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WORLD CURRENTS!--No.32 Compiled 4/86        DO 2233

       1. MY LORD, THOSE GOD-DAMNED SO-CALLED SCIENTISTS DON'T EVEN AGREE ON THE STATS ON EARTH, HOW CAN WE TRUST THEM ON THEIR STATS ON THE MOON? Their estimates of the size of Mt. Everest vary all the way from 27 to 29,000 feet, & their estimates of the area of sea on the Earth vary everywhere from 2/3 to 4/5 or something like that. Since I was a kid they keep changing their minds! So how the Hell can we trust them on their stats on the Moon? We're just going to forget those stats on the Moon! We can't even trust them on how far away the Moon is or how big it is or any of those stats!
       2. YOU CAN'T TRUST SCIENCE ANY MORE UNLESS YOU CAN SEE IT WITH YOUR OWN EYES & FEEL IT WITH YOUR OWN HANDS! I mean it! Just forget it! All we can be sure of is what God says & what the Lord shows us! We can't trust them on anything--palaeontology, evolution, astrophysics, distance of the stars, Moon or even the height of Mt. Everest! How can we trust them about anything? A lot of it is theories & lies & fiendish devilish propaganda! So I'm going to really blast them in that Chapter instead! (See HC 13, "More on the Moon!")
       3. ALL THE ENCYCLOPEDIAS ARE DIFFERENT, THEY ALL TELL DIFFERENT STORIES, all their stats are different! I'm beginning to doubt whether the guys ever went to the Moon or not! I mean it! The whole thing could have been faked, the whole thing could be phoney just like in that movie "Capricorn 1"! Who knows whether they ever went to the Moon or not?
       4. I MEAN TO TELL YOU, I'M DOUBTING THESE GOD-DAMNED SO-CALLED SCIENTISTS WITH THEIR PROFANE & VAIN BABBLINGS OF SCIENCE FALSELY SO-CALLED! That's what Saint Paul thought about them & that's the way I feel! (1Tim.6:20) After all that variety of stats about the Moon & everything different, it is ridiculous, it made us look like fools! Well, we're not the fools, they're the fools! And I'm going to put the blame where it belong!
       5. EVERY ONE OF THESE ENCYLOPEDIAS HAS A DIFFERENT SET OF STATS, IT'S REALLY A SCREAM! (Fam: On top of that, each one says "relatively" & "approximately".)--Yes, in other words it's somebody else's guess, it's another guess or another lie! I'm beginning to even doubt that they went to the Moon! I don't think you can trust science falsely so-called at all! They're a whole bunch of godless liars & to Hell with them as far as I'm concerned! I'm not going to believe any of their stats any more for anything! Look how far off they are on the distances of the stars & stuff like that, all these millions of light years, blah blah, a bunch of hogshit is about the best I can call it!

       6. I wonder if those evil spirits sometimes don't take advantage of people when they're unconscious in an accident or something & take them over.--Because sometimes they're like a different person later!

       7. (MARIA: THE CATHOLICS & THE JEWS ARE MAKING A FORMAL ANNOUNCEMENT OF THEIR KINSHIP!) They're making peace. (Maria: They made the Pope bow down now, formally.) You notice they're not sending their chief Rabbi to the Vatican, they're having the Pope go to the chief synagogue of Rome, to eat humble pie & beg their forgiveness for the way the Catholics have treated the Jews all these years & to be sure & promise them they won't hold them responsible for Jesus' death any more, blah blah!
       8. THAT'S ONE OF THEIR BIGGEST THINGS, THE JEWS HAVE GOT THAT GUILT CONSCIENCE ON THEIR MIND, TRYING TO GET EVERYBODY TO SAY THE JEWS WEREN'T TO BLAME! I'll tell you, the New Testament doesn't say it! That made me sick when Carter did that. He was reading the New Testament in his Sunday School class in Washington that he had at the National Church there, & it was just what he read in the Bible. Somehow it got out, of course probably reporters were there, & they made him go back & apologise in class next Sunday, that the Jews were not responsible for Jesus' death after all, you shouldn't blame them, blah blah! What sickening Christians, they've got no guts at all!

       9. WHILE IN SOUTH AFRICA WE SAW A PROGRAM ABOUT THE BODY, ABOUT PHANTOM LIMBS!--How that even people who've had a hand or foot or arm or leg cut off still have the feeling that it's still there! They can still wiggle their fingers & their toes & everything, & yet the leg's not even there! And I guess you've heard about the Russian ESP experiments, how they photographed auras, & in the auras they discovered that even people whose leg or arm had been cut off, the phantom of their entire body was still there!
       10. IN OTHER WORDS, AS I WOULD INTERPRET IT, THE SPIRITUAL BODY WAS STILL ALL THERE, so when you leave this life you're not going to leave it limbless & go into the Spiritual World deformed! You'll look much like you do now, according to the Bible, but you're not going to be that deformed that you'll be missing any limbs or anything. You still have that limb with you & the people still feel like it's there! Isn't that amazing?

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