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WE ARE IT!       DFO 2222       Compiled 7/86

       (Compiled from the MO Letters by Apollos)

       (See Definitions of starred words* below.)

       1. "BLESSED ARE YOUR EYES, FOR THEY BEHOLD THAT WHICH THE PROPHETS HAVE DREAMED OF!" (Mat.13:16,17)--You don't realise what you're watching, but I can feel it by the Spirit of God! It's an absolute Revolution!--A Revolution, & things will never be the same again! (Prophecy & revelation with tongues & weeping:) "This is the secret, this is the Truth of God!" Hallelujah! All glory be to God! Thank You, Jesus!
       2. WE ARE GOD'S REVOLUTION FOR THIS HOUR & THIS DAY! We're it!--The only ones I know of in the World who are actually living like Jesus & His disciples did!--Who are not just talking about it, not just preaching it, but living it!--Living together full-time in peace & in love & in joy & in witnessing & in Bible study & in prayer & in praise & in sharing!--A genuine, absolute & total change!
       3. OUR REVOLUTION IS A TOTAL BREAK WITH THE TRADITIONS* OF MAN & HIS CHURCHES! We have turned completely around & are going a different direction, no longer Man's way, but God's way! "Old things are passed away, all things are become new!" (2Cor.5:17) All is changed! Nothing is the same anymore!
       4. AND HOW DID THIS REVOLUTION BEGIN?--BY OUR PREACHING CHURCHY DOCTRINE LIKE EVERYBODY ELSE PREACHED?--NO! IT WAS STARTED BY OUR BEING DIFFERENT & REVOLUTIONARY & ABSOLUTELY RADICAL*!--With sensational, different, controversial* doctrines* which immediately aroused the interest of the youth & the hippies & all the others! That's what got'm!--Not the same old "get-saved-&-be-good" message they'd heard preached in the churches for years, the same old namby-pamby* Sunday-school-poster Jesus, but it was a radical*, revolutionary Jesus & a radical revolutionary Salvation, a radical, revolutionary doctrine* of Creation versus* Evolution, & a radical*, revolutionary way of life & living & spreading that doctrine* & winning the World!
       5. WE BEGAN WITH AN ALL-OUT DECLARATION OF SPIRITUAL WARFARE ON THE GOD-DAMNED SYSTEM! We declared war of the Spirit on the System's Godless schools, Christless churches & heartless Mammon*!--And the Revolution began to roll, praise God! The churches hated us & fought us, the System arrested us & threw us in prison, & the so-called Christians beat us up on the spot! But we *thumbed our noses* at them & rolled on in a wild melee* of fanatical* witnessing & an absolute orgy* of the Love of God! PTL!
       6. WE SOCKED IT TO THE KIDS WITH THE NAKED SWORD OF THE WORD OF GOD, & they knew in short order what we were all about! It was a call to arms: "Come & fight & die with us for the Truth & for Jesus! Come & live for the Lord!--Forsake all!" We preached it right from the beginning, boom! We didn't *pull any punches* or soft-pedal* anything!
       7. THAT CHALLENGE & CALL TO COMMITMENT* RESULTED IN REAL REVOLUTIONARY DISCIPLES! They were there for a purpose! They were sincere! They were fed-up with the World & their families & school & all the rest, & they meant business! They were serious soldiers of Jesus Christ & were not just playing around!
       8. THEY JOINED US KNOWING THAT THIS IS SERIOUS BUSINESS, that we have the fate* of the World in our hands! Their commitment* & absolute dedication to Jesus brought about a soul-winning explosion amongst the spiritually starving youth of that day & we rapidly grew into an unstoppable Salvation Army on fire for God to win all whom we could into the thrilling, exciting, inspiring, glorious life of love & usefulness to others in the Kingdom of God on Earth!
       9. FROM OUR HUMBLE BEGINNINGS OF JUST ONE TINY LITTLE FAMILY MINISTERING TO THE HIPPIES in the lowly Light Club of Huntington Beach, California, we have today grown to a mighty Worldwide Army reaching literally* hundreds of millions with the Message of God's Love! Hallelujah!

       WAR OF THE WORLDS! (Eph.6:12)
       10. WE ARE WAGING* A WORLDWIDE WAR, not on the side of the Left, not on the side of the Right, but on the side of the Only One Who is really right, & that's God! It's a furious war & there are serious battles & everyone must be aware of the kind of fight we are in.
       11. OURS IS A WAR OF THE SPIRIT TO WIN THE SOULS OF MEN! Ours is a war to free men's minds & hearts & spirits from the bondage of evil & the soul-slavery of the Devil! We are in a War of the Worlds!--A war between good & evil, God & the Devil, goodness & wickedness, flesh & spirit, Angels & devils, love & hate, life & death, joy & misery! Ours is a war of the Universe between the good spirits of Heaven & the evil spirits of Hell!
       12. WE ARE THE LOYAL ARMY OF THE LORD, THE TRUE KING, THE RIGHTFUL KING & HEIR! We're fighting against a usurper*, an impostor* king, "the god of this World" (2Cor.4:3,4), Satan himself, who has entrapped the people of this World in his snares & usurped the authority of the Lord to get them to follow him instead of Jesus! We have come to rescue them from the Enemy, from his grip & from his foul* government & his diabolical* leadership, & to restore the Kingdom & the kingdoms of this World to the authority of its rightful King of Kings, Jesus Christ Himself! TYJ!
       13. WE ARE THE MIGHTY ARMY OF CHRISTIAN SOLDIERS FIGHTING A RELENTLESS* WAR FOR THE TRUTH & LOVE OF GOD against the confusion of Babylon, the anti-God, anti-Christ Systems of this World, whether Godless education, Christless religions, vicious economics or hellish wars of the traditions*, boundaries & prejudices* of selfish, greedy & Godless man! We're out to win the World with God's Word, & we're well on our way to doing it! Glory to God!
       14. WE ARE IN A FIGHT TO THE FINISH, & THE VICTORY WILL SOON BE OURS, PRAISE BE TO GOD! We may lose a few battles, but we're winning the war & the World will soon be ours for God & His Kingdom! (Dan.7:27; Rev.11:15) So never give up! Be not discouraged, but be of good faith & of good cheer, for God is with us & we cannot fail!

