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THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON!        7/85--Revelation 19:11-End        DO 2216 ET# 66

       1. WHAT BOOK ARE WE STUDYING? (FAM: REVELATION!) WHAT CHAPTER?(FAM: 19!) WHAT VERSE? (FAM: 11!)--Very good. Have you all had praise & prayer yet? Okay, what would you like to sing? The first one that comes to me is: "Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Christian love! The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above!" I've got an idea for an improvement to that song! Instead of saying Christian love, which doesn't mean a thing nowadays, but how about Family love? (Sings it again:) "Blest be the tie that binds, our hearts in Family love! The fellowship of kindred minds is like to that above!" PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!
       2. SO THE FIRST HALF OF THE CHAPTER WAS ABOUT WHAT? (FAM: THE MARRIAGE SUPPER!)--The Marriage Supper of the Lamb! Everybody in Heaven is praising & worshipping the Lord, a very happy scene, & now comes the heavy part! What is this last half about? (Fam: The Battle of Armageddon!)--The Battle of Armageddon! And it's going to tell you who the actors are here in this scene.
       3. AMEN, LORD, DO BLESS THY WORD & THESE HEARTS & HELP US TO UNDERSTAND & get a wonderful picture of this scene, though grim & rather gory, a truly triumphant victory, the final victory over the evil people of this World, in which we are going to have a part in that victory, in Jesus' name!
       4. SOME PEOPLE THINK THIS PART OF THE CHAPTER IS TOO GORY TO READ BEFORE CHILDREN! I've been in churches where they thought it was too gory even to read in church! "Oh my God, like that? Jesus, like this?--Actually going to slaughter & kill people, using a sword & all that sort of thing? Oh my!" That's not the picture a lot of people have of the Lord. Well, I must say that I think the World in general, at least the World who were outside of the church & yet believed in God, pretty much had that picture of God anyhow, because they could feel His impending judgements & their own guilt & figured that He was going to clobber them somehow if they didn't get straightened out.
       5. THEY USED TO HAVE AN OLD SAYING, "ME?--GO TO CHURCH? IF I WENT TO CHURCH THE ROOF WOULD FALL IN ON ME!" In other words, they thought they'd be getting so close to God, they were afraid the roof would fall in! Some people have that idea of God because they're pretty guilty & they know it. A lot of people may run around saying they don't believe in God, but they really do!--Like the head of the American Association of Atheists said to me after he got converted, "I'd go around teaching everybody not to believe in God, when all the time I believed in Him thoroughly but I was angry at Him, I was mad at Him, I hated Him, & I wanted everybody to hate Him! So I taught'm not to believe in Him!" Isn't that terrible? That's typical!
       6. THAT'S REALLY THE WAY THE COMMUNISTS ARE DOING. They're claiming not to believe in God, but "only the fool hath said in his heart there is no God", & I don't think they're fools! A lot of them are very smart men, especially the leadership. A lot of them are very smart old men who can even remember the days before Communism. And many many of them have even professed belief in God. Khrushchev even came over to the U.S. & there were great big headlines in all the newspapers one day, I just could hardly believe it, "God is on our side!--Khrushchev." So, that was quite prophetic, because God's going to use them to punish wicked, sinful, hypocritical America! Well, if they want to see the Wrath of God & the Judgements of God, they can sure see it in this Chapter, which is pretty gory!

       7. (VERSE 11:) "AND I SAW HEAVEN OPENED, & BEHOLD, A WHITE HORSE; & HE THAT SAT UPON HIM WAS CALLED FAITHFUL & TRUE!" The Lord in the last half of this Chapter has many names, see if you can find them! How many names is He called in the 11th verse? (Fam: Two!)--Two! One's "Faithful" & one's "True"! Isn't that just what the Lord is like? That's what the Lord is! We'll come to the rest of them as we go along, but see if you can recognise'm, I'm sure you will! In fact, one of them is even a secret name, nobody knows what it is!
       8. IT'S AMAZING HOW I'VE HEARD BIBLE PROPHECY TEACHERS THEORISE ON THE SECRETS WHICH WE ARE NOT TOLD & THEY WERE EXPLICITLY TOLD NOT TO EVEN TELL!--Such as when John heard the seven thunders & what they spoke, but then he was specifically instructed not to tell what they said! (Rev.10:4) Well, I've heard Bible Prophecy teachers try to explain what they said. If God wanted you to know what they said, He'd have told you, right? He might yet tell us! But He wasn't going to let John tell then, & there must have been some reason for it.
       9. THERE ARE CERTAIN SECRETS IN THIS BOOK THAT WE DO NOT KNOW & WE CAN'T EXPECT TO KNOW, & we're not going to know until it's God's time to tell us! There may be secrets that we will be told when the time comes, but we don't know them now. So anybody that thinks he understands everything in the Book of Revelation, I'm a little doubtful about his veracity!
       10. DO YOU KNOW WHAT VERACITY IS?--IT'S TRUTHFULNESS, HIS BELIEVABILITY. In other words, if he says he knows everything in the Book of Revelation, I don't believe him, because I never found anybody yet that I really believed knew everything in the Book of Revelation! We've studied it & read it all, but we've still run across a few mysteries & secrets, haven't we? We still don't know some things exactly.
