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DANIEL CHAPTER 12!       ET# 56       DO 2201       5/85

       [EDITED: "Chart:"]
|------------------1335 days------------------------------------------|
|------------------1290 days----------------------------|--45 days--|
|(1)---------------1260 days----------(2)|--30 days--|(3)         |

       (1) The Antichrist breaks the Covenant, stops Jewish sacrificial worship, sets up his Image, the Abomination of Desolation, in front of the newly-built Jewish Temple, & declares himself God. (Dan.9:27;11:31; Mat.24:15,21; 2Thes.2:4.) The Great Tribulation then begins & lasts 1260 days. (Rev.11:3;12:6.)

       (2) At the end of the Tribulation, Jesus returns & raptures His Saints & we enjoy the Marriage Supper of the Lamb. (Mat.24:29-31; Rev.19:7-9.)

       (3) 30 days after the Rapture, the Battle of Armageddon begins, & lasts 45 days. "Blessed" are those Earthlings who survive the Battle into the Millennium. (Dan.12:11,12.)

       (Our interpretation of the meanings of these days.--D.)

       1. DANIEL CHAPTER 12 IS THE HAPPY ENDING! We've read this several times before, but I'm going to read it again just in case there's anything there that you may have missed or slipped up on.
       2. (VERSE 1:) "AND AT THAT TIME SHALL MICHAEL STAND UP, THE GREAT PRINCE WHICH STANDETH FOR THE CHILDREN OF THY PEOPLE."--For whom? (Fam: Us!) At Daniel's time, of course, he thought it was only the Jews, but he stands for God's people, whether they be Jews or Gentiles, male or female, no matter what. Praise God! Dear old Daniel couldn't have dreamed then that the Gentiles would have ever been God's people too. So God just had to kind of veil the message, "thy people," & of course Daniel thought it was the Jews. He probably was greatly surprised when he finally got to Heaven & found out also a lot of Gentiles are His people!
       3. MICHAEL IS A GREAT ARCHANGEL, HE'S CALLED A GREAT PRINCE!--Prince of God! The Archangels are princes! But we're going to be kings! Which is the most important, a king or a prince? (Fam: Kings.) Princes are underneath the kings. So the Angels will be doing our beck & call & at our service & doing our will, "for we shall judge Angels" & we will be in charge & they will simply be our messengers & officers just like they are for the Lord now. (1Cor.6:3) You'll have Angels, even Archangels, big Angels to carry out the laws that you deem necessary, & you'll even judge the Angels, think of that!
       4. "AND THERE SHALL BE A TIME OF TROUBLE SUCH AS NEVER WAS SINCE THERE WAS A NATION EVEN TO THAT SAME TIME."--What same time? What same time is He talking about? What did Jesus just get through saying?--A time of trouble. (Fam: The Great Tribulation.)--Yes! "Such as never was since there was a nation even to that same time"--to the time of that trouble. Jesus said there would never be a time after it like that either, thank God!
       5. "AT THAT TIME THY PEOPLE SHALL BE DELIVERED, EVERY ONE THAT SHALL BE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK." Thank You Jesus! God's got a Book of all the Saved. They're written in the Book of Life too, praise God! They're written in Christ's Book of Life & they're saved & are going to be raptured.


