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CONFIRMATIONS! DO 2207 2/85--Regarding AC's Deadly Wound Healed! ET# 60

1. A LOT OF TIMES EVEN IN THE BIBLE PEOPLE WERE GIVEN THINGS THAT THEY FOUND HARD TO BELIEVE! Even Mary said, "How can these things be? I know not a man!" (Luk.1:34) Sara found it hard to believe she was going to have a son when she was so old. (Gen.18:10-12) John the Baptist's father, Zacharias, found it hard to believe that Elisabeth could bear him a son, so the Lord struck him dumb until it came to pass, as a sign. (Luk.1:18-20)
2. LORD FORGIVE ME, BUT THAT SOLVES THE WHOLE THING IF THAT'S THE ANSWER! Lord forgive me for saying "if"! I've been praying over that Chapter (Revelation 13), as I really haven't wanted to teach it because I was going to have to tell them that there are some things there that I don't understand & I don't know so I can't answer. Hallelujah! But all of a sudden this happened while I was watching this movie ("The Phoenix"), just as clear as anything, just like the Lord was speaking to me.--There, that's how it happens!
3. WELL, IT'S ACTUALLY NOTHING NEW, THE LORD SHOWED ME THIS BEFORE, but I never thought about it before in relation to this particular thing & passage in the Scripture that we're studying about the deadly wound that was healed. "He received a wound unto death, yet did live." (Rev.13:3, 12, 14) How can anybody receive a wound unto death, a deadly wound--that means they had to die--& yet live?
4. WE DIE & YET LIVE IN THE SPIRIT, so apparently evil people die, & yet their evil spirits can come back & possess someone else's body.--Demon-possession! I'm beginning to wonder who it was that died. And that would also explain that almost inexplicable passage about the "seventh, even he is the eighth". (Rev.17:11) How can the seventh be the eighth unless he is reincarnated?--Get it?
5. HE RECEIVES A WOUND UNTO DEATH IN HIS FIRST LIFE, BUT THEN HE IS ALLOWED TO COME BACK & DEMON-POSSESS THE ANTICHRIST! It doesn't seem like that can be the Devil. It must be some individual, some person. (Maria: Two human beings are involved.)--Yes! One dies with a wound unto death, a deadly wound in life somehow, but then he is healed by coming alive again by his spirit possessing the current modern-day body of the Antichrist. He inhabits the body of the Antichrist. (Maria: So the other person is some ancient, some person from before.)--Yes! Well, who was the seventh kingdom? "Even he is the eighth." (Maria: Rome?)
6. THAT'S THE FIRST THING THAT CAME TO ME, THAT IT'S SOME ROMAN DICTATOR OR CAESAR OR SOMETHING. Of course, one of the first most demonic of all was Nero. He was a prototype of the Antichrist the way he persecuted Christians & burned Rome & everything else. I think he died by committing suicide.
7. IT'S NOT THAT I DON'T BELIEVE IT, BUT I ALWAYS LIKE CONFIRMATION! I'm a lot like Gideon, I want some dew on the fleece, I just want confirmation. The Lord gives me a revelation but I want Him to prove it or I want to prove it somehow. It's one thing to be told something far out that's hard for people to believe, it's another thing for it to be confirmed by either Scripture or history or to be proven. Of course, the way a Prophecy is proven is by its fulfilment.
8. IN THIS CASE WE KNOW THE FULFILMENT, BUT WHERE WAS THE BEGINNING? Who was it that died by a deadly wound? Who was the seventh who is now also the eighth? I can't think anything more about it tonight. It's been a big mystery for a long time, I've never had the explanation. But after all, how many confirmations can you get, at least in the Spirit? I got the messages but I still don't quite understand them, I still haven't found the link.
9. YOU'RE BETWEEN THE DEVIL & THE DEEP BLUE SEA, IN A WAY! These things are very heavy sometimes. You're never closer to the dangers of the spirit & the Enemy as you are when you're in the spirit & getting things from the Lord. The Enemy is very real & tries to fight it! It's a battle & sometimes it's almost scary. It's very ominous. It's like when the Devil tempted Jesus, it's almost like he sometimes comes through with something he wants to say, something scary & frightening, like a warning because he's objecting to my getting into something. He's really fighting my getting something from the Lord!
10. WELL, THIS IS BIBLICAL. There were very powerful spirits that fought the Angels that were trying to bring answers to Daniel. It's hard for me to understand that it's almost like a conversation going on, a battle between the Lord & the Devil, between the good spirits & the evil spirits.
11. WOULD IT SHOCK YOU FOR ME TO SAY THAT SOMETIMES IT IS ALMOST LIKE THE DEVIL IS TRYING TO TELL ME THINGS & CONTRADICT WHAT GOD IS SAYING? But I don't like it so I'm sure the Lord always gets the victory. "Where sin doth abound, grace doth much more abound." (Rom.5:20) But sometimes the Enemy is very angry & trying to oppose, & one of his methods is fear, fright, scare! In other words, "Don't dabble in this, don't touch it! This is my territory, you have nothing to do with it!" Well, if the Devil spoke to the Lord, I guess he could try to talk to me too.
12. I GOT A VERY STRANGE MOVING WHILE THE MAN IN THE MOVIE WAS TALKING ABOUT EGYPT & THE NILE. These things are very heavy sometimes. The Temples of Karnak are some of the most colossal ruins of Egypt, almost more amazing than the Pyramids, amazingly huge statues, very mysterious!
13. ALL I KNOW IS THAT AT THE END OF THIS MOVIE, IT SUDDENLY DAWNED ON ME THAT THAT WAS PART OF THE SOLUTION TO THE MYSTERY IN THE BIBLE ABOUT THE ANTICHRIST, "the Beast that was, & is not & yet is", "wounded unto death & yet did live." And I got a confirmation after that twice!--Once here with you & once a little later. I really believe that the Lord was trying to show me something!
14. LORD FORGIVE ME, I GUESS I NEED MORE FAITH! I'm always so sceptical, I test things, I want God to prove things. Sometimes I'm not willing to simply take Him at His Word or revelation. Now I want to search history to try to find out who it was!--Was it a Caesar? Who was it?
15. THE FIRST CONFIRMATION WAS: "THESE MYSTERIES I HAVE SHOWN UNTO THY FATHER & THESE THINGS I HAVE GIVEN UNTO DAVID! These Words of thy Father are true. These are the mysteries which I have revealed unto David!" And then the second one in the bathroom a little bit later was: "I bestow My kisses & Love upon thy Father. That is why I have given these things unto David." It was like it was in the Lord's Love that He was giving these things & I shouldn't doubt it. I was really desperate when I was on the toilet & I really needed encouragement & comfort.
16. THIS IS A PRETTY BIG THING, HONEY! Such a revelation is a pretty big thing because preachers have puzzled over that mystery for years, ages! If the Lord is giving me the solution, at least beginning to lead me along that direction, then it's quite a revelation!

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