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PSALM 23:1-3--AND BODY, SOUL & SPIRIT!--PT.1--Bible Study with Grandpa! DO 2219 6/86

1. (DAVID: THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS DAY TODAY, JESUS, & THAT GRANDPA COOKED US A GOOD BREAKFAST! Thank You Jesus how Grandpa can teach us so many things & even how to cook breakfast the right way! Thank You also, Lord, for this time that we can study Your Word & get lots of Your truths out of it, things new & old, Lord. Please bless Grandpa, Jesus, & thank You for him taking his time to explain this Word to us kids, Jesus, & thank You for how it's going to be such a blessing to all the Family! Please bless it to us now, in Jesus' name, amen!) Amen! PTL!
2. THESE ARE ALL MY FAVOURITE PSALMS! I know I've taught this before, but this time I'm doing it for kids. Psalms for Kids! Maybe that would be a good title! PTL! I'm just going to read it to you & you just listen, okay?
3. "THE LORD IS MY SHEPHERD; I SHALL NOT WANT!" First of all, "the Lord is my Shepherd", that's pretty important! What kind of a picture is the Lord painting? (David: He's our Shepherd & we're His sheep!) He's painting a picture of a Shepherd & sheep! He's not a leader of a wolf pack like the Devil, those are the enemies of sheep & shepherds!
4. I MUST SAY, SOME OF THESE CHURCHES & SCRIBES & PHARISEES & SO-CALLED CHRISTIANS ACT MORE LIKE WOLVES IN WOLF PACKS THAN SHEEP! They're wolves in sheep's clothing, they pretend to be sheep. What would a wolf look like in sheep's clothing? (David: Well, he'd look pretty much like a sheep!)--Yes! If you put a sheep's pelt all around him & tied the legs to his legs & put the head over his head, it might fool some people, like it does the church people, some of these wolves in sheep's clothing that stand in pulpits & preach! They're not all wolves, but there are lots of them who are. They're up there to destroy faith rather than to feed the sheep! They're up there to rend & tear the sheep apart & kill'm spiritually!
5. BUT SINCE THE LORD IS OUR SHEPHERD, IT SAYS, "I SHALL NOT WANT!" What does that mean? "What do you mean? Don't I want a lot of things? I want this, I want that! I want-ed some nice good French toast for breakfast! What do you mean, 'I shall not want?'" What kind of a want is this? It's a slightly old meaning here, that's the problem, it's old English. In this case, "wants" are not desires, it means, "I'll not lack for anything that I need, I won't be in want." "In want" was to be poor & hungry & starving, an old English expression. But I won't "want", I won't lack for anything I need. Get it? I may want a lot of stuff I don't need, but I won't "want", I won't lack anything I really need. Sometimes the Bible uses a little old English & you have to know the old English interpretation!
6. "HE MAKETH ME TO LIE DOWN IN GREEN PASTURES!" Hey! What are green pastures for? (David: For grazing.)--Right! What in the World is this sheep doing lying down in a green pasture? When does a sheep lie down in a green pasture? (David: When he's resting.) After what? (David: After he's eaten!)--Right! He's full, satisfied & tired so he lies down! In other words, it's a picture of satisfied sheep that have had lots to eat & now they're resting, lying down in green pastures.
7. "HE LEADETH ME BESIDE THE STILL WATERS!" After they've had a lot of nice green grass to eat, probably before they lie down, they go & do what?--Get some nice cool still waters! What are still waters? When a thing is still, it's quiet, right?--Holding still!--Something that Techi does once in a great while, holds still! I think she hardly ever holds still! I used to get her to go to sleep by saying, "See if you can hold still without a move while I count to 100!" I'd offer her some kind of prize if she'd hold still till I'd count to 100, & usually she'd go to sleep just by holding still!
8. WELL, STILL WATERS THEN ARE WATERS THAT HOLD STILL, are quiet, like a nice lake, a nice still pond, a nice part of the river that's very smooth & flowing quietly. But troubled waters, they're flowing over rocks & bricks & stumps & logs & all that kind of stuff, until they even roar! I've been near the tops of falls & cataracts that roared so loud you couldn't even be heard!
