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MARIA SHALL SHINE!       3/86       DO 2192

       1. YOU MUST LIVE, YOU MUST SURVIVE, SWEETHEART, BECAUSE YOU ARE THE WORD! You are the Word I leave behind, Sweet Baby! Bless her, Lord, & make her a blessing! Inspire her like You have me. Anoint her with Thy Spirit, Lord, give her great power!
       2. (TONGUES) "SO SHALL IT FALL UPON THEE, THE ANOINTING THAT I HAVE GIVEN MY SERVANT DAVID, & thou shalt have more power than David ever had because thou art a woman & thou hast more power over men & thou shalt have great power over many men in these Last Days!--In the Name of Jesus!" Amen! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! See, women have more power! (Maria: OK, Sweetheart, but that's later. You've got to get well now!) Oh, no, Honey, it's too hard!
       3. YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! YOU'RE WONDERFUL! MY GOD! YOU'RE GLORIOUS! I SEE YOU SHINING, RADIANT! My God! You are magnificent! You are the Queen of Heaven! You are magnificent! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--The greatest woman that ever lived! You have more power than any woman who ever lived! You are beautiful! Magnificent! Glorious! All glorious! You are so beautiful! You have more power than I ever had because I am a man & you are a woman & you have the power! The power of a woman is greater than the power of man, don't you know that?
       4. YOU WILL RULE NATIONS! YOU WILL RULE COUNTRIES! YOU WILL RULE CITIES! You will rule peoples with a great, great hand, greater than I have ever ruled, because I am a weak imperfect man, & you are a strong perfect woman with gorgeous, gorgeous power! My God! I never saw anything so beautiful! I never saw anyone with so much power! You radiate! Every inch of your body radiates beautiful light & power! You are irresistible! You cannot be stopped! You're marvellous! You're terrific, Honey! You're the most powerful woman who ever lived! You're the most powerful person that ever lived except Jesus!
       5. YOU HAVE TREMENDOUS POWER, GREAT POWER, WONDERFUL POWER LIKE THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN! She possesses you! She endues you with power from on High! She makes you a Queen of all things! She gives you great power! You're like the Holy Spirit! You're a great Queen, Honey! So great, so wonderful, so beautiful, so terrific, it's too much, more than I ever had! Don't you understand?
       6. DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND THAT EVE WAS MORE POWERFUL THAN ADAM? (Maria: Well, look what happened!) Yes, but when it is turned to good, look what will happen! Eve will be more powerful than any person on Earth! You're like Eve! (Maria: Well, that's going to be in the Millennium.)--And now!--And in the Tribulation! (Maria: We're not going to rule cities in the Tribulation.)
       7. OH MY GOD! YOU ARE GOING TO HAVE POWER OVER ALL THINGS! "All power is given unto Me in Heaven & in Earth!" (Mat.28:18) Jesus said so! He is going to give you all power for all these things! You are going to be all-powerful, all-powerful, all-powerful, just like in the Millennium, because you need the power to help us & protect us, so you are to be their power! A weak woman has finally become the most powerful thing on Earth with the Love of God! A weak woman has the greatest power of anything on this Earth!
       8. YOU WON'T CRY THEN, YOU WON'T WEEP THEN, THEN YOU WILL REJOICE & YOU WILL SHOUT! Hallelujah! And you will be happy because of such power that saves men's souls & saves your church & saves your people! You will deliver your people in that day! It says so! Don't you remember? You will deliver them in that day!
       9. (MARIA: IT SAYS WE'RE GOING TO BE IN HIDING IN THE WILDERNESS, SO WE WON'T BE RULING OVER ANYBODY!) Oh, yes, we will rule over them. We will rule over the Wilderness people, they will fight for us! They will give us great power, they will fight for us! Oh, my God, such power! Such power! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise You Jesus!
