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THE DESTRUCTION OF THE WHORE!--Revelation 17:11-18 & Revelation 18!       ET# 64       6/85       DO 2214

       1. (SINGS:)
       I dare not trust the sweetest frame,
       But wholly lean on Jesus' name!

       On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
       All other ground is sinking sand,
       All other ground is sinking sand!

       When He shall come with trumpet sound,
       Oh then shall I in Him be found.
       Dressed in His righteousness alone,
       Faultless to stand before His throne!

       On Christ the solid Rock I stand,
       All other ground is sinking sand,
       All other ground is sinking sand!"

PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! Let all the people praise the Lord! Let everything that hath breath praise the Lord! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen, someone lead us!
       2. (TECHI: THANK YOU JESUS FOR GRANDPA & THANK YOU FOR HOW HE CAN TEACH US THIS CLASS. Help us to be real attentive & listen & get the right answers too. Please anoint Grandpa with Your strength. Please help us to have a good Bible study & to really pay attention, & thank You for it, in Jesus' name, amen!) TYJ! PTL! Amen!
       3. I JUST KNEW THE ANOINTING WAS ON YOU TO PRAY, HONEY! I don't know how I knew that, but I just knew you were going to pray! I almost called on you, & then I thought, I'd rather have the Lord do it, & you just prayed! TYJ!

       4. WELL, HERE WE ARE, & WHERE ARE WE? (FAM: REVELATION 17!)--Right! Amen! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL! On this 11th Verse, someone brought out a good thought here which may help clarify this, it might be an interesting interpretation. I was bringing out to you last class on this Chapter that obviously the 6th, 7th & 8th heads are all the same devilish, fiendish Antichrist Romanism which fought the Christians from the early Roman Empire, right on through the Holy Roman Empire, & eventually through the revived unholy Roman Empire, anti-Christ Roman Empire. And as I said, it's a little vague as to what this 8th head means, but one of you brought out something that maybe it symbolises.
       5. THERE'S ONE MORE REVIVAL OF THESE ANTICHRIST FORCES, & WHEN IS THAT? (Fam: At the end of the Millennium.) Here comes another bunch who tries to be a government, tries to usurp power & take over the World, etc., encompass the camp of the Saints about, all the Millennial Saints, etc., at the end of the Millennium. Here again is another revival of the Satanic Antichrist forces of the Devil at the end of the Millennium. And I thought that was a very good point. Once I had thought about that, but it seemed a little far-fetched a thousand years later. But I still think it's a pretty good possible interpretation of that 8th head, the 8th & Devil's last fling!
       6. ANYHOW, SOME OF THESE THINGS WE CANNOT PROVE, we cannot say dogmatically that's so, we just simply logically sort of deduce that kind of an interpretation, it sort of fits logically. And as I've said before, it's like algebraic equations: If so-&-so plus so-&-so equals so-&-so, then something else has to be so-&-so, by the process of elimination. So anyhow, there's a good thought for you from one of our dear girls! I was telling you the other day, "Why don't you pray & get some interpretation & get things from the Lord!" I don't have to have an exclusive on prophecy & interpretation, the Lord can show you too! "A little child shall lead them!" PTL? So if you have any good ideas, speak up! PTL!

       7. (12TH VERSE:) "AND THE TEN HORNS WHICH THOU SAWEST ARE TEN KINGS WHICH HAVE RECEIVED NO KINGDOM AS YET; BUT RECEIVE POWER AS KINGS ONE HOUR WITH THE BEAST." These are obviously ten powers who exist at the very end with the Antichrist & they work with him. And we have also theorised--we can't prove it, it doesn't name'm--but we have theorised that they are most likely the ten powers of Europe who are the ones who are going to cooperate with the Beast, & there's every indication of it.
       8. ONE OTHER THING THAT SUBSTANTIATES THE THEORY IS THAT IT IS A REVIVAL OF ROME, & THAT'S THE AREA WHICH ROME DOMINATED, EUROPE & THE MIDEAST. But it's rather significant that Europe is composed today of ten major powers. Spain & Portugal have recently joined the EEC, but they are two very weak powers compared to the rest, & still all part of the ancient Roman Empire.
       9. (VERSE 13:) "AND THESE HAVE ONE MIND & SHALL GIVE THEIR POWER & STRENGTH UNTO THE BEAST." They're going to get it together & cooperate with the Antichrist.
       10. (VERSE 14:) "AND THESE SHALL MAKE WAR WITH THE LAMB, & THE LAMB SHALL OVERCOME THEM, for He is Lord of lords, & King of kings: & they that are with Him are called & chosen & faithful." But that doesn't mean He's going to overcome them right now, right then. This is a future prediction, leaping over the present that He's describing here, to reassure you, "Don't worry about it that all these major powers are going to get together with the Antichrist & try to rule you & the World, etc., they're against the Lord." They're even going to try to make war with Him! But He's talking about the future, not right now. He's talking about later.
       11. WHEN DO THEY FINALLY GET TOGETHER AGAINST THE LORD & TRY TO ATTACK HIS FORCES, OF ALL THE RIDICULOUS THINGS? (Fam: Armageddon.) It hasn't happened yet. This is describing Armageddon here, but it's a flash-forward in the movie.--Savvy? You can skip over this 14th verse completely & carry on the narrative in perfect chronological order without it. It's just a reassurance, as the Lord often does in this book, He'll stop & reassure you about the future. When things are so bad He'll give you a little promise about the future. It's happened a lot of times, where there's a little verse thrown in to reassure you about the future.

