all was designed to reveal the very Endtime? He gives the background & the historical events leading up to it, etc. And how long was it?--Or how long is it, we should say, now, since this was given to Daniel? (Fam: Approximately 2,500 years.)--Around that.
       9. ACTUALLY, SINCE HE LIVED IN THE DAYS OF THE MEDO-PERSIAN EMPIRE SHORTLY BEFORE ALEXANDER THE GREAT, IT COULD HAVE BEEN SLIGHTLY LESS THAN THAT. But until now it's somewhere under 2500 years & about to be fulfilled. That was quite a prophecy, given nearly 2500 years ago & only now being completely fulfilled! Of course, many of the prophecies in here are historical prophecies leading up to it, which had not, of course, been fulfilled in Daniel's day, but have been ever since.--The whole course of history & the empires of the World!
       10. POOR DANIEL! THESE KIND OF REVELATIONS MUST BE KIND OF HARD ON YOU because he set his face toward the ground again & became dumb, 15th verse. "And one like the similitude of the sons of men touched my lips, then I opened my mouth & spake & said unto him that stood before me, O my lord, by the vision my sorrows are turned upon me, & I have retained no strength." All of this really drained him. "For how can the servant of this my lord talk with this my lord? For as for me, straightway there remained no strength in me, neither is there breath left in me." It was quite an exhausting experience to be here in a spiritual experience, virtually in the Spirit World, or one step in, one step out, talking with this mighty personage!
       11. (VERSE 18:) "AND THEN THERE CAME AGAIN & TOUCHED ME ONE LIKE THE APPEARANCE OF A MAN, & HE STRENGTHENED ME. And said, O man greatly beloved, fear not: peace be unto thee, be strong, yea, be strong. And when he had spoken unto me I was strengthened, & said, Let my lord speak, for thou hast strengthened me. Then said he, Knowest thou wherefore I come unto thee? And now will I return to fight with the prince of Persia: & when I am gone forth"--after I'm gone--"the prince of Grecia shall come."
       12. SO THIS MUST NOT HAVE BEEN VERY LONG BEFORE WHO CAME & INVADED MEDO-PERSIA? (Fam: Alexander.)--Alexander the Great! Don't be afraid to speak up, folks, you should know this by this time. As far as God's concerned there's only one great prince of Grecia, & that's Alexander the Great. So he was telling Daniel right then that it wasn't going to be long before Alexander the Great arrived there in Medo-Persia where he was.
       13. (VERSE 21:) "BUT I WILL SHOW THEE THAT WHICH IS NOTED IN THE SCRIPTURE OF TRUTH: & there is none that holdeth with me in these things but Michael your prince." What does that mean? Does that mean nobody believed him but Michael? What do you think that means? Don't you think if he had told these things to the hosts of Heaven, don't you think the Angels & all the good spirits would have believed the words of the Archangel Gabriel?
       14. ALTHOUGH I MUST SAY, SOME OF THE DESCRIPTION IN HERE SOUNDS ALMOST LIKE IT MIGHT HAVE BEEN JESUS! If you go back to the 5th verse it says, "a certain man clothed in linen whose loins were girded with fine gold of Uphaz. His body also was like the beryl, & his face as the appearance of lightning, & his eyes as lamps of fire, & his arms & his feet like in colour to polished brass, & the voice of his words like the voice of a multitude." Well, you can take your choice. Some people think that it was Gabriel, some people think it was Jesus Himself. It sounds a lot like the Revelation description of Jesus, doesn't it? (Rev.1:13-16)
       15. WELL, ANYHOW, HOW WOULD YOU INTERPRET THAT, "NOBODY HOLDETH WITH ME IN THESE THINGS." Certainly, especially if it was Jesus, the hosts of Heaven would not have disbelieved Him. If you say that nobody but Michael believes Him, then you've got a disagreement in Heaven & either Jesus or Gabriel either one are not being received & not being believed, & that is highly unlikely. Right? So actually the real meaning here is that nobody knows about these things, He hasn't shared these things with anybody but Michael the Archangel.--Which again sounds like it might be Jesus.
       16. MICHAEL WAS IN PARTICULAR THE ARCHANGEL OF WHAT PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY IN THAT DAY? Well, you find it in the 12th Chapter, the very first verse. "And at that time shall Michael stand up, the great prince which standeth for the children of thy people." The mighty Archangel Michael was especially assigned to the Jews at that time. The Lord has told us since then, [DELETED] he is now watching over us! What an honour!
       17. SO I THINK THAT'S ABOUT ALL THAT NEEDS TO BE TOUCHED ON IN THAT 10TH CHAPTER. We want to dig into a pretty heavy chapter, I would say just about the heaviest one in the whole Book of Daniel, this 11th Chapter. There are certain secrets in Heaven, there's a certain amount of security in Heaven, there are certain things that they don't tell everybody, not even other Angels, not even the good spirits of the departed! God has His Own security system. We have very similar security in our own Family. I've often told leaders, "Don't tell anybody anything that they don't have to know!" That's the safest method of security.
       18. MICHAEL, BEING THE SPECIAL ARCHANGEL OF GOD FOR HIS PEOPLE AT THIS TIME, HAD TO KNOW. So God was sharing with Michael. We also know He'd already shared with Gabriel. So obviously either this was Jesus or Gabriel who had already shared with Michael these things. And now, imagine, he's telling them to a mere man, a little nobody that if he even talks to him he faints! So Daniel was just as much a man as I am or you are or anyone, he was just a weak man, but he was greatly beloved, He had made him very strong. I think the Lord said that of me a few times too, thank the Lord. It's not that I'm so strong, it's not that I'm so great, it's that God's Love is strong & His Love is great, & His desire to love you by showing you these things through us.

       19. SO WHO'S TALKING AT THE BEGINNING OF THE 11TH CHAPTER? (Verse 1:) "Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm & to strengthen him."--The same person, whether Jesus or Gabriel, is still speaking. Remember, there was no chapter division in the original Scriptures. "There is none that holdeth with me in these things, but Michael your prince. Also I in the first year of Darius the Mede, even I, stood to confirm & to strengthen him."--Who? He's talking about Darius the Mede, isn't he?
       20. DOES THE LORD HAVE INFLUENCE ON PRESIDENTS & KINGS & WORLD LEADERS? He'll weaken some to get His will done or He'll strengthen others to get His will done. And at this time it was His will to strengthen the Medo-Persian Kings to make sure that they held the kingdom until Alexander came along. Because there are always lots of people that want to grab the kingdom! We've had that experience ourselves.
       21. SO HE'S TELLING DANIEL--IMAGINE, THIS MERE MAN--ALL THESE GREAT MIGHTY SECRETS OF HEAVEN & how things are going on in the heavenlies & what's happening.--Probably to encourage Daniel that He was behind the king who was in power at this time, "So cooperate, Daniel, I am strengthening him."