       10. YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN THAT EVER LIVED!--Greater than Cleopatra, greater than the Queen of England, greater than any woman who ever ever lived! You will have the greatest power of all women! Don't you understand? (Maria: No!) Well, you shouldn't cry about it! It's thrilling! It's wonderful! I can see it. (Maria: It's not fun!) It's beautiful! It's wonderful!
       11. IT'S GREAT FUN BECAUSE YOU DELIVER SO MANY SOULS, MILLIONS OF SOULS! (Maria: It's going to be very sad because everybody is suffering!) You fight for them! You fight for them! You deliver them from suffering & you protect them! You have power like an Angel! You have great great power & you deliver them! So wonderful! It's beautiful!
       12. MY GOD! THERE'S NOTHING THAT CAN TOUCH YOU! There's nothing in this World that can touch you! You have such power, nothing can do it! You deliver them all! You deliver all your people! (Maria: We're going to be tortured & killed!) No, no, no! You deliver them from that! You deliver them!
       13. WHY DO YOU BE SO DEFEATIST & TALK SO NAUGHTY WHEN YOU HAVE SUCH GREAT POWER TO DELIVER ALL PEOPLE FROM EVERYTHING! You have the power like the power of Angels in the Millennium! You have this great power, such great power to deliver them all!--Call down fire out of Heaven to devour their enemies & to deliver them from all their persecution & all hurt! You are the most powerful person who ever lived on this whole Earth because you will have this power to deliver your people, the power of the Endtime Prophetess! Thank You Jesus!
       14. (MARIA: IN THE END, RIGHT?) Hallelujah! Yes! (Maria: Only at the very End?) No, the whole End, all the way through! Whenever they need you to have it, you have all this power! You'll see, Honey! Don't worry about it. Why do you worry about it? Just forget it. Don't worry about it because you'll see! The most marvellous, mighty, wonderful gorgeous power you have ever seen in your life is the way you deliver them. ...
       15. ... When we die we're delivered! Don't you understand? ... That is the most wonderful delivery of all--death! Death is a blessing, Honey! (Maria: Yes, but the Lord does that. He delivers them in death.) Death is a blessing! Death is a deliverance!
       17. ... Don't you understand that death is a release? Death is a promotion! ... Don't you understand, that death is a release, a promotion? ...
       18. DON'T YOU REALISE DEATH IS THE GREATEST BLESSING OF ALL FOR A CHRISTIAN? (Maria: Yes.) Death is release! Death is victory! Death is deliverance! Death is the final victory! "O death, where is thy victory? O grave, where is thy sting?" (1Cor.15:55) There is no sting in death because God hath ordained death to be the final victory! Don't you understand?
       19. DEATH IS BEAUTIFUL! DEATH IS RELEASE! DEATH IS WONDERFUL! Death is deliverance from this body! Don't you understand? (Maria: Yes.) Death is not a defeat! Death is a victory! Don't you understand?
       20. DEATH IS THE LAST VICTORY, THE LAST GREAT DEFEAT OF THE DEVIL! It's the most marvellous, wonderful, grandest of all defeats when we defeat the Devil, because he can't get us, he can't take us! We go to be with Jesus! Don't you understand? Death is the final victory!--Marvellous, wonderful victory because they cannot kill us! Death is the final victory because they cannot kill us! We defeat them with everlasting Eternal Life forever! Don't you understand? (Maria: Yes, Sir.)
       21. SO WHY ARE YOU SAD? WHY DO YOU CRY? You end with such great victory, such a wonderful, wonderful victory because they can no longer ever touch us again, ever, ever, ever! Death is the final victory, don't you understand? "O grave, where is thy victory? O death, where is thy sting?" The Lord has removed it! The grave has no victory & death has no sting because we are at last victors over all with Life Eternal! Don't you understand, Sweet Baby?
       22. YOU'RE LIKE THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN! You're going to be the most glorious, beautiful, wonderful woman that ever lived! You won't be sick then. This is part of our afflictions, Honey, that we have to go through, to suffer. (Maria: Well, in the Tribulation we'll have lots of problems.) Oh, but you're going to deliver them. You're going to deliver them! I saw you!
