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--God Is Not Going to Save America, He's Going to Destroy It!

1. (WE'VE BEEN READING IN THE PAPERS LATELY ABOUT THE POSSIBLE POLITICAL ASPIRATIONS OF PAT ROBERTSON, the religious broadcaster & host of the very popular evangelical "700 Club" in the U.S., heard worldwide:) I was praying about him & his getting into politics & I got a Scripture: "No man that warreth entangleth himself with the affairs of this World, that he may please Him Who hath called him to be a soldier!" (2Tim.2:4)
2. AND THEN CAME THE ILLUSTRATION WHERE LOT HAD BECOME A JUDGE IN SODOM, which means a politician or a ruler there, & by being there he was actually hindering the Will of God in trying to save Sodom! And then came the Scripture, "Come out of her & be ye separate, My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!" (Rev.18:4; 2Cor.6:17)--That by trying to save America, he is actually hindering the Will of God! Because God wants to destroy them for their wickedness!
3. (MARIA: DOES IT MEAN THAT THE LORD IS ACTUALLY DELAYING HIS JUDGEMENTS THEN BECAUSE OF THAT?)--That's exactly what He did with Sodom & exactly what He did with some other cities & countries, including Babylon & Jerusalem. He told His people to get out of there, that He was going to turn it over to the King of Babylon for its sins, that they were merely delaying it, delaying His judgements, & if they stayed they were going to go down with it, which they did! He told them to flee the city, that He'd given it over to the King of Babylon for their sins. He said, "If you want to save yourselves, get out!"--Rather than trying to save the city & the wicked people that are running it!
4. BUT ONLY SOME OF THE POOR FLED TO THE COUNTRY & WERE SAVED, THE REST OF THEM REFUSED! The rich with their fine houses & properties refused to go, they thought they could still save the city & God wouldn't take it over, but He did!--And a third were killed by the sword, a third were burned with fire & a third were carried off as slaves to Babylon!
5. (MARIA: WHAT WOULD THE ANSWER BE TO THE FACT THAT THE 700 CLUB PROBABLY HAS BEEN PARTLY RESPONSIBLE FOR THE BIG REVIVAL THAT IS GOING ON AMONGST THE AMERICAN PEOPLE?) Well, God is certainly in favour of saving souls & people getting saved, really saved spiritually! But what Pat Robertson is trying to do is go into politics & save their bodies & their high costs of living & their wealth! (Maria: In other words, the Lord's been blessing them as long as they've been winning souls, but now if they start this, He's not really going to feel like blessing them any more, right?)
6. PAT ROBERTSON'S INTEREST IN POLITICS IS TO TRY TO SAVE THE CHRISTIANS IN AMERICA, THE CHURCH PEOPLE & THEIR WEALTH & THEIR HEALTH & THEIR WAY OF LIVING & ALL THAT, & to try to save that, he has now tried to go into the business of saving them materially, their education & all that stuff he is getting into. He's been getting more & more into the political angle & politics & trying to influence laws & things like that.
7. THE IRS CLOSED DOWN A NUMBER OF EVANGELISTS just because they made recommendations or suggestions & either criticised the President or made political statements. The IRS immediately slaps a lock on their doors with a big tax bill saying that they are not strictly religious, that they are a quasi-political organisation, which cancels their tax exemption. In other words, if the church has anything to do with politics, it can lose its tax exemption. But so far, Pat has apparently come out on top! I'm sure it's only by pull, because some guys who didn't have quite so much pull got locked up! Their churches were actually padlocked & stuck with a big tax bill just because they made some political remark!
8. (MARIA: BUT THOSE VERSES THAT THE LORD GAVE DON'T MEAN THAT WHAT HE'S BEEN DOING UP TO NOW HAS BEEN WRONG?) The Lord of course is pleased with their saving souls, but they're stressing healing so much, emphasising it, like it's so important to save their bodies, but what are they going to use it for? They just go back to their same indulgent, opulent, sickening way of living!
9. THAT'S WHY MY MOTHER GOT SO SICK & TIRED OF PRAYING FOR PEOPLE FOR HEALING. She said, "What's the use? We'll come back here in another year & they'll all be sick again because of the way they live & eat & the way they don't really serve the Lord!" So she was even almost weary of the ministry of healing, trying to save their bodies when they wouldn't use them for the Lord. They'd go right on with the same way of living--self-indulgent, selfish, materialistic--the same way of churchianity living & doing so little for the Lord!--Except what they do in church, which is very little, as you & I know!