       22. (VERSE 2:) "AND NOW WILL I SHOW THEE THE TRUTH. Behold, there shall stand up yet three kings in Persia; & the fourth shall be far richer than they all: & by his strength through his riches he shall stir up all against the realm of Grecia." Now we don't need to to go back into all the infinite little details of ancient history, but there were 3 more kings of Persia after Darius the Mede, & the last one was very rich & powerful & he saw the threat of Greece coming from the West. So he stirred up by his great riches & power, probably bought a lot of armies & mercenaries. To have 250,000 men in the field he must have had lots of money to pay them, to arm them, equip them with swords, shields, helmets, armour, chariots, horses, all the things they needed that cost a lot of money, great riches.
       23. HE SAW THE THREAT, APPARENTLY, OF ALEXANDER THE GREAT COMING FROM GREECE, SO HE USED THIS GREAT RICHES TO STIR UP ALL AGAINST THE REALM OF GRECIA. That "all" was a pretty big all, 250,000, about all I guess he could stir, which was plenty! In fact, they say this is the largest number of men ever put into one battle in the history of the World, 250,000 men in one great battle there in Medo-Persia, or actually it occurred largely in what is now Turkey, part of Medo-Persia. Anyhow, you don't need to know all those details, just know that he's describing accurate history.
       24. (VERSE 3:) "AND A MIGHTY KING SHALL STAND UP THAT SHALL RULE WITH GREAT DOMINION, & DO ACCORDING TO HIS WILL." Which king is he talking about now? (Fam: Alexander.)--Exactly, Alexander the Great. (Verse 4:) "And when he shall stand up, his kingdom shall be broken, & it shall be divided toward the four winds." There's another confirmation that it's Alexander the Great, right? When Alexander died, the kingdom was divided into four parts by four generals. "Toward the four winds"--four directions. And what are the four directions? (Fam: North, South, East & West.)
       25. "NOT TO HIS POSTERITY, NOR ACCORDING TO HIS DOMINION WHICH HE RULED." They couldn't quite even hold the dominion that he had ruled. "For his kingdom shall be plucked up, even for others beside those." Even after the four generals there were others who took over & divided the kingdom more & more.
       26. I AM NOT GOING TO GET INTO ALL OF THESE DETAILS HERE, there are all kinds of interpretations of this, but it has to do literally with the great wars that were going on, a number of which are mentioned in history, between the remnants of Alexander's Kingdom, & what was the next great empire to arise? (Fam: Rome.)--Rome! Even Cleopatra is mentioned in here, etc. But I don't think it's necessarily profitable for us to have to go into all those details, because there's still considerable mystery about it.
       27. ANYHOW, THIS IS A DESCRIPTION OF ALL THE WARS BETWEEN GREECE & ROME, it's the basics how God looks at it, what's really behind it & how they even traded women for power. One of the examples, Cleopatra, was actually the daughter of the King of Syria, if some of you remember your ancient history. But he married her to the king of Egypt, one of these successors to Alexander, hoping that he could make an alliance with Egypt. Instead of that, she stirred up Egypt against her own father! Think of that! It's all described in here. But I just don't think I care to have to go into all this detail, because I probably don't even remember all of it & I don't want to screw you up! Because this is not our main subject. We're not still studying ancient history, we've had enough of that.
       28. THE ONLY THING WE'RE REALLY INTERESTED IN IN THIS CHAPTER & THE SUBJECT OF OUR SERIES OF STUDIES RIGHT NOW IS WHAT OR WHOM IN PARTICULAR? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--The Antichrist & his kingdom. Our former series of lessons was on what & whom? (Fam: The AACs.) We were studying the AACs, those who oppose the Antichrist. Now we're going to study the Antichrist & his rise to make you very familiar with these things so you will not forget them. Who knows, if they take your Bible away, you're still going to want to know & remember these things so you'll recognise what's happening & know where you're at, what station you're in on the train of God's events.
       29. SO THERE ARE ALL THESE BIG BATTLES, MOSTLY BETWEEN GREECE & ROME, ETC. Then he sort of skips way over again. He's just telling Daniel these interesting facts, because who do you think these facts of these details of that era became very important to? (Fam: The Jews.)--The Jews, of course! The Jews were always getting kicked around by this empire or that empire. So just like He is telling us now about this coming Antichrist & his kingdom & how to recognise him & the characteristics of it & what's going to happen in it & all that, he is telling God's people of that day what was going to happen in the immediate future regarding the wars between Rome & Greece etc.
       30. THEN APPARENTLY HE GETS TO THE POINT WHERE, "THAT'S ENOUGH, WE DON'T HAVE TO TELL YOU ANY MORE, I'm just telling you about your immediate future that you & your people would be concerned with," & He starts to leap over centuries literally, getting down toward the End. So I prefer, if you don't mind, to save time & to stress & emphasise & dwell on the things we need to know now, not what the Jews needed to know then. Do you get the point? The first half of this chapter were all things that Jews were probably going by for the next several years, especially the wars between Rome & Greece, & these remnants of the Grecian Empire. If you remember anything about history, that's what happened after Alexander's Empire broke up! They were constantly having wars with each other & then having wars with Rome, etc., etc., etc.

       31. NOW USUALLY WE START OUR STUDY OF THE ANTICHRIST WHERE WE KNOW IT HAS GOT TO BE HE, because it talks about the same man from there on to the very end of the chapter & to the very end of time. Where in this chapter can you first recognise the Antichrist & know that it's he because it talks about him from there on. What verse? (Fam: 21.)
       32. BUT HERE'S A VERY INTERESTING POINT THAT SOMEONE BROUGHT OUT!: IF VERSE 21 IS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST & THE BEGINNING OF HIS RISE & TAKEOVER, THEN VERSE 20 MUST BE ABOUT THE POWER WHICH IMMEDIATELY PRECEDES THE ANTICHRIST in this modern day & period of history after the fall of the British Empire. The British Empire started to fall with World War 1, after the days of Queen Victoria, & the United States & Russia accelerated the rest of its fall with World War 2, along with Hitler, they say he had a lot to do with it. They blame it all on Hitler, poor guy. I don't think he deserved as much blame as he got, because the U.S. & Russia were just as guilty & Britain was just as guilty.
       33. IN FACT, WW2 WOULD NEVER HAVE STARTED IF BRITAIN HADN'T DECLARED WAR ON GERMANY! I understand they don't study WW2 or Hitler any more in Germany, they just ignore it, they're almost ignorant of it. It's pitiful, because it's a very interesting history. Does anybody remember how it started? (Fam: Hitler invaded Poland.) Hitler had conquered most of Europe by that time except France, most of those little countries around there. They had surrendered, all of them so far without a fight!--Czechoslovakia, Austria & different parts of Europe were falling to Hitler. All he had to do was march in & all the people praised him & waved their hands & hailed him as a hero.
       34. BUT WHEN HE STARTED TO MARCH INTO POLAND, I WONDER WHY THAT WAS A DIFFERENT STORY. [DELETED] So Hitler was smart, he kind of circled around, got everything he could get free & easy without a fight, without a battle, almost without a shot, then he decided to attack Poland.--Thinking that England certainly would be smart enough & certainly not dumb enough to keep her scrap-of-paper treaty with the Poles, that if the Poles were attacked England would come to their assistance. He thought, "Certainly England sees by this time that I'm the greatest power in Europe & I'm taking over Europe, & just because I'm going to invade the Poles, England won't be stupid enough to oppose me!"