       23. YOU'RE LIKE A GREAT QUEEN, HONEY, WITH GREAT POWER & GLORY! You just touch things & boom! You just touch them & they're delivered from jail! You just touch things & the Enemy blows up! I mean, you're marvellous! You're wonderful! You're beautiful! I saw it, Honey! I tell you, I saw it! It's marvellous what you do! It's marvellous!
       24. OH, HONEY! YOU'RE MARVELLOUS & BEAUTIFUL & GORGEOUS, POWERFUL, WONDERFUL! You just have no idea how beautiful & wonderful you are going to be! (Maria: No, I don't.) You're going to be so marvellous, so beautiful, so powerful, so wonderful! You're going to be the greatest Queen, Honey, that ever lived, absolutely the greatest Queen that ever lived! Don't you understand? (Maria: No, I'm sorry, I don't.)--Because you're God's Queen, God's Wife & you are going to deliver His people! Don't you understand? You're like His Bride.
       25. YOU'RE GOING TO DELIVER HIS PEOPLE LIKE MOSES, & HIS FACE DID SHINE! (Exo.34:35) Your face is going to shine with the power of the Lord & they're all going to recognise that you are their Queen & leader, the most powerful woman that ever ever lived! Marvellous! It's going to be marvellous, marvellous! I just can't get over how beautiful you're going to be! Terrific! You're terrific, Honey! So don't worry about it, it will come, it will come, it's coming! Praise the Lord!
       26. (MARIA: I WANT YOU TO STAY AROUND TILL THEN & HELP ME!) I'll have to help you, of course I will help you. (Maria: Now I mean. Get well & stay here!) I will give you supernatural power then, but I have to get into that World to get it. I have to get into the Spirit World to get that power & give it to you! (Maria: Well, you can wait awhile, can't you?)
       27. MY GOD! WHY DO YOU WANT THIS SILLY, RIDICULOUS, IDIOTIC, EARTHLY, TEMPORAL POWER? (Maria: Because you haven't finished your work yet.) So ridiculous, I haven't finished, I am finished, I am finished! (Maria: No, you're not.) I finished all the Posters! (Maria: Yes, but you haven't finished the Endtime classes yet.) Maybe just one more, that's all! (Maria: All right, well, you've still got to get healed to do that.) No. (Maria: Yes!) No, I don't. I don't.
       28. HONEY, WILL YOU PLEASE GO SO YOU CAN TAKE CHARGE OF YOUR PEOPLE? Please, they need you, Honey! They look to you for help in this hour of trial! They need you, Sweet Baby! He's going to deliver me into the Other World. (Maria: No, He wants to heal you now.)
       29. MY GOD! WHY DO YOU WANT TO KEEP ME IN THIS HORRIBLE WORLD WHEN THE OTHER WORLD IS SO MUCH BETTER! Well, I'm not going to argue about it. I'm going to leave it up to the Lord, OK? (Maria: All right, but will you go to sleep now?) I hope so.
       30. I LOVE YOU, HONEY! YOU'RE GOING TO BE THE MOST POWERFUL WOMAN THAT'S EVER LIVED! I love it! It's just beautiful, it's wonderful, you ought to see it! My God! It's more wonderful than any Poster we ever made! You ought to see it, it's terrific!
       31. YOU'RE GOING TO BE LIKE THE QUEEN OF HEAVEN, LIKE THE HOLY SPIRIT! You are going to be the physical, temporal representative of the Holy Spirit, you see? They're all going to look to you, Sweetheart, all of them! They're all going to look to you for succour, for faith & for help, because you have enormous power! (Maria: How can I help them, I can't even help you!) Well, I'm terrible. Honey, I'm terrible! I'm the worst!
