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ANTICHRIST WARS BEFORE THE COVENANT!       ET #27       5/86       DO 2193

       1. HERE'S A QUESTION FOR YOU: HOW CAN I SAY THAT THE ANTICHRIST MAY ALREADY BE IN POWER WHEN HE SIGNS THE SEVEN-YEAR PACT, WHEN THE COVENANT IS SUPPOSED TO BEGIN THE LAST SEVEN YEARS? (See "Revelation Review!", ML #2166.) Now, we usually think of the Antichrist's rule beginning with the Covenant, but that ain't necessarily so! The only thing we know exactly for sure, because the Bible says so, is that the last seven years begins with the signing of the Covenant. It doesn't say that the World dictator, or the Antichrist, will only be in power for those last 7 years. In other words, it's possible he will be in power for more than 7 years.
       2. WE KNOW THAT THE LAST SEVEN YEARS HE CERTAINLY WILL BE IN POWER, but it's a little ridiculous to suppose that he would have enough power to get the World to sign the seven-year Covenant unless he were already in some kind of power & prominent in some way, & with enough power & influence to persuade them to sign that Covenant! He doesn't just suddenly pop out of the woodwork, someone that nobody ever heard of & say, "Here's the solution to your war & the economic problems!" He's not just some nobody, unheard of, a little diplomat in the U.N. who suddenly stands up & offers the World the solution on a silver platter just like that, without already certainly being known & having some influence & some power!--Otherwise they wouldn't even listen to him!
       3. SO HE'S GOT TO GET INTO SOME POSITION OF POWER BEFORE THAT, & from reading over Daniel 11 again, I'm now convinced that he is even having wars before he finally persuades them to sign the Covenant. So he's quite prominent.
       4. SO IF HE DOESN'T SHOW UP THIS YEAR, MAYBE HE'S GOING TO SHOW UP NEXT YEAR, WHO KNOWS? But the thing is, that it's ingrained in our heads that since the Antichrist is the one who gets them to sign the Covenant, we usually associate only that last seven years with the Antichrist reign. But he's certainly going to have to have some kind of power & some kind of influence before that in order to get the World to sign the Covenant at all!
       5. (MARIA: ARE YOU SAYING THAT THE ANTICHRIST WAGES WARS BEFORE HE SIGNS THE COVENANT?)--Yes! I know this is something new, but that's the way it looks! In fact, there are a whole bunch of wars going on right now! (Maria: But wars waged by the Antichrist?)--The Antichrist, yes, the King of the North! He becomes the King of the North. Does that surprise you? I thought you went through the Book of Daniel with us, the 11th Chapter & all those wars. (Maria: But I thought that all those wars in Daniel 11 take place after the Covenant is signed.)-- Most of them. But it looks like there is one that helps him get to power. I have theorised certain things & suggested certain solutions & ideas, but I'm not going to get absolutely dogmatic about it!
       6. HOW ELSE DOES HE GET THE POWER TO BECOME A LEADER? Most of this World's leaders come into power with wars! (Maria: I understood that he got into power because of the threat of war & because of the eco- nomic crash.) Because of the threat of the worldwide nuclear holocaust, yes! (Maria: And because of the economic Crash.)--Yes. But in the meantime, according to the Devil's programs & this World's way of doing things, every nation gets into power by force & by war! You've never seen a nation get into power without a whole series of wars, including the U.S.A., who claims to be so Christian & such a peaceful nation, just wanting World peace & democracy & "wars to end all wars" & "wars to save the World for democracy" & "wars to free the slaves"! The U.S. has probably fought more wars than the Romans by this time, in about 800 years less time!
       7. ABOUT THE ONLY COUNTRY WHO HAS NOT, OR PRETENDED NOT TO BE FIGHTING ANY BIG WARS, HAS BEEN RUSSIA! They couldn't very well cover up the one in Afghanistan, they had to move right in & take over because they couldn't trust the local government. But Russia has been fighting a propaganda war for years, which has captured the minds of people, & they persuade people to do their dirtywork for them without firing a shot themselves! They get the people of the countries to take over their own countries, just like they're getting them to do it in the Philippines now. (See No.2121.)