       15. WE ARE THE LAST PEOPLE OF GOD, THE LAST CHILDREN OF GOD, THE LAST FAMILY OF LOVE! We are the last real church, the last genuine church, the last church like the Early Church, the best church!
       16. THE LORD APPARENTLY WANTS THIS LAST GENERATION TO BE THE ULTIMATE* CHURCH, THE IDEAL* CHURCH! I believe He really wants to show the World what the church should have been like, what Christianity should have been!--That this is the kind of love that should have been manifested*, this is the kind of people Christians ought to have been!
       17. JUST THINK, IT'S TAKEN 2,000 YEARS, SINCE THE DAYS OF CHRIST & PAUL, to get to the point where God can finally, in the last desperate hour of the World's history, get a group of people to do what He said! Because of the failure of the churches, God has had to raise us up, a New Church, a new young, beautiful, sexy, fanatical*, radical*, revolutionary Bride that will do the job the Old Church has refused to do.
       18. GOD HAS CALLED US THE NEW CHURCH BECAUSE WE ARE TOTALLY DIFFERENT FROM ANY OTHER KIND OF CHURCH EVER BORN! The closest thing to us was either Moses & the Children of Israel, or the Early Church. But Moses was bound by the harsh restrictive* Law, & never knew the full Grace & Truth that we have today in Jesus! (Jn.1:17)--And even some of the Early Church were still hanging on to their synagogues & old Jewish doctrines*. But we are closer to being like the Early Church than any churches in between or before or since, & there aren't going to be any more because the Lord's going to come before then!
       19. OURS IS A TOTALLY NEW RELIGION! Well, in a sense it's a revival* of the genuine Christianity of the Early Church. But we didn't break off from any modern church of today, we are not a sect* that's been dissected* from some other religious body! In that sense, we're completely new, raised up by the Holy Spirit in these Last Days!
       20. I DARE SAY OUR NEW CHURCH IS ALSO PROBABLY THE FREEST CHURCH IN THE WORLD TODAY, THE FREEST IN EVERY WAY!--Freer in our Salvation--no works trips, no self-righteousness & all the rest, freer in our living, in our love, in our sex, in everything! We are the freest there is, the way I believe God intended for us to be, & would have let the Early Church be if they could have handled it. It's as though we are the final fulfilment of the total freedom of God that He wants His children to have. Praise the Lord! (2Cor.3:17)
       21. UNLIKE THE DEAD, UNFRUITFUL, DISOBEDIENT, DECREPIT*, INEFFECTIVE* & UNCHANGEABLE OLD CHURCH, the Lord's New Church is young, vibrant*, alive, beautiful, fruitful, productive, unstoppable & victorious!--The glorious young sexy Bride of Christ that thrills to His vigorous* lovemaking to bring forth millions of Children into His everlasting Kingdom of Love! (Isa.54; Rom.7:4)
       22. HE HAS RAISED US UP HIS NEW CHURCH, a young Bride bursting with energy & a passionate love for her Bridegroom!--An alive, vibrant*, warm, living, beautiful Body that responds quickly, fervently* & ardently* to His slightest touch & who is wildly ravished* with His Love! ("Praise Me for the Words that I give unto David!") She is exploding with the orgasms of His Spirit & strong to conceive many children unto Him from being filled with the precious Seed of His Word! Hallelujah!
       23. (PROPHECY:) "FOR I, THE LORD, HAVE DONE IT that I may glorify My Name & preserve her whom I love--My Infant Church, My Little Ones, My Ragged Ones, My Hungry Ones, who love Me & not My Wealth, who cherish My Person & not My Palaces, who ravish* Myself, & not My Power only, & who dwell by My side in nakedness & humility & adoration, obeying My slightest bidding*, attending to My least will & caring diligently for these little ones that come of her, My Revolutionary Children, as them born out of *due season*.
       24. "A GENERATION THAT SHALL YET COME SHALL PRAISE ME & a people that is not yet born shall sing My Name, even in the midst of adversity*, for I will make them a people which were no people & I will be their God & they shall do exploits*, for they do truly know Me & they are truly strong!
       25. "THEREFORE SHALL THE OLD VESTURE* BE REMOVED & she shall be clothed in a new garment & a new look & all things shall become new, & old things shall pass away, & I will have a New Bride who will love Me & obey Me & do My will & bear Me children, no longer barren* as she was, for this is My Will for this last generation*! And I will take the weak things to confound* the mighty, the foolish things to bring to naught* the wisdom of the wise & raise up her that was not as though she were!" (1Cor.1:26-29)

