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TEST ON THE BOOK OF DANIEL! 5/85--And Oral Review of the AC & His Reign!        DO 2204        ET#57

       1. WELL, THIS CLASS IS GOING TO BE EASY FOR ME BECAUSE YOU'RE GOING TO DO ALL THE WORK! Well, not exactly all of it, I have a little to do to ask questions, but you're going to give all the answers! Have you all got a piece of paper big enough to have 25 one-word answers on it?
       2. AGAINST THE LEFT MARGIN OF YOUR PAPER, NUMBER 1 THROUGH 25, ONE NUMBER ON EACH LINE. When you get down to the bottom of your page if you still haven't reached 25, then start numbering again at the top but this time down the middle of the page, because you've got lots of room. I like simple tests, don't you?--Just one-word answers, true or false & multiple choice.
       3. ALL RIGHT, PTL! IT'S GOING TO BE SO EASY YOU'RE GOING TO BE SURPRISED!--An open Bible test! You can use your Bible. And if you were smart enough to put notes in your Bible, that's all the smarter! Now just listen to the question first, the questions can be long, just the answers are very short.

       4. I'M GOING TO ASK YOU A FEW LITTLE DIFFERENT QUESTIONS THAN MAYBE YOU USUALLY GET ON THIS, & I'm especially emphasising what you've learned in this recent series of classes, what you should know.
       5. QUESTION 1: IN DANIEL 2, WHAT EMPIRE WAS THE 4TH EMPIRE, REPRESENTED IN THIS IMAGE BY TWO IRON LEGS? What was the Iron Empire?--The great powerful Empire that ruled over the World & was divided into two Empires, Eastern & Western, two legs, & later it finally turned into feet of iron & clay mixed.
       6. QUESTION 2: WHAT PART OF THE WORLD, IN FACT, WHAT CONTINENT OF THE WORLD--IT'S A GROUP OF NATIONS THAT GO UNDER ONE NAME--DID ROME FINALLY TURN INTO, or is the remains or remnant of Rome today? Don't tell me "feet", don't tell me "toes", I want the name of the continent. I'll give you a choice, I'll name the continents for you.--North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia. Which one of those six continents is today the remains of the old Roman Empire, or most of it? Aren't you guys going to write anything? Don't tell me you're all finished writing already! Wow, this is fast!--So easy!
       7. QUESTION 3: GIVE ME THE NUMBER OF NATIONS OF THAT CONTINENT INTO WHICH DANIEL SAYS THE IRON EMPIRE WAS DIVIDED, & most of which are loosely united today in an Economic Community. How many nations are represented by the ten toes of the Image? That's almost like asking you "Where is Joan of Arc from?" How many toes have you got, Techi? (Techi: 10.) Well, maybe that's the number. If that's the number, write it down.
       8. QUESTION 4: IN THIS DANIEL 2 IMAGE, FROM WHAT KINGDOM IS THE STONE CUT OUT OF THE MOUNTAIN WITHOUT HANDS THAT CRUSHED THE IMAGE? The Kingdom of...what or whom? You might have any one of three different names there. What Kingdom crushed this Image & all its nations & became a very great Mountain that filled the whole Earth!--The Kingdom of...! You can use about 4 different things for that, & any one of them which identifies it is all right. Lots of times you can have several different names for the same thing. Okay, now some questions on the 7th Chapter.
       9. QUESTION 5: IN DANIEL 7 IN HIS DREAM OF THESE BEASTS REPRESENTING THE VARIOUS WORLD EMPIRES, WHAT WORLD EMPIRE WAS REPRESENTED BY THE 4TH BEAST?--The great & terrible beast, dreadful, whose teeth were of iron, nails of brass, which devoured, brake in pieces & stamped the residue with his feet! Name the Empire. Shall I give you a hint?--It's the same as the 4th Kingdom of Daniel 2! See, I'm the kind of teacher who wants you to know. I'm not trying to keep secrets! Now if you can't spell any of these, Techi, don't worry about it. Maybe you can copy whatever David's writing down. Would you be willing to let her do that, David?
       10. QUESTION 6: THIS 4TH BEAST HAD TEN HORNS, & THESE TEN HORNS REPRESENTED THE TEN NATIONS OF MODERN (BLANK)--WHAT CONTINENT?--These ten horns are the ten nations of what continent today? You know what a continent is now, I'll give you the choices again: North America, South America, Europe, Asia, Africa & Australia. Which one?
