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ENDTIME FACTS, PROVING UNKNOWN QUANTITIES & DANIEL 11!       ET# 54       DO 2197       5/85

       1. (SINGS:)
       For home & for loved ones
       And Heavenly Bread!
       Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!
       Hallelujah! Amen!
       Hallelujah! Thine the Glory!
       We praise Thee again!


PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! In Jesus' name.
       What more can He say than to you He hath said,
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled,
       To you who for refuge to Jesus have fled!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYL! What more can He say than He's already said to us?--Not only in this Book but in lots of others! Well, He can, He can say more, & He's going to this morning, God willing!
       3. WHAT BOOK ARE WE ON? (FAM: DANIEL!) WHAT CHAPTER? (FAM: 11!) And this is our last study in Daniel, as far as I know, that is, providing we get through it! And to try to get through it, no more introduction! Let's dig in, shall we? Did you do your homework? Did you study this chapter with no preconceived ideas, with an open mind, open heart, & ask the Lord to show you maybe anything new He might be able to show you? I'm sure He will, because, "Ask & ye shall receive, knock & it shall be opened unto you, seek & ye shall find!" If you ask for bread He'll not give you a rock, if you ask for a fish He's not going to give you a snake, right? (Mat.7:7-11) What is He going to give you? He's going to give you bread & fish! Sounds like a good fish sandwich, doesn't it? Well, this is a delicious meat sandwich here in this passage, very strong meat, but lots of bread too, thank the Lord!

       4. SO WHAT DID YOU LEARN? Did anybody get any new ideas from the Lord? Any revelations? Don't be afraid. (Techi: David asked a question when we were reading it that maybe the Antichrist's fathers believed in Jesus.)--That's possible. Or at least his fathers believed in God, which is another indication to me that he could be Jewish. Obviously his fathers were of some religion. Of course, that doesn't mean much, Karl Marx's parents were Lutherans, supposed to be good Christians, but he was a blatant atheist!
       5. IT'S FUNNY HOW HE HAD TO GIVE CREDIT TO SOME KIND OF PRINCIPLE, HOWEVER, WHICH HE CALLS DIALECTICAL MATERIALISM, that there's some kind of Force in history that is working in favour of Communism. Now if that isn't an acknowledgement of some Superior Power of some kind that is driving mankind & history to His dialectical conclusion, I don't know what is! But just because the guy's fathers or forefathers were either Christians or Jews or Muslims doesn't necessarily mean their children are going to be that way if they didn't teach'm good & rear'm right. Whoever his father is certainly must have been in tune with the Devil! He must have had devilish parents! But maybe back in their forefathers a ways they were Jews or Christians or had some kind of religion, true. Good question! Someone else? My, the children are shining today! Didn't you adults study your homework?
       6. (FAM: VERSE 20 REALLY DOES SOUND LIKE THE U.S.A. BECAUSE IT SAYS "A RAISER OF TAXES.")--Yes, that's exactly what we brought out last time, & that's good you remembered that. Someone else? (Fam: In Verse 24 it never struck me before about "he shall enter peaceably upon the fattest places.")--Yes, the richest countries. (Fam: And strongholds.)--Yes, even the most powerful. How about that! He's got to conquer the three most powerful nations in Europe before it will turn to him, right? And having conquered Europe, obviously he's going to have to conquer the United States in order to conquer the World.

       7. IN VERSE 24 IT SAYS, "HE SHALL DO THAT WHICH HIS FATHERS HAVE NOT DONE NOR HIS FATHER'S FATHERS." How do you think he's going to solve the Crash? This is regular Communist policy, rob the rich to feed the poor, because there are a lot more poor than there are rich. They can carry a lot more guns, they can fight a lot more battles, they've got a lot more ballots or votes, right? So any smart politician tries especiallyto please the poor whom he can persuade to vote for him. So what does he do? "He shall scatter among them the prey & spoil & riches" of the Crash & of the war he's had. (See No.2193:14.) To whom, the rich? They don't need it, they've got it. He's going to take it away from them & give it to the poor.
       8. SO IN SOME WAYS HIS ECONOMIC SYSTEM & THE SOLUTION FOR THE WORLD'S PROBLEMS & changing the monetary system & everything else, making all those paper Dollars worthless & all that money they've got in those banks worth nothing, who's going to get it? Who's he going to offer it to so that the vast, much more numerous billions of the poor of the World will worship him & love him or at least appreciate him? Who's he going to give it to? (Fam: The poor.)--To them!
       9. IN A WAY HE'S JUST COPYING THE LORD, BECAUSE THE LORD LOVES THE POOR! Satan doesn't love the poor, he just is going to pretend to love the poor. The Communists don't really love the poor, they just pretend to love the poor, but that way they get the poor behind them. And the poor may not have any money but they can sure shoot guns & they can raise up big armies from the poor. And they are always the ones who furnish the cannon-fodder & the manpower, if not the leadership, for revolutions. So that's a good point which we were going to bring out for that very reason. A part of this solution for the economic crash is outlined right there.
       10. ANYBODY ELSE FIND ANYTHING INTERESTING, something you hadn't thought of before? Well, it looks like we're about to run out of new ideas. You're waiting for me to give you mine now!

       11. FIRST OF ALL, I GAVE YOU SOME STRONG HINTS IN THE LAST CLASS TO GET RID OF YOUR PRECONCEIVED IDEAS & NOTIONS, also to remember that Daniel was a Jew, looking at things from that standpoint, & he would consider any kind of a Covenant made with the Jewish people to be a holy covenant or they wouldn't make it, even if in God's sight it was very unholy. He would consider Jerusalem as a holy city, even if in God's sight it's a wicked city! He would consider the Jews a holy people, even if in God's sight they were very unholy! Remember, even though Daniel was beloved of the Lord & a Prophet of God, he was a victim of the System, his system, the Jewish system, & he was praying for the Jews, he was praying for his people. I don't think you find a word in any of these prayers here for the poor Gentiles, just the Jews. [DELETED]
       12. NOW DANIEL, I'M NOT TALKING AGAINST YOU, I'M JUST SAYING THE TRUTH & you know it's the truth! Everything he thought, everything he did was coloured by his Jewishness! So he would call Moriah the holy mountain, Jerusalem the holy city, Jews the holy people, & any covenant made with them or by them a holy covenant! Right? So don't forget that!

