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WHAT IF?--Part 4!       DO 2211-4       6/86
--The Tribulation Could Begin Tomorrow!
--If It Weren't for What I Got From the Lord Today!
--The Final Bomb

       THE TEMPLE!
       139. HART SAID, "WELL, YOU KNOW, THEY'VE GOT TO HAVE TIME TO REBUILD THE TEMPLE & START SACRIFICIAL WORSHIP & everything, at least we're going to surely know about that, so we couldn't be that close! We've got a few months at least before the Tribulation begins!" I said, "Who said they had to get the Temple rebuilt before the Tribulation could begin?" Who said?--I did!--Not the Lord, but me, my logical figuring! Like I've told you before about logic, two & two makes four, etc. How can they stop the sacrifices at the midpoint, the beginning of the Tribulation, unless they'd already started? How can they start'm without rebuilding the Temple? How could the Antichrist sit in the Temple of God claiming that he is God unless they've got a Temple? (2Thes.2:4)
       140. BUT IT DOESN'T SAY A JEWISH TEMPLE, IT SAYS A TEMPLE OF GOD! So I said to Hart, "There's a Temple of God already there! What if the Jews decide to seize it?" That's been done to a lot of temples. Many Hindu temples in India, when the Christians took over, they turned into Christian churches. Many heathen temples of the Romans were taken over & made into Christian churches! Why couldn't the Jews do a backswitch on this one & say, "Well, we don't have time to build a Temple, we've got to get this guy in here fast to take over, let's just grab the Mosque of Omar & let's take our old altar & start sacrificing on it!" They could do that tomorrow!
       141. THEY COULD SEIZE THE TEMPLE & BEGIN SACRIFICES TOMORROW! Well, in this case, the Tribulation couldn't begin till the next day, if he would stop the sacrifices. Well, he might start & stop them the same day, who knows? It's a possibility, it's not impossible. I'm just trying to make you think!
       142. DON'T JUST TAKE MY WORD FOR THINGS THAT WHAT I'VE ALWAYS SAID IS NECESSARILY SO, IF IT'S JUST MY IDEA, MY WISHFUL THINKING, MY HOPEFUL INTERPRETATION! I've already thrown out that business of my getting out of the Tribulation. Now I realise that it's possible that I'm going to have to go through it, with you, & even right straight to the Rapture! But in thinking & digging back & praying & asking the Lord for these answers, He gave me more answers than I asked for!
       143. HEY, BY THE WAY, DO YOU KNOW WHY SULTAN SULEIMAN THE MAGNIFICENT BUILT THE MOSQUE OF OMAR? Do you remember the story? Tell'm! (Fam: He wanted to build the Jews a temple!) To please the Jews to make them pacific beneath his rule & reign, he offered to rebuild their Temple! But they refused. They said, "It can only be rebuilt by the Messiah!" But we know Jesus isn't going to do it! So what did he do? He said, "Well, if you won't let me build you a Temple to your God, we have the same God, I will build a Temple here over this most hallowed sacred spot to us both.--The altar upon which our father Abraham sacrificed unto our God!"--Our father, father of both Arabs & Jews. "On this altar where our father sacrificed, & later you sacrificed, & which we today still consider holy, I will build you a temple here myself!" That just came to me just now!
       144. IT WAS A TEMPLE MEANT TO HAVE BEEN BUILT FOR THE JEWS, & IT IS ALREADY BUILT & IT ALREADY HAS AN ALTAR OF SACRIFICE which has been holy to both Jews & Arabs! What else could ever get the Jews & the Arabs closer together than that, than to have them unite in worship under the same Temple roof & to sacrifice on the same altar? What if the Covenant's already been made? What if that arrangement's already been made? What if an arrangement is about to be made now to open the Temple to both Muslims & Jews & Christians & have them maybe take turns having services in that Temple of God?--To please the Jews & the Arabs & the Christians, to get them used to the idea.--Until the Antichrist breaks the Covenant, occupies the Temple, sets himself up as God & declares he is God!
       145. IS THAT ENOUGH?--OR DO YOU WANT THE LAST BOMB? Do you really think you can make it? Do you want me to go ahead & get it over with? Can you stand it? (Fam: Yes!) Lord help me, in Jesus' name! You told me to proclaim it & You commanded them to believe it, Lord! Now if this is the truth, You convince us & convict us & help us to see it! I think this is the wildest thing I have ever asked you to believe! I'm not asking you to believe it, I'm just suggesting the possibility.--Like I titled that last talk, "What If?"--What if this is so, then we could be here or we could be there at this period or this point in time. This one this morning even pushes it up further! Already it's pushed it up further, right? It doesn't say I'm going to die at the end of the 70 years, it says the 70 years should pass before the end of desolations. That could be the Rapture!
       146. YOU SAY, "WELL, DAD, MAYBE WE COULD SWALLOW THAT THE COVENANT WAS MADE A FEW YEARS AGO & THE ANTICHRIST HAS BEEN RULING FROM BEHIND THE SCENES secretly for the past year or two or three, it certainly looks like a pretty anti-Christ World!" I don't know whether you can take this or not. Lord, give me wisdom! TYL! If the Lord hadn't given me that little word when we started, I don't think I'd have the nerve to tell you! But He commanded me to tell you & He told you to believe it! (See Para.98) This is the biggest one I ever asked you to swallow!

       147. I WAS READING AN ARTICLE IN THE NEWSPAPER THIS MORNING, SITTING ON THE THRONE IN THE THRONE ROOM, which is a wonderful place to get things from the Lord & where I've gotten more things from the Lord than almost any place else! I think you know where I mean! Because you're alone with the Lord there. As Jesus Himself said, "Close the closet door."--And the closet door was closed, the door of the water closet. (Mat.6:6) That's what they call the toilet room in Europe, it's called a W.C., a water closet. It's a closet! So I was in the closet with the door shut communing with the Lord! You say, "What do you mean? You were reading the paper, Dad!" Well listen, I couldn't possibly read the paper without looking to the Lord for answers to questions & signals & signs of the times & constantly communing with the Lord, "Lord, is this it? Is that it? What does this mean?"
