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REVELATION 13,VERSES 7-18!--And About the Book of Life & Unsaved Christians!       ET #62         DO 2209       6/85

       REV.13:7-8 & SCOFIELD RAPTURE!
       1. PTL! GBY ALL! (SINGS: "HOW FIRM A FOUNDATION!") PTL! Shall we pray? TYL! TYJ! Amen, amen, amen! (Family member prays) So what are we studying? (Fam: Revelation Chapter 13.) About what? (Fam: The Antichrist!)
       2. (VERSE 7:) "AND IT WAS GIVEN UNTO HIM TO MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS, & TO OVERCOME THEM: & power was given him over all kindreds & tongues & nations." Power was given him over all kindreds & tongues & nations, but that doesn't mean they all accepted. A lot of countries are a pretty prime example of that. The government has the power over the country, but there are a lot of people within the country that don't accept it. It doesn't mean there aren't any rebels. But he is the World power, he is the World government, despite the rebels or even whole nations of rebels.
       3. THIS IS AN INTERESTING VERSE HERE: "IT WAS GIVEN UNTO HIM TO MAKE WAR WITH THE SAINTS." Who are the Saints? (Fam: Us!) Of course!--We are the Saints!--Christians, born-again believers, the saved. And what are the Scofieldites going to do with this verse? Here's another verse, don't forget, to prove that the Church is going to go through the Tribulation. You say, "Well, how do those Scofieldites get around this verse? It clearly says the Antichrist is going to make war with the Saints, obviously Christians, the Church!"--Oh no, not to the Scofieldities!
       4. THEY START WITH THE 4TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, 1ST VERSE, & THEY PUT THE RAPTURE THERE! It says, "And the first voice which I heard was as it were of a trumpet talking with me, which said, Come up hither & I will show thee things which must be hereafter." Now what do you think that verse means?--A voice like a trumpet. Who's He talking to? (Fam: John.) And what does He tell John to do? (Fam: Come up hither.) And what does He tell him He's going to do? (Fam: Show him things which must be hereafter.) Plain & simple, just as simple as it can be! But that's where Scofield puts the Rapture!--How ridiculous!
       5. THAT'S THE SCOFIELD RAPTURE RIGHT THERE, ISN'T THAT RIDICULOUS? And since that's the Rapture of the Church & all the Saints, from then on all these people who are called Saints are just Jews, Jewish Saints who get saved during the Tribulation. It's only those who got left behind & weren't saved yet, & according to his interpretation, they're all Jews, only Jews who are going to get saved after this. I'm talking about the liar Scofield. It's a lie! He's a liar!--Because the stuff he taught is not true. It's the doctrines of devils to deceive the Church & the Christians into thinking they won't have to go through the Tribulation.
       6. HE SAYS THAT ALL THE JEWS ARE GOING TO GET SAVED DURING THE TRIBULATION, that eventually they'll recognise the Antichrist is not the Messiah & they're going to get saved. And all of this from the 1st verse of Chapter 4! To Scofield, everything after that is after the Rapture & only there to tell the Jews what's going to happen to them. Isn't that a ridiculous damnable doctrine of devils! I mean, it's so foolish! They have to twist the Scriptures, deny the Truth! They have to twist & deny & contort & wrest the Scriptures one after the other in order to try to fit the Scriptures to their doctrine. If the Scripture doesn't fit their doctrine, they just twist it around & interpret it some other way.
       7. YOU KIDS CAN SEE HOW SILLY THAT IS, CAN'T YOU? Does that look like the Rapture here in that first verse, just because He told John to come up & He was going to show him things that were going to happen? Does that sound like the Rapture? Well, if it is, it's sure one ridiculous Rapture & John's the only one that got raptured! It's silly! He's just inviting John for his space trip, his spirit trip to Heaven to see all these things & see what's going to happen, that's all. Because everything else in here makes it very clear that the Saints, the Church, the Christians are still here during the Tribulation! So Verse 7 is a good verse for you on that.
       8. (VERSE 8:) "AND ALL THAT DWELL UPON THE EARTH SHALL WORSHIP HIM." I've heard the preachers preach on this & say that it's everybody that's not saved. Of course they think the Saved have already gone to Heaven, so obviously everybody that's left is not saved. So the whole World is going to worship the Beast & they're all going to take the Mark of the Beast. I don't know why they even have to mark'm if everybody left are only Beast's people. Why does he have to brand them? Why does he have to show that they belong to him?
       9. TO TRY TO FIT THEIR INTERPRETATION TO THE SCRIPTURE, YOU JUST GO ABSOLUTELY NUTS! It's so silly & so completely chaotic & confused & inconsistent, it's just ridiculous! But that's what they had to do to fit in their doctrine, which is their main doctrine, that the Church is not going to go through the Tribulation, it's going to be raptured before the Tribuation in a pre-Trib Rapture.
       10. THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PRE-TRIB RAPTURE! The Church will not be raptured until the end of the Tribulation, & that is clear throughout the Scriptures from cover to cover, in all the prophetic teachings. And that's all the Church taught for 1800 years, it's even in the Catholic Bible & the Martin Luther Bible, & all the old Bibles have it. This doctrine of a pre-Trib Rapture did not arise until about 1800, 1795 I think it was, & I think they called them the Cooneyites because the guy that led this movement was called Cooney, nearly 1800 years after Jesus.
       11. FOR 1800 YEARS THAT'S ALL THE CHURCH EVER BELIEVED, they never thought of anything else, because the Scriptures were so clear! The Episcopal church, Church of England, Catholic Church, all the churches & all the old Bibles & everything that were translated in those days of the Reformation, all taught that the Church was going to go through the Tribulation. Of course, a lot of them thought they were going through the Tribulation right then & they called the Pope the Antichrist, etc.--Not the Catholic Bible, of course. The Catholic Bible is really almost straighter on it than almost anybody.
       12. SO IF THE CHURCH IS NOT GOING TO GO THROUGH THE TRIBULATION, WHO ARE THESE SAINTS? Well, Scofield says they're the Jews. And if He's going to say here "All that dwell upon the Earth shall worship him," which is what they indicate, then how come it says, "Whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World." Here we have the Book of Life again, isn't that wonderful?

       BOOK OF LIFE!
       13. AND WHILE WE'RE ON THIS POINT I MIGHT AS WELL TELL YOU SOME OF THE FUNNY LITTLE THINGS THE BIBLE PROPHECY TEACHERS BELIEVE ABOUT THE BOOK OF LIFE! Some of them make a great distinction between the Book of the Lamb & the Book of Life. The Book of the Lamb, that's just the Saved, & the Book of Life is something else, I've forgotten whatever. But here's a verse that they have a hard time getting around: "The Book of Life of the Lamb." Maybe there's a third book, huh? Crazy people, some of these preachers!
       14. THIS VERSE SHOWS THAT YOU CANNOT DIFFERENTIATE BETWEEN THE BOOK OF THE LAMB & THE BOOK OF LIFE, THEY'RE ONE & THE SAME THING, because the Book of Life is the Book of the Lamb! It says "the Book of Life of the Lamb." period!--Nailed down! Amen? "And all that dwell upon the Earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb."
       15. NOW WE FIND OUT LATER ON THAT THERE ARE A LOT OF PEOPLE BESIDES THE SAVED WHO APPARENTLY ARE WRITTEN IN THE BOOK OF LIFE. Because at the last Judgement, the Great White Throne Judgement, here the Angels pull out this Book of Life. Why worry with it if the Saved are all saved & everybody else is going to go to Hell, why make a difference? Why even have a Judgement at the end of the Millennium? Why have a Book of Life? Why even look in the Book of Life to see whose names are not written there?--As well, of course, those whose names are written there, obviously. What good is that if everybody who's going to Heaven is already gone, & everybody who's going to go to Hell is everybody that's left! But that's what the preachers teach! That's what the Scofieldites & all the rest of them teach & preach. It's ridiculous!
       16. BUT HERE IS ANOTHER SCRIPTURE WHICH YOU CAN APPLY TO THE TRUE INTERPRETATION. Because you know that there wouldn't even be any Judgement at the end of the Millennium, there would be no need for the Book of Life if there were not people in there who were saved in some way, at least saved to live into the next World. There would be no point of either the Judgement or the Book of Life. If there's no difference between all these people, why pull it out? It seems like they should just have a book of death! What point is there in sitting there for God knows how long & reading off all the names of the people who are going to Hell? There's no point in the Judgement at all if there's no separation, if there's no judging of who should go where!