       8. MOST OF THE COUNTRIES THEY'VE CONQUERED THEY'VE CONQUERED PEACEFULLY, LIKE IN DAN.11:21, but when it comes to some of the bigger ones that can hold out longer & more stubbornly, he's going to have to fight them to get into total worldwide power. (Dan.11:22)
       9. I'M SORRY I DIDN'T MAKE IT CLEAR BEFORE, BUT I KNOW IN MY OWN HEART, & COMMON SENSE WOULD TELL YOU THAT HE CAN'T GET INTO POWER WITHOUT FIGHTING!--Whether it's political warfare, economic warfare or military warfare!--No country of this World can which is in the hands of the Devil!--And it has been given him, as he himself said, to give it to whomever he wishes to give it to (Luk.4:6), & he gives it to those who fight his wars & go his way & do his dirtywork! And that's the way every major power or nation or dictator or king or whoever it is has gotten into power! They have seldom done it without violence.
       10. HOW & WHEN THE ANTICHRIST GETS INTO POWER IS, OF COURSE, OF GREAT INTEREST & CONCERN TO US, but all we have to know is that he's going to, & that's made very clear in the Bible. But the Bible doesn't specify the date nor the time, much less even the place!--But it comes awful close!
       11. DANIEL 11TH CHAPTER, WE START OFF WITH THE 20TH VERSE, "RAISER OF TAXES," ETC., & THEN THE 21st, THAT'S WHERE HE REALLY BEGINS. "And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably & obtain the kingdom by flatteries." Now what kingdom that is, we don't know,except since it seems to indicate that Russia's going to be the one, that he comes in & takes over Russia. Some people think that means the Antichrist kingdom, the World kingdom, but I don't think it means that yet by any means, because he's got a lot yet to do!
       12. (VERSE 22:) "AND WITH THE ARMS OF A FLOOD SHALL THEY BE OVERFLOWN FROM BEFORE HIM." What does that sound like?--Arms! That's war! He carries on a war or God knows how many wars or against whom, in order to establish his worldwide power. "And shall be broken; yea, also the prince of the Covenant." Here again, we remember that they will be broken, not him. He's not going to be broken, they're going to be broken! "And yea, he's also the prince of the Covenant." That doesn't necessarily mean the Covenant's been made yet, it could be just identifying him as the one being talked about, although it's quite possible this is when the Covenant is made. (--Or even before?)
       13. (VERSE 23:) "AND AFTER THE LEAGUE MADE WITH HIM HE SHALL WORK DECEITFULLY." Now this probably implies the Covenant, "the league made with him." "For he shall come up & shall become strong with a small people."
       14. (VERSE 24:) "HE SHALL ENTER PEACEABLY EVEN UPON THE FATTEST PLACES OF THE PROVINCE; & he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers; he shall scatter among them the prey, & the spoil, and riches."--How? How did he get'm? How did he get spoil & prey? Spoil is something you rob from somebody! Prey is something you usually kill! And he takes it by the arms of a flood! In other words, he'll come in with arms like a flood, he'll conquer! Obviously it's with arms, whether he has to use the arms or not! But it would be a little unlikely if he had the arms that he wouldn't use them if he needed to.
       15. IT SAYS, "THEY SHALL BE OVERFLOWN FROM BEFORE HIM."--SAME THING AS OVERTHROWN, "& SHALL BE BROKEN." Now how's he going to do that without war? Either that, or you could say he'll do it like Hitler marched into Sudetenland & took that over, which had been made a part of Czechoslovakia after World War 1, but was mostly Germans. He kept arguing with the World, the League of Nations, that he should have it, because it was German people & German territory & shouldn't have been given to Czechoslovakia. Finally when he got powerful enough & worked up enough sympathy for it, he marched in!-- Not without arms though. But there was no shooting, he just took over. He did the same with the rest of Czechoslovakia & he marched in the same way with Austria. He had arms, but they just didn't shoot.--They didn't have to! The people welcomed him, hailed him, "Hail Hitler!" Crowds lined the parade & gave him flowers & welcomed him as a hero & a saviour! ...