       REV. 17:15-18--THE INTERPRETATION!
       12. (VERSE 15:) "AND HE SAITH UNTO ME, THE WATERS WHICH THOU SAWEST, WHERE THE WHORE SITTETH, ARE PEOPLES, & MULTITUDES, & NATIONS & TONGUES." I'd sure hate to have the Whore sitting on me, wouldn't you?--Especially as vile & as filthy as this one is! In other words, she rules over the peoples of the World, worldly people, not us, thank God! She tries to rule us, but she has a tough time trying to do that! And when she can't rule us, then she tries to persecute us & kill us if she can.
       13. REMEMBER NOW, THIS IS THE INTERPRETATION OF WHAT JOHN SAW. First of all you're told what he saw & now the man--apparently a man, not an Angel, but he said he was a prophet, "one of thy fellow prophets"--is telling him! Just think how smart you're going to be when you get to Heaven! You can interpret these things. Then you'll have the right interpretation for sure! I think most of ours are correct right now, I think we've got most of them straight. We've changed very few positions & opinions, I think there are only about two or three I can think of, one on the Jews, thank God for that, & one on which comes first, the chicken or the egg, the War or the Crash!
       14. "AND THE TEN HORNS WHICH THOU SAWEST UPON THE BEAST, THESE SHALL HATE THE WHORE & SHALL MAKE HER DESOLATE & NAKED, & SHALL EAT HER FLESH & BURN HER WITH FIRE!" They'll make her desolate--what's desolate? (Fam: Barren.) Completely deserted! "And naked." Boy, she was really dressed up before this! "Shall eat her flesh"--totally devour her--"& burn her with fire." Now that's all symbolic here in the case of this figurative woman, but when you apply it to the most Capitalistic nation on the face of the Earth, the head of all Capitalism such as the U.S.A., you can sure see that happening, can't you?--In an Atomic War or however God chooses to do it. Obviously it's man's instrumentality here that God uses. It says that they are going to do it, these ten kings who cooperate with the Antichrist are going to do it, to do his will, have one mind, & apparently that's his will, to destroy this Whore!
       15. NOW HERE THERE COMES A SORT OF DIVISION. We have talked about Communism & Capitalism in the possible theory of the two horns representing the two different types of Materialism, but here it sounds like they have a little parting of the ways.--But maybe not entirely. Because the Antichrist System is going to turn out to be another kind of religion entirely, neither Communism nor Capitalism.
       16. SO IT'S QUITE POSSIBLE HE WILL DECIDE TO DESTROY NOT ONLY ALL THE RELIGIOUS RELIGIONS, AS YOU MIGHT SAY, BUT ALL THIS MATERIALISM OF BOTH CAPITALISM & COMMUNISM! Isn't that what he's doing when he sets himself up as god & his Idol to be worshipped? Here's a new god which his fathers have not worshipped, it says. Good night, the Jews have worshipped materialism ever since I can remember! But here's a new god, he's made himself a new god. He gives his power to a new god that his fathers have not worshipped. Obviously it wasn't one of their religions, obviously it must not have been even the greatest religion of all, Materialism, whether Communistic or Capitalistic.
       17. SO HE DESTROYS THE MOST OBVIOUS SYMBOL OF CAPITALISM. It's my opinion, my belief at least, that America is the most outstanding head of Capitalism. I think that's obvious, I don't have to prove it. But I don't think he's going to allow them to worship Lenin or Marx any more, or Communism or any of their former ideas. It's all going to be a new religion, total obedience to the Antichrist & worship of his Idol & acceptance of his Mark of the Beast! He's going to destroy the whole works!
       18. BUT IF THERE'S ANY PICTURE OF THE WHORE, & possibly other Capitalistic cities of the World involved, it's America! From what we gather today, Europe can hardly destroy America without getting partially destroyed herself, even Russia, in that final great atomic genuine holocaust.
       19. ANYHOW, HE'S GOING TO GET THESE KINGS TO COOPERATE WITH HIM. Apparently they're going to be willing to fall down & worship him & make him their new god, his Idol their new symbol of worship, accept his Mark of the Beast, & they're going to destroy the rest, strip her, make her naked, desolate, devour her & burn her with fire! Couldn't you just see America smoking right now? America's already smoking, but they're going to really be smoked up again!--Smoked American. Did you ever try Smoked American? They're going to have a lot of it!
       20. (VERSE 17:) "FOR GOD HATH PUT IN THEIR HEARTS TO FULFIL HIS WILL." Whose will is this? The Antichrist & these kings, they think it's their will, but God has put this idea into their hearts, because He hates the Whore too! So He lets these rascals do His dirtywork.--Get it? "And to agree & give their kingdom unto the Beast, until the Words of God shall be fulfilled."
       21. IT'S ALL A PART OF GOD'S PLAN, BELOVED! Don't worry about it! Don't fear it! God's just working out His plan. He's literally getting the Devil to destroy himself & the Devil's forces to destroy themselves. "A house divided against itself shall not stand!" (Mat.12:25) And the house will be divided against itself, the World will be divided against each other, & they'll eat & devour & destroy each other! So we'll have a lot less to do when we get here. Praise God?
       22. (VERSE 18:) "AND THE WOMAN WHICH THOU SAWEST IS THAT GREAT CITY"--what's its name? (Fam: Babylon!)--Babylon, confusion, chaos! "Which reigneth over the kings of the Earth."--Kings & everybody else apparently, all but us, all but true Christians, thank the Lord!

       REVELATION 18:1!
       23. (VERSE 1:) "AND AFTER THESE THINGS I SAW ANOTHER ANGEL COME DOWN FROM HEAVEN, HAVING GREAT POWER; & THE EARTH WAS LIGHTENED WITH HIS GLORY." Remember, there were no chapter divisions in the original, so we're going right on with the story, do you mind? (Fam: No!) A lot of this now is so plain & so evident & so clear, I don't think I even have to stop & explain it. If there's anything you don't understand, raise your hand or holler out, "Just a minute, Dad, I don't understand that!" But the rest of it is so literal, so clear, I don't see any reason to even have to stop & explain it, as far as I can see right now. If I see something I think may not be clear I'll try to do so. But if something's not clear to you, please stop me, will you? But you'll have to speak up because I've got my eyes on the Bible, I'm just going to read now.
       24. THIS IS ANOTHER ANGEL. He's had several different Angels talking to him, as well as at least one Prophet that we know of. And this Angel "cried mightily with a strong voice, saying, Babylon the great is fallen, is fallen, & is become the habitation of devils, & the hold of every foul spirit, & a cage of every unclean & hateful bird."

