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IT'S CRASHING!--Are You Ready?       13/9/86       DO 2230
--Here's Some Survival Tips!

       1. I'LL TELL YOU WHAT HAS HAPPENED. IT'S ALMOST EXACTLY THE WAY IT HAPPENED WHEN THE GREAT DEPRESSION CRASH CAME, THE STOCK MARKET CRASH OF 1929! Stock Market points, or the average prices of stocks, had fallen tremendously through the last session on Friday just like this. In fact, the prices had been falling all week & the losses were accumulating, but by the time it opened on Monday morning, which was Black Monday, everybody was trying to sell their stocks because of the virtual crash on especially Thursday & Friday when it had dropped so much. Everybody was trying to sell on Monday & there were almost no buyers, so it went down, whoosh, like that, & the bottom fell out of the Stock Market! It's happening almost exactly the same way it happened on the weekend preceding October 29th, just like this!
       2. YOU KNOW, WITH STOCK MARKET POINTS GOING DOWN THAT FAST & THAT BAD, EVERYBODY COMES BACK ON MONDAY TRYING TO SELL THEIR STOCKS AGAIN! If everyone wants to sell their stocks & no one wants to buy, then it makes the price go down further. The proportional fall, considering the value of stocks in 1929, was 13% on Black Monday. But of course it had fallen some on the way down to that. But now, although the number of Stock Market points it has fallen is much more this weekend, in proportion & comparison to the value of the stocks, the number of points it fell Thursday was only about 6%. But then again, the number of points it fell Friday was about 2-&-1/2%, & that makes a total of 8-&-1/2% which only leaves 4-1/2% to go to equal the 13% drop on Black Monday, October 29, 1929, the Great Depression Stock Market Crash!
       3. IT'S HAPPENING EXACTLY THE WAY IT DID THEN! There were a couple of big drops just before the weekend. The Stock Market had been gyrating that week already. Thursday & Friday there were a couple of big drops, so severe that by the time everybody came back to the Stock Market on Monday morning, everybody wanted to sell everything, & the Stock Market just nose-dived virtually to the bottom! So it's happening just that way! Hallelujah! PTL! TYJ! (Maria: So what immediate effect will it have on us?)
       4. WELL, AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, WHAT'S BAD FOR THE UNITED STATES IS GOOD FOR THE REST OF THE WORLD, AT LEAST THE POOR WORLD! This is a big blow to the money men, the rich stock investors in New York & the U.S.A., etc. (Maria: Would it cause banks to close all over the World then?) Oh, no, no, no. (Maria: Just in the U.S.?) It starts with the U.S., then it sort of dominoes. How it will go this time, of course, nobody knows except the Lord, but we know there's going to be a Crash, & a worldwide Crash, & this could be the beginning!
       5. IT'S BEEN CRASHING ALL THE TIME & THINGS HAVE BEEN GETTING WORSE ALL THE TIME! There have been more bank failures within the last few years than there have been in all history!--More bank failures than there were in the Great Depression, hundreds of banks failing every year! How long can they stand that? And the U.S. itself has the biggest deficit it has ever had, amounting to nearly three trillion Dollars that the U.S. owes & can't pay! There has to come a day of reckoning, & it looks like it's about to come!
       6. AND ITS BALANCE OF TRADE, IT'S BEEN HAVING A HUGE MONUMENTAL RECORD-BREAKING DEFICIT VIRTUALLY EVERY MONTH! Almost every month it's been greater than ever, a World record! You just can't go on living on borrowed money & living above your income & expect to get away with it!--And this is what the U.S. has been doing now for years! It has literally been living on borrowed money! So the reckoning is coming, it's gotta come sooner or later!
       7. THE DOLLAR'S BEEN LITERALLY CRASHING! It's had nearly a 40% drop in value just within the last several months, since the beginning of the year. Think of it! The U.S. economy is crumbling! The banks are failing, the Dollar is taking a nosedive, & now the Stock Market is taking a nosedive!