       17. WHY PULL OUT A BOOK OF LIFE IF THERE'S NO LIFE LEFT FOR THEM, IF THEY'RE ALL GOING TO BE GOING TO DEATH! It's ridiculous! Yet that's what I heard the preachers preaching for years! "Here are all these people raised after the Millennium in that final Second Resurrection, & every last one of them is going to go to Hellfire & damnation! You'd better get saved now or there's no more chance for you ever!"
       18. WELL, I SURE AGREED WITH THEM ON THAT, BECAUSE THOSE PEOPLE THEY WERE PREACHING TO WERE HEARING THE GOSPEL, & if they didn't get saved now, I don't think God's ever going to give them another chance. But that doesn't mean that all the heathen that have never heard the Gospel, never heard about Jesus, don't know how to be saved, did the best they could, that doesn't mean that they're not going to have a chance!
       19. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, OUR TEACHING & DOCTRINE, THE BIBLICAL TEACHING ON THAT POINT, SOLVES ONE OF THE MAIN THEOLOGICAL QUESTIONS that has troubled the Church & the World for centuries, if not millenniums! And that is, what about all those people who never heard the Gospel?--Lots of good people who never heard about Jesus, billions of people who never knew how to get saved, never had a chance! It's not a second chance, they never had a chance! It's their first chance! Amen?
       20. I'M NOW TALKING ABOUT THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS. Anybody that refuses Jesus & His rule & reign & us & refuses to get saved during the Millennium is going to go to Hell, there's no more chance for them, period! That's it! And I doubt if God's going to spare too many people into the Millennium who have already had a chance. But if He does, it's obviously the rebels who rebel at the end of the Millennium. Just to show that "though mercy be showed to the wicked, yet will he not learn righteousness," God's Word says. (Isa.26:10) Though a thousand years of mercy be shown to the wicked, they still rebel!
       21. THIS IS ANOTHER LESSON GOD'S TEACHING IN THE MILLENNIUM, that the wicked are wicked & will never change. If they have rejected Jesus, rejected His reign, His Love, they will never change, even if they're given mercy for a thousand years! I believe the Millennium is mostly for mercy for those who do receive Him, who never had a chance, who never heard. But that's only the people who are living during the Millennium. What about all those billions who lived before the Millennium who are not even raised till after the Millennium, what about them?--All the billions of them who never heard the Gospel, who never heard about Jesus, who never heard how to be saved, who never had a chance to be saved? What about them?
       22. WELL, I'LL TELL YOU WHAT THE CHURCHES & THE PREACHERS TEACH, THEY TEACH THEY'RE ALL GOING TO HELL! "It doesn't matter if they never heard about Jesus, it can't be helped, they're all going to Hell, Hellfire, damnation, send'm to Hell! Send the innocent to Hell! Send all the people who never heard about Jesus to Hell!" the churches say!

       23. BOY, THOSE PREACHERS ARE A VIOLENT VICIOUS LOT! Why do you suppose they teach a doctrine like that? (Fam: To scare you to make you come to church!)--Yes, a religion of fear! Religious terrorism! Isn't that how the Catholics rule, my dear former Catholics?--Through fear & terror! There's very little love lost between Catholics & God, He's standing over them with a big club! And don't just blame the poor Catholics, all those legalistic, self-righteous works religions, He's standing over them with a big club or a big ax too, & if they don't behave, whammy!--They've got it & that's it, & to Hell you go!
       24. THERE'S VERY LITTLE ABOUT LOVE IN THE CHURCHES. You find very little love in the churches.--Usually only some dear little old Saint or poor little shabby old man that looks like a bum, a few little old Saints like that, maybe two or three in a church out of a hundred or two hundred people. That's about the only Saints I ever found in'm, really. Well, at least what I would call real Saints. Maybe some of the rest of them are saved, but not very saintly!
       25. I'M AMAZED HOW MANY PEOPLE CLAIM TO BE SAVED & YET DO THE TERRIBLE THINGS THEY DO, such as hate us & want to kill us, persecute us, terrorise us, kidnap & imprison us & grill us like the third degree, like the Inquisition, torture us, & yet they call themselves Christians! And in some cases, I've definitely suspected that some of those who died or got killed were a result of their dirtywork. "He that killeth you will think that he doeth God service." (John 16:2) Those are Christians? It's pretty hard for me to believe, even though they claim to believe in Jesus. That's not the Spirit of Christ, that's not the Holy Spirit, that's not God, Who is Love!
       26. HOW CAN THEY HAVE A GOD WHO IS LOVE & A HOLY SPIRIT WHO IS NOTHING BUT LOVE, HOW CAN THEY HAVE JESUS & TREAT GENUINE, TRUE, HONEST CHRISTIANS THAT WAY! It makes me doubt their Salvation. They have "a form of Godliness without the power thereof" (2Tim.3:5), in other words, without the power of Salvation as far as I'm concerned. They have a form of religion, a churchianity, templeism, without God, just like the Jews in Jesus' day who finally killed Him! He said of them, "You don't even know the Father, ye are of your father the Devil!" (John 8:44) I think that's true of a lot of Christians today, especially the kind that want to kill us & persecute us & torture us & have done it to many of our people that they captured & kidnapped & took & imprisoned & tortured to try to get them to give up their faith!
       27. BELOVED, TODAY'S NO DIFFERENT THAN IT WAS BACK IN THE DAYS OF THE INQUISITION & the Roman persecutions & the Roman church persecutions. Things are no different today. So I wouldn't call people like that Christians, not even Evangelical Christians who claim to be saved, Pentecostal Christians who claim to be filled with the Spirit. I can understand some of them swallowing the lies & propaganda of our enemies & believing such things about us, thinking that they're true. But the people who go around trying to follow us & find us & persecute us & capture us & torture us & even kill us, how can they be Christians? Yet they're representatives of the same churches to which these supposedly true Christians go! How can they be Christians when they're persecuting the Saints? They sound more like antichrists to me!
       28. SO NOT ALL THAT GLITTERS IS GOLD! Not all that has "the form of godliness without the power thereof" is saved. And the World is still full of temples, of Scribes & Pharisees, self-righteous hypocrites, & I'm not just talking about the Jews, I'm talking about so-called Christians who have nothing but churchianity, temple-worship--really self-worship is what it is, thinking they're saved by their works.
       29. THEY'RE NOT SAVED! I DON'T SEE HOW THOSE PEOPLE CAN BE SAVED! I can understand how perhaps some of your parents are antagonistic or unfavourable because they just don't understand, they simply don't sympathise with what you're doing, don't believe in it & don't like it. But they don't go to the extreme of being 10:36ers & trying to find you & ferret you out & kidnap you & imprison you & torture you to get you to give up your faith in the Family! They're just misled. Let's say it charitably, they are misunderstanding, they are confused, deceived by the propaganda & their former indoctrination with insulation by their traditions & their preachers & their habits of religion, etc., it just isn't according to their shibboleth, & therefore it must be wrong. But at least they don't try to kill you or starve you to death or capture you or kidnap you or imprison you or torture you or try to get you to give up your religion. They might talk like that, but they don't go to those lengths. I don't see how those people who do can be Christians at all.
       30. BLACK LIGHTNING HAS BOASTED OF HAVING KIDNAPPED, IMPRISONED, TORTURED & SO-CALLED "DEPROGRAMMED" THOUSANDS OF THESE KIDS!--AND PARENTS! They call it deprogramming, but it's the same thing as the Inquisition used to do. They don't torture them physically as much as they do mentally. But I'd say that sort of thing is physical torture too where you're kidnapped forcibly, forcibly held in prison, & sometimes they've even struck'm or knocked their Bible out of their hands, & possibly even more serious actions! It's both psychological and physical torture!
       31. SO THINGS ARE NO DIFFERENT NOW THAN WHAT THEY WERE DURING THE INQUISITION! They may not have torture instruments & racks & pull you to pieces & things like that, like they used to do then, but they have more clever ways of doing it now, mental torture, psychological torture, as well as a minimum of physical torture. I'd say it's physical torture just to be kidnapped & taken away from the Family & forced into a closed house unable to communicate with anybody but them, unable to get out of your room! I'd say that's imprisonment, false imprisonment. I'd say taking you by force against your will is kidnapping! It violates all the laws of almost any country. And yet the System lets them get away with it just because they're your parents or your uncle or a relative or somebody. Think of it!
