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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.

THE SOONER THE BETTER!       DO 2231       10/86

       1. I THINK THE WHOLE THIRD WORLD OUGHT TO DECLARE A MORATORIUM ON THEIR DEBTS & FLATLY REFUSE TO PAY, they've already been robbed enough! I think they just ought to flatly refuse to pay! I've congratulated countries like Peru that have refused to repay on the banks' terms & I've said "Bravo! Bravo!" And when the IMF therefore cut Peru off from any further credit I said, "Bravo!" (See WND 147, pg. 6.) Thank God they can't get any more credit & pile up any more debts! They'd be far better off to get off of this deficit living, piling up deficits that they can never repay! They can never repay'm, so why not quit paying'm now & learn to live on their income?--Even if they have to go back to the farm, which would be a lot better for a lot of'm!
       2. THEY'D BE BETTER OFF ON THE FARM INSTEAD OF BUILDING ALL THESE FANCY BUILDINGS & CITIES & hotels & apartments & towers & fancy municipal buildings, government buildings. They lived high on the hog on the fat of the loans for decades, now they've gotta pay the fiddler! They made the mistake of borrowing the money & squandering it in the first place, & they can't pay, it's impossible! They ought to just tell them, "Well, sorry, we can't pay now but we'll try to pay later if we come out of this slump, if we survive!"
       3. PERU IS SURVIVING, EVEN THOUGH THEY'VE BEEN CUT OFF FROM ALL INTERNATIONAL CREDIT BY THE IMF. Yes, as far as I know, President Garcia of Peru just flatly refused to pay more than they could afford to. He set a limit & said, "We'll only repay the loans at the rate of 10% of our trade surplus." In other words, "We'll tithe 10% of our income to our creditors, but that's all we can afford, otherwise we're ruining the country!" The IMF is demanding conditions which are intolerable! I think all the Third World would be better off if they'd all cancel their debts! So what's new about that?
       4. GOOD NIGHT, EVERY MOVE THAT PERU HAS MADE TO DEFY THE ACS & THEIR BANKS, I HAVE SAID, "BRAVO!"--And they're surviving! They're doing very well! So the IMF cuts off their international credit--so what! They'll be a whole lot better off without it, if they can't get any more loans, far better off!--Including the whole Third World! They all ought to get together & cancel their debts & say, "Well, if we ever get rich enough like you are that we can afford to repay, okay, we'll repay you then, but right now we're too poor!"
       5. IF IT BRINGS ON THE WORLDWIDE CAPITALIST BANKS' & RICH NATIONS' CRASH, IT BRINGS DOWN THE SYSTEM, IN OTHER WORDS, SO WHAT? They deserve to come down! All those rich AC bankers & everything deserve to be brought low! All those rich nations deserve to crash! It's not going to affect the Third World countries that much. They can go back to the country where they belong & live off the land. The rest of the World deserves to crash, or at least most of it!--The rich nations who've gotten rich by starving the poor nations!
       6. THESE CALAMITY HOWLERS WHO SAY, "OH NO, WE DON'T DARE OFFEND THE IMF, WE DON'T DARE RENEGE ON OUR LOANS OR WE WON'T BE ABLE TO GET ANY MORE CREDIT!"--THAT'S THE BEST THING THAT COULD HAPPEN TO'M! They say, "Besides that, it would bring down the whole World Capitalist system & all their banks if we don't pay back!" Well, that's the best thing that could happen to them too! Then everybody would have to go back to the land where they belong, back to the farm, & quit all this ridiculous foolishness!
       7. IT'S ALL THIS BORROWED MONEY THAT'S ENABLED BOTH THE RICH & THE POOR NATIONS TO BUY ALL THESE MONSTROUS ARMS THAT ARE THREATENING TO WIPE OUT MANKIND! If they didn't have so much money they couldn't afford to even make'm & threaten to use'm! That's why most of them are so poor & having such a terrible hard time with their economy, because they've gotta spend too much money on arms & war!