       13. NOW, THROUGH MANY OTHER STUDIES & MUCH OTHER BIBLE STUDY & EXEGESIS, WE HAVE ESTABLISHED CERTAIN FACTS. You don't even know what "exegesis" means, do you? Well, it means just taking a passage in the Bible & developing it & explaining it & getting everything you can out of it, which we've done a lot of times, right? Now in my last talk to you I said, let's know the difference between the things which cannot be changed, those which are established facts, proven by the Scripture that are sound foundation for the interpretation of Bible Prophecy, certain facts that cannot be changed, you cannot waver on, you cannot doubt, you know are true. There are certain basic fundamentals of our concept of Bible Prophecy & its interpretation, right?--Which we will say we know because it says so, we know because God has revealed it to us that way, it does not contradict Scripture & therefore we know certain things are true.
       14. YOU HAVE TO KNOW THAT FIRST BEFORE YOU CAN KNOW WHAT MIGHT BE CHANGED or could possibly be changed or where perhaps some of our theories & our personal opinions & private interpretations may not always necessarily be so. But the Bible is necessarily so, & what it says about coming events is necessarily so.
       15. CAN YOU GIVE ME A FEW POINTERS ABOUT PROPHECY & ABOUT THE FUTURE THAT YOU KNOW ARE SO & you can prove by the Bible & nobody should have to argue about it at all?--You can give them Scripture, chapter & verse, to prove it! What major events of the Future do you know are going to happen, you are convinced are going to happen, you don't have to theorise, guess at, guesstimate or anything, you know it's going to happen.
       16. (FAM: JESUS IS COMING BACK!) Jesus is coming back! PTL! And when? (Fam: At the end of the Tribulation.)--Yes, after the Tribulation, at the end of those days. Jesus Himself said "after the Tribulation of these days." (Mat.24:29-30) How could the church be so dumb & ignore Scriptures like that? And Paul says that He'll definitely not come back until the Antichrist be revealed. That's what he says in 2Thessalonians 2:2-3.
       17. I'VE CHALLENGED PREACHERS WITH THESE SCRIPTURES & THEY'VE JUST STOOD THERE DUMB LIKE THEY NEVER HEARD THE SCRIPTURE BEFORE, just absolutely dumb, no answer, until their dumb asses carried me out the front door for standing up there & insisting on an answer! They had no answer, they acted like they never heard the Scripture before!
       18. I STOOD UP IN ONE CONGREGATION & SAID TO THIS ONE PREACHER, "DON'T YOU THINK IT'S ONLY FAIR TO GIVE YOUR PEOPLE ALL THE SCRIPTURE, not just certain Scriptures? Well, how about 2Thessalonians 2? How about Matthew 24 where Jesus said that after the Tribulation He was going to come, 2Thessalonians 2 that says after the Antichrist He was going to come." The preacher just stood there. I think he was dumbfounded most of all to think that anybody had the nerve to stand up & even challenge him, he never had that happen before, he didn't know what to do!
       19. AND ALL THE POOR CHRISTIANS SAT THERE, OF COURSE, ABSOLUTELY DUMBFOUNDED also that anybody should ever dare challenge a preacher in the pulpit, especially in their church! "How dare you!" They were shocked, horrified, offended, enraged! If the ushers hadn't carried me out, they might have mobbed me like they did poor Stephen! (Acts 7:54-58) Thank God for the ushers, those two dumb asses! As the old lady said when she was praising the Lord as the ushers were carrying her out: She was praising the Lord too much & making too much noise, so the preacher finally had a couple of ushers carry her out. As she was being carried out she said, "Praise God! The Lord only had one ass to carry Him, I've got two!" Ha! Oh boy!
       20. WHAT ARE SOME OF THE THINGS WE CANNOT CHANGE? We have to know the difference between the things we cannot change & the things which might be changed in our doctrine or our theories & opinions & interpretations. First of all, we know the Lord's coming soon & He's going to come after the Tribulation, what else? (Fam: That the Antichrist will rule & reign for seven years.) That's one thing that's just plain as day time & again. What else? (Fam: The Tribulation will be 1260 days.) Right, or roughly 3-1/2 years, half of the seven. But because there are so many ways of interpreting years, the Lord finally gave you exact days so you'll know exactly. What else?
       21. (FAM: HE WILL BREAK THE COVENANT IN THE MIDST OF THE 7 YEARS.) That's absolute, it's time & again, Scripture after Scripture, that you know! The Antichrist is to come first & he is to reign 7 years. First of all, he'll make the Covenant, since he's got to make it before he breaks it, right? Regardless of what our theories are about when & how, etc., or with whom, obviously during that first half of his reign the Jews have to rebuild the Temple. How do you know that?
       22. HOW DO YOU KNOW THE TEMPLE IS GOING TO BE REBUILT? (Fam: The sacrifice.) They can't have the sacrifices on the altar & the priesthood & all that stuff all over again without a Temple! So you know that they've got to have a Temple, that's knowledge, because they couldn't have the sacrifice without it! That's why the Jews haven't had any sacrifices for nearly 2,000 years now since the Temple was destroyed, the altar destroyed & everything, priesthood disbanded & no more Levites & services, etc.
       23. THEY HAVE GOT TO HAVE THE TEMPLE & ALL THAT TEMPLE WORSHIP RESTORED IN ORDER TO HAVE THE SACRIFICES, & they are having the sacrifices. How do we know they're having the sacrifices? (Fam: Because he causes the sacrifice to cease.)--Because the Antichrist stops the sacrifices, that's why! These are things you know because the Bible says so clearly.
       24. WHAT ELSE DOES HE DO? The Covenant is made, the Temple is rebuilt, the sacrifice is reinstituted & then he stops the sacrifices. What else do you know that cannot be changed? (Fam: He sets up the Abomination.) He sets up the Abomination of Desolation! And how do we know what it is? It tells about the Image, it has to be set up, even Jesus Himself talked about it. "When ye therefore shall see the Abomination of Desolation stand in the Holy Place" (Mat.24:15)--what else could stand in the Holy Place but an idol, which the Jews would certainly consider an abomination of desolation, spoken of by Daniel the Prophet. Then we know what will begin? (Fam: The Great Tribulation.) Jesus said so, Daniel said so! These things we know, there's no theory, there's no doubt about them! They are concrete solid block beliefs that we can be sure of because the Bible says so, it's very clear, & not just once but many times.
       25. AND THEN AFTER HE SETS UP THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, THIS GOD-DAMNED IDOL, THIS IMAGE, THEN WHAT? It doesn't tell you in Daniel that it's an Image, but Jesus hints that it's an Image, & finally who tells you that it's an Image? (Fam: Revelation 13.) Revelation 13th Chapter, John tells you. (Rev.13:14-15) No doubt he saw it in vision. So these things we can be sure of! There can't be any difference of opinion on these points, unless our "What If?" is true. (See ML #2211.) Well, there are amongst some of these church dummies, the same dummies who think sex is evil! We have a little difference of opinion with them, the same dummies who think this is the Millennium!--Ha!
       26. MY GOD, IF THIS IS THE MILLENNIUM, I'D HATE TO SEE HELL FOR SURE! This is Hell on Earth except for us! For most people it's Hell on Earth! I've heard a lot of sinners say, "Well, I think I'm getting my Hell here & now. I think this is Hell!" Haven't you heard sinners say that to you when you tried to witness to them? That's what they think about it, they don't think it's the Millennium!
       27. WHAT OTHER SOLID BLOCKS ARE THERE? Let's go right on with them, the things that are incontrovertible, irrefutable & irreversible!--A lot of big words. It means you can't argue with them, you can't refute them, you can't deny them, & all these other big words you learn with education which hardly anybody can understand, so why should I use'm? Anyhow, they're for sure! What else do we know for sure is going to follow the Abomination of Desolation? (Fam: The Mark of the Beast!) What else? (Fam: The Antichrist proclaims himself to be God.)--Right!
       28. THAT'S ANOTHER REASON WE KNOW THE TEMPLE'S GOING TO BE REBUILT. Paul says he's going to sit in the Temple of God, as God, claiming that he is God! (2Thes.2:4) And how could he sit in the Temple if it's not going to be rebuilt? There it is again! What else? (Fam: Persecution of those who refuse him.) "Then there shall be great tribulation such as was not since the World began." (Mat.24:21) Then we know the Great Tribulation is going to begin & we've got Scripture after Scripture, we don't even have time to give you all the Scriptures, that prove all these facts, absolute facts--not fancies, not theories, not hypotheses, not our interpretation, but absolute facts, sure, guaranteed by the Bible!
       29. WHAT NEXT? WHAT IS ANOTHER ABSOLUTE INCONTROVERTIBLE FACT?--Which means you can't change it. They use great big words when they could use a few simple little Anglo-Saxon words like "can't change it." (Fam: The Rapture.)--Right! Jesus is going to come, when? (Fam: After the Tribulation.)--At the end of the Tribulation, in other words. He said so, the Bible teaches it all the way through. These are things you can't change, don't doubt, positive!
       30. OF COURSE, THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO HAVE TRIED TO CHANGE THEM, LIKE THE SCOFIELDITES & all the Evangelicals & Pentecostals & Fundamentalists who follow Scofield's teaching. It's amazing what God-damn damage that damn Bible did! The text itself is all right, it's just the way he interpreted it. And he put his interpretation right there where you see it first before you have a chance to form your own opinion. He even divides the text & puts titles in here & there.
       31. TALK ABOUT INSERTING THINGS INTO THE SCRIPTURE & ADDING THINGS TO THE SCRIPTURE, SCOFIELD DID IT! They accuse us of adding to the Scriptures! They apply the curse of John at the end of Revelation, "If any man add anything to these things, let him be accursed! If he take anything away, let him be accursed!" (Rev.22:18,19) My God, if there's anything Scofield ever did, it was add a lot to the Bible & take away a lot! Sometimes half the page is his footnotes! Some of the pages are almost all footnotes, his explanation of the thing, that they all read & swallow hook, line & sinker, never thinking for themselves, never asking God when Scofield tells them, "Jesus is going to come before the Tribulation & take you out on flowery beds of ease so you won't have to suffer!"--What a God-damned lie of the Devil!
       32. THEREFORE, WHY SHOULD THE CHURCH TRY TO LEARN HOW TO BE CHRISTIANS, why should they witness or win souls or be good or do anything but give a lot of money to the church & not to missionaries? After all, God's not going to let them suffer, He's going to rescue them before it ever happens! What a God-damned doctrine of devils! What a deceit of Satan!
       33. SO THERE ARE SOME PEOPLE WHO TRY TO SCREW THINGS AROUND & TRY TO CHANGE THEM. But we know because we've studied the Bible! They cannot be changed! Jesus is going to come after the Tribulation of these days, He said so Himself! Paul said that first the man of sin, the Antichrist, should be revealed before the great day of the Lord. Those are specific Scriptures & of course there's plenty else in the Bible to corroborate it. Corroborate it means to prove it, confirm it. All these big words are a problem.
       34. BE THANKFUL YOU DON'T HAVE TOO MUCH EDUCATION, THEN YOU DON'T USE A LOT OF BIG WORDS PEOPLE CAN'T EVEN UNDERSTAND! Most of the preachers are shootin' over the tops of the heads of most people, because after most people get grown up to 12 years of age, that's as far as their mind goes, they continue the rest of their lives with a 12-year-old mentality. That is proven by the psychologists, so they say, that's all I know. They say that the average mentality of the average person is about 12 years of age. Well, sometimes I wish it were.
       35. IT'S NOT THE 12-YEAR-OLDS WHO CAUSE ALL THE TROUBLE IN THE WORLD! IT'S ALL THESE GOD-DAMNED DOCTORS OF THIS & DOCTORS OF THAT & doctors of engineering, doctors of law, doctors of science, doctors of medicine, doctors of religion, doctors of theology, they're the ones who cause all the trouble, not the dear delicious little 12-year-olds! Our 12-year-olds are beautiful, innocent & perfect, wonderful!--Not a bad deed or thought in their mind, they don't want to do anybody any harm, they don't want to do anything but help people & take care of children & love people! It's not the 12-year-olds!
       36. IT'S THE GOD-DAMNED DOCTORS OF THIS & THAT & LAW & WHATNOT THAT CAUSE ALL THE TROUBLE & LEAD ALL THE POOR 12-YEAR-OLDS LIKE DUMB SHEEP!--Who figure that, "Well, I'm dumb, I'm only 12 years old, I never had much education & they've had all that education. They're doctors & whatnot, they must know what's right, so I just swallow it hook, line & sinker & believe what they say!" That's the way the church people do, that's the way the World does, they're all guilty of the same thing, all dumb sheep, blind, followers of the blind, & they're all going to fall in the ditch! (Mat.15:14)
       37. SO WHAT ELSE DO YOU KNOW FOR SURE? (Fam: The Marriage Supper.)--The Marriage Supper of the Lamb! Hallelujah! While what's going on downstairs? (Fam: The Wrath of God.) That's all very clear many places in the Bible. And then that's going to end with the Battle of Armageddon. These are absolute facts that cannot be denied, it's all right there in the Bible!
       38. AND OF COURSE, AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IN WHICH WE TAKE OVER THE WORLD, IS BOUND TO BE WHAT? (Fam: The Millennium!) It can't be before that! You can't have a Millennium now, look at who's running the World!--Ha! How could this be the Millennium? Isn't that ridiculous? My God, if this is the Millennium, I'd hate to see anything that wasn't Millennium! So then after that we know what? At the end of the Millennium... (Fam: The Battle of Gog & Magog.) And what else? (Fam: The Great White Throne Judgement.) And what else? (Fam: New Heaven & the New Earth.)
       39. THESE ARE INCONTROVERTIBLE FACTS!--SOLID STONES IN THE BUILDING OF YOUR KNOWLEDGE OF BIBLE PROPHECY & COMING EVENTS. They cannot be denied, cannot be doubted because it's all right there in the Bible, it says so in plain black-&-white words, clearly, not once but many times, again & again, if not in the same words, then described in other words. So you cannot change your opinion about what we might say are our 16 different major events or periods of the Future.
       40. WE ARE NOW LIVING IN WHAT PERIOD? (Fam: The Last Days.) How do we know? (Fam: By the Signs of the Times.) These are incontrovertible facts, solid stones of faith in the living Cornerstone, Jesus Christ & His Word, our foundation. Praise God? "How firm a foundation, ye Saints of the Lord, is laid for your faith in His excellent Word!" You can't doubt these things because they are absolutely sure!
       41. THOSE ARE THE THINGS THAT ARE KNOWN QUANTITIES, LET'S PUT IT THAT WAY, KNOWN QUANTITIES IN THE EQUATION. Maybe our kids haven't studied algebra yet & equations, but I'll tell you what an equation is. I'll teach you a little bit of algebra right now. We'll say "X" is an unknown quantity. 2 plus X equals 4. How do you know what X is? (Fam: 2.) How do you know? (Fam: Because 2 plus 2 is four.) You know it because 2 is the only other number you can add to 2 & get 4 as the total, right?