       35. [DELETED] So that time he bit off a little more than he could chew, he attacked the wrong people. He'd been attacking them for quite awhile in his own country & other little countries around & got away with it, because neither Britain nor even France nor the U.S.A. wanted to tackle Hitler if they could help it. But then they saw that Hitler was apparently threatening them too & in attacking Poland was attacking one of their own.
       36. YOU WONDER WHY THE U.S. & BRITAIN ARE STILL SO LOYAL TO POLAND, still stirring up trouble in Poland, the CIA backing & paying for all kinds of operatives in Poland to stir up Solidarity & all this sort of thing. How do you think those guys live? Where do you think they get the money to do all these things? The U.S. has got paid CIA agents in there all the time stirring up all the trouble. They've not only got paid agents in Afghanistan, they've got the whole country of Pakistan on their payroll assisting all these CIA agents that are stirring up the Afghanis in the mountains to fight the Russians.
       37. THE AMERICANS ARE ALREADY FIGHTING THE RUSSIANS IN SEVERAL DIFFERENT PLACES. The Americans are fighting the Russians in Poland, they're fighting the Russians in Afghanistan, etc. There are already wars going on between the United States & Russian Communists all over the World!
       38. BUT ANYHOW, AFTER THE FALL OF GREAT BRITAIN... You say, "What do you mean? Great Britain never fell, the British & the Americans won both World Wars!" Yes, well they started taking away Britain's territories & colonies even after WW1. They stripped Germany of all of its colonies. Germany had colonies in those days too, big colonies. All of Southwest Africa belonged to Germany, what is now called Namibia, which is now in the hands of the South Africans, thank God, otherwise things would be later than they are. The Communists would really be taking over Africa! When they take over Namibia, South Africa will soon be gone & that'll be the end of Africa as far as yielding to the Red powers.
       39. BUT BRITAIN WAS THE GREATEST EMPIRE OF YESTERDAY. Let's call it that, shall we?--And the sun never set on the British flag. It had great colonies around the World, & if not colonies, they were still commonwealths like Canada, her young whelps, the lion's whelps, like America, all still standing strong together. In fact, the Bible even speaks of it in Ezekiel. (Eze.38:13) So Britain & its colonies & ex-colonies & commonwealths, etc., were the mightiest empire on Earth just a few years ago in modern history, greater, more powerful than Russia, Russia was nothing then at the turn of the century. Britain at the turn of the century was the greatest empire, World power on Earth. But two wars finished that!--Beginning with World War 1 in which the U.S. had to come to her aid & as a result became much more militant & belligerent & warlike!

       40. OF COURSE, THE AMERICANS HAVE ALWAYS BEEN VERY AGGRESSIVE & VERY VIOLENT. Their whole history is extremely violent. Don't ever talk about Americans being peacemakers, they've done anything but make peace! They've almost done nothing but make war! Their whole history has been nothing but war & aggression & violence, & they haven't hesitated to attack little countries as well as big ones. South America, they never hesitated to step into any little country down there. "Send in the Marines! Carry the big stick! Batter'm over the head! Beat'm into submission!"--Like Reagan's trying to do with Nicaragua now.
       41. AND MOST OF THE TIME THESE LITTLE COUNTRIES DOWN THERE HAD NOBODY TO STICK UP FOR THEM, there was no Russia then to help'm out. So they just fell to the first landing of the Marines & that was it!--Even when they elected their own desired government by fair elections as they did a few years ago in Guatemala. In a fair election they elected a Communist government in Guatemala! What's the very next thing that happened?--In went the Marines! Same thing happened in the Dominican Republic. They started having political problems & what's the next thing that happened?--In went the Marines!

       42. BUT WHAT HAPPENED IN THE TWO WORLD WARS?: BRITAIN WAS SO WEAKENED SHE COULDN'T REALLY HOLD HER COLONIES ANY LONGER ANYHOW, especially not with the opposition of both the U.S.A. & Russia who forced Britain to give up her colonies at the bargaining tables of Yalta & Potsdam. FDR made agreements with Churchill, etc., & finally even reached agreements with Stalin at these conferences in which mostly the U.S.A. & Russia were then left as the two main superpowers of the World after WW2.
       43. POOR BRITAIN WAS SUNK, EXHAUSTED, BANKRUPT, the flower of its mankind absolutely slaughtered in two World Wars & had almost nothing left! If it hadn't been for the U.S. stepping in & U.S. support--[DELETED] bringing them back to strength, & Germany too--Britain even having helped win the war would not have even survived, & her empire did not survive.--Mostly because Russia & the U.S. agreed that Britain should be more democratic & allow its colonies to be democratic & allow them to rule themselves & become independent.
       44. SO RUSSIA & THE U.S.A. STRIPPED BRITAIN OF ITS EMPIRE! If you want to know who really got licked in World War 2, it was the British Empire! They were the biggest losers of any participant in World War 2, France too. They insisted that France give up all of her colonies. But the French were a little tougher, a little more fighters than the British. The British didn't have much fight left, poor folks, they were about all fought-out, exhausted! And the U.S.A. having rescued them, after all, along with Russia, what could they say? What could Churchill say at those conferences when the U.S. was self-righteously appealing hypocritically for the forces of democracy, "We saved the World for democracy!"
       45. THE FIRST WORLD WAR WAS THE WAR TO END ALL WARS! YOU CAN SEE HOW IT ENDED ALL WARS, it started more wars than it ended & resulted & ended in the Second World War, which was nothing in the World but a continuation of World War 1, because World War 1 settled nothing!--Except it began to weaken Britain & break up the British Empire. Then World War 2 finished off Britain as a World power. Britain is not even a first-rate European power today. If it were not for the U.S.A. backing Britain, it would be the third weakest power in Europe today!

       46. WHICH NATION IS THE STRONGEST NATION OF EUROPE TODAY? (Fam: France.) I mean on its own. Which nation is the next strongest? (Fam: Germany.) And the next? (Fam: Britain.) And without the U.S. backing of both Germany & Britain, Germany & Britain would both be flat, nothing! Having destroyed Germany & its power after the war, France could have just taken over Europe, & it almost has! And it would have if it hadn't been for the opposition of the U.S.A.
       47. DON'T KID YOURSELF, FRANCE & THE UNITED STATES ARE NOT FRIENDS, THEY ARE BITTER ENEMIES TODAY! France doesn't like anything the U.S.A. is doing, & the U.S.A. doesn't like anything France is doing! But they have to pretend to be friends in order to put up a bold front to their major enemy, who is Russia. Imagine, even old enemies like Germany & France getting together now in order to put up a bold front toward Russia! France doesn't put up too bold a front against Russia, & even West Germany is not too anxious to consider Russia as an enemy. As Schmidt said, "I think about those Russian tanks only 30 miles from my house!"