9. REMEMBER THAT TIME I WAS AT THE TOP OF YOSEMITE FALLS? (See "Trapped on a Mountain!", KTK Vol.1, Pg.249, ML#B) The rapids were flowing for about a mile above the falls over big rocks & rushing with a big roar so loud! Remember when I yelled over at that fisherman? He was only about as far from me as the kitchen sink & I was yelling as loud as I could, "Where's the bridge? Where's the bridge?" It was on the map but it was washed away & I didn't know that! And he couldn't hear what I was saying!
10. FINALLY HE POINTED AT HIS CREEL, WHERE YOU KEEP YOUR CAUGHT FISH, IN THE LITTLE BASKET ON HIS HIP. He held up his hand like that! What did he think I was asking him? (David: He thought you were asking him how many fish he'd caught!)--Yes! So I just went on up following the rapids as far as I could to see if I could even find a branch that was overhanging so that I could crawl out & drop on the other side or jump to the other side, but there was none!
11. BUT THAT'S NOT STILL WATER, IS IT?--THAT'S ROARING WATER, RAGING WATER! In fact, the Lord says the people of the World are going to be like that in the Last Days. How does He say it in Luke 21? "The sea & the waves roaring!" (Luk.21:25b) Every night you look at the news & what do you see?--The sea & the waves roaring!--Riots, demonstrations, war, sea & waves roaring! Well, that's not still water, that's terrible! But the Lord leads us by nice quiet still cool refreshing waters where we can drink!
12. "HE RESTORETH MY SOUL!" He restores your soul. What does it mean to restore? (Techi: To save?)--Right, it means to save your soul. And when you take a nap, what do you do? You restore your strength, you get it back again. (David: Revive.)--Revive, that's very good, Honey! Revive, restore. When you run out of stuff in the kitchen, you go down to the shop & you bring back kitchen stores & you re-store the kitchen! We've got stores of all kinds of things, & every now & then we have to restore! You store it up again! "He restoreth my soul!" Now that doesn't mean you have to be saved again, so it's better to use another word instead of save. He saved my soul, but He doesn't resave my soul, He only needs to save it once!
13. WHAT IS A SOUL? MAYBE WE NEED TO FIND OUT WHAT A SOUL IS! Do you know what the definition of a soul is? It's a Scripture in Genesis. (David: It's the spirit that goes to Heaven.) Well, in a way, yes, but it's not only your spirit. See, that's where the theologians & preachers get kind of mixed up, they're always talking about saving souls. Well, in a sense that's true, because when you save a soul, when you get somebody to get saved, you don't just save their spirit, do you? What's eventually going to also be saved? (Techi: Their body!)--Their body, right!
14. SO WHEN GOD CREATED MAN IN HIS OWN IMAGE, WHAT DOES IT SAY HE MADE ADAM OUT OF? (David: The dust of the Earth.)--Right. Genesis 2:7. Now see if you can find out what a soul is. "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground." As the old song goes, "God made a man out of mud!" It's called "16 Tons!" He's talking about this old coloured miner who's mining coal for a company, & he says, "16 tons & what do you get? Another day older & deeper in debt! St. Peter, don't you call me 'cause I can't go, for I owe my soul to the company store!"
15. THE MINERS WOULDN'T GET PAID TILL ONCE A MONTH, SO THEY'D HAVE TO CHARGE UP THEIR GROCERIES AT THE COMPANY STORE, which was run by the same coal company. And they charged such high prices that by the time it was time for him to get paid, he owed all the money of his salary to the company store for all the groceries he'd charged up! So he didn't get paid, it all went to pay his grocery bill! Then he had to go to work for another month & charge up all the groceries! This is the way they kept miners in slavery so they could never leave, because they always owed money! "Oh, I owe my soul to the company store!" That's the way the song ends! "16 tons & what do you get? Another day older & deeper in debt!" But how does it start off? "The Lord God made man & He made him out of mud", something like that. And he talks about fighting, "If the left one won't get you, the right one will!" He was a tough old guy! Anyway, God made man out of mud! You get a few little extra things when you get a Bible lesson from Grandpa! He throws in a lot of things!