       42. SO YOU CAN EVEN PROVE SOME UNKNOWN QUANTITIES FROM THESE FACTS THAT WE ALREADY KNOW! Give me some unknown quantities that we have proven to you in recent days have to be so, even though it's not said, it's not stated, we're not told explicitly, you can't necessarily prove it by some particular Scripture in the Bible, although by taking a group of Scriptures & putting them all into an equation, you can find out what that missing quantity is by putting these Scriptures together! What are some of the unknown quantities that we have made sure of? (Fam: The A-ACs.)--The Anti-Antichrists! This whole series was started on the Anti-Antichrists "theory" if you want to call it that, an unknown quantity.
       43. HOW DO WE PROVE THE UNKNOWN QUANTITY WHICH IS NOT EXPLICITLY STATED IN EXACT TERMS OR WITH EXPLICIT EXACT REFERENCE TO THAT PARTICULAR PEOPLE? They're not exactly described. How did we find out? Who are the Anti-Antichrists? Somebody define them first. (Fam: The people who don't take the Mark of the Beast & who are against the Antichrist.) Even though what? (Fam: Even though they're not Christians, they're not saved.) There will be millions of people who will reject the Antichrist & refuse his Mark. Even though they are not Christians, not saved, nevertheless they will be against the Antichrist. How do we know?
       44. WE KNOW WHAT THE ANTICHRIST IS & WE SAY THIS GROUP IS AN UNKNOWN QUANTITY. We have proven to you--tried to prove, I hope we've proved--that there are going to be millions of people who are against the Antichrist even though not saved & not Christians, who will refuse the Mark of the Beast. How do we know? How can we make that unknown quantity a known fact simply by equation? (Fam: Because we know that everybody that's saved is going to go up in the Rapture, & the Antichrist's people are going to be destroyed, & we're going to rule & reign over people, so there has to be somebody left to rule & reign over!)--Just like mathematics!
       45. THE WHOLE THING EQUALS THE WORLD, THE WHOLE EQUATION. Take away from that amount the Saved who go up in the Rapture & then also in other Scriptures take away all the followers of the Antichrist, the followers of the Beast who have the Mark of the Beast, take them out & destroy them. But then we find out in the Millennium there are people who are not saved that we are still ruling over here. We are the Saved, we went up in the Rapture. The Antichrist forces are all destroyed, including the Antichrist & the False Prophet & the works.
       46. THEN THE WHOLE QUESTION IS, "WHO'S LEFT?" If there's somebody we rule over, who's left? Two & two makes four, or the World total minus us minus the Antichrist people leaves the people over whom we rule during the Millennium. So therefore we can know by mathematical equation that there have got to be some people left besides the Christians & the Antichrist people. Otherwise there wouldn't be anybody for us to rule over during the Millennium, right? So that's now become a known factor. It's a little harder to prove, we've spent quite a few sessions trying to show it to you.
       47. ANOTHER UNKNOWN QUANTITY THAT WE'RE WORKING ON IS WHEN THE ATOMIC WAR WILL COME. I've told you my opinion, my conviction, my belief. I believe & I expect & I have gathered from reading both the newspaper & the Bible & from just a certain amount of logic, that the Antichrist & his forces want this World in one piece. And the only way they're going to get it in one piece is not to destroy it first with an Atomic War. I am more convinced all the time, & even from reading this chapter again, that the Atomic War is the last thing before the coming of the Lord!--Or even after His coming!
       48. IF THE ATOMIC WAR IS THE LAST THING WHICH ALMOST DESTROYS THE WORLD, & THEN THE WRATH OF GOD POURS OUT ON IT BESIDES, THERE'S NOT MUCH LEFT, IS THERE? I think it's going to be pretty easy to win the Battle of Armageddon with the mess the World is going to be in. I think maybe a lot of them are going to be glad to see us coming, especially the Anti-Antichrists! You know they're going to be glad to see us coming!