       8. LOOK AT JAPAN, IT QUIT SPENDING MONEY ON ARMS & WAR & IT'S THE MOST PROSPEROUS NATION IN THE WORLD RIGHT NOW, GERMANY TOO! The two strongest nations in the World economically today are Japan & Germany, & it's because they have stopped spending borrowed money on more & more & more arms, to make more & more & more war! Because they were the losers in the war, the other rich Capitalist Western nations wouldn't allow them to have more arms lest they threaten'm again. So they have just thrived & prospered & boomed since they didn't have to support a big military establishment any longer! That's what brought down all these countries to poverty, even the poor countries, Third World countries, because they spent too much money on arms & armies!
       9. THE QUICKER THEY'RE NOT ABLE TO BORROW MONEY ANY LONGER, THE BETTER OFF THEY'LL ALL BE! And the quicker it brings down the rich nations' [EDITED: "AC"] banks, the better off they'll be too, they'll get what they deserve! If the poor nations just refuse to pay because they can't pay, then the rich nations will get what's coming to them! Of course, that will give the ACs their excuse to take'm over. So, the sooner the better! It'll bring the End quicker! All this is just delaying the final results! (Maria: It's just going to happen anyway, right?)--Yes! Why drag it out?
       10. I LOOK FORWARD TO THE CRASH, BECAUSE EVERYBODY WILL BE GETTING WHAT'S COMING TO THEM, PARTICULARLY THE RICH NATIONS! And the quicker it brings on the End, the better! PTL! We'll get out of this mess! The worse it gets, the sooner it will get better, thank the Lord, & the Lord will take over! Our task will be finished for this era & we'll start a new one with a lot better advantages! Everything's going to be better for us, even for the World, the Survivors! Even the Rebels will have it better!
       11. WHY NOT HURRY UP THE CRASH SO WE CAN GET INTO THE MILLENNIUM & REALLY DO THE JOB RIGHT? Huh? Good night, you guys sometimes sound like the church people who are trying to drag it out & postpone the Lord's Coming as long as possible!
       12. IT'S LIKE THAT WOMAN IN OKLAHOMA, WHO WHEN MY FATHER PREACHED ON THE LORD'S COMING, SHE CAME DOWN AFTERWARDS & SAID, "CAN'T YOU PREACH ON A MORE ENCOURAGING SUBJECT THAN THAT?" He said, "Encouraging? That's the greatest encouragement we could ever get, for the Lord to come!" Obviously she wasn't ready! The church certainly isn't ready, they're not building for the future! Yes, they're building for the future, all right, like they think they're going to be here another thousand years!--Dear Pat Robertson's kind who are telling the people to invest in the U.S. Government, the safest possible investments, treasury bonds & that kind of junk!
       13. THAT'S WHY WE HAVE TO TELL'M THE TRUTH! The Prophet advising the king of the Word of the Lord is the Prophet's duty & obligation, but anything further than that, like getting personally involved in politics, like Pat Robertson is doing, goes beyond his jurisdiction!
       14. AND WHEN WE SAY THAT THEY SHOULDN'T BORROW, BECAUSE THE DEBTOR IS SLAVE TO THE LENDER, WE'RE PREACHING THE WORD! (Pro.22:7) And the only way you can stop people from borrowing is for them to stop paying, & then the lenders won't lend them any more! Otherwise, as long as the lenders are there offering this nice juicy money, they just haven't got the guts to refuse it! The worst thing they can do is borrow more money! Instead of borrowing more money to live beyond their means, they ought to cut down their expenses & live within their means, if they have to go back to the farm! They don't need all those fancy buildings & arms & all that other stuff!
       15. ARGENTINA, OF ALL THINGS, IS THREATENING TO BUILD A NEW CAPITAL CITY WAY DOWN IN THE BOONIES OF PATAGONIA, WHERE IT'S COLD & CLAMMY & HORRIBLE ALL THE TIME! Well, I grant you to get rid of Buenos Aires would be a blessing, but it won't get rid of the big cities any more than Brazil did in moving the capital to Brasilia out in the middle of the Amazon jungle! And do you know what they built it on?--Borrowed U.S. money! And they're billions & billions in debt for having moved the capital to Brasilia! And what little benefit they received by taking away some of the crowded conditions of Rio de Janeiro & moving capital buildings out there & building a whole new city has been nothing compared to what it cost in borrowed money! Brazil is worse off than before!