       48. THEY WOULD LIKE TO MAKE PEACE WITH RUSSIA! So would even a large segment of the population of Britain, particularly the labour unions & the radicals of the Communists, who are now getting stronger in Britain all the time. Because Britain is hard up & having terrible economic troubles. And the worse a Capitalist country gets economically, the better chance it has to be swayed by Red Communist propaganda. They say, "Well, it's all the problems of your Capitalist system! If you'd just adopt the Communist system we'd solve all those things & there would be equality! Rob the rich & give it to the poor & everybody would be better off, blah blah."
       49. SO IF IT WERE NOT FOR THE STRONG INFLUENCE, BACKING & ACTUAL CONTROL OF THE U.S.A., NEITHER BRITAIN NOR WEST GERMANY NOR FRANCE WOULD BE FOLLOWING THE AMERICAN LINE AGAINST THE RUSSIANS. All three of them would be making peace with Russia instead, which would mean that Russia would literally dominate Europe then.--And if they had been smart, instead of listening to the U.S.A., they would rather be Red than dead, which is what they're going to be! Because the U.S. has exerted powerful control, until today Britain & West Germany are literally colonies of the United States of America with occupation armies there, U.S. armies, 200,000 U.S. servicemen in West Germany! If that's not an occupation army, I don't know what is!--With oodles of missiles & all kinds of weapons & huge American bases in Britain with American missiles the British can't even control!
       50. THEY'RE U.S. COLONIES BOUGHT OUT BY U.S. GUNS & MONEY to where they are just as much satellite puppet countries of the United States of America as are the East European countries puppet countries of Russia. There's no difference!--Except that most of what you read in newspapers, being English speakers, is American & [EDITED: "AC"] propaganda, to persuade you that America's doing all this in the interests of democracy & freedom. If they're the guerrillas backed by the Americans they're no longer guerrillas or terrorists, they're "freedom fighters!" But if they're guerrillas backed by the other side, oh, then they're terrorists, guerrillas, monsters!
       51. IT'S ALL A WAR OF PROPAGANDA, IT'S ALL A WAR OF THE MINDS! It's really a war of the hearts & a campaign between God & the Devil for the souls of men! Right now it looks to me like the Devil's winning & the Lord is allowing him to win, until he takes over the whole World & sets up his own kingdom on Earth, the kingdom of Hell on Earth, to give man a last dose of what it means to follow the Devil & what is going to happen in a World ruled by Satan. He's always wanted to rule the World, so God's going to let him to show man what Satan's kingdom is like, Hell on Earth!
       52. SO THEY ROBBED BRITAIN, PARTICULARLY AFTER WORLD WAR 2, OF HER WHOLE EMPIRE, & they declared that she must set all of her colonies free. So brrrrrrum, just like a string of dominoes they all left Britain & became so-called free countries, the largest of them being India, of course, & many other colonies, most of which now are in a terrible mess ever since the British left & no longer have power to control them. Most of the colonies that they stripped France of were in Africa, as well as Lebanon etc., in the East. Syria also belonged to France, Lebanon belonged to France, Palestine belonged to England.
       53. BUT THE AMERICANS, ALONG WITH THE COOPERATION OF THE RUSSIANS, PUT THE PRESSURE ON, the squeeze on all of these former empires, the imperialists. Russia said, "We're determined to have no more imperialists, no more imperial empires!" Russia, using America's own propaganda, its own teachings, its own words, said, "All right, now you claim you fought this war to free the World for democracy? Let's do it! Make Britain give up her empire! Make France give up her empire! Make Portugal give up its empire! Come on, let's see you make your friends do it! You claim that's why you're fighting Hitler, to make Hitler give up his empire, but what about your friends? Make them give up their empires if you want to really enforce this democratic rule all the way!--All over the World!"
       54. SO WITH PRESSURE FROM RUSSIA, THE U.S.A. WAS FORCED TO YIELD & compel & insist on all of its friends giving up their empires.--Including its enemies. Germany had already done that from World War 1, & Japan after World War 2 was forced to give up a lot of its territory & islands, with Russia taking over a few.
       55. SO THAT WAS THE END OF THE LAST GREAT WORLD EMPIRE BEFORE WHOM? What two great World Empires then took over?--Ha! They made all their friends give up their Empires, but what did they do? The U.S. & Russia are the two greatest Empires of all!--Now greater than the British Empire, who now control & rule & finance & dictate to all of these colonies, remnants of their friends' former empires. They now not only forced them to give up their colonies, but they rule the mother countries, except for France.

       DAN.11, VERSE 20--"RAISER OF TAXES"
       56. SO POOR BRITAIN WENT FLAT AFTER WORLD WAR 2, lost its whole empire. It had been the greatest empire on Earth of modern times. It was the strongest nation in the World before those two World Wars, & even after World War 1 was still very great & strong. It was World War 2 that finished them off.
       57. AFTER THE BRITISH EMPIRE FELL, WHAT NATION THEN BECAME THE GREATEST NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH? The United States of America became the greatest, most powerful nation, the most powerful empire, king or kingdom on Earth! Even more than the Russians?--Oh yes! Russia was still trying to really get rebuilt. It had been exhausted by the war & still didn't have the atom bomb, only the Americans had the atom bombs. Think of it! And with the atom bomb, they were the most powerful nation on the face of the Earth! So back to your text! All that to explain this.
       58. IF, AS WE KNOW, THE ANTICHRIST IS GOING TO BE THE NEXT WORLD EMPIRE & THE MOST POWERFUL NATION ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH & he's going to be the King of the North or of Russia & lead the World Communist movement, if he is next, who has just preceded him? (Fam: The U.S.A.) So let's go back a verse to the 20th Verse, the one which describes some World power in existence just before the Antichrist.
       59. "THEN SHALL STAND UP IN HIS ESTATE A RAISER OF TAXES IN THE GLORY OF THE KINGDOM." Did you know the United States raises more taxes than any nation on the face of the Earth, & it spends more money, most of it tax money, for munitions, armies, the military, guns, planes, bombs & armaments than any nation on the face of the Earth? And do you know how she can afford to do it? She's the greatest raiser of taxes in the World!
       60. UNTIL NOW THE AVERAGE AMERICAN IS WORKING HALF OF HIS TIME FOR THE GOVERNMENT IN THE AMOUNT OF TAXES THAT HE HAS TO PAY! In fact, Americans have become absolute tax slaves. They have to pay their taxes for guns & bombs, even for a war they didn't want & didn't like, like Vietnam. They still had to pay for it. Because if they didn't pay for it, the U.S. government agents could come around with guns & tell'm, "If you don't pay, we not only take your house & your car & your furniture & everything you've got, we slam you in jail besides!" That's how they raise their taxes, the greatest raiser of taxes in the World!