       32. THINGS AREN'T MUCH DIFFERENT FROM WHAT THEY WERE WAY BACK IN THOSE TERRIBLE TIMES THAT {\ul \i FOXE'S BOOK OF MARTYRS} WROTE ABOUT when they were tortured to try to force them to give up their faith.--Except that in those days they more often killed'm! Today they're a little bit more civilised in their torture, but it's still torture, it's still imprisonment, it's still kidnapping, capturing, whatever you want to call it! They still do it!
       33. HOW CAN THOSE PEOPLE BE CHRISTIANS? How can they have the Love of God in their hearts? How can they claim to be filled with the Spirit? They're filled with the spirit, all right, they're filled with lots of spirits, evil spirits! They'd have to have demons to do some of the damnable things they have done!

       34. SO DON'T TELL ME ALL THOSE SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS ARE SAVED! I'm convinced that the vast majority of so-called Christendom or Christianity, the Christians of the World in all their churches put together, I'm convinced the vast majority are not saved, don't even know Jesus, in fact a lot of them know very little about Him, even though they claim to be His & Christians.
       35. HOW MUCH DID YOU KNOW ABOUT JESUS IN YOUR CHURCH? How well did you know Jesus then? Yet some of you were in church, some of you claimed to be Christians. How many of you used to go to church at some time or other? How many of you claimed to be Christians? You put up a bold front anyhow, supposedly Christians. How many were really saved, genuinely born-again Christians in those days, let me see your hands. (Family laughs!) For the sake of the radio audience, when I said, "How many of you used to go to church sometime or other," everybody raised their hands. When I said, "How many thought you were Christians, claimed to be Christians in those days," most of them raised their hands. And when I asked how many were really saved, born-again, genuinely saved Christians, had Jesus, nobody raised their hands! Think of that!
       36. ISN'T THIS A PRETTY GOOD SAMPLE OF THE REST OF THE SO-CALLED CHURCH & SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS & CHRISTIANITY? The vast majority don't know Jesus at all, are not saved at all, they are not Saints at all. They will even cooperate with the Antichrist, they're even doing it right now! They are cooperating right now with the anti-Christs, the anti-Christ Jews in Israel & the anti-Christ System, & they will also cooperate with the Antichrist when He takes over, full-fledged. Because at first they're going to think he's really great, has solved a lot of problems, blah blah! Besides, they don't have the Lord, they don't have the discernment, they don't have the knowledge of Bible prophecy, they won't even recognise him when he comes!
       37. IN FACT, THEY'LL KNOW THAT HE COULDN'T POSSIBLY BE THE ANTICHRIST BECAUSE THEY HAVEN'T BEEN RAPTURED YET! How many explanations do you think they're going to cook up for that when he appears & is revealed? "Well, this is a bad man, yes, he's very bad & he certainly is anti-Christ, but he's not the Antichrist, because when he comes we won't be here!" They'll say, "Well, things are really getting a little worse than we thought they would before Jesus came, but it's not the Tribulation, it's not the Antichrist, it couldn't be, because Scofield told us we were going to go before that, so it's impossible!"
       38. BUT I THINK SOME PEOPLE ARE REALLY GOING TO WAKE UP & REALISE, that vast majority of undecided in between, the silent majority, the undecided majority, a lot of them are going to wake up & say, "Hey, what I read in those papers & those tracts is true! It's happening! I can see it! Come, tell me more! I want to get saved, now I know it's the real thing!"
       39. I THINK THERE'S GOING TO BE A TREMENDOUS HARVEST DURING THOSE TRIBULATION DAYS! Lots of people are finally going to wake up & realise that it's true, it's really happening, we were right, so we must be right about Salvation too & Heaven & all the rest & they'll want to get saved! So I believe there's going to be a real reaping!
       40. ON THE OTHER HAND, I THINK THERE'S GOING TO BE A TREMENDOUS HARDENING OF HEARTS OF OTHER PEOPLE. Even church people, Christians, are going to refuse to believe it's the Tribulation or the Antichrist & still reject our Message. I think a lot of those people aren't even saved, they don't even know Jesus, the same people that hated us & persecuted us & lied about us & hounded us & all the rest!
       41. BUT THANK GOD, THERE ARE PEOPLE, GOOD PEOPLE WHO ARE DOING THE BEST THEY CAN,EVEN THOUGH THEY DON'T KNOW THE LORD.--Even though they never heard about Jesus, even though they never heard how to be saved. There may be people that heard about Jesus as a matter of history, but they don't understand it. They just think He was a good man, some kind of a Prophet that lived way back yonder & did good things & preached Love, but they don't know He's the Son of God, they don't know what His death on the cross meant, they don't know it has anything for them personally. They've never been taught how to be saved, that all they have to do is believe that & receive Him personally by His Spirit, & they can be guaranteed Salvation. They don't know, nobody's ever told them. In fact, nobody's even told the majority of the people in the Catholic Church! In fact, nobody's ever told the majority of the people in most of the churches how to really be saved!
       42. HOW MANY OF THOSE CHURCHES EVER TOLD YOU, "JUST PRAY THIS LITTLE PRAYER RIGHT NOW & say, 'Jesus, I believe You're the Son of God & I'm sorry for my sins, please come into my heart. I believe You died for me & saved me & I want to love You & love others & tell others about You!'" How many of those churches ever taught you that little prayer? How many churches tried to persuade you to do that?
       43. SO ARE THEY CHRISTIANS? How can they be Christians when they don't even preach the Gospel? How could they be Christians when they don't even know the Gospel? How could they be saved when they don't even know how to be saved? The vast majority of so-called Christians of the World, of the 600 million Catholics & the supposed something like 400 million Protestants--they say there's about one to 1-1/2 billion so-called Christians in the World out of the World's population of 4-1/2 billion--my conviction, what you may consider my personal opinion, is that most of them are not even saved, don't even know the Lord at all!
       44. THAT'S WHY THEY CAN BE SO EASILY DECEIVED & LIED TO! People lie about us to them & they so easily, readily accept it! They don't have the discernment of the Holy Spirit, they don't have the Love of God, they don't have the Salvation of Jesus Christ, so they're easily led astray & deceived. You know what I think about the vast majority of those Christians?--They'll be deceived when the Antichrist comes too! They won't even think it's the Antichrist, because they think they're supposed to go to Heaven before that.
       45. I'M CONVINCED THAT THE VAST MAJORITY OF THEM ARE NOT SAVED, & I'M ALSO CONVINCED OF SOMETHING EVEN MORE TERRIBLE!--THAT THEY'RE NOT GOING TO BE SAVED! Because they did not receive the Love of the Truth! They did not receive the Truth of Love! They rejected the Spirit of Jesus Christ in us, in you, in me, our Message! I'm convinced the vast majority of them are not only not saved, but because they have already rejected the Truth, therefore God says, "I shall send them strong delusion that they should believe a lie that they might all be damned!" (2Th.2:10-12) That's what I think about the churches & the so-called Christians, the vast majority of them!
       46. AND OF COURSE, THAT'S WHAT THEY TEACH ABOUT US, THAT WE THINK THEY'RE ALL UNSAVED. Well, that's not exactly true, we don't think they're all unsaved. I have known a few Christians in my life who I believe were really saved. They were kind of few & far between, but I've known a few real Christians who really loved the Lord & were really filled with the Spirit of God & had real Love & really worked for Jesus.
       47. IN FACT, THE FEW THAT I HAVE KNOWN WERE IN THE SMALLEST CHURCHES. You've probably never even seen such small churches, converted homes & houses & little storerooms & chapels & Gospel Halls & things like that. They usually were very poor, they weren't rich, they were doing well to have a congregation of one or two dozen people, very small, very unpopular churches, little Pentecostal churches, Holiness churches, Gospel churches, Christian Missionary Alliance churches, Nazarene churches, things you probably never heard of, usually very small, unpopular little churches that all the rest of Christians figure are some kind of screwballs & weirdos! But I found a lot of saved people in those little churches.