       REVELATION 18:3!
       25. (VERSE 3:) "FOR ALL THE NATIONS HAVE DRUNK OF THE WINE OF THE WRATH OF HER FORNICATION." She's busy fucking devils! "And the kings of the Earth have committed fornication with her, & the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Doesn't that sound like the U.S.A.? At least part of it has got to be the U.S.A., that's for sure! The U.S.A. certainly makes a good dandy bad example of this Whore!
       26. I USED TO THINK IT WAS JUST THE U.S.A., but I realise now that some other parts of the World are just as bad, almost as bad at least. Europe is getting bad, England's getting horrible! They're just really getting sold out to the Devil & witchcraft! Some of those worst rock groups are from England. And Germany, sad to say, is not too much better. All these most affluent nations have just rotted, become corrupt, they stink now! No wonder God's got to wipe'm out!
       27. THAT'S WHERE SO-CALLED HOMOSEXUALITY IS RAMPANT TODAY. They give it a nice big fancy name, when it's nothing in the World but Sodomy!--Sodden with iniquity! And God has wiped out whole nations & empires & cities for those wicked sins of men with men working iniquity! It's getting popular & accepted & touted & publicised!
       28. WELL, YOU CAN HARDLY PICTURE ANYTHING WORSE THAN THIS GAL! "And the merchants of the Earth are waxed rich through the abundance of her delicacies." Well, they got rich on her, if you take the U.S.A. as an example of this, you say that she's Babylon. Every country in the World, who do they want to have as their main customer & who do they want to sell to & who is the main market they aim at?--The United States of America!--Because they're the only ones willing to pay high prices & will pay the most for their products. So the whole World is trying to sell to the U.S.A. They give as the measure of their success how much they manage to sell to the U.S.A. compared to what they have to buy from the U.S.A.
       29. OH, THEY WANT HER DELICACIES, they want all of her frills & electronics & fancy cars & junk & computers & whatnot, they want those too. But to get those they have to sell to her. So the merchants of the Earth are all seeking to sell to her.

       30. (VERSE 4:) "BUT I HEARD ANOTHER VOICE FROM HEAVEN, SAYING, COME OUT OF HER MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, & THAT YE RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES!" What's the only way to save yourself from the punishments of God that are going to rain down on this gal through the Antichrist & through the ten kings & through her enemies? What's the best way to make sure that they don't get you too? (Fam: Get out!)--Get out! The great escape! And we have gotten out, thank God! I'll tell you, I sure feel a lot safer here than I would back in the U.S.A.!
       31. IT'S GETTING TO BE MORE OF A RUTHLESS, CRUEL DICTATORSHIP ALL THE TIME, with less & less liberty, more & more taxes, more & more war & more & more violence! All the worst, most horrible movies today seem to be produced in the U.S.A. Of course, the rest of the World is catching on too, they're producing a lot of awful movies in Hong Kong now & other places, with horrible violence & mayhem & murder & killing right before your eyes. They used to spare you from some of that horror, but not any more!--Especially the Italians! Did you ever notice those Italian movies? They like to see blood & gore & people sticking things into somebody & choppin' heads off & all kinds of horrors!--Terrible!
       32. THE WORLD IS ABSOLUTELY CRAZY FOR VIOLENCE! They love violence! The Bible says, "Them that love death." Them that lust after blood, God's Word says. (Pro.8:36; Rom.3:15) They have a bloodlust! They like to see blood shed! They like to see people killed! They like to see violence & suffering! Isn't it horrible?--Terrible! So I certainly wouldn't want any of my kids to ever look at that kind of junk!
       33. THE WHOLE WORLD SEEMS TO LOVE VIOLENCE, LOVE DESTRUCTION, LOVE BLOODSHED! Why else would they have these tremendous World wars in which millions of people are killed? How can they stand themselves? I look at pictures of those scientists who are extolled as great men of science, the great sacred cows, the great priests of the great new religion of science, & yet these guys are planning to literally murder millions of people!
       34. DID YOU SEE THE PICTURE OF THAT GUY THAT PILOTED THE PLANE THAT DROPPED THE ATOM BOMB ON HIROSHIMA & NAGASAKI? Did you see him?--The pilot that was the head of that mission & piloted that plane, it was called the Enola Gay. He stood up there perfectly calm & told his crew how they were planning to murder literally tens of thousands of innocent people, women, children, old men.--Not military targets at all! They were going to drop these bombs on civilian city populations! Now there might have been a lot of people in that city who deserved it, but think of all the little children & the women & the mothers & the babies & the old men & whatnot! He stood there perfectly calm briefing his crew about how they were going to drop this bomb for the first time, the first atomic bomb to be dropped on people!
       35. THINK OF IT! THE FIRST ATOMIC BOMB WAS DROPPED NOT ON A MILITARY TARGET, BUT UPON A CIVILIAN CITY FULL OF INNOCENT PEOPLE! There were probably a lot of guilty ones there too, but think of all the women & children & old men that had nothing to do with it!--Sick people, hospital patients, it just wiped the whole thing out almost completely, & many many more burned & hurt!
       36. HOW CAN THEY STAND THERE & PRETEND THEY'RE A HUMAN BEING & TALK CALMLY ABOUT SLAUGHTERING PEOPLE BY THE HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS & NOW THE MILLIONS! I read in the paper & I think, "My God, how can they talk so calmly about atomic war just like it was nothing, just another way to slaughter more millions!" It's got to be some kind of demonic possession, it's got to be fiendish, devilish possession! They must be absolutely controlled by evil spirits to even keep their calm & talk calmly about slaughtering millions!--Horrible! Terrible!
       37. IT'S JUST ALMOST UNBELIEVABLE HOW CRAZED THE WORLD IS FOR VIOLENCE & FOR BLOOD & FOR DESTRUCTION TODAY! Them that love death! They love it! They seem to even be in a hurry to die themselves, all these crazy stunt men doing these crazy things, risking their lives just for money! Can you imagine?--And criminals who risk their lives for money. People love death! It looks almost like they want to die!--Horrible, terrible! I'm sorry to get on that unpleasant subject, but it's right here.
       38. "COME OUT OF HER, MY PEOPLE, THAT YE BE NOT PARTAKERS OF HER SINS, & THAT YE RECEIVE NOT OF HER PLAGUES!" So we should get as far away from people like that as we can. Amen? We've gotten about as far as we can, but the World's getting smaller all the time. There's hardly any other place to go! Pretty soon the only place to go is going to be straight Up!