       16. (MARIA: I HAVE NO QUESTION ABOUT THAT BEING WAR, BUT THE QUESTION IS, IS THIS WAR BEFORE HE MAKES THE COVENANT?) Well, I just got through reading that to you, doesn't it sound like he then makes the Covenant after that? (Verse 23:) "And after the League made with him." It sounds like he more or less forces the League on them.
       17. IT SAYS HE COMES IN LIKE A FLOOD, HE OVERCOMES'M, OVERFLOWS'M, THEY'RE BROKEN, & THEN IT SAYS "AFTER THE LEAGUE MADE WITH HIM," THAT COMES NEXT! The League is not made until after that! He takes power by force, whether he has to use the arms or not. He overthrows'm & breaks'm! Isn't that clear enough? How's he going to break'm? How are they going to be broken without force? How's he going to overthrow them if he doesn't have arms, which it says he has. It says with arms, they're overthrown, they're broken, & if that doesn't sound like force to me, I don't know what is!
       18. EVEN IF THAT LEAGUE IS THE COVENANT, WHICH I HAVE SUGGESTED IT MIGHT BE, IT OBVIOUSLY DOESN'T TAKE PLACE UNTIL AFTER HE COMES IN AS THE CONQUEROR & THE WINNER! That's when they usually force a treaty on the conquered, after they've conquered'm! Then the next verse says, "And after the League made with him"--obviously implying that then the League is made, that he forces it on them, or persuades it on them somehow --"he shall work deceitfully...become strong with a small people" & all the rest of that stuff about scattering the prey & dividing the riches!
       19. SO HE COMES ON BY FORCE, & FORCE USUALLY IN THIS DAY & AGE MEANS WAR!--Either that, or he gets so powerful as Hitler did that he doesn't even have to use the guns, all he has to do is march in with an army & the people rejoice that he has come to save them! Hitler was looked on by most of Europe in those days as their saviour, saving them from Communism & economic collapse! He's a type of the Antichrist! He was hailed, given flowers, shouted & applauded! "Hail Hitler!"--Even without firing a shot! Most of his early conquests of Europe were without a shot! He was just so powerful & had such big armies & so many guns & so many soldiers, he was just able to march in with his armies & they surrendered without a shot!
       20. LET'S CALL IT A CONQUEST IF YOU WANT TO, BUT DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE WAR TO YOU?--"With arms of a flood," they're overthrown & they're broken! It doesn't really sound like the peaceful march of Hitler into Czechoslovakia, Sudetenland & Austria! There are arms, he comes in like a flood, they're overthrown, they're broken!--And then they're apparently forced to sign a Covenant or a League, "the League made with him."
       21. LET'S SAY THAT THIS LEAGUE IS THE COVENANT, ALTHOUGH WE CAN'T PROVE IT. After this Covenant has been made, he works deceitfully, becomes strong with a small people, enters peaceably upon the fattest places of the province & scatters among them the prey, spoil & riches. There's nothing new about it, conquerers have done it time & again!
       22. NOW HE HAS MANAGED TO GET INTO CONSIDERABLE POWER, powerful enough now that (Verse 25) "He shall stir up his power & his courage against the King of the South with a great army; and the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle! With a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand, for they shall forecast devices against him."
       23. (VERSE 26:) "YEA, THEY THAT FEED OF THE PORTION OF HIS MEAT SHALL DESTROY HIM." (--The King of the South.) Because of all these pronouns here people really get confused as to who it's talking about! "And his army shall overflow."--That's the Antichrist army. "And many shall fall down slain."-- That's not the Antichrist army, that's obviously the guy he's conquering!
       24. FIRST OF ALL HE CONQUERS THE KING OF THE SOUTH, so what does that indicate he's the king of, & later definitely calls him that? (Peter: King of the North!) Doesn't that sound like Russia? Okay. Who the King of the South is we don't know for sure, but obviously the biggest enemy of Russia right now is the U.S. But who knows? Maybe that's Russia just beginning to pile up her victories until she's ready to face the U.S., because the others are not really made specific in here until a little later. Maybe it's Iran & the Arabs & he makes them make a League with him, whatever!
       25. (VERSE 27:) "AND BOTH THESE KINGS' HEARTS SHALL BE TO DO MISCHIEF, & THEY SHALL SPEAK LIES AT ONE TABLE." Here are these kings united, they make or have made a League here, which may be the Covenant. "But it shall not prosper: for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." That means the Covenant's end.