       8. WHAT HAPPENED ON BLACK MONDAY WAS AFTER SEVERAL BIG FALLS THE PRECEDING WEEK, JUST LIKE THIS WEEK! When they came back on Monday they all began selling like mad & the Stock Market crashed completely!--And that could happen now, in other words. It took a combination of several things. There are so many things now that are just like what happened at the beginning of the big Depression--the fall of the Dollar, the Stock Market Crash, too many bank failures, the farmers going broke in the Midwest, unable to sell enough of their produce & losing their farms, etc., steel mills closing--that's another thing that's happening now--& auto sales way down, just like it's happening right now.
       9. EVERYTHING'S PARALLELING VERY CLOSELY THE THINGS THAT BROUGHT ON THE GREAT DEPRESSION! There were big protectionist tariffs to try to keep U.S. businesses & industries from getting competition from the rest of the poor World just like they have today. Under the Hoover administration they adopted big protectionist measures. All signs point to it & everything is happening the same way it happened before the big Depression & the same things are happening now that brought on the big Depression! The whole thing is just a repeat scenario, only it's probably going to be worse this time & affect the whole World worse! It helped to bring down the whole World in 1929!
       10. (MARIA: AS FAR AS OUR FAMILY IN THE REST OF THE WORLD, IF ANYBODY HAPPENS TO HAVE MONEY IN THE BANKS, IS THERE DANGER OF THEM CLOSING IMMEDIATELY?) There's already been danger of that, banks have already been closing all over the World! There have been some of the biggest bank failures in history in almost every country in the World! So they should have gotten their money out of the bank before this, or they've already lost it! And if they haven't already lost it by now, they'd better get it out or they're gonna lose it, because there'll be more banks closing!
       11. ROOSEVELT WAS IN OFFICE AT THE TIME, & ONE OF THE FIRST THINGS HE DID WAS DECLARE A BANK MORATORIUM. Nobody knew he was going to do it, he didn't announce it until Sunday morning during the weekend when the banks were closed already. But he simply announced that the Federal Government was going to close all banks & only allow those to open whom its auditors deemed solvent & able to re-open.--In other words, those banks which were not already bankrupt!
       12. (MARIA: BUT THE BIG MONEY BOYS HAD THEIR MONEY IN THE BANKS TOO, DIDN'T THEY?) Well, Honey, the big money boys have so much money that their banks are not the ones that close, it's the little banks! (Maria: I thought all the banks closed?) He closed all the banks temporarily, & then only allowed those to open which were viable & solvent. (Maria: And those were their banks.) And of course those were their banks, the biggest banks, the banks of the big money boys.
       13. AND THEN THERE CAME A WAVE OF FORECLOSING ON MORTGAGES ON FARMS, HOUSES, BUSINESSES & FACTORIES, because these people had borrowed too much money & couldn't meet their payments. And of course who was doing the foreclosing, even on the banks?--The big banks, the big money boys, the [EDITED: "ACs"]! They were foreclosing on all these properties & businesses & banks--in other words, gobbling them up for their unpaid loans.
       14. SO WHEN THE AIR HAD CLEARED, THE POOR, THE SMALL BUSINESSES, SMALL FARMERS, SMALL HOMEOWNERS, SMALL FACTORIES & MANUFACTURERS HAD ALL GONE UNDER & the poor were poorer & the rich were richer! That's how the [EDITED: "ACs"] virtually got control of the finances. [DELETED]
       15. SO NOW THIS IS GOING TO BE THE FINAL SWEEP IN WHICH THEY WILL BE ON TOP & PROBABLY OWN EVERYTHING! The little banks go under--even some big banks, but not their banks, of course--& the bigger businesses. They could be big businesses, but not as big as the [EDITED: "AC"] businesses. Small factories, small farms, small businessmen, small homeowners, the poor lose everything! The poor get poorer & the big money boys gobble it all up & the rich get richer, that's the way it goes!