       26. THIS IS THE GENERATION* UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH ARE COME! (1Cor.10:11)--A privileged* generation*!--Privileged to perhaps go through the worst time in all World history, perhaps even privileged* to suffer for the Lord & for our ministry & for the Gospel!--But also privileged* to watch the Endtime events develop & to witness the Coming of the Lord! Think of that! We're the only generation* in all history that will witness that glorious event!
       27. WE ARE THE REINCARNATION* OF THE EARLY CHURCH, reincarnated by the Holy Ghost of God, possessed with the Holy Spirit!--The mad fanatics* of the Last Church, the radical* Christian extremists of the Last Days, the wild prophets of God of the Time of the End!--This is it! We are it!
       28. WE ARE THE MAIN RELIGIOUS BOMB OF THE CENTURY, & EVEN OF THE END OF THE WORLD! We're it! There's no other religious group making news & getting the job done like we are! We are it! It's a blitzkrieg* of the Spirit!--A lightning war of the soul for the souls of men!--And we're winning it, praise His name! Such a mighty move of the church has not occurred since the first century! Who hath heard such a thing & where hath such a thing been done before! A Nation has exploded in a day & the fall-out* is saturating* the World with the Gospel!
       29. I DON'T THINK THERE'S ANYTHING ELSE LIKE US IN THE ENTIRE WORLD! PTL! I just feel like we're it! I believe it!--Besides us, there ain't no others, so if we hadn't of been 'er, who'd a been 'er? Amen? I don't know any other people in the World like us!--I guess the World is thankful for that!
       30. YOU COULD ALMOST COMPARE US, AS WE HAVE & AS THE LORD HAS IN THE PAST, AS BEING THE PROPHETS OF THIS AGE, BUT THE CHURCHES AS BEING SIMILAR TO ANCIENT UNBELIEVING ISRAEL! We're the true Prophets who are conserving* & preserving* the *Oracles of God*, the Word of God, & still receiving & hearing from the Lord, whereas the rest of the Church is deaf, dumb & blind! God quit talking to most of them years ago!--Except for a few little believing sincere souls which are few & far between & few in number in the average church.
       31. WE ARE ONE OF THE FEW VOICES THAT ARE RAISED FOR THE TRUTH, "The voice of one crying in the wilderness!" (Mat.3:3) It looks like we're only one in the wilderness compared with the millions! But with God on our side we're a majority*, praise God! And we're bound to win because we're telling the Truth & we're doing God's work! "If God be for us, who can be against us!" (Rom.8:31)
       32. WE HAVE FAITHFULLY PROCLAIMED* THE TRUTH BY THE MILLIONS TO THE BILLIONS!--AND THE DEVIL HATES THE TRUTH & he hates to be exposed* & he hates to have his people exposed*! We have reached & influenced more people with the Truth than almost any group in all of history!--And we have won a lot of disciples with this Truth! We've done a good job, Beloved, & God is proud of us!--And the Devil hates us!
       33. WE HAVE BEEN LIKE THE PROPHETS OF GOD, we have told the Truth, we have saturated* the Earth with our doctrine* & we have turned it upside-down to the System's way of thinking! (Acts 17:6) We are the most powerful force of God & bear His Truth, & Satan hates it but he cannot stop it! Praise God!
       34. AND NOW, AS WE ENTER THE VERY LAST FINAL GREAT DAYS OF THE ENDTIME, we know that God is going to bless & keep us, & continue to make us a mighty blessing for Him until the very End! According to His Word & His Promises, we are going to become the most powerful witnesses we have ever been, with marvellous, miraculous Heavenly protection & power in this last hour, the last opportunity for the people of the World to hear & see the Gospel at this time! (Dan.11:32,33; Rev.11:3-6)
       35. (PROPHECY:) "YE INDEED ARE THEY UPON WHOM THE ENDS OF THE EARTH ARE COME! Ye indeed are they of whom all the Prophets have spoken! Ye are My witnesses of the Last Day of whom I have spoken throughout the Ages by all My holy Prophets! Ye indeed are they who shall be strong & who shall do great & mighty exploits* & shall instruct many in the ways of the Truth & shall open the Book by My mighty power by the wisdom of My Spirit & shall reveal these secrets unto others!
       36. "FOR THOU ART MY PEOPLE FOR THIS LAST DAY & I am with thee, even as I was with My servant Moses to separate My children from Egypt & to lead them into the Promised Land, My Kingdom which is not of this Earth, but is Heavenly! Many Prophets would have seen the things that thou hast seen & many of My men would have heard the things which thou dost hear! For this is the fulfilment of all generations*, to prepare the way of the Lord & make His paths straight for His coming!
       37. "THEY SHALL CALL THEE THE CHILDREN OF GOD & thou shalt be called a mighty people & strong! Thou shalt sweep across the face of the Earth & thou shalt proclaim My Name unto all nations, & then shall the End come! (Mat.24:14)
       38. "AND MANY SHALL GRASP UPON THEE & LAY HOLD UPON THEE & cling to that which is the true City of the Lord thy God! Many shall beg of thee: 'Speak unto us the Word of the Lord, for we have a famine in the land! Only thou hast the Living Waters of Eternal Life & we would seek of thee that which brings life & breath! Give unto us, for we ask of thee, for it is the commandment of the Lord!' (Zec.8:23; Amos 8:11)
       39. "THESE ARE ALL THE THINGS THAT I HAVE SPOKEN IN MY WORD THAT I WOULD DO FOR DAVID! All of David's Mighty Men shall do great exploits* & instruct many in the Faith of Jesus in many tongues & lands & nations! And they shall teach many little children in every tribe & every nation to be My disciples! And they shall rebuke the scorners* & the smiters* by the power of My Word & My Tongue & My Spirit!" (Mat.28:19,20; 2Tim.4:2)