16. "HE RESTORETH MY SOUL!" Look how much we had to say about one little phrase! So I was going to read you what He says in Genesis 2:7: "And the Lord God formed man of the dust of the ground." All right, first of all He made him out of the dust of the ground. What part of man was that? (David: That was his body.)--His body! It was all there, organs, everything! It was all there, but it was dead. Right? Just a bunch of mud!--In fact, about 73% water! You are about 73% water & the other 27% is chemicals, the dust of the Earth! 27% of you is various chemicals & minerals from the dust of the Earth, & 73% is water. This is like we were making the batter this morning for the French toast! God mixed His batter with 27% chemicals & minerals & He mixed it with 73% water, & it came out just the right mix, & what do you have?--Mud!
17. BUT THEN AFTER HE GOT THE MUD ALL MIXED, THEN HE HAD TO SHAPE IT & make the organs & make everything, all made out of mud, a mixture of minerals, chemicals & water! (David: Are birds a lower percentage of water & is that why they can fly?) I think so, probably, yes. They've got a lot of feathers & very light bodies.
18. MAN WAS ALL THERE, HIS BODY & EVERYTHING WAS THERE, BUT HE LACKED WHAT? (DAVID: LIFE!) So He "breathed into his nostrils the breath of life." In the Hebrew they use the same word for both "breath" & "spirit"--"rouach". So when God breathed the breath of life into him, He was really breathing into him what? (David: Man's spirit.) Really it was the Spirit of God, the spirit of life. So in a way, everybody has a little bit of the Spirit of God, because if they didn't they'd be dead! All life comes from God! All life is the Spirit of God! And if you kill somebody, you kill their body, but you then release their spirit into the Spirit World. It depends on what kind of person they were, whether they were saved or not, which way they go, up or down!
19. SO WHEN HE BREATHED INTO HIS NOSTRILS THE BREATH OF LIFE, WHAT DID MAN BECOME? (DAVID: A LIVING SOUL!) Now theologians have been arguing about that for years, & here's a simple little verse to explain it! What do you mix together to get a living soul? (David: Spirit & body!)--Right! Spirit & body makes a soul! We'll say body first because He made the body first. Body plus spirit equals soul!
20. THE SPIRIT IS THE NON-MATERIAL PART OF YOU, IT'S THE REAL YOU! It's that guy I'm looking at right now, you, David, that lives down inside of that house! I'm looking through the windows to see the real you, the spirit living inside! The spirit is the non-material part, the body is material. The spirit is spiritual, not material. The scientists call it your psyche, & the science of the spirit is called psychology. But they think your mind is your spirit.
21. WELL, WHAT IS YOUR MIND? IS IT YOUR BRAIN? YOUR MIND IS NOT YOUR BRAIN! The thinking & mental processes go on up there in that brain, but the brain's made out of what? Brain is a very favourite dish in France that we got one time! We didn't know what we were eating because we didn't know what the word "cerveaux" meant, but it turned out to be sheep brains, kind of like scrambled eggs!--So a lot of other people's brains are like scrambled eggs, they're really scrambled! But I could eat sheep brains, so that's not spirit, that's material, that was even food. So that's got nothing to do with spirit. The sheep's spirit was already gone, I was just eating his brains! Isn't that horrible? Don't worry about it, I've never eaten any since after I found out what we were eating! (Maria: It's clean meat, though.) (Techi: Didn't I used to eat it?) Yes, I think you did, you liked it when you were a baby. They used to scramble it with your eggs & it was really good.
22. BUT IF YOUR BRAIN COULD BE EATEN, IT'S CERTAINLY NOT A SPIRIT, IS IT? So if you want to say it's your mind...this is another way the scientists say it. They don't want to use spiritual terms or Bible terms. They don't want to say things like "spirit" because they don't believe in spirits. See, the secular scientists, the materialistic scientists, worldly science, anti-Christ science, they don't believe in God or spirits or anything like that! See, if they had to say the word "spirit", they would have to believe that there's another dimension, another world, a spiritual world! And in that case they would have to believe the Bible & believe in God as a great Spirit! But they don't want to believe in all that, they say it's all garbage, rubbish, forget it! "We just believe in evolution!" They believe in nothing but the material, nothing but the physical, nothing but what they can see, hear, feel etc. But evolution is bunk!