       49. EVEN SOME JEWS ARE GOING TO BE GLAD TO SEE US COMING, HOW ABOUT THAT? The Bible says so! "A remnant shall be saved." (Rom.9:27) "They'll look on Him Whom they pierced & mourn for Him as if for an only Son," even some of those [DELETED] Jews in Jerusalem that are such troublemakers! (Zech.12:10)--Maybe not the troublemakers, but maybe the sincere Orthodox or the sincere believers, those who are really looking for the Messiah & realise that the Antichrist certainly wasn't it, so He must still be to come. And then when they see Him coming, I believe they're going to believe it!
       50. I BELIEVE A LOT OF PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BELIEVE WHEN THE RAPTURE OCCURS! Do you think they could believe fast enough to get caught up in the Rapture? With all that sound going on & everything else to inspire their faith & seeing Jesus sitting on the cloud & coming in great & mighty power & glory, don't you think some of the people that sort of were on the fence & sort of just didn't know, will believe? Maybe they call themselves agnostics, they just don't know. They could call'm ignoramuses, that means the same thing! Maybe there might even be a few Jews! After they have realised that the Antichrist is not the Messiah, why wouldn't they believe when they see Jesus coming in the clouds? Is that a shocking new doctrine for you?--That maybe some people will even believe then at that late date?
       51. HOW LONG DOES IT TAKE TO GET SAVED? How long does it take to get born again? How fast are you saved? (Fam: As soon as you believe.) Instant believism is what we believe in, yes we do! We believe in instant believism! It sounds to me like the coming of Christ is quite a series of big events & explosions & lightning & big noise & thundering & trumpets & Jesus appearing in great power & glory in the clouds! Don't you think some of the latecomers might be like the guy at the very last hour who was paid a penny just like everybody else? (Mat.20:9-14)
       52. THIS PENNY IN THAT STORY OR PARABLE THAT JESUS TOLD IS NOT REWARDS. The guys who worked the whole day through the heat of the day are going to get the reward, but the penny was symbolic of Salvation. They were all paid the same as far as Salvation was concerned. Don't you think there could be some split-second salvations at the coming of the Lord?--Some people that it suddenly dawns on that Jesus was the Messiah, that Jesus really is the Saviour, that they could be instantly saved! Think about it! Think so? (Fam: Yes!) "Oh Dad, you are erratic, you are fanatic, you are crazy & you're always springing something new on us!"
       53. WHAT DOES YOUR HEART TELL YOU? WHAT DOES THE HOLY SPIRIT TELL YOU?--Maybe at that moment the people you've been working on for a long time, sowing the seed, sowing the Word, they've heard the Gospel but they just haven't made that commitment, will finally believe. Don't you believe that faith would certainly dawn in their hearts & they would receive & believe it the moment Jesus appears?--Not everybody, not even a lot of church Christians, especially if they figure that's the wrong time for Him to come or something like that, He shouldn't have waited so long!
       54. I BELIEVE IT CAN HAPPEN IN AN INSTANT, IN THE TWINKLING OF AN EYE, EVEN AT THE LAST TRUMP! (1Cor.15:52) Hallelujah! Now that is one of my theories, but from your knowledge of the Word & salvation, how easy & quick it is to get saved, I think you can believe that! But also a lot of people who resisted the Antichrist, who still didn't know much about Jesus but certainly didn't want the Antichrist & knew he wasn't what he should be & resisted & fought against him, are going to be left & survive on through all the rest into the Millennium, otherwise there would be nobody to rule over! With us as the rulers & all the Antichrist people gone, who's left to rule over? It's got to be the Anti-Antichrists! And we find that out in a lot of other Scriptures we've tried to go over to corroborate that, that means to prove it, & I hope you're convinced.

       55. FIRST OF ALL I'M PROVING TO YOU EVERYTHING THAT CAN BE & WHAT CAN'T BE & WE'RE GOING THROUGH THE PROCESS OF ELIMINATION ON SOME OF THESE THINGS. You need to know what you know is a fact, & then facts that have to be facts because you've proven it couldn't be any other way, even though it's not as clear, that's what we've been going over. Now let's attack this passage after that fashion, shall we?--Knowing these facts that we know. Let's attack this passage particularly from this standpoint.
       56. WE ARE STUDYING HERE THE ANTICHRIST, & WHAT ABOUT HIM? (Fam: How he'll take over.)--In other words, simply put, the rise of the Antichrist, how he rises, where he comes from, that's what we're studying here, & under what conditions & what he does. Right? We know it's the Antichrist, obviously, even though he's not actually called "Antichrist" until the New Testament.
       57. IN FACT, YOU DON'T EVEN FIND THAT WORD IN THE WHOLE BOOK OF REVELATION! "You don't, Dad? The word Antichrist is not in the Book of Revelation?" Well, you tell me where if you know it's there. Is the word "Antichrist" in the Book of Revelation? Is the word "Antichrist" in the Book of Daniel? These are the prophetic books you know the best! "And you mean to tell me that that guy is never named, not in either book? And yet you're talking about the Antichrist all the time?"
       58. WELL, WE DO GET THAT NAME FROM THE BOOK, NOT DANIEL & NOT REVELATION, but there is a man who in one of the books of the Bible here calls him the Antichrist, which is a very good name for him & which the church has picked up as a result, & the Catholic Church made famous first by nicknaming him the Antichrist because John called him the Antichrist. (Fam: 1John 2:18.) Anyway, he is called the Antichrist there. He said, "You know he is going to come," it's been predicted, in other words. But what did John say after that? "Even now there are many antichrists." Who are they? [DELETED] [EDITED: "I"]n John's day at that time it was the [EDITED: "unbelieving"] Jews!
       59. THEY ARE ALL ANTICHRISTS, EVERY ONE OF THEM WHO DOESN'T BELIEVE IN JESUS!--In fact, everybody in the World who rejects faith in Jesus Christ. People who never heard of Him couldn't be against Him, could they? You've got to know somebody to hate'm. Right? You've got to know they exist to hate'm! You've got to know that there is such a person or have heard of such a person to reject them & refuse to believe in them. So without knowing anything about them, you couldn't be against them, & I mean against.
       60. THAT'S ANOTHER GOOD POINT ABOUT THE ANTI-ANTICHRISTS, THEY'RE THE PEOPLE WHO DIDN'T KNOW ENOUGH ABOUT CHRIST TO BE EITHER FOR OR AGAINST HIM. Jesus said, "He that is not against Me is for Me." (Mk.9:40) So He's going to give them credit for that. Millions of people in the World are not against Christ, they never even heard of Him, they don't know anything about Him, so how could they be against Him? And a lot of them, apparently, when they know & hear, are going to be for Him. And especially if there are people who know of Him & have heard about Him & are not against Him, Jesus says, "They're for Me." That's what Jesus said. So maybe there are a lot of people who are saved & don't know it according to that equation. Jesus Himself said it. "He that is not against Me is for Me." He also said on another occasion, "He that is not for Me is against Me!" (Mat.12:30) Thank God He said both!
       61. IN OTHER WORDS, GOD'S GOING TO HAVE MERCY ON A LOT OF PEOPLE IN THE WORLD! First of all, people who never even heard of Him can't be against Him. And then all the people who are not against Him could be for Him! That's the kind of people I believe those Anti-Antichrist people are, who survive into the Millennium.