       48. BUT MY GOODNESS, WHAT ARE THOSE TINY LITTLE CHURCHES OF A COUPLE DOZEN PEOPLE COMPARED TO THE HUGE SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN CHURCHES OF THE WORLD, great gigantic temples that can hold thousands, denominations that can hold millions, popular & powerful! They rule & reign today even over the kings of the Earth & presidents & governments, & the government doesn't dare go against them! They put the pressure on just like the Scribes & the Pharisees of Jesus' day & that Jewish religion. If they put the pressure on the government enough, even though the government doesn't want to do anything, they have to obey! "If you don't obey, you're no friend of Caesar, you're no friend of the king, you're no friend of the government, you're no friend of the president, you're no friend of our country if you don't get patriotic & loyal & denounce these people & hound them & persecute them as fifth columnists, traitors, Communists, seditionists."

       49. THEY CALL US ALL KINDS OF NAMES, IT'S REALLY BEEN ALMOST RIDICULOUS! The Fascists call us Communists, the Communists call us Fascists, the Democrats call us seditionists, the Republicans call us traitors & we're everything that's bad. It's amazing they can be so afraid of so few people! They've got millions of themselves they should be more afraid of, millions more of their kind, billions more throughout the World who wage the wars & slaughter people, really a threat to their security!
       50. BUT THE DEVIL KNOWS & THE DEVIL INSPIRES THEM, he knows that we are the greatest threat!--That Love is the greatest threat, God is the greatest threat, the Truth is the greatest threat to their diabolical systems! So he stirs them up against us, stirs up the other religionists.
       51. MOST OF OUR MOST BITTER ENEMIES ARE VERY RELIGIOUS, BE THEY JEWS OR CHRISTIANS. Those are our bitterest enemies. Most of the rest of the World, the worldly World, the unreligious World couldn't care less, in fact they're amused by us, they laugh at the articles, they think it's funny, in fact some of them think it's great, all this sexiness & all these sexy pictures, they think that's wonderful! "Boy, if that's what Heaven is like, I'd like to go There!"
       52. THE WORLD DOESN'T THINK WE'RE SO AWFUL & TERRIBLE, IT'S JUST THESE COMPETITIVE RELIGIONS, these aggressive religionists who hate us & lie about us & persecute us! Our bitterest enemies are religions & religionists, think of that!--Not only the Jews, but the so-called Christians, of whom there are a lot more of them. The only thing is, they're not as smart as the Jews. There are lots more goys, Gentiles, in the World than there are Jews, but the Jews are running the World. The Gentiles occupy the World, but the Jews run it! So we have even more dangerous opposition from them.
       53. YOU KNOW HOW MOST CHRISTIANS ARE, THEY'RE LETHARGIC, LAZY, IDLE. The majority of the Christians couldn't even care less. "Just go away, leave me alone, I don't care to be bothered with it!" There's only a small minority of so-called Christians who are very militant & very anti-us & really pursuing us & engaged full time in trying to issue bad publicity & trying to persecute us & get us in trouble with the government & trying to get us in trouble with the populace & hounding us from nation to nation. There are very few, but it only takes a few.
       54. IN JESUS' DAY THE VAST MAJORITY OF THE POPULATION, THE COMMON PEOPLE RECEIVED HIM GLADLY, a great company of the priests & even a few of the Scribes & the Pharisees, very few. (Mark 12:37; Acts 6:7) But the top dogs were vicious dogs who hated Jesus--He called them dogs so I can call them dogs--who ran on Saint Stephen & not only hated him, yelled at him, but bit him like dogs, gnashed on him with their teeth! (Acts 7:54) Can you imagine people so demonic, so devilish, so fierce & doglike! I'm talking about bad dogs, big bad dogs. They actually ran on him & bit him with their teeth, showing their true nature, dogs, which is just about what he'd already called them. Of course, that's why they bit him, because he called them dogs, so they lived up to it.
       55. SO THE VAST MAJORITY OF CHRISTIANS ARE NOT SAVED, don't know Jesus at all, & even those who do know the Lord, the very very few who are saved, most of them really don't care that much about us one way or the other. They believe we're bad, & well, that's sad. They're lied to & they believe all the lies of the media & the propaganda, our bitter enemies, etc. But it's always that small handful, that very vicious minority who are really demon-possessed & inspired of the Devil & are absolutely Satanic, whom the Devil controls! He owns them, body & soul! Therefore he can get them to obey him & do anything he tells them to do, including causing us all kinds of trouble!
       56. THERE'S A BIG CAMPAIGN ON RIGHT NOW IN ONE COUNTRY, A VICIOUS CAMPAIGN, TRYING TO STIR UP THE POPULACE! They haven't been able to get enough action out of the government, so what do they do? They've gotta go on television, they've gotta go in the newspapers, they've gotta really get the pot boiling & stir up the people against us so that the people then will put pressure on the government to do something about "these horrible awful cults & people who are stealing our children & terrifying the community with their evil!" You'd think we were worse than the terrorists who set bombs & shoot people! You'd think we were more dangerous! Well, we are to them & their religion & their self-righteousness & their System of pride & Satanic hate!
       57. WE ARE MORE DANGEROUS BECAUSE WE'VE GOT WHAT WILL CHANGE THEIR CHILDREN & SAVE THEM FROM THAT PIT & from that horror of their System & make them new creatures in Christ Jesus, old things passed away, all things become new! The Devil hasn't got anything like that! The System hasn't got anything like that, that can change people that much, make new creatures out of them, change them, make them heavenly creatures bound for Heaven!
       58. THAT'S DANGEROUS TO THE DEVIL'S SYSTEM, THAT'S DANGEROUS TO HIS PLOTS & HIS CONNIVING & HIS PLAN TO DOMINATE THE WORLD! We're a threat to his World government, we're a threat to the Antichrist System, we're a threat to the antichrists of today because we constantly expose them! Almost every WND that goes out has another exposé on the anti-Christs. In almost every GN we make some stabs & slams at the anti-Christs. We know'm, we know what they're up to, we're exposing them, & they hate us!
       59. THERE'S NOTHING THE DEVIL HATES LIKE BEING EXPOSED FOR WHAT HE'S REALLY UP TO! He likes to wear a false front. He likes to wear a Halloween mask that doesn't scare people but just looks nice & beautiful. He appears as an angel of light to them & they think their System is great, they think their religion is perfect, the only one, & we're the devils, we're the horrible ones. The Devil's got'm so deceived!
       60. LET ME TELL YOU, CHRISTIANS WHO CAN BE THAT EASILY DECEIVED ARE NOT REALLY CHRISTIANS, they're not saved, or they couldn't be so deceived! Others may be deceived as far as thinking we're bad people & all that sort of thing just because they've been told that by their preacher & denomination, their church, etc., but they don't really know anything about us. Most of them haven't personally met us, & even if they did, they'd probably shun us. They've been told we're bad, so they just believe what their preacher tells them.
       61. I'M NOT TALKING ABOUT THAT SORT OF THING, WHERE THEY'RE DECEIVED IN JUST A LITTLE WAY BY THEIR PREACHERS. I'm talking about those who are really convinced we're evil & go after us & try to get us & terrorise us & hurt us!--Along with the Devil! They're not Christians, they don't belong to the Lord! Oh, they belong to church & churches & Jewish temples, but they don't belong to God at all!

       62. SO THE VAST MAJORITY OF SO-CALLED CHRISTIAN PEOPLE IN THE WORLD TODAY, SO-CALLED RELIGIONISTS, ARE NOT SAVED, do not know the Lord, & therefore are not written in the Lamb's Book of Life! And because they have rejected the Truth, if they ever had a chance to hear it at all, if they ever did hear it at all, ever heard the plan of Salvation, ever heard about receiving Jesus, how to be saved, if they ever had a chance to be saved, if they've even had one chance, that could be their last chance!--Because that's the only chance they deserve. And if they rejected it, if they refused to receive the Love of the Truth, then God is going to let them have strong delusion, He's going to send it Himself. He says, "I will send them strong delusion, that they might believe a lie, that they might all be damned" because that's what they deserve! (2Th.2:10-12) The damnation of Hell, that's what they deserve, they need to go to Hell, & that's where they're going to go!
       63. BUT THANK GOD, THERE'S A LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE, not only for those already saved, now saved, but also for all of those who are going to be saved! Not only all those who are going to be saved now in this present Age of Grace, as it's called by the religionists & the theologians, but there are millions who are also going to be saved in the next Age of Grace, which is the Millennium! And then what about all the people who died already & never got into the Millennium & are only raised at the end of the Millennium at the Great White Throne Judgement, yet they never heard about Jesus? There's going to be a third Age of Grace on the New Earth! It's gotta be there, there's no place else! What else is there? Unless you want to say, "Well, there might still be Limbo, there might be Purgatory, there might be Hades, there might be this, that & the other." Well, maybe so.