       REVELATION 18:5-14!
       39. (VERSE 5:) "FOR HER SINS HAVE REACHED UNTO HEAVEN & GOD HATH REMEMBERED HER INIQUITIES." God is behind it all to slaughter them for their sins, behind the Antichrist government & his kings & all the rest, to give her what she deserves, the U.S. & all the rest, whoever.
       40. (VERSE 6:) "REWARD HER EVEN AS SHE REWARDED YOU." Who is He talking to here? (Fam: Us.)--Exactly! "You mean God expects us to take vengeance on the System like that! I thought you weren't for violence, Dad!" Well, not until then, not until I've got the means to do it with & I'm sure I can win!--And that'll be Armageddon, not until then.
       41. "REWARD HER EVEN AS SHE REWARDED YOU, & DOUBLE UNTO HER ACCORDING TO HER WORKS: in the cup which she hath filled, fill to her double. How much she hath glorified herself & lived deliciously, so much torment & sorrow give her: for she saith in her heart, 'I sit a queen & am no widow & shall see no sorrow.' Therefore shall her plagues come in one day, death & mourning & famine; & she shall be utterly burned with fire: for strong is the Lord God Who judgeth her!"
       42. IN THE LONG RUN, WHO'S HE GOING TO USE TO JUDGE HER? (FAM: US!) We're going to ride down on those white horses & wipe'm out!--And you're going to be tickled pink to do it! When you finally see all the damage that she's done & she's doing to you & made you suffer & made martyrs of some of you, you're going to come back & feel like you're cleaning off the dirt, washing the dishes, getting rid of the garbage, & the quicker the better! Good riddance of bad rubbish! People like that are garbage on the face of the Earth, they foul up the Earth, they defile the Earth, they pollute the World! The quicker we get rid of them the better, amen?--And we will one of these days! "So, you're for violence, huh?" Well, when we come along with the Lord & we have weapons like that, I'm ready to win. Amen?
       43. (VERSE 9:) "AND THE KINGS OF THE EARTH WHO HAVE COMMITTED FORNICATION & LIVED DELICIOUSLY WITH HER SHALL BEWAIL HER & LAMENT FOR HER." Are the kings of the Earth going to be sorry that she's being destroyed?--They certainly are going to be sorry, but not for the same reasons! We're going to be glad, they're going to be sorry! "When they shall see the smoke of her burning." It certainly sounds like atomic fire to me, doesn't it to you?
       44. (VERSE 10:) "STANDING AFAR OFF FOR THE FEAR OF HER TORMENT." Isn't that what people do with atomic explosions? They're afraid to even get close because of the radiation, etc., even afterward. They didn't know much about radiation in those first days. My brother was in the Navy, & after that horrible explosion, he went over there with others of his buddies & he walked through the ruins & even picked up momentos, believe it or not! Maybe that's what he's suffering for now. He's had a stroke & been partly paralysed. The Lord was unusually good to him & merciful, let him live to be 70 years of age! Boy, I sure wouldn't want to walk through any of those atomic ruins, would you? They know better now. But in those days they let the military visit those cities & walk through the ruins before they realised what atomic radiation was like.
       45. "STANDING AFAR OFF FOR THE FEAR OF HER TORMENT, SAYING, ALAS, ALAS, THAT GREAT CITY BABYLON, THAT MIGHTY CITY! FOR IN ONE HOUR IS THY JUDGEMENT COME." In one place it says one day, another it says one hour. In other words, it's going to be in one hour of one day, boom, & gone!
       46. (VERSE 11:) "AND THE MERCHANTS OF THE EARTH SHALL WEEP & MOURN OVER HER, FOR NO MAN BUYETH THEIR MERCHANDISE ANY MORE: The merchandise of gold, & silver, & precious stones, & of pearls, & fine linen, & purple, & silk, & scarlet, & all thyine wood, & all manner vessels of ivory, & all manner vessels of most precious wood, & of brass, & iron, & marble, & cinnamon, & odours, & ointments, & frankincense, & wine, & oil, & fine flour, & wheat, & beasts, & sheep, & horses, & chariots, & slaves & souls of men!"--That's the worst of all! They didn't have words for some of the products we have today, so they just used what they knew about. But it pretty well covers it, things made out of metals & all kinds of stuff.--And slaves!
       47. BUT THE WORST IS THIS LAST PHRASE, "AND THE SOULS OF MEN!" She trafficked in souls of men, damning the souls of men, sending them to Hell, leading to Hell the souls of men by her doctrines & her churches & her evil practices & her false beliefs, especially in making men love her & love her things & worship her, to make sure they're damned! Souls of men, that's the worst traffic of all!
       48. (VERSE 14:) "AND THE FRUITS THAT THY SOUL LUSTED AFTER ARE DEPARTED FROM THEE." Now who's He talking to? (Fam: The Whore.)--The Whore, Babylon. It sounds like the U.S.A., huh? If it's not the U.S.A., then she's certainly a dandy bad example of it & certainly part of it, like the head of it, the worst of all! She's the most materialistic nation on the face of the Earth! She's more materialistic than Russia, in spite of its anti-God religious stand. At the same time America pretends to be Christian, pretends to be religious: "God's country! God bless America! Land that I love!"--How horrible!
       49. HOW COULD GOD BLESS SUCH A MONSTROUS NATION THAT HAS SLAUGHTERED MILLIONS OF PEOPLE, that has had nothing but war since its very beginning! It was pioneered with violence, it was settled with violence, it spread abroad with violence, it continued to spread violence throughout the World & has slaughtered millions upon millions of people & is still persecuting the poor throughout the Earth.