       62. ALL RIGHT, NOW THE PICTURE IS HERE, WE'RE STUDYING THE ANTICHRIST, WHO HE IS, WHERE HE CAME FROM, HOW HE GOT THERE, ETC. Do you want to quit or do you want to go our full two hours? I can hardly teach a class under two hours because I have to give you all this foundation. I have to prove my case like a lawyer so you'll be convinced & you'll know whereof you speak & you'll know that I'm right!
       63. ALL RIGHT, WE KNOW THIS PASSAGE IS ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, EVEN THOUGH HE'S NOT NAMED THAT HERE. In Revelation what is the Antichrist called? (Fam: The Beast.) In Daniel what is he called? (Fam: The Little Horn.) What else? In this chapter what is he called? (Fam: The King of the North.) So we know this is about the Antichrist. Why do we know it's about the Antichrist, when it says King of the North? Well, here again, in algebra, if one quantity equals the middle quantity & the end quantity also equals the middle quantity, then you know they're all the same quantity. If 2 equals X here, equals 2 here, then you know X is 2. If they're both equal to the same unknown quantity, then they're equal to each other & X is also 2.
       64. DANIEL CALLS HIM THE KING OF THE NORTH, REVELATION CALLS HIM THE BEAST, BUT BOTH BOOKS DESCRIBE THIS MAN AS DOING EXACTLY THE SAME THINGS! Therefore you know that they're both talking about the same man. What Daniel's man does, Revelation's Beast equals in doing, exactly the same things in exactly the same fashion in exactly the same time period, everything exactly the same. So therefore you know they've got to be the same man. And although they're not called Antichrist in either book, John, who also wrote the Book of Revelation, calls him the Antichrist in one of his Epistles, & the church picked up that name as a good name for this man.--Not just King of the North, not just Beast, but the Antichrist! Because his major characteristic is that he's against Jesus Christ!
       65. SO ARE YOU CONVINCED THIS IS THE MAN? How do you know this is the same man? He does the same things as the Beast is described doing in Revelation, but Antichrist is just a handy name. They might say, "But you can't prove that the Antichrist John was talking about in his Epistle is this Beast or this King of the North!" They could try to get you on that one. What can you prove? You can say, "Well, maybe I can't prove that he's got that name, as John calls him, but I can certainly prove that this man in Daniel is the Beast of Revelation & that the Beast of Revelation is King of the North!" That you can prove!--Same events, same time periods, same actions, everything. You can prove that the King of the North of Daniel is the Beast of Revelation, although you might have a little hard time convincing them that his name has got to be Antichrist, but that's just a nickname.
       66. --LIKE WE'VE DONE WITH OUR POSTERS, WE GIVE THEM NICKNAMES THAT DESIGNATE WHAT POSTER THEY ARE BY THE MOST OUTSTANDING FEATURE OF THE POSTER. We don't usually wind up putting that nickname on the list as the actual title of the Poster, but the one where the big elephants are, I call that the Elephant Picture! But we're not going to come out with a text on the back about the elephant, it'll probably talk about the elephant, but it's not going to be called the Elephant Picture!
       67. WE GIVE IT A HANDY HANDLE, SOMETHING WE CAN GRAB ONTO QUICK! You know what a handle is, something you can grab something with quick. All we men have a nice handy handle for you girls, & once you get ahold of that you've really got ahold of us! You can do almost anything once you've got ahold of that! You girls, big & little, haven't got a handle, but you've got a handy button, & once we can press that button, I'll tell you, gotcha!
       68. A NAME IS A HANDLE! In fact, some of the funny New Yorkers say, "What's your handle?"--Which means what's your moniker, what's your name, in other words. Well, we just give handy names sometimes to these characters, & the most popular name, the name that the church has made popular because of what John said in his Epistle, & because of the character & characteristics of this King of the North & the Beast of Revelation, the Church knows that he is anti-Christ & therefore they call him the Antichrist. But as John also said, "There are also many antichrists." (1Jn.2:18) It doesn't mean there are going to be many men like him to do what he did, but there are going to be plenty of similar people & there already were in John's day. He said, "Even now there are many antichrists," many people against Christ.
       69. SO WE'RE STUDYING THE ANTICHRIST & HOW HE ARISES & WHAT HE DOES. You don't really have to necessarily know all these details, but I know you want to know. And maybe you do need to know since we're so close & he could arise any time! You want to try to understand this passage, right? "What is going on here, Dad?"

       70. ALL RIGHT, WE'VE NOW ASCERTAINED MORE OR LESS ALL THE FACTS THAT YOU KNOW ABOUT THIS PARTICULAR CASE, THIS MAN, what he does, the time period, the events, etc. Have I got all those facts settled? All right! We have to have the known quantities in an algebraic equation first before we can find out what X, the unknown quantity, is.
       71. WHAT OTHER KNOWN QUANTITIES DO WE KNOW ABOUT THIS PERIOD WHEN THE ANTICHRIST ARISES? Someone brought out that he knows that it's going to be the economic Crash that sort of brings him out on the scene. Well, the only reason he knows that is because I said so! You can't find that in the Bible.--Except he found some pretty good things to bring that out in this 24th verse, it kind of describes that very thing there, doesn't it? There must be some kind of economic upheaval that would make it possible for him to peaceably divide up the economy & all the money & give to the poor. What outside of a war could possibly make such a thing possible? Well, it sounds like war, there is some war here.
       72. BUT WE FIND IN THIS PASSAGE WHAT CHARACTERS? We've already mentioned the King of the North, we know he's the Antichrist. What other character or power do we find here? (Fam: King of the South.)--Right! And do we already have an officially anti-Christ superpower in the World today, even though the man himself has not appeared? We have his government at hand, it's here. The Antichrist government is already here & it's one of the great superpowers of the World ruling half the World.
       73. BUT WE ALSO HAVE A CONTRARY SUPERPOWER, DON'T WE? They're not all that pro-Christ, but they pretend to be. And who is that? (Fam: America.) Let's say the U.S., America can also be applied to South America & they don't like it. They like to be called Americans but they don't like to be classed with the U.S.A. Let's be specific. It's not even North America. Canada doesn't even like some of the things the U.S. does, & Canada has more of a peace-making spirit, trying to create some de'tente & solve some of the problems of the World, contrary to the United States. The United States is the big troublemaker, run by the [EDITED: "ACs"], who are the major troublemakers!
       74. THE MAJOR OPPOSING SUPERPOWER OF THE WORLD TODAY AGAINST THE KNOWN ANTI-CHRIST SUPERPOWER, WHICH IS RUSSIA, IS THE U.S. So if this is a Last Day prophecy about the days of the Antichrist, who could this King of the South possibly be other than whom? Here again is your algebraic equation! We know on one hand one known quantity, the Antichrist power is Russia. On the other hand, we know the unknown quantity is another superpower opposed to Russia. And the only one described in this passage is called the King of the South.
       75. SINCE RUSSIA IS THE ONLY ANTI-CHRIST SUPERPOWER, THERE'S ONLY ONE OTHER SUPERPOWER THAT COULD POSSIBLY BE OPPOSING THEM. Therefore this other superpower called the King of the South which is opposing the Antichrist must be the U.S. Just like an algebraic equation, it has to be! You eliminate possibilities & then whatever's left, that's it, it's gotta be! There's no other power on Earth today that could possibly fight Russia! There's no other power big enough. And besides, Russia fulfils all of the characteristics of the rise of this Little Horn & the overthrow of three of the ten & all that sort of thing. It fulfils all the picture of that Superpower. And with the ten horns, three of them overthrown, the ten giving their power to him--with Russia united with Europe, in other words--there could only be one superpower left that could possibly oppose him.
       76. I USED TO THINK THAT RUSSIA WAS GOING TO KNOCK OUT AMERICA FIRST BEFORE HE COULD UNITE EUROPE & THE REST OF THE WORLD WITH HIM. But now we see that it's possible & he's doing it right now, winning over Europe more & more every day. The U.S. is getting more & more estranged from Europe & the NATO powers, etc., every day. All kinds of differences are coming up between them all the time. They dislike America--excuse me, the U.S.A.--more & more all the time. See, we Americans are so used to calling ourselves America like we were the only Americans. Canadians resent that, the South Americans resent it, the Central Americans resent it. We're not the only Americans! And yet that's what the World calls us. We're U.S.A.ers really, those who have such citizenship.
       77. SO IF WE BOIL THAT DOWN THEN, THAT WE KNOW THAT ONE IS THE ANTICHRIST, THEN THE OTHER ONE HAS TO BE THE U.S.A.! Got it? Will that help make the whole thing a little bit simpler? And let me bring one more idea to your attention.