       11. WE CAN THEORISE ABOUT WHO THE 8TH HEAD IS, & I thought it was a pretty good suggestion, that since the Gog & Magog army are a revival of the same bad crowd of bad guys, that's a pretty good theory. But it's still a theory, we can't prove it. We can't say for an actual fact that we know that the army of Gog & Magog, because Satan is in it & leads it, is again a revival of that old Roman Empire & that old rascally Antichrist crowd etc.
       12. WE CAN THEORISE, & IT SOUNDS PRETTY BELIEVABLE, & it certainly is the same bunch because the Devil's leading them, or the same kind of bunch.--Not the Antichrist people with the Mark because they were all killed & gotten rid of in this battle we're about to study! In the Millennium there's no Antichrist, no False Prophet & none of the Antichrist's people, don't forget that!
       13. THAT'S WHERE THE FIRST MISTAKE OF INTERPRETATION WAS MADE BY ONE OF OUR WRITERS. I don't know, maybe he got it from me! Maybe I'd said it some time, because I hadn't really thought much about it or studied much about who are these people in the Millennium? They're not us!--We're ruling over them! But that's what got me into this whole course & this whole series of studies that we have been studying all year, since January! TTL! "All things work together for good to them that love the Lord", even a mistake!
       14. SO I DECIDED TO BONE UP ON IT MYSELF, "WELL, WHO ARE THESE PEOPLE?" And I remembered this very passage, that it couldn't be Antichrist people with the Mark of the Beast. Also back in the 14th Chapter it talks about them being destroyed etc. It couldn't be, because they're all slaughtered in this very battle we're about to read about! So I began thinking, "Well then, who are they?"
       15. WELL, WE'D ALREADY THEORISED BEFORE ABOUT HEAVEN, THAT THERE IS A THIRD CLASS OF PEOPLE. There are only two classes of people in Heaven, but I mean a third class of people. Third-class passengers are down below in Hell! We're the First-Class passengers riding Up Above in the Holy City, right? But then there are the Second-Class passengers outside the Holy City on the New Earth! Is that simple enough for all you children? Amen?
       16. BUT I NEVER GOT TO THINKING VERY SERIOUSLY ABOUT WHO THESE PEOPLE WERE THAT WE'RE GOING TO BE RULING OVER IN THE MILLENNIUM! I just surmised, of course, that they were all the evil people left over from before the Millennium & before the Battle of Armageddon etc., but it hadn't really dawned on me & I hadn't really thought seriously about exactly who! But when he said it was the Mark-of-the-Beast people, the Lord by His Spirit immediately checked me & right away I got a picture of this Chapter!--That it says in Revelation 19 that the Antichrist & the False Prophet & all those crowd that they led were all cast into Hell & slaughtered, so how could it be they!

       17. SO, BACK TO VERSE 11, "AND IN RIGHTEOUSNESS HE DOTH JUDGE AND MAKE WAR!" You mean God even makes war, the Lord even makes war?--Yes! In fact, we're making war right now! Mankind has been in a continual war, even Heaven is at war & has been for thousands of years, ever since even before the World was created! Satan fell before the Creation. Satan was the Archangel of God, the right hand of God. He was the Archangel of Light, Lucifer. In Latin that means "the lightbearer". But he wasn't satisfied with being next to God, he wanted to be God! So the Lord had to demote him completely. And how many Angels followed him? (Fam: A third.)--About a third of the Angels. They're not cast out of Heaven until the middle of the Antichrist reign, the beginning of the Tribulation, remember? That's the 12th Chapter of Revelation. (Rev.12:4,9)
       18. SOME PEOPLE THINK THEY'RE ALREADY CAST OUT OF HEAVEN, BUT THEY NEED TO READ THE BIBLE! He's still there accusing the Saints right now! He accused Job way back yonder when he was numbered amongst the so-called sons of God, in this case meaning the Angels--& they were sons in the sense that they were created, made by the Lord--& he's been there ever since! (Job 1-6-12) But he's been a troublemaker ever since in the courts of the Lord, in the heavenlies! He's just constantly making trouble--trouble for them & trouble for us--& all Heaven & Earth has been at war ever since!
       19. SO THERE'S BEEN A WAR ON EVER SINCE! IT'S NOT ALWAYS VIOLENT, IN THE NATURE OF BLOODSHED OR KILLING, BUT IT'S VIOLENT IN THE SPIRIT! I'll never forget one of the first sessions we had with my Mother, that momentous session which just preceded our great ministry that began in California. She came & visited at the Ranch & gave those marvellous prophecies about us & me etc. She said I was like a sharp-toothed threshing instrument which was ripping the pillows from under the arms of them which sat at ease in Zion! I thought of course that meant the church, which I was busy working on, but it looks like now it also means the Jews! She said that I was like Daniel & that the Lord had given me the number of the years etc., & she prophesied all the marvellous things God was going to do with us. And she said, "I hear the sounds of war, loud shouting and clashing of weapons and swords! There's a battle going on in the heavenlies!"