       40. GOD CALLED US A NEW NATION! That means a whole new culture*, a whole new way of life, a brand new people! We're a totally New Nation spiritually, in faith & practice, & really in method & message too, although the Message has have been preached to some extent, but never practiced as radically* as we are doing!
       41. WE COME FROM ALL RACES, CREEDS* & COLOURS, BUT NOW WE'RE ALL ONE IN CHRIST JESUS, & that is a miracle in itself! (Gal.3:28) We are all shades & colours & backgrounds & former religions & everything, but we all work & love & mix together & have beautiful tan babies for the glory of God!--We are colourblind in love & one in Christ, thank the Lord!
       42. NO MATTER WHAT NATIONALITY, RACE OR PLACE ON EARTH THAT WE ORIGINALLY CAME FROM, WE ALL NOW HAVE THE SAME LOVE, the same miracles, the same marvellous wonder-working power, the same changed lives! TYJ! And as far as God's concerned, there are no different countries, there are no frontiers*! There are many different governments & kingdoms of man, but only one Kingdom of God!
       43. SO WE ARE A PEOPLE WITHOUT A COUNTRY ON THIS EARTH BECAUSE WE SEEK ONE TO COME, WHOSE BUILDER & MAKER IS GOD! (Heb.13:14; 11:10) We seek a Country established by God Himself, & it's certainly not any one of the nations on the face of this ungodly Earth! Not even the most Christian ones could be called His country. They sing "God Bless America" & they sing "God Save the Queen" & many nations have words in their *national anthem* about God & them being His people, but He doesn't even know them because most of them don't know Him, very few. But the few who do, regardless of what country or nation they are in, they are God's country!
       44. WE BELONG TO THE KINGDOM OF GOD, THAT'S OUR COUNTRY! We're from Space City, that's our Capital! We belong to the City which hath foundations, whose Builder & Maker is God! (Heb.11:10) We seek a better Country, a Country which we've already got in our hearts, thank the Lord, the Kingdom of Heaven! TYJ! That's our nationality*, our citizenship*, our Country!--The best Country in the entire Universe!--One that has never persecuted the poor or oppressed* the weak, a Country that's never lost a battle, & never fought a war for the wrong reasons, praise God!
       45. WE ARE STRANGERS & PILGRIMS HERE ON THIS OLD EARTH, God's Representatives & Ambassadors* of His soon-coming Kingdom of Love, the greatest Kingdom the World is ever going to know!--The greatest Country, the most beautiful! We are Ambassadors* of the greatest Government* not on Earth! Amen? It's not an Earthly government*. But it will be on Earth one day soon, TTL!
       46. (PROPHECY:) "THOU ART INDEED THE LAST NATION UPON THE FACE OF THE EARTH, & the Lord thy God hath been pleased to dwell in thee! Therefore, I am not ashamed to be called thy God, for thou art a chosen people, & thou shalt bring honour unto My Name. Thou shalt cause many nations to turn unto the Lord thy God!--Even the hearts of their fathers unto thee, & their children that do worship Me shall drink & be satisfied!
       47. "FOR THIS IS THE PEOPLE THAT I HAVE CHOSEN! This is the Nation that I have chosen! And I will place My Name there--the true & Holy City! Thou art blessed above all peoples on the face of the Earth, & thou art blessed above all nations of all times, for all of these things are fulfilled in thee, O My Beloved! 'For ye are a chosen generation*, a royal priesthood*, an Holy Nation, a peculiar people; that ye should shew forth the praises of Him Who hath called you out of darkness into His marvellous Light!' (1Pet.2:9)
       48. "THE FAVOUR OF THE LORD IS ON THY SIDE, for I shall highly exalt* thee, for thou art My People, for thou hast sought a City, an Heavenly place! Thou hast sought a country not here on this Earth, but Eternal in the Heavenlies, & therefore, thou shalt have the favour of the Lord & thy King & thou shalt have My favour!
       49. "THE LORD THY GOD IS WITH THEE WHITHERSOEVER THOU GOEST, & thou shalt be ashamed before no man, for thou art not merely the ambassadors* of an Earthly king, but thou dost represent Me, the King of all kings, & thou art My embassage*, My Representatives, My Ambassadors*! Therefore go forth in the Spirit & Might of My Power & know that I shall be with thee & shall never forsake thee even unto the end of the Earth, for I shall prosper thee & give unto thee whatsoever thy hand turneth to!"

       THE BEST!
       50. THERE IS NO LIFE IN ALL THIS WORLD LIKE LIVING IN GOD'S FAMILY, AMEN? It is the most wonderful life in the World! It's the way Jesus & the Early Apostles lived, it's the way Jesus intended* for His Family, His Children to live.--In little homes of love & little families of love all around the whole World! PTL!
       51. THERE IS NO PLACE LIKE THE FAMILY TO SERVE THE LORD!--We've got the best Boss in the World, the best job, the best income*, the best protection, we've got the best of everything! We've got all of our brothers & sisters to love & help us & fellowship with! In fact, we are the best of everything, that's why the Lord gives us the best of everything!
       52. THE WORLD CAN'T EVEN BEGIN TO COMPARE WITH WHAT WE'VE GOT TO OFFER, what the Lord has to offer, what the Spirit has to offer, what the Bible has to offer, what the Letters have to offer! We've got everything! The Lord has just poured it on, heaped it on! Looking out at the Pit, ugh!--It makes you want to spit by comparison!
       53. WE'VE GOT THE BEST OF EVERYTHING! What else is there? What is out there?--It's a barren* desert when compared to the Family! This is the greatest Family in the whole wide World & we've got all the rest beat by a thousand miles!--Maybe two or three thousand miles all the way to your far-flung mission field!--Ha! (--And the Moon!)
       54. SO IT'S A WONDERFUL PRIVILEGE* TO BE CALLED & CHOSEN FOR THIS PARTICULAR MOVEMENT! Amen?--There's no place else to go where you can really be fed, where you can have the same fellowship, the same Truth, there just isn't any other, no other such fellowship like this, I know of none!
       55. AND THINK OF OUR CHILDREN! I believe they get superior* training, background, teaching & experience above any children perhaps that have ever existed on the face of this Earth!--Pure doctrine*, real enlightenment*, total freedom & a natural attitude toward the natural things of life!
       56. OUR LITTLE ONES INHERIT* SOMETHING WHICH IS INCOMPARABLE*, ABSOLUTELY PRICELESS, better than any amount of money or property or wealth, or health or education or anything that you could possibly give them!--And that is a good spirit! A child born of God into the Kingdom of God by Godly parents!
       57. WHAT OUR CHILDREN RECEIVE IS SOMETHING THAT IS PRICELESS, worth more than the whole World put together: The knowledge of the Lord & His Word & the Salvation of Jesus Christ & the wisdom of God & the gifts of the Spirit! So though we often don't have much materially, we are spiritual multi-billionaires*, knowing the Lord & knowing His Word & knowing His will, having our eyes open & knowing the Truth, knowing who we are, where we are, & where we're going! PTL!
       58. SO BELONGING TO THIS FAMILY IS A PRIVILEGE* & A BLESSING & AN HONOUR!--Amen? "Hail, Children, full of grace, the Lord is with thee! Blessed art thou amongst millions, & blessed is the fruit of thy labours!" Hallelujah! Aren't you thankful for such a wonderful Family that the Lord has given us? PTL? Aren't you thankful to be in such a Family? TYJ!