       16. THEY'RE ALL WORSE OFF FOR HAVING BORROWED SO MUCH MONEY, IT'S JUST RIDICULOUS! But these AC lenders just tempted them with all that juicy money & almost forced it on them! Like one newspaper writer says, they went around just passing out this money & just scattering it abroad in the poor countries, & just insisting they take it! "Don't worry about it, you can pay later, blah blah!" Okay, now they're paying, & they can't pay!
       17. YES, I'M ABSOLUTELY FOR NON-PAYMENT OF ALL THESE LOANS FROM THESE RICH BANKS & THESE RICH COUNTRIES! If it breaks the banks, the sooner the better! The sooner the city system goes crash & the people are forced back to the farm, the better! The Lord's going to do it eventually. If the Crash won't do it & the Atomic War won't do it, then God's going to do it! He's using one thing after another to try to force them back to the farm.--First the Crash to try to break their system, break the bank, & if that still won't teach them their lesson, then the War, to obliterate their cities, to force them back to the land!
       18. CITY LIFE IS COMPLETELY ARTIFICIAL, TOTALLY ARTIFICIAL, & ANTI-GOD, ANTI-CHRIST & SUPERFICIAL! I can't think of enough adjectives that are adequate enough to describe how evil & how bad the city system is, Babylon the Great, & the sooner it's destroyed the better! So the sooner that the poor nations renege on their debts, the quicker it'll bring it down!
       19. (MARIA: IN SOME COUNTRIES THE POOR HAVE ALMOST BEEN FORCED OUT OF THE COUNTRYSIDE & OFF THEIR FARMS BY LACK OF PROTECTION FROM GANGS & CRIMINAL ELEMENTS, OR GUERRILLAS & REBELS, OR COMMUNISTS.) Well, if the millions of people that live in the big cities would suddenly move out into the country with their military, they'd soon enforce peace in the country! Then they'd see to it that the peace is enforced instead of leaving the poor natives & the poor farmers under the oppression & the persecution of these criminals! If all the city people had to move back to all the little villages & towns out in the country, let me tell you, they'd take their military with them & run the blackmailers out of business! As long as the rich have got their big armies around to protect their big cities, why, "To Hell with the country, to Hell with the farmers, let'm suffer! It doesn't bother us, we're safe here in our cities!"
       20. NO SIREE, THAT'S THE WHOLE PRINCIPLE OF MY WHOLE THREAD OF MY WHOLE ARGUMENT IN THE NEW HEAVEN'S CHILDREN, THAT GOD'S IDEAL SOCIETY & ECONOMY IS BUILT WHOLLY ON THE LAND! It's agrarian, self-made more or less. And if the people couldn't have so much, they'd have to be satisfied with a lot less! They'd find out they would be much happier & much healthier & much wealthier in a way, not in money maybe, but in the things that really matter--good food & good health & good hard work & exercise & uncontaminated atmosphere, unpolluted rivers! That's my whole argument in the New Heaven's Children about the Millennium, that God is going to force people back to the land where they belong! That's the kind of an economy He created in the beginning!
       21. SO WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH RENEGING ON THE DAMNED [EDITED: "AC"] LOANS FROM THE [EDITED: "AC"] BANKS THAT ARE WRECKING THE WORLD WITH THEIR LOANS & HAVE ALREADY RUINED IT FINANCIALLY! What's the matter with that? The quicker we bring it down, the better! I mean, the quicker we wreck this World, the sooner will come the next one, thank God!
       22. MY GOD, THE CITY PEOPLE WOULD BE BETTER OFF IN THE COUNTRYSIDE & THE HILLS! Out there there's nice fresh air & unpolluted streams & hard work & exercise & freedom! The city people are the ones that are slaving away under all kinds of impure environment & artificial living & unhealthful jobs & all the evils of the cancerous sores of the cities!
       23. SO WHAT'S THE MATTER WITH PRAYING FOR THE DOWNFALL OF THE CITIES?--OR THE DOWNFALL OF THE CAPITALIST [EDITED: "AC"] ECONOMIC LOAN SYSTEM!--The quicker the better! I mean, some people remind me of Lot & Abraham, "Oh Lord, please don't destroy this city! We need it! Please let us live on a little while longer here amongst these Sodomites & these wicked, evil, anti-God, anti-Christ people! Please don't destroy us! We need the city! We need the Sodomites! We need their culture! Please, O God, don't destroy it! Please let me stay here!"