       148. I WAS READING THE LAST OF A SERIES OF ARTICLES THAT HAVE BEEN IN THE PAPER ABOUT THIS YOUNGER GENERATION OF TEENS WHO ARE ALIVE TODAY, analysing the 12-year-olds to the 37-year-olds, but with pre-eminent emphasis on the 12- to 19-year-olds. It's a marketing survey by Madison Avenue, how to reach the teenagers & sell them on advertising & the inside story on how they're doing it, mainly with television. (WND 137,pg. 6)
       149. THE TEENAGERS ARE NOT BELIEVERS ANY MORE, THEY'RE SCEPTICS! They don't believe everything they're told or taught or shown on television, they're not as gullible as the previous generations. You've got to really persuade'm, convince'm, you've got to interest'm, you've got to catch their attention, & the focal length of their attention is not very long. Their attention span is very short, 2 or 3 minutes, they say. Sometimes on a commercial it's not even 15 seconds! You've got to really catch them with a lot of bait & with a lot of entertainment. The article was showing how the modern commercials on TV now are getting away from even pushing the product so much or the name of the product or glib glib glibbing about its advantages & blah blah! The teenagers today do what they call zapping the commercials! They have the means now to flip the channels!
       150. LORD HELP ME TO HAVE PITY ON THESE POOR PEOPLE, BUT I JUST CAN'T KEEP IT ANY LONGER, I'VE GOT TO TELL YOU! That's why I called this special session this morning. I was so excited about this thing that I just got!
       151. I HAVE SUGGESTED THIS TO YOU BEFORE, I HAVE MENTIONED IT BEFORE, I HAVE SAID, "THIS IS LIKE IT, THIS IS LIKE UNTO IT!" Even my Father mentioned it years ago. Of course, he was always spiritualising everything. He was trying to explain what could this Image of the Beast be! And of course to him, it had already all happened & the Antichrist spirit already ruled the World! That's certainly true. I said, "But Dad, where's the Image of the Beast?"
       152. CAN YOU THINK OF ANYTHING I EVER SUGGESTED THAT IS CERTAINLY A FORERUNNER OF THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST?--That speaks with the voice of the Beast & is worshipped by almost everybody on Earth right now today & stands in the holy place of their hearts, the spiritual holy place of their affections & their imagination & their worship & their love! It is the very personification of materialism, at whose feet the whole World who are well off enough to have one, sit at least an average of 2 or 3 hours a day! "Now Dad, you've gone too far! That's stretching my imagination too far!" What am I talking about? (Fam: Television!)
       153. I WAS READING THIS ARTICLE ABOUT HOW THE YOUTH OF TODAY IS THE FIRST GENERATION WHO HAVE BEEN TOTALLY ALMOST ENTIRELY EDUCATED BY ELECTRONICS, by technological means of information.--First radio, then television, then video & now the computer! Who has to wait for a computerised Image to look just like the Beast? You say, "But Dad, TV's not a statue, it's not the image of a man, a statue of a man!" Who said it was the statue of a man? Huh?--Me! That's not what the Bible says, it says it's the Image of the Beast! Who is the Beast? (Fam: The Antichrist!)
       154. DON'T WORRY, I'M NOT GOING TO CHANGE THAT, HE IS THE ANTICHRIST, THAT'S FOR SURE, ALL THE WAY THROUGH THE BIBLE!--The Man of Iniquity, the Man of Sin, the wicked one! It's definitely going to be a man. But whose spirit has he got? (Fam: The Devil's.)--Satan's! He is virtually, literally, the embodiment of the spirit of Satan, the Devil himself, who already rules this World & the people who worship television & worship its images & worship its idols & worship its music & worship its portrayal & displayal of all that is materialistic & all that is fiendish & devilish, as well as a little good here & there sprinkled in just to get by! Wherever the Lord can get ahold of it He will, & use it, thank the Lord! But how many hours of religion are on TV compared to the hours that Satan controls? He is the ruler of this World & its communications & the Lord gets very little of it. And even a lot of what's professed to be the Lord is not very good either.
       155. WHO IS THE BEAST? WELL, THE PERSONIFICATION OF THE BEAST IS THE MAN.--A HORN. A horn! A horn! Why does that have to be some kind of an animal horn?--Ha! That just came to me right now! From radio to television, they all shout with a horn!--Through their hi-fi systems & their rock & roll & all the rest, they all use horns, horns of the Beast! The little horn has gotten to be a pretty big horn! Remember, he was only little at the beginning, but he got so big he overcame'm all! (Dan.8:9-12) Are you disappointed? (Fam: No!)

       156. YOU SAY, "WELL, DAD, I CAN SEE HOW THE COVENANT COULD BE SECRET, his rule from behind the scenes for the first 3-1/2 years could be secret & he could be in control, it certainly looks like it!" Boy oh boy, I've never seen the World turn so anti-Christ in such a short time as it has just in my lifetime!
       157. AS I TOLD YOU, WHEN I WAS A CHILD, IN THE UNITED STATES, IN ALL THE CHRISTIAN WORLD, SO-CALLED CHRISTENDOM, VIRTUALLY EVERYBODY WENT TO CHURCH, & you weren't a respectable member of the community unless you did! Most people went to church, most people at least professed to be Christians & pretended to be Christians, at least to be accepted by the community. No respectable businessman or professional of any kind would not be a member of some church! Now it's almost disrespectful, it's almost a disadvantage to be a member of some church! It shows you're one of those childish believers in the supernatural, that you still believe in God!
       158. THE ENTIRE SCIENTIFIC WORLD HAS TURNED TOTALLY ANTI-CHRIST THROUGH THE LIE OF EVOLUTION! The entire educational World, as a result, has turned totally anti-Christ, anti-God, anti-Bible, anti-prayer, except for a little sprinkling of Christian education here & there. The Antichrist System already controls the World & is ruling the World! The Antichrist system already controls most education! What else? (Fam: Art.) Art & music is devilish, & business.
       159. OH, & HOW THEY CONTROL THE NEWS MEDIA TO SHADE PEOPLE'S CONCEPT OF THINGS ANY WAY THEY WANT TO! The whole World is calling Godahfi a devil when they don't know the first thing about him! They're just thinking what the media says. Even the government believes what the media says! Even the government believes what the anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] are putting in their newspapers, all these lies & all these stories!
       160. THANK GOD FOR A FEW BRAVE SOULS LIKE THE PRESIDENT OF GREECE, WHO SAYS IT HASN'T BEEN PROVED YET THAT GODAHFI WAS BEHIND ONE OF THESE TERRORIST INCIDENTS! And at first that's what even Reagan & some of the government people were saying. But then the anti-Christ media, the God-damned anti-Christ[EDITED: "s"] kept socking it to him, socking it to him, socking it to him, until anybody who disagreed was an outcast! Anathema! "You don't believe our truth that this man is a fiend & a devil, a terrorist, & the one responsible for most of the terrorism in the whole World, blah blah!" Because they hate him with all their hearts!