10. ALL I KNOW IS THAT'S THE SCRIPTURE I GOT! I was thinking & praying about it last night & I got, "He that warreth entangleth himself not with the affairs of this World, that he may please Him Who has called him to be a soldier!" (2Tim.2:4) God told him to be a soldier of the Lord, to win souls & not to save their bodies & their self-indulgent, rich, luxurious lives which have so little & no concern for the billions of poor of the World!
11. I MEAN IT WAS JUST AS CLEAR AS A PICTURE, LOT IN SODOM! What was Lot there for?--Righteous Lot. It even calls him "righteous Lot"! (2Pet.2:6-8) It says that he was aggravated with the wickedness of Sodom & yet he became a judge there. Think of it! He was trying to save Sodom! But God didn't want to save Sodom! (See Gen.19.)
12. I BELIEVE THAT WAS THE FIRST MAIN MESSAGE THAT THE LORD GAVE US TO GIVE TO THE U.S.A., THE MESSAGE OF DOOM & DESTRUCTION! But he is trying to save America when God wants to destroy it before it does any more damage! The U.S.A. is almost the biggest poison to this whole World! It's almost destroyed the World several times already! It's destroyed Europe twice & almost destroyed one of the strongest countries in the East!
13. HOW MUCH DO YOU THINK THE VIETNAMESE ARE GOING TO LISTEN TO THE AMERICAN MESSAGE OF THE GOSPEL AFTER WHAT AMERICA DID TO THEM? It just virtually ruined their country! Did you know that America dumped more bombs & ammunition & more bullets on that poor little country of Vietnam than they dumped on Europe in both World Wars put together! I mean, it is a miracle of God that they survived! They wouldn't leave Vietnam alone & let them take care of their own poor, so now the U.S. is having to take care of them, all of the evacuees & refugees by the hundreds of thousands!
14. AND THE SAD PART OF A LOT OF THAT IS THAT IT WAS LARGELY THE RICH WHO FLED VIETNAM TO THE U.S.A., THE POOR COULDN'T GO! It was during & since the war. They've had to give gold to boat operators & whatnot to pay for their way out, so it's been largely the rich, the intelligentsia, that have fled from Vietnam. And fled to where?--To the U.S.A. where they'll become more corrupt & more licentious & more polluted & more perverted than ever!--More materialistic & worshippers of wealth! (Maria: It just shows where people's hearts are. All those countries, no matter what the U.S. does to them or how bad they see it acting, they still want what it's got!) They still want that wealth & opulence & riches & luxury!
15. IT IS LIKE THE MERCY OF GOD THAT MOST OF THE POOR DIDN'T ESCAPE! They're stuck & can't escape. Look at who's fleeing to the U.S.A.--Is it the poor?--No! They can't afford to. The U.S. won't even give them visas, it's impossible for them to flee! It's the rich that are fleeing to America! It's the rich who are fleeing & taking their money & wealth with them & leaving their countries & the poor in worse shape than ever!
16. AND LOOK WHAT IS GOING TO HAPPEN TO THEM ALL!--All the rich of Vietnam who have fled to America & all of the other rich who have fled from the various poor countries & taken their wealth & their money with them instead of helping their poor, they're going to be destroyed along with America! But the poor are going to survive!--TTL!
17. SOMETIMES I'VE BEEN TEMPTED TO TRY TO GET INTO POLITICAL THINGS MYSELF & TRY TO TELL THEM WHAT TO DO, but I myself have gotten that Scripture, "He that warreth entangleth himself not with the affairs of this World, that he may please Him Who hath called him to be a soldier!" Our war is a different kind of war!
18. (MARIA: YOU WERE ASKING THE LORD HOW YOU CAN HELP THE PEOPLE, & THE LORD SAID, THEY CAN JOIN THE FAMILY!)--Exactly! The Lord is far more interested in saving their souls than their bodies. If they're willing to have their souls saved, He is willing to do what He can for their bodies. In the meantime, if they don't want Him, then He doesn't want them, so why should He save their bodies?