       64. BUT ANYWAY, THERE IS A LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE, ISN'T THAT WONDERFUL? And all those who are written therein, their names are there. It says, "Of the Lamb, slain from the foundation of the World." They were written there, including your name, back before the World was even created, think of that! It says so in other places. (Eph.1:4) "Well, how did the Lord know I was going to get saved, how did He know I was going to choose Him?" He knew, just like He knew everything else! He knew who was going to choose Him & who was going to reject Him! And all the people who are ever going to choose Him or have chosen Him or are choosing Him now or are going to choose Him before He comes or after He comes or in the Millennium or in Heaven, they're all written in the Lamb's Book of Life! Praise God!
       65. WELL, THAT'S A LITTLE MESSAGE THROWN IN ON THE LAMB'S BOOK OF LIFE, I didn't expect to talk so much about that. But there it is! PTL! "All that dwell upon the Earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the Book of Life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the World. If any man have an ear, let him hear."--Rev.13:8-9.

       66. (VERSE 10:) "HE THAT LEADETH INTO CAPTIVITY SHALL GO INTO CAPTIVITY: he that killeth with the sword must be killed with the sword." Who's He talking about? Who's leading people into captivity & killing them with the sword? (Fam: The Antichrist.) He's talking about the Antichrist here because that's what this chapter's about, he & his people who spend their time busily capturing & killing those who are not antichrist.
       67. BUT "HERE IS THE PATIENCE & THE FAITH OF THE SAINTS." Patience to wait for what? He's going to get it eventually himself, & all your killers are going to get it themselves. "He that leadeth into captivity shall go into captivity." Those that have been imprisoning our kidnapped members, they're going to be imprisoned one of these days. And those that have persecuted & tortured us, they're going to get it one of these days & even be killed!

       68. NOW, HERE'S ANOTHER MYSTERY COMING UP! (Verse 11:) "And I beheld another beast coming up out of the Earth; & he had two horns like a lamb, yet he spake as a dragon." Now this one comes up out of the Earth instead of the sea. What's the difference between the Earth & the sea? (Fam: The Earth is land & the sea is water.)--Right, that's obvious, but what's the difference between them? We used to say, "Little drops of water, little grains of sand, make the mighty ocean & the beautiful land." So that's the difference. One is water & one is sand, or land. The water is what? What do they call it in physics? (Fam: A liquid.) A liquid. The earth is composed mostly of solids.
       69. NOW IN THE TYPOLOGY OF THIS PASSAGE, IF THE WATER & THE SEAS REPRESENT THE PEOPLE, they're kind of fluid & mobile & volatile & even fickle, but the Earth is rather solid & stable. The masses are represented by the seas. What would you say, therefore, that the Earth might represent? (Fam: The powers that be, the System?) Well, we find that these beasts rise right out of the ocean, most of them that we've seen before, the Systems, governments. In other words, they're composed of the people, they come up from the governments of the people.
       70. I'M JUST SUGGESTING THIS, BUT WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT THE EARTH, THE SOLID LAND, COULD REPRESENT SPIRITUALLY SPEAKING? (Fam: The Lord is considered a Rock, so it could be like the spiritual powers.)--Yes. And out of this Earth comes this spiritual leader. Even though the Lord is the true Rock, there are lots of false rocks & lots of Earth & solid material which is more solid than the run of people in general, of whom even the governments are composed. To me, this must represent the religious systems, because out of the religious systems comes this False Prophet.
       71. THE PEOPLE ARE REPRESENTED BY GOVERNMENTAL SYSTEMS, these seven-headed beasts & all this sort of thing, all these wild animals coming out of the sea in Daniel & in Revelation, etc. But here comes a beast out of something more solid, the Earth. And I'll tell you, if anything is more solid than governments, & governments come & go, what has kept on going & going & going & has remained? (Fam: The religious systems.)
       72. KINGS CAN COME & GO, GOVERNMENTS CAN COME & GO, BUT THESE RELIGIONS SEEM TO LIVE ON FOREVER! They're more lasting than their governments, more lasting than their kings. That's why this Antichrist System is something so new, so different, at least it looks like it at first, since it has no religion, against all religions. But once again, what happens in the long run?--He establishes his own religion, the last religion, the final religion, a worldwide religion with just one god--him!
       73. GOVERNMENTS, PEOPLES, WHOLE CIVILISATIONS & WHOLE RACES HAVE COME & GONE, been wiped off the face of the Earth, but their religions continue! They're more lasting. And the Antichrist, like every government, every nation, has discovered that they've gotta have some kind of religion.
       74. YOU SAY, "WHAT ABOUT COMMUNISM? THEY DON'T BELIEVE IN A RELIGION AT ALL." What do you mean? Communism is a religion. It is a religion of anti-religion, it is a faith of anti-faith, it is materialism in the ultimate, in the government, totally against religion, other religions.--Not its own. They're against all other religions, but they're for their own religion, & it's Communism!
       75. YOU CALL COMMUNISM A RELIGION TO THEIR FACE & THEY'RE FURIOUS! "It's not a religion! We don't believe in God of any kind, we don't have faith in any kind of religion!"--Yes, but they worship their own religion, they worship their own holy words of the writings of Marx, Das Kapital, the writings of Lenin, Revolutionary Methods, & their gods are their leaders! They put up huge photos of their gods as big as buildings on the buildings at their great parades & great functions. "Behold, these be your gods, O Communists!" They worship gods! They make gods out of men & a religion out of Communism. It's just as much a religion as any of the rest of them, & just about as bad! Only one person smiled.
       76. I SAID, COMMUNISM IS JUST AS MUCH A RELIGION AS THE REST OF THEM & JUST ABOUT AS BAD! You wouldn't hear preachers saying that, I don't think, because they think their religions are fine, even the other guy's religion is better than Communism. I say there's not much difference, if any. At least Comunism is honest about it. Whereas a lot of them pretend to believe in God, pretend to be God's people, pretend to be Christians & they are not. They are false fronts, self-righteous hypocrites & are not what they pretend to be at all.
       77. ISN'T THAT WHAT YOU FOUND OUT ABOUT MOST CHRISTIANS & MOST CHURCH PEOPLE?--They get dressed up all fancy on Sunday & go down there putting on a fancy front so they can be accepted by the upper crust self-righteous religious of the System, & thereby accepted socially by the business people, customers, etc. Of course it hasn't been so necessary today to be a church member in order to be accepted by the community, but it used to be, & still is in some places. You've just about got to be a church member in order to be really recognised & accepted by the rest of the community. You've at least got to be accepted as a believer in God, if nothing else.
       78. ONE THING THEY WILL NOT STAND IN SOME OF THE EASTERN & SOUTHERN COUNTRIES IS IF YOU CALL YOURSELF A COMMUNIST. That's a no no! They won't accept you in the community if you call yourself that. And yet, Communism is as much a religion as theirs, & has about as much to do with God as theirs, & has about as much truth in it as theirs, most of them, sad to say!
       79. I CAN'T SEEM TO GET THROUGH ONE CHAPTER WITHOUT TAKING A CRACK AT THE CHURCHES! They just infuriate me! They're such phonies, so hypocritical & self-righteous! They condemn us for our nudity, our so-called pornography, our sexiness & say it's all evil, bad! You'd think sex was the most evil thing in the whole World, that sex was the greatest sin & nudity was next to it, pornography, nakedness, tsk, tsk! Well, I'd better not get on that subject or I'll get teed off again! I don't know how come God made Adam with no pants on & Eve with no dress on!--If nudity is so evil!--& sex!

       80. (VERSE 11:) "AND I BEHELD ANOTHER BEAST COMING UP OUT OF THE EARTH, & HE HAD TWO HORNS LIKE A LAMB"--& you could put in here the word "but he spake as a dragon!" Why did he look like a lamb? Some lambs have two horns. (Fam: A wolf in sheep's clothing.) That's what he is! In fact, he's worse than a wolf in this sheep's clothing. What is he? It tells you right here in this verse, he's actually a dragon! Because when he opens his mouth he doesn't just roar like a lion, he roars like a dragon! So he's full of whom? (Fam: The Devil!)--Exactly! And his mouth is the very voice of Satan!
