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DANIEL 11!--RAPID REVIEW!       ET #55       DO 2199       5/855

       1. LORD, DO BLESS & HAVE THY WAY, THY WILL BE DONE! You know what's best, Lord, in order to engrave these truths on the hearts & minds of these here that can spread them far abroad, far & wide throughout the World through Thy children. Keep us straight on Thy narrow path, Lord, what we know & what we assume from Thy revelations to us, Lord, in Jesus' name. Thank You for Thy Word! PTL!
       2. WE HAVE READ THIS CHAPTER SO MANY TIMES & WE HAVE TALKED ABOUT IT SO MUCH, I almost came to the conclusion it was needless & useless to go over it again. What book & what chapter are we on? (Fam: Daniel 11!) But because it's just beginning to sink into some people's heads & we have a new outlook, not really all that new but a little clearer outlook, perhaps it might help to just read it rapidly. Just stop me if you don't understand what it's talking about, if you need help. Now since my eyes will be glued on the Bible I may or may not see your hand, although usually when I'm reading I can see this hand over here & this hand right here, & my vision is just about that broad up here. So I may see your hand but I may not, so just lift your hand & say, "Excuse me, Dad, I don't understand what that means." Okay?--Because I don't want to delay unnecessarily.
       3. WE'VE GOT LOTS OF OTHER PASSAGES TO GET INTO BEFORE WE FINISH THIS SUBJECT & we need to really go over it & not spend any more time on this particular part of Daniel which we have been over many times before. Really nothing much has changed, except a few obscure conceptions or concepts of just exactly when & where or the chronological order. The basics are all the same. It's all about whom? (Fam: The Antichrist.) And his what? (Fam: Kingdom.) And beginning as we do with the 20th & 21st verses, it's beginning to talk about his rise. So you know all that.
       4. HE RISES IN OPPOSITION TO ANOTHER SUPERPOWER WHICH IS VERY HANDILY DESCRIBED IN THE 20TH VERSE, & WHO DO YOU THINK THAT IS? (Fam: The United States.) It sure sounds like the United States, doesn't it? All right, we've been over that verse enough & I think we've been over nearly all these almost enough, but I'm just going to read it through now for the purpose of checking with our rather new idea that this does not necessarily mean the end each time. When it says something's going to happen, that doesn't mean it happened right there & that was the finish of it. Get it? But these two powers are struggling with each other all the way through his reign, with the U.S. heading the powers of the West, called in this the South, & in a sense it's true, because they're backing Israel all the time. The struggle actually goes on right to the bitter end of this Chapter, because this Chapter ends with the end of his reign & the coming of the Lord. So all of this is the same battle or continuation of battles between these two superpowers. Have you got that?
       5. ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, WHICH WE'VE POINTED OUT BEFORE SEVERAL TIMES, OUR NEW CONCEPT IS OF THE CRASH BEFORE THE WAR, & the Atomic War coming now at the very end of the Antichrist's reign as he turns on Babylon entirely & obliterates her in one hour of one day! And in the horror of this horrible Atomic War & its awful aftermath, obviously the Lord wants to spare His people any further agony & it's the end. In fact, Jesus Himself said that if He didn't end this at this time, if He didn't make the Antichrist's days short, "no flesh would be saved." (Mat.24:22)
       6. THE PREDICTION OF SOME THAT THE EARTH IS GOING TO BE DESTROYED & ALL MANKIND DESTROYED, THIS IS OF COURSE THE AMBITION OF THE DEVIL & THIS IS HIS PROPHECY. This is what he wants to predict & what he wants to fulfil. His whole idea of this whole thing is to try to destroy Man & the Earth, God's Creation. So if the Lord didn't intervene with His Own coming at the end of the Tribulation, then undoubtedly the Devil & his forces would destroy not only all Mankind but the ball itself! Think of it!

       7. SO JUST AS THE ANTICHRIST GETS INTO ABSOLUTE SUPREME POWER AFTER THE TOTAL DESTRUCTION OF THE U.S.A., or sufficient destruction to describe it in detail in the 18th Chapter of Revelation, when it looks like the Antichrist has really finally won over the whole World, & it seems like there are almost no opposing forces any more, then Jesus comes & rescues us & gives him plenty of trouble in the Wrath of God!
       8. BUT HE KEEPS ON GOING, REMEMBER THAT. We talked about the victory celebration, but I'm a little leery of that phrase that we sometimes use in describing the Marriage Feast of the Lamb. Because the final victory is not won until the Battle of Armageddon is over & the Antichrist's forces are completely destroyed. He is still fighting even during the Wrath of God! He is fighting up to the bitter end, or there would have been no Armageddon! He is fighting the A-ACs, the forces that oppose him, right up to the end, until Heavenly forces have to come down from God out of the City to attack him & absolutely destroy him completely.
       9. ONCE IN AWHILE I'VE HAD TO REPHRASE OR SLIGHTLY MODIFY SOME OF APOLLOS' PREPOSITIONS OR HIS ADVERBS AS TO TIME. The Poster texts are all very good, it's a very minor thing, he said that at the end of the Antichrist's reign Jesus comes & we have a victory celebration. Actually we're always saying that & we've always said it, the Antichrist has this 7-year reign, & Jesus does come at the end of the 7 years, but it is not the total end of the Antichrist's reign, he continues on for 75 days after that. Now that's a small hairsplitting gnat to choke on, but I'm just sort of a little leery of saying "at the end of his reign Jesus comes." Jesus comes just before the end of his reign, just 2-&-a-half months before, 75 days actually. Well, it depends on what you call the Battle of Armageddon & how long it is & when it ends, etc.
       10. WE COULD SAFELY SAY AT LEAST THAT JESUS COMES JUST A FEW MONTHS, A VERY SHORT TIME, BEFORE THE END OF THE ANTICHRIST'S REIGN. Because the Antichrist is still reigning on Earth after we are caught up to be with the Lord. But we are caught up to be with the Lord at the end of the 3-1/2 years, or the 1260 days of Tribulation, exactly as the Bible says. We are raptured. But that is not exactly the end of his reign. Otherwise there wouldn't even be these additional days given. So I'm at little leery about saying that Jesus comes at the end of his reign.
       11. YOU MIGHT SAY IT'S THE END OF HIS REIGN AS FAR AS WE'RE CONCERNED, & the end of his power over us, his reign over us, & the end of his greatest power, really. He thinks it's just the beginning of his power because he's destroyed America, but actually with that Atomic War he is sealing his own doom, because the Lord then catches us out to spare us from that horror & leaves him here for the Wrath of God.
       12. THAT'S A VERY FINE HAIRSPLITTING DETAIL OF A FEW DAYS OR A COUPLE OF MONTHS THAT YOU DON'T WANT TO QUIBBLE OVER. So if some of our literature still says "at the end of the Antichrist's reign" or "at the end of the 7 years" or "at the end of the 3-1/2 years," "at the end of the 1260 days" & talks about "the end of his reign," although technically it is not the exact end of his reign, it's just about his end.
       13. JUST BECAUSE YOU KNOW SO MUCH ABOUT THIS NOW, DAYS & ALMOST HOURS & WHATNOT, YOU DON'T WANT TO GO ARGUING WITH PEOPLE, straining at a gnat, when they haven't even swallowed the camel yet! What's that mean? We have studied a large body of Bible prophetic interpretation which I would call the camel in this case, so you don't want to get'm choking on some little gnat sitting on the camel's nose! Okay?

       14. NOW THE ANTICHRIST & HIS RISE REALLY BEGINS WITH THIS SCRIPTURE, DANIEL 11:21, & I don't know why we should necessarily have to read it all over, but I did strike a few little places where I thought it might help. So I'm going to read it verse by verse & stop & perhaps ask you if you have any questions. PTL! Thank You Jesus for Thy Word.
       15. (VERSE 21:) "AND IN HIS ESTATE SHALL STAND UP A VILE PERSON TO WHOM THEY SHALL NOT GIVE THE HONOUR OF THE KINGDOM: but he shall come in peaceably & obtain the kingdom by flatteries." Again this is what? (Fam: The Antichrist's rise.)--Right, but it's also typical of the present day rise & spread of what Antichrist System? Sounds like Communism, doesn't it?