       20. IF YOU THINK YOU'RE HAVING A BATTLE DOWN HERE, THE BIG BATTLE'S REALLY GOING ON UNSEEN IN THE SPIRITUAL REALM BETWEEN THE ANGELS OF GOD & THE ANGELS OF SATAN, between the Archangels of God & the archangels of Satan! That's where the real battle is going on! "The things which are seen are temporal, but the things which are unseen are eternal!" (2Cor.4:18) And we don't fight with carnal weapons, but with what? Somebody quote that Scripture. (Fam: "For the weapons of our warfare are not carnal, but mighty through God to the pulling down of strongholds.") (2Cor.10:4,5) Amen! (Fam: "For we wrestle not against flesh & blood.") "We wrestle not against flesh & blood, but against principalities & powers!" (Fam: "Against the rulers of the darkness of this World, against spiritual wickedness in high places!") (Eph.6:12)
       21. SO OURS IS PRIMARILY A SPIRITUAL WARFARE, BUT EVERY NOW & THEN SPIRITUAL WARFARES BREAK OUT INTO PHYSICAL WARFARES & actual slaughter by demon-possessed people, demon-possessed leaders, demon-possessed presidents & kings & princes & prime ministers, possessed of the Devil, who inspire their demon-possessed people to attack each other & destroy God's creation, destroy mankind, & now they're about to destroy the Earth! But God's going to stop'm before they do, thank the Lord! They may be able to destroy a portion of the surface just to be taught a lesson, but God's not going to let'm destroy the Earth. He can't do that because we've gotta have it! PTL? Even some of them need it.
       22. BUT NOW & THEN GOD HAS TO ACTUALLY GO TO WAR PHYSICALLY WITH SOME PEOPLE! And all through history & all through the Bible you'll find that God had some people who represented Him actually going to war physically & literally with the ungodly, the atheists, the pagans, the idol-worshippers, the worshippers of the Devil. He had some of His people actually take weapons & go to war & slaughter the enemy's people, the Devil's people, where He blessed war in many cases.--Physical, literal war, bloodshed, slaughter of people who were wicked & horrible & awful!

       23. EVEN KING DAVID SAID, "THE LORD MAKETH MY ARM STRONG TO WAR! HE TEACHETH MY HAND TO WAR!" (Psa.18:34, 144:1) David was a great warrior, he was a real battlefield warrior!--In fact, so much of a battlefield warrior that finally when he wanted to build the Lord a Temple, the Lord told him He was sorry but he had been involved in too much blood. He was a bloody man & the Lord wanted a man of peace to build the Temple as a symbol of peace. So He chose his son Solomon instead. (2Sam.7:12,13) Solomon had never been a warrior or fighter or involved in any great bloody wars like David was.
       24. I GUESS I'M MORE LIKE DAVID THAN SOLOMON, I SEEM TO BE A MAN OF WAR! Read some of my Words & you'll know, or the Lord's Words, because God is really angry today with a lot of people!--And I'm at war with them! I haven't actually taken up any literal weapons against'm or shot anybody or cut anybody yet, but I've sure cut'm with my tongue, & that they hate worst of all because we expose'm! They'd almost rather we'd kill some of them than expose what they're really up to!
       25. BUT DEAR DAVID, HE WAS A REAL FIGHTER & HE STARTED REALLY MAKING THE KINGDOM STRONG! Under him the kingdom was much stronger than it was under Saul, and much more enlarged due to many battles that he fought against their enemies. So Solomon, the second son of Bathsheba--the first one died because of David's sins--was then a man of peace, in fact a man of great wisdom.--That is, until toward the end of his life.
       26. BUT SOLOMON STARTED OFF BEING A MAN OF PEACE & A MAN OF GREAT WISDOM, & AS A RESULT, GOD GAVE HIM EVERYTHING ELSE BESIDES! He not only gave him a lot of women, but He gave him a lot of power, a lot of wealth. He enlarged Israel's borders to the greatest extent that they have ever been, & Israel's never been that large since then. And the Lord also blessed him by honouring him with the task of building a Temple.
       27. NOW THE LORD DIDN'T ASK FOR A TEMPLE, THE TABERNACLE WAS SERVING ITS PURPOSE. The Tabernacle was nothing but a tent. Talk about tent revivals, they were right in style! When I was a kid they used to have a lot of them! They'd just pitch a small circus tent or something & pour sawdust all over the ground where the people would have to sit & walk & they'd make simple little benches out of a few boards & there it was, they had themselves a new temple or tabernacle.
       28. BUT DAVID WANTED TO BUILD THE LORD SOMETHING!--You know, just the way the people had once insisted on having a king. Why did they want a king? Do you remember their excuse? (Fam: To be like the other religions.)--To be like other people. "We want to keep up with the Joneses, we want to be like other nations!"--The last thing in the World God really wanted them to be like! And that was also David's excuse, believe it or not!
       29. HE THOUGHT THAT SINCE THEY HAD SUCH A GREAT GOD THAT THEY OUGHT TO HAVE A BETTER TEMPLE THAN ANY OF THESE OTHER TEMPLES OF THE FALSE GODS, & he really was sincerely wanting to honour God! He thought it was kind of a disgrace to their God that all these heathen had all these gorgeous big temples like the Temple of Karnak & the Temple of Heliopolis for the sunworshippers, tremendous terrific temples all over the World to their gods, beautiful grand buildings!--That here the Israelites were worshipping the one true God in a tent & the rest of the countries were looking down on them, "What kind of a God have you got? He lives in a tent!" So now that they were getting rich & powerful, they wanted to do honour to their God & so that the other nations wouldn't make fun of them as worshipping a nomadic God that lived in a tent. Well, the fact was He did live in a tent, & His tent is the whole Universe & all outer space!--In fact, He said even that can't contain Him! (1Kg.8:27)
       30. SO THEY WANTED KINGS, THEN THEY WANTED A TEMPLE LIKE THE OTHERS, BUT IT ALWAYS GOT'M IN TROUBLE! But the Lord tolerated it. I mean, if you insist, God's Word says He'll give you the desires of your heart even if then He has to send leanness to your soul to see what you missed by robbing yourself of some spiritual blessing because you insisted on something that wasn't really best for you! (Psa.106:15) The Lord will give it to you just because you insist on it.--Just like a child makes such a big fuss that the parent finally gives in & lets'm have something that they didn't think was necessary, & then the child him-self has to find out that it really doesn't satisfy.
