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BACKSLIDERS BEHAVE!--Or Out You Go Again For the Last Time! DO 22299/86

2. I'LL TELL YOU, AT THIS LATE HOUR, CONTRARY TO FORMER INSTRUCTIONS, I would say it's too late to worry about legal problems, legal ties, father, mother, husband, brother or sister or children, houses or lands, & I would include in that debts! Just tell them they should just take off & forget it--if it's not going to follow them & cause serious problems for the Family on the field. They owe the Lord a whole lot more than they owe the System, right? (Maria: Yes, Sir!)
3. (MARIA: FAITHY & PAUL PAPERS WENT THROUGH LIKE EVANGELISTS & GAVE THEM LOTS OF LOVE WHICH THEY DESPERATELY NEEDED, of course, & passed on our messages of love, told'm, "We love you, we love you! The Family still loves you! Come back! We need you!" etc. But it seems that perhaps they didn't prepare them that love also includes discipline & rules & regulations too. So a lot of them have been rejoining Homes, & evidently not been expecting to find that they've landed in the army again, with tight regimented control & discipline & sacrificial living & 100% dedication required! Instead, some resent the rules & the schedule & our revolutionary way of life. They've been independent for years & years & years & they don't want to have to submit.
4. (SO FAITHY & PAUL DIDN'T EXACTLY PREPARE THEM THAT THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BUCKLE DOWN & BE LIKE BABES AGAIN & really toe the line.) The Revolutionary Rules still hold true! (Maria: So the Homes are having a bit of a problem. They have to lay down the law & they have to abide by rules, & then these people who have lived in the System for years & years & been their own bosses, now they're joining Homes & a lot of them have real trouble learning to live under others & live in an Acts 2:44 communal situation. And some of them are causing a lot of problems! So we're going to have to write something about it, that you can't expect all sweetness & love without some law for the would-be lawbreakers!) The rules haven't changed any! The Lord's rules are just the same, "Forsake all & follow Me!"
5. IT WILL BE A MIRACLE IF THOSE BACKSLIDERS MAKE IT! The Lord says of some that "if these should fall away, it will be impossible to renew them to repentance." (Heb.6:4-6) Also, "Esau found no place of repentance though he sought it carefully & with tears." (Heb.12:16,17) With some there is no hope, for "He that having put his hand to the plow & looking back is not worthy of Me." (Luk.9:62) That's why some are so sad. They know that it is too late, they repented too late!
6. BUT WITH SOME WHO HAVE GENUINE JUSTIFICATION & WHO ARE GENUINELY REPENTANT & REALLY REALLY WANT TO SERVE THE LORD AT ANY COST, THEY'LL MAKE IT NO MATTER WHAT! But those many who are just sorry that they left & just sorry for what they missed & just sorry they made a mistake & went back & wasted all those years, for some of those it's just too late! About some the Lord says, "My soul abhorreth him that turneth back!" (Heb.10:38)
7. IT WILL HAVE TO BE A MIGHTY GREAT REPENTANCE & A TERRIFIC SACRIFICE, SELF-DENIAL & ABSOLUTE FORSAKE-ALL, total self-sacrifice with the spirit of being willing to come back & die in order for the Lord to restore them! Only those will make it who really are willing & want to die trying rather than fail! But if they're just trying to come back because they're sorry for what they missed & sorry they made a mistake & think somehow they can restore themselves & are not really willing to confess how bad, how terrible, how horrible it was what they did, & willing to literally give up their lives & everything & die for the Lord now to get His forgiveness & come back, those that are just half-hearted are not going to make it!--Sorry, like Saul, for what they missed & the mistakes they made, but not willing to really genuinely repent, change, turn around & try to undo some of the damage they've done!
8. (MARIA: THESE PEOPLE ARE COMPLAINING & STILL JUSTIFYING THEMSELVES, STILL KICKING AGAINST THE RULES & THE LEADERSHIP!) Well, the Homes ought to kick them out all the quicker now, because actually they don't deserve another chance! It's only the mercy of God that they've been given another chance! They're going to have to earn it now. I've said that about backsliders before. You can never trust them any more, they have to earn your trust & earn their place & really work for it! The first time was by grace, but this time they've got to earn it & work for it!