23. REMEMBER WHAT DR. IRWIN MOON SAID TO THE GUY WHO SAID HE WAS NOT AN ATHEIST BUT AN AGNOSTIC? The guy said, "I am an agnostic, I simply don't believe in anything I can't hear, see, smell or feel!"--The physical, right? Material things. He said, "I can't see God. I don't say there's no God, I don't know! I'm agnostic, I just don't know! Because I can't see, hear or feel Him!" Of course he must have been very unspiritual or he could have. We who are spiritual, we can sometimes see the Lord in visions & dreams, & we can feel His power, the Holy Spirit, & we can sense His presence, like right now! You know the Lord is here, His spirits are here!
24. BUT HE SAID, "I'M AN AGNOSTIC, I DON'T KNOW FOR SURE. I don't believe in anything I can't see, hear, smell or feel!" What are your five senses? (David: Hearing, seeing, smell, taste & touch.)--Right! Well, he said he couldn't hear, smell, taste, see or touch God, so therefore he didn't know! He said, "I'm not an atheist, I don't say there's no God, but I just don't know! I'm an agnostic!"
25. THIS WAS RIGHT AT THE WORLD'S FAIR, I HEARD THIS HAPPEN! This guy came right up after Dr. Moon's lecture, & I was standing right there, it was the funniest thing! He said, "Well, Mister, instead of using the Greek word 'agnostic', which means not to know, why don't you use the Latin word 'ignoramus', which means the same thing! You're an ignoramus!"
26. WELL, THE GUY WAS KIND OF MAD THEN, HE SAID, "YOU SHOW ME GOD & I'LL BELIEVE IN HIM! I CAN'T SEE HIM! SHOW ME!" And do you remember what Dr. Moon said? He said, "Do you have brains?" The guy said, "Of course I have brains, you know I have brains, everybody's got brains!" Dr. Moon said, "Show me!" He said, "But they've taken bodies apart & they've studied the brain & dissected it & taken it apart piece by piece & found out all about brains, so we know everybody's got brains!" Dr. Moon said, "But how do we know you've got brains, we've never seen'm! Show me! Prove it!" And the guy walked off mad, because the whole crowd just roared, they just really laughed! First they laughed when Dr. Moon as good as called him an ignoramus, & then he couldn't prove he had brains by showing them! So the whole crowd who were all standing around after the lecture asking questions, they really roared! He got the best of that guy!
27. NOW WE'RE TALKING ABOUT SOUL, WHAT'S A SOUL? It's a big subject! Scientists just don't believe you have a soul or anything even if it's part spirit, they don't believe in that at all. All they believe is that you've got a body. But they know you've got something that thinks & controls your body & everything, that is the real you, the personality of you, the person that really controls the body but that you can't see. So they've come to call it the mind or the psyche, & mind doctors they call psychiatrists, they're supposed to heal your mind. They've got scientists who are supposed to know all about the mind, so they call them psychologists, mind-knowledgers, & they're supposed to know about your mind.
28. SO THEY DON'T WANT TO CALL ANYTHING SPIRIT BECAUSE THEN THAT WOULD CONFESS THERE'S A SPIRIT WORLD, & then there must be a God & a Devil & Angels & whatnot! So they say, "No, it's not your spirit, it's your mind. You just think you've got a spirit, it's all in your mind!"
29. BROTHER BIGGINS WAS SITTING NEXT TO A LADY ON THE BUS ONE DAY, & Brother Biggins, poor guy, he had sinus trouble, a little bit like Grandpa, I'm always spittin' & wheezin' & blowing my nose. So dear old Brother Biggins was blowing his nose vigorously on the bus, when a Christian Scientist sitting next to him tried to help him by trying to persuade him that his trouble was all in his mind! She said, "It's just in your head! You're not really sick! There's nothing wrong with you!" Finally Brother Biggins turned around to her, & with his finger tips opened up one nostril, tilted his head back & gave her a look clear up his nose, & said, "Listen, Lady, this ain't in my head, it's in my nose, see?"
30. SOME DOCTORS CALL IT SINUS TROUBLE. I've had it all my life ever since I was a little kid like you. They used to call it catarrh & several different things. They like to change names as things go along, because an old name gets to be old hat! When I was a kid your age they called hepatitis yellow jaundice, because you turned kind of yellow when you had hepatitis. But they like nice new scientific names, then you think you've got something new & modern & up to date, not an old thing like yellow jaundice which people have had for ages! You've got something new & modern called hepatitis! When I first started seeing the word hepatitis in the newspaper & in reading, I wondered, "What is that? I never heard of that before!" It turned out to be nothing but the old yellow jaundice that people used to have, same thing, only they have a nice new name for it now!