       81. HE JUST PRETENDS TO BE A LAMB.--In other words, the false front of just what I've been talking about, the religions that claim to be saviours & messiahs & good & holy. He is a false front! He is a religious false front. Because he is called a false prophet. He's called a prophet, so he must be prophesying something, right? Later in the chapter we find out what he prophesies.
       82. HE HAS TWO HORNS--CAN THAT BE SIGNIFICANT? I think I asked you to study this, didn't I? We've always heard about the False Prophet, that he looked like a lamb & he roared like a dragon, but I don't think I ever had anybody suggest what the two horns could represent. The Beast had 7 heads, 10 horns, etc. These are all significant symbols or representations, neither the Antichrist nor his False Prophet is going to actually look just like that. These are symbols, these are representations, they stand for something. They don't actually look like this. The Beast doesn't actually look like he's got 7 heads, the man himself, the Antichrist himself. Neither will his False Prophet arise & actually look like a sheep with two horns, it's just a representation, a symbolism to make you think about what does he really represent?
       83. IN ALL THE OTHERS, THE HORNS REPRESENTED KINGS OR LEADERS OR KINGDOMS. Now if this lamb represents a religious system, which obviously it does because he espouses the religious system of the Antichrist, he helps the Antichrist establish his religious system, right? So obviously this beast represents a religion or a religious system. Don't the other beasts represent governments & political systems, etc.? This kind of beast obviously represents a religious system.
       84. AND JUST AS THE BEAST REPRESENTS A POLITICAL SYSTEM & YET ALSO AN ACTUAL HUMAN INDIVIDUAL, a man called the Antichrist, this beast represents a religious system, as well as the actual False Prophet who leads it. So isn't it obvious to you that being in the shape & appearance of a lamb, it's the false lamb, the fake lamb, the phoney lamb, in other words, the phoney saviour who claims to save them, who claims to be their messiah or their prophet & a system that will save them, who claims to be the true religious system. Isn't that what it looks like & sounds like?
       85. BUT ON THESE OTHER SYSTEMS THE HORNS REPRESENTED ACTUAL SPECIFIC, DISTINCT KINGS OR KINGDOMS, SEPARATE POWERS. Even though they were on the head of the same beast or the same head, they were distinct separate kings or kingdoms who will cooperate with the Beast in the Last Days.
       86. SO HERE'S THIS RELIGIOUS SYSTEM, THIS PHONEY LAMB, PHONEY SAVIOUR CALLED THE FALSE PROPHET. What do you think his two horns represent? He's only apparently one prophet, or one prophet heads it as far as we can see. He's always been extolled as the False Prophet & he's known as the False Prophet here & all the way through the rest of Revelation.--The False Prophet. So apparently he is represented by one man. This new religious system is represented by one man who's a false prophet of the Beast who gets the World to worship the Beast.
       87. I'M JUST ASKING YOU, WHAT DO YOU THINK THOSE TWO HORNS REPRESENT? (Fam: Could it be two kings or nations or powers that cooperate with him?) It wouldn't be political nations, because we've got them represented by the other beasts. (Fam: Two religions.) Ah! Ah! Ah! Now you're thinking!--Two major religions joined together in one great religious system worldwide to worship the Beast. Two great major religions who join together into one religious system.
       88. NOW, WHAT TWO MAJOR RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD DO YOU THINK COULD BE POWERFUL ENOUGH & ANTI-CHRIST ENOUGH to want to join together to cause the whole World to worship the Antichrist himself & compose his religious System? (Fam: The Christians & the Jews?) I'd say the Muslims are far more numerous than the Jews, except they're not as powerful, not yet anyway. Let's see if anybody else has any ideas.
       89. WHAT TWO MAJOR RELIGIONS OF THE WORLD DO YOU THINK COULD JOIN TOGETHER & CREATE THE ANTICHRIST'S RELIGION? (Fam: Capitalism & Communism?) What were you going to say? (Fam: Communism & Judaism?) Well, the Jews run Capitalism, & we're pretty sure they're also running Communism, preparing the World to join it together under both.
       90. I THINK A LOT OF THIS BIG NOISE THEY MAKE OVER THE JEWISH DISSIDENTS IN RUSSIA IS A SMOKESCREEN! And a lot of this criticism they have of Russia is to assure the U.S. that they're very anti-Communist & very pro-Capitalist. After all, it's pretty easy to believe when you think how many Jews are Capitalists, & the fact that they run the Capitalist World! They are the Capitalists! They could sing, "We are the Capitalists! We are the Children of the Devil!"
       91. THAT'S A NEW SONG, IN CASE YOU DON'T KNOW IT, "WE ARE THE WORLD!"--Such a great song, such a great cause that all the great musicians of today have joined together to sing it!: "We are the World!" At least they're honestly confessing it! "We are the children!"--Children of whom? (Fam: The Devil!) The Devil, that's for sure!--Nearly all of them.
       92. BUT COMMUNISM & CAPITALISM ARE ECONOMIC OR FINANCIAL OR POLITICAL SYSTEMS, AREN'T THEY?--OR ARE THEY? What did I just get through saying? (Fam: Communism is a religion.) Oh, but not Capitalism, of course. (Fam: Oh, yes!) Oh, it is? Where did you learn that? Where did you hear that? You mean Capitalism is also a religion? What do they worship? (Fam: Money.) Who is their god? (Fam: Mammon.) Yes, the Lord epitomises or symbolises it by calling it Mammon, who was the god of wealth & things of the ancient World. Jesus Himself said it, He uses that as a symbol. He uses that god that they were familiar with & they knew was the god of wealth & things & possessions, He said, "You cannot serve both Mammon & the Lord." (Mat.6:24) In other words, you can't serve God & the god of Mammon as well.
       93. AND WHAT HAVE I TOLD YOU ARE THE GREATEST, TALLEST TEMPLES IN THE WORLD? Those big skycrapers, the tallest buildings in the World, what are they? (Fam: The banks!) Banks & office buildings of what religion? (Fam: Capitalism!)--The temples of Capitalism, which is just as much a religion as Communism!--In fact, far greater, richer, more powerful religions than any other religions on Earth! They even have the other religions beating a trail to their doors, laughing all the way to the bank!
       94. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS ONE OF THE BIGGEST CAPITALIST SYSTEMS IN THE U.S.A.! They own Coca Cola, & I think the Methodists own Pepsi Cola, etc. They're in business, they own businesses, office buildings. I went to the biggest church in downtown Chicago, I used to go there to church just to see the sights. They even take you on tours of that church, a big tall thing 20-some stories high. The church is on the top floor, & all the rest of it is an office building, the denominational headquarters for that denomination, I think they were Methodists. The Methodists are the biggest, most powerful Protestant denomination in the World. They claim ten million members in the U.S. or worldwide, I don't remember which.
       95. BUT MOST OF THAT SO-CALLED CHURCH BUILDING WAS AN OFFICE BUILDING, HAVING TO DO WITH THEIR BUSINESS & THEIR MONEY & THEIR BANK & ALL THE REST. I'll never forget I was buying a newspaper from the newsboy downtown & I heard for the first time those chimes down there in the Chicago Loop. Every hour they ring their chimes. They play the hour, bong, bong, bong, of the time. But first of all the chimes would play a beautiful hymn, a pretty hymn, & it sounded pretty, I kind of liked it. I thought, "That's really nice, that's quite a testimony!"--In other words, a Gospel message, a Christian testimony, a real Christian witness in downtown Chicago. I found out later that's about all the witness they had!
       96. I WAS BUYING THE NEWSPAPER FROM THE NEWSBOY & I SAID, "WHAT'S THAT?" I was pleased because it sounded so pretty, those beautiful carillon chimes. He said, "Oh, that's some more of that religious propaganda!" The fact of the matter was, he was right! It was religious propaganda, it was Christian propaganda, it was a Christian witness, thank the Lord for that! That's about the most good that church ever did! I don't know if they're still doing it or not. Maybe the Jews have silenced that bell too, saying that, "You can't mix religion with all this government around here, separation of church & state." It looked like it was very little church on top & mostly state on the bottom!
       97. AS I HAVE SAID BEFORE, THE GREATEST RELIGION IN THE WORLD, THE WHORE WHO RIDES ON THE BACKS OF ALL GOVERNMENTS FROM THE BEGINNING OF TIME TO THE END, IS WHAT? (Fam: Materialism.)--In other words, the worship of things, wealth, money, possessions. And when it comes to that, is there any difference between Capitalism & Communism? (Fam: No.) There's no difference. The only difference is the Capitalists have got it & the Communists want it, that's all! And they're planning to take it away from the Capitalists at the point of a gun! And the Capitalists plan to defend it at the point of, well, rockets really.