       26. (VERSE 28:) "THEN SHALL HE RETURN INTO HIS LAND WITH GREAT RICHES; & HIS HEART SHALL BE AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT." At this time he apparently turns against the Covenant.--If the League of Verse 23 is the Covenant, it has already been made, as it seems to indicate here, between these two powers, maybe the superpowers, but you've got to take all this with a grain of salt as far as my theories of identifying these people!
       27. NOW WE KNOW FROM ALL IT SAYS HERE ABOUT THE KING OF THE NORTH, HE'S GOT TO BE THE ANTICHRIST, OBVIOUSLY! But who this other one is, it's not quite so obvious. We know that right now the main enemy of Russia is the U.S.A., who some identify as being the King of the South, or U.S.-backed Israel. So maybe the Covenant is going to be made between Russia & the U.S.A., maybe even secretly. But they speak lies to each other just like leaders & diplomats always do. They have made a Covenant, but they're lying, & as soon as he gets powerful enough with all these great victories in the bag & great riches, he turns against the Covenant. --Got it? He then returns to his own land.
       28. (VERSE 29:) "BUT AT THE TIME APPOINTED HE SHALL RETURN, & COME TOWARD THE SOUTH." And if that's against the South, representing the U.S.A., it kind of seems like a far-fetched idea! And remember, they didn't even know there was a U.S.A. when the Bible was written, there wasn't any! This was thousands of years before the U.S.A.! What's the Lord going to reveal to the Prophet who the AC is fighting? Well, he's fighting a guy called the King of the South! Now, who is South of Russia?--Israel & the Arabs & a good many friends of the U.S.A., as well as some of their enemies.
       29. SO WHO IS THE KING OF THE NORTH GOING TO FIGHT? We don't really know! I have theorised that it could be Israel, the staunchest friend of the U.S. & the U.S. comes to its help, of course, as it would if Israel were attacked, which would get'm in one Hell of a war! But maybe it's the Arabs! Maybe it's the Muslims! Maybe it's Khomeini! Maybe it's all those countries that are right there South of Russia!
       30. SO HE COMES TOWARD THE SOUTH, "BUT IT SHALL NOT BE AS THE FORMER OR AS THE LATTER." It's not going to be like it was the first time when he conquered the King of the South & they made the League, neither is it going to be like he's going to come the last time.
       31. (VERSE 30:) "FOR THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM SHALL COME AGAINST HIM: therefore he shall be grieved & return & have indignation against the Holy Covenant."--Ships, maybe like air ships! Chittim was a word which in old times, most Bible students believe signifies Great Britain, or Europe. And if so, then this is an invasion of the Mideast, obviously the countries of the Mideast, the South, & this King is some kind of a leader of the Mideast. They don't seem to have any great leader there now except Israel. They resist, the ships of Europe resist?--Or U.S.
       32. "THEREFORE HE SHALL BE GRIEVED & RETURN & HAVE INDIGNATION AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT."--This Covenant in which they agreed to have peace. But instead of accepting his domination & his rule, he finds he's having some problems with them, some resistance. So "he shall return & have intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant." He says, "I've had enough trouble out of you God-damn Jews"--& their friends--"so let's just break the Covenant!"
       33. (VERSE 31:) "AND ARMS SHALL STAND ON HIS PART & THEY SHALL POLLUTE THE SANCTUARY OF STRENGTH, & SHALL TAKE AWAY THE DAILY SACRIFICE." The Temple's already been built & they've started sacrificing. "And they shall place the abomination that maketh desolate." Here's the middle of the seven years, & from here on it's quite plain & quite clear!
       34. MAYBE THE LORD MADE IT SPECIFICALLY A LITTLE DIFFICULT TO UNDERSTAND OR EVEN HIDDEN AS TO EXACTLY WHO IS WHO! Although it makes it quite clear from all that happens here, it's the King of the North, & the major power today that's North of Israel, of course, is Russia!
