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THE NEW MEMORY BOOK!--By Maria        26/12/84        Maria Letter #46        DO 2196

       1. DID YOU SEE OUR MEMORY BOOK? It's compiled from the best of the old Set Card, Paul & Marianne's Set Card (LIN 11), as well as the MOP. Mostly I was thinking of new disciples when working on this Memory Book, so I chose the verses that I thought would be the most necessary for them. Anybody else that wants additional memory work can go to the MOP. All the verses & quotes are there! But people just beginning to memorise do need a starting point!--Like people look at the Bible, & wonder where they should start. Even the MOP looks pretty overwhelming when it comes to Memory Work!
       2. THIS MEMORY BOOK IS LIKE AN EXPANDED SET CARD WITH ALL THE VERSES PRINTED OUT FOR YOU & THE REFERENCES ALONGSIDE. We left the Psalms & Chapters out of the Memory Book because they're in the MOP. If you want to learn Chapters you can do so, but why should new babes have to learn Chapters? They need to quickly learn as many individual verses on as many different subjects as they can, not only for their own edification, but also for their witnessing!
       3. SO WE SET IT UP SO THAT THEY COULD START OFF THEIR MEMORISING BY LEARNING THE FIRST VERSE FROM "SALVATION" ON THE FIRST DAY, the first from "Holy Spirit" on the second day, the first one from "Discipleship" on the third day, the first one from "Relationship to the World" on the next day, etc. So if after a few days in the Family they go out on the street & they want to witness & lead somebody to the Lord, they have a verse for whatever people need, instead of two or three or four on Salvation & none on the Holy Spirit or any other subject. But for easier reference by subject we put all the verses on Salvation together in the first set & all on the Holy Spirit together in the second set, etc.
       4. THIS MEMORY BOOK IS MAINLY BIBLE VERSES FOR NEW DISCIPLES, but we had a few pages with extra space so I decided to fill them with the most important related MO quotes!
       5. THE "DISCIPLESHIP" SECTION INCLUDES FORSAKING ALL. I didn't make "Forsaking All" a separate section because forsaking all is only a part of discipleship. "Discipleship" involves a lot more, like "bearing much fruit", "continuing in My Word, so shall ye be My disciples", & "having love one to another". Discipleship is not just forsaking all, but it's other things, too. (AMEN!--D.)
       6. "RELATIONSHIP TO THE WORLD" IS IMPORTANT FOR NEW DISCIPLES TO KNOW TOO & I PUT "PARENTS" NEXT because they need to know who their real parents are & what the Bible says about parents, that your flesh parents aren't necessarily your parents any more if they're not in the will of God!
       7. AND THEN "BACKSLIDERS", it's pretty important for them to know what the Lord thinks about backsliders so they'll have a real fear of the Lord & fear of backsliding!
       8. I PUT "DAVID" NEXT, but I didn't include all the verses, I only used the verses on David that talk about David in the Endtime, in the Latter Days, that show really conclusive proof that our David is the Prophet of the Endtime! There are other good verses on David that we old-timers know are referring to our David, but you have to get into a big class to explain it. If you give them some of those verses they can say, "Well, that was Old King David in the Old Testament" or "That meant Jesus" or some other interpretation. But here, see, this is much more valid proof!
       9. I CALLED THE WITNESSING SECTION "OUR JOB"! I wanted to emphasise that witnessing is our job!
       10. THERE WERE LOTS & LOTS TO CHOOSE FROM ON "THE WORD", but I just picked a few out that I liked the best. The one who chooses the verses gets to put in his favourites! Ha! But I didn't really decide it on the basis of my favourites, I decided it on the basis of what new disciples were going to need most or could relate to the most.
       11. THEN I MADE A SECTION ON "LOVE", because that's what we're supposed to be living for, so I put quite a few in on "Love".
       12. THE VERSES IN THE SECTION "IT'S ONLY JESUS" ARE FROM THE "STRENGTH & POWER" CATEGORY IN THE MOP. I wanted to make it clear to new disciples that it's only Jesus that gives us the strength & power, it doesn't come from ourselves!
       13. "FAITH" & "PRAYER" COULD HAVE BEEN COMBINED BECAUSE THEY ACTUALLY ARE VERY SIMILAR, since if you have faith you pray, & to pray you must have faith! But I roughly separated them & put most of those which talk about asking or requesting, under "Prayer", & put the others that actually mention "Faith" & talk about believing in the "Faith" section. "Faith" & "Prayer" could be one & the same category, but I separated them for the sake of people who want to categorise things more specifically.
       14. AND "HEALING" OF COURSE IS VERY IMPORTANT, because we need healing so often.
       15. "FREEDOM FROM FEAR" IS VERY GOOD FOR NEW DISCIPLES because they have a lot of fears along various lines as they are just starting to build their faith through the Word.
       16. "OVERCOMING ATTACKS OF THE ENEMY"--FIGHTING, IN OTHER WORDS. These are verses from the MOP categories of fighting, attacking, resisting, all of these things, how we overcome the Enemy & his attacks!
       17. THE VERSES I CHOSE ON "TRIALS" ARE MOSTLY ON WHY WE HAVE TRIALS, & THE PURPOSE OF THEM. I didn't only want to use verses that merely state the fact that you are going to suffer affliction, but I wanted to have the new disciples know why we suffer them & why we need to suffer them. "Though He were a Son, yet learned He obedience through the things He suffered" & "If you suffer with Me, ye shall also reign with Me." (Heb.5:8, 2Tim.2:12)
       18. "CHASTENING" IS PRETTY IMPORTANT BECAUSE NEW DISCIPLES GET CHASTENED A LOT! If not from the Lord, they get chastened from all their overseers, in order to learn obedience & yieldedness & discipline in their lives.