       16. (MARIA: WHEN THE CRASH CAME, WHAT CLOSED? DID EVERYTHING BUT THE NECESSITIES CLOSE UP?--ALL THE LUXURY STORES & SHOPS?) People just didn't have enough money to buy luxuries any more. They couldn't even meet their car payments, much less their home payments, so they lost their cars & their homes. One of the first big appliances that people were buying in those days was refrigerators, so they lost their new refrigerators. Washers were just coming in, nothing as sophisticated as today but they were new & they were motorised, called automatic, at least they ran by motors etc. People lost their cars, homes, appliances, furniture, everything that they had bought on time & couldn't pay for because they'd lost their jobs! (Maria: So then the only things they bought were what they desperately had to have, like food.)--Yes!
       17. FROM THEN ON YOU HOPEFULLY HAD ALREADY PAID FOR & OWNED YOUR OWN HOME, SUCH AS WE HAD IN MIAMI, THANK GOD! The church had built it for us & paid for it, so it wasn't on borrowed money & on loan. So we had a roof over our head which we didn't have to meet payments on. So all we had to worry about then was having enough food to eat. We already had our clothes, we couldn't have afforded to buy clothes. Food & utilities were the main thing you had to worry about, getting enough food to eat & paying mostly your electric bill. We had our own pump & our own well that pumped water, but it was all run on electricity. We usually called the electricity bill the "light bill" in those days, because it was mostly lights.
       18. SO YOU HAD A TOUGH TIME TRYING TO GET ENOUGH FOOD & PAYING YOUR LIGHT BILL, ETC., BUT THE LORD NEVER FAILED US! We never went without food that I can ever remember. We always had enough, even though we were a family of 12 or more people living on about $10 a week. But trying to pay the light bill was the tough thing! They turned the lights off on us two or three times when we couldn't meet the light bill. And Dr. Koger usually came to the rescue then because he was the richest one of us. He had more money & he was making more money as a doctor, so he often came to our rescue at that time. We also had candlelight services at the church --not for the sake of religiosity, but because we couldn't pay the light bill! So that's the way it went.
       19. BUT THE ONE NICE THING ABOUT IT, PRICES WENT DOWN & EVERYTHING GOT SO CHEAP YOU COULD MANAGE TO LIVE ON VERY LITTLE MONEY. The producers of the food had to sell food cheap, otherwise people couldn't even afford to buy it at all, & they would have gone broke. So everybody got by on as little as they could & managed to squeak through. It really didn't hurt the little folks & the poor folks as much as it did the big rich people.--But not the biggest rich people who caused it all.
       20. I'M SURE NOW THAT IT WAS THE BIG RICH [EDITED: "AC"] MONEY BOYS WHO BROUGHT ON THE DEPRESSION IN ORDER THAT THEY COULD GOBBLE UP EVERYTHING! Because after the Depression, they owned everything! They owned the United States & they ran it too, & that's when they took over. Then they were powerful enough to run it & get the U.S. into the war [DELETED] in Europe. I'm sure they engineered that Depression just like they're engineering this one!
       21. AND WHAT THIS ONE WILL DO, IT WILL MAYBE MAKE A LOT OF PEOPLE COME TO THEIR SENSES & realise they made some big mistakes in mortgaging their homes & cars & furniture & everything when they lose it all! During the last Depression people were thrown out in the streets! It wasn't an uncommon sight to see people's furniture stacked out on the sidewalk beside the street because their home had been foreclosed & they were moved out by the sheriff! It was very common, it wasn't unusual at all! They didn't have any place to move to, they couldn't afford even to rent someplace, so they just stacked their furniture out on the street, that is if they hadn't lost all their furniture already. (Maria: Then what did they do?) Well, sometimes they could find some relative or somebody to take them in.