       16. (VERSE 22:) "AND WITH THE ARMS OF A FLOOD SHALL THEY BE OVERFLOWN FROM BEFORE HIM."--A FLOOD OF WHAT? (Fam: Propaganda.) It says "with the arms of a flood"! How is Communism conquering most of the World at this very day?--With arms, wars, atomic war? (Fam: No.) What is the major method that Communism is using to spread abroad across the Earth? A flood of what? (Fam: Propaganda.)--Mostly propaganda, winning the hearts & minds of men to their beliefs by coating the propaganda pill of an Antichrist System in certain promises of certain basic needs of Man which sound very much like Christianity.--"Help one another, share the wealth, have one World government, peace throughout the World" & all that sort of thing.
       17. THE DEVIL REALLY NEVER KNOWS ANYTHING NEW, HE SIMPLY COPIES & IMITATES THE THINGS THAT HE KNOWS THE LORD IS GOING TO USE TO WIN. So he mimics, imitates & tries to deceive the World by even saying some of the same things & twisting Scriptures to try to deceive the World into accepting him as the Messiah of the false Millennium & worship his god, the Devil, & his Idol, & listen to his unholy spirit, the False Prophet, all of it a parallel of the way God has already designed to wind things up. He'll proclaim himself as god & the messiah, saviour of the World, & his reign as the dawn of the Millennium, all a big lie & a big deceit just before the real thing arrives. Get it? It's the Devil's last lie or lies to try to deceive the nations!

       18. SO, "WITH THE ARMS OF A FLOOD SHALL THEY BE OVERFLOWN FROM BEFORE HIM & SHALL BE BROKEN: YEA, ALSO THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT." Aha! Sounds like he's going to be broken!--No! He's just referring back & what He's saying in essence is, "Yea, he's the prince of the Covenant." That's what he's saying. Hebrew's a strange language, sometimes very difficult. And as I said before, you can't blame the poor King James translators for not understanding all the details of the Endtime like you do. And it's possible that they thought that very thing, that it meant the prince of the Covenant was overcome. It's reaffirming, it's making a proclamation, a statement. The Lord is really saying, "This is the prince of the Covenant I'm talking about."
       19. WE KNOW IT IS BECAUSE THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT DOES NOT END THERE! You've got to be logical, you've got to be a little reasonable, mathematical. If that's the end of the prince of the Covenant, if he completely broke him down, then where's the Antichrist & how come the Covenant still follows here & it goes on & he breaks the Covenant later & all the rest of it? He is the prince of the Covenant, he is the one that makes the Covenant. So how can he be broken until Jesus actually comes, & not finally until the Battle of Armageddon?
       20. SO I'M JUST SHOWING YOU HOW UNREASONABLE IT IS TO INTERPRET THAT, THAT THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT IS BROKEN HERE, just because it sounds like it. I'm sorry! Lots of places in the Bible it sounds like something, but because of old English or a peculiarity of language, etc., you've got to be reasonable, you've gotta compare Scripture with Scripture, you have to make sure that you understand the context. And if that Verse 22 means the prince of the Covenant also is broken, then the whole rest of the Chapter is out of kilter & out of line completely and doesn't even make sense!
       21. SO IT DOES NOT MEAN THAT THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT IS BROKEN AT THAT TIME, IT SIMPLY MEANS THAT HE IS THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT, he is the one that makes the Covenant, & the Covenant is not even broken until much later, & the prince of the Covenant is not broken until the very end, the Battle of Armageddon. I might say that his power is pretty well broken at the coming of Christ, the departure of all the Saints, etc., & by that time he's having nothing but trouble with the rest of the World. Although he has destroyed America & his former enemies, all of a sudden he's got new enemies from the East, etc., And finally he's got brand new enemies--well, not really new--but a new invasion from outer space comes down & destroys him completely!
       22. SO ARE YOU CONVINCED THAT THE PRINCE OF THE COVENANT IS NOT BROKEN HERE? It does not mean here in Verse 22 that the prince of the Covenant is broken. It simply means he's also the prince of the Covenant. (Verse 23:) "And after the league (or Covenant) made with him, he shall work deceitfully"--after he makes the Covenant, in other words.

       23. "FOR HE SHALL COME UP & SHALL BECOME STRONG WITH A SMALL PEOPLE." Communism started off very small, didn't it?--A tiny little band. First it was nobody but Marx & Engels, two little rascals working in London, England, of all things! We even lived in the very section where Marx lived, in very likely the same kind of a tenement he lived in, & we walked up to see his grave once at the top of the hill where he was buried. He made himself a nuisance at the local library, spent a lot of his time there, because he had a wife & kids that made so much racket at home he couldn't stand it & couldn't think, so he did a lot of his dirty work in the library. England was a great help to Communism, it sheltered Marx & gave him sanctuary while he worked on his Das Kapital & his Communist Manifesto & all the rest of it.
       24. IT WAS JUST A SMALL PEOPLE, ONE MAN TO BEGIN WITH, & IT'S GROWN IN SUCH A SHORT TIME, THINK OF IT!--His doctrine of devils, his preaching of Satan, his very cleverly devised web of lies in his Communist Manifesto & Das Kapital, the books he wrote. The Manifesto was very short, it was just a pamphlet, but Das Kapital was a great big huge book, in fact, usually several volumes. It's almost as bad as the Talmud & just about as confusing[DELETED]!
       25. THE {\ul \i TALMUD} IS THE JEWISH BOOK WHICH DESCRIBES THE BIBLE & COMMENTS ON THE BIBLE, INTERPRETS THE BIBLE, [DELETED] written mostly by [DELETED] rabbis after Jesus was rejected & killed. [DELETED] And yet it's the principal study of Jews today, the Orthodox & Conservative Jews, & even the Reform Jews.
       26. THEY'RE JUST LIKE THE CHRISTIANS ON THAT, THEY SELDOM EVER ACTUALLY STUDY THE BIBLE ITSELF. In the Talmud they'll have a verse or two right in the middle of a great big page this big, I've seen it time & again, one little Scripture right in the middle, one or two verses, maybe a paragraph. And all around are all the comments of all the famous rabbis about what this verse means, a lot of them very contradictory & very often completely contradictory to what it really means!
       27. --JUST AS JESUS SAID! WHAT DID HE TELL THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES? "YE BY YOUR TRADITIONS OF MEN DO MAKE THE LAW OF GOD OF NONE EFFECT." (Mk.7:9,13) That was a statement of fact of the way things were right then, & a prediction, a prophecy of the way things were going to be & how they were going to wrest & twist & nullify the Word of God by their traditious seditious literature, sad to say!
       28. SO ANYHOW, MARX STARTED WITH NO PEOPLE & FINALLY GOT A RICH MAN'S SON, ENGELS, TO HELP FINANCE HIM & help him even live & get out some of his printed material. And one of the first things to get out was the Communist Manifesto, because Das Kapital was so voluminous & big it took a long time before they were ever able to afford to publish that thing! You can be thankful you never have to read that, nor the Talmud!
       29. BOTH ARE FULL OF [DELETED] FALSE ASSUMPTIONS & TWISTING OF THE TRUTH, although all the way through [DELETED] the pill [EDITED: "is sugar coated"] enough with enough truth to trick people. [DELETED]When I was a little boy, when they gave you medicine, pills, capsules & stuff like that, they used to put a coat of candy on the outside so the children would be willing to swallow them, because they thought it was candy. But inside it was bitter, horrible medicine. It was supposed to make you well--it might just as well make you sick, & that's the way the Devil's lies are.
       30. THE DEVIL ALWAYS GIVES PEOPLE HALF-TRUTHS & COATS THEM WITH TRUTH BECAUSE HE KNOWS THAT PEOPLE JUST AREN'T GOING TO BELIEVE PURE LIE.--Like that joke about the gasoline, some was no-knock, some was some-knock, some was pure-knock! And most people aren't going to buy pure-knock because they find out right away it doesn't work. A lot of people, smart people, will buy the no-knock, it really does the trick! But some people are dumb enough to buy the some-knock because they figure they can get away with it & buy a little cheaper gas &, "Well, it's got ethyl in it & some no-knock in it & maybe it won't do my car too much damage"--& finally wind up as bad off as the guy who got the pure-knock! So watch out for the Devil's lies, he always coats them with sugar, some truth.

