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MACARTHUR--A NEW SPIRIT HELPER! 9/86                DO 2200

       1. (MARIA: DO YOU THINK I HAVE ANY SPIRIT HELPERS?) My Lord, Honey! You've probably got more spirit helpers than anybody in this World outside of me! I'm your spirit helper, Honey! The Lord said I would be unto you like God or the voice of God. How many spirit helpers do you want? (Maria: You're a wonderful helper, you're my best helper!) I mean, how much more do you want? For God's sake, you can't handle any more than that! (Maria: Yes, I probably don't need any more than that.) Honey, what more do you need than me? All kinds of helpers & Angels & everything are helping you, all the Saints are praying for you & everything!
       2. (MARIA: I KNOW YOU HAVE ALL THESE LIKE IVAN, RASPUTIN, ABRAHIM, KING HENRY VIII, SHAKESPEARE & MANY MORE! I WAS JUST WONDERING IF I HAD ANY?) Didn't it ever occur to you that they're all helping you? (Maria: No.) It didn't? (Maria: No, not really.) Honey, how could you say that? That's terribly ungrateful! (Maria: I don't mean to be ungrateful, I was just curious.) Don't you realise they're all helping you through me! You're the robot, you're the one who is supposed to record everything, that's what you do, that's your job. Now what more could you ask than that?
       3. (MARIA: BUT OCCASIONALLY I HAVE TO WRITE OR TALK, NOT JUST RECORD, & it's so terribly difficult for me to express myself clearly & find the words that I need. And it's at times like this that I really feel the need for spiritual help. I wish they would help me then!) And they don't? My God! They've been helping you for years, what are you talking about? Look at how the Lord does that all the time.
       4. YOU GET UP TO TALK TO A CLASS & YOU GO ON & ON, I MEAN YOU'RE AS LONG-WINDED AS I AM, YOU'RE INSPIRED! You give terrific lessons! You touch on a lot of little things that I would never even think of. You touch on things from the standpoint of the poor little people that are just like that & who have a little hard time understanding things. (Maria: Dumb!) Well, I didn't want to say that. (Maria: Well, Honey, yes, I know, so I said it for you, ha!) I mean, you ask their questions & you get their answers that they need! Honey, I mean, everybody is helping you! How could you say that? All Heaven is helping you! (Maria: I never thought I personally needed any special help until I had to write & speak.)
       5. (MARIA: I THOUGHT I WOULD VERY MUCH LIKE TO HAVE GENERAL DOUGLAS MACARTHUR TO HELP ME!) Oh, yes, yes, yes! (Maria: You do too?) Yes, he's always been one of my heroes, a real iconoclast, non-conformist rebel! He blasted & damned the System because it constantly got in his way, all the politicians & presidents & everything else. (Maria: So do you think he is really helping us?) Oh, I believe it!
       6. (MARIA: WELL, THE OTHER NIGHT I ASKED YOU WHAT YOU THOUGHT HE MIGHT BE DOING NOW, & you said, "Oh, he's probably in Heaven working on plans for the Millennium or something.") Well, we're a part of the plans. (Maria: Why can't he be helping us personally?) Well, Honey, I don't see that he is involved so much in our particular ministry, except to encourage & approve of it. I think he is more involved in future preparations, probably plans for Armageddon! He's a master tactician, a master military strategist & he is probably planning Armageddon to wipe out our enemies!
       7. (MARIA: BUT HE'S BEEN UP THERE 22 YEARS, IT SEEMS LIKE HE COULD HAVE DONE ALL THAT ALREADY & HE COULD BE HELPING US WITH THINGS NOW!) It takes a lot of time! It takes a little time to plan all these things & figure these things out, what are you talking about? (Maria: He could be helping us with a lot of things! He was an orator & a writer, an organisational genius, ran an army, was like an Emperor of Japan, head of a huge corporation, he has a lot of talents we need!) I'm sure that he is doing everything he can to help us. (Maria: He is a writer! Think of the fantastic writer & speaker he was!) He really loved the Lord! (Maria: Yes, there are so many things he could be helping us with!) I'm sure he is! (Maria: Personally, I mean.) I'm sure he is, everything he can!