       61. THE GREATEST CAUSE & ASSET & TOOL USED BY THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT TO BECOME AN ABSOLUTE DICTATORSHIP OF A NATION OF TAX SLAVES WAS THE INCOME TAX LAW!--Where people have to pay half of their income. You say, "But Dad, that's not so, they only pay 30% or so." Well, you're not counting all the taxes, the Federal & State taxes & county taxes & city taxes & all the rest, all government taxes. So the Americans are working half of their time, half of a six-day work week, three days, for the government--it's been figured out by the guys who ought to know, they've got the stats. That's how much taxes they pay in outright income taxes & all the hidden taxes, property taxes & sales taxes & taxes on this & taxes on that, the taxes on your car every time you buy a license, taxes on everything!
       62. SOME OF THE FEW THINGS THEY DON'T TAX ARE RADIOS & TELEVISIONS LIKE THEY DO IN BRITAIN & MOST OF THE EUROPEAN COUNTRIES. Why do you suppose they don't tax radios & television? Because they don't have government television.--At least they haven't had until lately. They've now got this public service network which is pretty governmental. They don't have governmental TV, they like that free commercial TV where the big [EDITED: "ACs"] can make lots of money off of it. Besides, the government can still control it & get out its propaganda. And most of what you hear, of course, on American TV is just as much governmental propaganda as you hear on French TV or British TV or BBC or whatever!
       63. THERE'S NO SUCH THING AS FREE INFORMATION! There's no such thing as any kind of media today that is not controlled by somebody & somebody's propaganda, & most of it today, nearly all of it--& if it's not all of it now, it will soon be--[EDITED: "AC"] propaganda.--Newspapers controlled by [EDITED: "ACs"], TV stations, radio stations, news agencies, all of them run by [EDITED: "ACs"]. All the principal news agencies are all controlled by [EDITED: "ACs"], so you don't hear hardly anything, in the entire Western World at least, except propaganda controlled by the [EDITED: "ACs"]. You just hear what they want you to know, just what they want you to learn, just what they want you to think, it's all controlled by them.--As well as, of course, the banks & the money & the industries & the movies & now the government & everything!
       64. THERE WERE A FEW PEOPLE WHO WERE CRYING OUT AGAINST THIS SORT OF THING BACK IN THE DAYS BETWEEN THE WARS WHEN I WAS YOUNG. A few people dared to lift their voices against the way the [EDITED: "ACs"] were taking over. But they were eradicated, eliminated, one by one gotten rid of. They ran us out of town, Miami, even followed us to Detroit, followed us to Los Angeles. My Mother almost never got her citizenship back because of the opposition of a [DELETED] judge informed against my Mother. They said, "[DELETED]she fought the [EDITED: "ACs"] in Miami!" Actually she didn't, she just happened to have a speaker or two that did expose the [EDITED: "ACs"], whom they threatened to kill so that he had to leave under armed police guard! Then they turned on my Mother & nearly killed her! If it hadn't been for the Lord, she'd have been dead, but the Lord spared her. They threw a great big rock at her & hit her right in the stomach, threatened her life time & again, cut off her hair, all kinds of things!
       65. THERE WERE A FEW VOICES RAISED IN THOSE DAYS, Gerald L.K. Smith, Gerald Winrod, Tom what's-his-name, the guy who wrote the little farm magazine. (Fam: Anderson.) How did you know? (Fam: I just read it in the Letters.) How about that! GBY! I guess it's a common thing for old people to start losing their memory. A lot of things I don't forget, but I never had a very good memory for names. But for facts & figures & history I've got a pretty good memory. Not all of it, sometimes I'm a little off here or there, but I'm close. If it's not exact, it's very close.
       66. BUT I'M TELLING YOU SOMETHING ABOUT HISTORY, ANYHOW, THAT'S A LOT CLOSER & MORE EXACT THAN MOST OF WHAT YOU READ IN THE HISTORY BOOKS! You're hearing the facts, what's really happening underneath. The history books are just the false veneer on the outside to cover up what they're up to. If you read the real story you'll know something different!

       67. SO THE GREAT WORLD POWER WHICH IS TO IMMEDIATELY PRECEDE THE ANTICHRIST IS A GREAT RAISER OF TAXES! That's a good point. I thought it was good that Hart brought that up. You may not understand a lot of this other stuff that goes in between, but the one immediately preceding the Antichrist is pretty obvious--the U.S.A.--raiser of taxes!
       68. "BUT WITHIN FEW DAYS HE SHALL BE DESTROYED"--THAT IS, IN THE MIND OF GOD FEW DAYS. He calls 2500 years many days, but in few days, that's just a few years, "He shall be destroyed, neither in anger nor in battle." What's going to destroy America before it's actually destroyed by fire & war? What's going to destroy America first? (Fam: The Crash.)--Right, the Crash!
       69. WELL, HOW COULD THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS WHO CONTROL EVERYTHING NOW IN AMERICA, who control the banks & the money & the government & the industries & the economy & everything, allow such a thing as a Crash to destroy America? Once again, they staged the whole thing!
       70. FOR ONE THING, EVERY CRASH THAT I HAVE EVER SEEN & READ OF & KNOWN OF IN HISTORY, THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS CAME OUT ON TOP IN THE END! It wasn't they who crashed, it was the little banks & the little fellows & the goys & the gentiles & the Americans, etc., who crashed & lost all the money. The poor people, the middle men, the little fellows, they're the ones who lost. After the Depression the [EDITED: "ACs"] wound up with all the mortgages & all the industries & all the money & just about everything!
       71. LET ME TELL YOU, THE BIG BOYS, THE ONES AT THE TOP WHO HAVE BILLIONS & ARE INTERNATIONAL, MEANING THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKERS & ALL, THEY NEVER LOSE! When things crash & everybody seems to be losing everything, losing on the stock market, losing their bank accounts, losing their businesses, losing their industries, did you ever happen to think about this? They're losing to whom?
       72. IF YOU LOSE SOMETHING, USUALLY SOMEBODY ELSE FINDS IT! Especially when they deliberately finagle & design it so you will lose it so they can find it! In fact, they know right where it's at, in their banks! That's what happened in Miami. They engineered the Crash in Miami & it crashed in '27, two years before the national Crash in '29. It had already been taken over by the [EDITED: "ACs"], but that sealed its fate. The big [EDITED: "AC"] bankers just took the thing over. They collected all the debts, notes, IOUs, mortgages, etc., & they then were the masters of Miami from the time of the Miami Crash of '27 when the boom burst. They took over, because everybody owed them!
       73. THEY ARE MASTERS AT THIS BUSINESS OF LOANING MONEY, loan sharks to loan money to people. Even when they know they're not going to be able to pay, they often insist on loaning them money, knowing they can't pay. Why? You had a home, you had a lot that was worth thousands of dollars, but you needed a little cash, you needed a little something to tide you over, you needed a little something to finance it. So they loaned you a few thousand, a fraction of the worth of the property, so that you supposedly can even buy the property or keep the property, probably even knowing what's going to happen, that things are going to go crash & you're not going to be able to pay. Then they have literally bought your property for just a few thousand dollars, far below the market price, far below what it's worth.