       161. SO THE ANTICHRIST SYSTEM IS ALREADY IN CONTROL! The World has already signed its pact with the Devil! As the former Secretary General of NATO said several years ago, "We would sign a treaty with Satan himself if he could solve the problems!"--And he will!--Or at least he's promised to & he thinks he's going to & it will look like it for awhile. He said, "We would sign with the Devil if he could solve our problems!"
       162. THEY'RE ALREADY SOLD OUT TO THE DEVIL, THEY'RE OPEN TO THE DEVIL, THEY'RE WILLING TO LET THE DEVIL RULE! They're already letting him rule! He already rules the World! The Antichrist spirit already rules the World, the Antichrist System already rules the World, the Antichrist followers already rule the World!

       163. "SO WHERE DOES THAT PUT THE ANTICHRIST, WE HAVEN'T SEEN HIM YET!" How do you know you haven't seen him yet? You've seen his Image, even though you didn't know you'd seen it! I mean, that came to me so clear this morning reading this article about these young people, how they worship television & they idolise their idols, & how it's gotta be shown that their idols use this product or that or they won't believe in it, & all that sort of thing!
       164. IT'S THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST & ALL THAT HE STANDS FOR & ALL THAT HE ADVOCATES & ALL THAT HE ADVERTISES & ALL THAT TRIES TO GET THE WORLD TO FALL DOWN & WORSHIP! "Fall down & worship me & you can have all these things!"--The same temptation he gave to Jesus! (Mat.4:8-9) "Worship me, worship material things, worship my products, worship me!"
       165. "DAD, NOW YOU'RE CHANGING YOUR POSITION IN ESCHATOLOGY, YOU'RE BECOMING A SPIRITUALISER INSTEAD OF A LITERALIST!" Well, if God wants to convert me to the spiritual interpretation on something that I thought was going to be literal in another way, I'm open to change! I suggested this once upon a time, I said television reminds me of the Image of the Beast because it already portrays everything that the Beast stands for!
       166. YOU SAY, "OKAY, I'LL ACCEPT THAT THE COVENANT WAS SECRET, HIS RULE'S BEEN SECRET & THAT MAYBE TELEVISION IS EVEN THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST!--BUT WHAT ABOUT HIM, WHERE IS HE? We haven't seen him revealed!" We've always said that at the middle of the Seven Years he breaks the Covenant. Now what does it actually say? Let's be specific! He stops the sacrifices. Now I'm going to go back to something my father used to try to persuade me of, but I wouldn't believe it because I was such an extreme literalist!
       167. HE SAID, "DAVID, THE WORLD IS ALREADY WORSHIPPING THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST IN THEIR HOLIEST OF HOLIES! What is the temple today? What does the Lord say the temple is where you're to worship Him? Not here, nor in Jerusalem, nor in this building or that! What is the holiest of holies of the Temple of God?" (Fam: Your heart!) And people who are worshipping the Devil & his anti-Christ spirit in their holy of holies, in their heart, are already worshipping the Antichrist in the temple that belongs to God, in the temple of God!
       168. I'M JUST ASKING, "WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE?" Can you believe it? Is it possible? Although, who knows, we may yet see it actually, literally! But already the World is worshipping & obeying & bowing down before the Antichrist & his Image & everything Satanic, everything materialistic, more hours a day than they worship anything else! And they work for him in their jobs all day long & cannot serve God & Mammon. (Mat.6:24) They're working for Mammon unless they give it entirely to the Lord! In those system jobs, working for the Devil's own System, they're serving Mammon!
       169. MOST OF OUR BACKSLIDERS GO BACK THERE & WHY DO THEY GO TO WORK? What kind of a job do they take?--A job in the System! What for?--Mammon, for money, because they need money. So they go to work for Mammon to get money, because Mammon controls the money. They have to go to work for the god of wealth, the god of means, the god of materialism, the god of money! They think they've got to go to work for him, to get some of his money to live, because they've lost faith in God & backslidden & gone back & put their faith now back again in the System & the Devil!
       170. BOY, WE'RE GETTING A LOT OF SAD STORIES, BUT ALSO A LOT OF GOOD STORIES, THANK THE LORD, FROM OUR AMBASSADORS GOING AROUND HOLDING THESE MEETINGS! They're having glorious victories!--People rejoining, backsliders coming back to the fold, people quitting their jobs & forsaking all & going to the field! You never heard the like of the glorious stories you're going to read in the FSM, marvellous! They're accomplishing more even than we expected, having more success! It's almost phenomenal! It is phenomenal, it's the Lord! It's marvellous!
       171. BUT THE SYSTEM IS GOD-DAMNED & OF THE DEVIL, it's the Devil's own System, & it's horrible when they have to go back to work for it! So unless they've forsaken all like you have & are giving their full time to the Lord & His service & His work in whatever capacity, they're still serving Mammon!
       172. THEY'RE ALREADY WORSHIPPING THE BEAST! Mammon is the Beast! The god of money is the Devil! He controls it, he issues it, he prints it! He only gives it to you if you fall down & worship him & serve him 8 hours a day, 48 hours a week! Can you believe that? (Fam: Yes, Sir!)
       173. I'M JUST SAYING WHAT IF? WHAT IF THIS IS TRUE? What if television is the Image of the Beast? It's an image, & all the way through this article the author kept talking about images, that teenagers today are only persuaded by these images, you can only get your point across & sell your product if you can produce the right image! Image, image, image! It must have been mentioned a dozen times in this article! What are they saying? Youth today is worshipping images, television images, music images, dramatic images, movie images! They're already worshipping the Image of the Beast!
       174. YOU SAY, "WELL, WE STILL HAVEN'T SEEN THAT GUY, THAT MAN OF SIN!" Who says you're going to see him?--I did! It doesn't say you're going to see him! I challenge you to give me a Scripture where it says we're going to see him. "But Dad, it says he's going to sit in the Temple of God, as God, showing that he is God! We haven't seen him yet!" You probably never will, even if he does sit there. You might see him on television. But what if it doesn't mean that? What if it means that he's already sitting in the Temple of God, as God, saying that he is God, "Fall down & worship me or be slain! Take my number or be killed!"