31. THEY'VE GOT NEW NAMES FOR NEARLY ALL THOSE OLD DISEASES! People that couldn't hold their head still & their head kept shaking like that, what did they call that in the Bible? (Maria: Palsy.) You know what they call it now?--Parkinson's Disease! Dr. Parkinson studied it & analysed it & figured out what caused it & all that, so they honoured the disease by giving it his name! I don't think it would be much of an honour, really, to have some disease called after my name just because I studied it! You'd think Dr. Parkinson was responsible for all those palsy diseases! There was a guy in the Bible with palsy, remember? (Mat.8:6)
32. WHAT DO THEY CALL THOSE PEOPLE THAT CAN'T CONTROL THEIR MUSCLES? They have no control over their muscles or their body at all. What do they call that? (Fam: Muscular dystrophy.) Yes, they call it that, & they have another name for it. You've seen these people who can't control their muscles or the expressions of their face. It's pitiful! But they used to have another very common name for that, that was something else. (Ed: Spastic!)
33. BUT ANYHOW, THEY KEEP CALLING THESE OLD DISEASES BY NEW NAMES, LIKE THEY WERE SOMETHING NEW THAT NEVER HAPPENED BEFORE! But they had them back in the Bible, & they still called them the old name when I was a kid. It's only in recent years, modern science is so modern they give everything new names, so they think they've got something new. The same leprosy as in the Bible, when I was a kid it was still called leprosy, nowadays they have some new name for it, named after some other doctor!--Hansen's Disease!
34. THE ANTI-CHRIST SPIRIT OF THE DAY SEEKS TO CHANGE TIMES & SEASONS & DISEASES & EVERYTHING! They want to completely disconnect themselves from the old-fashioned past & the Bible & all these diseases mentioned in the Bible by common names, that have been common for centuries, thousands of years! All of a sudden this age is so scientific, they want all new names! Science doesn't want to call whatever is the real you living inside of that thing there, they don't want to call it spirit, because that sounds too spiritual like the Bible, something supernatural, another realm, another dimension in which God & the Devil & the Angels live etc., so they call it your mind. And they use the Greek word "psyche", which is the word for mind.
35. THE GREEKS HAD TWO DIFFERENT WORDS: "PSYCHE" & "PNEUMA". "Psyche" meant mind or brain, but "pneuma" meant spirit, which is also the same word they use for air. If you run out of air, what do you soon do?--You run out of spirit! Your spirit runs out of you! So you've got to have air. In other words, the reason they call it that is because your spirit is just as necessary as air, because without air you're soon dead! Most people can only go 4 or 5 minutes without air before they die. You can go without water about 4 or 5 days. I'm talking about not just water, but juices, any kind of moisture or liquid. You can go about 4 or 5 days & then you usually get pretty sick & die. Don't believe these guys that say they go without water for 40 days, that's a lie, it's impossible, you can't go without water more than 4 or 5 days! (Except Jesus!)
36. WE WENT WITHOUT WATER, ALMOST NO WATER, FOR 3 DAYS ON THE DESERT THAT TIME! (See "Desert Crossing!" TK Vol.2, Pg.443, ML#150, & "LOG", Pt. 3) But it wasn't com-pletely without water, each of us got one sip. We were given a little glass like this, like a communion glass, because there was only one water jug one guy had & everybody else had run out of water. He was a loner so he didn't drink all his water, he had about a 3-gallon jug of water. So at night they took turns guarding that jug of water with pistols. There was a guard always on duty standing on guard so nobody would drink the water. And sometime during the day you got just one little tiny whisky glass, a little shot glass of water was all you got!
37. SO WE WEREN'T COMPLETELY WITHOUT WATER, but we were so waterless & dried up that when my Mother tried to feed us kids a few crumbs of bread that she had left, our tongues were so swollen in our mouths that we couldn't even swallow! Our tongues & mouths were so dry the bread wouldn't even melt! Usually when you put bread or crackers in your mouth, right away the water of your saliva comes out & dissolves it. But our mouths were so dry, it was as dry as bread crumbs, they wouldn't even dissolve! So we couldn't even swallow them. So we couldn't even eat if we wanted to because we were so waterless, so dried up!