       22. PEOPLE FIGURED THAT THEY HAD TO TRY TO KEEP THEIR HOUSE, & THEY TRIED TO KEEP UP THEIR FURNITURE & AUTO PAYMENTS TOO, BUT THEY COULDN'T. But when they couldn't keep up the payments, what would they let go first? (Maria: The car.) The car went first, then the furniture & the appliances. Well, actually car first, appliances next. Those were usually the most expensive things they had. They were luxuries, anyhow, which they figured they could do without. They used to do without refrigerators & electric stoves & automatic washing machines, so they let them go. They just let things go one by one, & the finance people & bill collectors came & picked them up! They'd come in with a court order or whatever & just pick'm up in a truck. Then the last thing you let go was your house!
       23. (MARIA: WELL, IF THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ENGINEERED THAT ONE SO THEY COULD TAKE OVER THE U.S., WHAT ARE THEY ENGINEERING THIS ONE FOR?)--So they can take over the World!--Because they've got everybody in debt now! They've got everybody in the World in debt, the U.S.A. is the largest debtor of all! The U.S. is a bigger debtor than any of the other so-called "debtor nations" of the Third World, etc. The U.S. now owes more money than all the Third World put together! (Maria: But how does this enable them to take over the World?) It means the big bankers, the Rothschilds of Europe & some of those guys, are now going to foreclose on everybody & everything & own it all!
       24. (MARIA: THE [EDITED: "ACS"] ENGINEERED THE FIRST ONE SO THEY COULD GET CONTROL OF THE LEADERSHIP OF THE U.S., but is the idea of this to actually take over everything?) Well, there are a lot of other banks & businesses, etc., which are Gentile that still haven't gone down. But they'll go this time so that the [EDITED: "ACs"] can manipulate the whole thing! I know they're manipulating it because the Lord showed me in that dream about the "Green Paper Pig" (ML #243), that they were manipulating the whole thing & engineering the whole thing! (Maria: I think they even said that in the Protocols, that that's what they were doing.)--Yes, of course! (See ML #1342.) This time they'll have the World, & of course it will cause all kinds of uprisings.
       25. THE U.S. ALMOST WENT COMMUNIST DURING THE DEPRESSION! There were huge armies of demonstrators that marched on Washington & all kinds of things happened that nearly overthrew the government! They were scared to death that the poor & all the unemployed were going to go Communist, & a lot of them did!
       26. SO THE POORER NATIONS, THE THIRD WORLD, ARE NOT GOING TO BE ABLE TO MEET THEIR DEBTS & this is helping to bring about the Crash in the U.S., because it's the banks of the rich North mostly that have loaned them the money. But you can bet your boots the big money boys, the [EDITED: "ACs"] who really run & control the World & own most of it, are not going to be the losers! Everybody is owing them! So now if they don't get their money back they just foreclose on properties & factories & businesses & banks, etc., until they own it all!
       27. (MARIA: WHEN THE CRASH ACTUALLY HAPPENS, THE TOTAL CRASH WHERE EVERYTHING FALLS TO THE BOTTOM, WHAT DOES THAT DO TO THE REST OF THE WORLD IMMEDIATELY? All those countries are already way in debt, so what's it going to do?)--Just what it did in the last Depression! The way it affects the whole World is when the banks close & people lose money, & businesses close & lose money & people lose their businesses & the factories close because they can't pay & they lose their factories--banks, businesses, factories, etc., close, what happens then?--A lot of people are out of work! That means millions of people are out of work! (Maria: In the U.S., right? But how does that affect the rest of the World? Is it because then the U.S. can't fulfil their obligations of their exports & the other countries can't get their raw materials from the States?)--No, the States gets its raw materials from other countries.
       28. THE OTHER COUNTRIES CAN'T SELL THEIR PRODUCTS TO THE STATES, WHICH IS THE MAJOR MARKET FOR MOST OF THEM, so their banks close too & their businesses & manufacturers & factories also go under. Factories close, businesses close, banks close, about the only thing that stays open is the farmers. (Maria: We're talking about worldwide now?) --Yes! (Maria: But what about the countries that don't sell much to the U.S. now?) Well, if they don't sell to the U.S., who are they going to sell to? They're going to exchange with each other, the poor countries trade with each other.