       175. WE'VE ALWAYS TAUGHT THAT RIGHT THERE AT THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT, IMMEDIATELY HE SETS UP HIS IMAGE, immediately he starts his worship, immediately he issues his 666 credit cards & immediately he starts killing everybody that won't worship him! Where does it say that? Who said that?--Me!
       176. MAYBE YOU WANT TO CALL ME A FALSE PROPHET, BUT AT LEAST I'M WILLING TO ADMIT MY MISTAKES! I would say this, my misapprehensions or my misconceptions are misinterpretations. I was just taking it all so literally, I couldn't see how that couldn't be something literal! Well, images on television are quite literal, & it speaks with a voice, a loud voice, & even with a horn, & the World are all falling down & worshipping the Image of the Beast, the boob tube, as they themselves call it, the squawk box, the Image of the Beast!
       177. THE RADIO WAS A PRECURSOR, YOU COULD HEAR THE SOUND OF HIS VOICE, & NEARLY ALL OF IT WAS HIS VOICE! Pretty soon movies came & you could see it, then came the television & now everybody has one, everybody can see it! We all have'm & we even watch it ourselves, the news etc. Of course, we watch it through necessity, we have to keep up with those things, & because we want to see videos about the Family & we want to see what's going on in the World, & sometimes videos just for pure relaxation, recreation, entertainment & amusement. But watch out that it doesn't become your master & you don't become in bondage to it, & you don't give the TV too much of your time. Some of it is preaching outright deviltry & insanity & fiendish Satanism!--And most of the rest is preaching the same, only more subtly!
       178. THEY'RE ALREADY WORSHIPPING THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST, so that as Jesus said, if it were possible they might even deceive the very elect, false Christs! (Mat.24:24) Are the elect deceived today? Are there a lot of deceived Christians?--Even real Christians & church people who are cooperating hand-in-glove with the Antichrist System & the [EDITED: "ACs"] who are going to destroy them!--Already!--Conferences of [DELETED] ecumenicalism. [DELETED] Talk about an abomination of desolation, to me that was an abomination of desolation!
       179. "ALL RIGHT, DAD, IF THAT'S THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST & THE COVENANT'S ALREADY MADE & BROKEN, WHAT WAS THE COVENANT?" Well, the [EDITED: "ACs"] have made lots of covenants & broken them! They've made lots of peace efforts between them & the Christians & the Gentiles & broken them. Anything that will get them ahead, they will do! They've broken myriads of covenants! What if the Covenant is symbolic of the way they weasel in & get control?
       180. THE AMERICAN PUBLIC SCHOOLS WERE SUPPOSED TO BE A GREAT BOON TO GIVE AN EDUCATION TO EVERYBODY FREE, so the children would have a good education. Now they've broken the covenant & they're teaching nothing but anti-Christ education, atheism, evolution, anti-God! The whole thing is designed to destroy faith!--Not just accidentally ending up that way, it was designed by Horace Mann from the beginning, a God-damned [EDITED: "AC"], to destroy children & their faith in God & to promote the Antichrist!
       181. IT'S ALREADY HERE, BELOVED! May I suggest to you the possibility, at least, that it's already here? May I suggest to you the possibility that the Image of the Beast is already here & he has already taken pos-session of the holy place of the hearts of God's creations, the hearts of men, & that he is already there sitting in the temple of God of the World, in the hearts of the World which should be the temple of God! 182. EVERY HUMAN BEING IS SUPPOSED TO BE THE TEMPLE OF GOD, THE CREATION OF GOD MADE TO BE THE TEMPLE OF GOD! (1Cor.6:19; 2Cor.6:16) But Satan has usurped that temple & he is sitting there himself as God, claiming that he is God! And he has already got his Image all over the World, in some of the most remote places in the World, in the middle of Indian deserts & everywhere you can imagine! (Fam: I was just thinking how they have satellites now so you can have the same program all over the World!)--Anywhere!
       183. 20 YEARS AGO, JUST BEFORE WE STARTED THE FAMILY REVOLUTION, THERE WERE ONLY FOUR TELEVISION STATIONS IN THE CITY OF NEW YORK. There are now 37 channels in New York City alone! 37 channels on which to worship the Image of the Beast! How about that? Boy oh boy, I would never stop flipping channels if I was there! I'd be a terrible channel-changer, a real channel-flipper! Talk about zapping the commercials, I'd zap the programs! Ha! Well, I'm sorry to have kept you so long, shall I still drop the last bomb? "Dad, I thought you already dropped it!"

       184. IF THE IMAGE OF THE BEAST IS ALREADY HERE & THE ANTICHRIST HAS ALREADY SET HIMSELF UP IN THE TEMPLE TO BE WORSHIPPED, THEN WHERE IS THE TRIBULATION? (FAM: RIGHT NOW!) You got the point! We're in it, it's here! Now! It's not so bad after all, if that interpretation is true! I'll tell you, it came on me so strong this morning, just like every revelation God's ever given me! I nearly fell off the toilet! I almost came running in here with my pants down! I could hardly wait to get here! I told David to come & tell you quick we're going to have class right away! And then Mama said, "Oh my, so sudden!" David said, "Right away?" And I looked at the clock & it was 8 o'clock. I said, "Well, tell them 8:30!" I thought I'd give you at least a half-an-hour to get used to the shock & give you half-an-hour to get set up for the class.
       185. SO WHAT IF THIS IS ALREADY THE TRIBULATION? Isn't it getting worse all the time? Aren't they already talking about cards & ID numbers & 666 is already the initial number & system of all these IDs of packages & everything! 666 is going to be on the new currency they say the U.S. is going to issue next year! 666 is going to be on all the Social Security cards in the United States, the new ones they're issuing! The number is already here, they're just getting the final act together to where they can ID everybody & locate everybody & pin everybody down & know who you are & where you are so you have to bear the number of the Beast or you won't be able to buy or sell without these cards or this money!
       186. SO THE MARK OF THE BEAST IS ALREADY HERE! It's on the money, it's on the Social Security cards, it's on the credit cards, it's on the package IDs in the market, it's a basic figure, they say, of nearly all computer systems, the 6 system!
       187. SO TO SUM IT ALL UP, IS IT POSSIBLE? I'm suggesting to you the possibility that not only the Antichrist is already here, but the Image of the Beast is already here, the 666 is already here, & even the Tribulation is already here! Have you been persecuted? Have we been persecuted? Have our lives been threatened? They've even killed some of the Family, several of us!--Persecuted & beaten us! How much more can happen to one of the Family than to be killed? And some of them have already been killed, some already beaten, many already in prison! All the things that are going to happen in the Tribulation are already happening to Christians around the World, already happening to us! And of course it's going to get worse!