       31. SO HE'LL WORK DECEITFULLY AFTER THE COVENANT IS MADE, HE'LL COME UP & SHALL BECOME STRONG WITH A SMALL PEOPLE. Even today, of the over 200 million of the population of the Soviet Union, do you know how many belong to the Communist Party? Do you know what percent belong to the Communist Party? Nobody remembers. I've told you this before.--2% of the people of Russia rule the rest of the people, because the Communist Party rules & nobody else gets anywhere or anything unless they say so. It's a rule by the absolute minority, 2%!
       32. AND WHEN THE COMMUNISTS OVERTHREW RUSSIA IN THE RUSSIAN REVOLUTION, THE PERCENTAGE WAS EVEN LESS THAN THAT, a fraction of a percent, very few. But they finally won the hearts of the Red Army by making promises. They're always making promises. Do you know what their main promise was? They promised what two things? (Fam: Bread & land.) Because most of the people then were actual serfs or slaves on huge plantations & farms run by a very rich set of farmers--just the way the U.S. is getting now, by the way--which the Russians call kulaks.
       33. "KULAKS" IS A RUSSIAN WORD FOR THESE VERY RICH FARMERS WHO WERE HUGE LANDOWNERS & lived in palaces & castles, huge villas on these gigantic farms of hundreds & even thousands of acres with their own forests, tremendous!--And with hundreds of serfs, which were literally slaves, working as slaves, & often mistreated & given very poor living quarters & not allowed much of the produce to eat, etc. So the poor were working virtually as slaves, Russia being mostly an agricultural economy at the time, but it was run by these rich farmers with these slaves called serfs. A serf was virtually bound to the land & that particular farm, that huge plantation, for his life!--Virtually the same as the Negro slaves were in America.
       34. SO THE RICH GOT BY WITH THAT FOR A LONG TIME UNTIL THINGS GOT BAD & went from bad to worse & the Lord let those rich & the Czarist regimes have a lot of trouble & several famines so that the crops were not good & there was not enough to eat & people were starving! And finally when people get to where they have no bread, not enough to eat, they will fight to get food! So it wasn't hard for the Communists to persuade them to rise up & fight for bread & land, the land meaning your own little farm, your own plot of ground where you could be your own boss & grow your own food & have your own crops & be free! Bread & land!
       35. SO FINALLY THEY PERSUADED THE PEOPLE TO RISE UP, GAVE THEM GUNS, & OVERTHREW THE CZARIST REGIME. There were already many enemies trying to overthrow the Czars & the power of Russia, particularly Germany & the Austro-Hungarian Empire, etc., so it wasn't difficult, they got lots of help from their enemies. Actually the enemies of Russia armed & helped the Communists overthrow the Czarist government.
       36. IN FACT, THE GERMANS ARE FAMOUS FOR THIS, THE THING WHICH REALLY TURNED THE TIDE! Lenin by this time was a leader of Communism & also a great writer & actually the charismatic leader who really put the theories of Marx into effect & preached them & persuaded the people & led the forces of revolution. Marx only did the writing, he died before he ever saw the real results. He was a theoretician. That means he's the guy that figured out some of their ideas. But Lenin was the one who really preached them & won the people & persuaded the Russians to revolt.
       37. AND THE INCIDENT WHICH TURNED THE TIDE WAS THAT LENIN GOT BACK INTO RUSSIA AFTER HE HAD BEEN EXILED IN BRITAIN & GERMANY. As I recall, the Germans put him in a sealed railroad car & sneaked him back into Russia across the border, unbeknownst to the Russian government, which was the Czarist government. The Czar was a Caesar. "Czar" is from the word Caesar, an emperor, a big king of a mighty empire! And at one time the Russian Empire was pretty big. It's still the biggest in the whole World today, covers the largest land area of any country in the World. And it looks like it's getting to be the most powerful too.
       38. THEY SNEAKED THIS COMMUNIST LEADER BACK INTO RUSSIA IN A SEALED COACH OR BOXCAR, sneaked him across the German border & across the Russian border & into Russia & let him loose inside deliberately!--Let all Hell loose, Pandora's Box loose, inside of Russia, because then he went about everywhere doing evil & bad & persuading the Russian people to rise up & revolt! Most of them didn't give a damn about Communism or Marxist theories, didn't even know anything about what it was all about. All he had to do was promise them food & land & freedom! That's what he said Communism was & they believed him.
       39. WELL, THEY DID FINALLY GET THEIR FOOD, ALTHOUGH THERE WERE THOUSANDS WHO STARVED. Finally they got their food, & apparently God must have been with them or allowed it & allowed the Czarist regime to collapse because it was evil & did not take care of the people, didn't love the people, didn't feed the people, didn't give them land, & rejected His final Prophet of warning, Rasputin, who warned them that if they didn't change & they didn't believe him & if they killed him, they would be killed within a year or two years. He prophesied & that all came to pass. He was a true Prophet of God!
       40. HIS ENEMIES, & EVEN THE WESTERN WORLD OF THAT DAY, CALLED HIM THE MAD MONK OF RUSSIA, & OTHERS CALLED HIM DIRTIER NAMES THAN THAT! And of course the Russian government accused him of trying to make peace with Germany, Austro-Hungary, etc.--And maybe he was! The family of the Czar, relatives & some of the princes & the higher-ups accused him of trying to persuade the Czar to make peace instead of going to war with Germany, & that would have been a smart thing, it would have saved Russia & it might have saved the Czarist regime. But they shot Rasputin instead & they went to war with Germany & they lost! And at least nine million Russians died or were wounded in that war, World War 1.
       41. WORLD WAR 1 IS WHAT REALLY PUT THE COMMUNISTS IN POWER! Does that sound familiar? [DELETED] The anti-Christ power of the World was put in power by World War 2. World War 1 helped to put the Communists in power, in fact, made the rest of the World so busy with their own troubles fighting that war that they couldn't do much about the rise of Communism in Russia, although they thought it was dangerous & they didn't particularly like it. And although Russia was an ally of the so-called Allies--Britain, France & the U.S.A., against Germany--Russia was badly beaten by the Germans during that war. Those 9 million men were poorly clothed, poorly armed, half the time they didn't even have any bullets & the Germans just mowed them down, pitiful! It was a tragic tragic story about how they were slaughtered in World War 1!
       42. LATER ON THE ALLIES SENT AN ARMY, A SMALL ARMY, HA! It was almost laughable, it was a joke! I've forgotten what they called it, the Army of Liberation or something, a group of soldiers mostly from Britain & the U.S. who were sent in as a kind of an afterthought, too little & too late, when they saw the danger of the Communists taking over. They sent them in to try to put down Communism & the poor guys got lost! We had a friend my Mother knew that was in that Army. Remember, I'm talking about the days when my Mother was grown & married & having children, World War 1. My brother was born before the war & we always used to kid my sister that she was born the year the war began, & that was no joke! But I was born just after they made peace.
       43. BUT THEY TRIED TO SEND IN AN ALLIED ARMY TO SQUASH THIS LITTLE NO PEOPLE BUNCH, this little bunch of crazy people called Communists who were trying to take over this huge Russian Empire. They thought it was ridiculous! They thought if they'd just send in a small army they could easily put it down. Instead they wandered around, they never dreamed Russia was so big & so cold, & they wandered around lost & half the time nobody even knew where they were, they were completely out of touch with the Allied command! Did you ever hear about this? How about that? You don't really get much education in school today, do you?
       44. THEY TRIED TO PUT DOWN COMMUNISM BECAUSE THEY THOUGHT IT WAS SUCH A LITTLE THING, NO PEOPLE, & they could easily just send in a small army of Allied people. After all, they were licking Germany, & Germany had licked the Russians! Certainly the great Allies who licked Germany, who had licked the Russians, could certainly stomp in there & wipe out these little fleas, these little bugs, these little vermin, a little handful of Communists, they thought.