19. THE WAY PAT ROBERTSON & HIS PEOPLE TALK, THEY ARE PLANNING TO BE AROUND FOR MANY MORE YEARS, IT'S SO RIDICULOUS! Talk about the very elect being deceived! (Mat. 24:24) How can they be so right about some things, some things that are not even nearly as important?--Some of their little policies & politics & education, trying to educate the poor [DELETED], etc. Education has virtually ruined the World! Education has developed the atomic bombs & the ability to destroy themselves!
20. HOW CAN THE ELECT BE SO DECEIVED? Oh, they are so deceived! It obviously is possible! It's as though the Lord is amazed & astonished that the elect could be so deceived, that it is possible for the elect to be so deceived. Why did the Lord give so many warnings about false christs & false prophets if it were not possible for the elect to be deceived?--When they are obviously so deceived!
21. LOOK AT HOW DECEIVED PAT ROBERTSON IS, IN TRYING TO SAVE AMERICA! At this late hour trying to go into politics to "save the country," when the Lord doesn't want to save them! He wants to save them spiritually, those that'll receive Him, but the vast majority are anti-Christ & hell-bent on destroying the World! He has got to destroy America before they destroy the World! I mean, it is such a ridiculous, hopeless task of starting out on the wrong end of the stick to try to "save our nation," "Pat Robertson will save us from all these evils"--these terrible judgements of the Lord!
22. WELL, HE DOESN'T REALISE THAT HE IS TRYING TO SAVE THEM FROM THE JUDGEMENTS OF THE LORD! He's trying to save them from the evils of the Devil, that's the way he looks at it! (Maria: But they are the judgements of the Lord!) Yes, of course, that's the way you put it, that's the way it looks, but some people might not understand what you mean. That is exactly what he's trying to do, save them from the judgements of the Lord, but that's not the way he looks at it. He looks at it that he's trying to save them from the evils of the Devil!
23. AMERICA IS DESTROYING ITSELF & IS GOING TO REAP WHAT IT'S SOWED! It's destroyed other nations, it is going to be destroyed! It's destroying the World! That's the prospect we have right now: If the Lord doesn't stop them, pretty soon they'll destroy the World, destroy the Earth! If the Lord didn't shorten the time, "there would no flesh be saved"! (Mat.24:22)--Why? Because they're going to blow up the whole works!
24. I'M SURPRISED THEY HAVEN'T BLOWN THEMSELVES UP ALREADY, IT'S JUST THE MERCY OF GOD! All those underground atom bomb tests & everything. Imagine the stuff they're doing to the underground ecology! (Maria: Pat wanting to go to Washington is sort of like Paul wanting to go to Jerusalem. The Prophets of God have told him not to, warned him, like Bill Bright of Campus Crusade.) (Acts 21:10-12)--Exactly! (Maria: Bill Bright has been warning him not to get into politics, he said here you are saving souls & you'd be laying down your crown.) Bill sure is right!
25. HE'S TEMPTED BY THE POPULARITY! He thinks they can still somehow save America, but the Lord says, "Come out of her, My people, & be not partakers of her sins!" (Maria: Paul [EDITED: ""the very elect""] was deceived about going up to Jerusalem, he even got a word from the Lord, the Lord told him in a direct prophecy not to go. But he said, "Well, I don't care if I have to die!") He certainly was deceived! In spite of the will of God he was determined to try & save those [DELETED] Jews! He thought he could change their minds. He thought he could get up there & lecture to those guys in the Temple & persuade them legally from the Scriptures that Jesus was the Messiah. And the more he talked, the more furious they got & ran on him to try to kill him, & would have if the Romans hadn't saved him!
26. THAT'S PROBABLY WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN TO PAT ROBERTSON TOO! (Maria: They'll sabotage him at every step.) Yes, the anti-Christs have taken over America already & he's going to be a real thorn in their craw, standing in their way of complete anti-Christ takeover. So they'll certainly get rid of him somehow. He's cooking his goose, so to speak, by getting embroiled in the affairs of this World, trying to save a country God is trying to destroy for its wickedness!
27. HE'S DOING THE EXACT OPPOSITE OF WHAT THE LORD TOLD US TO! The Lord told us to warn them that they were going to be destroyed & told us to get out, that America was too far gone!