       11. QUESTION 7: WHO DID THIS LITTLE HORN REPRESENT THAT STARTED OUT AS A LITTLE HORN & GREW UP FAST & bigger & stouter & stronger than his fellows & broke or uprooted or cast down three of these ten horns? Who was this 11th horn of Daniel 7? Who is, was or going to be? What's his name? You could just use two letters to abbreviate it if you want to. What man is this 11th horn?
       12. QUESTION 8: HOW LONG A TIME IS "A TIME, & TIMES, & THE DIVIDING OF TIME"? Just put down a number, or any number of numbers that it represents.--That He talks about in the 25th verse of this Chapter. How long is that? How long is a time, times & dividing of time? I'll give you another hint--it's the length of the Tribulation. If you don't pass this test, you really flunked!
       13. QUESTION 9: WE'RE GOING TO DANIEL 8 NOW, VERSE 8, HOW EASY CAN YOU GET? WHAT GREAT WORLD EMPIRE DID THE HE GOAT OF DANIEL 8:8 REPRESENT?--Not the ram, but the he goat, which had a big notable horn whose name was Alexander the Great! What was the name of his kingdom represented by this he goat? Where was Joan of Arc from? That's not one of the questions now, don't write that down! Now here's one that may be a little bit tougher.
       14. QUESTION 10, 11 & 12: NAME ME AT LEAST THREE OF THE FOUR COUNTRIES INTO WHICH THIS GREAT EMPIRE WAS DIVIDED ON THE DEATH OF THE GREAT HORN, ALEXANDER THE GREAT.--And you can look right at the map up here & see'm! They still go by the same names today, except one, so I'm not requiring that one. You can name all four if you want to, but just three of the four is all you have to name. You can look at the back of your Bible at the map if you want to, or you can look up here at this map. They're right there. If you want to come up close & see the names of the countries, help yourself, but you should have a map in the back of your Bible. Best of all, you should remember, or you should have it written in your Bible.
       15. QUESTION 13: GOOD UNLUCKY NUMBER FOR THIS GUY! NAME THE MAN REPRESENTED HERE IN DANIEL CHAPTER 8, VERSE 9, BY A LITTLE HORN that rises out of one of these countries. I'll give you a tip: He's the same little horn of Daniel 7. Who is the little horn of Daniel 8? If I'm going too fast & you haven't answered the question yet, raise your hand.
       16. QUESTION 14: ALTHOUGH IT SAYS THAT HE ROSE OUT OF ONE OF THESE COUNTRIES, WHAT DIRECTION DOES HE COME FROM? And you can figure it out from Verse 9 of Daniel 8. Since he came toward the South & toward the East & toward the Pleasant Land, which was to the West in a sense, what direction did he come from--at this time of this verse here? Later on he's called the king of that direction. I'm trying to make it easy for you! I want you to know! I'm not trying to hide secrets from you.
       17. QUESTION 15: AND WHO IS THIS HOST & THESE STARS UPON WHOM HE IS STAMPING IN THE 10TH VERSE? You could use any number of different names for them. You could use one little word of only six letters that begins with the same letter as "stars" if you want to. Who are these people he's stomping on?--This host & these stars? You can use a big long word or a little short word, or several different words to tell us who these people are. You might even use a little two-letter word, I'll accept it. I'm a very generous teacher. If you even come close, I'll accept it.
       18. QUESTION 16: AND WHEN HE TAKES AWAY THE DAILY SACRIFICE & THE PLACE OF THE SANCTUARY IS CAST DOWN, WHAT TERRIBLE TIME DOES THAT BEGIN? You can use an abbreviation for it if you want to, a little four-letter abbreviation. What period of time does that begin? Later on it tells us he sets up his Image too, the Abomination of Desolation, at the same time, a very pivotal point in history. Because the greatest & the worst period in the whole World's history begins, the last 3-1/2 years. What is the name of that period of history? Got it?
       19. QUESTION 17: WRITE IN A NUMBER, NOT IN WORDS, WRITE TWO THOUSAND & THREE HUNDRED DAYS. That's a pretty easy one, 2,300. Except some of the children may have a hard time writing these big numbers.
       20. QUESTION 18: THAT'S A LITTLE LESS THAN HOW MANY YEARS? Give the number of the years that that is less than. Now if you can't remember, all you have to do is take something easy like 360 days & divide it into the 2300. We've gone over this many many times. It's a little less than how many years?--Because it's telling when the Jewish Temple is going to be finished. I'll give you another hint. This period lasts from when they start the daily sacrifices at the Jewish Temple again till the cleansing of the Temple at the end of the Tribulation. I'll give you another hint! This is a little less than the length of the Antichrist's total reign. Don't tell each other now! It's a little less than how many years? Are you now ready for Chapter 9?