       78. REMEMBER, I TOLD YOU THAT ALL THESE EVENTS ARE NOT ALWAYS IN EXACT CONSECUTIVE ORDER, & THEREFORE OFTENTIMES HE'S REPEATING. Classtime is almost up, I want you to read this passage again with this theory in mind. We'll call it a theory to begin with, shall we? As a scientist does in an experiment, he uses certain known facts & known quantities & stable chemicals & things like that to find out what the unknown factor is. So he tests, just like a mathematician tests equations & tests quantities & tests figures. He tests it by practising it on several different equations & several different problems, etc. He does a scientific experiment, testing known quantities against unknown quantities, etc., & how they affect each other, etc., to find out what'll happen.
       79. MAY I SUGGEST THIS POSSIBLE TEST OF THIS PASSAGE AS YOU READ IT?--That the powers spoken of here all the way through this 11th Chapter of Daniel, from the 20th Verse all the way to the 44th Verse, until it starts talking about the East, are the same two powers. From the 20th Verse through the 43rd Verse, it's talking about only what?--The King of the North & the King of the South! Even though it names some other things you may not have understood, read it again with this in mind, that all the way from 20 through 43 it is talking about the same division of the World, between so-called East & West. Except that the Bible here defines it between North & South, a struggle between the two superpowers to the bitter end! And even though it makes some statements about things that are going to happen, it doesn't necessarily mean they've already happened when it's stated. I'll give you an example.
       80. IT SAYS IN THE 25TH VERSE THAT THE KING OF THE NORTH HAS A VERY GREAT ARMY, & HE GOES TO WAR WITH THE KING OF THE SOUTH. I haven't got time to read it all, but isn't that what it says? Here's a big battle between the King of the North & the King of the South. And it says the King of the South shall not stand & "they that feed of the portion of his meat shall destroy him & his army shall overflow & many shall fall down slain." And you just take it for granted that means that's the end of the King of the South right there, don't you? Isn't that the way we've usually interpreted it?
       81. THEN WHY DOES THE NEXT VERSE, 27, SAY, "AND BOTH THESE KINGS' HEARTS SHALL BE TO DO MISCHIEF" IF THE KING OF THE SOUTH IS DONE FOR? Why is he still sitting at a table with the King of the North speaking lies? Those verses 25 & 26 could be prophetic of what is going to happen! But in 27 the battle isn't over yet, the war isn't over yet. They're trying to settle things, they go to the table just like they're doing right now, news in the paper about it all the time, all these discussions & conferences, negotiations, peace talks, blah blah. Mostly they're not peace talks, they're arms talks!
       82. THEY DON'T EVEN PRETEND TO TALK PEACE ANY MORE, THEY JUST TALK ARMS. They hardly even pretend to talk reduction of arms any more, they're just trying to keep it where it's at. They used to call them "peace talks" but that's out of fashion now because it's obvious there's not going to be any peace. They're just trying to hold down the arms at what they're at.
       83. BUT HERE THEY'RE SPEAKING LIES AT ONE TABLE, THAT'S, AS THEY SAY, A DIPLOMAT'S JOB! A soldier's job is to die for his country, a diplomat's job is to lie for his country! So here they are still. I'm giving you kind of an interpretation & then you can read it over again yourself. Still the controversy is raging on, still the altercations are raging on! And then it goes on.
       84. THERE IS A CONSTANT SORT OF OFF-&-ON WAR BETWEEN THESE TWO POWERS, & they're still the same two powers all the way through the passage. That's what I'm trying to get you to test this Chapter with. See if you can read it that way & see if you can find anything to disprove what I just said.
       85. YOU GO ON TO VERSE 29, "AT THE TIME APPOINTED HE SHALL RETURN & COME TOWARD THE SOUTH; but it shall not be as the former or as the latter." We don't know how he returns right there. It says it just isn't like he did before & it's not going to be like he's going to do later, but he's going to come back. But he's already turned against the Covenant & he's already working with the people against the Covenant, & he's working against the other superpower which is apparently trying to stand pat by the Covenant. Because if there's anything guaranteed in that Covenant, it's privileges & things to the Jews. Because if there are any people on Earth that the Antichrist is going to have to make peace with to get anywhere, it's with the Jews & the [DELETED] United States & the West. So that's what the Covenant has gotta be.
       86. THE COVENANT HAS GOTTA BE BETWEEN THESE TWO POWERS PRINCIPALLY. We've often brought out how it's got to be between the Jews & the Arabs & the Muslims & Christians, etc., that's speaking religiously. But between political powers, there has got to be some kind of agreement between these two superpowers of Russia & the U.S.A. before there can be any kind of peace or any kind of Covenant or any kind of agreement.
       87. SO TO MAKE THE COVENANT, THE U.S. HAS STILL GOTTA BE IN EXISTENCE & NOT OBLITERATED. There's another proof that it can't be the Atomic War first & the U.S. wiped out first! There's one for you, Son! To make the Covenant there's gotta be at least two superpowers there in existence between whom the Covenant has to be made, & we've got'm today, they exist. Oh, they'll probably include all the other little nations & there'll be some kind of signing at the U.N. or something to pretend to even make it a general agreement of the whole World, blah blah! But the major powers that have to sign the Covenant are the King of the North & the King of the South to have any kind of peace.
       88. BUT NOT ALL IS WELL, NOT ALL IS PEACE! There is trouble! And I want you to read it because now I can't take time to read it, my time is up. He comes back again. (Verse 28:) "He shall return into his land with great riches & his heart shall be against the Holy Covenant." Ah! He's made this Covenant, how come it made him rich? This Covenant does what for the Antichrist? It has got to make him the superpower, that Man! It's gotta be a single man, you can't have two Supermen. You can't have a President of the United States & a President of Russia both ruling the World!
       89. THROUGH THIS COVENANT SOMEHOW HE IS GOING TO GET THE UPPER HAND & THE WORLD IS GOING TO PROCLAIM HIM AS THEIR SAVIOUR & AS A SOLVER OF THE PROBLEMS, & therefore he is going to become virtually the ruler of the World! Doesn't that make him pretty rich if he owns the World? Isn't that clear? He comes into power through the Covenant, & we've theorised that the only way that could happen peacefully is by the economic Crash & for him to solve that & then come into power through the Covenant.
       90. BUT TWO SUPERPOWERS MAKING A COVENANT DOESN'T NECESSARILY ALWAYS MAKE PEACE! There are two superpowers, although the one superpower seems to be getting the upper hand because they've got the smartest guy running it, who has solved the problems, made the Covenant, made the peace. Obviously the ruler of that country has the upper hand. He more or less has come in as ruler of the World now, but that doesn't necessarily satisfy the U.S.A. Do you think that's going to satisfy'm to have this guy from the other side get so smart that he out-smarts'm & forces them to make this Covenant? They just about have to because there's no other way. But do you think the Jews are going to quit causing trouble? Do you think the U.S.A. is going to quit causing trouble? Well, that's what all the rest of the passage is about! Now do you get the picture?
       91. THE U.S.A. IS STILL AROUND, STILL CAUSING TROUBLE, & I've pointed out that the passage about the ships of Chittim, etc., is about the British. The U.S., in other words, is obviously the opposing power. Who else could oppose the Antichrist but the other superpower? But here comes this big altercation, a final altercation between the superpowers. The U.S.A. is complaining that the Antichrist isn't keeping his part of the bargain, so they start making trouble. So what does he do? He comes down & he settles it by force!
       92. OH MY, TIME IS SUCH A CURSE! THANK GOD WE'LL BE RID OF TIME WHEN THE MILLENNIUM COMES! Earth & Earth people will still be on time but it will mean little or nothing to us! I know I'm wearing you out, but I'm trying my best to get something across to you even if we don't have time to read it. I was going to read it verse by verse, but I want you to read it with that in mind. I'm giving you the tools to do the job with. I'm giving you the chemicals to test the litmus paper with. I'm giving you the equation to find out for yourself what the unknown quantity is!
       93. IN VERSE 24 THE ANTICHRIST MAKES IT BY PEACE, ISN'T THAT OBVIOUSLY THE PICTURE HERE? He makes it by peace. Then it predicts big war & all that kind of stuff to come. (Verse 25:) "He shall stir up his power & his courage against the King of the South with a great army; & the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand." It says he shall not, he's predicting. Right? But it hasn't necessarily happened yet. "Oh Dad, come on now!" Well, just think about it.
       94. MAYBE THESE TWO VERSES ARE JUST PREDICTING THAT THAT'S WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! But after the first war in Verse 22 & the making of the Covenant in Verses 22 & 23, the Covenant helps him grab more power by peace in Verse 24.--Then he attacks the King of the South full force & forces him to keep the Covenant that they confirm again in Verse 27, for here they are still sitting at a peace table making peace & lying to each other & making a Covenant & all that, so it hasn't necessarily happened already, the bigger war hasn't really come yet necessarily, the big invasion that finally utterly crushes Israel!
       95. BUT LET ME TELL YOU, YOU GET OVER INTO THE 30TH VERSE & 31ST VERSE, & YOU GET AN INVASION, A BIG INVASION!--Not necessarily the biggest war yet, but at least he invades Israel. Right? You get the invasion of Israel by Russia there because he comes down and does what? (Fam: Pollutes the sanctuary.) All right, here you have him stopping the Jewish worship, setting up his Abomination of Desolation, the idol. And at that time we know he declares himself to be God and forbids all other worship and has the Mark of the Beast and all the rest! That shows he's very powerful at that time. It looks like he pretty well knows what he's doing and knows he can do it and get away with it.
       96. BUT DOES THAT NECESSARILY SETTLE THE WORLD SITUATION? We hear all about the Tribulation, persecution, etc., here, don't we? And we hear about the character & the personality of the Antichrist & I'm not going to read that now, I don't have time. I just want to finish this picture for you real quick about his economic policies & dividing the land for gain, etc.!
       97. 40TH VERSE, WE COULD EVEN SAY "BUT AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM AGAIN!" When he breaks the Covenant & he invades Israel & he forces his will upon the religions & tries to force it upon the World, what do you think the U.S.A. is going to do then?--Declare that he has broken the Covenant, he has broken his word, he has defiled the Temple, he has abolished religion or he's trying to! Don't you think it's time for them to rise up & fight! Doesn't it sound like they do? That's exactly what it sounds like!
       98. "AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM: And the King of the North shall come against him like a whirlwind, with chariots & with horsemen & with many ships; & he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over."--Another big war between North & South! What "he"?--The "he" that this whole passage is about, the Antichrist! (Verse 41:) "He shall enter also into the glorious land"--another invasion of Israel--"& many countries shall be overthrown." Many countries shall be overthrown! It didn't say that before in their previous altercations! Then it tells what countries are going to escape, but we don't have time to go into that, we've done it before.
       99. (VERSE 42:) "HE SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND ALSO UPON THE COUNTRIES: & THE LAND OF EGYPT SHALL NOT ESCAPE. But he shall have power over the treasures of gold & silver." He's going to have power. It specifies these certain countries that of course Daniel was particularly interested in because they were neighbours. Israel's always interested in its neighbours, especially in conquering them!--Ha!

