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       1. (Note from Sara: David had been seriously ill with a high fever for two days, & everyone was trying their best to be quiet in the house & pray for him. But when his fever rose to 39.9 degrees C (104 degrees F) & he was overcome by delirium, I called for Dad & Maria & Peter to come lay hands on him & pray for him. As the staff also united in prayer, Dad entered David's sick room, loudly rebuking the Devil in the mighty power of the Spirit, & he had David also repeat the prayer & make a stand against the Enemy, even though he was so weak with fever & delirious!)

       2. (STRONG TONGUES!) HALLELUJAH! TYJ! HALLELUJAH! REBUKE THE ENEMY IN THE NAME OF JESUS CHRIST! Flee & depart from this place, in the name of Jesus we ask Thee! Depart from this body & leave this child of God alone! In the name of Jesus we ask, right now! In Jesus' name! Rebuke the power of Satan! We rebuke you, in Jesus' name! In the name of Jesus! Amen! Do you love Jesus, David? (David: Yes!) TYL! Say, "I don't want anything that's not of Jesus!" (David: I don't want anything that's not of Jesus!) Amen! Say, "Jesus, help me!" (David: Jesus help me!) Heal me! (David: Heal me!) I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name! (David: I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name!) Amen! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ!

       3. REBUKE THE ENEMY! REBUKE THIS FEAR, LORD, IN JESUS' NAME! You can do it right now, Lord! Rebuke it, Lord, in the name of Jesus! (Tongues) Hallelujah! TYL! TYJ! PYL! Amen! TYL! In Jesus' name! PYL! Have you got some oil? Amen, thank You Lord! You promised, Lord, "Is any sick among you, let him call for the elders of the church & let them pray over him, anointing him with oil in the name of the Lord! And the prayer of faith shall save the sick & the Lord shall raise him up, & if he has committed sins, they shall be forgiven him!" (Jam.5:14-15) So we are doing it right now, Lord! We are the elders of this church.

       4. DO YOU WANT US TO PRAY FOR YOU, DAVID? (David: Yes.) Do you want to call for the elders of the church? (David: Yes.) Say, "I call for the elders of the church!" (David: I call for the elders of the church.) To pray over me. (David: To pray over me.) Anointing me with oil in the name of the Lord. (David: Anointing me with oil in the name of the Lord.) And the prayer of faith shall save the sick. (David: And the prayer of faith shall save the sick.) And the Lord shall raise him up! (David: And the Lord shall raise him up.) In Jesus' name. (David: In Jesus' name.) And if I have committed sins. (David: And if I have committed sins.) They will be forgiven me. (David: They will be forgiven me.) You said so, Lord. Say, "You said so, Lord." (David: You said so, Lord.) It's Your Word, Lord! (David: It's Your Word, Lord.) I claim it, Lord! (David: I claim it, Lord!) Right now! (David: Right now!) In Jesus' name! (David: In Jesus' name!)

       5. I REBUKE THE DEVIL! (David: I rebuke the Devil!) And all the power of the Enemy! (David: And all the power of the Enemy!) In the name of Jesus! (David: In the name of Jesus!) You promised, Lord, "resist the Enemy & he will flee from you!" (Jam.4:7) (David: You promised, Lord, resist the Enemy & he will flee from you!) I resist you, Devil! (David: I resist you, Devil!) In Jesus' name! (David: In Jesus' name!) Now flee from me! (David: Now flee from me!) In the name of Jesus! (David: In the name of Jesus!) Amen! PTL! TYJ! Hallelujah! PTL!

       6. GOD BLESS YOU, SWEET BOY! AMEN! "MANY ARE THE AFFLICTIONS OF THE RIGHTEOUS!" (David: "Many are the afflictions of the righteous.") "But the Lord delivereth him out of them all!" (David: "But the Lord delivereth him out of them all.") (Psa.34:19) PYJ! TYL! Amen! All? All of them? (David: Yes!) TYL! PYJ! Amen! TYL! Amen!

       7. "CONFESS YOUR FAULTS TO ONE ANOTHER THAT YOU MAY BE HEALED!" (Jam.5:16) Is there anything that you think you might have done to bring this on, David? (David: I don't know.) Is there any sin you want to confess, that you think maybe you did something wrong? We have to be open & honest with the Lord & confess our sins. Anything you want to confess, Sweet Boy? Is there any way you think you might have disobeyed the Lord? Think hard, Son. In Jesus' name! Help him to confess, Lord, if not before us, at least to Thee. Are you confessing to the Lord, Son? (David: Yes.) Amen! Well, He says also, "Confess your faults to one another that you may be healed," so maybe you ought to tell us. Can you think of anything that you shouldn't have done?--Any fault that you have that brought this on? (David: Maybe I didn't put a jacket on when I should have.) Amen, Son, praise the Lord, God bless you!

       8. AMEN, DO YOU LOVE JESUS? (David: Yes.) Do you believe He loves you? (David: Yes.) Say, praise the Lord! (David: Praise the Lord!) Say, thank You Jesus! (David: Thank You Jesus!) Amen, thank You Lord! Sometimes the Lord gets His greatest victories along the neglected path of praise! Are you thanking the Lord & praising Him in spite of your sickness, Honey? (David: Yes!) Praise You Jesus! Thank You Lord! Amen! TYJ!

       9. HAVE YOU BEEN COMPLAINING OR MURMURING ABOUT ANYTHING? That's one thing the Lord really doesn't like! Have you been complaining or murmuring about anything? Can Sara remind you of anything? You mean he's absolutely perfect? (Sara: He didn't want to put a jacket on a few times, that's true. I asked him to & he didn't really want to. I don't really know of any murmuring, maybe so. Could be.) He confessed that. Amen!