       35. MAYBE THE KING OF THE SOUTH WILL BE THIS NEW BLUE-TURBANED LEADER OF THE MUSLIMS WHICH NOSTRADAMUS FORESAW! (See ML #1800.) If there's any great power in the East or Mideast which would stand in the way of Communism right now, it would be the Muslims, besides anti-Communist Europe & the West, etc. So it could be that he gets rebellion from the Muslims. Maybe they'll be the King of the South! So he comes down & he tears up the Covenant & it sounds like he takes out his wrath mostly on Israel! So I wouldn't be surprised that they are representative of the King of the South!--Maybe with Muslims?
       36. A LOT OF THIS IS JUST THEORY, GUESSWORK! We're trying to identify & we're supposing & guesstimating what & who this King of the South is! One thing we know, that you're sure of, since the Antichrist is the King of the North & can in this respect only be identified as the King of Russia or the Communists, then the King of the South is his enemy! You have to take it sort of like algebra, you have the known quantity, & you end up finding what the unknown quantities are.
       37. THE KING OF THE NORTH IS OBVIOUSLY THE ANTICHRIST, & the only great power that is anti-Christ today, I mean really officially anti-Christ, is Russia & the Communists, etc. And their chief enemies are the religious people, the Jews, Muslims & Christians.--The Jews & Christians represented by Israel, the Muslims, the great fundamentalist Muslim revolution today, its hero is considered Khomeini. It doesn't look like he's going to live much longer, so we don't know, but maybe there's the Blue Turban that arises as his successor!
       38. SO IF HE TEARS UP THE COVENANT & GETS ANGRY, breaks it, it's because these religious people, the Jews, Muslims & the Christians, have objected & rebelled! So he comes down then & breaks the Covenant & stops the worship & defiles the sanctuary & puts up his idol & declares himself god!
       39. IT'S DANGEROUS TO GET TOO SPECIFIC ABOUT EXACTLY WHO THESE PEOPLE ARE! All we know is one's King of the North, & North to the writers of the Bible meant North of Israel. And the only World power North of Israel right now is Russia. South to the writers of the Bible meant the Mideast or even Egypt, Africa, etc. But all we have to know from the Bible, not only is the King of the South his enemy, the King of the South is which direction from him? (Peter: South!) So that could mean a number of different people.
       40. BUT MY THEORY HAS BEEN THAT, MOST LIKELY, SINCE HE SEEMS TO TAKE OUT MOST OF HIS WRATH ON ISRAEL, IT'S MOST LIKELY ISRAEL SUPPORTED BY THE U.S.A. & THE WEST! But who knows? Maybe it's the Muslims led by Iran, etc., who are getting pretty strong now! The fundamentalists are sweeping all Islam, maybe they'll be some of his main rebels & opponents then! I'm sure the Jews will then rebel, & certainly the Muslims will rebel, the Christians will rebel, & they're the ones that he has wars with & fights with from then on! It sounds almost like he has nothing but continuous war from then on with all these various rebels, first from the South & then from the East & then from the West, he's got a lot of problems!
       41. BUT IF THAT DOESN'T SOUND LIKE TAKING OVER HIS FIRST MAJOR ENEMY OF THE SOUTH BY FORCE, I DON'T KNOW WHAT IS! And it's before the Covenant, obviously. Because he makes the Covenant then with whoever that is, the King of the South. But then because they apparently don't keep their side of the bargain, he gets mad & comes down & breaks it & sets himself up as King of the World & god himself!
       42. THERE'S ONE THING FOR SURE, HE'S GOT TO MAKE THE COVENANT BEFORE HE CAN BREAK IT! So he doesn't break it until he gets mad & has indignation against the Holy Covenant in the 30th verse, which begins a new paragraph in the Bible. He gets mad at it & his heart is against it even in the 28th verse. But he doesn't come out in a rage against it to destroy it until the 30th verse. But the Covenant is in existence already, & I have suggested that perhaps it's that League that he has made. (Verse 23:) "After the League with him he shall work deceitfully." And that sounds like it's under the Covenant.
       43. BUT HE COMES INTO POWER IN ORDER TO MAKE THAT LEAGUE! HE'S NOT MAKING ANY LEAGUE IN THE 22ND VERSE, HE'S FIGHTING! Are you convinced that that sounds like some kind of force or war or something before the Covenant is made? "With arms of a flood ... be overflown ... broken!" "And he's the Prince of the Covenant." It sounds like then the Covenant is made, after he destroys his enemy, at least the enemy of the moment, & he carries on all this flattery & all this stuff.