       8. REMEMBER, THERE ARE SOME BIG THINGS COMING UP, ARMAGEDDON & THE MILLENNIUM, HE REALLY HAS TO DO SOME BIG THINGS! (Maria: They're not coming for awhile.) OK, but they have to be planned & engineered. (Maria: Well, in Heaven 22 years is a long time!)
       9. OK, HONEY, ALL RIGHT, SO YOU WANT MACARTHUR?--OK, YOU ASK FOR HIM THEN! (Maria: I think he would be an asset.) You want MacArthur?--Ask for him! (Maria: I mean Shakespeare is great, but...) Call him up! Call him up! Why don't you pray right now & ask the Lord for MacArthur! (Maria: OK, I already did, that's why I was asking for your approval! Because Shakespeare is a little ancient for me. I don't think he understands our current modern everyday American English.) Well, MacArthur was a master of that, a real orator! Hi, Mac! God bless you! Thanks a lot for helping Mama, she needs you! (Maria: He's for both of us, Honey!)
       10. HONEY, I AM NOT A MILITARIST & I AM NOT A TACTICIAN! (Maria: Yes, you are! You're both of those, a militarist & a tactician. You're a fighter!) Well, I am a warrior & a fighter. (Maria: You're an organiser too!) Well, it looks like maybe he is going to come along & help you when I'm gone. (Maria: When you're gone then I'll have you! I have you right now in the physical to help me with everything, both spiritual & material, but I think I need some extra help pushing my mind. I need a clear mind so I can express things right!) OK, "ask & ye shall receive, seek & ye shall find, knock & it shall be opened unto you!" (Mat.7:7) So you got him!
       11. (MARIA: WHEN YOU'RE GONE THEN YOU'LL BE THE ONE TO HELP ME ON ALL OF THAT! But right now you can't always get in my mind. You've got so many other important things to take care of.) So now you want MacArthur, OK! (Maria: I just need someone to help my mind.) All right! Ask! (Maria: I did! So can you believe it?) Yes, of course! (Maria: I ask & you have to believe, ha!)
       12. HE MAY BE A LITTLE BIT ANNOYED AT YOUR INTERRUPTING HIS GREATER PLANS & OPERATIONS, but if you insist, I'm sure he'll come down & give you a hand with some of your little things. (Maria: I don't want to insist on anything that's going to upset plans. I'm fine, I'm doing just fine. I don't want him if it's a bad idea.) It's not bad, Honey. I'm sure MacArthur loves you, Sweetheart, & really appreciates you because you've really helped to organise me & the World & I'm sure he'll help you all the more when I'm gone. (Maria: No, when you're gone you're going to help!)--And MacArthur! (Maria: But you can help me then, see? When you're gone you'll be able to help me in this way as well!) PTL! TYJ! Amen! (Maria: Right?) OK, Honey. (Maria: You'll be whispering in my ear giving me words & thoughts.)
       13. ALL RIGHT, HONEY, YOU ASKED FOR HIM, YOU GOT HIM! You want MacArthur?--His wisdom & oratory?--He's at your beck & call now, all the way from his important planning for the Future! (Maria: No, I don't want him to stop that!) Yes, you do! (Maria: No, I don't!) Yes, you do! (Maria: No, I'm going to tell him to go back. You go back to do your planning, Mac, I'm fine, I'm sure I'll be able to get along without you.) No, you can talk to him & he'll be happy to help you!

       (The next morning:)
       14. HE'S BEAUTIFUL! (MARIA: WHO?) MACARTHUR! I can still see him, with a big smile! I hardly remember him smiling at all in any of the photos I've seen of him. He's got a gorgeous smile, a big beautiful smile! It was almost like he was indulging the wish of a little child, indulging me like I was a little child. He smiled at me like I was a little child.
       15. (MARIA: WHY DID HE DO THAT?) I THINK HE WAS KIND OF AMUSED! (Maria: Why would he have been amused?) At our calling him. (Maria: But why would he have been amused at that?) Well, Honey, goodness, think what a big important person he is! (Maria: Well, we've got Shakespeare & Rasputin & all these other big important people, what's one more?) It's sure an odd lot!--Gypsies & poets & generals & kings too!
       16. (MARIA: WE'VE GOT A LOT, RIGHT? WHAT DO THEY DO ALL THE TIME?--All those different people with such varied talents & skills.) There is no time there, it is all the same. (Maria: What does that mean?) I mean it is sort of like, I don't know how to explain it, it's like time condenses. What seems like a long time to us is not a long time to them.

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