       29. DURING THE DEPRESSION, THE POOR SURVIVED! It wasn't the poor man & the unemployed that were jumping out of windows committing suicide, it was the rich & those who lost everything on the Stock Market or lost all their money in the banks, in their businesses, in their factories. It was largely the rich who lost the most! But they lost it to the very very rich [EDITED: "ACs"] who controlled all these things & gobbled all these things up by foreclosure.
       30. WHEN THE BANKS WENT UNDER, WHO GOT'M?--THE [EDITED: "ACS"]! When the businesses went under, who got'm?--The [EDITED: "ACs"]! When the factories went under, who got'm?--The [EDITED: "ACs"]! When the homes went under, who got'm?--The [EDITED: "ACs"]! When the farms went under, who got'm?--The [EDITED: "ACs"]!--The [EDITED: "ACs"] at the top, the very richest [EDITED: "ACs"], the {\ul \i Protocol} [EDITED: "ACs"]!--And that's when they took over the U.S.A. & Europe more than ever before! That's when they really got control of the U.S. & Europe.
       31. (MARIA: SO HOW DID THAT AFFECT THE REST OF THE WORLD WHEN THAT HAPPENED?) Well, because the U.S. & Europe went down, the other countries couldn't sell their products to them any more, & they were already in debt--only they're worse in debt now than ever--& they couldn't sell & the poor World went down too! Everybody was just thankful if they had a place to lay their heads & had something to eat. The farmers were better off than anybody, providing they hadn't borrowed too much money & mortgaged the farm & had to be foreclosed & kicked off of it!
       32. THE POOR FARMERS DOWN AT THE BOTTOM WHO DIDN'T HAVE THEIR LITTLE FAMILY FARMS MORTGAGED, SURVIVED JUST FINE AS LONG AS ALL THEY NEEDED WAS SOMETHING TO EAT. They might have lost their car or their pickup truck if they bought it on time or something, but if they owned it or they owned their home or their farm, then they were all right. The wise people who hadn't borrowed money, those are the ones that survived the best, & as long as they had a farm & lived on a farm where they raised food, well, praise God!
       33. (MARIA: SUPPLYING FOOD FOR PEOPLE WILL PROBABLY BE MORE DIFFERENT THIS TIME. Before, so many people lived on farms & so many people had their own food.) Yes, it will be worse now. Now they're big corporate agro-business farms owned by huge multi-million-Dollar corporations which may go bust! --Which means they can't produce, or they're taken over. The thing is that if the workers are unemployed & if the small farmers too are unemployed, in other words without their farms, there are going to be an awful lot of people hungry.
       34. BUT MOSTLY, OF COURSE, BECAUSE THE JUDGEMENTS OF GOD ARE FALLING ON THE RICH COUNTRIES! There are going to be more people hungry in the rich countries. There are going to be more unemployed, because they were the most industrialised countries, the most developed countries--so-called development which is supposed to be so good for them & which made them so rich & everything, all this industrialisation so that they had such a high standard of living, so that even the poor of the United States looked rich by comparison with the poor of the rest of the World!
       35. THOSE RICH, DEVELOPED, INDUSTRIALISED COUNTRIES ARE THE ONES THAT GOD'S GOING TO HIT THE WORST & THEY'RE GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST! They're going to lose everything & they're going to be jobless & homeless & hungry! Whereas the poor nations have lived on the land for centuries, aeons, millenniums! In those poor nations most of the people live on the land, & as long as they don't owe payments & don't lose their land, they'll be better off than the rest of the World, the rich countries! The poor will be better off than the rich!--They'll eat!
       36. THE WORKERS OF THE UNITED STATES ARE RICH PEOPLE! They're rich compared to the people in the poor countries. They're almost equal to the rich of the poor countries & live in fine homes similar to the rich of the poor countries.