       6. (VERSE 2:) "AND MANY OF THEM THAT SLEEP IN THE DUST OF THE EARTH SHALL AWAKE."--What's that? When they're sleeping in the dust of the earth & they wake up, what is it called? Come on, wake up! You're not dead! (Fam: The Resurrection.) "Some to everlasting life, & some to shame & everlasting contempt."
       7. YOU SAY, "WELL, I THOUGHT THIS WAS THE RAPTURE, DAD. HOW COME SOME PEOPLE ARE GOING TO BE ASHAMED & IN CONTEMPT?" Well, how about all those church people & all those Christians that are saved but didn't obey & do the job & go out & preach the Gospel to every creature & didn't go out & win souls, but just sat around in churches & let the preachers tickle their ears with pretty pious pulpit platitudes & just go to church on Sunday & selfishly live for themselves & their families all the rest of the week? What do you think God's going to do with all those Christians?--Although they believe in Jesus & have received Him as their Saviour. You knew a lot of those good Baptists like that, didn't you?--And Presbyterians & Methodists that believed in Jesus & thought at least they were saved.
       8. WELL, I KNOW A LOT OF CHRISTIANS THAT ARE STILL REAL CHURCHY & NEVER DO ANYTHING FOR THE LORD except go to church on Sunday & put an offering in the pot & that's it. What do you think God's going to do with them? Don't you think He's going to save them? They're saved. They received Jesus. Millions of them have even been baptised with the Holy Spirit amongst the Pentecostals, etc., & yet they're not doing the job! They're not getting out & witnessing or litnessing or winning souls or being missionaries!
       9. HOW DO YOU THINK THEY'RE GOING TO FEEL WHEN THEY WAKE UP SUDDENLY & HAVE TO FACE THE LORD? Don't you think they're going to be ashamed? And how do you think we're going to feel toward them? (Fam: Ashamed.) Worse than that. What does it say? (Fam: Contempt.) They'll be in contempt! And even Jesus said He would be ashamed of them! Can you quote it? (Fam: "Whosoever shall be ashamed of Me & My Words in this adulterous & sinful generation, of him also shall the Son of Man be ashamed when He cometh in the glory of His Father with the Holy Angels.") (Mark 8:38)
       10. DOESN'T THAT SOUND LIKE THE AVERAGE CHURCH MEMBER, THE AVERAGE CHRISTIAN?--Ashamed of Jesus & His Words when they're out in public or with worldly friends, or ashamed to get out on the streets & pass tracts or litness, ashamed to witness, ashamed to stick up for the Lord in school or at work, ashamed! Jesus said, "I'm going to be ashamed of you before the Heavenly Father & all the Holy Angels! I'm going to be ashamed of you!"
       11. MY GOODNESS, IT SOUNDS TO ME FROM THE WAY THINGS LOOK TODAY, HE'S GOING TO BE ASHAMED OF MORE CHRISTIANS THAN HE'S GOING TO BE PROUD OF! Really! It looks to me like He's going to be ashamed of most Christians. There are millions of nominal churchy Christians, even saved, in great Evangelical & Fundamental & Pentecostal denominations that number their members in the millions! Millions! Saved!--Even filled with the Spirit! But all they want the Spirit for is so they can babble in tongues & nothing else & then they're satisfied.
       12. WHAT DID JESUS SAY IN THE FIRST CHAPTER OF ACTS THAT THE HOLY SPIRIT WAS FOR? He said, "Ye shall be witnesses unto Me!" When? "And ye shall receive power after that the Holy Ghost is come upon you." For what? "And ye shall be witnesses unto Me!"--all over the World! But there are even people who have received the Baptism of the Holy Ghost, & just because they talked in tongues were perfectly happy & satisfied & never do another thing for the Lord except go to church on Sunday & support the preacher. Maybe in some of those churches they do a little better job of supporting missionaries, but most don't go as we have!
       13. BUT ABOUT ALL MOST OF THEM DO IS JUST GO TO CHURCH ON SUNDAY & PUT A FIVER IN THE BASKET OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT. They think they're doing pretty well if they put more than a Dollar in the wastebasket. I call the church offering basket a waste basket, because 95% of it is wasted on the church buildings & the preachers & soft cushioned pews & pipe organs & air conditioning & church expenses instead of evangelising the World, which is what they were supposed to do. Most of them know enough about the Gospel already, almost too much, & too much about the Bible. Most of them have a tremendous education in the Scripture, even what little they know, certainly enough to get out & preach the Gospel!
       14. THAT'S WHY I GOT FED UP WITH BIBLE COLLEGE ONCE, I WAS READY TO STOMP OUT & I DID! I said, "I'm sick of all this! You don't need to know all this to go into all the World & preach the Gospel, all you need to know is John 3:16 & I'm going!"--And I did! Well, it seemed like I never got very far as a missionary, but I've got about ten thousand missionaries in the field right now in nearly 100 countries all over the World who are missionaries that are a result of that walkout & that denunciation of that stupid Bible college where they were sitting around splitting theological hairs over the difference in body, soul & spirit, blah blah blah blah & all these things!
       15. MOST OF THEIR DISCUSSION WAS ABOUT WHAT KIND OF A FINE CHURCH THEY WERE GOING TO GET & what kind of a salary they were going to get & what kind of a car & home could they afford & blah blah blah, a bunch of preacher's candidates, ugh!--Sickening! I mean, it was really sickening, the kind of guys, mostly preacher's kids, who were in there just because their daddies were preachers--or mothers were preachers in Pentecostal cases--just in there because it was just a job, a vocation, a way to earn a living. They didn't know anything else because all they'd seen & lived with was a preacher all their lives, so their preacher daddy sent them off to Bible college to learn how to preach, how to be a pastor, how to hold a pulpit & a parsonage & get a salary & a fine car & settle down for life in comfort & luxury & ease & affluence in the U.S.A.!--With no burden for souls, no burden for the lost, no burden for the field, not even any burden for their local town, much less any place else, much less the foreign field, think of it! All they were concerned about was getting a job, a parsonage job, a pulpit job, a preacher's job, & along with it usually went a house & sometimes a car & always a salary!
       16. THAT WAS ALL THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF THOSE PREACHER BOYS STUDYING IN THAT BIBLE COLLEGE WERE CONCERNED ABOUT, 9 OUT OF 10 OF THEM. In fact, of about 300 students at that Bible college, I only knew of two that were concerned about souls, & one of them was me! And the other one was Abe Schneider of the Soul Clinic. Nobody else stood up in assembly every day & testified about witnessing experiences & souls won & healings & things like that. In fact, they were ashamed of us, literally ashamed of us! They were ashamed of us! They thought we were fools, fanatics, religious crackpots!
       17. WELL LET ME TELL YOU, ONE OF THESE DAYS WHEN WE GET TO HEAVEN, WE ARE GOING TO BE ASHAMED OF THEM, IF THEY GET THERE! And there are lots of saved people, saved & filled with the Spirit, who are going to get to Heaven. God's going to keep His Word, His part of the bargain, but they are going to be so ashamed, I think they're going to almost be ashamed to be There at all! They're not going to be very comfortable.--Most of them!
       18. AND WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO RE-EDUCATE'M! Talk about jobs, we've got so many jobs ahead of us, there's no end! We're going to have to re-educate'm & teach'm how to get out & teach the rest of the World & all the people they missed & all the people that they lost & all the people they didn't preach the Gospel to, get out there & teach all the people on the surface of the Earth, as well as even in the Millennium.--All those Saints that were saved & raptured, think of it!
       19. THEY'RE GOING TO GET UP THERE & NOT GET ANY PRIZES, NO REWARDS, NO RECOGNITION, not even honourable mention, not even dishonourable mention hardly, nothing! Because they did nothing for the Lord! Just building a building to sit comfortably in & listen to pretty sermons was not something for the Lord, that was something they did for themselves & for pride for their denomination or their preacher.
       20. THERE'S GREAT COMPETITION IN THE CHURCH WORLD AS TO WHO CAN HAVE THE PRETTIEST BUILDING, THE BIGGEST BUILDING & THE BIGGEST CONGREGATION, RIGHT? The thing they gloat over the most is the bigger building, the prettier building, the bigger congregation, the fancier preacher who has more degrees & who they pay a bigger salary. That's their competition!--Not how many pieces of lit they got out, the people they witnessed to, how many souls that were saved or disciples they gained, not even church members hardly, much less going to the mission field. My Lord, can you imagine how ashamed we're going to be of those people, how ashamed they're going to be?
       21. WE'RE GOING TO BE SO ASHAMED OF THEM THEY'RE GOING TO BE IN OUR CONTEMPT! What does contempt mean, when you have contempt for something? I'll tell you how you kids express it. You have one little word, one little sound you make to express your contempt for something. Come on, say it!--A three letter word! (Fam: Blah!) That's one, that's four letters. (Fam: Ick!) That's another one. But usually, "Yuk!" That's contempt! If you want to know what contempt is, yuk!--Like you're throwing up, spitting them out!
       22. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "I WOULD YE WERE HOT OR COLD!" (Rev.3:15) In other words, I would you were a saved Christian on fire & witnessing, burning for Christ, or a cold, unsaved sinner that never heard the Gospel rather than to be lukewarm! In other words, you're just warm enough to get saved, just warm enough to believe in Christ & Jesus & go to church. If there was ever a word to describe the average Christian, the average church member today, it's lukewarm! He says, "Because you are lukewarm I'll vomit you up, I'll throw you up, I'll spit you out of My mouth!" Contempt! Yuk! Ich! Ick! Blah! That's contempt! Think of it!
       23. GOD, JESUS, THE HOLY SPIRIT & US WHO ARE ON FIRE FOR THE LORD & WORKING AS HARD AS WE CAN TO WITNESS & WIN SOULS & GET PEOPLE TO HEAVEN ANY WAY WE CAN, WE ARE GOING TO VIRTUALLY DESPISE THOSE PEOPLE! You say, "Dad, why surely you wouldn't have feelings like that in Heaven, would you?" Well, if Jesus says He's going to be ashamed of them before the Father & all the Holy Angels, we'll have the same feelings! If He says, "I'll spit you out of My mouth!"--I don't know where He's going to spit'm, maybe spit'm throughout the whole World where they should have gone in the first place!
       24. MAYBE HE'LL SAY, "GET OUT THERE, PHOOEY ON YOU, PHOOEY! Get out there now! You've gotta go now whether you want to or not, & evangelise those people, teach them the Love of the Lord & Salvation & all the things they didn't know!"--To teach all those people that were raised at the last Resurrection, that were written in the Book of Life because they were good people or because they never heard the Gospel before, never had a chance. Aren't those the ones that are going to be in the Book of Life & get to go at least to the Earthly Heaven, the New Earth?--Outside the City, not inside but outside. There are going to be millions of them, maybe billions of them out there on the surface of the Earth!
       25. THAT'S A GOOD JOB FOR ALL THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE! I want to get out there & watch'm work & do what they should've done before! Of course, they won't get too much reward for that since it won't be hard to do then. They'll have a favourable government & easy living conditions & Heaven on Earth, what reward do they deserve for that?--Almost nothing! Then they've gotta do it, like it or not! No wonder they'll be in contempt! Ick! Yuk! Blah! Make you sick! I think they're going to have to work several hundred years & win quite a few million people to the Lord before I'll think very much of'm. They may be able to work off that shame & work off that contempt finally, at least make up to some extent for all their failures of all the thousands of years before. Pitiful! Well, I didn't intend to preach a sermon on that, but that's the truth!