       31. WELL, THAT'S ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED TO ISRAEL, FIRST THEY HAD KINGS & THEN THEY BUILT THE TEMPLE. But Solomon was the one that the Lord commissioned to build it because he had not fought a lot of bloody wars like David & he was more of a man of peace & wisdom. And the Lord as a result also gave him great power & great wealth. PTL!

       REVELATION 19:11-15!
       32. SO HOW DID I GET ONTO THE TEMPLE & SOLOMON? (Fam: "And in righteousness He judges & makes war!") Oh yes, He judges & makes war, & so He has even helped His kings & nations fight wars for many years when it was necessary to protect themselves & for their survival & to preserve His people & His Kingdom & His Word & His Message. The Lord doesn't necessarily like it, but sometimes He's been forced to go to war.
       33. IN THE KINGDOM OF HEAVEN YOU'VE SOMETIMES GOTTA FIGHT & DEFEND YOURSELF, & sometimes God had to use His people to completely slaughter the Enemy because they were getting to be too big a threat to His Kingdom & His people & His Word & His Prophets & His Message. So this is the final one that we're reading about here.
       34. ALL THAT TO TELL YOU WHY GOD HAS TO FINALLY WIPE OUT THE ANTICHRIST & HIS KINGDOM, because they have become a final threat to the Kingdom of God & to His people, His Word, His Message, the Gospel, & they're trying to wipe out all the Christians, in fact all religious people here at the end. At the end of the Tribulation is when this is, of course. Therefore He is going to judge & make war.
       35. AND NOW HE'S NOT JUST A SWEET LITTLE PEACEFUL BABE LYING IN A MANGER, He's not even a sweet, gentle, loving healer & feeder of the multitude, this time He's not even a fiery Prophet rebuking the Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites, this time He is a Man of war!
       36. (VERSE 12:) "HIS EYES WERE AS A FLAME OF FIRE, & ON HIS HEAD WERE MANY CROWNS!" We only put one crown on His head, a nice big halo, because we didn't know whether people would understand if we had too many. We can't always be too literal in our Posters, people just wouldn't understand it! For example, in the next picture you'll understand why! What if we had flames of fire shooting out of His eyes? That would have scared people for sure!--Maybe He will. Why does He have many crowns, by the way? What is He? (Fam: King of kings!) He not only wears His Own crown, but if He's a King over other kings, He's entitled to theirs too!
       37. "AND HE HAD A NAME WRITTEN THAT NO MAN KNEW BUT HIMSELF!" So, who wants to tell me what that name was? You mean you don't know? How come you don't know?--Because He didn't tell us, that's why! I can answer any question about Revelation, but a lot of my answers are going to be "I don't know!" "A name written that no man knew but Himself"--what name is this now?--Name number 3! He's already got Faithful, True, & now a secret name!
       38. (VERSE 13:) "AND HE WAS CLOTHED WITH A VESTURE DIPPED IN BLOOD!" You could say, well, that was His Own blood He shed for us. Well, that might be one interpretation. But it comes from an Old Testament Scripture about the man coming from Bozrah with his vesture dipped in blood. He was a man of war coming to fight! It shows that He's a fighter! Fighters got bloody in those days, it was hand-to-hand conflict with hand-held weapons!--Really gory! "And His name is called the Word of God!" That's name number 4 already!
       39. (VERSE 14:) "AND THE ARMIES WHICH WERE IN HEAVEN FOLLOWED HIM UPON WHITE HORSES, CLOTHED IN FINE LINEN, WHITE & CLEAN." It looked to John like linen, but if you know linen, it's kind of heavy thick material! What I saw the folks have on in Heaven didn't look like that kind of linen! It might have looked like linen to John because it was white, & it's a beautiful white, sort of sparkly white! But it was also quite thin & it didn't hide the beauties of some of these beauties we have, thank the Lord! I could see through it! You know me, I wouldn't forget that! Well, maybe for making war they might have worn thick linen for protection, I don't know. But anyway, I think the term is used several times in Revelation because it was the only real white type of material that was considered very fine material. Today even the rich seem to have stopped using it, but it used to be a material of the rich, very fine quality linen. And it used to be decorated with embroidery & lace & all that sort of thing. Anyhow, it was the sign of something very fine to wear, & white, very white.
       40. (VERSE 15:) "AND OUT OF HIS MOUTH GOETH A SHARP SWORD!" You know good & well we couldn't have been too literal on our Poster! We might have scared people to death to have this sword sticking out of His mouth & flames of fire coming out of His eyes! So we take this actually as being somewhat more symbolic, like His voice or like His Words. He speaks of His Word as being a sharp sword, doesn't He? He says it's even sharper than a two-edged sword! (Heb.4:12) So why fiddle around with material swords when you can use the Word, which is even sharper!
       41. SO I'M INCLINED TO BELIEVE THIS PICTURE OF HIS LOOKS HERE, IS IN A SENSE SYMBOLIC. But if you want to believe that it's literal, it's all right with me. And I'll tell you, if nothing else scared the enemy to death, it would have been that!--To see this guy trouncing on them with flames shooting out of His eyes & a sword shooting out of His mouth! That would make one of these good sci-fi monster movies that they're making lately!