       98. SO THEREFORE THERE'S REALLY NOT ANY DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THEIR RELIGIONS, they all worship this World & this Earth & what it can provide, things & money & wealth & possessions & gadgets & the power that it gives them. The World has only one really genuine worldwide religion which would be popular with everybody, the worship of materialism, & greater than any other religion, more widespread than any other religion, more general. In fact, it is the religion of most religions!--The desire for wealth & property & power.
       99. THE CATHOLIC CHURCH IS THE RICHEST RELIGION ON EARTH AS FAR AS WE KNOW. It owns more property, more taxless temples & taxless businesses & untaxed property in the name of religion, think of it! Whereas the government's making the rich poor, they can't make the Catholic Church poor because it's non-taxable! The government takes up to 90% of the wealth of the rich individuals, but it can't touch a penny of the churches!
       100. I'LL TELL YOU, THEY'VE GOT IT MADE! That is one business that has got it made!--One business that can have all it can get & not have to give back any to the government! Because she rides on the back of the government & she dictates to the government what the government should do & not do. And if she says don't tax me, then the government doesn't tax her, at least not yet.
       101. ISN'T THAT WHAT MOST PEOPLE WORSHIP ALREADY? They didn't even have to be prepared for that! All they have to be told is, "Here is your man, here is your god! Now worship him because he represents all these things he has given you. He is the king of this World, he is therefore the god of this World! He controls this World & all the things it contains, & all the money & all the credit & everything it contains to buy or sell. He is the god of buying & selling & you can only buy & sell with his permission & we'll kill you if you don't take his Mark!" Think about it!
       102. YOU DON'T HAVE TO BELIEVE IT, IT'S MY THEORY. But this great worldwide religion of materialism is at present divided into two camps, two religions of materialism, & what are they? (Fam: Capitalism & Communism.) Capitalism & Communism are the two major divisions of this religion today, the two horns, as they express it.

       103. TWO HORNS! HERE COMES THIS DEVIL BEAST, THIS RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF THE ANTICHRIST, ITS FALSE PROPHET, representing his religion, his worldwide religion, his World religion, that everybody must join, according to them, or be killed, which exhorts the whole World to worship the Beast & his political government & even to worship him as god! In fact, now at last the Satanic religions of Materialism, both Capitalistic & Communistic, are suddenly at last fused into one, & politics has become religion & religion has become politics!
       104. WELL, I FOUND OUT YEARS AGO THAT RELIGION WAS POLITICS ALREADY, & you found out in recent years that politics is religion, because it's governed & ruled by the religious & the churches & the anti-Christs, etc., & it does what they tell it to do. The Whore dictates to the Beast, not the Beast to the Whore. The Beast is not riding on the Whore, where most men ride on whores, the Whore is riding on the Beast!
       105. SO WHO CONTROLS THE MONSTER?--THE MONSTER HIMSELF OR THE ONE WHO RIDES HIM? Who controls the horse, the horse or the rider? (Fam: The rider.) So the monstrous political government of the Antichrist is controlled by its rider, the Whore. And here now we have another picture: In this case, this so-called lamb with two horns representing the religious system, welded together with the religious system of the Antichrist, extolling & telling the people to worship him as god, make an idol to him & all the rest.
       106. IS THAT CLEAR? DOESN'T THAT SIMPLIFY IT? I'd already told you about that, hadn't I?--About the Whore being the materialistic religious system of the World. And now in this one, the false lamb represents the religious system with two horns. And if those two horns are two leading materialistic systems of the World, then they've got to be Capitalism & Communism.
       107. SO FINALLY A FALSE PROPHET IS GOING TO GET THE CAPITALISTS & THE COMMUNISTS TO UNITE TO WORSHIP THE BEAST, THE ANTICHRIST. And this false prophet will also probably be a man. See, the animal itself represents the system, the worldly system in a way, the religious system of the World, Materialism, & his two horns, Capitalism & Communism. What else could it be? Since Materialism is the greatest religion in the World, virtually worshipped by everybody, & the two horns would represent two divisions or two distinct powers of that kind of religion, the two greatest divisions of materialism are Capitalism & Communism.
       108. SO APPARENTLY THE RELIGIOUS SYSTEM OF MATERIALISM IS GOING TO FINALLY GET TOGETHER, Capitalism & Communism are going to get together & point the way to the Beast & say to worship him! Isn't that what it says? Of course, it's all full of the Devil because he has the voice of the Dragon, which shows the Dragon's inside!

       109. (VERSE 12:) "AND HE EXERCISETH ALL THE POWER OF THE FIRST BEAST BEFORE HIM"--THAT'S THE ANTICHRIST. The Whore is still riding on the Beast, still directing things. In other words, do you get the similarity between the Whore riding on the Beast & this two-horned lamb? They're two symbols for the same thing. The Whore is Materialism, the religion of the World, & this lamb is Materialism, the religion of the World.
       110. "AND CAUSETH THE EARTH & THEM WHICH DWELL THEREIN TO WORSHIP THE FIRST BEAST WHOSE DEADLY WOUND WAS HEALED." How was his deadly wound healed? What was the religion of Rome? (Fam: Materialism.) What was the religion of Babylon? (Fam: Materialism.) What was the religion of Egypt, Greece, Medo-Persia, you name it!--It was the main religion of all of'm! They may have called them by different names & gods & idols & all the rest, but their main worship was things--wealth, riches, possessions, powers. Ours is not!--We worship Love!--God is Love!
       111. OURS IS THE ONLY RELIGION WHICH IS LOVE! Jesus said,"A man's life consisteth not of the things which he possesseth." (Lk.12:15) He told us not to worship the things which are seen. For He said, "The things which are seen are temporal"--temporary, just for time--"but the things which are not seen are eternal." (2Cor.4:18) But you've seen'm because we've been showing'm to you! PTL! "And the greatest of these is Love!"
       112. HE SAID, "EYE HATH NOT SEEN, NOR EAR HEARD, NEITHER HAS IT ENTERED INTO THE HEART OF MAN, THE THINGS WHICH GOD HATH PREPARED FOR THEM THAT LOVE HIM!" (1Cor.2:9) And a lot of preachers quote the Scripture to say, "That's why you shouldn't even try to know anything about the future, shouldn't even try to know anything about Heaven, God says you can't even know it!" They ignore the very next verse which says what? (Fam: "But God hath revealed them to us by His Spirit.") Hallelujah! Isn't that what we're doing? Isn't that what almost every Poster is, a revelation of those things which God hath prepared for us, revealing it to us? Amen? PTL! TYJ! So do you want to go a little further? The rest is pretty simple. That was the only mystery.
       113. (VERSE 13:) "AND HE DOETH GREAT WONDERS, SO THAT HE MAKETH FIRE COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN ON THE EARTH IN THE SIGHT OF MEN!" I've often wondered if that's atomic fire or what kind of fire? We don't know yet exactly, it might be that sort of thing. They're experimenting with laser beams, that's fire, experimenting with atomic fire, that's fire, & all these things.--Great signs & wonders!
       114. "AND DECEIVETH THEM THAT DWELL ON THE EARTH BY THE MEANS OF THOSE MIRACLES WHICH HE HAD POWER TO DO IN THE SIGHT OF THE BEAST." What men in the World today, what profession is more worshipped by people than any other profession? (Fam: Scientists.)--Including doctors, engineers & inventors, all science! These men of science who know the wonders of the Universe & what makes it tick & blah blah. As they used to say, "Science is a sacred cow which the World worships!"--More than their preacher, more than anybody else! They will take the Word of their doctor, they will believe the Word of the scientist, they will believe the Word of the evolutionist, they will take the Word of the lofty great know-it-all, the high priests of science above the Word of God!
       115. AND WHAT IS SCIENCE? IT'S A RELIGION OF MATERIALISM, the men who know the most about the World & its materials & how they operate & how to control them, how to be powerful through the possession of them & the use of them, these high priests of science--doctors, engineers, inventors, teachers even--all high priests of science extolling the wonders & the marvels & the miracles of science! There it is right there!
       116. "AND DECEIVETH THEM THAT DWELL ON THE EARTH BY THE MEANS OF THOSE MIRACLES which he had power to do in the sight of the Beast; saying to them that dwell on the Earth, that they should make an Image to the Beast, which had the wound by a sword, & did live." The Image didn't have the wound, he was talking about the Beast. (Verse 15:) "And he had power to give life unto the Image of the Beast, that the Image of the Beast should both speak, & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed!"