       45. BUT THEY THOUGHT, "WELL, THEY'RE NOBODY, NO PEOPLE, NOTHING! Now that Germany's conquered & the Russian government is having a lot of trouble with these little Communists, we'll go in there & wipe'm out!"--And they almost got wiped out! The Communists almost wiped out this Allied Army of Liberation & they were thankful to get out with their lives! I don't know the whole story, it's not a story that the U.S. likes to hear & you don't hear about it much.

       46. I HAVE TO ALMOST LAUGH WHEN I READ ARTICLES IN THE PAPER WHERE THE PAPER'S ALWAYS SAYING, "THE YEAR THAT THE UNITED STATES WITHDREW FROM VIETNAM." You hardly ever hear that they lost the war in Vietnam, they were licked in Vietnam! The Vietnamese won the war! They just say, "The year that the U.S. vacated Vietnam, the year they withdrew from Vietnam, the year they decided it was no longer useful to prolong the war"--all kinds of non-words & phraseology used instead of having to say "We lost the war!"
       47. THE U.S. USED TO BRAG & TRY TO SAY, "OH, WE NEVER LOST A WAR! The Old Glory, the red & white stripes have never been pulled down by an enemy!" They can never say that any more, it's been pulled down by all kinds of people, including the hippies, for a good many years now, & there are all kinds of nations pulling down American flags & burning them. It's become almost the most hated nation on the face of the Earth!
       48. MOST OF THE THIRD WORLD HATES THE U.S. MORE THAN THEY HATE RUSSIA.--Why? The U.S.A. has done more to harm & rob the poor of the Third World than Russia has, has fought more wars that harmed more people than Russia ever has. And not only that, the U.S.A. is the symbol of the filthy, cruel, rich robbers of the poor, whereas Russia makes an image of itself as being the saviours of the poor! "We come in & we divide the spoil for gain & we divvy up the land & we help you poor!" The U.S. doesn't have that kind of a reputation.
       49. WAY BACK IN ITS EARLY DAYS THE U.S. HAD A KIND OF A REPUTATION OF ALLOWING THE POOR TO COME TO THEIR COUNTRY because they wanted more people, they needed more people to farm the land, open up the land, also for their armies to conquer the land, so they just let in every Tom, Dick & Harry & everybody. You didn't know there was a day when there were no passports, no visas & you could travel around anywhere in the World that you had the money to go. And of course only rich people had the money so they could get away with it, & rich people of every country welcome the rich people of other countries. And they were all rich & robbers of the poor so that they all had that advantage. They didn't have to worry about the poor travelling or their enemies travelling much, so there were no passports, no visas & the World was free to travel. A few countries sometimes would close their borders for this reason or the other or wars or whatnot, but there were no passports & no visas!
       50. I CAN REMEMBER THE DAY MYSELF WHEN THERE WERE NO CAR LICENSES, NO DRIVER'S LICENSES!--In the days when the World was free! Now you can't hardly turn around in the United States without some kind of a license or a permit. You can't add a shingle to your house without a building permit. You can't change the structure of your house without a zoning okay. The whole thing is absolutely rigidly dictatorially controlled today.
       51. BESIDES, THERE WAS A TIME WHEN THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT OF THE U.S.A. COULDN'T EVEN COLLECT TAXES, it had no means whereby to collect taxes, except as contributions from the States. Think of that! In the earliest days, the States contributed to the support of the Federal Government just in order to kind of help them get up an army so they could fight their enemies. But gradually the camel got its nose in.
       52. I CAN REMEMBER THE FIRST TAXES THAT PEOPLE WERE COMPLAINING ABOUT WHEN I WAS A LITTLE BOY. I remember my Dad being so angry to think that the tax on a gallon of gas was half the price of a gallon of gas! The U.S. began to get control first of all through what they called interstate commerce laws. They said, "That commerce is national commerce, therefore that comes under national government & national law & we will control that commerce." Well, the minute they grabbed interstate commerce by the throat & began to choke it, they had control of the States. Then of course they put a tax on this & tax on that & tax on the trucks & tax on the trains & tax on any goods transported from one state to another, that all belonged to the U.S. government.
       53. GASOLINE WAS ONE OF THE FIRST ITEMS TO FALL PREY. "The United States is now going to build national highways with this tax!" They always promise something in return for your taxes. "So that's a fair tax, you shouldn't complain about it," & they persuaded the people to accept it on the promise of beautiful big national highways. In that day a national highway was anything that was almost two lanes wide & paved with anything, even gravel, believe it or not! Today they're superhighways 6 or 8 lanes wide.
       54. BUT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT KEPT GETTING ITS NOSE IN A LITTLE FURTHER & its hand in the kitty a little further, grabbing a little more & a little more. Before that they didn't have enough money to raise armies or make wars. It was the Civil War that really first put'm in power, where they had military control of the whole country, including the South. And then they began grabbing more & more & more. Right before World War 1 under the excuse of needing money for the army, the Congress kept giving them more power & more power for taxes. Till finally they had to amend the Constitution, requiring two-thirds of the States' ratification of the Constitution. That's the main basic foundation law of a country, its Constitution, the main law, the foundation of all its laws. And they usually make it very difficult to change once they've decided on it. They spent years forming the Constitution, so they don't like to change it very easily unless it's something very urgent.
       55. I DON'T REMEMBER ALL THE HISTORY OF THE INCOME TAX LAW, BUT FINALLY THEY PERSUADED THE PEOPLE THAT THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT NEEDED MORE MONEY & the people shouldn't object to having to contribute only one percent of their income to help the Federal Government, to protect them & to build them highways & to pay for the army & their wars to protect liberty & freedom! So to protect liberty & freedom & democracy, the U.S. citizens became slaves to their own government! And so they snuck the camel's nose in & began taxing. They finally got the amendment through Congress, & then got it through the majority of the States that ratified it, two-thirds of the States--& there were only 48 then--to ratify it & agree to it.
       56. AND THEY MADE ONE OTHER PROMISE, THAT IF THEY HAD ANY SURPLUS & EXCESS THEY WOULD GIVE IT BACK TO THE STATES. If there was any of it they didn't need they'd give it back! All these lies on which these politicians & these dictatorial governments rise, by offering the people everything. As somebody advised the guy how to seduce a girl, he said, "Well, offer her everything, but give her nothing!" That's typical of governments, dictators & Communism.
       57. BUT THE U.S. IS JUST AS BAD, THEY'VE DONE THE SAME THING! They've offered the people everything. Well, a little more nose of the camel & pretty soon the camel--which was supposed to be the servant of the people, the Federal Government--finally had come in & has now occupied the tent & the people are its slaves, who now work half the time for the government!
       58. SO THEY CAME IN WITH JUST A LITTLE TINY INCOME TAX AT FIRST. And if they had any surplus, if they didn't need it, they didn't use it, they said they'd give it back! Wasn't that magnanimous of them? But the people believed it! Because they offered them this, "We're going to build dams, we're going to build bridges, we're going to build highways! And we need it for the army to protect us & keep us safe. So you shouldn't mind giving one percent of your income!" Now it's up to 20-30% of most of the poor people's income, & 50-90% of the rich people's income!
       59. --TILL NOW THE FEDERAL GOVERNMENT HAS BECOME THE SLAVE MASTER & THE TASKMASTER & THE DICTATOR & THE TYRANT, THE OPPRESSOR! Some of the Southerners saw what was coming & they realised that's what it meant. If they yielded to what the North was saying, that would make the North dictators over the whole country. That's why they hated Lincoln, who started the Civil War. And that's why when Booth shot Lincoln in his box on the second floor of the theatre, he made a big leap onto the stage & shouted to the audience, "Sic semper tyrannis!" "Thus always to tyrants!" He broke his leg in the process, but it was a demonstration.
       60. LOOK AT HOW THEY REWRITE HISTORY NOW! Lincoln is worshipped as the great hero of America, the great champion of liberty & freedom of the slaves, blah blah, blah blah, blah blah! "The war to free the slaves!" It actually was the war that enslaved the free! And that was another gimmick, to free the slaves, because they knew that was a popular issue, to offer the public that in order to make them swallow this dictatorship of the North & the Civil War.