       74. BANKS NEVER LOAN YOU THE WHOLE VALUE OF A PIECE OF PROPERTY. When you get a mortgage, you just get one or two or three thousand Dollars on a piece of property that's maybe worth tens of thousands. But if you don't pay, they take the whole thing! They don't just say, "Well, we'll sell it & just pay off the mortgage," they get the whole thing, they get the whole property! That's [EDITED: "AC"] business, that's the way the [EDITED: "ACs"] have taken over the World!
       75. THEY HAVE BEEN MONEYLENDERS FOR CENTURIES! They have taken over nations, kingdoms & now they're taking over the World by the same method. Where do you think all this money came from that was loaned to all these Third World countries who now cannot pay? Where does it come from? (Fam: [EDITED: "AC"] bankers.) All these big American & European [EDITED: "AC"] banks! Why did they loan it to these poor countries knowing they couldn't pay?--Knowing that they'd probably spend it unwisely?--Knowing they had dictators that would squander it & bank it in Switzerland or scotch off with it to the U.S.A.? Why did they loan them so much? Wasn't that kind of foolish banking to loan to all these poor bankrupt countries that couldn't pay?--No!
       76. NOW THE IMF IS TELLING THE DEBTOR COUNTRIES WHAT TO DO & RULING THOSE COUNTRIES! They've taken over the countries! They loan'm a few millions, even a few billions, knowing they can't pay, when the whole country is worth far more than money with all that land & people & industry & all the rest! So when they can't pay their bills, can't pay their debts, can't pay the mortgage, the [EDITED: "ACs"] move in & grab the whole house! And this time it's the whole country! It used to just be whole houses, whole businesses, whole industries, whole banks, now it's whole governments, & next it's going to be--in fact it's already happened--the whole World!
       77. SO WHO PRECEDED THE ANTICHRIST AS THE GREAT SUPER POWER BEFORE HE & HIS POWER, HIS COUNTRY AROSE? (Fam: The U.S.A.) I think that's a pretty apt description right there in that 20th verse, the "raiser of taxes." I mean, if the U.S.A. is famous for anything, it's famous for raising taxes! And if there's anything that's going to destroy it, that the [EDITED: "ACs"] are going to use to destroy it, it's the Crash! Because when the U.S.A. crashes, what does the Crash mean? (Fam: It means the end of the country economically.)--Yes, but how does it happen?
       78. I LIKE THE WAY APOLLOS DID IT IN HIS LITTLE STORY ON THE BACK OF THE "666" POSTER. HE WRITES A STORY OF GEORGE & NANCY & WHAT HAPPENED IN THE CRASH. You're going to hear what happens to the average man, the average person, the average couple, the average American family in the Crash.
       79. WHAT IS THE MATTER WITH NOT ONLY THE U.S. GOVERNMENT BUT THE AVERAGE AMERICAN FAMILY? What is their economic condition? (Fam: They spend money they don't have & they borrow.) They have spent money galore to the tune of tens of thousands of Dollars! Now prices are getting up to where you can't buy a nice average home for less than a hundred thousand Dollars in the U.S.A.! When I was a kid you could buy a nice house & the lot for $5,000! They thought it was getting bad when it went up to $10,000. We used to ride by on Miami Beach & marvel at these sections, the guide would tell us that the minimum building code there was that you had to build a house worth at least 250,000 Dollars!
       80. NOW THE PRICE OF AVERAGE UPPER MIDDLE CLASS HOMES IN PLACES LIKE CALIFORNIA & DESIRABLE PLACES TO LIVE IS $250,000! That's a common price!--Not just for millionaires, but just common ordinary people, middle class & upper middle class people. Think of it! How can they afford such houses? Where do they get so much cash? How can they buy such fancy cars & big TVs & all this fancy furniture & all these things they've got? How can they afford it? They can't afford it! They buy it on credit. They buy it on time payments. They buy it with loans from the bank! And they're all in debt up to their ears, up to here, in fact, they're in debt way over their head clear up to here!
       "And I owe my soul to the company store!
       16 tons & what do you get?
       Another day older & deeper in debt!"

That is the picture of not just the Negro slave to the company store, that's the picture today of the average American family, as well as its government, as well as the State governments, as well as the county governments, city governments! They all owe so much money, whole countries, the whole World, that they can't pay! And if the slightest little thing goes bad & the [EDITED: "ACs"] by their monetary tricks & little rug-pulling & string-pulling pull a few rugs out from under a few people & a few businesses & a few governments, down they go! They can't pay! They lose it all! Because they can't pay the bills, can't meet the payments, can't pay the debts, can't get rid of the loan.
       82. RICH PEOPLE HAVE BORROWED THEMSELVES INTO DEBTS THAT THEY CAN NEVER REPAY! Poor people the same. Middle class people the same. So if the slightest little thing gets out of balance or goes off in any way, the whole thing crashes like a bunch of dominoes! And who do you suppose can jerk the rug out & make it happen?--So that everybody loses everything, including the government, & can't pay? Everybody loses but the ones who loaned the money & now own everything! They loaned the money on the house, now they own the house. They loaned the money on the car, now they own the car. They loaned the money on the property, now they own the property! They loaned the money on the business, now they own the business. They loaned the money on the industry, now they own the industry! They loaned the money to the government & now they own the government! Those are the facts, that's how it works!
       83. NOT EVERYBODY LOSES WHEN THERE'S A CRASH! THERE ARE SOME BIG MONEY BOYS AT THE TOP WHO MAKE ALL THE MONEY that is lost! That money's not lost, it's somewhere! It just didn't get burned & go out of existence. It's in somebody's pocket! You may have lost it but somebody else has got it, & they will have it! And all they have to do is engineer a Crash & say, "It's time to pay, pay up!"--And the borrowers can't pay. "Okay, we move in, we take the house, the furniture, the car, the government, & that's it!"
       84. SO THE RAISER OF TAXES IS NOW THREE TRILLION DOLLARS IN DEBT! You can't even understand figures like that! They used to owe most of it to their own people, the Americans, now they owe more to foreign countries & foreigners than they do to their Americans. The U.S.A. is now the greatest debtor nation on the face of the Earth! It owes more money than any other nation on the face of the Earth. It raises more taxes to pay for its armaments & its government, its luxury-loving-living government that wastes more money, $700 for a hammer, $500 for a screwdriver! They're finally catching up with a few of these guys, but all they have to do is pay a little two or three million Dollar fine & they get off the hook! If you're a poor person & you steal that kind of money, you know where you land, don't you!--In jail! You don't have to steal $700 for a hammer, $500 for a screwdriver, you steal $5 or $7 & you'll land in jail!--But not the rich, not big industries. If they ever get caught, well, they just pay a big multi-million-Dollar fine & that's peanuts compared to the billions they've got already.
       85. SO THEY ARE FILCHING FROM THE GOVERNMENT! EVERYBODY'S A THIEF & A ROBBER & A STEALER & A CROOK, because they threw God & the Bible out a long time ago. So what else is there but "Me, myself & I, & I want everything I can get ahold of, whether I buy, beg or steal it, anyway I can get it!" It's a dog-eat-dog economy, a cutthroat economy where everybody's willing to step on everybody else & ruin everybody else or even kill everybody else in order to get more for themselves!--Which is why countries go to war, same thing.