       42. "THAT WITH IT HE SHOULD SMITE THE NATIONS!"--WITH HIS POWER! Which shows it's going to be much more powerful than just any ordinary sword. And it sounds like the Word to me! He's going to just speak the Word. He's not even going to have to use any other weapon but the Word. The Lord spoke the Word & the Worlds were created! Think of the power of His Words! If He could speak words & the Worlds were created, He could certainly speak the Word to destroy His enemies!
       43. "AND HE SHALL RULE THEM WITH A ROD OF IRON!"--Again the symbolism. Jesus isn't going around batting people with an iron stick or an iron rod, it's symbolic! It symbolises or represents the power, the tremendous enormous power that Jesus will rule with! You say, "Oh Dad, now you're getting me all worried about this, maybe those horses are symbolic too! Maybe I'm not going to get to ride a real horse!" Well, I wouldn't say that! If John saw them like they were white horses, I can't see why we couldn't ride white horses! There doesn't have to be anything symbolic about that, you can ride white horses!
       44. MOST PEOPLE DON'T GO AROUND WITH EYES SHOOTIN' FIRE & A MOUTH SHOOTIN' FLAMES & SWORDS ETC., BUT PEOPLE DO RIDE HORSES! So whatever kind of power that is, I'm willing to settle for horses, certainly supernatural horses, flying horses, powerful horses that can fly, ride through the sky! That suits me, that's enough for me! There's enough supernatural about those horses that they don't have to be symbolic. But that's up to you. But I can just say, well, it says horses! So there!
       45. "AND HE TREADETH THE WINEPRESS OF THE FIERCENESS OF THE WRATH OF ALMIGHTY GOD!" Now, Jesus isn't actually trampling around in some kind of a winepress, trompin' on grapes with His feet!--Here again is a symbolism. This is the time for God to crush the grapes of wrath of the Enemy! It's a time for God to crush the Enemy so that his blood runs out like wine when the grapes are crushed. (Also Rev.14:20.)

       46. ALL RIGHT! SO WHAT DOES THIS MEAN THAT HE TREADS THE WINEPRESS OF THE FIERCENESS OF THE WRATH OF GOD? (David: His Wrath!)--It's symbolic of His Wrath! In other words, God's going to stomp around & crush His enemies until their blood flows out of the war like grape juice running out of the grapes! And is that what He does in this battle?--We'll see!
       47. (VERSE 16:) "AND HE HATH ON HIS VESTURE & ON HIS THIGH A NAME WRITTEN, KING OF KINGS & LORD OF LORDS!" He is the King of all kings & Lord of all lords! How many names does this make now? We've got Faithful, True, Secret, Word of God, Almighty God, King of kings & Lord of lords! That makes a perfect seven! Seven names of God in this passage!
       48. (VERSE 17:) "AND I SAW AN ANGEL STANDING IN THE SUN; & HE CRIED WITH A LOUD VOICE." Boy, I'll tell you! If any of us stand in the sun, we get a hot foot, that's for sure! But an Angel can stand in the sun without even burning!--Where the temperatures rise to 6,000 degrees centigrade, some phenomenal amount! Do you know how far some of those big flames shoot out from the sun?--About 200,000 miles! The sun itself is almost a million miles wide, a big ball of fire! Some star! And at that, the sun is even a small star. There are some of those suns, stars out there that are much bigger, or so they say. I don't know whether they really know or not because they're wrong about a lot of other things.
       49. IN ORDER FOR YOU TO SEE THE ACTUAL WONDERS OF GOD'S CREATION, you've got to spit out the garbage they tell you about how many million years it took for that monkey to grow a tail & all that baloney!--How this clam decided to do so-&-so, or that little animal decided to do so-&-so & adapt itself in order to do this or that! What a lot of bull! Just plain shit! The Devil's own shit! I like to give it the kind of name that it really deserves! Shit is a real bad ugly dirty stinky name. It's the Devil's shit, lies, stinkin' lies, because it's not so! But this is so!
       50. "AN ANGEL STANDING IN THE SUN & HE CRIED WITH A LOUD VOICE!" I don't know whether he meant by this that he was actually standing on the sun or he was shining in the sun so he looked like the sun, but whichever, it's possible with Angels! "And he cried with a loud voice, saying to all the fowls that fly in the midst of Heaven, come & gather yourself together." What are fowls?--Three strikes & you're out? Has it got something to do with baseball? No, that's spelled differently, f-o-u-l. But this kind of fowl is f-o-w-l.--Birds!

       THE BATTLE--REV.19:17-21!
       51. SO THE ANGEL YELLS TO THE FOWLS THAT FLY IN THE MIDST OF HEAVEN--Not the Heavenly City, don't misunderstand, he's talking about the atmospheric heaven now, birds that fly in the heavens. What kind of fowls do you think he's talking to? What kind of fowls eat flesh? (Fam: Vultures.)--Vultures are birds that eat already dead flesh. Birds like eagles & hawks catch live flesh & eat it. They catch small game, mice & snakes & even rabbits & things like that. Some of the big ones even catch mountain sheep & mountain goats etc., & can pick a sheep up & carry it away, believe it or not!
       52. I'LL NEVER FORGET IN THE SMITHSONIAN INSTITUTE IN WASHINGTON D.C. when I was going around looking at things at Techi's age, about 6 years old, how horrified I was to see this stuffed representation or actual stuffed eagle pouncing on this little lamb! I think I cried.