       59. JESUS SAID, "BY THEIR FRUITS YE SHALL KNOW THEM!" (MAT.7:20), & HERE WE ARE! Here's the whole World full of our Children winning literally* millions of souls, with God blessing, prospering* & giving much fruit! "The fruit of the righteous is a tree of life," & it's gotten to be a pretty big tree with a lot of branches & a lot of good fruit! (Prov.11:30) TYL!
       60. OUR FAMILY HAS NOW BECOME THE GREATEST GROUP OF FISHERS OF MEN ON THIS EARTH TODAY! The greatest soul-winners in the World, the fastest growing missionary group, covering more nations, preaching more Gospel, publishing more literature, & witnessing & serving in more lands than we ever dreamed of! Glory to God!
       61. WE'RE ALSO ONE OF THE VERY FEW OUTFITS IN THE WHOLE WORLD THAT IS REALLY ON THE ATTACK! Our brave & fearless forces are invading the Devil's territory! We are attacking the very gates of Hell & we are winning!--Winning souls & winning citizens* from his kingdom, bringing them into God's Kingdom of Love & Light! And God knows Satan hates us for it, & that's why he attacks us on every side, every way he possibly can, & tries to stop us, but he can't stop us! "They Can't Stop Our Rain!" (No.128)
       62. THIS IS ONE OF THE MAIN REASONS FOR OUR SUCCESS AS AN ARMY FOR THE LORD: WE ARE LAUNCHING* THE ATTACK! We are on the offensive*, invading Hell's gates! We've not been afraid to raid the Devil's territory, right onto the Devil's ground, right into his strongholds*! We launch the attack, pick the time & place, take the initiative*, overwhelm the Enemy by surprise & suddenness, & often he doesn't even know what's happened until it's all over! We come, we strike, we wound him & we carry off some of his prey* before he even has a chance to retaliate*! Hallelujah!
       63. WE ARE DOING A MARVELLOUS JOB PRODUCING PHENOMENAL* RESULTS IN SOULS WON, DISCIPLES TRAINED & SOLDIERS RECRUITED* FOR THE CROSS OF CHRIST in our war against the Enemy to save as many of Mankind as we can from Satan's pit of destruction, & to deliver them by the millions into the glorious Kingdom of our Lord Jesus Christ! Hallelujah! TYJ! It will not only be worth it all when we see Jesus, but it's worth it all right now! It's thrilling & satisfying to see the wonderful results of our labours for the Lord! TYJ!
       64. YOU ARE THE ONLY PEOPLE ON EARTH THAT I KNOW OF LIKE YOU! You are the only people who are so sold out on witnessing, litnessing, tapenessing, soul-winning, missionary work, & you're the only people that I know of in the whole World that are publishing so much Gospel literature for our size! I have never heard of or known of any group as small as ours that gets out so much Word! It's absolutely astronomical*, phenomenal*, how much literature we produce & distribute, by the millions to the billions!--And how much Gospel we have on the air, on radio, not only our own shows, but we get on other people's shows & their TV shows & their programs & rallies* & all kinds of things. We get in there & we sock it to'm, praise God!
       65. SO KEEP ON ROLLING THAT GOLD! It's liquid, beautiful, golden gold that feeds & soothes & comforts the hearts of men & makes them glow with God's golden glow! Hallelujah! You're causing hearts everywhere throughout the World to turn to gold--the Lord's golden glow of happiness, golden glow of satisfaction! They're turning to your gold by the millions, & His golden dawn of grace & love & joy & salvation throughout the whole World! Hallelujah! TYJ! PTL! So keep up the good work! Let's keep it rollin' till Jesus comes! Amen? Amen, amen!

       GOD'S ARMY!--Fulltime Fighters for Jesus!
       66. FROM THE VERY BEGINNING, I REALLY ORGANISED THIS THING LIKE AN ARMY! I tried to show our people that they were now in the Army, that it was the Army of the Lord, & that they had to sacrifice & be willing to give up everything, 100% for Jesus! When you tell people they've got to really come all out & forsake-all in order to serve the Lord, they don't do it unless they really mean it & want to!
       67. THAT'S WHY I WROTE THE "REVOLUTIONARY RULES!" (No.S) I tried to make it sound as tough as possible so nobody would even want to join unless they really meant business! I tried to make it sound terrible & hard! But there are some people who think that those "Revolutionary Rules" were just for the days when we were on the road.
       68. LET ME TELL YOU, THOSE RULES HOLD TRUE TODAY JUST AS MUCH AS THEY EVER DID! They're just as right as they ever were & we'd better stick to them just like we used to or we're going to have trouble! We started out as a Revolution & we've never changed from being a Revolution & an Army! We've always been that. That's even more important than being a Family, to keep in mind what our job is & what we're here for & what we're supposed to be doing. The Family is more our sample to the World. The Revolutionary Army is our vocation* & job for the Lord!
       69. WE ARE SOLDIERS WHO ARE AT WAR WITH THE DEVIL & THE LIES OF THE DEVIL! When you're born into this Family, you're not born into just a nice little namby-pamby* family that's not doing anything, but you are born into an Army which is fighting!--Not with physical violence, not with arms, but with the Word of God! (2Cor.10:3-6; Heb.4:12) We are fighting for the Truth & our people have got to be fighters for the Truth of God, even if it kills them!
       70. JOINING THE FAMILY IS NOT LIKE JOINING THE *PEACE CORPS*, you've joined the Army!--And we're in a battle, it's a fight! But we like it, we like to fight the Devil, we like to defeat him!
       71. THIS IS THE MAJOR DIFFERENCE BETWEEN US & THE CHURCHES: WE ARE NOT MERELY MEMBERS, WE'RE FULLTIME FIGHTERS!--Which is why we can't stand to have a lot of *stretcher cases*, invalids*, handicapped* or weak soldiers. Our people have got to be unusually strong. Let the weaker brethren join the churches!
       72. IN FACT, WE'RE NOT ONLY AN ARMY, BUT WE'RE TRAINING THE OFFICERS OF THE ARMY! We're the toughest officer's training school there is! We are God's elite* troops whose highest calling is the battlefront, & whose greatest love is to die for others, to give our lives to win their souls! (1Jn.3:16; Jn.15:13; Rev.12:11)
       73. WE ARE WARRIORS WHO ARE DETERMINED TO FIGHT & LIVE & DIE FOR JESUS & OTHERS & THEIR ETERNAL SALVATION! In our warfare we must always keep these major goals & the ultimate* objective* in mind, & not lose sight of what we're really in this Army for. We should never get so involved with a little here & a little there that we find out that we've lost sight of the Man--Jesus--& His main objective! (1Kg.20:40)--Souls!
       74. THIS ARMY IS HERE TO OBEY CHRIST'S COMMAND TO "GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL TO EVERY CREATURE!" (Mk.16:15)--To preach the Love of Christ & God's Message, the real true meaning of the Word! But if anyone doesn't feel that that's God's highest calling--to really go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature--then they shouldn't be in this Family anyhow! They'd better go on back to the churches! You don't belong in this Army if you don't feel that's your highest calling, because that's what we're in this for!
       75. MAY GOD GIVE US FIGHTERS WHO LIKE TO FIGHT FOR THE LORD WITH THE WEAPON OF HIS WORD, who enjoy defeating the Devil & who know they can't lose & who like to win victories, conquering heroes who like to live & fight & die for Jesus & their brethren & the Truth! Thank You Lord!
       76. GIVE US FIGHTERS, LORD, WHO AREN'T AFRAID TO GO ON THE ATTACK!--Who aren't ashamed of what they believe!--Aren't ashamed of what they practice!--Aren't afraid of the Devil & his stupid silly, idiotic little challenges! Lord help us! PYL! TYL! Give us fighters, Lord!--Positive fighters, people who can stand up for what they believe & fight for it & die for it!
       77. THAT'S THE KIND OF SOLDIER WHO CAN'T BE CONQUERED, WHO CAN'T LOSE, even if he dies fighting, he can't lose because he'll get an Eternal Crown of glory from the Lord! "Henceforth is laid up for me a crown of glory!" (2Tim.4:8) PTL!
       78. (PROPHECY:) "FOR INDEED THOU ART MY ARMY & THOU ART MY WARRIORS, & I will glorify thee above all thine enemies & receive thee even unto Myself in that great day when I shall judge them & the Battle is over!" Praise the Lord!