       VERSE 3--REWARDS!

       26. "BUT THEY THAT BE WISE SHALL SHINE AS THE BRIGHTNESS OF THE FIRMAMENT!" What's the firmament? It's the physical heavens. And what do they shine with?--The Sun, Moon, stars & planets. And one of these days it's going to shine with Heaven! Have you seen our new Planet, our Spaceship hanging up there in the heavens?--The Mothership for the Spacemen & their invasion of Earth, etc.! Praise God! We're going to shine like the stars! We're going to shine as the brightness of the firmament!
       27. "AND THEY THAT TURN MANY TO RIGHTEOUSNESS AS THE STARS FOREVER & EVER!" Those church people are going to look pretty dull, if you ask me. I doubt if they'll shine at all. Maybe they might reflect a little of the glow of the Heavenly Sphere, & get out there & reflect maybe a little of the Lord's Love & do what they failed to do for generations, by the millions, by the billions! Think of it!
       28. SOMETIMES PEOPLE HAVE ASKED THE QUESTION, "WELL, HOW IN THE WORLD IS THE LORD GOING TO BE ABLE TO PASS OUT ALL THE REWARDS at that Marriage Supper of the Lamb even if it lasts 30 days? How is He going to get out all the rewards?" Well, I don't think there are going to be that many to pass out! Who's going to be rewarded?--Just those that really sacrificed & gave their lives for the Lord & others & to preach the Gospel & win souls & gain disciples. They're the ones that are going to get recognition, prizes, rewards! The rest of them can just be thankful they're There at all! It's going to be an awful big crowd of the unrewarded!
       29. I THINK THE LORD'S GOING TO HAVE AT HIS TABLE THOSE THAT HE REALLY WANTS TO HONOUR! Isn't that the way it usually is at a banquet? They have a bunch of tables in a big banquet hall, then there's one that's called the head table at which the big high mucky-mucks sit & the most important people sit or the president or the chairman, & then strung all around his table are all the most important people that really deserve recognition & their names are mentioned or they have to stand up & say who they are, & they laud them & praise them & tell you what they've done, etc.
       30. I THINK THE LORD'S HEAD TABLE IS GOING TO BE PRETTY BIG, BUT NOT AS BIG AS YOU MIGHT HAVE THOUGHT! Frankly, I think it would only have to be big enough for a few thousand. How about that?--Us! "Oh Dad, you really think a lot of yourselves!" Yes, I do, I think a lot of you!--Especially those frontline soldiers out there in the field on the street & office-to-office & face-to-face with the Enemy & boldly showing Posters, etc. I'll tell you, they deserve honour & credit & medals of every kind, whatever God's got to give! They're going to be at that table, the Lord's table! He said, "You'll sit down with Me & the Fathers," Abraham, etc., "in the Kingdom of God!" (Mat.8:11)
       31. BUT HE SAID OF SOME WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE SAVED, WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE RELIGIOUS LIKE [DELETED] THE ORIGINAL CHILDREN OF THE KINGDOM, "WILL BE CAST OUT INTO OUTER DARKNESS. There shall be weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth!" (Mat.8:12) The ones really saved & filled with the Spirit are going to be thankful to be There at all, even though they're ashamed & in shame & in contempt. But there are some people who are going to be even worse off!
       32. A LOT OF PEOPLE WHO THOUGHT THEY WERE SAVED & THOUGHT THEY WERE RELIGIOUS & THOUGHT THEY WERE BETTER THAN OTHER PEOPLE, AREN'T GOING TO MAKE IT!--The Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites & the religious who were members of big religions & denominations who didn't know the first thing about Jesus or the Gospel or how to be saved, but they were very religious, all kinds of religions who thought they were going to make it. And they're going to be absolutely dumbfounded, shocked, amazed, surprised--that isn't a big enough word for it--horrified, to wake up in Hell instead!--And some of them deserving more Hell than some of the wicked, because these are wicked deceivers who led millions astray into false doctrines, false cults!
       33. WHEN I SAY FALSE CULTS I'M TALKING ABOUT THE BIG DENOMINATIONS, THE BIG RELIGIONS. THEY'RE THE FALSE CULTS, NOT US! They call us a false cult, an ism, etc., but they're the ones! And they're going to get the worst punishment of all because they led millions, billions astray, away from the truth, deceived'm out of the truth! Boy, I'll tell you, sometimes I wonder how Hell can be enough for some of those people, like some of our enemies, for example!
       34. THAT GUY BLACK LIGHTNING, I THINK THEY'RE HEATING THINGS UP FOR HIM DOWN THERE! He is demon-possessed, a devil, that's persecuted & actually tortured some of our people, as well as many other Christians! Think of it! What kind of Hell do you think they deserve? Boy, I want God to fire it up! Amen? They deserve it! They deserve the worst!
       35. BUT WHAT ABOUT EVEN THE SAVED CHRISTIANS? The vast majority of those who are saved are doing literally nothing for the Lord & are not doing what they were told to do. Instead of obeying the Lord & going into all the World & preaching the Gospel, they're obeying their preachers & going to church on Sunday! What kind of reward do they deserve? I'll tell you the only kind of reward they deserve & are going to get. (Fam: Everlasting shame & contempt.)--Exactly! You hit it right on the head, everlasting shame & contempt! Think of it!
       36. BUT PRAISE GOD, THERE'S GOING TO BE A SMALLER GROUP OF PEOPLE, probably only a few thousand of those even down through the ages. You know, the population wasn't very big & there were very few, even very few of the Jews who [DELETED] obeyed Him & did what He told them to do. They were always in the minority. True witnessing, soul-saving Christians are just a miniscule, tiny fraction of a percent of all the professing Christians, right?
       37. I DON'T THINK IT'S GOING TO BE VERY HARD TO GET'M TO THAT BIG LONG TABLE THAT I SAW, THE LORD'S TABLE, THE HEAD TABLE. It's not going to take a very big table, although it was the biggest one I ever saw, so long that it looked like it just disappeared in the distance. In fact, the floor looked like it went up in the distance instead of like here on Earth. The only thing I can figure out is it must be inside the Crystal Ball somehow. That thing would hold a lot of people! Maybe right now while the thing's up there underneath the Pyramid, the bottom, it's curved like that.--Because as far as I could see, the line of those thrones at the table disappeared in the distance like that.
       38. WELL, IT'S A BIG TABLE, BUT THAT'S NOT BILLIONS! The billions are going to be all around just witnessing the rewards. Even at Man's ceremonies, his award-winning ceremonies, Oscars & Emmies & all this blah, where are most of the people? They're in the audience, right?--Hundreds, sometimes thousands of people in a huge hall in the audience! How many are called up on stage to be given awards? How many are even asked to stand up in the audience to get recognition? "Oh, there's So-&-so over there, stand up." How many of those? Very few! The vast majority, I'd say at least 90% or maybe 99% are the audience, out there just looking on, unrecognised, unmentioned, unworthy of mention!
       39. I'VE ALWAYS SAID EVERYTHING IN THIS LIFE IS A SAMPLE OF SOMETHING SPIRITUAL, something in the spirit or in the Spirit World. And all of Man's ceremonies where they pass out awards, God is trying to give you the hint, trying to give you the tip, that only certain people, special people are going to get rewarded like that. Only a few are going to shine like the firmament & glow like the stars of Heaven, those that were wise & turned many to righteousness! Amen? Doesn't that sound like us? You say, "Oh Dad, you're a little proud & conceited!"
       40. YES, I AM PROUD, I'M CONCEITED FOR MY FAMILY BECAUSE THEY'RE THE BEST ON EARTH, AS FAR AS I KNOW! They sacrifice more, do more, give more of their lives & themselves & their goods & their time & their money & their strength & everything! Even you here in a Selah Colony where you devote your full time to the Lord & you hardly ever even go out, you sacrifice your freedom to make it possible for thousands of others to preach the Gospel & win millions of souls! Isn't that wonderful?
       41. YOU'RE GOING TO GET REWARDS! "THEY THAT STAND BY THE STUFF SHALL SHARE EQUALLY WITH THEM THAT GO FORTH TO THE BATTLE!" (1Sam.30:24) Praise God? You're going to get just as good rewards for making it possible for those people out there to be on the street & store-to-store & door-to-door & soul-to-soul! You are going to get just as much reward & your share of the reward. They're going to have to split it right down the middle & share equally with you, because you made it possible for them to be out there, & possible for them to have those Posters, & possible for them to have those books & magazines & all the rest!
       42. YOU'RE MAKING IT POSSIBLE, EVEN YOU CHILDREN! If it weren't for you children we wouldn't have had any childcare ministry, we wouldn't have had all this children's literature! Our children now are our best proofreaders. They proofread the children's literature & tell us where the mistakes are. Dear Techi spends about an hour before she goes to sleep every evening reading literature & marking in red questions & places that she doesn't understand, & she finds mistakes constantly! Our children are our best children's literature proofreaders, & they're doing an excellent job, God bless'm!
       43. YOU'RE ALL MAKING IT POSSIBLE FOR THOSE OUT THERE TO HAVE THE MESSAGE, TO HAVE THE WORDS & TO WITNESS THOSE WORDS TO MILLIONS OF THIS WORLD! So you're going to share in those rewards! Praise God! You're going to shine like they do. "Those that are wise & have won many to righteousness," that includes you! You're winning many right now out there in the field in countries all over the World, you're winning souls!
       44. YOU ARE WINNING SOULS!--YOU THAT ARE RIGHT HERE IN THIS SELAH COLONY THAT MAKE IT POSSIBLE FOR THEM TO BE OUT THERE, that give them the Word & the direction & the leadership & the Posters & the literature! You're just as good as out there in the field with them & you'll get just the same rewards, great recognition, shine like the stars, because you helped to win many to righteousness, praise God! I get so inspired on that subject I can't seem to get off of it!