       44. THEN HE STIRS UP HIS GREAT ARMY AGAINST THE KING OF THE SOUTH, & IT SOUNDS LIKE HE DEFEATS HIM! But then they sit down & lie at one table & make some kind of a Pact. Maybe that's the Covenant, see? It's not real clear. The Covenant is made, but it is made by force, the first League is forced. Then sitting down at the same table with the King of the South that he's just defeated, that's obviously a forced Covenant, if that's the Covenant. Whichever one it is, it's gotta be by force, by war, or threat of war, or by the preponderance of arms. That's what it says!
       45. AND WHEN IT SAYS THAT THEY'RE OVERFLOWN LIKE A FLOOD, overflown like a flood flows over a valley or a country & they're broken, it sure sounds like violence to me! If you don't call that war, I don't know what it is. And it's not until after that that the term Holy Covenant is actually used. Perhaps the pact that they make then, when he's got them in subjection & conquered them, & they sit down at one table & lie to each other, perhaps this is the Covenant. At least it's obvious that they make a peace treaty of some kind. On the other hand, perhaps the Covenant's already been made & they're just confirming it at this table where they're speaking lies to each other.
       46. THEN APPARENTLY AFTER HE'S GONE HOME WITH GREAT RICHES, THEY REBEL. The King of the South, whoever that is, rises up against the Antichrist which causes him to get mad & break the Covenant & go back & conquer them again & take over!
       47. REMEMBER, THAT'S 3-1/2 YEARS AFTER THE COVENANT IS SIGNED, THAT'S ANOTHER THING WE KNOW! So a lot of coverage is made here in those few little verses, from the first mention of the Covenant to the breaking of the Covenant. In only 10 little verses, from 21 to 31, the events of 3-1/2 years are described! So lots could happen in those ten verses. There are wars & more wars & a Covenant & all the rest!
       48. ARE YOU SATISFIED NOW THAT HE HAS TO HAVE SOME KIND OF FORCE OR WAR enough to overflow a valley like a flood & overthrow his enemies & break their power before he can then force them to sit down at a table & make the Covenant? It sounds pretty much like a forced Covenant.
       49. AND OBVIOUSLY THE KING OF THE SOUTH MUST HAVE SOMETHING TO DO WITH ISRAEL, because the Antichrist comes in & vents his wrath on Israel & their temple & stops their sacrifices & all! He's really mad at them! So I've always figured, "Well, if it's Israel, Israel certainly couldn't fight Russia all by itself, it's bound to have help from the U.S.A.!" But of course if it's not Israel, if there's somebody more powerful by that time there, such as the Muslims & all the Arabs & the guy in the blue turban or whatever, maybe that's who he has a war with! But if he's having a war with the Muslims, why does he take it out on the Jews & their Temple?
       50. THAT'S WHAT'S ALWAYS LED ME TO FEEL IT'S PROBABLY ISRAEL, SINCE HE VENTS HIS WRATH ON ISRAEL & JERUSALEM & THEIR TEMPLE & THEIR SACRIFICES & THEIR RELIGION! But I didn't ever see how Israel could possibly fight Russia all by itself without the help of Western Europe & the U.S.A.! Who knows? Maybe the U.S. would try to help Israel all it could, but fearing an Atomic War, would not actually go that far as to use atomic weapons & have to finally be forced to let Russia conquer the Mideast whether they like it or not, & be forced to sign a peace treaty.
       51. THERE ARE PLENTY OF THINGS WE DON'T KNOW ABOUT THIS, we're just trying to figure it out & trying to theorise. I'm just telling you what has come to me & what I felt was the answer, & nobody has to believe it because I can't prove it! You don't have to believe it, you don't have to believe anything but what it says. The trouble is, most people don't understand what it says!