       32. IT'S THE POWER OF GOD, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND? YOU RADIATE THE POWER OF GOD! What gorgeous, wonderful power of the most wonderful woman who ever lived in the whole World! Don't you understand that you're the most powerful wonderful woman who ever lived?--The most wonderful, powerful, gorgeous woman who ever ever lived, like the Queen of Heaven, because you'll be like the Holy Spirit with great power, signs & wonders to save your people! Don't you understand? Maria?! (Maria: No, I don't understand.) Well, just believe it! (Maria: Yes, OK.) Just believe it!
       33. YOU DON'T HAVE TO UNDERSTAND IT, JUST BELIEVE IT! Look at the pictures! Look at it! Look what terrific power you have!-- Next to God Himself, next to Jesus! Don't you understand? (Maria: That will have to be an overnight miracle for sure!) It's not even overnight, it's right now! (Maria laughs: It's not now, Honey!) Yes, it is now, right now! You could have it right now if you'd accept it, right now! You are the most powerful, wonderful, beautiful, gorgeous, marvellous woman who ever ever lived! Don't you understand? (Maria: No!) You're like the Queen of Heaven, like the Holy Spirit, because you have to put these things into effect!
       34. SEE, YOU HAVE TO DO THEM! (Maria: Do what?) You have to do them. (Maria: What?) Do these mighty works of God, great & mighty works! Don't you understand? (Maria: Well, nobody is doing mighty works like that right now.) You will! (Maria: It's not time yet.) You will! (Maria: I know, when the time comes.)--Yes! So why don't you believe it? When the time comes you will do it! (Maria: OK, but you said right now I can do it.) Right now, you can do it right now. (Maria: I can't do it right now until the time comes.) You will, you will, in Jesus' name, you will, in Jesus' name you will!
       35. MARVELLOUS, MARVELLOUS, TERRIFIC! It's just so marvellous, terrific, it is hard to understand it is so beautiful, so marvellous, so wonderful! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! (Sings:)
       "You are so wonderful, so marvellous, so gorgeous, so divine
       And you are mine, & you are mine!
       You are mine!
       You are so wonderful, so marvellous, so gorgeous, so divine,
       And you are mine, you are mine!"

XXXXXXX! Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--In Jesus' name.
       36. OH JESUS! THANK YOU LORD, HALLELUJAH! BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL, BEAUTIFUL! I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU, I LOVE YOU! So wonderful, so beautiful, so marvellous! Jesus, Jesus, Jesus! Praise You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!--In Jesus' name. Amen, amen! Amen. Amen. Amen. Amen. I love you, I love you, I love you! Thank You Jesus, precious Jesus! Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus! Praise You Lord!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       37. I LOVE YOU, HONEY! YOU'RE THE MOST WONDERFUL WOMAN IN THE WHOLE WORLD! You're strong enough, you'll do it! You'll do it! You can do it without me, Honey! I just get in your way. (Maria: No, you don't get in my way at all, Honey! No, you never do! I have to have you!) But when I am out of the way you can really shine! (Maria: Honey, I don't want to shine & I don't want you to be out of the way! I don't know nuthin'! I'm nothing! I'm horrible!) That's good! That's how the Lord can use you then! Then you just let the Lord shine through you!
       38. WONDERFUL, BEAUTIFUL! I SEE YOU SHINING! YOU'RE LIKE A LIGHT, LIKE AN ANGEL THAT LIGHTS THE WHOLE WORLD IN GROSS DARKNESS! You have such great light, Honey, so beautiful! You shine so pretty! I love you! (Maria: I love you too, Honey.) You really shine, Honey! Don't you understand? You're going to light up the whole World, Honey, shine like a mighty Angel! Amen, thank You Lord, in Jesus' name! Amen!
       39. (SINGS:) "YOU ARE SO WONDERFUL, SO MARVELLOUS, SO MIRACULOUS, SO DIVINE & YOU ARE MINE! ALL MINE!" Thank You Jesus! You're really all His, you belong to Him more than anybody! That's why you shine so! Can't you see how you shine, Honey?--Beautiful, beautiful, like a light!--Like a mighty Angel you shine for all your children & all your Queendom! So wonderful, so beautiful, so marvellous! I don't have to worry about it at all because you're so marvellous, so wonderful, so beautiful, such a light in the midst of darkness, like a bright light you shine like a mighty Angel! Amen? So don't worry about it, OK? You're going to shine!