       45. (VERSE 4) "BUT THOU, O, DANIEL, SHUT UP THE WORDS!" Did you ever know that God actually told a Prophet to shut up? He told Daniel to shut up! "Shut up, Daniel, because you don't understand it anyhow!" "Even to the time of the End." How long was it to be shut up, this Book of Daniel? (Fam: To the time of the End.) Well, is it open now? (Fam: Yes!) Now is it open to your understanding? Now are you beginning to understand it? Now aren't these interpretations open? Daniel didn't even understand it! The Lord told him to shut it up to the End. But now it's open & you are being told how to understand.
       46. WHAT'S THE TIME OF THE END LIKE?--"MANY SHALL RUN TO & FRO & KNOWLEDGE SHALL BE INCREASED!" Boy, in two little phrases that Angel really says a mouthful! "Many shall run to & fro," & people have never travelled so much in all history! They have travelled more & gone more miles & by more means in just the past few years than they did in the previous 6,000! How about that? I wish there were some kind of stats on it, like they take these mileage stats on airlines & buses & trains, how many passenger miles they've travelled.
       47. I'LL BET IF YOU'D TAKE THE PASSENGER MILES OF ALL THE MILES THAT ALL THE PEOPLE WHO LIVED BEFORE THIS CENTURY TRAVELLED in buggies & wagons & on horseback & camels & ships, & compare it to the passenger miles that the billions who live on this Earth right now have travelled in just these past years, I'll bet it's more than they've travelled in all the centuries before! "Many shall run to & fro, & knowledge shall be increased." Man has discovered more, invented more & produced more & learned more in the past hundred years than in all the previous 6,000 years of his history! Think of it! Knowledge has increased.


       48. (VERSE 5:) "THEN I DANIEL LOOKED, &, BEHOLD, THERE STOOD OTHER TWO"--two more, somebody besides the one that was talking to him apparently--"the one on this side of the bank of the river, & the other on that side of the bank of the river." Now he sees two more Angels or helpful spirits or something. (Verse 6:) "And one said to the man clothed in linen which was upon the waters of the river." How about that? You've got an Angel standing on each bank & one standing out in the middle of the river on the water! And apparently one on the bank said to the man out in the middle of the river, "How long shall it be to the end of these wonders?" And he gives a rather cryptic answer.
       49. (VERSE 7:) "AND I HEARD THE MAN CLOTHED IN LINEN, WHICH WAS UPON THE WATERS OF THE RIVER"--SOUNDS A LITTLE BIT LIKE JESUS TO ME--"when he held up his right hand & his left hand unto Heaven, & sware by Him that liveth for ever that it shall be for a time"--Hebrew word for a year--"& times"--two years--"& half a time"--half a year. How many is that? (Fam: 3-1/2 years.) "And when he shall have accomplished to scatter the power of the holy people"--what he? (Fam: The AC.)--The Antichrist. "All these things shall be finished." He says for 3-1/2 years, that's how long it's going to be. How long shall it be to the end? Which end, you might say. Well, to the end of the Antichrist's reign or at least to the end of the Tribulation, it will be 3-1/2 years from the midpoint of his 7-year reign.
       50. (VERSE 8:) "AND I HEARD, BUT I UNDERSTOOD NOT: THEN SAID I, O MY LORD, WHAT SHALL BE THE END OF THESE THINGS?" He still didn't understand! "What do you mean, Lord, what's the end? When?" So God is patient, the Lord is merciful, what did He tell him?
       51. (VERSE 9:) "AND HE SAID, GO THY WAY, DANIEL."--"Get goin', Daniel!"--"For the Words are closed up & sealed to the time of the End." In other words, He was as good as telling him, "You wouldn't understand even if I told you!" In fact, then He did tell him, but he still didn't understand! It was "closed up & sealed to the time of the End."
       52. YOU'RE A PRIVILEGED GENERATION, YOU'RE PRIVILEGED CHARACTERS! You're a very blessed people to think that you can be in this time of the End when all these things are revealed & are understood & the book is open & you know what's going to happen! Of course this generation has a few drawbacks too, living at this time of the End. Although it's exciting & it's thrilling & it's wonderful & the End is so close, you'll have to pay a price for living in this time too, having to go through living in this kind of a Hell on Earth, this hellish World of today!
       53. THE WORLD EVEN WHEN I WAS A KID WAS LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH COMPARED TO THE WAY IT IS TODAY, when most people were still Godly & Christians & lived on farms, at least in my country, & were good people, & lived Godly lives under healthful conditions. Even when I was a child, it was so much then like it's going to be in the Millennium. It was Heaven on Earth then compared to what it is today. The World has just gotten to be absolutely Hell on Earth!
       54. SO HE SAYS AGAIN, "BUT HOW LONG LORD? WHAT SHALL BE THE END OF THESE THINGS?" The first question was, "How long shall it be?" And He answers, 3-1/2 years. Daniel says, "Well, okay, 3-1/2 years, but I don't really understand what You're talking about, Lord." And the next question was, "What will be the End? What will it be?" He's still trying to get some kind of specific answer from the Lord, even though the Lord's told him "It doesn't do any good to tell you, Daniel, it's not going to happen in your day, you wouldn't understand anyhow!" But look at the patience & the mercy of God, He knew the time was coming when you would read this & you would understand. So He finally gave him a little more information.