       24. SO ABRAHAM BEGS GOD TO SPARE HIS NEPHEW LOT, WHO IS NOT WHERE HE BELONGS, LIVING IN THOSE WICKED, EVIL, STINKING CITIES OF SODOM & GOMORRAH AMONGST THE SODOMITES!--Who even try to attack the Angels who are trying to save him! Can you imagine? So Lot even offers his daughters to the Sodomites rather than have them attack the Angels! Imagine how corrupt he's become! He's a judge, a judge in Sodom! (Gen.19:6-9) He wants to keep his job, he wants the adulation & the worship & the honour of the Sodomites, think of that! God says, "Get out, or I can't destroy this city! I want to destroy it! Get out!" And he wouldn't get out! Abraham begs God to save the city, actually praying for God to save Sodom in order to save God's people! (See Gen.18:20-33.) That's exactly what Pat Robertson & the churches & their ilk & some of our own people are praying for, "God save the cities! Please save us because we're in the city!" Whew!
       25. SO WHAT DID GOD FINALLY HAVE TO DO? HE HAD TO SEND ANGELS IN THERE TO DRAG LOT & HIS FAMILY OUT OF THE CITY, TO DRAG THEM OUT BY THE HAND! So finally Lot sees that he's going to have to go whether he likes it or not, so he says, "Well, Lord, can I please go to this little town Zoar not so far away? At least let me have a small city, Zoar, not too far away from Sodom." But then when he got to Zoar & he looked back & saw what was happening to Sodom, the Angel didn't have to drag him out of Zoar, he turned tail & ran for the caves & the cliffs along the Dead Sea! Boy, he wasn't afraid to go to the hills then, he ran for the hills, thankful he was out of Sodom & out of Zoar too! (Gen.19:18-30)
       26. I MEAN TO TELL YOU, SOME OF THESE CHRISTIANS, EVEN OUR OWN PEOPLE, REALLY WANT TO DELAY THE END, JUST BECAUSE IT'S GOING TO BE A LITTLE ROUGH FOR US IN THE END! Well, the Lord's going to keep us just like He always has, what's the difference? And you keep saying, "Oh, we've got to finish publishing, we've gotta do this, we want to finish this, we want to finish that, & this book we want to get out first!" My Lord!
       27. WHY DON'T YOU SAY, "LORD, HURRY UP THE END SO WE CAN GET TO THE MILLENNIUM & THEN WE CAN REALLY PUBLISH!" Every publishing house in the World will be under our jurisdiction to publish only the stuff that is needed! Our whole educational system, our literature system, our printing system, publications, government, everything will be in our favour to do a thorough worldwide job of getting out the Gospel to everybody that never heard it! Who wants to delay that? Why waste so much time on the End when you can spend a Thousand Years doing a much better job under better conditions?
       28. WHAT DO YOU THINK I'M WRITING THE NEW HEAVEN'S CHILDREN STORY FOR? Why do you think I'm writing all about the Millennium & the better conditions & everything else you can possibly imagine?--Better, more favourable in every way! I want these people to see the quicker they get out of Sodom & get out there into the hills, the better off they'll be!
       29. SOME PEOPLE WHO DON'T WANT THE END TO COME, ARE PRAYING, "DEAR GOD, PLEASE DON'T DESTROY THE CITY YET, I'M STILL HERE! Dear God, please, I don't want to have to leave, I've got a good job here! We're doing a lot of good, we're getting out a lot of pubs, we're doing a lot of litnessing!" My Lord, it's nothing compared to what we'll be able to do to the people who deserve it in the Millennium, people that have never heard! The quicker the Lord gets rid of all these people that have heard so many times & rejected, that have heard more than they deserve, the better!
       30. I DON'T UNDERSTAND PEOPLE WHO WANT TO POSTPONE THE END & DRAG IT OUT AS LONG AS POSSIBLE! The quicker this worldwide city system of Babylon falls, the better! And the quicker the End comes, the Lord comes & the Millennium comes, the better for all of us, & for all of the people who deserve to survive!