9. (MARIA: I FEEL SORRY FOR THE HOMES THAT ARE TRYING TO TAKE IN THESE BACKSLIDERS & THEN THEY'RE NOT GRATEFUL, A LOT OF THEM ARE JUST COMPLAINING.) I'd throw them out right now! Get tough with them! They'd better get tougher with backsliders than with anybody or they can lead others astray! The Prodigal Son went home but the Father didn't restore anything, he was tough on him! He really put him down. He then came under the jurisdiction & the superiority & seniority of his Older Brother. He had nothing left, no claim on anything! He had spent it all & wasted it all & he could be thankful that he simply was allowed back into the Father's house & to sit at the Father's table. Otherwise, he had nothing, no claim on anything, & everything belonged to the Older Brother who had been faithful & stuck by the stuff! (Luk.15:11-32)
10. SO THESE BACKSLIDERS THAT COME BACK DESERVE NOTHING! They should be just thankful that they are allowed to come back to the Father's house & the Father's table with nothing else & expect nothing else!--Expect, if anything, even shame & contempt for their failure & be so thankful & appreciative that they are even allowed back in to enjoy the fellowship of the Family & food & home, & if they don't, kick'm out!
11. (MARIA: THEY BRING ALL THAT TERRIBLE INFLUENCE from years of being on their own & in the System, & their kids are polluted & corrupted & spoiled!) Just forget it! If they don't show a very desperate desire to change & cooperate & be in subjection along with their children to their older brothers, to whose homes & to whose mercy & hospitality they have literally no right & no claim & should only be very very thankful, then you might as well forget'm!
12. IT'S HARD FOR ME TO HAVE FAITH FOR BACKSLIDERS! There are so many verses against it. There's one in Hebrews about it being impossible to renew them to repentance (Heb.6:4-6), & the one that Jesus said, that "He that having put his hand to the plow & looking back is not worthy of Me" (Luk. 9:62), & "My soul abhorreth him that turneth back." (Heb.10:38) You're sorry for them, yes, you'd like to give them another chance, but if they don't appreciate it & don't absolutely come in total subjection, pleading for mercy, submitting to & obeying the rules, out they go!
13. CAN YOU IMAGINE THE PRODIGAL SON COMING BACK & STARTING TO TELL THE FATHER & THE OLDER BROTHER WHAT TO DO & bossing them around & starting to complain about this or that, huh? He would have gotten tossed out on his ear again, back to the swinepit! Forget it! Tell our people they don't have to put up with it, these Homes don't have to put up with it. I mean it! Right now! These Homes don't have to put up with it! If these returnees cannot cooperate & appreciate & really work hard to earn their way back in, forsaking all & obeying & making their children be in subjection as well, then the Homes don't have to put up with it. They've got enough to worry about without having to put up with that! (Maria: Amen, that's for sure!) So, forget it!
14. WE'RE NOT THAT MERCIFUL THAT WE'RE GOING TO PUT UP WITH ANYTHING, NEITHER DID THE FATHER NOR THE ELDER BROTHER! That prodigal can be thankful he got to be welcomed home & sit down at the father's table. There was rejoicing at first, but then he had to go to work for the father & his elder brother. He had no claim on anything any more, he had lost & wasted it all! So the only thing he could do was to be thankful that he was taken back in & that he had a job & could earn his way & work hard.
15. HE HAD NO FURTHER RIGHT OR CLAIM ON ANYTHING OF THE FATHER'S OR THE ELDER BROTHER'S. Think of it!--Nothing! He couldn't claim one square inch of the ranch or claim one little place of authority, nothing! He came back & the father received him like a son, but like he said himself, he was really no better than a hired servant because he had no right to anything any more except to work for the father & for his elder brother! (Luk.15:18-19) He owned nothing, he had no hold on anything, no authority, no rights, no nothing except that he was received back as a son, but without any claim on anything except that he was allowed back in the home & to sit at the table & to work for his brother!
16. HE WASN'T ALLOWED BACK IN THE HOME JUST TO SIT AT THE TABLE & SIT AROUND & LOUNGE & DO NOTHING! He now had to earn his living! He had already wasted all of his substance in riotous living, now he had to come back & work for his father & brother & earn his living because he had no more, he had wasted it all!
17. (MARIA: PLUS HE DIDN'T HAVE ANY SAY IN HOW THE RANCH WAS RUN EITHER, RIGHT?)--No! (Maria: And couldn't participate in the decision-making.)--Absolutely not, nothing! He was no better than a servant!--In fact, not even as good as a servant! Even the servants had stayed by the stuff, been faithful, worked hard & hadn't run off & wasted anything. He wasn't even as good as a servant!