       55. (VERSE 10:) "MANY SHALL BE PURIFIED & MADE WHITE & TRIED, BUT THE WICKED SHALL DO WICKEDLY." Now, usually we apply this to the Tribulation period, & it's true of the Tribulation. But don't forget, this has been true down through generations, thousands of years of God's people & Christians, that they're tried & made white, purified & purged. "But the wicked shall do wickedly." That's true of thousands of years, right? They've always done wickedly. So don't apply it only to the Tribulation, only it's going to be worse in the Tribulation than any other time!
       56. "BUT THE WISE SHALL UNDERSTAND!" HALLELUJAH! TYJ! You ought to be so thankful! Even our children here, even the tiniest are wiser than the adults of those churches! They know more about Bible Prophecy & the events that are coming than the church people! You little ones are wiser than millions of people on Earth today, even the millions of Christians, not to speak of the billions of the unsaved! You're the wisest people on Earth! Think of it! That's the truth!
       57. DID YOU EVER FIND ANYBODY ELSE THAT KNEW THIS MUCH ABOUT BIBLE PROPHECY? Did you ever find anybody else that understood as much about prophetic interpretation as we do? I'll tell you, we're priceless, we're precious to the Lord, because we're some of the handful, a few, just a few thousand who really understand all this & understand the times & the events & the seasons & the lengths of the years! God said He promised that, He definitely prophesied that, that we would, & we do, & here it is! Praise God! And you're doing it right now, that prophecy's fulfilled! Praise God!
       58. "NONE OF THE WICKED SHALL UNDERSTAND"--THANK GOD THEY DON'T UNDERSTAND! It's a good thing they don't really know what's happening, the wicked that deserve Hell! It's a good thing God doesn't reveal to them all these secrets or they'd try to stop it or do something about it. He speaks in code, He speaks in cryptic language, He speaks in parables.

       VERSE 11 & 12--1290 DAYS, 1335 DAYS!