       100. AND NOW I'M GOING TO SET THE PICTURE FOR MORE WAR! Here Russia & the Antichrist have finally conquered the U.S.A.--first with war & the Covenant through which he rises to power, & then with the breaking of the Covenant, which causes the U.S., literally after having made peace, to go to war with him, at which time he invades Israel, breaks the Covenant, outlaws all religions except worship of himself, sets up his Image, begins the Mark of the Beast & persecutes all other believers in any other god! No more war there, it's finished, it's done! Have you got that picture? Are you convinced? That's it!
       101. THERE'S A PICTURE OF THE TRIBULATION IF YOU EVER SAW IT AT ALL, RIGHT FROM THE 31ST VERSE ON! The Antichrist is in power now, he knows he's got it made! The U.S.A. cannot stop him now even though he has broken the Covenant, which had to be with the U.S. as well as other powers. Okay then, all of a sudden!:
       102. (VERSE 44:) "BUT TIDINGS OUT OF THE EAST & OUT OF THE NORTH SHALL TROUBLE HIM." From where? So far he's had trouble with only the King of the South, which I hope we've proved to you has gotta be Israel with the U.S.A. But now after the conquest of the King of the South & the defeat of its Western supporters, somebody else starts causing him trouble!
       103. HE'S PUT DOWN THE CHRISTIANS, HE'S PUT DOWN THE JEWS, HE'S PUT DOWN THE WEST--which is the South in this case--now he's gotta fight the Eastern religions!--And also some kind of trouble back home in the North! There's only one part of the World he hasn't completely put down yet, & that's the East, which can still cause him trouble. The man in the Blue Turban whom Nostradamus predicted arises in this case. (See No.1800.) I don't think it's necessarily the False Prophet, maybe it's Khomeini's successor, some leader of the Muslims. It certainly sounds like it! Who but the Muslims wear turbans?
       104. EVEN THOSE SIKHS OF INDIA [DELETED], it's a kind of a combination between Judaism & Islam. And just take a look at those big bruisers with those big turbans on. [DELETED] Beautiful! Handsome! Towering! Big! That's why the British used them for armies, because they were tremendous big husky fighters with turbans. But their religion is really a form of Islam. And here we have tidings out of the East troubling him. He's already conquered the U.S.A., he's established himself as dictator of the World, he has effected the persecution of the Tribulation & all the rest. But now he's having his last big problem.
       105. "THEREFORE HE SHALL GO FORTH WITH GREAT FURY TO DESTROY & UTTERLY TO MAKE AWAY MANY!" Doesn't that sound like he's going to have a big battle with the Kings of the East? Doesn't Revelation say that God is going to let the Euphrates be dried up to prepare the way of the Kings of the East for what battle? (Fam: Armageddon.) (Rev.16:12)
       106. THE BATTLE DOESN'T HAVE TO TAKE PLACE BEFORE JESUS COMES. I mean, what in the World is the Antichrist doing during the Wrath of God? He's carrying on in spite of all these horrible curses & Wrath & plagues that fall on him. He's still carrying on. Maybe the Lord is merciful, even trying to save the Muslims, help them in their battle against the Antichrist. All the Anti-Antichrists are battling, the Muslims, the Jews, even the Christians, church people who weren't saved & got left behind.
       107. HERE THE BATTLE IS STILL GOING ON LONG AFTER WE'RE GONE IN THE RAPTURE! Get the picture? Can you see it that way? (Verse 45:) "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain." He obviously makes Jerusalem his headquarters.
       108. AND WHEN THIS FINAL ALTERCATION BEGINS, HE HAS CONQUERED THE WORLD, ALL EXCEPT THE EAST. He has broken the Covenant, he has set himself up as the Antichrist dictator of the World & done all the rest of these things. He's conducted the Tribulation period of persecution of the Christians. But finally he has a pretty big trouble at the end of this particular period, which could go right on after the Rapture, because the Rapture occurs in the next Chapter.
       109. (DANIEL 12:1:) "AT THAT TIME SHALL MICHAEL STAND UP, THE GREAT PRINCE"--what time? When he starts having trouble with whom? (Fam: The East.)--The only power left that he hasn't really seemed to conquer. He's conquered the Jews & the Christians of the West, called the South here, but he hasn't conquered the great religions of the billions of the East. Get it?
       110. I'M PRESENTING THAT TO YOU AS A THOUGHT, AS A PICTURE, AS A THEORY, AS A POSSIBLE SOLUTION to the unknown quantity of X. And again it brings out the fact that there are still a lot of people opposing the Antichrist even after the U.S.A. is down, & even after the U.S.A. is gone!--Even after the Christians are gone, even during the Wrath of God! Why else would there be these forces gathered together to battle against each other again in Israel at the time of Armageddon? You say, "Oh well, he's come up there to battle us when we come down out of the sky!" Oh baloney! He doesn't even know we're coming! He couldn't have expected that, that we'd come down riding on white horses unless he believed in one of our Posters!
       111. HE'S COME DOWN AGAIN TO BATTLE, BECAUSE WHERE DO THE MUSLIMS WANT TO GO MOST OF ALL & HAVE PLEDGED THEMSELVES TO LIVE & TO DIE & TO CONQUER & TO GET IT & TAKE IT BACK? (Fam: Jerusalem!) So once again the battle centers on Jerusalem. He's already invaded it once, licked the Jews & the Christians & taken over, but he hasn't licked the East yet. And now he's got to battle the East for Jerusalem. Get the picture?