       21. QUESTION 19: ACCORDING TO THIS CHAPTER, HOW DO YOU INTERPRET HERE IN YEARS "ONE WEEK"?--And we're especially talking about the 27th verse, because we've been studying particularly this man & his kingdom. How long is one week in years? One week has how many days? So how many years is that, one week? Got it? Just write down the figure, you don't have to spell it out.
       22. QUESTION 20: AND WHEN IT SAYS THAT IN THE MIDDLE OF THIS WEEK HE SHALL CAUSE THE SACRIFICE & OBLATION TO CEASE, & for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate, even until the consummation or the end, what period is that?--From the Abomination of Desolation to the end of that period. What's it called, again? You can abbreviate it. What is this awful period that this Abomination of Desolation begins? It starts in the middle of that number of years. It's the same, by the way, as the answer to Question 16. Same thing! I want you to know! PTL?
       23. QUESTION 21: WHAT'S THE NAME OF THIS MAN WHO DOES THIS? Who is the he that it speaks of here in the 27th verse? "He shall confirm the Covenant with many for one week, & in the midst of the week he shall cause the sacrifice & the oblation to cease, & for the overspreading of abominations he shall make it desolate." Who is this man? You can use an abbreviation for his name if you want to. I'll bet Techi can get most of these. She knows more than church people & preachers. Well, she has to. She's got to be able to be one of those wise people that teach the people & instruct many & do exploits like Heaven's Girl in that time! (Dan. 11:32,33)
       24. QUESTION 22: TURN OVER TO DANIEL 11, 20TH VERSE. What country do you think this is describing here that is eventually destroyed by the Antichrist? In other places she's also called the Great Whore. You can use initials for this country if you want to, you don't have to write it out. You can write it in two letters or three. What country do you think this 20th Verse of Daniel 11 is describing, a "raiser of taxes". In fact, they raise more taxes than any nation on the face of the Earth & they spend most of it for war. What country is that terrible country that we're always talking about, talking against. I'm an anti-American! What country is that?
       25. QUESTION 23: THEN WHO IS THIS MAN IT STARTS TALKING ABOUT IN THE 21ST VERSE & keeps talking about him all the way to the end of the chapter? You can just use two initials for his name if you want to. It describes him, describes how he operates, calls him the King of the North & all the things he does during his reign. It even tells how he looks.
       26. QUESTION 24: NAME THIS GOD THAT HE SETS UP & MAKES EVERYBODY WORSHIP. You can name it in several different ways. It's a what or it's a what of a what? You can give it several different names. Usually the Bible calls it a what of a what? Who is this god that he sets up & makes everybody worship besides himself?--In fact, it's even a statue of himself. Isn't that clear enough?
       27. WHAT DO YOU THINK THE NEXT MOST IMPORTANT QUESTION SHOULD BE? We really covered a lot of territory here & I'm sure you know & understand most of it. Let's see, what would be the best question to ask here? I haven't found it yet. You be looking at it & see if you can think of one. All of this other we've been over many times, but the greatest detail we learned comes near the end of the Chapter.
       28. QUESTION 25: HE TALKS ABOUT THREE DIFFERENT LENGTHS OF TIME IN THIS 12TH CHAPTER. He talks about a time, times & dividing of time. Or in other words, He talks about 3-1/2 years there, which is according to their way of figuring 1260 days. Then He talks about 1290 days. Then He talks about 1335 days! I know you're pretty familiar with this & I already asked you about the 3-1/2 years or the 1260 days, you know what that is. It's one of the questions on your test. And you may or may not know what 1290 days is.
       29. WHAT DO WE BELIEVE IS THE END OF THE ANTICHRIST'S TOTAL REIGN ON EARTH? When does it end? At which one of these figures?--1260 days, 1290 days or 1335 days. We also call this the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon. Which one of those days ends the Antichrist's Kingdom & has to be the Battle of Armageddon, since that is the end? Right? First he asks, "How long?" Then he asks, "What shall the end be?" And that's gotta be the end, because he doesn't really stop ruling until he's licked in the Battle of Armageddon, which we believe begins 1290 days after he sets up the Abomination of Desolation & desecrates the Temple & stops the sacrifices, which was the beginning of a certain period that I said before. But that period was to last 1260 days, this is 30 days later at another time. Which one of these figures? I already gave it away but maybe you didn't catch it!