28. SEE, HE'S GOT IMPLICIT FAITH IN THE CHURCH SYSTEM! He is promoting the church system & the American way of life & churchianity. The whole thing is a false outlook! It's the wrong message! It's a totally wrong message. If you ask me, he's deceiving the elect! He's deceiving American Christians into thinking that they can save themselves & save their church system & save their rich Capitalist system. But the Lord gave us the Message of Jeremiah that He doesn't want to save it, He wants to destroy it, so get out! That's what He told us, & we did!
29. SO PAT ROBERTSON HAS GOT THE WRONG MESSAGE! He's right about all the nice little spiritual things & do-dads, you know, the Holy Spirit, the gifts of the Spirit. It reminds me of what Paul said about the Corinthians, they're like children playing with toys in these things. (1Cor.14:20)--Tongues & revelations & healings & all these things, all things that minister to themselves more or less, with which the Christians want to save themselves & save their bodies & save their nice lives & rich way of living. He's deceiving them! He's right about all these little things, which are small by comparison, & feeding them all these truths about Salvation, Holy Spirit, healing & all these things, but at the same time he is deceiving them about the most urgent message of all, & that is that America is too far gone to save! Babylon is doomed!
30. HE OUGHT TO BE PREACHING LIKE WE DO, TO GET OUT OF THERE & GET OUT INTO THE REST OF THE WORLD THAT HASN'T EVEN HEARD THE GOSPEL & try to get these billions of poor people saved instead of trying to save the rich, fat, corrupt, unhealthy Americans! The way they talk is almost unbelievable, the way they talk about silly ridiculous things! They're still fooling around with baseball, football, sports, giving a whole lot of their time to that junk!
31. I MEAN, HE'S JUST FEEDING THE AMERICAN CHURCH PEOPLE EXACTLY WHAT THEY WANT TO HEAR! He is giving them exactly what they want! "You can have it all--all this & Heaven too! You can still enjoy all these things & still have Heaven, still have Jesus to help you enjoy life here & enjoy America all the more & all your riches & your luxurious way of life! You can have it all! You can have it here, in the U.S.A. You don't have to be missionaries. You don't have to go out & fight & die for Jesus!"
32. WHAT KIND OF A SACRIFICIAL MESSAGE IS HE PREACHING, HUH? What kind of an evangelise-the-World message is he preaching? What is he offering them? "Here, folks, you've got the good life here! You've got America!" He praises America & he is so anti everything else, anti-Communist. If he has his way, if he got to be president, he'd have the war right now! He'd be shooting off the atom bombs at Russia right now! He'd be invading Nicaragua right now! That's the way they are!--Those self-righteous Americans!
33. HE HAS COMPLETELY DECEIVED HIMSELF, COMPLETELY DECEIVED! And he is deceiving Americans into thinking they can still hang on to all of that, not have to give it up, not have to forsake all & follow Jesus, not have to go into all the World & preach the Gospel to every creature. "You don't have to do that, you can stay right here & enjoy all of this & have Jesus too & go to Heaven too!--Forget the billions of poor lost souls!"
34. (MARIA: HIS BASIC MESSAGE IS THE SAME AS WE GREW UP WITH IN OUR POOR LITTLE CHURCHES, an unpopular message, but now he has put it into the context of being real popular, he's popularised being a Christian. It's the same evangelical message but now it's popular & it looks wonderful to people.)--Exactly! Well, that's the church message! The churches of America have popularised Christianity, they have popularised religion, they have made it popular! Pat Robertson is trying to save it: "We can still make Christianity popular!" That's his idea, "We can still make America righteous! We can still save the churches & save the U.S.A.! We can still save them!"
35. HE IS LITERALLY GOING AGAINST GOD! He has deceived himself & is deceiving the people! Let's face it, he's a false prophet! He's preaching the wrong message! Of course, false prophets have to preach some truth to sugar-coat their evil pills. He is preaching the right truth about Salvation, healing, Holy Spirit & all these things, which are standard fare for real believers, the very elect. But then he is deceiving them about all these other things, like thinking they can save America, they can save their churchianity system, they can save their Capitalist system, they can have their bombs & blow up the rest of the World & get by with it! That's what he's preaching!