       50. RIGHT NOW THEY'RE STARTING TO RAISE TARIFFS ON GOODS FROM POOR COUNTRIES BECAUSE THEY'RE SO CHEAP. The U.S. can't sell U.S. stuff, they can't sell their shoes because they're so fancy & high-priced nobody else in the World can afford to buy'm! So they're raising the tariffs--that means the taxes, the duties--on cheap shoes from these poor countries like Spain & Italy, etc., so that the Americans will have to pay twice as much for them!--So that the rich American shoemakers can still make money by selling their own shoes to their own Americans & try to keep them from buying the shoes of the poor, try to keep them from buying the products of the poor.
       51. TO ME, THIS IS ALMOST ONE OF THE LAST STRAWS, THE FINAL SIN OF AMERICA! It's been bad enough to dominate the World commercially & with her horrors & all the rest, but now, literally what it's doing is refusing to buy the products of the poor because they compete with her own products. Because they live so richly, they can't allow these poor nations to undersell them. They can't afford to let their own people buy cheap products from these poor countries, even though it would help these poor countries survive & help feed their poor & their hungry.--No! What selfishness!
       52. SO THE GOVERNMENT'S GOING TO PUT TAXES ON THESE GOODS THAT THEY BUY FROM OTHER COUNTRIES, they call them tariffs & duties. They always think up nice fancy words to try to avoid the real meaning. I call it robbery! By the government slapping a tax on it that the poor don't get but the U.S. government gets, it not only robs the country from whom they're buying, but it then forces the American people to buy these things at double the price, robbing not only the poor countries, the other countries from whom they buy them, but robbing their own people by doubling the price of these products!
       53. IT'S JUST LIKE THE LAST STRAW AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED! America is absolutely writing its own death warrant! It is digging its own grave by her behaviour!--No care for the poor, no concern about those foreign countries. You know why those countries can't pay their debts, those foreign countries that have borrowed so much money? They shouldn't have borrowed it in the first place, but the reason they can't repay it is because the interest is so high that they can hardly even afford to pay the interest, much less pay back the money!--While big fat [EDITED: "ACs"] in big fat banks in the U.S.A. are getting the money & those people are starving to death!
       54. YOU JUST CAN'T IMAGINE THE HORROR OF IT! When you really look at it as God looks at it, as it really is, how they are robbing the poor of the World so they can sit there in their big fat offices in their big fat banks & have big fat bankrolls while they're starving the pitiful poor of the World! And if the poor don't pay, they're going to come down & take their country. That's what they're doing! Because that's what they want to do, they want to rule the World & make everybody slaves! They're going to start with the poor first. Whew!