       61. WELL, I'M ALWAYS GETTING OFF ONTO SOME HISTORY, BUT THAT'S THE WAY GOVERNMENTS OPERATE! They promise the people everything, but when they get in power they give them little or nothing. And that's how the anti-Christ government of Russia arose, Communism arose, promising them everything, & look how little they've actually gotten, little or no freedom at all, virtual slavery & low income. Lately they've been getting a little more as the country got more powerful & a little richer. To keep the people happy & from revolting they have given them a little more, a little better housing, a little better income, a few more luxuries, a little more furniture. Even a refrigerator is considered a prize possession in Communist Russia. To think that you've got a refrigerator, you're really getting in the upper classes! And of course hardly anybody can afford a car except the government people.
       62. YOU SAY, "DAD, I THOUGHT YOU WERE SEMI-SOCIALIST OR PRO-COMMUNIST, YOU'RE ALWAYS FAVOURING RUSSIA, BLAH BLAH! And here you're talking so bad, badmouthing these Communists now! How come?" I'm just telling you the facts, Beloved! But sometimes when you compare Russia alongside of the U.S.A. it makes Russia look almost like a saint, considering all the evil that the United States has done! Besides that, Russia portrays itself as a saint, the friend of the poor, not an evil empire but a government controlled & run by the masses & the labouring man & the poor. That's what they tell'm & they try to get'm to believe it. And whether they believe it or not, there's not much they can do about it now. They have given their government the power over them, just like the United States has, there's no difference.
       63. LIKE TOM ANDERSON SAID, THERE'S NO DIFFERENCE! The only difference between Russia & the U.S.A., he said, is that the United States has fooled its people into thinking they are free when they're actually just as much a dictatorship & just as anti-Christ as Russia! The U.S.A. is like the Scribes & the Pharisees, pretending to be righteous, pretending to be right, pretending to be good, pretending to be godly, even pretending to be Christians! And yet the very thing that Reagan said about Russia, "that evil empire," could just as well be said, if not more so, about the U.S.A.! Because its people are getting to be just as much slaves of their government through law & through income taxes & all the rest as are the people of Russia.--And just as anti-God!
       64. IN FACT, RUSSIA TAKES BETTER CARE OF ITS POOR THAN THE UNITED STATES DOES! There's no unemployment in Russia. Everybody has at least a place to live & something to eat. That's one thing Communism did do for Russia, it fulfilled its promise as far as that was concerned, the people at least are cared for, they at least have one little room. Maybe a whole family lives in that room, but at least they've got someplace to stay & something to eat, & now more & more. Whereas under Capitalism in the U.S.A., the Capitalists have no responsibility whatsoever for the poor or for the jobless. It's a free country! You're free to be unemployed & to be broke & to be taxed to death & starved to death!

       65. IN RUSSIA, EVERY CHILD GETS AUTOMATIC EDUCATION, ROOM & BOARD & TUITION & EVERYTHING PAID FOR! In the United States, only the rich can afford to go to college today. Even in the poorest colleges, it costs at least $10,000 a year, & the better colleges cost 40 or $50,000 a year per student! So of course only the rich Capitalist children get to go to college. And big colleges like Harvard, Yale & the topnotch that produce the rulers & the politicians & the lawyers who run the country, cost 40 or $50,000 a year per student, plus a lot more of other things that rich kids need, fancy cars & fancy clothes & living in rich apartments & all kinds of richness.
       66. COLLEGE ISN'T LIKE IT USED TO BE WHERE YOU JUST DOUBLED UP WITH ONE OR TWO OR THREE OTHER GUYS IN ONE ROOM, SLEEPING IN BUNKBEDS. That's the way college used to be when I was a kid. You all ate in the dining hall & you all did work around the campus or off campus in order to earn enough money for your room-&-board & your tuition. There were very few rich kids whose parents paid their whole way, & they were almost resented. Whereas most of the kids, their parents were either poor or struggling to put'm through or they themselves had to work part time, like my brother.
       67. TODAY, ONLY RICH KIDS CAN REALLY AFFORD TO GO TO THE BETTER COLLEGES, & they couldn't possibly earn enough money, no matter how hard they work or how much they work, to pay bills of $40-50,000 a year to go to college!--Up to $200,000 to go through four years of college! You've got to have rich millionaire parents to put out that kind of money. And even the poor colleges, little colleges way down the line, often cost $10,000 a year, even Bible Colleges. Last I heard even Bob Jones cost something like $9,000 a year if you paid all your tuition & all your expenses & room-&-board & all the rest. College in the U.S. is expensive! In Russia it's free!--Room, board, tuition, classes, everything is free!

       68. "OH NOW DAD, YOU WERE JUST VILIFYING THE RUSSIANS A FEW MINUTES AGO & NOW YOU'RE BRAGGING ABOUT'M!" I'm telling you why Russia is Russia & keeps its people happy & from revolting again! Of course they gave them land, & on the first kind of land they gave them they were just as bad off as they were under the kulaks. It was supposed to be a cooperative. "All you 100 farmers who were just slaves & serfs on this kulak's big plantation, we have taken over the plantation, now the land is yours! Now you work it for your government!" But the poor little peasants & serfs really couldn't see very much difference between working for the kulak & working for the Communists.
       69. THEY WERE CALLED CO-OPS, FARM COOPERATIVES, & EVERYBODY WAS SUPPOSED TO COOPERATE IN WONDERFUL BROTHERLY LOVE OF COOPERATION. They built them dormitories where they lived under worse conditions than when they had their own little private huts, at least, & their own little private families. They had to work just as the government told them & dictated to them to work, almost worse slaves than they were before, during those early days of Communism. Now they're kind of getting away from that.--Especially China, thank God, they finally found out it didn't work.
       70. SO CHINA IS SORT OF SETTING ITS PEOPLE PARTIALLY FREE SO THEY CAN GO BACK & WORK THEIR OWN LAND & PRODUCE THEIR OWN CROPS & FOOD & MAKE THEIR OWN MONEY. And that's what makes people really want to work, when they know they're going to get the benefit of their work & not just give it all to the government!
       71. WHAT AMAZES ME ABOUT THE UNITED STATES CITIZENS IS WHY THEY DON'T REVOLT, WHY THERE'S NOT A TAX REVOLT! There have been some minor tax revolts, like in California, where they passed laws & refused to pay certain taxes, but as a result their governments almost go broke! And of course, without all that money the Federal Government would be in terrible shape! It couldn't have all those arms & all those guns & planes & tanks & atom bombs & couldn't fight its big wars! That would be unsafe! If you ask me, it's a hell of a lot unsafer the way they fight their wars with all those bombs around! Oh my, I'm always getting into this history.
       72. BUT ANYWAY, "HE BECAME GREAT WITH A SMALL PEOPLE." It's amazing how so few Communists conquered Russia. But they did it that way, by promising the people everything, promising the Red Army bread & land, who were out of bullets & out of bread, couldn't even fight any more! "When you go home you won't have to go to work for that damn kulak any more, we'll murder'm & we'll give you a little plot of land of your own & you'll be free & have your own bread," etc. Of course, they didn't tell them that they were going to be just as much slaves of the government as they had been of the kulaks. But anyhow, that's the way it happened.

       73. THE POINT IS, THAT'S THE PRINCIPLE UPON WHICH ALL DICTATORS & DICTATORSHIPS & TYRANTS & OPPRESSIVE EMPIRES OPERATE. Every dictator comes into power promising the people everything. And what's that got to do with what we're studying?--The Antichrist is going to come into power the same way, promising the people everything. He doesn't so much have to promise them bread & land, although there are a lot of countries in the Third World which would appreciate that, those little peasants. I'm sure he promises them bread & land, to divide amongst them the spoil, etc.
       74. BUT HOW'S HE GOING TO APPEAL TO THE RICH WORLD? (Fam: He'll offer to restore the economic situation.)--Yes, save their riches. He promises the poor, "I'm going to save you, so you don't starve to death!" Then he promises the rich, "I'm going to save you & your wealth & your riches, save your economic system, if you just let me reign & rule & do it the way I say!" Get it? He promises everybody everything that he knows they want, & most of all, nearly everybody certainly doesn't want an atomic war!--That is, except these demon-possessed madmen militarists who seem to be actually looking forward to the time they can press the button & shoot the bombs! They talk about it more & more all the time now. It's a demon possession, devils, doctrine of devils, to think they can fight a war & destroy others & not destroy themselves as well!