       37. THE RICH INDUSTRIALISED COUNTRIES OF THE WORLD ARE GOING TO SUFFER THE MOST BECAUSE THEY DESERVE TO! That's who God's judgments are going to be on. They're going to reap what they've sowed! They have robbed the poor, now God's going to rob them! But the poor of the World who already are poor & can't get any poorer, in some ways are going to be richer! At least they'll have something to eat!
       38. BUT WHAT ARE THESE EMPLOYEES GOING TO DO & THESE SMALL BUSINESSMEN & INVESTORS & all the people who know nothing else & who don't live on a farm & don't live on the land? What are they going to do? They're going to be jobless, businessless, factoryless, homeless, carless & furnitureless, with no salary, no pay, no money! They borrowed up to their ears instead of saving, they're in payments up to their ears, they lose everything, & they don't even have anything to eat! What are they going to pay for food with? So everybody goes into what they call the dole lines, the soup kitchen lines. We ran one in Miami at the Tabernacle. People were standing in line for a block to just get a bowl of soup!--People that had been rich yesterday were flat broke today!
       39. SO ALL THE WELFARE AGENCIES SUDDENLY START HAVING A BOOMING BUSINESS!--Soup lines, dole lines, bread lines they called them, where they gave you a loaf of bread or a bowl of soup, government welfare agencies swamped, Social Security swamped this time until they run out! The last time I was employed, unemployment security only lasted 20 weeks. It was around $20 a week, which was pretty good! You got your $20 a week for 20 weeks, & then what?--No job, no money, no salary, no nothing! You just starve if you haven't got some relatives who can take care of you or somebody that takes care of you or the Lord to take care of you!
       40. SO THE BEST THING OUR FAMILY CAN DO IS MAKE SURE THEY DON'T LOSE WHAT LITTLE FUNDS OR RESERVES THAT THEY HAVE, especially to the banks or any kind of investments. Try to have some cash & gold or some form of commodity they can trade or something on hand so they can at least have a little money to buy food, & hopefully have their rent paid up in advance so they don't have to worry about that. Thank God, in many of the countries where the Family are living they make you pay your rent one or two years in advance. So a lot of our people will have their rent paid, thank God, & they will simply need money for food.
       41. (MARIA: I GUESS THERE WON'T BE TOO MANY PEOPLE BUYING POSTERS OR TAPES THEN, RIGHT?)--Not if they cost very much money! People were still buying little things, but just necessities really. I can remember going to the dime store with my 25-cent weekly allowance & buying little things, but in those days you could buy things for a nickel or ten cents or even a few pennies!
       42. BUT THE LORD HAS PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN, & as the Lord has shown us & we've even seen in dreams & whatnot, the poor that we have helped & the people that we have helped & won & have made friends of, we will then be cared for by them! (Maria: But if these friends aren't little farmers out in the fields in the boonies, they're going to have the same problem, aren't they?) If they have been wise & they had savings & some kind of money tucked away in a sock under their mattress or something, they might have enough tucked away, if it's not in a bank that closed, that they could survive for the duration. If they were wise ...& we're supposed to be advising those people to do that kind of thing!--To get their money out of the banks & tuck it away somewhere, hide it, because it's going to be worth more & more!
       43. AS THE PRICES GO DOWN, THE MONEY IS WORTH MORE & BUYS MORE! That's what you call deflation, which happened in the Depression. Deflation is not all that bad for the poor, at least, because the prices go down. And even though they have only a little, at least a little goes a long long way when there's Depression & the prices are low.
       44. BUT IN A WAY THE POOR WILL BE BETTER OFF THAN THE RICH! Because the poor of the poorer cultures & countries of the World, the Third World, etc., are already mostly living on the land, already feeding themselves, as well as others! TTL! So one of the best assets you can have in a case like that is friends & relatives who have at least something to eat & can share with you.
       45. BUT NO MATTER WHAT, THE LORD HAS PROMISED TO TAKE CARE OF HIS OWN! He took care of us through the last Depression, which was pretty bad, & it took two or three years before we pulled through it. What Roosevelt did in the U.S. to try to pull it out of the Depression--& that's where they started their big debt & big deficits--was he just printed money, the government counterfeited money, & borrowed money in huge sums to start huge work projects, the WPA & NRA & all kinds of alphabet soup organisations & government agencies just to make work, some kind of jobs for people.