       86. COUNTRIES ARE ROBBERS TOO, THEY JUST HAVE MORE GUNS, THAT'S ALL, SO THEY DON'T CALL THEM ROBBERS. As I've said before, if it's just one man with a gun it's a robber, if it's a few men with guns they're a gang. If they're a lot of men with guns they're the Mafia, international crime syndicates! But if they are a whole bunch of men with guns, enough to make everybody else in that part of the World sit back & take notice & obey'm, then they are an army & the government! If they're just a few guys ranging around out in the woods & the jungles, they're guerrillas robbing the authorised lawful government.
       87. BUT IF THE GUERRILLAS & THE TERRORISTS LIKE BEGIN & SHAMIR & all those guys who used to belong to the Stern Gang & Irgun (terrorist gangs that did the same thing that all the terrorists do, blowing up innocent people, shooting innocent people in the back), if they finally become leaders of countries, presidents & prime ministers, then they're respected, lawful governments with respected lawful armies! They're not terrorists, they're the lawful government of Israel, they have a lawful government army! They just have more guns now & more men to shoot'm! So now they're respected, legitimate, authorised & lawful.
       88. BUT IT'S ALL THE SAME BUSINESS AS FAR AS GOD'S CONCERNED, THEY'RE ALL STILL MEN WITH GUNS & ROBBERS, & IT'S USUALLY THE RICH ROBBING THE POOR! Well, if they're poor enough, they don't bother to rob them, it's more often the rich robbing the rich! They don't rob the poor too much, they don't have enough to rob. But they'll rob the poor too if they think there's anything there that they'd like to have. And of course they make slaves of the poor, they rob them of wages, rob them of pensions, rob them of prices & other products like the poor nations of the Earth, so they rob the poor too.
       89. BUT OF COURSE THEY'RE NOT SO WORRIED ABOUT THE LITTLE UNDERDEVELOPED COUNTRIES, DEVELOPING COUNTRIES. They rob them, but they don't have these big armies and all these guns and armaments and bombs and planes. Usually they don't go down attacking Grenadas and Nicaraguas, not normally, they're more after the big game like Europe or Russia or something like that! But of course if these little fellows get in their way, they'll stomp on'm like an ant or a fly or a flea, like Cuba or Nicaragua or Grenada or anywhere! So there's your raiser of taxes and what he uses his taxes for and what's going to happen to'm when the Crash comes!

       DANIEL 11, VERSES 21-24--RISE OF THE AC!
       90. "AND IN HIS ESTATE SHALL STAND UP A VILE PERSON TO WHOM THEY SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOUR OF THE KINGDOM: but he shall come in peaceably & obtain the kingdom by flatteries." How is the Antichrist going to win the World in the long run? Here's another proof that it's not only through war. (Fam: Propaganda.)--Propaganda, persuasion.--Supposedly peaceably, "obtain the kingdom by flatteries". How have the Communists taken over most of the countries they have taken? By arms? By war?--No!--By propaganda!
       91. (VERSE 22:) "AND WITH THE ARMS OF A FLOOD SHALL THEY BE OVERFLOWN FROM BEFORE HIM." "I thought you just said propaganda, Dad, not arms." Well, what is propaganda? It's a flood!--A flood of propaganda! Mostly the power of propaganda along with war. The arms, or in other words the strength or the power. Arms are strength & power usually, right? That's what the literal meaning is here. "With the arms of a flood shall they be overflown from before him & shall be broken.
       92. "YEA, ALSO THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT." "Ho, ho, Dad, I thought you said the prince of the Covenant was the Antichrist! You mean he's going to get it here?"--No! The literal meaning as I have told you before & we're just reviewing again, it means here literally that he is also the prince of the Covenant. They're just giving you advance warning here that this is the guy who's going to make that Covenant. There are a lot of problems translating from one language to another, & considering that the King James translators didn't even know what they were talking about, I think they did pretty well most of the time. But the fact that they left out that little pronoun there really threw a lot of people off, including dear old Samson. (See No.799.) "He is also the prince of the Covenant."
       93. (VERSE 23:) "AND AFTER THE LEAGUE MADE WITH HIM HE SHALL WORK DECEITFULLY." Now, what do you think this league is? (Peter: The Covenant?)--Could be. I'm inclined to believe that it means the Covenant here. A league is a treaty or a pact or a bond or alliance or covenant.
       94. SO TO GET THE WORLD TOGETHER, HE HAS TO MAKE SOME KIND OF A PACT OR TREATY OR CONTRACT OR COVENANT to persuade them that this is the best thing to do to solve our problems. "We had the Crash, that's bad enough, I'll pull you out of it, save you, & we'll prevent the Atomic War by getting together & making this league or Covenant." Get it?
       95. "AFTER THAT ... HE SHALL WORK DECEITFULLY." Well, he's been working deceitfully all along, hasn't he? So that's nothing new. "For he shall come up & shall become strong with a small people." How did Communism start?--With one man, an apostate Christian Jew! Karl Marx was a Lutheran, at least his parents were, a Lutheran German Jew! It shows you how the Devil can get into some of those church people. A church Christian started Communism & wrote Das Kapital, & with Engels, the Communist Manifesto, all based on his false theories. Well, there's a lot of truth in it. Of course you've got to sugar-coat the pill in order to persuade people in their minds.
       96. BUT AS CHINA HAS ALREADY FOUND OUT & ADMITTED & IS TRYING TO CHANGE, & RUSSIA IS FINDING OUT & TRYING TO CHANGE BUT DOESN'T WANT TO ADMIT IT YET, IT DOESN'T WORK!--At least not their kind. Our kind is the only kind that's ever going to work because it's in love! We say, "I love you so I want to share with you." Communism says, "I hate you so I'm going to take it away from you!" That's the difference between our kind of sharing & their kind of sharing. Ours is voluntary loving sharing, theirs is involuntary robbing sharing, take it away at the point of a gun.
       97. SO COMMUNISM STARTED OUT VERY SMALL, BUT COMMUNISM OBVIOUSLY IS THE GROWING KINGDOM OF THE ANTICHRIST, the World's first officially anti-God government, anti-religious government. Up to this time all governments had some religion, some god, some kind of worship. This is the first one that is absolutely totally atheist & anti-religion. It started out very small, Karl Marx, & then he got the son of a rich man in England to help him out, a guy by the name of Engels, another Jew, to help support him & finance him & spread his propaganda & these lies of the Devil, & the Devil's own dragon seed grew like mad!--Like those seeds in Faithy's garden that Deborah sowed. Look how that Letter has come to pass! (See No.290.)
       98. (VERSE 24:) "HE SHALL ENTER PEACE ABLY EVEN UPON THE FATTEST PLACES OF THE PROVINCE." They've gotten some of the fattest governments now, haven't they? And they're now taking over the World, they're going to get the richest of all, the U.S.A., & they'll get that through the Crash.