       75. SO WHAT IS HE PROMISING THE WORLD IN GENERAL, BOTH RICH & POOR?--"PEACE, NO WAR! Save yourselves or we'll all be destroyed!"--Which is true. The poor need their land & bread, the rich want to protect their riches & their rich economies, & the whole World claims they want peace so they won't be destroyed, so he promises them all these things & here we have it.

       DANIEL 11:24-28
       76. (VERSE 24:) "HE SHALL ENTER PEACEABLY EVEN UPON THE FATTEST PLACES OF THE PROVINCE"--OR PROVINCES. "And he shall do that which his fathers have not done, nor his fathers' fathers. He shall scatter among them the prey & spoil & riches." As I said before, most tyrants before took it all to themselves, all those preceding great empires. Even the last great World Empire of Great Britain didn't make its colonies rich, it made Great Britain rich.
       77. "YEA, HE SHALL FORECAST HIS DEVICES AGAINST THE STRONGHOLDS, EVEN FOR A TIME." He's going to prophesy what he's going to do, & the Communists have done it. Communism has been prophesying since the days of Marx & Lenin what it was going to do, & they've done it.
       78. (VERSE 25:) "AND HE SHALL STIR UP HIS POWER & HIS COURAGE AGAINST THE KING OF THE SOUTH WITH A GREAT ARMY, & the King of the South shall be stirred up to battle with a very great & mighty army; but he shall not stand: for they shall forecast devices against him." They forecast what they're going to do, & they do it! And they're doing it all over the World all the time.
       79. (VERSE 26:) "YEA, THEY THAT FEED OF THE PORTION OF HIS MEAT SHALL DESTROY HIM"--TRAITORS--"& his army shall overflow & many shall fall down slain." There are big cases in the paper right now about traitors that are selling secrets, U.S. traitors, U.S. citizens. They that eat of their own meat are destroying their own nation by selling military secrets to the enemies.
       80. (VERSE 27:) "AND BOTH THESE KINGS' HEARTS SHALL BE TO DO MISCHIEF, & THEY SHALL SPEAK LIES AT ONE TABLE, BUT IT SHALL NOT PROSPER." They're still there. He didn't end there, that was just a forecast here by the Prophet, get it? The superpowers are still there at the same table still talkin' lies to each other. That's about all they do, these diplomats that lie for their country, unlike the soldiers who die for their country. "But it shall not prosper, for yet the end shall be at the time appointed." It's not going to prosper for either superpower, because God is going to bring it all to an end. TTL! Amen?
       81. (VERSE 28:) "THEN SHALL HE RETURN TO HIS LAND WITH GREAT RICHES." Haven't the Communists become rich & powerful compared to what they were, a struggling little party of Bolsheviks under Marx & Engels & Lenin?--A small people, nobody, nothing. Now they're rich & powerful, a superpower equal to the power & riches of the United States!
       82. "AND HIS HEART SHALL BE AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT." We're really speeding up here, aren't we? All of a sudden it's talking about this Holy Covenant. It's already mentioned about the league that was made, but it's just assuming that you already know that he's made a Covenant. It speaks of it before back in the 9th Chapter, & it indicates that something like that has happened in other prophecies. But now it's just as though He assumes you know that this has happened & been made, we've talked about it before. "But his heart is against the Holy Covenant."
       83. "AND HE SHALL DO EXPLOITS & RETURN TO HIS OWN LAND." The Communists have done a lot of exploits already, haven't they? And so far they've pretty much stuck to their own land with a few little variations around the borders. They're helping a few little friends abroad. This is what Stalin taught.

       84. THAT WAS THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN STALIN & TROTSKY. The minute they won the Revolution in Russia, Trotsky said, "Now let's take the World! We've conquered Russia, we can conquer the World!" But Stalin was a lot more practical & sensible & said, "Listen, we conquered a decadent, collapsing monarchy which was a pretty easy pushover compared to the rest of the World. We're in no shape, in fact we're in terrible shape to go out & make war with the rest of the World! Our country was unable to even make war with Germany & lost. We need to stay home & make Russia strong until we are able to conquer the World!" That was Stalinism.
       85. AND STALIN WON OVER TROTSKY, TROTSKY WAS RUN OUT OF THE COUNTRY & FINALLY FLED TO MEXICO IN EXILE. Finally some Communist agents managed to get into his villa by hook or crook in spite of all his guards & protection & everything else, & mowed him down with an ax!--Because he was a threat! He was still preaching Trotskyism, international revolution! "World revolution now" was his theme! "We can do it now!" Ha! If they'd've done it then they'd've lost & the whole cause would have lost & they would have lost Russia too!
       86. BUT STALIN INSISTED THAT THEY WAIT TILL THE COUNTRY WAS STRONG. He was a wise, smart man in that, but he was a ruthless man, he was a cruel man, he was a murderer, slaughterer, & he massacred the people that opposed him. Nevertheless he was smart & he did the smart thing. Now Russia has become great & powerful. Now it's getting ready where it feels it's able to challenge the Covenant & the other superpower, the ships of Chittim.

       VERSES 30-END
       87. (VERSE 30:) "FOR THE SHIPS OF CHITTIM SHALL COME AGAINST HIM: therefore he shall be grieved & return & have indignation against the Holy Covenant; so shall he do; he shall even return & have intelligence with them that forsake the Holy Covenant." Now we've talked about this so much, we certainly don't have to explain that any more, do we? This is a Peace Pact of some kind to bring peace between the major enemies of the World & even between Russia & the U.S., between the Jews & the Arabs, between the Muslims & anti-Muslims & all this sort of thing. He manages to get all the religions together to agree, & if you can get the religions together to agree, you can even get the politicians together to agree to make peace, to save themselves! He offers this as the only hope of saving themselves!
       88. BUT NOW HE'S HAVING TROUBLE WITH SOME OF THE PEOPLE, ESPECIALLY THE U.S.A. & THE JEWS. They begin to see what he's after, that he is coming into World power & domination & that he's going to be the World king & dominate the World! Do you think the U.S. is going to like that? They may agree to the Covenant for awhile just to postpone the war, but they don't want Russia coming into political domination thereby, which it will, with the Antichrist.
       89. SO WHEN THEY BEGIN TO SEE THAT THEY ARE LOSING GROUND & HE IS GAINING GROUND & BECOMING POWERFUL & MIGHTY, THEY SEE THEIR LAST CHANCE IS TO DECLARE WAR! They help to break the Covenant, really. They break the Covenant, & that's one reason he turns on the Covenant & these other Covenant makers.
       90. "THEREFORE HE SHALL BE GRIEVED & RETURN & HAVE INDIGNATION AGAINST THE HOLY COVENANT, SO SHALL HE DO." In other words, "They don't want to keep it? All right. They agreed to it, they want to fight, I'll give'm a fight! If they want a war, I'll give'm a war!"
       91. (VERSE 31:) "AND ARMS SHALL STAND ON HIS PART & THEY SHALL POLLUTE THE SANCTUARY OF STRENGTH, & SHALL TAKE AWAY THE DAILY SACRIFICE." Here you have this war between the Antichrist & U.S. forces, obviously in this case in Israel, a Mideast War if nothing else, which seems to be the most likely. The Mideast is in a mess right now, it's had constant war for years. Hardly ever has war ceased there, either in Israel or Lebanon or somewhere.
       92. SO OBVIOUSLY HIS FIRST DRIVE IN THIS WAR AGAINST THE U.S. & THE JEWS & THEIR FRIENDS & THE WEST IS TOWARD ISRAEL, which was the internationalized capital of the World's religions & was supposed to be a symbol of peace, Jerusalem. Jeru-shalom literally means "the city of peace." What a travesty! It's had almost nothing but war throughout its whole history.--A very warlike people, always stubborn, always rising up in revolt against their conquerors, etc.