18. I'M NOT FOR ANY KIND OF INDULGENCE OR PAMPERING THOSE BACKSLIDERS! (Maria: I'm sure glad to hear that!) I'd be tougher on backsliders than on anybody! I've always taken that stand! What do you mean you're glad to hear that, like it was something new! (Maria: I mean the Searchers went through & gave them so much sweetness, holding their hand & patting them on the back & letting them cry on their shoulder, that they weren't prepared when they joined a Home. They thought it was going to be the same way & "everybody is going to sit around & sympathise with us & hold our hand & pat us on the back & say, 'Poor, poor thing' & 'We're so sorry for whatever you went through & please come back & we'll give you the royal treatment.'" It seems like, from their behaviour, that that's what they were expecting, because that's what they heard in the Searchers meetings.)
19. WELL THEY CAN EXPECT RESENTMENT FROM THE ELDER BROTHERS WHO DID NOT DESERT & DIDN'T RUN AWAY & WASTE EVERYTHING! They need to expect resentment, & they deserve resentment! They deserve it!--And they should expect it!--Shame & contempt! They should just be thankful that they got in at all, because the backsliders are going to be in Heaven saved but failed, & are going to live in everlasting shame & contempt, that's the backsliders, that's all they can expect! They can just be thankful that they made it to Heaven at all, even though everybody despises them & they're in contempt! They live in constant shame of their failure, but at least they're there in the Father's House, they're saved, that's about all they can say.
20. THEY CAN'T EXPECT ANYTHING MORE, NO RESPECT, NO REWARD, NO ANYTHING! They're despicable! And they should be so sorry they should feel like being the servant of all, including their kids!--And if not, throw them out! I mean throw them out! We don't want the younger brother coming back from the swinepit with his System wife & polluted kids to come back & expect anything except simply that he has been received as a son, that's all!--But a son who is in shame & contempt & almost despised by his elder brother because he went away & wasted everything & now he has nothing! Nothing! Absolutely nothing!
21. THE ELDER BROTHER OWES HIM NOTHING! Nothing! The father & the family simply rejoiced over his return, that's all. He was dead but now he is alive! So he can be thankful for that, that he's at least accepted in the Beloved, to put his feet under the table & go out & work in the field, but he can expect no respect at all, no special privileges, nothing, except that he has to work hard now for a living because he threw it all away! And he can't expect anything but contempt from his elder brothers!--And he ought to realise that he deserves it! Deserves it! From now on he'll have to earn his way back into the hearts of the family & earn their trust & respect!
22. WE GAVE THEM A CHANCE, that's all, so that we are no longer responsible. We can wash our hands. We have done what we could, & if they don't appreciate it, well, just kick'm out! We can't stand to be polluted, contaminated & perverted by their horrible perversion & pollution, having been in the System & their kids spoiled & all the rest!
23. (MARIA: AND WE'RE NOT ONLY TALKING ABOUT PEOPLE THAT HAVE JUST REJOINED & ARE TRFING AGAIN, we're talking about a lot of people who have been TRFing but have been back there in the Pit in backslidden shape. They've just been TRFing, they've been sending in their tithes, but they've been just about as backslidden as some of the rest of them!) God bless them for that, paying their dues. They owe that & a whole lot more to the Lord! They're getting by cheap! Just paying their little 10% dues is cheap while they're depriving the Lord of the 100%!
24. (MARIA: SAMSON WARNER IS ONE OF THOSE THAT FALL INTO THAT CATEGORY, I'd say, of TRFing but a chronic complainer, speaking against the Letters and the rules and causing division in the ranks. He's been writing against the rules saying, "We ought to live by Love! Why do we need so many rules?") Because most people don't have enough love, therefore they've got to be ruled by the law. The law is for the lawbreaker. If you were ruled by Love, you'd be keeping all the laws and you wouldn't mind the laws 'cause you wouldn't be breaking any. (Maria: Samson doesn't believe the Letters and has trouble accepting them literally. For example, he believes the word of the scientists regarding the dimensions of the Moon instead of what you said. So he's going off on a weird tangent trying to interpret them in his own way, with his own spiritual interpretation and spreading his doctrines throughout the Family, much like Joel did. "Wherefore by his fruit ye shall know him." (Mat.7:20) And his fruit is a broken marriage, problem children, seven years in the U.S. with no accomplishments to speak of and now residing in the home of a cocaine dealer.)