       REVELATION 18:14-21 & NEW YORK CITY!
       55. (VERSE 14:) "AND THE FRUITS THAT THY SOUL LUSTED AFTER ARE DEPARTED FROM THEE, & all things which were dainty & goodly are departed from thee."--All these things that the U.S.A. loves & Europe loves, etc. "Thou shalt find them no more at all."
       56. (VERSE 15:) "THE MERCHANTS OF THESE THINGS WHICH WERE MADE RICH BY HER, SHALL STAND AFAR OFF FOR FEAR OF HER TORMENT, WEEPING & WAILING!" Who's going to be weeping & wailing? (Fam: The merchants.)--Because they loved to sell to America, they were making a lot of money on America.
       57. (VERSE 16:) "AND SAYING, ALAS, ALAS, THAT GREAT CITY, THAT WAS CLOTHED IN FINE LINEN & PURPLE & SCARLET & DECKED WITH GOLD & PRECIOUS STONES & PEARLS! For in one hour so great riches is come to nought! And every shipmaster & all the company in ships & sailors & as many as trade by sea stood afar off." Can't you see the boats backing off from the holocaust, the horror of America on fire, burning? One of our boys saw a vision of the Statue of Liberty melting in an atomic bombing of New York. Boy, if any place deserves it, that town deserves it, I'll tell you! She is the harlot of the harlots! She's like a picture of the Whore herself!
       58. (VERSE 18:) "AND CRIED WHEN THEY SAW THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING, SAYING, WHAT CITY IS LIKE UNTO THIS GREAT CITY!" Sounds like New York, doesn't it?--City of all cities where everybody wants to go, "the big apple," blah blah! Oh, how sickening! How many of you have ever been to New York? How many of you have seen the seamy side of New York, the dirty allies & the back roads & Harlem & some of the horrors of New York? You know what New York looks like, it's not all the Empire State Building & Rockefeller Center or the Waldorf Astoria! That's the way the people in other lands see it, everybody wants to go to New York, everybody wants to go to the U.S.A.!
       59. THEY DON'T REALISE WHAT A HORROR IT IS! It's terrible! It stinks! I mean, it's a cesspool of iniquity, it's a sore on the body politic, it's like a cancer on the World!--And yet it's praised as the greatest city in the World, the aim of anybody who wants to really enjoy the World & all its things & pleasures, New York is it! I'll tell you, every time I had to go to New York on business I just absolutely hated it. It was sickening, it was just horrible! And you were scared to death half the time because people were getting mugged & robbed right on the streets all the time, beat up! You weren't safe anywhere on the sidewalks. It was horrible even 25 years ago!--Imagine what it's like now!--And this is the city they all worship & admire, the great Whore, the city that ruleth over the World & the nations. I'll tell you, New York is certainly symbolic, certainly a dandy bad example of this Whore! It sounds just like her!
       60. "AND CRIED WHEN THEY SAW THE SMOKE OF HER BURNING, SAYING, WHAT CITY IS LIKE UNTO THIS GREAT CITY!" They still love it even while she's dying, they weep over her death! They're not sorry for the right reasons, are they?
       61. (VERSE 19:) "AND THEY CAST DUST ON THEIR HEADS & CRIED, WEEPING & WAILING." I'll tell you, when it happens I'm going to be shouting, "Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise God! It's past time! She finally got what she deserves!" I'm not going to be sorrowing over it.
       62. "WEEPING & WAILING, SAYING, ALAS, ALAS THAT GREAT CITY, WHEREIN WERE MADE RICH ALL THAT HAD SHIPS IN THE SEA BY REASON OF HER COSTLINESS!" Anybody who can manage to trade with America gets rich. "For in one hour is she made desolate." Boy, God can finish her off in a hurry!--After all these 200 years they've been building America, years & years building that horrible city of New York City! Of course, it's already beginning to rot & fall apart. The underground is going haywire & everything's ugly. They can't stop the graffitti & the junk smeared all over the walls of the subways & the subway trains.
       63. NEW YORK IS A MESS! And of all the cities I ever travelled in the U.S., it's got the worst streets & the worst potholes, the worst pavement of any place in the United States! It is the worst city I was ever in & I always hated to go there! "New York, New York!" They even sing paeans & hymns to New York! What lies! What deception!
       64. THE DEVIL PAINTS IT ALL OVER WITH NICE RED PAINT TO MAKE IT LOOK PRETTY, it's supposed to be so beautiful & attractive & blah blah! We spent most of our time in Europe, & everywhere we've gone, when we were out in restaurants talking to people, when they found out we were from America they'd say, "Oh, that's where I want to go! I want to go to New York & blah blah!" And we would just then sock it to'm & say, "Listen, that's the worst place in the World to go! You're not even safe walking down the street!" I said, "I can walk down the streets of your city at night & not be afraid somebody's going to slit my throat just for a few Dollars out of my pocket!" Even the streets of London were safer than New York. People were not so violent & there were not so many robbers & muggers, etc.
       65. THEY WOULD ALMOST BE ABSOLUTELY ASTONISHED THE WAY WE WOULD TALK ABOUT NEW YORK & the big cities of the U.S.A., that they're the worst places in the World, horrible, cesspools of iniquity & crime & robbery, the worst of everything! They'd just sort of look at us in amazement & unbelief like they just couldn't believe it! They were like these merchants in this chapter.
       66. (VERSE 20:) "REJOICE OVER HER, THOU HEAVEN, & YE HOLY APOSTLES & PROPHETS; FOR GOD HATH AVENGED YOU ON HER!" Hallelujah! That's what we're going to do! We're going to rejoice over God-damned New York & God-damned America & the God-damned System, the whole God-damned thing! It's all of the Devil, the vile Whore!--Amen? We're not going to be crying, we're going to be praising God & shoutin' hallelujah! TYJ!
       67. "FOR GOD HATH AVENGED YOU ON HER!" They're the ones causing us the most trouble. The Attorney General of New York got out one of the first blasts at us of horrible bad publicity, a big long statement. He couldn't find a crime that he could possibly pin on us, he couldn't find any law we were breaking so he couldn't arrest us, he couldn't do a thing about us because we weren't doing anything wrong according to the law. So he gets out this big long smear declaration of all the things we're supposed to be doing, blah blah. I mean, if we had been doing all that stuff he would have arrested us a long time ago! And I don't doubt he was paid to do it by the parents of some of the people that hated us who were his best friends. Lies, lies, distortions, lies! The Attorney General of New York. Boy, I think I want to see him get it! He probably has already gotten it by this time. I've often asked our people, "Please let us know how our enemies are getting along. I'd like to hear about some of the things that are happening to them!"--Because a lot of them are already getting it!
       68. (VERSE 21:) "AND A MIGHTY ANGEL TOOK UP A STONE LIKE A GREAT MILLSTONE & CAST IT INTO THE SEA, saying, Thus with violence shall that great city Babylon be thrown down & shall be found no more at all." They love violence, God's going to sock it to'm! They love it! They love to perpetrate it on other people, especially the poor & the poor nations of the Earth. They have wrecked one nation after the other!

       69. JUST THINK OF HOW MANY NATIONS IN THE EAST THE U.S. HAS WRECKED!--Not only Vietnam & Laos & Cambodia in the Vietnamese war, but go back to World War 2, they wrecked the Philippines in their fight against the Japanese. They wrecked all the islands, etc. They wrecked Japan & some of its cities. They wrecked parts of Malaysia & Singapore. The record is almost endless! You say, "Well look, the Japanese were all over those places." Yes, but the Japanese walked into some of those places almost without a shot! They were so powerful they were almost unopposed. They just swept down over all the East & Southeast Asia & those islands almost without opposition, because the poor little weak people couldn't do anything about it. There were just a few little guerrillas in the hills, etc., that were fighting them.
       70. BUT THE REAL DEVASTATION, THE REAL WRECKAGE, THE REAL DESTRUCTION DIDN'T ARRIVE UNTIL THE AMERICAN FORCES GOT THERE, supposedly to save the countries in order to drive out the Japanese, & they literally devastated those countries!--Between them & the Japanese. You can blame it all on the Japanese if you want to, but actually the countries were getting along pretty good under the Japanese. The Japanese are quite efficient. They were quite dictatorial, of course, & hard & probably cruel & tyrannical & all the rest, but at least there was more or less peace under the Japanese. It wasn't until the Americans came along that they really devastated the East!--Supposedly to save it, to drive out the Japanese. Well, by the time the Americans got through saving the East, it's like chopping off your head to save your body! By the time the Americans got through "saving" them, there wasn't much left!--Horrible! Terrible!
       71. THAT'S WHY THE LORD EVEN SAYS TO US TO YIELD TO THE SYSTEM, DON'T TRY TO FIGHT BACK NOW! We can't win now, forget it! Obey the power! They've got the swords, they've got the guns, do what they tell you, try to keep the peace. Because if you try to fight them you just cause yourself more trouble! (See Romans 13.)