       52. WHAT WE KNOW IS THAT THERE WILL BE AN ANTI-GOD KING OF THE NORTH WHO WILL BECOME THE ANTICHRIST, anti-religious, North of Israel, who is going to come down & invade Israel! And I don't see how that can hardly be anybody else but Russia & the Communists! Who's more anti-God & anti-Christ than they are? Who hates the Jews & Israel & the Zionists, as they call them, more than they do, that cause them all this trouble? Is Russia a friend of Israel?--Then they're an enemy! If they're the King of the North & they come down & invade Israel, then Israel must have something to do with being their enemy!
       53. MAYBE RUSSIA CAN GET AWAY WITH IT BECAUSE THE U.S. FEARS ATOMIC WAR, so they stop short of entering into the war themselves. Although later it sounds like Britain comes to their aid & causes trouble with ships & stuff. But apparently it's not yet the Atomic War. So somebody else has got to be licked first. Who is it? Maybe he has to come in & lick the Muslims first & get the Muslims on his side & get their help to invade Israel & get Israel, whether the U.S. likes it or not or can help them or not!-- But not yet Atomic War! There's no picture in here yet of Atomic War, nothing sounds anything like Atomic War. These are just battles & little wars. Savvy?
       54. BUT THERE'S OBVIOUSLY SOME KIND OF WARFARE THAT GOES ON BEFORE THE COVENANT, & from the way I see the Scripture, apparently the Covenant is the League then made. It's supposed to be a peace treaty with the King of the North & the King of the South, "lies at one table," the League, the Covenant that's supposed to keep the peace. But after he's gone back home, it says, they apparently rise up against him again. So he's very angry & he comes down & makes war on them again & breaks the Covenant & just takes over!
       55. FIRST HE HAS A WAR TO CONQUER THEM, THEN HE FORCES THEM TO MAKE PEACE. Then he has war with the King of the South, then after awhile they lie at one table & make some kind of peace treaty, but he doesn't occupy them at this time. He goes back with great riches, he goes back home. But the next time, when they start giving him trouble & they really break the Covenant, then he really invades them & not only conquers them & wins, but occupies the country & makes it his headquarters & capital & sets up his kingdom from there & declares himself to be god, puts up his Idol & all that stuff!
       56. YOU JUST HAVE TO FIGURE OUT SOME THINGS OR HAVE THE LORD SHOW YOU SOME THINGS FROM WHAT HE HAS TOLD YOU, & therefore you get other parts of the equation, the "X" factors of the things that He hasn't told you, because it's obvious from what He has told you! Savvy?
       57. THIS IDEA THAT THERE CAN'T BE ANY WAR BEFORE THE COVENANT IS SIGNED IS A MISCONCEPTION! There are already a bunch of wars, & apparently he's going to come to power with more show of force. And if that show of force doesn't sound like war, I don't know what is! Like a flood of arms, it says, arms as a flood, overflown! The picture is a flood of force flowing over the land until it's broken! It sure sounds like war to me!
       58. IT SOUNDS LIKE THERE ARE 3 WARS THAT PUT HIM IN ABSOLUTE POWER, WHICH IS WHEN HE BREAKS THE COVENANT. (Maria: You mean 3 wars before he breaks the Covenant?)--Yes. One puts him in power, the 21st verse. Then he has a battle with the King of the South in the 25th verse. It sounds like he fights him at least 3 times. It sounds like the Jews, huh?--Stubborn & rebellious! And then he gets mad about the Covenant because apparently they're not keeping it, & he comes down & breaks the Covenant & occupies Jerusalem!
       59. SO THERE ARE 3 WARS BEFORE THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT!--The one that gives him enough power to apparently fight somebody here, then he fights the King of the South, which may be the same somebody, then he fights the King of the South again & occupies Jerusalem! Maybe we shouldn't get into such complicating confusing subjects! We don't really have to know yet. But it's good to know the Scripture & what the Scripture description is so that you don't get misled or confused like you were, thinking there's not going to be any war until the Covenant's made!
       60. PTL! TYL! WELL, I THINK THAT MADE IT A LITTLE SIMPLER & CLEARER FOR ME TOO! Your questions make me find solutions! Honey, thank you for your questions! It was a little hard for you to see & be convinced today, but that makes me get all the more definite, & the more I have to explain it the clearer it gets for me too, & I hope the clearer it gets for the rest of the Family!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family