       31. SOME OF THESE PEOPLE SOUND LIKE LOT & ABRAHAM! Abraham was just as bad, begging for the Lord not to destroy the cities so that Lot could survive. "But Lord, wouldn't You save the city if there were maybe say 50 people, even 20 people there, Lord, worth saving? Maybe, Lord, even if there were only 10 people there!" He was beginning to get down to the size of Lot's family! "If You could just find 10 righteous people in the city, wouldn't You save it then?"--Save all these thousands & thousands of Sodomites! "Wouldn't You save it, Lord, all those thousands of Sodomites, for the sake of my in-laws & outlaws & relatives in the city?" They were outlaws because they were not obeying God's law!
       32. GOD HAD SAID, "GET OUT!" AND LOT WAS REFUSING TO GET OUT, & ABRAHAM WAS CONDONING HIM IN IT, praying to God, "Please don't make him get out! Please, Lord, save the city so he can stay there! After all, he's 'Your honour the Judge'! He's got a good job now amongst the Sodomites! Think of all the good influence he could be amongst the Sodomites! Think of how he could preach Your laws, Lord!--Even though he's compromising & even living with them & even being their judge, & this of course really restricts his ministry & it kind of hushes his testimony & witness by the fact that he's living right there with them & condoning their wickedness & existing with them. But still, couldn't You save them, Lord, & save the cities, save my poor nephew & his little family?"
       33. AND THE LORD AS GOOD AS SAID A FLAT "NO! GET OUT!" But Lot still wouldn't get out! (Gen.19:12-16) And Abraham still wouldn't even advise him to get out! That was one of Abraham's big mistakes. A lot of men of God made mistakes, including me. At least I think that's one thing I'm straight on: The quicker the End comes, the quicker God can get rid of these festering sores of cities & all their Sodomites!
       34. SODOMY IS RIFE EVEN IN THE POOR COUNTRIES! SODOMY IS BECOMING ACCEPTED NOW! Sodomy is becoming praised & extolled! The Sodomites are running TV stations & shows & Sodomy is just a way of life! (Maria: And people don't dare say a thing against it!) They've got big Sodomite associations to protect themselves & to lobby & influence laws to protect them & blah blah!
       35. MY GOD, HOW CAN ANYONE WANT THIS THING TO GO ON! How can you want it to continue? How could you stand living in the midst of this garbage & sewage of iniquity? Who in the World doesn't want to pray, "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!" That was dear Saint John's last prayer! "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20) But the church & some of our Family are praying, "Even so, please delay it, Lord, as long as possible, so we can win a few more little souls here that have heard the Gospel a thousand times, & a few more souls there that have heard it hundreds! Please delay it, Lord, so that we can get out a few more little pubs!" My God, what is God going to have to do, send His Angels to take us by the hand & pull us out? I'll tell you, when God starts pouring out His judgments, it's going to be safer to be out in the country with the guerrillas than in the cities with the Sodomites!
       36. SO THE QUICKER THE POOR NATIONS REFUSE TO PAY, THE BETTER! They've paid too much for those loans already! In interest they've paid some of those loans several times over, that's the facts! In spite of all those billions of Dollars that the banks & the rich countries have loaned the poor countries, the flow of money has been much greater from the poor countries to the rich countries! That's how they stay rich! That's why they get richer & richer & the poor countries get poorer & poorer! Anybody that would want that thing to go on must be out of his head!
       37. THE QUICKER IT COLLAPSES & THE QUICKER THE CRASH THE BETTER!--The quicker the End comes, the quicker the Lord will save us out of it all! The quicker the Lord will come, the quicker the Millennium where we can really do some good with a whole fresh new crowd that never heard the Gospel, where we've got everything under our control, a perfectly controlled society, a captive audience! But some would rather linger on in this wicked Sodom, wicked Babylon! They'd rather linger on to do a little more gleaning, find a few little more straws in the corners of the field, than have a whole new ripe harvest field of millions, maybe even billions, in the Millennium!