       REVELATION 18:22-24!
       72. (VERSE 22:) "AND THE VOICE OF HARPERS, & MUSICIANS, & OF PIPERS, & TRUMPETERS, SHALL BE HEARD NO MORE AT ALL IN THEE." Hallelujah! The kind of pipers & musicians & trumpeters that are trumpeting their music today from the U.S.A., I'll be tickled pink when they're all silenced! "And no craftsman, of whatsoever craft he be, shall be found any more in thee; & the sound of a millstone shall be heard no more at all in thee."--No more factories, no more manufacturing all those steel goods & tanks & armour & guns & atom bombs & all the rest of that slop!
       73. (VERSE 23:) "AND THE LIGHT OF A CANDLE SHALL SHINE NO MORE AT ALL IN THEE."--No more electricity. "And the voice of the bridegroom & of the bride shall be heard no more at all in thee."--No more peaceful enjoyment of all their riches at the expense of the poor of the World & the suffering & martyrdom of the poor.
       74. "FOR THY MERCHANTS WERE THE GREAT MEN OF THE EARTH." Aren't they today?--The ones that are trying to run the World! Thank God for the Russians & the Communists that have at least held in check the horrors of America, that have at least been an opposing force & a balance of power to keep the U.S. from doing what it would have done a long time ago to the World if they could have gotten away with it! They talk about the tyranny of Russia, the U.S. would have been worse if they had not been checked & stopped & had some opposing power to try to keep them in check!--Or we would have had the Antichrist government a long time ago.
       75. "FOR BY THY SORCERIES WERE ALL NATIONS DECEIVED." Isn't that true of America today? When we first went to Europe we loved it, because Europe was still kind of old-fashioned. We loved the old-fashioned people & the old-fashioned buildings, & that rot of America had not yet completely corrupted Europe. They still had some beautiful programs on TV in London, wonderful stories, beautiful music, a lot of documentaries, history & science & educational things, wonderful!
       76. BUT IN JUST ABOUT TEN YEARS AMERICAN POLLUTION HAS SATURATED EUROPE & ASIA to the point that it has now virtually polluted the whole Earth & corrupted the World & other populations! It's horrible!--Filth! When I was in Tenerife & I saw this horrible American motion picture being shown at one of the theatres there & it came to me clear as anything, "Poison in Paradise!" (See No.366.) The U.S. has polluted the Earth, polluted Europe! Some of you have been in Europe & seen the U.S. movies & U.S. music & all. That kind of music didn't start in Europe, it started in the U.S.A.--Demonism!-- [DELETED] "For by thy sorceries were all nations deceived."
       77. AND HERE IS THE CROWNING CRIME OF ALL! (Verse 24:) "And in her was found the blood of the Prophets, & of the Saints, & of all that were slain upon the Earth!" You say, "What do you mean, Dad? There haven't been many Prophets or Saints slain in New York or in American cities!" Well, when you realise that this Whore represents everything that's evil in the World as a whole & the World Wars & the warring nations, God is blaming on this woman, this false religion of lust & desire of things & materialism, He's blaming her for virtually every person in the World that's been slain through her violence & her corruption, all that were slain upon the face of the Earth!--Not only the Saints & the Prophets whom they persecuted, but think of how many millions have been slain in her wars! Think! Millions upon millions slain in her wars!--Pitiful! Horrible!
       78. THE U.S.A., CAPITALISM, & NOW COMMUNISM, ARE RESPONSIBLE FOR MOST OF THE SLAUGHTER ON THE EARTH!--Slaughter, wars! It's almost inconceivable, I can't do the subject justice, how horrible, how awful, how gory, how grisly, how bloody the slaughter is that's being perpetrated by this woman throughout the World today!--All that are slain upon the face of the Earth! Think of it! She's responsible. Her kind of religion, her kind of materialism, her kind of trade, her kind of riches is what's killing the World, virtually suicidal! It's a bad picture, terrible picture!
       79. I'M SORRY TO HAVE TO TALK ABOUT ALL THIS IN FRONT OF YOU PRECIOUS CHILDREN, BUT YOU MIGHT AS WELL KNOW HOW BAD THE SYSTEM IS, how bad the World is, & never want to get out in that Pit out there! Sometimes we may take you out there for a little outing just to see what it's like, & the rest of you Family children go out to witness & litness, but you're always glad to get home, aren't you? And we have to wash off & take a bath afterwards to try to cleanse the filth of the contamination & pollution of that System out there off of our bodies in case we picked up germs & bugs & whatnot from all that sickening corruption out there! It's pitiful!
       80. BUT THE PITY OF IT IS, POOR NATIONS LIKE THE THIRD WORLD NATIONS OF THE WORLD, IT'S NOT THEIR FAULT, ACTUALLY, it's not mostly their fault at least. They're to blame for part of it. But it's mostly the fault of the Whore, the materialistic superpowers of the World, & how they have treated those countries.
       81. WHAT THIS HORRIBLE SYSTEM IS GUILTY OF! When I'm talking about the System, Beloved, I hope you know what I'm talking about! I'm not talking about the particular government of any country or any political party or anything like that, I'm just talking about the God-damned Whore of Revelation!--The Symbol & the picture of all that is rotten & vile & corrupt & filthy & garbage about the Devil's World & his System! There you've got it! A terrible picture, huh?--Awful!
       82. WELL, OBVIOUSLY OUR NEXT CHAPTER IS 19 & WE'RE GOING TO SEE THE HAPPY END OF THE STORY & THE VICTORY! I'm sorry, we've got to take the bitter with the sweet, but in a way, when you realise how bad she is & how bad it is, you can just rejoice & thank the Lord for what's going to happen.