       53. BUT THE VULTURES ARE BIRDS WHICH ONLY EAT DEAD ANIMALS & DEAD CREATURES & DEAD PEOPLE. Well, in this battle there are going to be a lot of both kinds, because there are both live people & dead people. So the Lord's summoning all kinds of birds to come & eat flesh!--A great feast!
       54. NOW WHY IN THE WORLD IS HE SUMMONING ALL THESE BIRDS TO COME & EAT FLESH? Well, if there are going to be thousands & thousands of people killed so that the blood runs deep in Israel, in the brooks & in the rivers, there are going to be a lot of stinking dead people after that war, right? Remember how long it took'm to just bury all the dead after this war? (Fam: 7 months.) (Eze.39:12) That's bad enough, they're pretty stinking by that time. In fact, a lot of them are down to nothing but bones by that time, as he says.
       55. BUT WHY DO YOU THINK GOD, IN HIS MERCY, ACTUALLY SENDS THESE VULTURES TO EAT UP THE DEAD?--TO CLEAN UP THE MESS! The faster the vultures & the hyenas & the wild dogs & the eaters of carrion & dead flesh eat up all the rotten meat, the quicker the stink will be over & they'll be able to bury the skeletons, at least, & get rid of them! It's going to be such a horrible battle, so many dead people, as well as a lot of live bad ones, that God's going to allow the hawks & the eagles to attack even the live ones! Imagine! Then that fantasy horror movie about the seagulls may come true! ("The Birds!") Remember when the seagulls decided to declare war on these Californians? I don't blame the seagulls! So that the birds were gobbling up & attacking & killing them! Well, seagulls don't normally do that, but seagulls do eat garbage & they catch fish too.
       56. BUT IF YOU'VE GOT ALL THESE WARLIKE BIRDS THAT CAN PECK, & PECK OUT THEIR EYES & EAT ON THEIR FLESH, I'LL TELL YOU, THE ANTICHRIST FORCES ARE GOING TO HAVE AN AWFUL LOT TO DEAL WITH!--Not only us riding down on big horses zapping them, but all these birds attacking them! Think of that!--Both the living & the dead!--The living to get rid of the bad people, & the dead to get rid of the garbage! They attack the living to help us, they're fighting on our side!
       57. (VERSE 18:) "THAT YE MAY EAT THE FLESH OF KINGS, & THE FLESH OF CAPTAINS, & THE FLESH OF MIGHTY MEN, & THE FLESH OF HORSES!" You say, "Oh, isn't that too bad they had to eat horses?"--Why?--Because the bad men are riding the horses, trying to kill us & kill God's people! They're bad horses because bad men are riding them & making them do bad things! So they've gotta be killed whether they like it or not! With all this killing going on they can't even spare the horses, the horses that the bad men are riding! Have you ever noticed how much a horse or a dog is like its master? It partakes of the spirit & personality of the master. So there are going to be bad horses that are going to have to be killed too.
       58. "AND OF THEM THAT SIT ON THEM, & THE FLESH OF ALL MEN, BOTH FREE & BOND, BOTH SMALL & GREAT."--Everybody!--Little people, big people, officers, rich people, poor people, all those that are bad & members of the Antichrist Kingdom are going to get killed.
       59. (VERSE 19:) "AND I SAW THE BEAST & THE KINGS OF THE EARTH, & THEIR ARMIES, GATHERED TOGETHER TO MAKE WAR AGAINST HIM THAT SAT ON THE HORSE & AGAINST HIS ARMY!" By the time we've ridden out of Heaven & we're down attacking his forces, he's going to gather together & try to fight us! Isn't that silly?--As though he could fight us! It shows you how dumb the Devil is & how dumb the Antichrist is to think they can fight God! I mean, he wouldn't have become anti-Christ in the first place if he hadn't thought he could fight God & God's people. So the Enemy's pretty dumb to think he can overcome us! He may be able to fight us, but he can't win! He may be able to give us trouble & battles, but he can't win the victory! We're going to win the war! So all they do, they're just like pests that cause us trouble, but we are going to win!
       60. (VERSE 20:) "AND THE BEAST WAS TAKEN"--who's the Beast? (Fam: The Antichrist.) "And with him the False Prophet"--who's he? (Fam: His propaganda minister.)--Apparently his propaganda minister or these religions that decide to declare him as God. I think it's going to be headed certainly by an actual personality, a man, this False Prophet, definitely. "That wrought miracles before him, with which he deceived them that had received the Mark of the Beast, & them that worshipped his Image."
       61. "THESE BOTH WERE CAST ALIVE INTO A LAKE OF FIRE BURNING WITH BRIMSTONE." They don't go to any temporary waiting place waiting to be judged, they're all tossed right straight into Gehenna, the Lake of Fire, Hell! They get their Hell right quick because that's what they're going to get in the long run anyhow!
       62. "AND THE REMNANT WERE SLAIN WITH THE SWORD OF HIM THAT SAT UPON THE HORSE, WHICH SWORD PROCEEDED OUT OF HIS MOUTH." All He's gotta do is speak the Word & slaughter them all! We may not have to do anything but just ride along & enjoy the victory & watch Him kill'm! We're going to be able to do things like that in the Tribulation too. You watch "Heaven's Girl", she's going to do things like that where she can just speak the Word! It says even in the Bible that fire will proceed out of their mouth & devour their enemies! (Rev.11:5) You don't think that's possible?