       30. WHICH ONE OF THESE FIGURES DO WE BELIEVE TO BE THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? Notice I say we believe because we don't really know. But we have deduced & figured that that could be the only time that could be really called the end of his reign. We have usually talked about 7 years, 3-1/2 years & all that. And what happens at the end of 1260 days in the Rapture, that pretty well sort of ends his power. But which one of these figures, 1260, 1290 or 1335 is really the end of him & the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon!

       31. ARE YOU READY TO CORRECT YOUR PAPERS? Ready for the answers? We know you're all honest Christians & love the Lord & you don't lie & you don't deceive & you'd certainly be honest, so this is what they call a word of honour test, you can correct your own paper. How's that? How easy can it be to cheat? But if you cheat, you cheat yourself! So do you want to know how well you did now by hearing the answers? All right! Only a 25-word test, how about that! Some of them were just initials at that, some just figures. Wasn't that easy enough? But I think that pretty well covers the main things about the Antichrist's kingdom.
       32. NUMBER 1 WAS WHAT WAS THE 4TH EMPIRE, the legs of iron of Daniel's Image? (Fam: Rome.) We'll let Techi answer any she can answer since she didn't have time maybe to write them all out. Rome!
       33. NUMBER 2, WHAT CONTINENT DID THE FEET REPRESENT, a mixture of iron & clay, the remnants of the Roman Empire? Techi, did you get it? (Techi: Europe.)--Right! And Number 3 is how many nations of that continent are represented by the ten toes? That's like a "Joan of Arc" question! (Fam: 10.)--Right! Pretty easy!
       34. NUMBER 4, AND WHO WAS THE STONE OR WHAT WAS HIS KINGDOM? (Fam: The Kingdom of God!) It also could be called the Kingdom of Heaven or Kingdom of Christ or Jesus, or you could even say us or ours, I'd allow that! Is that easy enough? Now let's turn over to Daniel 7.
       35. NUMBER 5, WHAT GREAT EMPIRE WAS THIS 4TH BEAST IN DANIEL 7? (Fam: Rome.) And Number 6, who are these ten horns? What continent of nations do these ten horns represent today? (Fam: Europe.) Again the answer is Europe. Very good! Boy, you guys are smart!
       36. NUMBER 7, AND WHO WAS THIS LITTLE HORN that rose up & overthrew, put down three of the ten horns & ruled the World? The what? (Fam: Antichrist!)--Or you could just put AC if you wanted to.
       37. NUMBER 8, HOW LONG IS A TIME & TIMES & HALF-A-TIME IN BIBLE LANGUAGE? (Techi: 3-1/2 years.)--Right! Now if you didn't get the right answer, write out the right answer beside the answer you gave so you'll be sure & have it this time.
       38. NUMBER 9, WHAT GREAT WORLD EMPIRE WAS THIS HE GOAT IN CHAPTER 8 that had a big notable horn called Alexander the Great? (Fam: Greece.) Now is the tough one!
       39. NUMBERS 10, 11 & 12, NAME 3 OF THE 4 COUNTRIES INTO WHICH THE GREEK EMPIRE WAS DIVIDED. Who can name'm? (Fam: Turkey, Greece & Assyria.) You can say Assyria or Syria, either one. It was originally called Assyria but later Syria. And there was one more? (Fam: Egypt.) If you got any three of those, you were right. Greece, Turkey, Egypt or Syria. I wouldn't expect you to be able to spell all those, Techi, so if you didn't get'm, don't worry about it. (Techi: I copied it from my Bible.) Wow! Well, that's great! That's the way to know it!
       40. NUMBER 13, WHO WAS THE LITTLE HORN? I said he was the same as the little horn of Daniel 7. What could be easier than that? The what? (Techi: The Antichrist!)--The AC.
       41. NUMBER 14, THIS LITTLE HORN THAT CAME FORTH OUT OF ONE OF THEM IS DESCRIBED AS COMING FROM WHAT DIRECTION in the 9th verse? They don't tell you what direction he's coming from, but they say he comes toward the South, toward the East & toward the Pleasant Land, which from their way of looking at things was really toward the West. So he came from what direction? (Fam: The North.)--Right! I know we say he originally came from Egypt, that's true, but I said what direction did he come from at the time of this verse. See?--Not necessarily where he was born. And I told you also he was later called the King of that direction, King of the North!