       99. "HE SHALL DO THAT WHICH HIS FATHERS HAVE NOT DONE, NOR HIS FATHERS' FATHERS; HE SHALL SCATTER AMONG THEM THE PREY & SPOIL & RICHES." He's going to do what? Most conquerors, most great aggressors, most great warring powers run by the rich & rich kings robbed everybody, the rich & poor alike, & took it all for themselves & kept it. What are the Communists promising to do?--Share the wealth! "Scatter among them the spoil & the prey."
       100. THIS IS THEIR BIG APPEAL TO THE MASSES OF THE WORLD! They knew that, in order to take over the World they had to convince the poor, the labouring man, in order to get their warriors & their soldiers & their fighters & their infiltrators, their fifth columnists, their traitors! They had to persuade the poor & the labourer who are millions, & they've got a lot of votes too, that Communism was the thing that was going to finally get'm a square deal & a chicken in the pot or a piece of land. "Bread & land" was the cry of the Russian Revolution.
       101. COMMUNISM WILL PROMISE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT! THAT'S THE APPEAL OF COMMUNISM. They find out what you want & they promise it to you. "Just help us & we'll help you get it!" Why wouldn't that appeal to a poor, hardworking labourer or the poor hardworking peasant eking out a bare existence on a little piece of rice paddy? Why shouldn't that appeal to them? They never had anything before, or very little, now the Communists come along & say, "Here, take it all! Here's a gun, grab it!" He's hungry, he's oppressed, he's persecuted, he's tortured, he's mistreated by his government & by the powers that be & the rich, if not the government, so he's fed up, he's sick of the whole thing. Communism comes along & hands him a gun or makes it possible for him to get one. They say, "Here, you don't have to take this oppression!--Shoot! Kill! Grab it! They owe it to you!" And a lot of what they preach is true! The poor figure, "Well, the rich have robbed us, why shouldn't we rob the rich & get it back?"
       102. "YEA, & HE SHALL FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONGHOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME."--A very short time, he doesn't have very long. But he's going to even forecast or promise what he's going to do. Khrushchev grabbed the headlines when he made a visit to the United States, do you know what he said? It was in the headlines all over the United States, big headlines, in quotes: "WE WILL BURY YOU!" That's what he said! And in his speech he said, "God is with us!"--And he laughed! I think he meant it! I think it was prophetic! I believe he was inspired! It was the truth! "God is with us & we're going to bury you!"--said the Russian!

       105. [DELETED] They put a French writer in jail in France, & they just deported a fellow in Canada for [EDITED: "anti-Semitism"]. The Jews have a lot of power, they can influence the government. Just think, they influenced the U.S. government to establish a whole agency just to hunt Nazis! Can you imagine?--In the United States, not in Germany, not someplace else! They've got a fancy name for it, I've forgotten what it is. [DELETED]--Which now is given millions of Dollars by the U.S. government to help Jews hunt down their Nazi enemies!
       106. AND, AS I TOLD YOU THE OTHER DAY, ISRAEL HAS JUST OFFERED A MILLION DOLLARS REWARD FOR FINDING MENGELE, a poor old guy about 75 or 78 or something, with one foot in the grave & the other one on a [DELETED] banana peel, & there are several other million Dollars offered on his head besides! Of what kind of money?--American taxpayer's money with which the U.S. is supporting Israel! Where does it get this million Dollars to offer for Mengele?--From the U.S.A., from the U.S. taxpayer! That's where they got the money, & God knows if they'll ever pay.
       107. WHO IS GOING TO TELL ON MENGELE?--Somebody who knows him, somebody who knows about him. [DELETED] [EDITED: "T"]hey're raising the ante so high now, several million Dollars, it might finally persuade even the government that's hiding him to hand him over, that's what they're hoping. [DELETED] Let me tell you, they'll never pay it. Nobody's ever going to get that million Dollars even if they find him, that's just a ruse!
       108. A LOT OF THESE REWARDS OFFERED FOR CRIMINALS ARE NEVER PAID EVEN AFTER THEY'RE CAUGHT! Governments lie, they can pretend they're going to do it, but they can always find some way out. One of the tricks in the U.S., of course--since there are certain laws that make them keep promises--they offer rewards that say "for the arrest & conviction."--In other words, they've got to be arrested & then tried in court & convicted & sent to jail before you get the reward, & that could go on for years & maybe you never get it!

       109. SO HE'S GOING TO FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONGHOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME, & the Communists have been saying what they're going to do to the rest of the World for a long time! They've been predicting it. Karl Marx's writings were prophetic! Lenin's policy's & writings & predictions were prophetic! Stalin's announcements were prophetic! How come they were prophets & their prophecies came true? It's God's will, God allows it. I think sometimes God even inspires it. And if not God, it's certainly the Devil, & he certainly knows a few things.
       110. THAT FAR WE'VE JUST DEALT WITH THE PROPAGANDA, THE FINANCIAL HOLD & THE WAY THEY CAN GET THINGS FOR NOTHING, the way they can get things mostly through propaganda & peaceably & by flattery & by deceit, which is the way they've been operating most of the time. But once he's in power like this, having gotten that powerful, that far, he's not going to fool around any more with trying to fool people, kid people, deceive people, flatter people & be peaceable. Once he's got the power & the strength & the World behind him & the armies & the United Nations & all the [EDITED: "ACs"], he doesn't have to be peaceable any more. He doesn't have to be polite, he doesn't have to be persuasive, he doesn't have to just talk propaganda. He can just go in & grab it by force! And that's how our next passage begins, but that's all we have time for today.
       111. BLESS YOU DEAR FOLKS, YOU ARE THE MOST PATIENT PEOPLE IN THE WORLD, ESPECIALLY THESE CHILDREN, I never saw anything like'm! PTL! TYL! But I don't know how to say it any other way, I don't know how to explain all this any other way, it takes time! God help us! Now I think we're going to have to cut down class time & I'm going to start taking some time to read it myself, proofread it, so we can start pubbing it! PTL! Well, thank the Lord we don't have much further to go. This is the next-to-the-last chapter of Daniel & we've just got a few little chapters in Revelation to cover. But you might as well know what's going on & I just have to tell you the facts! (Prays:)
       112. BLESS & KEEP US NOW, THANK YOU FOR HOW YOU HAVE PROVIDED SO ABUNDANTLY FOR US, Lord, but help us to use it well & prepare for the Crash so we'll have accomplished what we need to do before it comes. And prepare us, Lord, so we'll make due preparations to try to survive it if we can. Help us all, Lord! Give us wisdom! Help push us along & speed up this work, Lord, so we can get it done before it's too late. Bless & keep us & make us a blessing to the whole World. Thank You for these who have been so faithful to help us do it, in Jesus' name, amen! Class dismissed! Better hurry up & get busy! Time is short! "It won't be long now! It won't be long now! It won't be long now!" That's what our Posters are saying!--Amen?

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Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family