       63. I BELIEVE IN DRAGONS! They're in the Bible! You read the 41st Chapter of Job & see! Smoke comes out of their nostrils & fire comes out of their mouths & they're virtually armour-plated! You read it, if you want to read about dragons & dinosaurs. And what are those giant elephants called?--Mammoths? Those are your leviathans & behemoths. Those are your huge dragons of ancient history, your mastodons & mammoths & dinosaurs & all that sort of thing. They actually used to exist!--And some of them actually had smoke coming out of their nostrils & fire coming out of their mouths!
       64. YOU SAY, "GRANDPA, NOW YOU ARE CRAZY! YOU DON'T BELIEVE THAT KIND OF FAIRY TALES, DO YOU REALLY?" Well, if you don't believe that, you don't believe the Bible! If you think that's a fairy tale, then the whole Bible's a fairy tale, because that's what it says! You read it in the 41st chapter of Job! I mean, as recently as dear old St. George of England, he went out & had to still kill some of the remaining dragons, & even in those days it said that smoke was coming out of their nostrils & fire out of their mouths!
       65. THEY'VE STILL GOT ONE IN LOCH NESS! They've got a monster that dozens of people have seen swimming in that loch, which is a big deep deep lake up in Northern Scotland. So there are a few left somewhere in the World, they've been sighted a few places here & there. A few beasts that have long since been extinct are still hanging around! Probably God left'm around to scare a few people that needed it!
       66. SO THEY WERE CAST INTO THE LAKE OF FIRE BURNING WITH BRIMSTONE, WHICH THE OLD TESTAMENT CALLS GEHENNA OR HELL. They went straight to Hell! No monkey business, no delays, no court appeals, no technicalities! They were judged on the spot & sent straight to Hell by the Judge Himself!
       67. (VERSE 21:) "AND THE REMNANT WERE SLAIN WITH THE SWORD OF HIM THAT SAT UPON THE HORSE." Who's the remnant?--Everybody else who had the Mark of the Beast, all the rest of the Beast's people. All the rest of the soldiers & warriors & horrible evil wicked Beast people that God said were going to be completely destroyed! "And all the fowls were filled with their flesh."--Finito! That's the end of that!
       68. HOW'S THAT FOR A SCI-FI STORY?--ONLY THAT'S THE TRUTH! That's not science fiction, that is Scriptural truth, which is a lot better & more exciting even than science fiction! So that's a rather exciting story! That's our next to the final victory on Earth. The next & the last battle at the end of the Millennium, the Battle of Gog & Magog, that's the final battle! But as far as I can see in the Bible, we don't fight that one, because if we were fighting the Devil's people we could wipe'm out! But God chooses in this case to save the Millennial Saints who are surrounded by the Devil & his people by burning up all of them! He doesn't even waste time having a battle with them this time.

       69. I THINK HE GIVES US THIS BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON TO KIND OF SATISFY OUR DESIRE FOR REVENGE, just to see that the wicked get what they deserve!--To watch'm suffer like they've made us suffer & made the martyrs suffer, even innocent old men, women, children & whatnot! Such wicked people! They're already doing it worldwide in lots of places. The World's getting worse & worse all the time! But it's going to be the very worst then with all the wicked completely wicked, & thank God, all the righteous almost completely righteous!
       70. IT'S GOD'S DIVISION OF THE SHEEP FROM THE GOATS! Things are getting more divided & more polarised, as the paper calls it, all the time! The people who are good people are getting better, like us! I think we've improved a little bit, don't you?--And the people that are wicked & bad are getting worse! So finally there will be nothing but bad people & good people around. And God's going to give us the satisfaction of wiping out all those wicked people that cause us so much trouble, that really deserve to go to Hell! I think you're going to enjoy even watching the birds eat'm!
       71. "OH MY, DAD, YOU ARE REALLY GORY! HOW COULD YOU BE THAT WAY?" Well, wait till they start picking on you! I'm not talking about the birds either, I'm talking about the Enemy! Wouldn't you like to see somebody gobble up that rascal that caused 300 of our people to have to move out of one field & stop the preaching of the Gospel, stop thousands of people from getting saved! That guy deserves the flames of Hell! And he is supposed to be a Salvation Army captain! He's a damnation army captain & he deserves to be damned! I don't see how people like that could be saved & deserve anything but judgement! He caused us a lot of trouble & great losses, a lot of misery & agony & expense, having to find new homes, new fields, fleeing with their children & families!
       72. WHAT KIND OF A MONSTER, WHAT KIND OF A DEVIL, WHAT KIND OF A DEMON INHABITS A GUY LIKE THAT who gets on television & radio telling all kinds of lies about us! He's very popular now for telling all these lies, getting popular in all the papers with all his tales & stories.--And yet he used to hire our girls! He used to like to date our girls in the escort services! How about that?
       73. THAT'S TYPICAL OF THE SCRIBES & THE PHARISEES--HYPOCRITES, LIARS! Pretending to be a saint & so self-righteous & the leader of the Salvation Army, a Christian organisation, supposed to be a very fundamentalist evangelical saved holier-than-thou saint, participating in the very things he's condemning! Of course we don't think what we're doing is wrong, but he thinks it's terribly wrong according to what he's telling the newspapers & the television & the radio etc. He's condemning it! But he participated in it himself! That's typical of the Scribes & the Pharisees & the hypocrites of the World & the System!