       188. I'M NOT SAYING THE TRIBULATION IS OVER, I'M NOT DEAD YET! But it kind of encouraged me & cheered me up when I got the revelation, that, "Well, thank God it's not too bad yet!" Besides that, the best part of this whole idea is that Jesus can come soon & take us out of this Tribulation & this Antichrist World & this worship of the Beast & his Image & his number! Can you believe that? (Fam: Yes, Sir!)
       189. WE CAN LOOK FORWARD & REJOICE IN STEAD OF LOOKING FORWARD & WORRYING ABOUT THE TRIBULATION, "How am I going to be able to bear it? How can I stand it? What's it going to be like?" They say, "The coward dies a thousand times, the brave but one!" The coward dies a thousand times through fear, worrying about it!--Like Samuel Clemens said, what was his pen name? (Fam: Mark Twain.) [DELETED] And look how he corrupted a whole generation with his Tom Sawyer & Huckleberry Finn, to get them to do all kinds of crazy things & bad things! It's the very worst kind of stories! They should have been prohibited! But the Antichrist System encouraged you to read them, those were considered good children's literature!
       190. HE SAID, "I'M AN OLD MAN & HAD MANY WORRIES," MANY FEARS, IN OTHER WORDS, MANY TROUBLES, "MOST OF WHICH NEVER HAPPENED!" People are heaving sighs of relief here, Honey, to find out maybe half the Tribulation's already over! What else does it do for you besides encourage you & help you rejoice that it's not going to be as long as you thought?--We won't have to wait so long as you thought, the Lord's coming sooner than you thought & is going to rescue us out of this before long without having to suffer it much more!
       191. IF THIS IS THE TRIBULATION, WOW, WHAT'S HEAVEN GOING TO BE LIKE! The Lord's not only given us necessities, needs & things we have to have, but luxuries & beauty, wants, heart's desires, every pleasure, every bounty & blessing He could possibly pour down on us, because we have given ourselves to Him & to others & their service! What could we have more?
       192. I'M NOT SAYING YOU HAVE TO BELIEVE THAT, I'M JUST PROPOSING THE POSSIBILITY, I'm proposing the idea, the theory, you can call it, the suggestion, the interpretation that has come to me in considering this subject. And I'll have to give Hart the credit for even forcing me to face it, but it didn't come out like he thought! We don't have another seven years after my death in '89. We're not going to go on to '96 as he was hoping. Hart's going to get this word now that I'm beginning to believe we're already in the Tribulation & that the Lord's coming soon & we don't have near as much time as he wanted! So if he's going to get that Endtime Bible done, he'd better get it done quick or we'll only be able to use it in the Millennium & most of these events will already be over, the Endtime will be past!

       193. BUT THE FINAL MESSAGE OF THAT INTERPRETATION IS THIS: WHAT ELSE DOES THAT MEAN TO YOU besides that the Lord is coming soon, which the church has always been saying but they never act like it, they don't really believe it! They say, "The Lord's coming soon, He can come any time, any moment!"--But they build churches to last for a hundred years! They put millions into things that don't save souls! They don't really believe the Lord's coming soon!
       194. BUT I WANT TO TELL YOU ONE LAST SOBERING THOUGHT, & this is the thing that worries dear Mama here & Peter & Hart. How are we going to get all this done? Well, if the Tribulation's almost over & the Lord's about to come, who needs it?--Unless it's something useful for the Millennium! I think a lot of our material is going to be very useful for the Millennium--educational & to understand the Bible & all that.
       195. BUT TO WRITE AN ENDTIME BIBLE TO TRY TO HELP PEOPLE UNDERSTAND ALL THE EVENTS, WELL, PEOPLE STUDY HISTORY IN SCHOOL, FINE! MAKE IT INTO A HISTORY BOOK! After all, we've got to tell all these new Heaven-born kids & Millennium-born kids what it used to be like! "What was it like, Dad? What was it like, Mom? How did it used to be?" They're going to be as curious about the past as we are & all those events! Aren't we curious about the past?
       196. I'VE TRIED TO MAKE YOU LESS CURIOUS & MORE INTERESTED IN THE FUTURE BECAUSE THAT'S WHAT YOU'VE GOT TO DO, YOU ARE THE FUTURE! I've even told you,"Forget all that old Bible history & all the journeys of So-&-so & the kings of the kingdom & all that stuff, it's too late for all those details!" (See ML #1598.) But the Endtime will be such recent history, a lot of young people & children are going to want to know, "How did this all happen?" And it will be a very interesting story!
       197. OLD GRANDPAS LIKE ME ARE GOING TO SIT AROUND TELLING TALES ABOUT THE PAST, GRANDPA STORIES! Don't you think that'll be interesting? Aren't you enjoying the Life of Grandpa, Life with Grandpa & the Grandpa Stories? You enjoy'm, you get something out of'm, don't you? Don't you enjoy Bible stories, Bible characters & heroes? All those things were written, He says, not just to us but for our benefit, so that we could learn lessons from it! (1Cor.10:11)
       198. DON'T YOU THINK THAT MILLENNIAL CHILDREN WILL FIND LESSONS IN THE STORIES YOU'LL HAVE TO TELL ABOUT THE ENDTIME PERIOD & the things you went through, & how Grandpa changed your whole theology & prophetic interpretation at the very last minute! Well, thank God! If it's almost over, we don't have to worry about the past & any wrong interpretations or any misconceptions or little mistakes in our timetable. That's all we're talking about!
       199. WE'RE NOT PUSHING IT BACK FURTHER LIKE HART WANTED TO DO! I mean, when I had to face it & really get down to business & give him chapter & verse & words & interpretations & actual meanings, the Lord came & whooosh, pushed the whole thing up right in my face!
       200. I HOPE THIS ISN'T GOING TO HAPPEN, ALTHOUGH IT HAS HAPPENED BEFORE ON SOME STRONG NEW WINE, "MANY WENT AWAY & FOLLOWED THEM NO MORE!"--Because it was a hard saying, they couldn't take it! (Jn.6:60-66) This may be the most shocking change in our prophetic interpretation--not interpretation of events, not interpretation of sequence of events, not interpretation of what is going to happen & all, but in the viewing of those events, in how we see those events!--And in even the timetable of events.