       59. BUT DANIEL GOES AHEAD. THIS TIME HE WANTS TO KNOW WHAT SHALL BE THE END. First the Angel asks how long shall it be to the End, then Daniel asks what shall be the End. Daniel still doesn't know what He's talking about, & he never did! He does now, though. TTL!
       60. NOW HE'S GETTING VERY SPECIFIC! You couldn't be more specific than to specify the actual event when a time period begins. (Verse 11:) "From the time that the daily sacrifice shall be taken away." What's that? (Fam: The Jewish sacrifices.)--The sacrificial offering on the altar before the rebuilt Temple. From the time that it shall be taken away--by whom? (Fam: The Antichrist.) "And the Abomination that maketh desolate set up." Again, here's Daniel using the same words that Jesus uses, how about that? "Set up in the holy place." (Mat. 24:15) Now that couldn't be any more clear than the setting up of the Image, obviously.
       61. SO THAT'S THE SETTING UP OF THE IMAGE, WHICH IS CALLED IN DANIEL THE ABOMINATION OF DESOLATION, & Jesus repeats it. And who sets it up? (Fam: The Antichrist.) And it's an Image of whom? (Fam: The Beast.) Who's he? Is he somebody different from the Antichrist? (Fam: No.) It's the Image of the Antichrist. Let's use the same terminology, at least, when we're trying to give you the point of who it is & what it is. He's also called the Beast, right, that's Scriptural terminology. But we can't even use that kind of terminology in our Posters. We have to explain him as a World dictator, a World king & that sort of thing. Because they've never heard the word "Antichrist," they don't even know what that is, much less the Beast! They wouldn't know what that was, for sure! So we have to describe who he is & what he's like.
       62. "WHAT SHALL THE END BE?" Well, from that exact point when the sacrificial worship is stopped there at the rebuilt temple in Jerusalem & the Antichrist's Image is set up, from that point you'll know when the End is! (You'll have an even more specific date than you had earlier at the resumption of the Daily Sacrifice, when the Temple was finished being rebuilt & was dedicated.) (See the 2300-day prophecy of Daniel 8:13-14 in No.2184.) This 3-1/2-year point is probably going to be a great day, they'll probably have a great dedication, it'll probably be on television, worldwide recognition of the Beast as god, & here's his idol that you must fall down & worship & pray to, blah blah! It's going to be a set day, what do you want to bet? Why else would the Lord tell you how many days there are from that moment unless you were going to know the exact day when it happened? Because then you can begin counting the days, you'll know the exact days from then on. That's how the end is going to be!
       63. HE ASKED, "HOW LONG WILL BE THE END? WHAT SHALL BE THE END?" Now He's telling you. He said first of all 3-1/2 years. But then He says, "There shall be a thousand two hundred & ninety days." First it was 1260, now it's 1290. Some people would say, "Maybe He's talking about present Roman years & Roman days." Okay, the Roman year is how many days? How many days are there in a year, our Roman year that we now have? (Fam: 365!)
       64. OKAY! ANYBODY GOT A CALCULATOR HERE? (David: Yes, Sir!) Good boy! Here's a guy always ready! How about that! Will you kindly multiply 365 by 3-1/2. If they're 365-day years & it's 3-1/2 years, what do you get? (David: 1277.5) 1277 according to our years, instead of 1260. And if you multiply by whatever the Jewish calendar averages out to, although they have lunar months, they throw in an extra 13th month every so often, their years literally average out to 360 days.
       65. NOW TRY MULTIPLYING 360 DAYS, THE JEWISH YEAR, BY 3-1/2 & SEE WHAT YOU GET. That's what it averages to, 360 days to the Jewish year of lunar months, even with the extra one thrown in. (David: 1260.) Who was God talking to, what kind of a man? (Fam: A Jew.)--A Jew who measured time by the Jewish type of lunar year!
       66. SOMEBODY WAS TRYING TO CORRECT ME THE OTHER DAY & said, "Yes, but Dad, the Jewish year takes 28-day months, it's different." What do you get when you multiply 28 days, a lunar month, by 12? What do you get? (David: 336.) Yes, but you see, every so often, I think it was about every three years, they threw in another 13th lunar month. I haven't figured it all out myself but that's what it figures to. You mathematicians who love math can figure it out sometime, but you'll have to know something about Jewish & lunar months & the way they figure their calendar, & I don't know whether you're going to be able to find out anywhere. But so I'm told, the Jewish year averages out to an average of 360 days per year over a period of years. So if you multiply 360, that nice little round even figure by 3-1/2 years, what do you get again, David? (David: 1260.) 1260 days!--Exactly what we've been told time & again was the 3-1/2 years! Right? It's 3-1/2 Jewish years, 1260 days! After all, He was talking to Jews.
       67. BUT YOU TAKE OUR PRESENT ROMAN YEAR & YOU MULTIPLY IT, 365 DAYS BY 3-1/2, & YOU GET 1277. And if you're foolish enough to think that the Jews had a lunar calendar & only 12 months of 28 days, you get even less, 336 days. Well, going by years, as you can see, can be very uncertain. It depends on whose years & how they figure their years! But He's giving it to you in exact days! He told it to Daniel but Daniel didn't even understand, of course. But He knew you would some day. He's giving it to you in actual exact days which you cannot misinterpret nor misunderstand. Right?--Numbering the days exactly! Isn't that wonderful?
       68. SO THOUGH WE MAY HAVE MISINTERPRETED THE YEARS ACCORDING TO THIS WAY OF FIGURING YEARS OR THAT WAY OF FIGURING YEARS OR OUR PRESENT 365-DAY YEAR, WE KNOW EXACTLY HOW LONG THE TRIBULATION IS GOING TO LAST because the Lord gave it to us not only in years, 3-1/2 years, not only in months, 42 months, because you can misinterpret that too. But He finally gave it in 1260 days! So don't worry about the years, don't worry about the months, don't worry about different ways of calculating when He's already given it to us in exact days in other places, that it was going to be 1260 days exactly! Then we know it's going to be 1260 days regardless of whose years or months they are.
       69. BUT THERE'S A LITTLE PROBLEM HERE! "HOW COME THIS SAYS 1290 DAYS, DAD, THAT'S 30 DAYS LONGER!" "From the time the daily sacrifice is taken away & the abomination that maketh desolate set up, there shall be a thousand two hundred & ninety days." And as though that wasn't complicated enough, (Verse 12:) "Blessed is he that waiteth & cometh to the thousand three hundred & five & thirty days."--1335 days!
       70. WELL, WHAT WAS THE QUESTION?--HOW LONG & WHAT SHALL BE THE END? Maybe He's answering both questions. He's already answered the question of how long the Tribulation was going to be from the same point, the Abomination of Desolation till the end, the coming of Christ, end of the Tribulation, half of the seven years, 1260 days. But now He says both 1290 days & 1335 days.
       71. "OH DAD, I'M SO CONFUSED, I DON'T KNOW WHICH END IS UP! ALL I KNOW IS WHERE IT BEGINS!" Well, maybe He deliberately didn't tell you what was going to happen. You already know for your encouragement exactly what's going to happen at the end of the 1260 days, what's that? (Fam: The Rapture!) That's the end of the Antichrist's reign as far as you're concerned. It is the end of the Tribulation as far as you're concerned, & is the Rapture as far as you're concerned. Right? And you can number the days from the Abomination, when that Image is set up & dedicated in the Temple & all the rest, blah blah, on World television. You can number the days till the coming of Christ.
       72. BUT THERE ARE SOME MORE DAYS HERE! What was Daniel's question? When Jesus comes, is that the end? (Fam: No!) He asked, "When shall the end be?" And he asked, "What shall it be?"--Right? Two questions. And He tells him first of all it will be 1290 days. Maybe that's to the End, the answer to the first question. In a way, if that starts the Battle of Armageddon, that's the end of the Antichrist, really. When we come down to invade, that's the end for him & the end for wicked man on Earth. The end of Man's rule of this World will literally be when we invade!--Because we're in charge then. We start ruling when we invade, right? Because we are winning! We're in charge of the Battle of Armageddon! We're in charge of that war! We are then in charge of the World! We are the top dogs then & nobody else! That's the end for them!
       73. SO MAYBE THAT FIRST QUESTION IS ANSWERED BY THE 1290 DAYS. Since the Lord is coming at the end of 1260 days & the end then is going to be 1290 days, 30 days later, this is my theory. You don't have to believe it, but what else could it be? That's the end, he tells him, 1290 days. End of what?--For whom? Not us! So who is it the end for?--The Antichrist really! The end of what? (Fam: Man's rule.)--Exactly! Man's rule on Earth ends there when we take charge, & we start taking charge then.
       74. NOW WHETHER WE WIN THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IN ONE DAY, WHICH COULD BE POSSIBLE, or it takes us as this here obviously shows another 45 days. ... From 1290 to 1335 is 45 more days. You ought to all have this in the margin of your Bibles so you wouldn't have to look so blank when I ask you.
       75. NOW THE STARTING POINT IS ALWAYS THE SAME, IT ALWAYS GIVES THE SAME STARTING POINT. Apparently it's going to be such a sensational phenomenal celebration worldwide when they stop the Jewish sacrificial worship & set up the Image & the whole World, or a good deal of the World, starts worshipping that damned idol! That starting point is going to be on a given day, an exact day in the middle of that seven years!--From which it will be exactly 1260 days until the Rapture! And then 1290, 30 days more until when? What does the Scripture actually say?--The End, just the End! We're just interpreting when we say those extra things, but we know that's what He was answering him, the End is going to be 1290 days from that point, from the setting up of the Image, until the End, 1290 days. Only 1260 days until the coming of Jesus in the Rapture, but 1290 days till the End. Whose end? (Fam: Man's end.)--The end of Man's domination & rule on Earth, including the Antichrist.
       76. NOW JUST CONSIDER IT LOGICALLY & REASONABLY LIKE ALGEBRA AGAIN, YOU HAVE TO USE A LITTLE THEORETICS & INTERPRETATION. Man's rule on Earth, when does it really end? When does Man's domination on Earth really end? (Fam: When we come down!) When we come down & attack'm, they're finished! That's the end of their rule, literally. Some of them may survive for the rest of the war & a lot of people are going to survive. But who's in charge the minute we come down & invade from that Heavenly City? When we come down on white horses & charge down onto the Earth & into the Battle of Armageddon, who's in charge? (Fam: We are.) Whose rule is ended? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Man & the Antichrist, epitomised by the Antichrist. The Antichrist rule is the epitome of Man's rule on Earth.
       77. ISN'T THAT THE END? IT'S NOT OUR END, SO IT MUST BE SOMEBODY'S END! So it must be their end, the enemies' end! So that's the end! If you ask me, that's really when the End begins, the beginning of the End, when we charge down out of Heaven & attack the Antichrist's forces at the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon.
       78. SO YOU COULD JUST ABOUT SAY THAT FROM THE TIME OF THE RAPTURE, IT'S ONLY GOING TO BE 30 DAYS LATER. You could say exactly according to this prophecy, if that is the end when the Battle of Armageddon begins, that's our beginning & their end! You can even have a time, the Battle of Armageddon is going to begin just 30 days later after the Rapture. Think of that! You say, "Well, it doesn't say so." But it says that's when the End is going to be, & the End is bound to be when we charge down & take over, right? I can't think of any other end it could possibly be! It's not the end of the battle, it's not the end of the war--or it might be!
       79. THINGS ARE GOING TO BE A MESS! THEY MIGHT REALLY WISH IT WAS THE END WHEN IT HAPPENS. Because even after it's over, things are going to be in such a mess, just digging out & digging out from under all the dead bodies. Jeremiah says they're going to be piled up like heaps of dung, neither lamented nor buried, there are going to be so many dead people. (Jer.16:4) Think of it, it's going to even take seven months just in Israel alone to bury the dead!--And seven years to burn up all the rubbish! (Eze. 39:9,12) What a mess!
       80. SO WE KNOW THE END & IT SOUNDS PRETTY DEFINITE TO ME THAT THAT MEANS THE BEGINNING OF THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON IS THEIR END. Therefore I think we can pin down the Battle of Armageddon as a pretty sure date & time, exactly 30 days after the Rapture. Therefore the Wedding Supper can't last longer than 30 days, because then we've got to wind it up & get back to work, & there's some real dirty work that we have to do wiping out the Antichrist's forces!
       81. SO YOU CAN TAKE IT OR LEAVE IT, BUT I THINK IT'S LOGICAL by mere deduction & mere elimination of other possibilities, it's gotta be the end when the Battle of Armageddon begins. Is it getting clearer now? PTL! I never really went into so much detail before. You guys forced me to go into this detail, Mama was largely responsible. She said, "But we don't know! We need to know verse by verse & for you to explain it all!" So I've really been asking the Lord to help me see it clearer & know.
       82. SO THE BEST I CAN SEE IT, THEIR END COMES AT OUR BEGINNING, & OUR BEGINNING COMES WHEN WE COME DOWN & EVEN START THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON. They're finished! That's the End as far as they're concerned, we have taken over! It may take us awhile to wipe'm out [DELETED] & toss the Antichrist & the False Prophet into the Lake of Fire, but that's the End!