       40. (SINGS:) "MARIA SHALL SHINE TONIGHT, MARIA SHALL SHINE! Maria shall shine tonight, all down the line! Maria shall shine tonight, Maria shall shine! When the Sun goes down & the Moon comes up, Maria shall shine!" Isn't that beautiful?
       41. SEE, YOU'RE GOING TO SHINE LIKE THE MOON IN THE DARK AT NIGHT! You're going to shine with Jesus' reflected light, & a little bit of mine too, a little bit, a wee little bit. (Maria: I hope a lot of yours!) Mostly Jesus', Honey! (Maria: Because everything I know & the way I am is from you.) From Jesus, Honey! (Maria: But from you, too, Honey!) Jesus, only Jesus! (Maria: From Jesus through you.) It's all Jesus! (Maria: I know, but it's through you.) It's all Jesus! I love you! Thank you, Sweetheart!--In Jesus' name, amen!
       42. (SINGS:) "WHEN THE SUN GOES DOWN & THE MOON COMES UP, MARIA SHALL SHINE!" XXXXXXX! Praise the Lord! Amen? Thank You Jesus! It's a funny little song that I learned in Sunday School, but I didn't learn about you then! But that's the way it came to me just now, "Maria shall shine!" In the great night, the final night, you're going to shine like a searchlight, Honey! My God! It's beautiful! Marvellous! Beautiful! You're like a tower of light! They can't touch you! They can't hurt you! You're more powerful than all of them put together! You save your people, Honey! Isn't that wonderful? (Maria: Amen. That's what I want to do!) That's what you will do!
       43. WHEN I'M GONE, THEN YOU WILL SHINE WITH A GREAT LIGHT! (Maria: I'm happy to have you shine! I'd rather just have you stay here & shine.) I know you would, but the time comes when you have to, whether you like it or not!--In Jesus' name. You're going to shine with great light in the midst of great darkness! Thank You Jesus! Beautiful! You're beautiful, Honey, like an Angel to give them strength, courage & comfort! You will shine so bright!
       44. (MARIA: CAN I STILL SHINE FROM BEHIND-THE-SCENES LIKE YOU DO?) You're already behind-the-scenes, you'll be out in front then! The whole World will see you shine! (Maria: You mean I can't just write Letters like you've been doing?) Yes, you'll do that too. (Maria: And not see a lot of people?) But you will shine so bright that you will dazzle them, absolutely dazzle them! (Maria: But I don't have to be out in public, do I?) Oh, Honey, of course you do! (Maria: I do?)--Yes! That's the day when they will need your help & comfort publicly! They'll look at you & they'll be so inspired & comforted to see how God makes you shine!
       45. AND THEY CAN'T TOUCH YOU! ALL THOSE ANTICHRIST FORCES CAN'T EVEN TOUCH YOU BECAUSE YOU'RE AN ANGEL OF GOD!--Beautiful! (Maria: But the Family will be spread all over the World, how am I going to be in the public & see everybody?)--Like the Lord, Honey! You'll be like the Lord! (Maria: Well, He's sort of behind-the-scenes, in a way.) Yes, but not then! You're going to be out so you can be seen then to encourage & inspire them, so they can see you, Honey! (Maria: But how am I going to see everybody when they're scattered all over? Are we going to travel?) Honey, you can tour the Universe! (Maria: In the Tribulation?) Honey, you are going to have powers you never had before! (Maria: But do you think we'll have that much power in the Tribulation?)--Yes! Oh, you'll need that much power then more than ever to overcome the evil!
       46. HONEY, DON'T MAKE ME TALK SO MUCH, I'M TIRED! (Maria: OK.) I don't want to have to argue & convince you. You'll see, you'll see! When you shine that's when it will begin! A great great light, a beautiful beautiful light! Thank You Jesus! (Maria: Amen, thank You Lord!)