25. SINCE HE DOESN'T BELIEVE THE LETTERS & COMPLAINS ABOUT THEM & WRITES AGAINST THEM I THINK WE SHOULD TAKE THEM AWAY & GIVE HIM ONLY GP & DFO LIT. I had to send him home once, just remember! I myself personally gave the order to send some of those people back, that they weren't worthy of the Lord & His Service--complainers, murmurers, dividers! Oh boy, I'll tell you, the Book of Jude really says it about some of those people!
26. IF THEY DON'T APPRECIATE THIS HAND OF FELLOWSHIP & MERCY THAT WE'RE EXTENDING TO THEM & THEY START BITING IT, WELL, LET'M GO, KICK'M OUT! I'm glad you woke up because that's just what was on my heart. (Maria: At least the Lord is having mercy on some of their kids & we're being able to rescue a few of them at least.)--We hope, maybe! Amen. At least we are delivering our souls & our hands will be innocent of their blood, we tried! And if they don't appreciate it, they don't follow through, they don't work for it, earn it, sacrifice for it, forsake all for it, & be thankful that they're accepted at all in the Beloved without complaint, without murmuring, without any rights or dues or claims whatsoever on the inheritance, nothing, then forget it!
27. THEY'VE THROWN THAT ALL AWAY, WASTED ALL OF THEIR SHARE IN RIOTOUS LIVING, SO THERE IS NOTHING LEFT FOR THEM AT ALL EXCEPT SON-SHIP, & A SON-SHIP WITHOUT INHERITANCE! They blew it! They wasted it! Now they can be thankful if they can get back in at all to the father's house & feed under their father's table, which now means the brother's house & the brother's table who was faithful. They have nothing more to claim whatsoever, & if they don't appreciate it, then out they go! We don't need people like that! We need people who really appreciate it & are thankful to be saved at all, like David was, with great repentance!--Willing to suffer a great punishment too in order to get a great forgiveness!
28. WE DON'T HAVE TO PUT UP WITH THEM, HONEY, JUST DON'T TOLERATE IT! Don't tolerate it! Tell the Homes if these people can't knuckle under & be in subjection & thankful for any crumb from the Master's table at all, if they can't bow & scrape & grovel to get back in, then they don't deserve it! They don't deserve anything! They deserve nothing! They've sacrificed everything, they blew it, they wasted it all! They have no rights, no deserves, no nothing! They should be just very thankful that they are able to come back, even as the prodigal himself who said, "I am no more worthy to be called thy son, make me as one of thy hired servants." (Luk.15:18-19) And that's exactly the attitude they ought to have: "We're no longer worthy to be called sons, we need to work just like one of your hired servants!"
29. AND BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THAT'S EXACTLY WHAT THE PRODIGAL SON HAD TO DO! He was recognised as a son, he was celebrated in a "welcome home" party, but after that he owned nothing, he had nothing, no rights, no position, no nothing except son-ship, that's all. From then on he had to work like one of the hired servants & earn his way, earn his living. He had no inheritance, so how could he expect to sit around & just enjoy the income & dividends & the fruits of the Older Brother's labours? He had to work like one of the hired servants from then on. He was right!: He was no longer worthy to be called a son but should be made like a hired servant, & that's exactly what status they ought to have!--The lowest of the low, servant of servants, just thankful to be in the father's house at the father's table at all!
30. IF THEY MUFF THIS LAST CHANCE, THEY'VE HAD IT, OUT THEY GO!--If they're not very thankful & practically crawling to come back like the Prodigal Son, willing & thankful to be a hired servant! (Maria: And before their six months probation in the States is up, the fields that are going to clear them to come better be very sure that they've proven themselves & really made it!)--And with very good recommendation from their probationary Home, I'll tell you, or forget it! Otherwise they're nothing but trouble!--No help, nothing but trouble!
31. SO WHAT COULD THE PRODIGAL SON DO AFTER THE NICE ROYAL WELCOME HOME BY THE SEARCHERS & AMBASSADORS? Now that the Older Brother owned everything & the Prodigal Son had nothing, what could he do? Huh? What could he do to get anything or earn anything or have anything?--He had to go to work for his Older Brother! He had to be a servant, literally, not just to the Father but to his Older Brother, to earn his way. And that's exactly the way they ought to look at it! They're not doing us a favour, by rejoining, they're not doing the Homes a favour by rejoining! We're doing them a favour, & if they don't appreciate it, out they go! Forget it!