36. THEN THEY TALK ABOUT THE FUTURE YEARS & YEARS IN ADVANCE, "how long it is going to take for us to do this & do that" like the Lord was never coming! He does not preach the Coming of the Lord at all, really, nor impending judgement or impending Tribulation. He preaches hope for America, that they can still save themselves & save their System! You can't preach what he's preaching now, that you can save America, & also predict America's doom at the same time, it's impossible!
37. HE IS PREACHING THE WRONG MESSAGE! He comes out with a little of it here & there, warning America that "if we don't stop all of this we are going to be destroyed." Then he says, "But we can stop it! We can stop the judgements of God if we'll just repent & turn righteous now! And we can repent, we can become righteous! We can change America!" That's what they're saying.
38. THIS IS APPARENTLY EXACTLY THE MESSAGE THAT LOT WAS PREACHING TO SODOM: "If we stay here we can save the city! If we stay here we can save our wonderful way of life here in spite of all the Sodomites in this wicked city. We need to stay here & save it!" That's what Lot was doing, he was living in the city with them & trying to save them. But God knew it was a hopeless case. He didn't want to save them, He wanted to destroy them, & He warned Lot if he didn't get out He was going to destroy him too!
39. WELL, LET'S JUST WAIT & SEE WHAT HAPPENS, LET'S WAIT & SEE WHO IS RIGHT!--Pat Robertson & his preaching a message of hope to America that they can still save themselves, or we who have preached the message of doom & judgement & destruction, that you should either get out of America or you're going to go down with it! (Maria: There are even other prophets preaching that doom in the U.S. right now, that obviously he is closing his mind off to, & the Christians are closing their minds off to. We were not the last ones to preach that message. Even David Wilkerson is preaching America's destruction.) They've heard our message & are carrying it on!
40. BUT HE IS A FALSE PROPHET! He is only a true prophet about some things, the most important things really. That's probably why the Lord allows him to keep on & survive & prospers him, because he is getting people saved. (Maria: He seems to know and preach the Word and he's not afraid to fight against evil!)
41. BUT HE HIMSELF IS DECEIVED INTO THINKING THEY CAN STILL SAVE AMERICA, & he is preaching that to the American Christians: "Come, help me save America! Elect me President & we can save America yet!--Our wonderful way of life, our great Christian country!" When the Lord knows how corrupt & how wicked & evil it is & what a threat to the World it is & He wants to destroy it! That's what He told us in the Message of Jeremiah! Read it! Let's not forget it! (See No.79 & 1337) (Maria: It was bad enough to destroy a long time ago, now look how bad it is!)
42. THE LORD WANTS THOSE CHRISTIANS TO GET OUT OF THE U.S. & CARRY THAT GOSPEL TO THE REST OF THE WORLD & LET AMERICA GO TO HELL! Evil, wicked, anti-Christ [DELETED] America, the seat of Satan himself! Boy! Read what the Lord has to say about Babylon in the Book of Revelation, all kinds of horrible blasts! (Maria: And read Deuteronomy 27 & 28!)
43. BOY, I'LL TELL YOU, GOD'S JUDGEMENTS ARE ON AMERICA! The Lord is trying to wake the people up & shake them up with our message to wake up & get out "that ye be not partaker of her sins & her judgements." Get up & leave that rich, Capitalist system & leave that rich churchianity system! What good is it doing? It's actually withholding the Gospel from the World! If they'd get up & get out of there & scatter out all over the World like we have, think how many more souls they could save instead of containing the whole thing there! I suppose they think they're doing their missionary job by having their show on television in a few countries in Europe, Latin America & the East, ha!
44. BUT THEY'RE PREACHING THAT YOU CAN HAVE YOUR CAKE AND EAT IT TOO, THAT'S WHAT THEY'RE PREACHING! "You can have all this & Heaven too! God bless America!" Well, God damn America! It's a foul nest of evil birds! You just read the new "Heaven's Children" Chapter 3 & see what God has to say about Babylon!
45. ANYHOW, THAT'S THE THING THE LORD GAVE ME ABOUT PAT ROBERTSON! I guess the Lord's Message hasn't changed any: "He that warreth entangleth not himself in the affairs of this World, that he may please Him Who hath called him to be a soldier! Come out of her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins!"--And then came the picture of Lot trying to save Sodom.