       1335 DAYS, 45 DAYS MORE!

       83. THEN WHAT IN THE WORLD IS THIS 1335 DAYS, 45 DAYS MORE? "What's that, Dad?--45 days more from 1290 to 1335." All right, here's a good thought for you. If that's when the End comes, it sounds to me like that's how long the End lasts. The first question was, "How long shall it be to the end of these matters, how long to the End?" First of all He said it was 1260 days, that's your end here on Earth when Jesus comes. Then He says again, 1290 days, & that's their end here on Earth, in power, that is. But then he says, "What shall be the end?" He might as well have said, "How long is the end going to last? How long will this ending last? What'll it be?" That's exactly what he says, "What'll it be?" So the second number of days must be the answer to the second question!
       84. THREE ANSWERS ARE GIVEN TO THESE QUESTIONS. The first question is, "How long shall it be to the End?"--First of all, 1260 days or 3-1/2 years, which we know from other places as well, that's the end of our stay here when we're raptured. Then he says, "What shall it be to the end of these wonders?"--Not only your end here on Earth when you're raptured, resurrection, but to the end of these wonders, including the Antichrist's reign & the Wrath of God, the end of Man's rule on Earth 30 days later.
       85. THEN THE NEXT QUESTION, "WHAT SHALL BE THE END OF THESE THINGS?" And the next answer is: "45 days later." Of all these things, in other words, of all these things that are happening what shall be the end?--"45 days later." Sounds to me like that's how long the End's going to last. And what is it that's ending Man's rule on Earth? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.)--Right! Even though God is miraculous & can do anything, miracles, & anything is possible with the Lord, nothing's impossible, it's going to take a little while. That Battle of Armageddon is going to take awhile. The first victory could be in a day, in Armageddon, there in that valley. That's going to be a victory when we arrive, right? Boom! We could [EDITED: "get"] everybody in the valley in one shot! But it's going to take a little time to track down everybody all over the Earth who has submitted to the Antichrist & has got the Mark of the Beast!
       86. WE'VE GOT TO SCOUR THE ENTIRE EARTH [EDITED: "FOR"] EVERYBODY ON EARTH WHO WORSHIPPED THE BEAST! We have to [EDITED: "punish"]'m! Why do we have to[DELETED]? Because God said so! That's all you have to know. It's going to take quite a little while, I think, a few days, to hunt down several million people that have followed the Antichrist, even with all of our supernatural powers & vision & mental telepathy & wisdom & all the rest that we'll have then.
       87. THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON MIGHT ONLY TAKE ONE DAY, STRICTLY SPEAKING, I DON'T KNOW, right there at Megiddo & in the Valley of Jezreel, from Haifa to Jerusalem. I've theorised before that maybe it'll last 45 days, maybe that's what it meant. But I don't necessarily think it would take that long to win that one battle. We could just come & go zap zap zap zap zap & finish everybody off in the valley, because they're all concentrated there in a big concentration! It would be easy to mow'm down by the thousands or the hundreds of thousands or even the millions there, since they're all together. And it's going to be an awful slaughter from the way He describes it.
       88. BUT IT'S GOING TO TAKE AWHILE TO THE END OF ALL THESE THINGS, in fact, to the end of all these people, all of these marked Mark-of-the-Beast people. I believe it's going to take a little while to hunt'm all down! We're going to have to have police squads & search squads, & what did they call them in the Vietnam War? (Fam: "Search & destroy.")--Search & destroy squads! Search & destroy missions were sent out to search & destroy the Enemy wherever they found them. And we're going to be sent out by the millions to all parts of the World to search [DELETED] & hunt them down!
       89. THEY'VE BEEN HUNTING US DOWN FOR YEARS, WE'RE GOING TO HUNT THEM DOWN[DELETED]! And that's what they deserve! We'll [EDITED: "get"] those God-damned Devil's people who tried to slaughter us & did slaughter a lot of us! Wait till you see how they're going to slaughter some of you, & you're going to be ready to [EDITED: "get"]'m without hesitation! You'll have no compunction about it, you won't be any pacifist then! You won't hesitate to [EDITED: "fight"] then for the Lord & for the sake of your loved ones that they slaughtered & tortured & cruelly treated! You're going to relish [EDITED: "fighting"] them! Good riddance of bad rubbish! Like throwing out the garbage! Like getting rid of the shit! It's a dirty job but you're going to be [DELETED] glad to do it! [DELETED]
       90. THE SOULS UNDER THE ALTAR CRIED, "LORD, HOW LONG, HOW LONG SHALL IT BE UNTIL YOU AVENGE OUR BLOOD, THE BLOOD OF THE MARTYRS?" The Lord said, "Just wait a little while, rest awhile!" (Rev.6:9-11) To Him another 2,000 years was just a little while. So just wait a little while. Of course, we don't know at what point in time this scene was under the altar with all these martyrs, it could have been right at the End! There's no time with God! Just a little while & it'll come, & that's going to be the vengeance of God, & He's going to let you & me carry it out, think of that! Because we will be supernatural supermen then & able to do it with a vengeance! And we'll be thankful to get rid of them, thankful to hunt them down & find them wherever we can catch'm. [DELETED]
       91. "DAD, WHAT A GRUESOME STORY! WHAT A HORRIBLE PICTURE YOU PAINT OF US ALL BEING [DELETED] AVENGERS!" That's what we'll be! The Lord will need every single one of us to find them wherever we go, & it just might take 45 days before we mop it all up & clean it up! After nearly every war, even after the victory is won, treaty signed & all the rest, they often have a lot of mopping up to do, still catching more of the enemy & still stopping more of those who won't surrender. [DELETED] Isn't that what they call it, mopping up what's left of the mess? I think 45 days is a pretty short time to finish the End. That's what the End will be. "What shall the End be?" Well, He says 1290 days, then He says 1335 days.
       92. WE KNOW THAT THE RAPTURE COMES 1260 DAYS AFTER THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT. And since there's one more End, what could it really be talking about? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.) It's gotta be, what other end could it be? One end has already happened, our end, we go to be with the Lord. It's really just our beginning, but the end of our stay here like this on Earth. What's the next end? It must be the end of whom?--Somebody else, not us. And that's gotta be when we come down for the Battle of Armageddon. That's their end. So that's 30 days later according to this. But it's not all finished until all the mopping up is done & we've got absolute complete control & the Enemy is totally eliminated, the end of all these things, after 1335 days.
       93. "BLESSED IS HE THAT WAITETH & COMETH TO THE THOUSAND, THREE HUNDRED & FIVE & THIRTY DAYS." They had a funny way of saying things then, didn't they? We say thirteen hundred & thirty-five, or we say one thousand three hundred & thirty-five. In those days they said, "One thousand, three hundred & five & thirty!" We abbreviate things & cut them short. Now instead of five & thirty, we say thirty-five, which means five & thirty. So that's when the End shall be! Praise God!