       47. (SINGS:)
       Maria will shine with the light, all down the line!
       Maria will shine in light, all down the line!
       When the Sun goes down & the Moon comes up, Maria will shine!"

See? Isn't that beautiful? You'll shine brighter than the Moon, Honey, brighter than the Comet! You'll shine with the light of Jesus, the Son! In Jesus' name, amen.
       48. (MARIA: I DON'T UNDERSTAND IT, BUT I BELIEVE IT.) You won't have to understand it, just see it! (Maria: OK.) Just watch it! You're going to shine brighter than the Moon in the darkest of night! Amen! Beautiful! Oh, Honey, you're gorgeous! You're gorgeous!
       49. LIKE THAT STATUE IN COLUMBIA PICTURES, YOU KNOW HOW THAT SHINES? You know they have got the Statue of Liberty shining, but the Statue of Liberty never shone! But you will shine like a goddess, like a goddess, because you are a goddess! You are a goddess to your people!
       50. (MARIA: WILL WE HAVE A LOT OF SICKNESSES IN THE TRIBULATION?) We'll overcome everything then! "They that do know their God shall do exploits" & be mighty because you have to in order to survive! (Dan.11:32) You'll be the greatest & mightiest you have ever been! You'll shine like a tower of light, like a goddess! I wish you could see it! Why don't you ask the Lord to help you see it? (Maria: I guess it's enough for you to see it, Honey.)
       51. ASK THE LORD TO HELP YOU SEE IT! Like they have the Statue of Liberty all lighted up at night, only you will glow with your own light, with radiant immanent light you will glow! The Statue of Liberty doesn't glow, it just reflects the light of the spotlights that are trained on it, but you will glow with light!--Great power, great light! Don't you understand? (Maria: No, but I believe you.)
       52. YOU WILL JUST GLOW, DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND WHAT I MEAN?--Not just lighted up, but you will glow with light, with tremendous light! You will glow like you are the light, you are light! You are light! You are the Light! You are the Light of the World! You're Jesus! Don't you understand? You have Jesus! So you will glow with His light, tremendous light, great light, great glow! (Maria: Thank You Jesus!) You're going to shine, Honey!--So beautiful, so wonderful! My God, what a beautiful woman!
       53. YOU'RE A GODDESS, HONEY, YOU'RE GOING TO GLOW & GLOW LIKE THE GODS! In that day you will be a god, a goddess! You will glow with light, emanating from you!--Not lighted, but you are the light, you see? You become the light! You are the light! You shine with light, you emanate light, you glow with light, you are light because you're full of Jesus! (Maria: That's what I want to be!) Yes, see! Why don't you accept it & believe it? (Maria: I do believe it. You said it, I believe it.) OK, OK! Amen. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord. You believe it? (Maria: Yes, Sir.) Then let's go to sleep, OK?
       54. YOU'LL GLOW WITH SUCH GREAT LIGHT, SO BEAUTIFUL! MORE POWERFUL THAN ALL THE INIQUITY! You'll be like a shining tower of light & will draw all men unto you! (Jn.12:32) Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus! My God, it's so beautiful! You're absolutely gorgeous! You're like a pillar of light, like the cloud by day & the pillar of fire by night! (Exo.13:21,22) You represent the Spirit of God over His people! Yes, I want to see that! I want to live long enough to see you shine! Maybe I'll see you from the Next World! But I want to see it! (Maria: I think that would be easier on you, Honey.)
       55. OH, HONEY, IT'S NOT GOING TO BE SO HARD WHEN YOU SHINE LIKE THAT! YOU'RE GOING TO DEVOUR THEM WITH YOUR FIRE! They can't even touch you! You will devour them with fire! Don't you understand? They can't even come close to you because your light devours them, your fire devours them! You see? (Maria: Yes, I see! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! I believe!--Lord, help Thou my unbelief!) Let's go to sleep now. (She already shines with His Light as she gives you the Light of His Word!)

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