38. (TECHI: YOU COULDN'T EVEN EAT REAL SOGGY FOOD?) Well, we didn't have any soggy food, we had almost no food! If it had been real wet we might have gotten it down, something juicy. But we couldn't swallow dry food because we were so dry! We were three days, not completely without water, but without much water, just that one little shot glass of water every day. (Techi: How big was it?) Have you ever seen a Communion glass? It's a little glass about that high & about that big around. It would be about that full, about what you'd call one swallow.--Not even a mouthful, just one swallow!
39. ANYHOW, YOU CAN'T GO VERY LONG WITHOUT WATER, IT'S VERY ESSENTIAL! You can go without food actually 30 or 40 days, as long as you've got water or some kind of liquids to drink. Some people go on 30 or 40-day fasts. They call them fasts because they don't eat any food, but they drink juices. Dr. Koger used to go on four or five day or one-week fasts for some of his patients, but he would drink fruit juices all day--orange juice, pineapple juice, different kinds of juices--or drink a glass of milk. Those are really foods, but they're liquids to keep up the liquids of your body, because you can't go long without water.
40. YOU CAN GO QUITE A LONG TIME WITHOUT SOLID FOOD, AS LONG AS YOU DRINK LIQUIDS & JUICES. But if you have no liquid to drink at all, you can't live more than 4 or 5 days, maybe a week! Because your kidneys break down, you get self-intoxicated, your body wastes can't be removed by liquid & your body literally poisons itself! You don't have any liquid, so you don't have any pee-pee, right? And you can't have any BMs either, everything gets hard & dry, & it makes you sick & you die!
41. BUT THERE'S ONE THING YOU CAN'T GO WITHOUT FOR EVEN A FEW MINUTES, & WHAT'S THAT? (TECHI: AIR!)--Right! So the Lord likened His Spirit to air, & in both the Old & New Testaments, the words used for "spirit" were the same words used for "air"--"rouach" in the Old Testament & "pneuma" in the New Testament. We don't use the word "rouach" any more, but we still use the word "pneuma", because Greek was still a fairly modern language when the Bible was translated. And they used that word "pneuma" for air & for spirit both.
42. DO WE STILL USE "PNEUMA" IN ANY OF OUR WORDS?--Hardly any any more, but when I was a kid they used to have a difference between tires. There were solid rubber tires, & then there was another kind of a tire called a pneumatic tire. What does that mean? (David: It has air in it!) So here is a modern word which still uses the Greek word "pneuma", pneumatic, & they still spell it that way.
43. (MARIA: WHAT ABOUT PNEUMONIA?) That's another one! Your lungs get so filled up with pus & blood etc. that they can't get air in them & so you die. Of course, you don't, thank the Lord, because the Lord takes care of us. (Techi: You had pneumonia, didn't you?) Yes, & I nearly died too, the doctors thought I was going to die!
44. SO ANYWAY, THE LORD LIKENS SPIRIT TO AIR SO WE'D KNOW WHAT IT'S LIKE! It's so essential, that it's just as essential to your life as air! When you run out of air, what do you do? (Techi: Die!) When you run out of spirit, what do you do? (Techi: Die!) Actually, when your spirit runs out of you, when your spirit leaves your body you die!
45. SO YOUR BODY IS MADE OUT OF WHAT? (DAVID: 73% WATER.) AND THAT LEAVES 27% WHAT? (DAVID: CHEMICALS!)--Chemicals & minerals. Chemicals & minerals are the dust of the ground really, aren't they? They're taken out of the ground. And you mix dust & water & what have you got?--Mud! So the Lord did make man out of mud, didn't He?--Water & dust of the ground mixed together. Adam was first of all nothing but what?--Just a body! But then the Lord breathed into him the breath of life, & man became a living soul!
46. SO WHAT DOES IT TAKE TO MAKE A SOUL? (DAVID: BODY & SPIRIT!) The Lord breathed into man, his body, the breath of life, spirit, that's body & what? (Techi: Body & spirit!) And when the body had a spirit, man became what? (Techi: A living soul!) So that's what a soul is, it's that simple, it's right there! Got it?