       201. THERE'S STILL AN ANTICHRIST, THERE'S STILL A MARK OF THE BEAST, THERE'S STILL AN IMAGE OF THE BEAST, THERE'S STILL A TRIBULATION! We haven't changed any of our faith & belief in any of these things. There's still going to be a Rapture, still going to be a Wrath of God, Armageddon, Millennium, Heaven, the works! It doesn't change a thing! Except that we just suddenly got into our little time machine & we squirted into the future further than we thought we were!

       202. I'VE GOT TO QUIT! GOD BLESS YOU! YOU FOLKS ARE REALLY GLUTTONS FOR PUNISHMENT! But I had to do it while I felt like it! As I say, I nearly ran in here with my pants down because I was afraid if I waited maybe I wouldn't have the guts to tell you!
       203. YOU SEE, YOUR FIRST IMPULSE IS ALWAYS THE RIGHT ONE, & THAT'S WHEN YOU SHOULD OBEY, RIGHT THEN! Because the Devil says, "Wait! Dave, you'd better sit down & study this in the Bible & you'd better get all your verses & chapters & everything lined up straight, & you'd better think it through first & see if there are any snags or catches, something you haven't thought about that might contradict the whole works & throw the whole thing out of kilter!" The Devil was telling me all that this morning as I sat there praying.
       204. I SAID, "I WANT TO BE ALONE, BOYS, I DON'T NEED ANYBODY HERE WITH ME RIGHT NOW, I JUST WANT TO BE ALONE & PRAY", when I was drinking my coffee after sitting on the throne. I got my pants back on, thank the Lord, as you can see! But boy, was the Devil fighting! "Now Dave, you're not sure about this, this isn't necessarily so! You've changed your mind before, you could change it again! You'd better sit down & give it time, give it time to think it through, give it time to research it better, you can even have Hart work on it for you, have Apollos work on it. They're both good researchers, they really know the Word, have them work on it to see if this is really so. Don't go rushing in there half-cocked, you're not even ready to tell them yet, you don't even know what to tell them yet!--Just some crazy little hair-brained idea you suddenly got on the toilet!"
       205. THAT'S WHAT THE DEVIL WAS TELLING ME, "WAIT, NOT NOW, LATER! IT'S ALL RIGHT LATER, BUT NOT NOW!" One of the Devil's best tools is that word "wait," not now, procrastination! Procrastination means putting it off. If he can't persuade people not to become Christians, he says, "Wait, later, not now!" But do you know what Fred Jordan used to say? When they say "wait" or "later," check "rejection" on your report card! People who say, "I believe it, I believe it, but I'll accept Him later, I'll wait. There are some things I want to finish up first & things I want to do before I accept, because I know what it's going to cost me, I know what I'm going to have to do. When I receive the Lord I'm really going to have to straighten up & serve the Lord & go to church & all those things & I just am not ready for that yet! Wait!"--That's rejection! And once they've rejected, that's the last chance they deserve!

       206. AND THAT BRINGS ME TO THE LAST POINT, BELOVED. WHAT ELSE DOES THIS MEAN? If the Antichrist is already here, if we're already viewing the Image of the Beast, if we've already got the number of the Beast, 666, in circulation & it's all here, if the Antichrist is already sitting in the temple of the people's hearts, the holy place that belongs to God, but they've given it over to the Devil, & he's already saying that he is God & they're already worshipping him, & the Tribulation is already here, what does that mean?
       207. IT MEANS THE GOOD NEWS THAT THE LORD'S COMING SOON! It means the good news that maybe it's almost over! But what else does it mean? It means we've got very little time left & we'd better get on the ball & get to work & get the job done in a hurry, or we're not going to get it done! The Lord, in other words, is waiting on us!
       208. IF WHAT I'VE BEEN TELLING YOU THIS MORNING IS TRUE, IF WE COULD POSSIBLY BELIEVE THAT CONCEPTION OF THINGS, THAT MEANS WE HAVEN'T GOT MUCH TIME LEFT! We may have very little time left! And we must "work the works of Him that sent us while it is yet day, for the night cometh!" (Jn.9:4) "Dad, you said we were still going to be able to work right through the night. 'The night cometh when no man can work,' so what could the night be?" We've always characterised it & epitomised it as being the Tribulation or the last days of the Tribulation when we won't be able to do anything, but I don't believe that!
       209. THE NIGHT IS THAT NIGHT OF THE LORD'S COMING WHEN THE LIGHTNING SHINES FROM THE EAST TO THE WEST & THERE'S THE MIDNIGHT CRY... (Tongues:) Hallelujah! "Help these Thy little ones to believe Thy Word, Lord! Help them to believe their Father, Lord! Help them to believe these revelations Thou hast given to them, Lord! Help us to be ready & to have the job done before You come, in Jesus' name!" Hallelujah! TYL!
       210. THE LAST QUESTION I CAN ASK IS, "ARE YOU DOING YOUR BEST FOR JESUS?" That's an old song we used to sing,
       "I wonder have I done my best for Jesus,
       When He has given His best for me!
       How many are the lost that I have lifted,
       How many are the chained I've helped to free?
       I wonder have I done my best for Jesus,
       When He has done so much for me!"

       211. THE OTHER NIGHT I TOLD MAMA THE STORY ABOUT THAT FAMOUS LAWYER, ONCE THE MOST PROMINENT LAWYER OF THE CITY OF ST. LOUIS. You've heard the story, I think I've written it somewhere. He died a drunk in my Grandfather's arms, Father Brandt, who was the eminent preacher of the town at that time.
       212. THEY SUMMONED MY GRANDFATHER TO HIS BEDSIDE IN A PAUPER'S HOSPITAL, they used to call them, because he had no money, he'd lost his practice, he'd lost his fortune, he'd lost his family, his home, everything!--Drunk himself to the gutter! In fact, they called my Grandfather & they said, "This man who we had to throw out of the bar, when he hit the pavement in the gutter, he cracked his head open & he's dying. But he's calling for you, he says he knows you, Dr. Brandt."
       213. SO MY GRANDFATHER RUSHED TO THE HOSPITAL & THERE HE WAS DYING. I've forgotten his exact name, we'll call him Lyle. And my Grandfather took him in his arms there, he felt so sorry for him. He'd become a drunk, a bum, & lost everything through liquor, alcohol. And my Grandfather looked at him, with tears in his eyes, & he said, "Lyle, you're not the man you used to be!" Well, that was obvious. He looked up at my Grandfather & he said, "That's not the worst of it, Dr. Brandt. I'm not the man that I could have been!"