       38. AS FAR AS I'M CONCERNED, THE QUICKER WE GET OUT OF SODOM & INTO THE MILLENNIUM, THE BETTER OFF WE'LL ALL BE! People that want to postpone the End, who don't want the poor countries to renege on their debts & bring down the rich countries in the Crash, which will help bring on the Antichrist, they haven't got their thinking straight somehow! The quicker the Antichrist, the quicker Jesus Christ! It's because they're so damn afraid of a little persecution or a little Tribulation, they want to drag it out! They're just as bad as Lot & Abraham, they want God to spare Sodom & Gomorrah just to spare them a little longer! Lord help us!
       39. THE SOONER LOT GOT OUT OF SODOM SO THAT GOD COULD DESTROY SODOM & GOMORRAH, THE BETTER OFF THE WHOLE COUNTRY WAS, SO THEY COULDN'T POLLUTE THE LAND ANY MORE & POLLUTE THE PEOPLE! That was the worst condemnation God could have against some of the Kings of Israel & Judah, that they didn't destroy the Sodomites out of the land. (1Kings14:24; 22:46) God condemned them for it because He knew it would infect the whole society & all the people, because iniquity grows & prospers under the atmosphere of tolerance! God said, "Kill'm!" (Deut.23:17)
       40. SO GOD IS NOT FOR TOLERANCE, GOD'S FOR WIPIN'M OUT! God is not for making peace with the Sodomites in order to save the city, He's not even for making peace with the Communists in order to save the World, He's for wiping'm out! (Maria: I thought we didn't believe in war, though. We've said wars are always caused by pride & they're the worst thing that can happen & we don't agree with war.) We don't believe in their kind of war, the System's kind of war, which is waged & paid for by the rich to try to make'm richer! We don't believe in that kind of war, no. We don't believe in the wars of the rich robbers of the poor who wage wars to make the poor poorer & the rich richer, no! We believe in God's kind of wars where God in His righteousness & His judgments wipes out the wicked!
       41. WHAT DO YOU MEAN WE DON'T BELIEVE IN WAR? WE'RE GOING TO FIGHT THE BIGGEST WAR THIS WORLD HAS EVER KNOWN, ARMAGEDDON, & WIPE'M ALL OUT! (Maria: Yes, but in this present System all we've ever had to say about war was that it was completely intolerable.) I have never said that war was completely intolerable, never! (Maria: That all wars were caused by Man's pride.) All Man's wars, yes, all the wars of this present wicked generation & past generations. (Maria: So how can we approve of war?)--A righteous war? Oh, just read the Bible, there are oodles of them! And the Lord was for constantly wiping out the anti-Christ, anti-God, Devil-worshipping people of the land!
       42. IN FACT, HE TOLD ISRAEL, "IF YOU DON'T WIPE OUT ALL THE CANAANITES, KILL THEM OR DRIVE THEM COMPLETELY OUT OF THE LAND, THEY'RE GOING TO BE CONSTANT PRICKS IN YOUR EYES & THORNS IN YOUR SIDES, LIKE HORNETS IN THE LAND!" (Num.33:55) He warned the Israelites they'd corrupt them & told them all the terrible things that would happen if they left'm in the land. And they left the Canaanites, who were Sodomites, in the land & they eventually corrupted the Jews. [DELETED] They promote[EDITED: "d"] racial inter-mixture with people that God forbade His people to marry or even associate with!--Because they were corrupt, evil Devil-worshippers, fiends, Sodomites, anti-God!
       43. DON'T TELL ME GOD ISN'T FOR WAR IF IT'S RIGHTEOUS WAR, THE WAR OF THE GOOD AGAINST THE BAD! What do you mean God's against war?--This whole thing is a war, a war of good against evil! He calls us soldiers, tells us to fight! So what are you talking about, that God's against war! (Maria: Well, that's in a spiritual sense.) Well, you read the Old Testament, it wasn't all spiritual! They slaughtered'm! They slew'm! God said don't leave one, not even their animals, in one case, slay'm all! (1Sam.15:3) (Maria: Do you think that still applies to today?) Why not? Obviously God figured it kept the land pure. Even the animals were infected by bestiality! I don't think those monkeys of Africa infected Man with AIDS, I think Man probably infected the monkeys with AIDS!