       46. THEY PAID'M A DOLLAR A DAY TO WORK OUT IN THE FOREST COUNTING NUTS OR COUNTING BIRDS, OR TO WORK OUT IN THE FIELDS! The old joke was about the lady being on this sight-seeing tour of some kind & she said, "What is that statue standing out there in the field?" They said, "Madame, that is not a statue, that's a WPA (Work Projects Administration) worker!" They were only paid a Dollar a day so they didn't work very hard!
       47. BUT YOU COULD LIVE ON A DOLLAR A DAY! You could buy your bread & your milk & a very little meat. Bread was ten cents a loaf & one loaf was all the average family needed. Milk was ten cents a quart & you had to get along on that. Vegetables were very cheap, you could probably buy all the vegetables you'd need for your dinner & lunch for 10 or 20 cents for all day long! So there you've got your bread, your milk & your vegetables! The meat was a little more expensive, you had to pay 20 or 25 cents for meat. Meat was about 10 cents a pound, butter was 10 cents a pound. So you can see how you could eat & survive on a Dollar a day!
       48. LET'S ADD IT UP: 10 cents for a loaf of bread, 10 cents for a quart of milk, 10 cents for a pound of butter, 10 or 20 cents worth of vegetables, 20 or 30 cents for meat, that's 80 cents! (Maria: And utilities to cook it.) You've got to pay your utilities, so you've got 20 cents left to pay your utilities. 20 cents a day, 30 days, that's six Dollars a month, about what utilities cost. I remember if they ran up to 10 or 12 Dollars, that's when we couldn't pay'm!
       49. BUT THAT'S THE WAY IT GOES, IT'S THE RICH COUNTRIES THAT WILL SUFFER THE MOST, the workers who are on jobs for salaries & pay, etc., & have no access to free food. The government can keep the unemployed going for awhile, feeding them in these bread lines & soup lines, & Social Security for awhile, but otherwise they don't do so well.
       50. BUT FRANKLY, I THINK THAT OUR MISSIONARIES WHO ARE IN THE POOR FIELDS OF THE THIRD WORLD, poor countries where most of the people are living on the land & the farms & at least have something to eat, are probably going to be better off, I'm sure better off, especially in the Lord's will as a missionary, than the people back in the rich countries of North America & Europe!
       51. (MARIA: MOST OF OUR PEOPLE ARE IN THE BIG CITIES SINCE THAT'S WHERE THE MISSION FIELD IS.) Well, there's going to be a big exodus from the cities. And of course then the war will come later, we hope a lot later. The Depression lasted several years, Dear, & everybody was in quite a mess!--But the poor survived! "The poor ye have always with you," thank God! (John 12:8). They survive better than the rich! PTL!
       52. WELL, WHEN THERE STARTS TO BE STARVATION IN THE CITIES, OF COURSE THEN THERE ARE GOING TO BE PROBLEMS FOR THE FARMERS. You've seen movies of all the disasters of the atomic bombings of the cities & the people going out to the farms & stealing & robbing & killing to get food. Well, they can do the same thing if they're hungry & starving! (Maria: Is that what happened in the last Depression?) It could have gotten that bad, but it didn't get quite that bad. By Roosevelt manufacturing all this new money & starting all these work projects, etc., they managed to feed the poor & the helpless & homeless & starving & unemployed. They managed to at least keep them going so that they didn't have a Communist revolution, which was the thing they were worried about! Therefore they managed to survive. But it was tough!
       53. BUT THE LORD TAKES CARE OF HIS OWN, AMEN? He never fails & the Lord will always take care of us somehow. Of course, those who have saved up even a little bit of money, a little bit of gold or something, a little fund to tide'm over, are going to survive a little bit better than the people that didn't.
