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GO EAST!--WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE! 7/85        DO 2235

       1. OUR FAMILY HAS GOT LOTS OF PEOPLE STILL UP NORTH, SAD TO SAY! A lot of people who still haven't had the faith or for some reason or other haven't been able to get down South or out East on the mission field are still there. Some people have some reasons why maybe they just can't, & we've even had some people say that they felt called to be there to minister to the dying & the injured when it happens. Well, I'm sure glad I don't have that call! I'd rather be ministering to the living in the South or the East, wouldn't you?--To people who have some hope of doing some good & helping other people!
       2. I NEVER WAS TOO MUCH ON MINISTERING TO THE DYING, IT'S A PRETTY DEPRESSING MINISTRY. I never liked hospitals. God bless the doctors & nurses, but I never cared too much for them either, especially if they were working on me, therefore I steered clear of hospitals all I could! They have the stench of death & always have funny smells anyhow. I just didn't like to be around all those sick people. I went there to visit the sick & I had to visit the dying sometimes, but it was a very unpleasant ministry, I must say.
       3. SOME HOSPITALS ARE NOT SO BAD. They've got hospitals where they're not all dying or they're not all full of diseases, they've got children's hospitals & old folks' hospitals & places where our Family go to minister & sing & pass out literature. I think that's wonderful! But it's a really sacrificial dangerous ministry with all those diseases floating around in the air, kind of a depressing atmosphere.
       4. BUT ANYWAY, I DON'T CARE TO BE HANGING AROUND IN THOSE NORTHERN COUNTRIES UNDER ATOMIC ATTACK IF I CAN HELP IT! Our purpose is to try to evangelise the whole World, & of all places in the World, there are more people living out in the East & in Asia & the Pacific islands & all than anyplace else in the World! Just think, about 3/4 of the World's population, & it's getting to be about 4/5 of the World's population, lives in the East!--And definitely in the Eastern hemisphere, as it's called.
       5. THE WESTERN HEMISPHERE ONLY CONTAINS NORTH & SOUTH AMERICA, & their combined population is only about 600 million--350 million in South America, & about 250 million in North America, at the most 700 million people. Think of that, not even a billion people! There are now over 5 billion people on Earth, & North & South America all put together don't even have one-fourth of that! So about 4/5 of the World's population lives in the East!
       6. THE EAST IS WHERE THE PEOPLE ARE! If you want to witness to a lot of people, if you want to win souls & get a lot of people to go to Heaven, go where the people are, out where there's people, people, people! You can't look in any direction but what there's people, people, people!
       7. OUT IN ARIZONA WE USED TO HAVE WHAT THEY CALLED "SHOTGUN HOUSES". It meant that they were so long & so narrow if someone shot a shotgun through the front door out the back door it would kill everybody in the house! We don't do things like that, don't worry, it just meant it was so narrow. But out in the East, you look any direction & your eyeshot will hit at least millions of people almost any direction that you look! There's no place you can look where there aren't people, oodles of people, hundreds of people, thousands of people, millions of people!
       8. SO IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO WITNESS TO YOU NEED TO GET OUT IN THE EAST WHERE THERE'S BILLIONS OF THEM!--4/5 of the World's population living in the Eastern Hemisphere! You know, the World is divided into Eastern & Western Hemispheres. The Western Hemisphere contains only North & South America, & the Caribbean too of course, two big continents. The Eastern Hemisphere contains four major continents. What are they? (Fam: Europe, Asia, Australia, Africa.) Four of the biggest continents in the World are in the Eastern Hemisphere, & 4/5 of the World's population! I'm just estimating roughly there, but I think that's pretty close. You've got 700 million in North & South America with at least five billion people in the World, so you've got about 4/5 of the population in the Eastern Hemisphere.
       9. SO IF YOU WANT PEOPLE TO WITNESS TO, SOULS TO WIN & WHERE THEY NEED THE GOSPEL THE MOST, WHERE THEY'VE HAD THE LEAST, THE EAST IS THE PLACE TO COME! So why in the Hell would anybody want to stay in that Hell of the North where they're all mostly going to get wiped out? They're almost getting wiped out already, they're having so much trouble & wars & crime & hardships, & besides, it's cold & they need a lot of fuel! It's a terrible place to live in the North!
       10. BUT IN THE EAST THERE ARE PEOPLE, PEOPLE, PEOPLE EVERYWHERE! I mean there are just so many people! So if those people in the North want to witness they ought to come South or East! They'll find lots of people to witness to! They may not make big salaries like they do in North America & Europe, there may not be much money, but the Lord's been good to us, hasn't He? He takes care of us. I think we're happier here than we've ever been. We're comfortable & we're surviving & I think we're doing great!--And we're getting more work accomplished than we ever did before! So PTL! Hallelujah! Thank God for the South & the East! And I hope all of our poor people that are still left in the North get out!--And go South & especially East where the people are!--Amen? GBY!

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