       74. BOY, IS HE GOING TO GET HIS! I'm asking the Lord to give some of these enemies theirs, & I want to see it! I've written time & again that I want our Family to report to me what's happened to our enemies, if they hear about anything happening to our enemies.
       75. HEY, GUESS WHAT! HERE'S ONE! I don't know if you read it in the WND or not, but this guy in Australia who was reported to have caused us a lot of trouble, just the other day the bulldozers were sent to destroy a certain house on a certain street, to completely demolish that house, because it was supposed to be removed for some reason, & they got the wrong address on the wrong street & they got his house instead & absolutely tore it down to the ground! He was trying to tear down our house, the house of God down to the ground, instead of that, God sent the bulldozer to tear down his house! Hallelujah! Wouldn't you like to see that? They got the same number but on a street with a name that sounded the same & it was his house! HALLELUJAH!
       76. I LOVE TO SEE GOD TEAR DOWN THE HOUSE OF THE DEVIL & EVEN SLAUGHTER HIS PEOPLE WHEN THEY TRY TO SLAUGHTER US! If you think I'm too bloody & gory & vengeful, well, God says that, "Vengeance is Mine, I will repay! Stand back & see Me fight!" (Rom.12:19, 2Chr.20:15b, 17a) So the Lord can do it! He can do it even better than we can! But I think we're going to enjoy watching it, the Battle of Armageddon!
       77. AND I'VE SEEN IT HAPPEN EVEN A LOT OF TIMES IN RECENT YEARS, people that caused my Mother trouble in Miami, they dropped dead one after the other & had nothing but trouble! There was a dear humble little preacher up in New Kensington, Pennsylvania. He used to be a pickpocket in London but he got wonderfully saved & had a little church there, an Alliance church, a wonderful man. But his official board got bored with him because he was such a simple little Gospel preacher that didn't have a big education, they wanted somebody fancier to tickle their ears! So they illegally got rid of him, kicked him out, the same denomination that kicked me out. And he prayed against them & within about two years every one of them was dead! So God can take vengeance! PTL! Amen?
       78. AND IF YOU THINK IT SOUNDS KIND OF BLOODY AWFUL RIGHT NOW, one of these days after they've persecuted you & tortured you & imprisoned you & killed you, you're going to be tickled pink to see them slaughtered the way they've slaughtered you & your children & your wives & your husbands & some of the rest of them! You're going to be thank-ful to see God wipe'm out! Amen? Praise God!
       79. WELL, THAT WAS A KIND OF A GRUESOME GORY STORY, BUT IT'S NECESSARY! Let me tell you, if these countries our Family is in didn't have policemen walking the streets & soldiers carrying guns to shoot people with, it wouldn't be safe for you to be sitting in your house! The criminals would be running the streets loose with guns killing everybody & robbing everybody! The policemen & the soldiers have gotta be there with guns & necessarily killing people that would attack other people & kill them if they weren't there!
       80. THE MINISTER OF GOD CARRIES NOT THE SWORD IN VAIN, GOD'S WORD SAYS! (Rom.13:4) He calls the police & the soldiers ministers of God! Thank God for them!--Otherwise your dime, I mean your life wouldn't be worth a plug nickel! Well, a dime isn't worth a plug nickel anyhow now, not even a Dollar! As you've heard, it's going down! Things are getting rougher! I'm sure the Lord's only holding back the flood just to give us time to finish our job! PTL!
       81. SO DO YOU WANT TO PRAY FOR THE KINGDOM TO COME?--AND THE QUICKER THE BETTER! Amen? Praise God! Hallelujah! TYL! I'll be glad pretty soon when it's all over & all the enemies will be wiped out & we can take over the Earth & make it a Garden of Eden! PTl! Hallelujah! But He's got to get rid of all that garbage & that trash, that kind of people first or we couldn't do it! How's He going to do it if He doesn't slaughter'm & kill'm & send'm to Hell? What do you do with your garbage, do you serve it at the table? Do you leave it lying around the house to stink up the house & give you diseases & infection & kill you?--No!--You get rid of the garbage! You kill it before it kills you!--Right? So that's what has to be done sometimes by the Lord! If they won't get converted, if they won't stop, He just has to slaughter them & get rid of them, get rid of the garbage! Amen? PTL! TYJ! (Prays the Lord's Prayer)
       82. THINE IS THE KINGDOM, LORD! IT DOESN'T BELONG TO THOSE USURPERS & THOSE TREACHEROUS TRAITORS & EVIL BEASTS! It belongs to us & to You, Jesus! So when the time comes, You're going to help us wipe'm out, or we're going to help You wipe'm out!--Probably just watch You wipe'm out, Lord, & we're going to be thankful! Then we can get rid of all that garbage & start a new World, in Jesus' name! TYL!
       83. BLESS & KEEP US NOW IN THIS WORLD! We're still in it, Lord, even though we're not of it. So keep us safely & we thank You for how You have. Help us to get done whatever You want done today & have a good day & a good time & be good to each other & learn good lessons, Lord, & be a good blessing to the whole World, in Jesus' name! PTL! Amen, amen, amen! GBY all!
       84. (TECHI: I FOUND IT!) Oh, you found it, what did you find? (Techi: I found that verse!) What verse did you find? (Techi: This one! "Out of his nostrils goeth smoke, as out of a seething pot or caldron.") (Job 41:20) Right! And it also talks about fire there! You read the whole Chapter when you get time, it's a real exciting Chapter about dragons & dinosaurs & mastodons & all that sort of thing! men! (Do you believe it!)

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