       DANIEL'S LOT!

       94. (VERSE 13:) "BUT GO THOU THY WAY," DANIEL, "TILL THE END BE."--Till the end comes, in other words. "For thou shalt rest & stand in thy lot at the end of the days." "Go thou thy way till the end be"--what end is that? His end, Daniel's end? When was Daniel's end, at least his life on this Earth? (Fam: When he died.) "For thou shalt rest"--when your end comes you're going to rest. And then what are you going to do?--"Stand in thy lot at the end of the days." What lot? You mean Daniel's got a lot in Heaven? I'm sure he's got a lot in Heaven! PTL!--So have I, so have you! How else could you have a mansion in Heaven unless it's sitting on a lot? Nobody wants to live in apartments, nobody wants to live in condominiums or duplexes, everybody wants a little bit of a yard & a garden, so you've gotta have a lot for your mansion. Right? Praise God!
       95. SO DANIEL'S ALREADY LONG GONE! He's been Up There in his lot & his mansion how many years? (Fam: 2500.) About 2500 years. Think of that, he's been enjoying Heaven for 2500 years. He's gotten his reward & he has enjoyed Heaven, & I'd say he certainly deserved it after all he went through for us! He went through the lion's den & had all kinds of trouble with those damn kings! I'll tell you, he certainly deserved a rest when he got done!--And so will you! PTL!


       96. YOU WON'T HAVE ANY MORE PROBLEMS HAVING BABIES, NO MORE PAIN, NO MORE TRIALS, NO MORE SICKNESS, NO MORE SORROW NOR CRYING NOR TEARS! Isn't that wonderful? You'll be strong & everything will be easy & you can have babies all you want! PTL! If you don't want any, you don't have to have them. Of course, you might have to forego sex a little bit if you don't want babies, because I'm sure the Lord's not going to have any abortion in Heaven & no sex prevention, or what do they call it, these preventatives? (Fam: Family planning.)--Family planning, ha ha! Birth control, they give it all kinds of fancy names when it really means just stop ping babies & killing babies! Isn't that horrible? I'm sure the Lord's not going to allow any of that Up There!
       97. SO IF YOU WANT SEX & GOD WANTS BABIES, IT'S GOING TO BE EASY, BUT YOU'RE GOING TO HAVE THEM! PTL! Hallelujah! I could have sex with every one of you gals then & have babies by all of you! PTL! Isn't that wonderful? I'm looking forward to a big family! You say, "Good night, Dad, aren't you satisfied? You've got a pretty big family already!" Well, that house we pictured for you may not be big enough for my family, not if all the girls who want to live with me are going to be There, as well as all the girls that want to have sex with me & have children. I'm going to have to have an awful big house & an awful lot of family! But I think they're going to have other things to do & they'll be happy with other people Up There even if they don't all live in my house. They can all come visit me & we can have fun every now & then.


       98. I TOLD SOMEBODY THE OTHER DAY, I DON'T MIND HAVING THAT FOR MY TOWNHOUSE, BUT REALLY, I PREFER THE FARM! I'm hoping the Lord gives me a ranch out in the country someplace where I can live out on that beautiful New Earth! Gorgeous! I kind of visualise myself like that old farmer in that Poster we've got now of the Farmer in the Millennium. (See "The World of Tomorrow," No.2001.) That's kind of how I'd like to be, like that farmer! If you want to see a picture of me in the Millennium, I think I'd like to be out there on the farm some place.--At least headquarter on a farm. I might be needed to travel around & supervise a little bit & direct a little bit & do a little teaching of a few kings & all that sort of thing, but I hope He lets me headquarter most of the time on my farm with all those pretty native girls! Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ! Of course, I've got to have a house in Town too when I go there on business with the King, but I would really like to be on the farm as much as I can.
       99. I GUESS I'M JUST AN OLD FARM BOY AT HEART, I ALWAYS LOVED THE FARM! All my life I was going around visiting on farms, living on farms, staying on farms, five or six years at TSC, just my family alone before some of you guys got there. I'm really pretty much of a farm boy at heart. I love God's beautiful Creation & His wonders & plants & animals & sky & trees & woods & always loved to go out & wander around over the hills through the woods & the trees & by the sea. There won't be any seas there, but we'll have nice rivers & lakes! Isn't that going to be wonderful? I'm just looking forward to it! Hallelujah! It's okay, I'll come & visit you. If you want to stay in my house in town that's all right with me, or you can come visit me on my ranch & ride my horses or my tigers & lions or whatever you want to ride! Amen? Sure! Why not!
       100. I'M GOING TO HAVE TIGERS & LIONS ON MY FARM! I'm going to be like [EDITED: "the boy"] who said, "You know, out in the country where we had our farm, we had lions, thousands of lions!" And the other guy said, "Oh come on, who you trying to kid? You couldn't have had thousands of lions on a farm!" "Yes we did, Boss, we had thousands of lions, dandelions!" Some of these poor little kids don't know what I'm talking about when I say dandelions. Do you know what a dandelion is? It's a little tiny flower with kind of feathery things that you blow on & they blow all over. He had thousands of dandelions! Well, those are pretty dandy lions! They're pretty safe, anyhow!
       101. LIONS TODAY WOULDN'T BE VERY SAFE, BUT IN THE MILLENNIUM WE COULD EVEN HAVE THOUSANDS OF LIONS IF WE WANTED THEM! I had a dream about a lion farm once, & they were herding cattle, peacefully! (See No.967.) Maybe that was the Millennium! So anything could happen in the Millennium & in Heaven! PTL! I'm looking forward to it! Aren't you happy? God bless you! It was a wonderful Chapter & you learned a few new things!


       102. WELL, STUDY THIS & I WAS THINKING & PRAYING ABOUT MAYBE GIVING YOU GUYS A LITTLE TEST OVER THE BOOK OF DANIEL TO SEE HOW MUCH YOU REALLY KNOW! Don't worry, my tests are always easy tests, true or false, check one, choice of three, which is the right one, or just one word. You never had such easy tests in your whole life & I don't think anybody here would miss a one of them, not even the smallest child. Wouldn't you like to find out how much you know about Daniel, how much you remember? We could at least have a little review, oral class review, couldn't we?--Go through there & find out if you really know the answers!
       103. ALL RIGHT, GOD WILLING, NEXT CLASS WE'LL REVIEW THIS WHOLE THING & SEE HOW MUCH YOU REALLY CAN REMEMBER & HAVE LEARNED.--Because unless you can remember it, you haven't learned it! You're ever learning & never coming to a knowledge. I want to see how much knowledge you have, how much you can remember!
       104. AREN'T WE GOING TO HAVE FUN UP THERE? (Sings:)
       "Everybody's going to have fun in Heaven,
       Everybody's going to have a wonderful time!"

TYJ! PTL! Hal!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family