       54. WE DON'T HAVE ALL THE ANSWERS FOR ALL THOSE PROBLEMS OF THE FUTURE, & WE DON'T HAVE TO KNOW'M YET! "Fret not thyself for tomorrow, sufficient unto the day is the evil thereof!" (Mat.6:34). I'm just saying that if they have a little bit of reserve funds, they will be in a better position to survive for a few months of the worst or whatever it is until some kind of salvation comes along, even the Antichrist System. If they've done what we told them to do, they should be able to survive for awhile. When it comes to the point where they've got to walk out into the country to try to make friends with the farmers & get something to eat, I'm sure all those little children will touch the hearts even of the farmers! PTL!
       55. WE DON'T WANT TO WORRY OR NEED TO WORRY TOO MUCH ABOUT IT, BECAUSE WHEN THE TIME COMES THE LORD WILL SOLVE IT! But I think we should try to prepare as much as we can for what we know is coming. (Maria: Even if they have survival food, that will keep them going for awhile.)--Right! But that's what we know is coming, because that's the way it has happened before & that's the way it's happening now!
       56. EACH ONE JUST NEEDS TO HAVE WHATEVER THEY CAN ON HAND AS BEST THEY CAN, AS MUCH AS THEY CAN, in both food & necessities & hopefully a little bit of cash reserves, gold reserves or whatever, a few gold pieces. It's going to be worth a lot when the Crash comes & the bottom falls out of the prices, etc., so that everything gets cheaper. What little they have is going to be worth a lot more & they'll be able to survive on it for awhile at least, Lord willing, & I'm sure the Lord is willing! So we don't need to worry too much about it.
       57. (MARIA: BUT IF THEY HAD TO USE THEIR RESERVE FOR DESPERATE NEEDS SUCH AS HELPING OTHER FAMILY MEMBERS GET TO THE FIELD, FOR EXAMPLE. I'm sure that because they've been unselfish & given to others that even though they don't have a reserve of gold or whatever, the Lord is going to keep them!) Honey, they've got Bible promises in the Word of God to hang on to! "He that considereth the poor in his affliction, shall the Lord take care of in his time of need!" I've forgotten just exactly how the verse goes, but that's the idea! (Psalm 41:1). If you've helped others, you're going to reap what you sowed! They're going to help you or the Lord's going to help you in time of need, so don't worry!
       58. JUST TRY TO BE WISE, STAY OUT OF DEBT, DON'T BORROW MONEY, try to save a little bit to tide you over if you can, & if not, save a lot of good will & a lot of blessings from the Lord! Okay? PTL!--And the Lord will see you through! Amen!
       59. P.S. BY THE WAY, MAYBE THAT'S WHEN WE'LL START EVANGELISING THE FARMERS! I'm sure they'll be happy to trade you a bit of food for those gorgeous Posters, even if they haven't got tape players! You can walk from farm to farm as a family, kids & all, & barter Posters for food--& shelter too!--They could put you up in the barn at least, as you walk through their area.
       60. SO HANG ON TO YOUR SLEEPING BAGS & CAMPING EQUIPMENT & BACKPACKS! You'll need'm! Bikes & pushcarts will be handy too!--And I mean pedal bikes, not motorbikes!--There'll be no gasoline, or you won't be able to afford to buy it with no money! Just count on your feet, & foot-driven vehicles!--Unless you're blessed enough to own a horse! Then you could have a little wagon to haul everything & family!
       61. ISN'T THAT BEAUTIFUL!--JUST LIKE THE MILLENNIUM!--Just be sure it's a covered wagon! HAL! TYJ! Won't that be fun! GBY! ILY! Remember: Now's the time to get ready! --Tomorrow will be too late! Everybody else will be wanting'm too!--And be sure you've got a good stock of survival Posters!--You'll need'm! That's your stock in trade! Be ready to be Gospel Gypsies!--Amen?--Amen!--TYJ!--GBAKY!--IJNA!--ILY!--D.
       --ARE YOU READY?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family