47. YOUR BODY WITH YOUR SPIRIT, YOU'RE A LIVING SOUL! What's a body without spirit? (Techi: A dead body!) What's a spirit without body? (Techi: A spirit!)--A spirit, or a ghost! Now spirits do have a certain amount of tangible body, but it's not the old flesh body that they used to have. But they still don't have their final bodies they're going to have in the Resurrection. When we die here before the Rapture we go to Heaven, & I've written & written all about that, haven't I? And you do have a spirit body, which is tangible, it means it has a certain amount of substance & can be felt. What was Jesus like when He rose from the dead? Of course, that was a Resurrection body. He was tangible--tangible means touchable--& He could eat, drink, love, whatever! But of course that was His actual resurrected body, He was resurrected!
48. BUT IF WE DIE BEFORE THE RAPTURE & RESURRECTION, THEN WE GET A SPIRIT BODY, which is a body that is spiritual, it's in a sense more spiritual than it is physical or natural or material. But it is tangible enough that we can materialise, like ghosts & Angels! Angels can materialise, they look like human beings, even wear clothes & eat & feel & all the rest, & that's the way you are when you go to Heaven before the Resurrection or the Rapture. You'll be like Angels, you can materialise or dematerialise! You can dematerialise & walk right through the wall, float up through the ceiling & not even feel it, fly! I've talked enough about that in all these Stories!
49. ALL RIGHT, NOW GIVE ME THE DEFINITION OF A SOUL! Let's see if these adults know anything! Let's see if Mama knows what a soul is now? (Maria: Body & spirit!)--A body inhabited by a spirit! And if they're inhabited by somebody else's spirit or a bad spirit, what do we call it? If a demon takes control of a person's spirit, a demon is an evil spirit, right? (David: Schizophrenia.) That's right! He would think of that big word!--But it's a little more commonly known amongst us & in the Bible as demon-possession. If a demon or an evil spirit takes ahold of your spirit & controls it so it controls your body, then you're demon-possessed! A demon possesses you, he owns you, he has taken you over, or she in some cases. But thank God that can't happen to us because we have the Lord!
50. BUT ANYWAY, THE WORLD OF SPIRITS IS VERY REAL! So see, being part spirit & part body, in a sense you're living in two worlds. When you're asleep, your spirit can even leave your body & take spirit trips!
51. SO NOW DO YOU THINK YOU'VE GOT SPIRIT, SOUL & BODY STRAIGHTENED OUT? Paul one time really got some people mixed up by using the expression "spirit, soul & body". (1Thes.5:23) But see, he was pretty smart, smarter than they give him credit for sometimes! What did he put first? He said, "the Lord keep your spirit, soul & body", etc. He put "spirit" first as the most important. And on the other side of the middle word he put "body", & in between he had the word "soul". So spirit plus body makes soul! Get it? That's what it means!
52. IT DOESN'T MEAN THAT THERE ARE THREE DIFFERENT THINGS, A SPIRIT & A SOUL & A BODY. You cannot have a soul without both body & spirit.--Get it? And that's why, oftentimes in the Bible, it speaks about "so many souls were saved, so many souls were lost, so many souls drowned, so many souls did this & did that". It means they were bodies with spirits.--In other words, normal human beings. Because there's a difference between body, soul & spirit! But they're not three different things really, are they? Well, in a sense you might say they are. You've got a body here & a spirit here, put together they make a soul, which is only one thing, it's not a third thing. It's a soul! Got it? All right! My goodness, even the 23rd Psalm, we never got any further than the 3rd verse! Well, let's finish that phrase.
53. "HE RESTORETH MY SOUL!" Now when man became a living soul he had a body & a spirit, & that made him a living soul! So what was he? Was he dead or alive? (Children: Alive!) (Maria: A soul has to be living.) That's the point I'm trying to bring out, "He restoreth my soul!" So soul literally means a living person, including both spirit & body. So when He restores your soul, when He strengthens your soul, when He revives your soul, what is He doing? He is strengthening, reviving & making alive both spirit & body! So the Lord restores your soul, He strengthens your spirit & your body. Got it? PTL!