       42. NUMBER 15, WHO WERE THESE PEOPLE, THIS HOST OF STARS THAT HE STAMPED ON? (Fam: Us!) That's an easy way to put it!--Us or the Saints or the Christians or the Saved. You could have had several different answers for that that all mean the same thing.
       43. NUMBER 16 WAS WHAT TERRIBLE PERIOD BEGINS WITH THE STOPPING OF THE DAILY SACRIFICE, casting down the sanctuary & setting up a statue of himself? (Fam: The Tribulation.) And I said you could use an abbreviation & just say "Trib".
       44. NUMBER 17, DID YOU WRITE TWENTY-THREE HUNDRED DAYS? Sorry I don't have a blackboard to write this on for you, but you should have 2-3-0-0. That's how you write it in figures.
       45. NUMBER 18, HOW MANY YEARS IS 2300 DAYS A LITTLE BIT LESS THAN? (Fam: 7 years.)--Exactly right! It's also a little more than 6, but a little less than 7.
       46. NUMBER 19, HOW LONG IS "ONE WEEK" IN ITS BIBLE LANGUAGE HERE IN THE 9TH CHAPTER, 27TH VERSE? (Fam: 7 years.) One week meant seven years. One seven is literally what it means. But I couldn't tell you that because you're already supposed to know. I would have told you the number if I had said that meant one seven. But you're supposed to know by this time what one week means. It means seven what? (Fam: Years.) Seven years!
       47. NUMBER 20, WHAT DO YOU CALL THE PERIOD OF TIME FROM THE MIDDLE OF THE WEEK TO THE END? (Fam: The Tribulation.) Again it's the Trib. And Number 21 was who is the "he" of this verse? (Fam: The Antichrist!) You got it! You guys are smart!
       48. NUMBER 22, WHAT NATION DO YOU THINK THIS 20TH VERSE OF DANIEL 11 IS TALKING ABOUT? (Fam: U.S.A.)--Right! Or just U.S. would be all right. Or if you put down America, that's okay, although some of the South Americans don't like you calling just the U.S. America because they consider they're part of America too! They'll say, "I'm an American, I'm a South American!" So to be specific it's better to say U.S. or U.S.A. And what does that stand for? (Fam: United States of America.)
       49. NUMBER 23, FROM THE 21ST VERSE ON IT KEEPS TALKING MOSTLY ABOUT THIS ONE KING ALL THE WAY TO THE END OF THE CHAPTER. It also talks about his enemies & wars & all the terrible things he does. Who is he? (Fam: The Antichrist.)
       50. AND NUMBER 24, WHAT GOD DOES HE WORSHIP & MAKE EVERYBODY WORSHIP? (Fam: Image of the Beast.)--Or you could say his statue, or if you wanted to, it says "god of forces" or an idol or an image of himself or a computerised robot. Any way you can describe that idol that he puts up, if it means the same thing then you got it right!
       51. QUESTION 25, THE MYSTERIOUS NUMBER! Which one of these three numbers, 1260, 1290 or 1335 do we believe is the beginning of the Battle of Armageddon, the end of the Antichrist's actual reign? (Fam: 1290.)--Exactly right! Boy, what smart kids!

       52. ALL RIGHT! DID YOU PUT X'S BESIDE THE ONES YOU GOT WRONG? I forgot to tell you that. Just put an X beside each one you got wrong & count up how many X's you got. Don't tell me, just write it down at the head of your paper. Now multiply the number of X's you got by four. This is a short way to do it. You could take the number you got right & have it right off. But take the number you got wrong, multiply it by four & subtract that number that you get then from 100, & that's your score! You don't have to tell me what you got & you don't have to tell anybody else. 100 is a perfect score. In other words, if you only got one X that would be 4 off of 100 or 96. Or if you missed 2 that would be 2 X's times 4 is 8 from 100 is 92, on down the line.
       53. HOW MANY OF YOU GOT 100, LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS! How about that! Well, God bless you! I'm not going to go too far to embarrass anybody now. That was most of you! Raise'm again! You ought to be proud of getting 100! Let's see your hands! How many of you got 96? Wow! That's terrific! Well, I bet everybody wants to know what Techi's score was. If you got anywhere in the 90's we call that an A. If you got 80 or above we call that a B, which is a very good score. (Techi: I got 80.)--Wow! That's a B!--Which is a high score! A is about perfect, B is almost perfect. Of course, when you get down to C & on down it's a little imperfect. Wow! That was really good! Even Techi got 80, got a B! How about that! (Maria: We all have phobias because of tests in school.) Mama got an A!