       83. WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO THIS SYSTEM MAY BE A LITTLE HARD ON US TOO BECAUSE WE CAN'T GET OUT OF THE WORLD! We've gotten out of the worst parts of it, but the Crash is going to affect everybody everywhere! But we'll still rejoice! Amen? And I'm sure the Lord's going to take care of us. PTL? You know He is!--Because we're His Prophets, we're His witnesses. If He wants to get out the Message He's got to take care of us. We're His Employees, we're working for Him. He's the Boss! If He wants His business to succeed, He's got to take good care of His employees & His workers, & He does, doesn't He?
       84. LOOK WHAT WE ENJOY HERE! We may not always have a nice house like this, but He'll still take care of us. I didn't always have a nice house. I've lived in tents & caravans & trailers & cabins & shacks & one little lousy room! I lived in that sort of thing most of my life, I lived in poverty most of my life! But look what the Lord has done for the Family since we've come all out to work for Him & do our best to save souls & warn the World! He just couldn't be any better to us! He just couldn't be any "gooder" to us! He just is so good to us & gives us beautiful places to live & beautiful countries to live in, wonderful food, comfort, convenience, even luxuries! What more could we ask?
       85. WHAT DO YOU NEED THAT YOU HAVEN'T GOT? I don't know anybody here that hasn't got anything that they need or even want!--Right? You've even got everything you want! If you want any more than this, you want too much! We've already got too much! Every time we move we've got to get rid of a lot of stuff. I mean, we're rich in the Lord! PTL!--Rich most of all in the Spirit & in the knowledge of His Word. But He even gives us conveniences, riches of the flesh to keep us comfortable so we can be happy & work all the better for Him. PTL!
       86. BUT IT WON'T ALWAYS BE THIS WAY! Maybe you haven't had your hour of suffering, maybe you haven't been through your depression & your poverty like I was reared in, maybe you haven't known what that is like. A lot of you Americans have never really been real poor. Anybody here ever been real poor where you really didn't know where your next meal was coming from? I don't mean since you joined the Family, but in the life you lived before you joined the Family or knew the Lord. How many of you were reared in real poor homes, in poverty-stricken real degradation & where you had very little to eat & didn't know when you were going to get enough to eat? Anybody here? Look at that, nobody! You guys really have never known what it's like to be poor. But even in the Family you haven't had too many poor experiences. You've had a few little experiences to teach you to appreciate what you've got now, but not very often. You haven't suffered very much, have you? (Fam: No.)
       87. HAS ANYBODY HERE LEARNED WHAT IT IS TO STARVE YET? What's the longest you've ever been without food? Has anybody here had to go all day & all night, 24 hours, without anything to eat, because the Lord didn't supply it & you didn't have it? Anybody here? Well, no use asking you how many have gone 2, 3 or 4 days, none of you here have ever even gone one day without enough to eat! Maybe you didn't think you had enough to eat, but you had something to eat! Amen? Praise God!
       88. LOOK HOW GOOD THE LORD'S BEEN TO US! WE'VE NEVER REALLY SUFFERED! We haven't been really poverty-stricken. Anybody here that never had a place to lay your head or sleep some night? Anybody here ever come up against a night & you didn't really know where to lay your head? You may not have, but then the Lord suddenly supplied it! Anybody here that ever had to walk around all night or sit out on the grass under a tree somewhere because you didn't have any place to sleep? Nobody here has ever been without a place to lay your head at night or a meal for the day, think of that!
       89. ANYBODY HERE EVER BEEN OUT OF CLOTHES WHERE YOU HAD NO CLOTHES TO WEAR? Raise your hand! Anybody here ever live in a house where you didn't have enough heat to keep you warm where it's cold? One of you, one of the few that ever suffered like that. He's really been through some tough things. No wonder he appreciates how good the Lord is to him now. No wonder he's willing to do anything & wait hand & foot on us, he appreciates all the blessings & any little kindness, TTL! Maybe some of you have had a few tough experiences, but I don't think any of you here have really suffered all that much.
       90. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE BEEN IMPRISONED, SUFFERED BEING IN JAIL OR PRISON OR KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE TO BE BEHIND BARS, OR EVEN IMPRISONED BY YOUR PARENTS? My goodness, keep it up! [DELETED] Almost everybody else here has been in jail sometime or other! If you were only arrested & held for one day or one night, put your hand down. How many were held for more than one day & one night? More than a week? More than two weeks? Look at that, you've never even been in jail or in prison but a few days! Even Faithy's been to jail several times. And all my boys have been to jail several times for witnessing. I've got a bunch of jailbirds in my family!--Ha!--For Jesus!
       91. PETER & MAMA & I ARE ABOUT THE ONLY ONES THEY NEVER CAUGHT YET! I don't know, maybe our time is coming! Thank God, so far so good!--Ha! [DELETED] We've been willing to move at a moment's notice, move all over the World, clear to South Africa or Asia or Europe or South America or wherever to keep at least a jump ahead of our enemies.--And it's worked, PTL!
       92. HOW MANY HAVE BEEN IN JAIL SINCE YOU WERE SAVED, LET ME SEE YOUR HANDS. All of you for being members of the Family or litnessing. All those that have been in jail for the Gospel? Isn't that beautiful? Look at that! Boy, those guys are going to get it one of these days! You can go there & pay'm back one of these days! Hallelujah! Isn't that terrific? Sock it to'm! Your day is coming & are they going to be sorry, I'll tell you! They are going to be sorry! There's going to be weeping & wailing & gnashing of teeth!
       93. PTL! GBY! ILY! YOU'RE BEAUTIFUL! I THINK YOU'RE WONDERFUL! God must really be proud of you, because I am, & I think you're wonderful! GBY! These children too. Bless your heart! Look how patient they are, sitting here for a couple hours. Oh, TYJ! GBY all!
       94. BUT MOST OF THE TIME THE LORD'S BEEN REAL GOOD TO US, HASN'T HE? We haven't really suffered very much, haven't starved much, if any, haven't been without places to stay, a shelter over our head. The Lord only promised food & clothing. He said, "With food & clothing therewith be content." (1Tim.6:8) Those are the only things you have to have to stay alive. He didn't even promise shelter, but usually He gives us shelter, isn't that wonderful? Haven't we got a lot to be thankful for?
       95. WE MAY NOT ALWAYS HAVE IT IN THE DAYS THAT ARE COMING, BUT AT LEAST I KNOW HE'LL TAKE CARE OF US SOMEHOW! PTL! He'll always provide for us somehow. If He gets to where He can't, He'll take us Home, & that's the best provision of all! Amen? So let's pray His prayer, shall we? (Prays the Lord's Prayer.) Amen! TYL! Hallelujah! PYJ! Let all the people thank the Lord! Amen? GBY all! Bless & keep us, Lord, for the rest of the day safely in Thy care & busy for You, lead & guide us, in Jesus' name!--Amen.

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family