32. THEY'RE GOING TO HAVE TO BE WILLING TO BE MADE AS ONE OF OUR HIRED SERVANTS BECAUSE THEY'VE SACRIFICED EVERYTHING ELSE! They've thrown it away, wasted it, & they don't deserve anything now except to be as a hired servant, & their children too! They don't deserve any kind of anything--priority, pampering, nothing--if they're not willing to come back like a hired servant!
33. WE'RE A VERY TIGHT SHIP, a very tight Family, & if they don't behave themselves as a soldier, & "please Him who hath called him to be a soldier" (2Tim.2:4), then they can't be tolerated!--Out they go at the slightest infraction, anything! We can't allow them to endanger the whole Army! I mean it!
34. I'VE NEVER HAD MUCH PATIENCE WITH BACKSLIDERS! The fact that I've had any mercy on them at all is a miracle of God, a sign that God is trying to overdo in bending over backwards to try to win them back again! And let me tell you right now, if they don't appreciate it & they're not willing to come crawling as a hired servant & thankful they're let back in at all, then forget it, out they go! We don't want any Home to suffer from people like that. Amen? (Maria: Yes, amen! Thank You Lord for that!)
35. I MEAN, THEY DON'T HAVE ANYTHING! WE DON'T OWE THEM ANYTHING! We frankly don't owe them anything but shame & contempt! If they're not thankful that we have extended the mercy of the Lord & forgiveness to take them back in as a hired servant, then forget it! Forget it! They're not worthy. If they put their hand to the plow & look back, then they're not worthy. (Luk.9:62) They had it all, then they turned back. It says "it is impossible to renew them to repentance!" "My soul abhorreth him that turneth back." (Heb. 6:4-6; 10:38)
36. AND IF IN OUR LOVE & MERCY WE TRIED TO RESTORE THEM & THEY DON'T APPRECIATE IT, LET ME TELL YOU, THEY DESERVE GETTING KICKED OUT HARDER THAN EVER! It's an abomination to the Lord! Their first backsliding was bad enough, but then if they don't appreciate that they're being forgiven & taken back in & they do nothing but cause trouble, my God, we don't have to put up with that! We have all the more cause & reason to kick'm out & let'm go! Forget it! I mean it! Forget it! I mean it! (Maria: Thank the Lord for that!) All right! Tell them! Forget it! Let'm go!
37. WE SHOULD HAVE TOLD THEM HOW TOUGH IT WAS GOING TO BE TO GET BACK IN! Faithy & Paul should have told them, "You should be thankful to get back in like the hired servant, by bowing & scraping & crawling & working your way & earning any respect, since you're no longer worthy to be called a son!" They ought to warn them, "It's going to be hard to even get these Homes to take you because you'll be in shame & contempt!"
38. SOME OF THEM THINK THEY'RE GOING TO SOMEHOW RESTORE THEMSELVES & THEIR SELF- RESPECT & respect of the Family & others & God by coming back, but they don't & they won't unless they literally crawl like the Prodigal Son did! He said, "I am no more worthy to be called a son, make me one of the hired servants!" Well, the Father in his indulgence & love & mercy celebrated his return & then after that he was nothing but an employee of his Elder Brother, that's all!--Period! If they're not willing to be employees of their Elder Brothers who have remained faithful & worked hard to serve on the ranch, then out they go! They're more trouble than they're worth. Forget it!
39. I NEVER SAW SO MANY SAD FACES & SAD CASES AS GOING THROUGH THOSE PICTURES OF ALL THOSE BACKSLIDERS IN AMERICA! Do you understand? They've lost everything!--Lost respect & live in shame, contempt! They have no rights, no holds, no claims on anything. They're really no better than the hired servant because they're going to have to work for a living just to earn their bread, their place & their food. If they're not thankful for that, forget'm! Get rid of them quick! They'll just be a pain in the neck, a bone of contention & just a nuisance!
40. THAT'S IT! WE'VE HAD IT! WE'RE THROUGH! WE'RE DONE! We've done our part & if they don't appreciate it & if they don't virtually grovel in repentance & be willing to do anything, suffer anything just to be back in the Father's house & working for the Elder Brother, then forget it! We can't have'm if they're not willing to take that kind of position.--A member of the family, yes, but working for the Elder Brother because they don't deserve anything better. They don't even deserve that much, but they just get that through the mercy & love of the Father, which they certainly don't deserve any more, so they ought to be very thankful for even less!