       54. EVERYBODY BUT ONE GOT A, & THAT ONE GOT A B, WHICH IS VERY GOOD! Good for you, Techi, that's terrific! And she even spelled it all right! Wow! I think we ought to give Techi a hand! GBY, Sweetheart! I'm proud of you! Come up here & I'll give you a kiss! X X X! ILY! I'll tell you, that's really good for little Techi to get such a high score. She even spelled them out. I don't think anybody was really helping her either, telling her the answers, she was getting them on her own. Boy oh boy! I'll tell you what most church people would have done on that test! You can imagine!
       55. WE USUALLY GRADED SOMETHING IN THE 70'S AS A "C", & when I was in high school they were still grading very strictly, & if you got below 70 you got an F, which meant you failed the test. But later on when I was teaching school they told me to grade on the curve, because kids were getting so dumb I was failing nearly everybody in the class! Grading by the same way we'd graded when I was in high school, nearly everybody in my class was flunking! So finally they said, "Well, that's not the way we do it nowadays, brother. We take the highest grade & we take the lowest grade & we go from the high one to the low one." And even if the highest one made 40 or 50%--which would have been a flunking grade when I was in school--that was now an A or A plus, great grade! So if the bottom man only made 5, you graded from 40 down to 5. Who could fail to pass at that rate?
       56. SCHOOL IN THE U.S. HAS GOTTEN TO BE A JOKE! In fact, they mostly just played around & did nothing instead of studying or doing anything! They got to where so many of them were flunking they just passed them on the social scale, in other words by their age. They just kept passing them along by their age regardless of whether they studied or passed the test or graduated from high school without being able to read or write! It got to be a tremendous scandal! Even in an advanced State like California so many students were graduating from high school & still couldn't read & write! Think of that, Techi! 18 & 19 years old & they still couldn't read or write! Our kids start learning to read & write at 3 & 4 years of age! (Maria: They were smart kids, though, they could have learned if their teachers had taught'm.) Yes, there's no reason they couldn't have been smart, but it's the System. The System just didn't make'm study & didn't inspire'm to study, didn't teach'm right, just let'm do as they please.
       57. THIS IS CALLED PROGRESSIVE EDUCATION--THEY PROGRESSED TO BE DUMMIES! They kept rapidly advancing up through the grades until they were dumber than ever! About all they'd learned was how to take drugs & commit crimes & do all kinds of bad things & be bad kids, because they weren't taught to really study & behave.--Till schools got to be called the blackboard jungles, the cities were asphalt jungles & the students were the savages! They wouldn't obey their teachers & they beat'm up, even shot some of them, terrible!--A nation of criminals, a nation of savages! And look at the kind of music those savages are now producing. They weren't taught anything else so that's what they wound up with!

       58. WELL, HOW'D YOU LIKE THAT TEST? Don't you think those were the most important points that we've studied? I didn't give you everything, but that's what they call a spotcheck! That's sort of like a census or one of these polls or surveys where they spotcheck maybe a thousand people & they figure that in that thousand they've got a pretty good percentage of what the vast majority of the people think or believe or feel. In a spotcheck you ask enough questions, & I figure you will get about the same grade as if I'd asked all the questions, because that's a pretty good sampling. A spot check is sort of a sampling.
       59. A LOT OF INDUSTRIES & BUSINESSES USE WHAT THEY CALL THE SPOTCHECK. They check their products once in awhile here or there where it's unexpected & they're not expected to check, so that the people who work for them & the workers & all will make sure that everything is right. They just haven't got time to check every little item or every little thing, so they spotcheck! The employees never know where they're going to check so they've got to make sure they get it all right or the one they check might just be the one that they didn't do right! A few bad ones might get through that way, but they figure they save more in the long run by not having to inspect every single thing, every item or every item of business.
       60. SO I DIDN'T ASK YOU ALL THE QUESTIONS, I JUST SPOTCHECKED! But they were pretty important questions, don't you think? I think that shows you've got a pretty good grasp of Daniel. Right? Hang on to him! Praise God! You're going to meet him some day, & he'll be proud of you if you did well on his book! You can trot up to Daniel & say, "Daniel, when I was only six years of age I made 80 on your book!" And some of you can brag that you made 92 & 96 & 100! He'll be real proud of you, because that shows that you knew more about his book than he did at that time! He'll probably say, "Well buddy" or "Well sister, I'll tell you, you knew more about my book than I did when I got it!" But he understands it now, I'm sure! I'm sure he probably understands more about it now than you do! (Sara: He probably comes to class to find out!) Well, I'm sure he knows now!