       44. IT MAKES ME AGGRAVATED WITH OUR OWN PEOPLE THAT THEY'D WANT TO PUT IT OFF! I mean, the quicker God wipes out the World the way it is & establishes His New World of His Kingdom on Earth, the Reign of Righteousness, the better!--By a war, the Battle of Armageddon!
       45. [DELETED] [EDITED: "Hitler thought he"] was trying to save his people and trying to save Europe! Hitler just went too far, he went beyond what he was supposed to do. He went beyond his calling to save Europe from the Communists. [DELETED] He was backed by Christians trying to wipe out Communism, and he would have if Britain and the United States hadn't stopped him! But it went to his head!
       46. IT WAS THE [DELETED] U.S. & BRITAIN WHO KEPT HIM FROM DOING IT! He could have gone ahead & conquered Russia too & put an end to Communism if the U.S. & Britain hadn't [EDITED: "stepped in"] to save [EDITED: "the"] Jews, & [DELETED] Communism. [DELETED] (Maria: And the same with MacArthur, even though he hated war, he said he had to do it to wipe out the evil. He had the same righteous cause.)--Exactly.
       47. [DELETED] After grabbing a few other countries, he was hoping if he grabbed Poland [DELETED] that he could put a stop to all these inroads of Communism & atheism & corruption! [EDITED: "He thought"] he was trying to save the World from Communism! Now you can see what happened. They killed Hitler & nearly killed Germany, & they nearly wiped out Europe, supposedly saving Europe--the U.S. & Britain entering the war. What did they do? In World War 2 the Allies saved the World for what?--Democracy?--No! They saved the World for Communism [DELETED] & the Antichrist, that's what they did!
       48. WHOEVER SAID WE DIDN'T BELIEVE IN WAR? I NEVER SAID IT! I don't believe in their kind of wars which are only fought merely to save the rich & their riches & their power & to make them more powerful! The World's wars are totally insane, they're evil, they're against God! (Maria: What do you mean by the World's wars?)--The wars of the worldly powers who are not fighting to "save the World for democracy" or "the war to end all wars" or any of that shit! They are fighting merely to save their rich & their riches & their power, & to get more power & more rich & more riches! That's the World's wars, the Devil's wars!
       49. GOD'S WARS WILL WIPE OUT THE RICH, THE EVIL RICH, & WIPE OUT THE INIQUITY & WIPE OUT THE EVIL & THE SODOMY & THE CORRUPTION & THESE FESTERING SORES OF CITIES! God's wars are going to wipe it all out! And this final great War of Armageddon is going to completely wipe'm out! God believes in wars of righteousness against wickedness & against evil forces, against anti-God, anti-Christ forces! If they're fought in the right spirit, because they are defending the work of God & a nation of God & a nation of believers & Christians, God is all for them fighting to wipe out their enemies, absolutely!
       50. WITH GOD THERE'S NO COMPROMISE WITH THE ENEMY! WITH GOD THERE'S NO PEACE TALKS WITH THE ENEMY! You can't do business with the Devil! God is for wiping'm out, & that's what He's going to do! He's just giving people time to make their choice, that's all, & to show the whole Creation how evil Man can become without God & under the influence of the Devil, what the Devil's kingdom will lead to--total corruption & almost total destruction--& God is going to have to stop it with a war! The only way you can stop evil is to wipe it out, blot it out, slaughter the wicked, & that's what God's going to do!       Because the longer you let evil grow, the worse it gets!
       51. SO GOD BLESS DEAR SAINT JOHN, "EVEN SO, COME QUICKLY LORD JESUS!" The quicker He comes, the better! We'll all be better off! Even though it's bound to get a little worse before it gets better, it's going to be worth it! It's going to be worth it to be worse in order to make it better as soon as possible! So the sooner the better!
       52. IT'S KIND OF LIKE A WOMAN WITH CHILD, SHE DREADS THE ONCOMING PAIN OF BIRTH. But you ask most women carrying around that heavy child in the last few days, what would they say?--The sooner the better! You'll get a new life, a new child, a new citizen of the Kingdom of God!--Amen?

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family