46. EVEN ABRAHAM TRIED TO SAVE SODOM! Even Abraham was pleading with the Lord to save Sodom just for Lot's sake & his family's sake. (Gen.18:20-33) Pat Robertson is almost like Abraham, he's trying to pray the Lord will save Sodom so that his relatives can survive! But Sodom was too infected & too festering, a filthy diseased sore, & God knew if He let them continue, they'd infect & infest others with their iniquity just like the U.S.A. is doing! Every place they go, what do they do?--They spread their diseases, they spread their pollution, they spread their corruption, including AIDS & everything else! (Maria: And unbelief too!) --Yes, their anti-Christ doctrines & their evolution & all the rest of it!
47. GOD IS NOT TRYING TO SAVE AMERICA, HE WANTS TO DESTROY IT, & if His people would get out of there He would & put a stop to a lot of this wickedness & evil that they're spreading all over the World!
48. THE CRUX OF THE WHOLE MATTER IS, GOD GAVE AMERICA THE RIGHT MESSAGE FIRST! "Come out of her, ye My people, that ye be not partakers of her sins, because I'm going to destroy America!" Now along comes Pat Robertson & is lying to them, telling them they can save themselves, they can still save America!
49. HE IS DECEIVING THE ELECT, DECEIVING THE CHRISTIANS & THE CHURCH! He's a liar, a false prophet, preaching just the opposite message from what we're preaching, along with all the good he's preaching. That's why it deceives them! They think, "Well, how could he be a false prophet when he is preaching Salvation, Holy Spirit, gifts of the Spirit, healing, anti-abortion, prayer in the schools, the Bible back in the schools & all this sort of thing? How could he be a false prophet when he is preaching so many good things?" That's the only way there can be a false prophet, is to preach so many good things, people will believe the lies they tell them!
50. (MARIA: FALSE PROPHETS DON'T ALWAYS KNOW THEY'RE LYING THOUGH. It's probably because he's rejected the truth in this one area, that's why he believes a lie.)--Exactly, he rejected the truth & he is believing the lie! He believes the lies about us, for one thing, & rejected us. The Lord said, "He that rejects Me, rejects the Father!" (Jn.5:23) If they reject us, they're rejecting our message & they're rejecting the Truth!
51. IT'S REALLY AMAZING, HE'S PREACHING THE EXACT OPPOSITE REGARDING AMERICA, THE U.S.A., OF WHAT WE ARE PREACHING! He's warning them of the evil, but he's saying, "Now back me up & elect me President & I'll save you from all of this!" He's right about everything else but that one thing, & that one thing is almost the worst thing, trying to save America when God wants to destroy it!--Trying to save Babylon when God wants His people to get out & not stay there!
52. WELL, I'VE GOT SO MANY FAULTS MYSELF, I DON'T KNOW HOW I CAN CRITICISE ANYBODY ELSE, but anyhow, that's what the Lord gave me during the night. When I was praying about him I got that Scripture just as clear as could be, that he is wrong! He's right about the Gospel & the Spirit, healing & all those things & he's doing some good by trying to get a few more people saved, 51,000 people saved so far this month. Of 250 million Americans, he's getting 50,000 more saved each month. We with our little ministry are saving more people than that every month, & out in the whole World, the raw heathen!
53. ALL HE IS GETTING SAVED ARE THOSE FAT, SICK, CORPULENT, LUXURY-LOVING AMERICANS, & WHAT GOOD ARE THEY GOING TO DO? (Maria: He's really promoting it, "You can have everything you want, everything your heart desires, you can be a surfer 24 hours a day just as long as your heart is pure & you're doing what you want to do!") You can enjoy football, baseball, show business, everything! That's apparently how they've stretched that "Body" message clear out of shape. (Maria: "Just so you put in a good word for the Lord once in awhile, then you're okay!") "You can have it all! You can live like the Sodomites! You can enjoy Babylon as long as you try to stay a Christian! And if you have the time, you can even tell others about Jesus & try to get the Babylonians & Sodomites saved!"
54. HOW CAN THE CHRISTIANS BE SO RIGHT ABOUT SOME THINGS & SO ABSOLUTELY WRONG ABOUT OTHERS? It's because they've rejected the Truth, & so He has sent them strong delusion! (2Th.2:10-12)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family