       61. BUT ANYHOW, THANK THE LORD, YOU CERTAINLY KNOW MORE ABOUT IT THAN MOST PEOPLE, even most Christians, I would say even most preachers or most Bible college professors & Bible teachers. Most of them are really screwed up. But we got ours right out of the Bible so we know it's right! PTL!

       62. ALL RIGHT! HOW ABOUT THAT FOR A NICE SHORT CLASS? WASN'T THAT NICE?--NICE & BRIEF & TO THE POINT! It shows you know it! What book do you think we're going to study next? (Fam: Revelation.) And what subject? (Fam: The Antichrist.)--Right, the Antichrist & his reign, his kingdom, so we'll know as much as the Bible has to say about it, so you'll be able to understand it & know it & recognise it when it begins & recognise him when he appears & know what he's going to do.
       63. JUST THINK, YOU KNOW THE FUTURE! You'll know exactly what's happening & what's going to happen & when it's going to happen & what's going to happen next! People are going to come running to you then to find out, because they'll suddenly realise that you were telling them the truth all the time & you had all the answers. They said, "Oh, I don't believe all that bunk!" But they're going to come running to you to ask you to find out, even to our children! Even our children will be able to tell them, think of that! Isn't that wonderful? PTL!
       64. YOU'LL BE ABLE TO TELL THEM WHAT'S HAPPENING & WHY & WHO & EVEN WHERE, WHEN THE NEXT THING IS GOING TO HAPPEN, WHAT IT'S GOING TO BE, THE WHOLE THING! You know exactly when this begins. From exactly what point? What is the first specific thing about this period? Maybe a little review will be good now that you've had your test. Would you like a little oral review? What specific things have you learned about the Antichrist period & his reign?
       65. HOW WILL WE KNOW EXACTLY WHEN?--If it's publicised, which I think it will be! I mean, why not? What will be the first sign that the Antichrist is in existence? (Fam: The signing of the Covenant.) That was a good thing I emphasised that word sign, you can recognise it by that.--The signing of the Covenant. That'll be the first thing that he does that we will recognise that he's the one that's doing it, no matter if maybe he hasn't even appeared yet. But we'll know he's behind it, that he has organised the nations of the United Nations together to sign this Covenant & make this agreement, this Peace Pact not to have any war, at least for awhile, at least for seven years. We know he's around already, but that will begin to prove to other people that we knew, when he actually does present this Peace Pact or sign this Peace Pact or get the nations to sign it, even if he hasn't appeared.
       66. WHAT'S THE NEXT SIGN THAT YOU'LL SEE IN THE NEWS OR HEAR ON THE RADIO OR READ IN THE PAPER?--The next major event that's going to occur after the Peace Pact is signed. (Fam: The rebuilding of the Temple.)--Right! You're going to hear that the Jews are beginning to rebuild their Temple, probably right after the Pact is signed. You're going to hear it on the news, see it on the television, watch the progress of the rebuilding of the Temple! Think of that!
       67. BUT WHAT IS THE FIRST DAY PROPHECY GIVEN IN DANIEL WHEREBY YOU WILL KNOW EXACTLY HOW LONG IT'S GOING TO BE TO THE END OF HIS REIGN, or at least to the end of the Tribulation?--Perhaps even meaning to the end of his reign at the Battle of Armageddon? What is the first day prophecy given in Daniel? It has to do with the rebuilding of the Temple. First of all, when does it begin? (Fam: When they begin the daily sacrifice.)--Which will probably be at the dedication of the Temple, just like it was under Solomon.
       68. WHEN THEY BEGIN THE DAILY SACRIFICES, ON THAT DAY, YOU WILL BE ABLE TO TELL EXACTLY HOW MANY DAYS UNTIL WHEN? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.) Don't forget that. And there in Daniel, what is that first day prophecy that is given? How many days? (Fam: 2,300.)--Very good!--Two thousand three hundred days from the time that the daily sacrifice begins, which will probably be at the dedication of the finished Temple, until the end of these abominations & desolations.