       19. WE INCLUDED "PERSECUTION" AS A VERY IMPORTANT SECTION, because of course everybody's going to go through it & a lot of new disciples suffer persecution immediately! They don't have to wait till later, many suffer it right away from 10:36ers!
       20. "THANKFULNESS & MURMURING" IS PRETTY IMPORTANT TO TEACH NEW DISCIPLES RIGHT OFF THE BAT! Because how do new disciples know they're not supposed to complain & murmur about things if they don't really know what the Bible says?
       21. MOST PEOPLE KNOW THAT THEY SHOULD OBEY, & although they don't always do it, at least they're taught that from the time they're little kids even in System homes. So most people know that if an overseer or somebody older than you or your boss tells you to do something, that you should do it! So most people, no matter who they are, they know they're supposed to obey! If they join the Family & somebody tells them to do something, they know they should do it. They know that if they don't obey they're doing wrong!
       22. BUT MURMURING IS A DIFFERENT THING, COMPLAINING ABOUT THINGS. I don't think a lot of people really realise that it's wrong until they actually see what the Bible has to say about it! They don't know that they should actively praise & really go on the attack & resist murmuring & complaining, that's something they have to be taught! They certainly don't usually know that it's self-righteousness, one of the worst sins of all! So I thought it was pretty important to put in.
       23. I'M LOOKING AT IT FROM THE STANDPOINT OF NEW DISCIPLES NOW, NOT OUR OLD-TIMERS. I hope our old-timers have already memorised the former set cards and many verses from the MOP.--Although if they will memorise all the verses in this Memory Book, I think it'll do them some good & be a real help. But I'm more concerned about the new disciples, I'm thinking about them! Everybody else has had the MOP & they know lots of verses, but the new disciples need to have some point at which to start out & something to start on so that they can start witnessing & they can be edified themselves & instructed.
       24. "OBEDIENCE" & "YIELDEDNESS" ARE VERY IMPORTANT CATEGORIES, which could have been combined because they're so similar, since when you obey you have to yield, & when you yield you're obeying! Obedience is very very important! It's our whole goal to learn to yield & obey & do the Lord's will, that's what we spend our whole Christian life doing! That's the goal!--Perfect obedience & submission & yieldedness, which is perfect Love, which we'll never have of course until...well I don't know when we'll have it, we'll still be learning in Heaven! But everything, our whole life is all directed at obedience, being obedient.
       25. EVERYTHING DEPENDS ON OUR OBEDIENCE TO THE LORD & THAT'S WHAT HE'S TRYING TO GET US TO DO IN EVERYTHING! Because the more we're obedient the more Love we have & the more we're useful to Him & the more we're good samples & the happier we are & the more we're attaining the goal that He wants us to, because obedience takes in everything! All the things the Lord tells us to do are hinged on obedience. We're supposed to love but we have to be obedient to do it, & that takes yieldedness! Loving takes obedience & yieldedness, submission to Him & to others.
       26. THEN "GOD'S SUPPLY" IS GOOD FOR NEW DISCIPLES TO KNOW THAT GOD IS REALLY GOING TO SUPPLY ALL THEIR NEEDS. They have a little problem sometimes when they're asked to forsake all, they say, "How are my needs going to be supplied?" Well, these are good verses for them!
       27. "LEADERS": WE'RE SO STRONG ON LEADERSHIP IN OUR FAMILY that I thought we should have something that explains why we have leaders, or at least why we should obey them. Hebrews 13:17, "Obey them that have the rule over you & submit yourselves for they watch for your souls." And Philippians 4:9, "These things which ye have both learned & received & heard & seen in me, do: And the God of peace shall be with you." "Be ye followers of me even as I am also of Christ." (ICor.11:1) Well, of course in these last two Paul was talking & he was talking specifically about himself, but that applies to all Godly leaders--it should--that their followers should follow them as they follow Christ.
       28. "FRUITFULNESS" IS IMPORTANT because, "Ye shall know them by their fruits!" (Mat.7:20)
       29. AND "GIVING" IS A VERY IMPORTANT PRINCIPLE TO LEARN IMMEDIATELY!--Starting off by giving your heart & life to Jesus & all your possessions too, but then the importance of continuing to give of yourself, your time, your effort, your love, everything, every minute of every day & the rewards you reap as a result!
       30. OTHER FAVOURITE IMPORTANT VERSES which didn't fit into any other category, I put under "Other Special Verses".
       31. WE HAD EXTRA SPACE ON THE BACK INSIDE COVER SO WE PUT THE VERY IMPORTANT LIST OF MAJOR EVENTS OF THE ENDTIME, which we should all memorise, along with the references of the Bible verses covering each of these points. It is not mandatory that you memorise these verses, although it would be helpful, of course, in your getting these things firmly & clearly affixed in your own mind, & also for your use in witnessing.
       32. SO THAT'S THE SET BOOKLET! We can't call it a Set Card any more! And if anybody wants to learn any other verses, you can always learn them on your own. There's nothing stopping you from learning extra verses, just so you learn these verses first!
       33. I'M ONE OF THE WORST ON MEMORY OF ANYBODY, BUT I'M EVEN TRYING TO MEMORISE THESE VERSES! So if I can do it, anybody can! So let's work together to follow my nice new Memory Book where I've tried to make everything as easy for us to memorise as possible! PTL?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family