       79. AS I SAID, WE ARE THE *HARD CORE*, THE SPEARHEAD, THE *AVANT GARDE* OF THIS LAST GREAT SPIRITUAL REVOLUTION! We are the cadre*, the officers & leaders of it! Therefore, for our recruits* & disciples we must be strict & expect everything, complete forsaking, 100% dedication, absolute loyalty, & fulltime service!
       80. WE ARE NOT TRYING TO RECRUIT* JUST ANYONE, WE ARE LOOKING FOR LEADERS & WORKERS WHO ARE WILLING TO SACRIFICE THEIR LIVES TO BRING THE LOVE OF JESUS TO OTHERS AROUND THE WORLD! Quantity & numbers are not what count with us, but the quality & devotion of our disciples to the Lord & lost souls! Unlike the churches, whose primary* objective* is big crowds & popularity, we want a Gideon's Army who are loyal, dedicated & obedient, who do what they're supposed to do, who obey God! Gideon started out with 33,000 & wound up with only 300!--But he won the battle, he won the victory, a glorious victory which showed that God was with them! (See Judges 7.) They didn't need numbers, nor do we, we want quality!
       81. IN FACT, I DON'T GIVE A DAMN ABOUT NUMBERS!--As far as spiritually weak & sickly disobedient Family Members who are no good to anybody, in fact a drag, in fact a danger! I'd rather have a handful of real fighters, strong & faithful & firm & diligent & obedient winners, than 10,000 failures! And that's how we got where we are today, because I insisted on people obeying God whether they liked it or not! If they don't like it they can lump it and leave!
       82. PEOPLE IN THIS OUTFIT HAVE GOT TO BE REAL SOLDIERS! They've got to be willing to do anything, any time, anywhere! That's why our folks are able to work hard day & night, seven days a week! We're in the Army, & when does a soldier take a day off from the battlefront? Does he take the weekends off? We're fighting a war & it requires constant warfare, constant battle every day of the week, day & night! "There is no discharge* in this war!" (Ecc.8:8) We are non-stop, & some people can't stand that kind of rigorous* schedule & rigorous* role*. Some people just aren't soldiers & can't endure that kind of hardness. (2Tim.2:3)
       83. BUT IF THEY'RE HERE TO LIVE & WORK & DIE FOR JESUS, THEN THEY'LL PUT UP WITH ANYTHING, suffer anything, work any hours, any time, do anything that's required of them & be utterly faithful & loyal & diligent no matter what. But if they have any reservations,* & they still think the System's great, then they'd better get their hell out of here, & go back to the swine pit & their vomit! (2Pet.2:20-22)--But if they're going to serve God, then for God's sake, they should cut loose & come on & serve Him all the way!
       84. I'D RATHER HAVE A TINY GIDEON'S BAND OF JUST A FEW WELL-BEHAVED SERIOUS-MINDED GENUINE SOLDIERS who know how to attack & how to fight the battle in a way that we're gonna win, than a bunch of lazy, loafing*, uncommitted*, uncertain cowards or traitors or dangerously weak members who are not willing to really work & fight & win victories for the Lord & the Kingdom!
       85. LIKE GIDEON, I'D RATHER SEND 30-SOME-THOUSAND OF THEM HOME THAN HAVE UNTRUSTWORTHY SOLDIERS LIKE THAT! I'd rather have 300 that can obey & behave & do what they're told, & trust God & have faith & do God's work & be serious about it & be willing to challenge the Devil's whole army & win a victory, than have 30-some-thousand who don't even know how to behave!
       86. LORD, YOU KNOW WE NEED FOLKS WHO REALLY WANT TO BE IN THE FAMILY, who are willing to really sacrifice & who are really heart & soul 110% Family! We thank You, Lord, that You're making us a good Gideon's Band that really loves You & is sold out whole soul for Thee & Thy Work & Thy Ministry to witness, win souls & win the World to Thy Love, in Jesus' name. TYL!