54. (MARIA: JUST LIKE HE DID ON THE CROSS, HE SAVED BOTH OUR BODY & OUR SPIRIT, & IN COMMUNION WE COMMEMORATE THAT.)--Right! In other words, He saved both spirit & body, & some day, after you're dead or whatever, either in the Resurrection or at the Rapture, He's going to unite them again! But this time you're going to have a perfect body, an immortal body, a body that's eternal & will live forever, along with your spirit! Isn't that wonderful? He's really going to restore your soul then!--Save both spirit & body! He doesn't save both spirit, soul & body, because when you're saying spirit & body, you're saying soul.--Right? But sometimes theologians & even Paul used that expression. But it means the same thing. A living soul is a body with a spirit.
55. WHAT'S A LIVING SOUL, TECHI? (TECHI: A BODY WITH A SPIRIT!)--Right! What's a soul, David? (David: A soul is made up of body & spirit.)--A body with a spirit! What is a body without a spirit? (Techi: Dead!)--Dead, right! They call it a corpse. The scientists call it a cadaver. In medical school, science schools, doctor schools, they buy cadavers. If an old drunk or somebody dies on the street, they take those cadavers to the morgue, & if nobody claims them they give them to the universities or the medical schools, & they call them cadavers.
56. YOU TAKE A COURSE IN MEDICAL SCHOOL CALLED PATHOLOGY, A NICE WORD FOR STUDYING DISEASES, & THEY OFTEN USE DEAD BODIES TO DO IT! That's also how they found out everything that's inside of you, by taking apart somebody else's dead body, they've been doing that for years & years, centuries in fact, thousands of years, ever since the earliest doctors! They take apart dead bodies to see what's inside. That's how come they know what's inside of you. Of course, they can't prove it, because how do they know? They've never really seen inside me! Maybe I'm different! Anyhow, they tell you that that's the way you are because they've taken apart these cadavers.
57. AND ANOTHER WORD FOR A DEAD BODY IS CORPSE. Corpse comes from the Latin word "corpus", meaning body. And Corpus Christi, what do you suppose that means? Christi is the Latin word for Christ! Corpus Christi means body of Christ! So Corpus Christi, Texas, means Body of Christ, Texas! It's a funny name for a town, Corpus Christi, Texas! They've got another Latin word called "corpus delecti". You look at a pretty girl & say, "She has a corpus delecti!" You know what that means? It means a delicious body! You can take these words back with you now & say to the girls, "You have a corpus delecti!" So when you see that word corpus, you'll know what it means.
58. LATIN IS A VERY INTERESTING LANGUAGE TO STUDY because most of our language is made up out of various Latin words, & if you put them together, then you can understand what our English words are that are made out of Latin! They're made out of mostly Latin & Greek, both of which Grandpa took in school. In fact, I took all three dead languages--Latin, Greek & Hebrew! Latin was important to our English language, & Greek & Hebrew were very important to Biblical language. Well, that's enough about corpuses delecti & corpuses dead & corpuses alive, & now you know what body, soul & spirit are!
59. WHAT'S A SOUL, TECHI? (TECHI: BODY & SPIRIT!) And what's a body without a spirit? (Maria: Dead!) What's a spirit without a body? (Fam: A spirit!)--A ghost! (Techi: That reminds me of "faith without works is dead!") (Jam.2:26)--Right, exactly! "Faith without works is dead!" The body is like the works & faith is like the spirit.--Well, maybe the other way around, in a sense. I would really say faith is more like spirit, but if you haven't got works to your faith, for sure it's dead! Your faith is dead too, your spirit's dead too if you don't have works. Okay, who's going to pray?
60. (TECHI: THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS FUN CLASS, LORD! Thank You so much for it, help us to get a lot out of it too, Lord! Thank You for Grandpa taking his time to teach us & thank You for what a fun class that was. Help us in whatever else we do today, Lord. Thank You for Your Word & help us to do everything real good today & be a help to anyone who needs it, in Jesus' name.) Amen, as we pray together the prayer that You taught us to pray, Lord: (Prays the Lord's Prayer) Do bless & keep us today & make us a blessing, the whole Family worldwide! PTL! GBY! You can come kiss me bye now!--ILY!

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