       69. AND ALTHOUGH WE'RE CAUGHT UP IN THE RAPTURE, THAT IS NOT NECESSARILY THE END OF HIS ABOMINATIONS & DESOLATIONS. What has got to be the end of the Antichrist's abominations & desolations & all his dirty deeds? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon.)--Right! All it gives us as a clue is that it includes the time of the sacrifices through the Abomination of Desolation. But that goes right on after we're gone, don't forget that. If anything, he gets worse. It says that things are going to be so bad they're going to have all these sores & all these terrible things, but do they repent?--No! These Antichrist people even curse God all the more! So their abominations keep going & his wicked rule continues until he is defeated in the Battle of Armageddon.
       70. SO WE KNOW THAT THE 2300 DAYS BEGINS AT THE TIME OF THE DAILY SACRIFICES, because that's the period he says it covers, the sacrifices & the abominations. And from the beginning of the sacrifice to the end of the abominations is 2300 days. So we believe that that means from the very day that the sacrifices begin, which would be, as the Jews have always done it, on the day that they finish the Temple & they have the dedication ceremony, which is the day when they begin the sacrifices. They can't do that until the Temple's finished & everything's finished & everybody's organised, the priests & the Levites & all that stuff. They always have a big celebration, a big dedication like they did under Solomon.
       71. BOY, THEY HAD ONE TERRIFIC BARBEQUE! They slaughtered so many beasts & had such a feast as probably has never been before or since! I doubt if they could have one as big as Solomon had! You can read about it some time in the Bible, the dedication of the Temple, it was a tremendous event! They had orchestras, singers, choirs, music, dancing & they had these sacrifices, which was really a big barbeque.--Which means they roasted all this meat for all these people to eat at this feast. And it went on for days! (IKg.8:62-66)
       72. SO FROM THE MOMENT THOSE SACRIFICES BEGIN, YOU CAN START COUNTING THE DAYS & YOU KNOW YOU'RE COUNTING RIGHT TO SOME EVENT THAT'S AT THE END. Frankly, I can't see how it could be anything else but the Battle of Armageddon!--That the 2300 days will mean from the dedication of the Temple, the beginning of the sacrifices, till whatever point in the Battle of Armageddon that the Temple is cleansed. That's my opinion. You say, "Well, that's beyond the seven years!" Oh, is it? Well, what's 30 days beyond 7 years? 30 days later. We always figure the Rapture at the 1260 days, or the 3-1/2 years or the end of the 7-year reign.
       73. WHAT'S THE NEXT SPECIFIC TIME?--THE NEXT MAJOR EVENT AFTER THE BUILDING & DEDICATION OF THE TEMPLE & RESUMPTION OF THE DAILY SACRIFICES? What is the next major keystone pivotal event of the Antichrist reign? (David: He breaks the Covenant.) And at that time when he breaks the Covenant, what does he do? (David: He sets up the Abomination of Desolation.) Which is what? (David: The Image of the Beast.) Who is the Beast? (David: The Antichrist.) So he sets up an Image of himself. Actually, he has his propaganda minister, the False Prophet, do it for him. It's the same thing. And he declares himself to be...(Fam: God.) And he makes everybody...(Fam: Worship the Image.) And? (Fam: Take his Mark.) So that they can't do what? (Fam: Buy or sell.) And if they don't take it they can also be...(Fam: Killed!)
       74. SO FROM THE TIME HE DECLARES HIMSELF GOD & SETS UP THE IMAGE, JESUS HIMSELF SAID WOULD BEGIN WHAT PERIOD? (Fam: The Great Tribulation.) And then it tells us exactly how many days the Great Tribulation will last. Maybe that's the secret, the Great Tribulation for us only lasts for how many days after that? (Fam: 1260 days.) But that is not actually the end of his reign, because his reign doesn't stop till we come back & stop him! We don't stop him when we leave, we stop him when we come back!--Right?
       75. SO AT THE TIME OF THE STOPPING OF THE SACRIFICES, THAT'S THE MIDDLE OF WHAT PERIOD? (Fam: Seven-year reign.)--The seven year reign of the Antichrist. And it's 1260 days until the end of that seven years. You say, "But you're saying it's 30 days later!" Some of you guys are real sticklers for splittin' hairs over a month later. But anyway, there are other ways we know exactly when.
       76. 1260 DAYS LATER WE KNOW DEFINITELY WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN? (Fam: The Rapture.)--The Rapture of the Saints. After what period? (Fam: The Great Tribulation.) Very good, you're learning. And we also know, you can even start counting the days, from the time of the dedication of the Temple to the very end is 2300 days. That's a little less than 7 years, a little more than 6. We don't know exactly what that date is, but I assume it is either at the beginning or it could even be the end of the Battle of Armageddon, it's only a month's difference.

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