       CALL TO ARMS!
       87. ALTHOUGH WE ARE WHAT I CONSIDER THE MOST ACTIVE WITNESSES & SOUL-WINNERS ON THE FACE OF THE EARTH TODAY, we're not satisfied, because we haven't finished the job! We haven't reached the whole World! We're not in every country & we haven't reached every creature! So we need to keep moving & keep revoluting until we do or die trying!
       88. THIS ARMY'S GOTTA KEEP MARCHIN' FOR THE LORD! We've still got big battles to fight & we've got to get there soon, it's gettin' late! So no more sitting in the nest!--Spread your wings & fly to the fray!
       89. IT'S TIME TO SHAKE THE WORLD, ROCK THE NATIONS, & MAKE HEAVEN REVERBERATE*! There's no limit to what we can do, with God! Now's our hour! Our time has come! Attack, Attack, Attack! David's Mighty Men are on the march! Look out, World! Here we come! Hallelujah!
       90. (PROPHECY:) "AS THE KNIGHTS OF OLD TROD ACROSS THE NATIONS OF THE WORLD & CONQUERED in those so-called Crusades for Me, so shall ye tread* from nation to nation & thou shalt conquer people after people & tongue after tongue & tribe after tribe & place after place & city after city until thou hast spread abroad throughout all the Earth, & thy standards shall be lifted high, & the banners of David shall wave aloft* over many tongues & tribes & nations, & thou shalt cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas, as My righteousness goes with thee, & as My banner is over thee, My Love!
       91. "THE *REBELLION OF DAVID* IS EXPLODING THROUGH ALL THE EARTH! The armies of David that I have promised to march abroad, the things that I have promised unto David, I have fulfilled, & every word shall be fulfilled & everything that I have promised shall be done!
       92. (STRONG TONGUES & WEEPING)--"AND NO WEAPON THAT IS FORMED AGAINST THEE SHALL PROSPER*, none shall be able to stand against thee, & I will give thee a mouth & wisdom that no man shall be able to gainsay*, & thou shalt overcome by the blood of the Lamb & the Word of thy testimony, & love not thy lives to the death.--Forward! March! It is the hour of thy destiny!* And they that do know their God shall be strong & do exploits*, & they that understand shall instruct many! Enlarge thy tents, stretch forth thy cords, & strengthen thy stakes, for I shall pour out such a blessing that there shall not be room enough to hold it! O ye of little faith, wherefore dost thou doubt? (Isa.54:2,3)
       93. "JESUS IS WITH HIS CHILDREN & He will go with them against all their enemies & overcome all evil, & there is none that can stand against Him! He is with His People & He is with His children & He will overcome the gates of Hell & all opposition*, & all the enemies are as nothing unto the Children of God, the children of Jesus, & the children of Moses & of David! They shall overcome all the enemies & none can stand against them or stop them!
       94. "THEREFORE, HOW SHALT THOU FAIL, FOR I AM WITH THEE & SHALL NEVER FAIL & shall be with thee unto the End! So fear not, but go forth & fight thou the battles of the Lord, for it is impossible that thou shalt lose or that thou shouldst fail!
       95. "THEREFORE GO FORTH IN THE SPIRIT & MIGHT OF MY POWER & KNOW I SHALL BE WITH THEE & shall never forsake thee even unto the end of the Earth, for I shall prosper* thee & give unto thee whatsoever thy hand turneth to, for they shall bow down before thee & be thy servants!
       96. "THOU DOST TAKE OVER THE NATIONS! KINGS DO BOW DOWN BEFORE THEE & I DO OPEN THE DOORS OF ALL THE NATIONS OF THE EARTH, FOR THEY CANNOT RESIST the power of thy spirit nor can they refuse the love of thy heart! For they shall yield unto thee every one & open their hearts unto thee & open their hands unto thy needs, & their mouths shall speak forth the wonderful Words of the Lord! For they shall receive thee unto their bosoms as the little lambs of My fold, & they shall nourish thee, & kings shall serve thee & queens shall minister unto thee, & thou shalt suck at the paps* of the Most High!
       97. "FOR THOU SHALT GO FORTH AS THE SUN TO ENLIGHTEN THEIR DAY. Thou shalt rise as the Moon to give them light in the night, & thou shalt be an ensign* unto all nations & a standard before Me! For thou shalt bear the insignia* which I do give thee, unto which many shall hearken & follow thee!"
+ + + + + + +

       98. PTL!--ARE YOU EXPLODING WITH US? Are you moving with God's Mighty Men? Are you a part of God's conquering Army? Get on the move for God! We're really going places & seeing miracles! Praise God, He's not dead, & it can be done, & we're doing it, by the power of His Spirit in obedience to His Word!
       99. ARE YOU MARCHING ON WITH US TO WIN THE WORLD?--Or are you going to be left behind dead & dying on old battlefields for the *stripping of the slain* by the vultures of the Enemy! Which are you? We & God's Kingdom are marching on!--Do you want to come with us, or must we leave you behind? You alone can make the choice! What is your answer? GHU!
       100. DAVID'S REBELS ARE ON THE WAY, with His inflammatory* incendiaries* to set the World on fire! Glory to God! So burn free, Beloved, burn free! Let nothing quench His fire! And nothing shall! Come, let's set the World afire for God & enlighten the hearts of all men everywhere to repent! This is your day!--Let it burn! Tomorrow will be too late!
       101. COME WITH US & LIVE & DIE FOR JESUS & LIVE FOREVER!--OR YOU'RE ALREADY DEAD! C'mon! Fight the good fight! Keep the faith! Finish the course* & win the crown! "Enter thou into the joy of the Lord! Well done, thou good & faithful servant!" (Mat.25:21) Don't look back! Keep your eyes on the goal & your hand on the plow! Put on the whole armour of God & take the sword of His Truth & destroy the Enemy! Onward Christian soldiers! Hallelujah!--Amen?--GBY!