       93. SO HE'S WINNING THIS WAR! HE COMES DOWN & INVADES ISRAEL! He stops the whole works! "No more Covenant, no more agreement, no more religious freedom! I'm going to settle this whole thing & going to make the whole World one religion & I'll be its god, & not only that, I'm going to make the whole World my kingdom! Period!" Well, you can imagine what effect that has on the U.S.!
       94. (VERSE 32:) "AND SUCH AS DO WICKEDLY AGAINST THE COVENANT SHALL HE CORRUPT BY FLATTERIES: but the people that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits." And here's where it talks about the persecution of the Christians, etc. You know all these verses, I'm just reading rapidly because we must get through.
       95. (VERSE 33:) "AND THEY THAT UNDERSTAND AMONG THE PEOPLE SHALL INSTRUCT MANY."--THAT'S YOU! "Yet they shall fall by the sword, & by flame, by captivity, & by spoil many days."--That's you too, sorry to say. (Verse 34:) "Now when they shall fall, they shall be holpen with a little help."--Like Heaven's Girl & the final Endtime Prophets, right? "But many shall cleave to them with flatteries."--There will be spies & there will be traitors, watch out, even in your midst. (Verse 35:) "And some of them of understanding shall fall."--Even some of the teachers & leaders. "To try them & to purge & to make them white, even to the time of the end, because it is yet for a time appointed." Get it? There's the persecution, there are the terrors of the Tribulation.
       96. (VERSE 36:) "AND THE KING SHALL DO ACCORDING TO HIS WILL; & HE SHALL EXALT HIMSELF & MAGNIFY HIMSELF ABOVE EVERY GOD, & shall speak marvellous things against the God of gods, & shall prosper." Who's that? Who's the God of gods?--Our God! But the Antichrist is magnifying himself now as god. Here you come to the middle of his reign, 3-1/2 years, & he's set up the Abomination of Desolation, abolished all religion except his, etc. Now we have the whole works, the Tribulation is in full swing.
       97. "AND SHALL PROSPER UNTIL THE INDIGNATION BE ACCOMPLISHED." Do you know what that word "indignation" means? (Fam: Wrath!) This is sort of a review to see if you remember what I've already taught you! "Until the Wrath of God be accomplished." How long is the Antichrist going to last?--Just till Jesus comes?--No! "Until the Wrath of God shall be accomplished." What does that mean, accomplished?--Finished! Ended! And it ends with the Battle of Armageddon.
       98. THE DEVIL & THE ANTICHRIST'S FORCES ARE NOT DEFEATED UNTIL THE END OF THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON! They are not defeated by the coming of Jesus Christ & His rescue of His people. That's a partial defeat, but it's only like he's lost a battle, but he keeps right on fighting right to the bitter end!--Against the religions, against the A-ACs, & finally against the very forces of God from Heaven in the Battle of Armageddon! That's when he's going to end. "He shall prosper till the indignation be accomplished," until the Wrath of God is over. "For that which is determined shall be done!" Hallelujah! TYL!
       99. (VERSE 37:) "NEITHER SHALL HE REGARD THE GOD OF HIS FATHERS, NOR THE DESIRE OF WOMEN." Maybe he regards the desire of men. "Nor regard any god: for he shall magnify himself above all." When it talks about "any god," it means gods of the past.
       100. (VERSE 38:) "BUT IN HIS ESTATE HE SHALL HONOUR THE GOD OF FORCES." Now right there that word "god" should not have been capitalised. It shows you that the King James translators did make a few mistakes, like I've told you about the meaning of words, etc. "The god of forces." It just got through saying he blasphemes against the God of gods & the God, which is the only one we capitalise. You don't capitalise when the word god is used for other gods, that's a Christian tradition, virtually a Christian literature rule, that you only capitalise the names of our deity. Well, they do capitalise the names of some other deities, but when you say God, it means our God, the God of gods, & you capitalise it. But that does not mean that there, & that "g" should be a small "g".
       101. "HE SHALL HONOUR THE GOD OF FORCES, & A GOD WHOM HIS FATHERS KNEW NOT SHALL HE HONOUR with gold & silver & with precious stones & pleasant things." Now what god do you think that'll be? I thought he already proclaimed himself to be god, but he honours a god. He honours a god, a god of forces, & gives that god gold, silver, precious stones & pleasant things! What god is that? (Fam: Capitalism, money?) Honey, this is a Communist dictator! Capitalism is done, practically wiped out by this time. (Fam: Atomic forces?) Atomic forces is a point I think that I mentioned some years ago as my theory, a possible interpretation. But the answer is so simple, you're all sitting here dumbfounded. (Fam: Power of the Devil.)--Yes, but come on, folks. (Fam: Computers?) You're getting closer. (Fam: The Image?)--The Image! Here it is!
       102. EVERY RELIGION HAS IDOLS & GODS OF SOME KIND, BUT HE ABANDONS ALL THESE & all other gods & images & everything & he now honours this one god that he has made, or that his propaganda minister has made, like Goebbels was for Hitler & Lenin was for Marx, etc. He has this god, this idol made. "A god whom his fathers knew not"--with gold, silver & precious stones!
       103. DID YOU KNOW THAT COMPUTERS & NEARLY ALL SUPER ELECTRONIC EQUIPMENT TODAY REQUIRE THESE PRECIOUS METALS? Gold is used in their circuits & electronics.--Gold, silver & precious stones! Even your watches used to have gems. Now they have a new kind of gem, what is it? (Fam: Quartz.) Quartz what? (Fam: Crystals.)--Crystals! It used to be that watches pivoted & hinged on gems because they wore a long time. Watches today are powered by gems--crystals!
       104. (VERSE 39:) "THUS SHALL HE DO IN THE MOST STRONG HOLDS WITH A STRANGE GOD." Don't you think that Image is going to be a strange god? "Whom he shall acknowledge & increase with glory: & he shall cause them to rule over many & shall divide the land for gain." He shall cause them, his people in other words, & his gods in a way, all of this electronic wizardry of science, he is going to control it.
       105. AND THIS IMAGE OF HIS IS GOING TO HAVE THE WISDOM OF THE AGES, THE KNOWLEDGE OF SATAN, the knowledge of science, the knowledge of all Mankind! All the knowledge that has ever been learned & written & developed & discovered & everything is going to be programmed into this giant super duper computer of all computers, the greatest god that Man has ever made, & then Man is going to fall down & worship it, his own god, made by his own hands!--No different from the heathen worshippers of idols & superstitious religions who worship idols of wood & stone, whom modern civilisation today ridicules & makes fun of, these superstitious ancient people that made idols of wood & stone & then fell down & worshipped the work of their own hands.
       106. MAN IS STILL DOING IT RIGHT NOW! HE WORSHIPS THE THINGS THAT HE MAKES RIGHT NOW, THINGS! He worships the paper money that he makes himself! He worships the TVs & the cars & the electronic gadgets, & all these things that he has made himself. Finally he's going to make virtually an Image of himself, of Man himself. Don't you suppose that that Image is going to look like a man?--An Image of the man, the Antichrist, the final man, the greatest man! And Man will fall down then & worship himself, literally. In worshipping this Image he is worshipping himself & the work of his own hands.
       107. "AND SHALL DIVIDE THE LAND FOR GAIN." There are more nations divided, by the way, North & South, East & West & whatnot today than almost any time in all history.--East & West Germany, North & South Korea, East & West Bank Israel, & you could go on down the line, all kinds of nations have been divided.--To gain. What does he gain by that?--Power! By dividing others he gains power. It is said the principle of Communism is "divide & conquer." You divide the enemy & he fights with himself & then you conquer him.
       108. (VERSE 40:) "AND AT THE TIME OF THE END SHALL THE KING OF THE SOUTH PUSH AT HIM: & THE KING OF THE NORTH SHALL COME AGAINST HIM LIKE A WHIRLWIND." Now you have the final big war between Russia & the U.S. Get it? "And with chariots & horsemen & many ships; & he shall enter into the countries & shall overflow & pass over." Modern warfare is fought with airships, seaships, chariots, lots of horsepower & all the rest!--Tanks, guns, personnel carriers.