       214. I SAID TO MAMA, "HONEY, I'VE BEEN SOMEBODY & DONE SOMETHING, BUT AM I THE MAN I COULD HAVE BEEN? Could I have done more? Could I have done better? If this is it & the time is almost up, have I failed? Could I have done more? Could I have done better? Am I the man I could have been?" I shook my head & said, "No, I don't think I am. I think if I'd have been a better man, in many ways maybe I could have done more, maybe I could have saved more, maybe I could have sent more missionaries out, maybe I didn't do all I could!" I don't know, I'll ask you that question.
       215. I THINK WHEN I FACE THE LORD I'M GOING TO SAY AS HE COMMANDED THE DISCIPLES TO, "WE HAVE ONLY DONE THAT WHICH IS OUR DUTY TO DO!" (Luk.17:10) In other words, we haven't done enough. We could never do enough to repay Him for Salvation! We could never do enough to repay Him for how good He's been to us! How could we ever do enough! How could we do more? And I said to her, "There's only one thing I can think of I could do more than I've done, & that's to die for Him, to die for them, to give my life for them! Maybe that's what will come, maybe that's what will happen, maybe that's how I'll go! Then I really will have given my all! I've given my life, why not my death?"
       216. JESUS HIMSELF SAID, "GREATER LOVE HATH NO MAN THAN THIS, THAT A MAN LAY DOWN HIS LIFE FOR HIS FRIENDS!" (Jn.15:13) Are you laying down your life for Jesus? Are you laying down your life for others? I would say that you are. You've forsaken all--families, careers, schooling, home, nation, country, everything! You have followed me to the ends of the Earth!--Not just me, but the Lord & His calling & souls. You're here for that reason, right?
       217. BUT ARE YOU REALLY DOING YOUR BEST FOR JESUS? Some of you are thinking, "Well, I could be doing something better than main-tenance work & gardening & cooking." I don't know about that. Maybe this is the best you could possibly do to help me to preach the Gospel, help me to feed the sheep! Because without you I couldn't do it! (Dad blows his nose) Excuse me. The Lord says He keeps our tears in a bottle, but my bottle isn't big enough! PTL!
       218. HAVE YOU DONE YOUR BEST FOR JESUS? Are you doing your best for Jesus? I'm not only talking to you, remember, I'm talking to the Family around the World, I'm talking to thousands! If this is really it, if this is near the End, have you really accomplished all you should accomplish? Are you really doing your best now? Are you going to have any regrets when He comes? Are you going to be sorry about all the things you intended to do & you wanted to do & you were going to do sometime but you put them off & you didn't get them done?
       219. WHEN JESUS COMES, WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO BE SORRY FOR? How many things are you going to be sorry that you didn't get done that you should have done, that you could have done! "Dr. Brandt, that's not the worst of it, I'm not the man that I could have been!" How many things are you going to be sorry for? Why is He going to have to wipe away the tears? (Rev.21:4) Because we're going to be sorry for a lot of things, a lot of things we could have done, we should have done but we didn't get done!
       220. WHAT DO WE NEED TO DO THAT WE HAVEN'T DONE, PETER? What do we need to get out yet that we haven't done, that they need now, just before the End!--Not history, but right now! What do we need to do, to get done? We have to have a place to live to do anything. We have to have something to eat. We have to have all of you to do the things we're doing now!
       221. IS THERE ANYTHING WE'RE DOING THAT'S NOT NECESSARY? Is there anything we're doing we're wasting time on? Is there anything that we could be doing that we're not doing? If this is it, this is the end, we're almost there! That's one of the saddest words in the English language, almost! "If I only had! I almost did!" The guy who almost made it, didn't make it! A miss is as good as a mile! He could be a fraction of an inch behind the line of the other guy, but he didn't win.
       222. ARE WE GOING TO MAKE IT? Do you think we're going to make it? Are we doing our best? Are we doing all we can? Are we doing it as fast as we can to get it done while they need it now & not after the Lord comes? Do you see how important this session is & why I wanted to rush in & tell you real quick, to hurry up & get busy & work fast & hard & get it done now, tomorrow may be too late! How about it? PTL!
       223. ARE YOU DOING ALL YOU CAN? I think sometimes you figure you're doing more than you can the way I push you to get this job done or that job done! Do you see the urgency of it? Do you see why I couldn't wait?--Why I felt like I had to keep on talking till I finished & got that point across & convinced you that if you're going to do it, now's your last chance, go & get it done!
       224. "GARDENING," YOU SAY,"WELL, WHAT'S THAT?" You might be teaching people in the Millennium how to garden, how to feed themselves! I mean, this World's going to be in one Hell of a mess after the Battle of Armageddon! "Maintenance, what's that?" Well, there's going to be a lot of things destroyed which will have to be repaired & reconstructed! "Babies, what's that?" That's the best part of it all, more citizens for the Kingdom of God! All these things are fruitful, all of them are productive! You say, "Well, washing dishes, it's just something you've got to keep doing over & over & over & over! And cooking, there never seems to be any end to it ever!"
       225. WELL, THERE WOULDN'T BE ANY MIDDLE OF IT OR EVEN BEGINNING OF IT IF IT WEREN'T FOR YOU & the cooking & the babies & the gardening & the carpentry work & the business & typing & all the rest! You say, "Well, there's just no end to it!" There will be, it's coming soon! Don't worry about the end of it, what you need to worry about is the middle & everything leading up to the end! Amen?
       226. SO LET'S GET BUSY, SHALL WE? Let's work harder than we ever worked before, faster than we ever worked before, to get more done than we ever did before, to feed these sheep everything they need to know now, right now!--To get them on the ball, to get them moving, to win more souls than they ever won before!--To witness more than they ever witnessed before! There's no time to fiddle around any more, we've gotta get it done! We've got to get the job done or we'll be too late & we're going to be going Home & almost ashamed to face the Lord! "I'm sorry, Lord, I'm not the man that I could have been. I didn't accomplish all I could have accomplished. Forgive me, I'm sorry!"
       227. THERE ARE GOING TO BE TEARS IN HEAVEN, BECAUSE HE'S GOING TO HAVE TO WIPE THEM AWAY! "God shall wipe away all tears!" (Rev.21:4) There will be tears there about all the things we wished we'd done, or some of the things we wish we hadn't done! Right?