       117. WHEN I WAS A BOY, THAT SOUNDED RIDICULOUS, IMPOSSIBLE! How could they make an idol talk? How could an idol decide on who should be killed & who should be allowed to live & buy & sell? How? (Fam: By the power of the Devil.) Well, now you know!--By the power of the Devil, but mechanically, electronically, technically & scientifically, can such an Image be made today? (Fam: Yes!)

       118. DO YOU KNOW WHAT THE GREATEST ATTRACTION OF THE NEW WORLD'S FAIR IS IN JAPAN? Faithy's been there & teams are going there now & they've gotten two booths & they're circulating Posters, they've even gotten a house nearby where the Fair Team can live. That's something Faithy really knows about! She's been through that & she went ahead by faith because I encouraged her to do so.
       119. GOD BLESS YOU, YOU CHILDREN ARE WONDERFUL! THEY'RE SO SWEET & PATIENT! Aren't they wonderful to sit here all this time & listen to all these deep, difficult things that are even hard for the adults to understand? So if you children don't understand it, don't worry about it, it's hard for the adults to understand too, but we're trying to make it clear to them, I hope they're beginning to understand.
       120. AND THE GREATEST ATTRACTION OF THIS WORLD'S FAIR IN JAPAN NOW ARE ROBOTS, COMPUTER-CONTROLLED ROBOTS! Almost every exhibit has some kind of a robot wandering around or scurrying around all over the stage. And the biggest show there, the most popular show, is a Robot Show with all these different robots. They've got all different kinds of robots. There's the two romantic robots, the male & female robot & they make love & all, blah blah, I don't know how they do it. Almost every major theme of the whole fair has a robot.
       121. AND GUESS WHAT THE INSIGNIA OF THE FAIR IS? Every World's Fair always has its insignia, guess what it is?--A robot is the insignia of the Fair! In other words, the god of this Fair is robots! It's a cute-looking little robot with big bulgy eyes, a funny flat head & little round body like the koala bear, the symbol of Australia. They always had some kind of animal or something that was a symbol of each World's Fair, well, the symbol of the Japanese World's Fair is the robot! The thing that takes people's fancy the most, that they're most fascinated by are these robots.

       122. SO WHAT DOES THAT REMIND YOU OF? (FAM: THE IMAGE.)--THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST! ONE GIGANTIC ROBOT! I'll never forget the time we drove into that parking lot in France & saw that huge gigantic image of a very popular comic character called Golderack. (Fam: I think it originated in Japan.) How about that! This great big robot called Golderack, a gigantic thing! We drove into the parking lot of this big new supermarket in France, & imagine, to our amazement we looked up there & there was this towering gigantic robot 30 feet high standing out there in the parking lot, giving kids rides in his two big claws! I said, "My God, there it is, the Image of the Beast!" (See pic in Story of Our Children," Chapter 98.)
       123. EVERYTHING IN HISTORY HAS ALWAYS HAD PROTOTYPES, TYPES & SHADOWS & FORESHADOWINGS. Coming events cast their shadows before. And there was this big moving robot lifting little children up & down in his big paws! It almost scared the daylights out of you! I was absolutely dumbfounded to think that people would actually make a thing like that & then have little children ride in his clutches as though he were perfectly innocent, he was their friend!
       124. IN ALL THE COMICS & CARTOONS NOW THEY'RE PUTTING WITCHCRAFT & MONSTERS & DEVILS & DEMONS & SAYING, "THEY'RE YOUR BEST FRIENDS!" How demonic! How damnable! How Satanic!--Presenting them for children to look at & portraying them as friendly monsters, good monsters, demons that are your friends, witches that are friendly, weirdos like werewolves that are your best friend, comic characters. The World's gone insane on deviltry & witchcraft & all that sort of thing!

       REV.13:15-18--IMAGE, COMPUTERS, MARK!
       125. (VERSE 15:) "AND HE HAD POWER TO GIVE LIFE UNTO THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, that the Image of the Beast should both speak & cause that as many as would not worship the Image of the Beast should be killed." Not the False Prophet, but the Image speaks & causes people to be killed. How could it do that? Well, there's only one thing in this World that could have everybody's name & number & know who's got a number & who hasn't, & who should buy & sell & who shouldn't, & who is worshipping & who isn't! Is that possible today? Could there be such a machine today? Well, there's going to be if it's not already in operation. They're already talking about it in Brussels.
       126. IN FACT, THEY'VE GOT A COMPUTER THERE THAT OCCUPIES 3 FULL FLOORS OF A BUILDING IN THE CAPITAL! Brussels is really the capital of the Economic Community of Europe, capital of Europe. They are planning to have everybody's name & information about everybody in the World fed into it, & right now everybody in Europe is supposed to be being fed into there. This gigantic computer which occupies three floors of this big building in the capital of Europe, in Brussels, guess what they call it? (Fam: The Beast!) Oh, you guys know too much, you've heard all this before. They call it the Beast, think of that! I think that's rather significant, don't you? Plus all these new ideas of putting computer chips under people's skin, etc. The whole system's getting set up for it, the whole works!
       127. HERE'S ONE COMPUTERISED ROBOT THAT'S GOING TO CONTAIN ALL THE KNOWLEDGE MAN EVER HAD & KNOW ABOUT EVERYBODY IN THE WORLD, who's got the Mark & who hasn't, & can dictate, therefore, who should be killed, who's allowed to buy & sell. It's all on computer, it's all right there! They can get the information from the Image of the Beast. And how's he going to tell'm? He can speak! Think of that! I wouldn't be surprised if they make it talk out of its mouth.
       128. COMPUTERS SPEAK, DON'T THEY? THEY EVEN CALL IT COMPUTER LANGUAGE! What kind of language do they speak? Does it speak words? How does it speak those words? It speaks! It speaks language! That readout on the screen, it's speaking! A computer readout is speech. It's in writing, but it's still speech. Some speak English, others speak other languages. In fact, they even have computer language that isn't even speech, it's numbers & methods of manipulation & all that sort of thing, I don't even understand it all! So all computers talk! Some even talk audibly & can respond to commands & actually sing songs or play melodies!
       129. I'LL NEVER FORGET WHEN I WENT TO THAT IBM DATA PROCESSING CENTER which was then the biggest in the World in Los Angeles, six floors of nothing but computers! I heard the guy standing there beside one of these big readout machines & he said, "But he says so-&-so! He says that it's this way & he says that that's a mistake." And I wondered who he was talking about. He was pointing at this machine & calling it "he," like it was a person, actually talking like it had intelligence & reasoning & was telling him that he made a mistake! They treated those machines like people, like persons, like superintelligences that could think better than they could! They literally worshipped those machines! They had their little high priests running all around taking care of them, these little smart-looking, well-dressed little businessmen, young fellows, all young whiz kids & brainchilds, the high priests of the computers!
       130. (VERSE 16:) "AND HE CAUSETH ALL, BOTH SMALL & GREAT, RICH & POOR, FREE & BOND TO RECEIVE A MARK IN THEIR RIGHT HAND OR IN THEIR FOREHEADS. And that no man might buy or sell, save he that had the Mark, or the name of the Beast, or the number of his name." You mean you're going to have three different kinds of marks?--Or are these three different names for the same Mark? (See No.1943, "The Number of a Man!") I'm more inclined to believe that it means all one & the same thing, that the Mark means "or the number," or it also means "or the name." In other words, the Mark contains the name & the number of the Beast.--Name & number, no doubt.
       131. (VERSE 18:) "HERE IS WISDOM. LET HIM THAT HATH UNDERSTANDING COUNT THE NUMBER OF THE BEAST: for it is the number of a man; & his number is Six hundred threescore & six." That's how much? What's that? (Fam: 666!) It's the number of a man--what man? (Fam: The Antichrist.)
       132. SO, IT'S THE NUMBER OF A MAN, WHAT MAN?--THE NUMBER OF THE ANTICHRIST! Think of that!--He's probably got your number too, I'm sure.--Number of a man, every man, everybody! PTL! Now there you've got it, the 13th Chapter of Revelation! PTL! GBY!
       --HERE HE COMES!
       --ARE YOU READY!
       --IT WON'T BE LONG NOW!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family