41. JESUS HELP US, LORD, DELIVER US FROM THESE HALF-HEARTED SICKENING NE'ER-DO-WELLS! Deliver us, Lord! Our poor Homes are having a hard enough time, without having problems with them too! Unless they can be a blessing, unless they can be an asset instead of a liability, a blessing instead of a curse, help them to get rid of them!--In Jesus' name! Amen!--Amen? (Maria: Yes, Sir!)
42. (MARIA: THEY HAVE TO LET THE SHEPHERDS OF THE HOME TAKE CONTROL & EVEN TAKE CHARGE OF THE TRAINING & THE DISCIPLINE OF THEIR CHILDREN as well, because obviously they failed with it.)--Yes, of course!--Absolute authority!--If not, they can have their kids back!--Good riddance of bad rubbish! But the parents made them the rubbish they are! Lord God help us, in Jesus' name! Salvage those who really deserve it, Lord, & get rid of the rubbish who don't!--In Jesus' name, amen.
43. I DON'T EVEN THINK WE OUGHT TO ACCEPT PEOPLE WHO ARE GROSSLY OVERWEIGHT! Tell them that when they whittle themselves down to proper size, then we'll think about it. These people are in the worst possible category & we really have to get tough, & if they can't take it, well then forget it!
44. I'LL TELL YOU, THOSE BACKSLIDERS COMING BACK HOME OUGHT TO BE SO HUMBLE, so totally self-effacing that they will practically crawl to be so thankful that they're loved & let in at all, & if not, we don't need them! If they can't be a blessing, we're certainly not going to let them be a curse!--Amen? (Maria: Yes, Sir!)
45. THIS IS AN ARMY, & I'LL TELL YOU, IF THE DESERTERS DON'T COME BACK REALLY CRAWLING & repentant & in shame & grovelling & thankful that they're let back in at all & willing to do anything, serve in any capacity, do any job, scrub floors, clean toilets, wash dishes, do the lowliest jobs of all, jobs that they don't even deserve, & realise that they are in shame & contempt & they're going to have to really work & earn any kind of respect or appreciation or we don't need them, then forget them, get rid of them! Amen?
46. AS I SAID ONCE UPON A TIME, BURY'M! (See No.1041) We don't need dead carcasses that stink & cause trouble & danger & infection to the Family!--Amen? (Maria: And multiplied several times over in their kids with their infection & corruption, & their spoiled behaviour!)--Amen! Get rid of them!
47. IF WE HAVE TO GET RID OF ALL OF THEM IT'S BETTER FOR THE FAMILY! If they can't submit & really crawl & grovel & be so thankful & willing to do anything to get back in after they threw it all away & sacrificed it all & held it all in contempt, forget it, let's get rid of'm! I mean it! Tell the Homes to get rid of them now, before they cause any damage or pollution, contamination or trouble in our own Family!
48. WE'RE GOING TO BE TOUGHER ON THE BACKSLIDERS THAN ANYBODY! It's going to be harder to get back! "The way of the transgressor is hard!" (Pro.13:15) And it is very hard to get back. We do love these people, but we'll love them a lot more if they'll obey & repent & if they'll be sorry for all the damage they did & all the horrible things they did & all the damage they did to the Family!
49. I'LL TELL YOU, BACKSLIDERS HAVE TO PROVE THEMSELVES, I'VE SAID THAT FROM THE BEGINNING! You can't trust them any more! They have to know that. They no more have respect by grace, they have to earn it, work for it! (Maria: That's sort of the same with love too. They no more have really love by grace, they have to work for it.)--Absolutely!
50. IF THEY'RE TOO MUCH TROUBLE, JUST BOOT THEM OUT, GET RID OF THEM! They don't deserve it! Thank You Lord! Boy, I'll tell you, I'd sure slap them down in a hurry! I wouldn't put up with any kind of foolishness! I mean, they can't tell us anything! They've forfeited all their advice & all their privileges of saying anything or telling us anything! We don't have to listen to them at all! They need to listen to us, & if they don't, out they go! I mean it! They either knuckle down & be thankful for the lowest place in the house or out they go!--Amen?

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