       accommodations: (n) Travelling space & lodgings.
       adversity: (n) A condition of trial, misfortune
       aloft: (adv) On high, in the air
       ambassadors: (n) Highest-ranking representative of one government to another
       ardently: (adj) Burning, eager, showing warmth of feeling
       astronomical: (adj) Extremely or unbelievably large
       avante garde: (n) "First guard" or frontline soldiers & leaders
       barren: (adj) Unable to bear children; failing to produce, unproductive
       bidding: (n) Command
       blitzkrieg: (n) Powerful lightning-fast attack!
       cadre: (n) Core or heart of a movement
       citizenship: (n) The state of being a resident or member of a country, city or town
       commitment: (n) Dedication to a particular belief
       confound: (v) To overthrow or defeat; to confuse
       conserving: (v) Keeping from harm
       controversial: (adj) Open to argument or disagreement
       course: (n) Path to run on
       creeds: (n) Sets of guiding rules or beliefs
       culture: (n) Beliefs & way of life of a people
       decrepit: (adj) Worn out or weakened by age or use
       destiny: (n) The course of events decided by a superhuman power
       diabolical: (adj) Of the Devil
       discharge: (n) Complete separation from military service; to be let go or let off
       dissected: (v) Cut or taken apart for examination
       doctrine: (n) What is taught, believed in & considered true
       due season: (n) Saying meaning the proper time
       elite: (adj) The choice part of; select group or class
       embassage: (n) Group of representatives
       enlightenment: (n) Knowing the way of truth or knowledge
       ensign: (n) Flag flown as a symbol of loyalty or nationality
       exalt: (v) To lift up, praise
       exploits: (n) Feats of skill or courage
       exposed: (v) Laid open or uncovered
       fall-out: (n) Radioactive dust scattered after an atomic explosion
       fanatical: (adj) Very enthusiastic, extremely devoted
       fate: (n) Something that happens as though determined before hand; final outcome
       fervently: (adj) Hot, glowing, zealous
       foul: (adj) Dirty, stinking, morally polluted
       fray: (n) Fight, conflict
       frontiers: (n) Borders between countries
       gainsay: (v) To deny, dispute, oppose
       generation: (n) All people born about the same time. A father & son, for example, are different generations
       government: (n) System of ruling people
       handicapped: (adj) With some physical or mental disadvantage or hindrance
       hard core: (n) The foundation, the strongest part of a body
       ideal: (adj) Perfect, best
       impostor: (n) A person who pretends to be someone else in order to deceive
       incendiaries: (n) Fiery, explosive, excited people
       income: (n) Money received as a return for work
       incomparable: (adj) Matchless, with no comparison
       ineffective: (adj) Not producing the desired effect
       inflammatory: (adj) Tending to set on-fire or get fired up with passion
       inherit: (v) To receive from parents
       initiative: (n) The first step, the lead
       insignia: (n) An emblem of a certain office
       intended: (v) Meant, had as a purpose
       invalids: (adj) People sickly or disabled by illness or injury
       launching: (v) Starting, sending off
       literally: (adv) Not exaggerated, precisely
       loafing: (adj) Spending time idly
       majority: (n) The greater number
       Mammon: (n) Material things, money
       manifested: (v) Shown or made obvious
       melee: (n) Combat, fight or struggle
       multi-billionaires: (n) Having many billions; being very rich
       namby-pamby: (adj) Weakly sentimental, dull & lifeless
       nationality: (n) Membership of a certain nation
       national anthem: (n) A nation's special hymn or song of dedication
       naught: (n) Nothing
       objective: (n) Purpose, goal
       offensive: (n) State or attitude of one making an attack; on the attack
       opposition: (n) A group of persons that oppose or stand against something
       oppressed: (v) Crushed by hardship or severity
       Oracles of God: (n) The Words of God
       orgy: (n) Wild, sexy party
       paps: (n) Nipples of the breast
       Peace Corps: (n) Organisation to promote peace
       phenomenal: (adj) Very remarkable, extraordinary
       prejudices: (n) Preconceived opinions, being very partial
       preserving: (v) Keeping safe or alive, maintaining
       prey: (n) A person who is helpless & unable to escape attack; victim
       priesthood: (n) Those who represent the Lord to people & people to the Lord
       primary: (adj) Holding first place, main
       privileged:(adj) Given special advantages or benefits
       proclaimed: (v) Made known or announced
       prospering: (v) Causing to succeed or thrive
       pull any punches: A saying meaning to hold back one's fight or convictions
       radical: (adj) Revolutionary, wanting great change
       rallies: (n) Big meetings held to arouse enthusiasm
       ravished: (v) Overcome with a feeling of joy or delight
       Rebellion of David: Our spiritual revolution against the Devil's System, begun & led by God's Endtime Prophet (Jer.1:10)
       recruited: (v) Formed or strengthened with new members; to get the services of
       recruits: (n) Newly enlisted soldiers
       reincarnation: (n) Rebirth of the soul in a new body
       relentless: (adj) Unyielding, not stopping, merciless
       reservations: (n) Something that holds one back, doubtful feelings
       restrictive: (adj) Confining, binding, limiting
       retaliate: (v) To get revenge by returning like for like
       reverberate: (v) To sound & sound again, echo
       revival: (n) Rebirth
       rigorous: (adj) Very strict; hard to put up with
       role: (n) One's part or function
       saturating: (v) Soaking full or filling to the limit
       scorners: (n) Those who despise something or feel it deserves contempt
       sect: (n) Religious group which has a special set of teachings or special ways of doing things
       smiters: (n) Those who hit or strike hard
       soft-pedal: A saying meaning to tone down, as a soft-pedal does on a piano
       stretcher cases: (n) In other words, those confined to bed because of illness
       stripping of the slain: In ancient times, when a soldier was killed in battle, his enemies took his things from him
       strongholds: (n) Fortresses, well-defended places
       superior: (adj) Better or greater in some way
       thumbed our noses: Saying indicating defiance
       traditions: (n) Beliefs which have been taught
       tread: (v) Set one's foot down, walk
       ultimate: (adj) Last, final; extreme
       uncommitted: (adj) With no dedication
       usurper: (n) One who takes control unfairly or by force
       versus: (prep) Against, as opposed to
       vesture: (n) Clothing
       vibrant: (adj) Lively, vigorous, vibrating
       vigorous: (adj) Strong, energetic, forceful
       vocation: (n) Career, work or occupation
       waging: (v) Fighting, carrying on


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