       228. SO IS THAT ENOUGH, FIVE HOURS?--A five-hour class! I think this is about the worst I ever did! But I think you can tell there's a burden on my heart & I feel like it's urgent, an emergency, & I had to tell you now & get it off my chest now! And I had to make a lawyer's case of it first of all to convince you! Are you convinced? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Well, even if you're not convinced of that idea & that interpretation, I hope you're convinced that it's still late & you still need to work hard while it's day before the night comes when no man can work!
       229. THANK GOD! WE'RE NOT GOING TO WORRY ABOUT THE NIGHT COMING, WE'RE GOING TO BE GLAD WHEN THE NIGHT COMES & the heavens open & we enter Heaven! TTL? That's the end!--The end of the World's day & our day, & the beginning of the Lord's Day--Heaven & the Millennium & a whole big new job to do!

       230. GOD BLESS APOLLOS & HEAVEN'S GIRL IN THE TRIBULATION, BUT I WANT TO GET STARTED IN THE MILLENNIUM! I mean, we've got to go through the Rapture & the Marriage Supper of the Lamb & the Battle of Armageddon & the beginning of the Millennium!
       231. GOD BLESS APOLLOS, HE'S DOING A WONDERFUL JOB, TEACHING A LOT OF LESSONS! People rave about it that it's really brought a lot of things home and it's good, and Mama's all for him keeping on in the Tribulation! But I was in a hurry for him to get out of it, so she said, "Well, if you want to get Heaven's Children out of the Tribulation and get them up to Heaven, then why don't you do it? Apollos can continue to prepare them for the Tribulation!" I guess it's my job to prepare them for Heaven and the Millennium!
       232. MY, THERE'S SO MUCH WE'VE GOT TO DO TO GET READY FOR THE MILLENNIUM & WHAT WE'RE GOING TO DO IN THE MILLENNIUM! It almost inspired me to start writing the "Heaven's Children" Story all over again! You know I did write one chapter of the Rapture! You didn't even know that, I don't think, did you? I don't think we ever pubbed my Rapture Chapter where Heaven's Children get raptured! It's all written! We never pubbed that because they didn't want me to leave so soon, they wanted to go through some more Tribulation! What's that Scripture about Tribulation? "We must through much tribulation enter the Kingdom of God!" (Acts 14:22) They want more Tribulation, so they can learn more lessons, lessons which of course are very good for the Tribulation. But the Tribulation isn't going to last forever! (Maria: Heaven's Girl in the Tribulation is teaching people valuable lessons not only for the future but for right now!) Yes, they're using them now, & some of those things are good all the way through the Millennium for other people, praise the Lord, even maybe for us! But I'm in a hurry to get to Heaven! Amen? So almost thou per-suadest me to start writing again!
       233. I'M GOING TO LEAVE APOLLOS & HEAVEN'S GIRL IN THE TRIBULATION & GO ON TO HEAVEN & THE MILLENNIUM! We can meet him there later. God bless him! Now I don't want to make Apollos feel bad, because he's doing a good job, writing a thrilling story! Isn't it wonderful? He's really writing a marvellous story! I believe he's really led of the Lord & the Spirit & me & Mama! We have to kind of steer him a little bit now & then, but he really gets the lessons in there & the Scriptures & a lot of things that people will need.
       234. BUT WE CAN BE HAPPY THAT THEY WON'T NEED IT FOR VERY LONG & THEN WE'LL HAVE ALL ETERNITY TO LEARN NEW LESSONS IN A HAPPIER SITUATION. And it may come sooner than you think & some people may be saying, "Please, Lord, can't You wait a little longer, I've just got to pub another pub! I've just got to write one more Heaven's Girl Story! I've got to get out one more GN, one more FSM!" Well, you won't have to then, it will all be over, thank the Lord, & you'll just be organising the educational system of the Millennium! Oh, there are so many good ideas I got for the Millennium! I think I'm going to have to write another Story!

       235. LORD FORGIVE ME & HELP ME, IF I'VE KEPT THEM TOO LONG TELLING TOO MANY STORIES, I'M SORRY, LORD! But I just had to prove my point & cover all the subjects & all the objections & all the critics & all the possibilities & contradictions & everything else & build my case, Lord, Your case, to suggest this possibility that this could be it, we could already be here, much further than we thought we were! It could happen soon & maybe You are going to come, Lord, sooner than we thought!
       236. THIS MAY BE IT, & WHATEVER WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO, LORD, WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO DO IT NOW & IT CANNOT WAIT! And it better be good for now, Lord, in the last minute, or it's not good at all & we're just wasting time on something we'll never finish! So Lord help us to know what's best & to do just those things that need to be done now & to do'm now, right now, while they can still be a help & a blessing!--And forget the things that are behind & even some of the things that are before that we thought we were going to be able to do. Help us just do the things that we can do quickly, right now, that will help them immediately, Lord, if this is the end, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! PTL! Hallelujah! TYL!
       237. A HAPPY THOUGHT JUST CAME TO ME! If the 70 years is nearly through & that's it, we've got at least till February 18, 1989 even if we are in the Tribulation! That's an encouraging thought! If I'm going to live through the 70 years we've got at least a couple more! PTL! All right, then get to work, get busy! TTL! It's not going to happen tomorrow, you've got a little while, still time to do it! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah!
       238. HELP US TO GET IT DONE, EVERYTHING THAT NEEDS TO BE DONE, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! As we pray Your prayer! (Prays the Lord's Prayer) And Lord bless & keep us all, as You have. Thank You for how You have! And do bless these precious patient people & thank You for their hunger for Thy Word, Lord, for Thy Truth! We ask Thee to help us to get more done & to do all we can, so You can say of us, "She has done what she could! He has done what he could! Well done, thou good & faithful servant, enter thou into the joy of thy Lord!" (Mk.14:8; Mat.25:21)--In Jesus' name! God bless you all! Thank you for your patience & your time!
       239. WELL, WHAT IF! IF IT'S SO, LET'S GET BUSY! God bless you all! Isn't that good news that you don't have to wait so long, that maybe you're halfway through already? PTL! Thank you all! I hope that encouraged you & inspired you, I just couldn't wait to tell you! Now I can crawl back in my hole & hibernate again! Well, if you've been reading the stuff we've been getting out, you know we're busy! Thanks for all your wonderful beautiful love & all your hard work! If we keep working like this, I think we're going to make it! PTL! Boy, that's an encouraging thought now to think that maybe we've even got a couple more years!--'87 & '88! How about that? Dear Hart is going to be thanking God for 2 years when he thought he was going to get maybe 7 or 8! Ha!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family