       112. I AM TRYING TO PRESENT THIS AS A THOUGHT, AS AN IDEA, AS A POSSIBLE SOLUTION TO ALL THIS CONFUSION THAT'S GOING ON HERE IN THIS LAST CHAPTER. DOES THAT FIT THE PICTURE OF TODAY'S WORLD POLITICAL SITUATION? Do you think that that is at all possible that it could happen that way? Isn't that the way it's shaping up right now? Russia & the Communist World, the great anti-Christ power, are as yet without the charismatic personality of the Antichrist himself, but already at odds with the other superpower, the U.S.A. And the only thing that could bring temporary peace or stave off that war that finally comes, is this smart Pact, this smart Covenant. Right?--Which because of his cleverness & because of his leadership at this time when the Covenant's made, puts the Antichrist really in superior power.
       113. ALL THE WORLD THEN WONDERS AFTER HIM! They're not going to wonder after the United States. They're not going to wonder after the President of the U.S.A. They make too many dumb mistakes! This guy's a superman, superpower, the Devil's own man! He has wisdom beyond the wisdom of normal men, has powers beyond their powers. So the whole World wonders after him & they say, "Who is able to make war with the Beast? Who is able to do things like this? Who can do miracles like he can do?" He's going to run circles around the U.S.A. They'll be virtually forced to sit at the peace table & make Covenants, etc. There's nothing they can do about it.
       114. HE HAS SOLVED THE PROBLEMS, HE'S MADE THE COVENANT, he's outsmarted them in every way & he's put himself in the driver's seat. He's put himself in as the jockey who has jockeyed his way to the top & there's nothing they could do to stop him. You get the picture? You understand? But that doesn't mean they're satisfied. So at the end they finally rebel in full force to try to war against him & get rid of him. But what does it say in the last part of the 11th Chapter? He obviously wins that war.
       115. THERE IS A WAR & HE WINS THE WAR. WHAT WOULD BE OBVIOUSLY THE WAY HE IS GOING TO WIN THAT WAR BEYOND ANY DOUBT, finally, with finality, so there'll never be any more war with the U.S.A.? Revelation describes it in the 17th Chapter. He persuades the 10 powers of Europe to get together, having overthrown three of them, to turn their missiles on the U.S.A. & destroy Babylon! That's where that picture fits in, right there, right about the end of the Tribulation when that final war occurs.
       116. DOESN'T THE WAR HERE IN DANIEL 11, THE FINAL WAR THAT SETTLES IT, OCCUR AT THE END OF THE CHAPTER JUST BEFORE THE COMING OF CHRIST?--In other words, just before the end of the Tribulation? Most of the Tribulation has already occurred, persecution & all the rest, & he's conquered everybody except the East. So he destroys America. Here again it fits the picture which we've said before. We're now convinced that the destruction of Babylon by an Atomic War--obviously an Atomic War, it happens in one hour of one day that she's destroyed--happens at the end of the Tribulation as a part of this last war right here. Get it? And at that time, Jesus comes! What could be a better time for the Lord to come & save us than at the time of the Atomic War?--Whether during it or after it.
       117. NOW YOU MAY WANT TO TAKE THESE SCRIPTURES CHRONOLOGICALLY. You may say, "Well, it sounds like he has time after the war to set up his palace in Jerusalem." Maybe so. Okay, the Atomic War is over, then he sets up his palace in Jerusalem. "Yet he shall come to his end & none shall help him!"--Why? Jesus comes! The war is over, he's got it made, except the East is worrying him, but Jesus comes, & that takes care of us! He's taking care of America, then Jesus comes to take care of us, but he's still got to take care of the East, which leads up to what great battle?--The Battle of Armageddon! Got the picture?

       118. STUDY THIS CHAPTER AGAIN FOR YOUR HOMEWORK! This time study it & see if it fits the picture that I've just given you. See if it fits it for you. If you run into any snags & problems, jot'm down! Put a question mark out beside that verse or that line or that word & bring it out in class & let's deal with it here. Say, "Well, I don't see how this fits" or "I don't see how that can happen" or "It looks like that's out of place or out of time, out of sync." Just jot it down & put a question mark out there. My old Bible used to have so many question marks down the margin of the page, all the things I couldn't understand, all the things I wanted to ask somebody about. And I think probably a lot of them are still unanswered! I'll have to wait till I get to Heaven to get the answers. PTL!
       119. DO YOU THINK THAT'S A PRETTY LOGICAL PICTURE? Does it fit the other prophecies that you have been studying? Does it fit the present World situation? I think it fits. I think it helps solve the problem of this 11th Chapter & all the stuff that's going on there. So now there's one big problem we can solve right now, we can pray & I can shut up so you can go to the toilet! Did you ever see such patient children, such wonderful children? GB'm! TYJ! Amen! Hallelujah!
       120. ARE YOU GLAD WE HAD THIS CLASS EVEN IF IT WAS KIND OF LONG? I just couldn't get through it until I had to explain it all in that way. And it's important to you, I believe, to know these details so you can see how the World is shaping up & you can be prepared for what's going to happen. I'm convinced, I'm just trying to explain it to you & show you so you can be convinced. And that'll help you know what to do & how to behave now & in the future. So shall we pray the Kingdom Prayer? (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Amen! God bless you all! Thank you for your patience!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family