       109. (VERSE 41:) "HE SHALL ENTER ALSO INTO THE GLORIOUS LAND"--ISRAEL--"& MANY COUNTRIES SHALL BE OVERTHROWN." Here's his final conquest, not quite the final, but it seems like he's really won. When he has conquered the opposing superpower & all of its followers, it looks like he has really won.
       110. "BUT THESE SHALL ESCAPE OUT OF HIS HAND, EVEN EDOM & MOAB & THE CHIEF OF THE CHILDREN OF AMMON." Do you know what country is all three of these?--Jordan! And did you know that dear King Hussein of Jordan is one of the few peacemakers in the Middle East who is trying to make peace between the opposing forces? But he's being driven further & further into the arms of the Russians, because of the U.S.' refusal & Israel's refusal, the Jews' refusal to make peace. So he has as good as said, "What can we do but turn to the others, because the United States is forcing us to turn to Russia for help, since the United States will not help us get back our land & our country & our self-respect & our national pride & our people & the Arabs. So we'll have to turn to Russia for help." Hussein himself has said that!
       111. SO WHAT WILL RUSSIA DO WHEN IT COMES DOWN & INVADES THE MIDDLE EAST & ISRAEL? IS RUSSIA GOING TO STAMP OUT JORDAN?--NO! "Here's my friend Hussein," or whoever it is then. He'll be spared. "We'll spare Jordan." That was very important to dear Daniel, who was always thinking of Israel & all its neighbours. You think, "Well, why is He talking about a little country like Jordan, of all things?" Well, it was an important fact to Daniel, very important. It's still important today if you think about it.
       112. (VERSE 42:) "AND HE SHALL STRETCH FORTH HIS HAND UPON THE COUNTRIES"--SOUNDS LIKE A LOT OF COUNTRIES, RIGHT? "And the land of Egypt shall not escape."--Why? (Fam: Because today they're friends of the U.S.)--Yes, & have made peace with Israel, the enemies of the Antichrist. Egypt has become a friend of the Antichrist enemies, so Egypt's going to get it.
       113. "AND THE LIBYANS & THE ETHIOPIANS SHALL BE AT HIS STEPS." Ethiopia today is Communist already. Libya is not yet Communist, & in a way, Godahfi doesn't like to be called pro-Communist either. But who is Godahfi's biggest friend? He also has been driven into the arms of the Russians because of the Jewish U.S. & Israeli pressure against him.
       114. LIBYA WAS ONCE A FRIEND OF THE UNITED STATES, THINK OF THAT, BUT ALL THIS YOUNG COLONEL COULD SEE WAS OPPRESSION. When the United States had its largest foreign base in the whole World in Libya, Wheelus Air Force Base, it was like a country within a country, thousands of acres, peopled by tens of thousands of people, under their own U.S. laws. The host country hardly dares challenge these foreign bases, even if the soldiers go out & commit crimes or murder.
       115. THE HOST COUNTRIES ARE STILL FIGHTING THE RIGHTS OF THE UNITED STATES TO RULE ITS OWN BASES, & the commonest practice is that the superpower, the U.S.A. itself, has insisted that they try these criminals who have gone out & killed the natives in their own military courts within the base. That's been the usual practice.
       116. NOW, WHAT'S THE SITUATION? HE HAS CONQUERED ISRAEL, HE HAS CONQUERED HER FRIENDS, HE HAS CONQUERED THE UNITED STATES, the other superpower, he has made himself master of the World, at least he hopes. But all of a sudden, more trouble, this time not from the South or the West but from the East. (Verse 44:) "But tidings out of the East." Who do you suppose that is? Who are there enough of & powerful enough & religious enough to rise up to fight him to the death in an Islamic Jihad, a Holy War!
       117. THERE IS AT LEAST ONE VERY MILITANT RELIGION OF THE EAST THAT WOULD BE WILLING TO FIGHT HIM TO THE DEATH, & they would probably lead other forces of other religions as well in one last stand, one last attempt by the other peoples of the World, the Anti-Antichrists, to try to get rid of him & free the World from this monster, this Beast! So they go to battle with him, they come from the East, & where do they wind up? As we already know, in the final major battle of this final great war of the Antichrist!--Armageddon!
       118. HE KEEPS RIGHT ON BATTLING AFTER JESUS HAS TAKEN US OUT OF THIS WORLD, & he keeps right on battling unto the bitter end with his enemies, until he's battling them in the Battle of Armageddon, the Valley of Megiddo, the Valley of Jezreel, & right on up to the very walls of Jerusalem, in what's called the Valley of Jehoshaphat! It means the Valley of Decision. It was named after the old King Jehoshaphat. The Scripture says, "Multitudes, multitudes in the Valley of Decision!" You look up that Scripture. (Joel 3:14) "Multitudes, multitudes!"--Millions of people in this final big battle stretching 200 miles from Armageddon clear to the walls of Jerusalem in the Valley of Jehoshaphat, the Valley of Decision, it's called.
       119. HERE'S WHERE THE FINAL DECISION IS GOING TO BE MADE! Everything before this has been somewhat indecisive, he still hasn't really conquered the World, he still hasn't really made it, he's still got enemies, he's still got powerful nations of millions of people fighting him! It's been indecisive so far. He's only kept the upper hand on occasion in some places in some ways with some peoples. But actually he hasn't really totally conquered the World, never, & never will. Because the only ones who are going to do that are the ones who are going to come down to the Valley of Decision & the Valley of Megiddo & conquer him! Whammy! In the Battle of... (Techi: Armageddon!)--Right! Even one of our littlest children can tell you that it's the Battle of Armageddon. So there we are.
       120. THEREFORE WHEN HE HEARS THESE TIDINGS FROM THE EAST, "HE SHALL GO FORTH WITH GREAT FURY TO DESTROY & UTTERLY TO MAKE AWAY MANY." He goes forth to do it but he doesn't make it, don't forget that. (Verse 45:) "And he shall plant the tabernacles of his palace between the seas in the glorious holy mountain." He'll make Jerusalem his headquarters, but what? "Yet he shall come to his end & none shall help him." There'll be nobody left to help him!
       121. WE WILL COME & WIPE OUT HIS FORCES & HIS ARMY & HIS BEAST-MARKED PEOPLE, & back in Daniel 8:25 it says "he shall be broken without hand." He'll be destroyed. You won't even have to use your hands, maybe you can just go zap & zap him with your eyes! He shall be broken in some mysterious way, supernaturally without hand, & his forces, at the end of the Battle of Armageddon!
       122. SO WHO WINS?--WE DO! PRAISE GOD! Hallelujah! We've already studied the 12th Chapter in detail & all those days & everything else, I certainly don't think we have to go over that again, do we? (Maria: It's a short Chapter.) Oh, Mama's the insatiable woman, she's never satisfied! Well, I'll put it this way, next class, Lord willing, we'll rapidly review it to make sure. I'll ask you the questions & see if you still know what you were taught about it. So you'd better study it & make sure you know what all those things mean & what those days mean & periods are. It shouldn't take long since we've already studied it in detail before. So PTL! "Thank God Grandpa is finished & we can go out & play!" TYJ! Hallelujah! Well, one day it's going to be finished, all finished!
       123. AMEN! HALLELUJAH! TYJ! PTL! AMEN, AMEN, AMEN! YOU'RE GOING TO GIVE US THE VICTORY! Hallelujah! PYJ! (Tongues) "Amen! We shall even win with the help of thy Father!" Praise God! I'm going to be in that battle, I'm going to help win it, thank the Lord! And you're all going to be right there with me! TTL! Did you hear that? Hallelujah! I just got that straight from the Lord! "We shall win with the help of thy Father!" TYJ! PTL! We're winning right now, with a little help from me! You're winning with a little help from your friend, & not just a friend but your Father! PTL! TYJ! As we pray: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Amen!
       124. LORD BLESS & KEEP US ALL SAFELY TODAY, help us to have a good day & a good rest or a good whatever we're going to do! Help the children all to be good & learn lots of good things & keep us good, Lord, & help us to have a good time & some of us get some good work done, in Jesus' name. TYL! Bless & keep us & make us a blessing to the World!--in Jesus' name, Amen!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family