       10. WELL NOW, LORD, HE'S CONFESSED THE ONE THING THAT HE THOUGHT OF, we know he doesn't like to wear warm clothes, Lord, he's so hot-blooded. But he needs to put warm clothes on to stay healthy. And to not dress up or dress down according to temperature changes, Lord, is dangerous. It causes sickness & you can catch cold & fevers & all kinds of things, Lord!

       11. SO WE DO ASK THEE RIGHT NOW, IN JESUS' NAME, YOU PROMISED, LORD! You said, "These signs shall follow them which believe"--& we believe--"they shall lay hands on the sick & they shall recover!" (Mk.16:17,18) So Lord, we are laying hands on this, Thy sick child right now, & You promised that he'd recover. So he's in Your hands & we believe You've heard these prayers! And we know You've heard these prayers, Lord! We know he's in Your hands, we know he loves You, we know, Lord, that You love him. PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! So he's Yours, Lord!

       12. HELP THIS AFFLICTION TO TEACH HIM SOMETHING, LORD, to be more obedient, more quick to obey when he's asked to do something & not doing it grumbling & reluctantly & murmuring or complaining. When Sara tells him to do something or put a jacket on, to do it, & do it quick!--To say "Yes, Ma'am," or "Yes, Sir," whatever it is, Lord, in Jesus' name!

       13. WE KNOW, LORD, SOMETIMES HE'S HAD A LITTLE INCLINATION TO BE HURT & TO GRUMBLE & TO COMPLAIN about some things he's asked to do & not want to do them. So Lord, we ask Thee to rebuke this murmuring spirit he has sometimes! Rebuke, Lord, this rebellious, reluctant spirit he has sometimes, in Jesus' name, & this feeling of hurt that he's been offended or mistreated when he hasn't. We're just concerned about him & his work & about his health & we're just trying to get him to do things he should do, & to do them right, the way he should do them, Lord.

       14. HELP HIM NOT TO BE HURT ABOUT OBEYING! Help him not to be hurt, Lord, about having to do this or that. Help him not to complain, not even in his heart, Lord, not even to be offended in his heart, but to be thankful for all things, Lord, "in everything give thanks," to be joyful, more cheerful, happier, Lord, & more praising You, Jesus, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Amen! PTL! TYJ! Praise the Lord, Sweet Boy! Praise the Lord, Son! Praise Him! The Devil hates to hear praise! (David praises the Lord!) Amen! TYL! PYJ! Hallelujah! TYL! Amen, thank You Lord! PTL! TYJ!

       15. AMEN, I THINK YOUR FEVER'S EVEN BETTER! TYL! It's only in his head, the rest of his body doesn't seem to be feverish at all. (Sara: He's really cooling off!)--Really? TYL! TYL! You've rebuked this fever, Lord, this enemy, Lord, this devil, Lord, in the name of Jesus! TYL! PYJ!--And he has flown, fled, Lord, before Thy name & Thy mighty power & Thy Angels protecting Thy child!

       16. WE KNOW THAT YOU ALLOW THESE TESTS, LORD! We're not to think that it's something that we can't overcome, Lord, but it's tests & trials to test our strength as soldiers of Thy cross, to battle with the Devil & the Enemy to strengthen us on how to fight, Lord, in Jesus' name we ask for Thy glory! Amen! PYJ! TYL! Amen, Lord, thank You Lord!

       17. WE BELIEVE THE VICTORY'S WON, HE'S IN THY HANDS, LORD! Help him now to obey Sara & do what she says to do & to stay good & warm no matter how hot he feels. Lord, heat is good for a fever. Keep him hot & drive it out!--Burning up these poisons that are in his body, from something, or fromthe Enemy. TYJ!

       18. IS THERE ANYTHING HE'S EATEN LATELY THAT'S DIFFERENT FROM USUAL? Can you think of anything you've eaten lately, Son, that was different from usual?--Not that we have to worry about it now, but you need to avoid things in the future that bring on things like this. Well praise the Lord, Son, you're better! GBY!

       19. (MARIA: ONE THING I WONDERED, HONEY, MAYBE YOU'VE BEEN MURMURING IN YOUR HEART THAT THE LORD HASN'T HEALED YOUR PIMPLES YET. Do you think so?)(David: Yes.) Maybe that's to keep you humble, Honey, praise the Lord? (Maria: The pimples don't hurt you, do they, & they don't hurt other people, but you certainly don't want anything worse!) Maybe they're just to keep you humble, Son, right? (David: Yes.) PTL! There are things I think the Lord allows Grandpa to suffer just to keep me humble!--So I won't get too self-righteous & too proud & too hard on others. PTL? Amen! PTL! Why don't you wipe his forehead off, Honey. Do you have a nice cool cloth? PTL! TYL!

       20. THE DEVIL'S FIGHTING BUT HE CAN'T WIN! Amen, thank You Jesus! Thank You Lord for answering prayer! You never fail, Lord, not in one of all Thy good promises You promised, Lord! TYJ! PTL! Well, it sure got the Family to praying, that's good for them, David! If it didn't do anything else, it made them really get down on their prayer bones & pray for you, really pray! TYL!

       21. AMEN, THANK YOU LORD FOR THE VICTORY! TYJ! Now help him to rest, Lord, to sleep & recuperate his strength, in Jesus' name. You promised, "As thy day, so shall thy strength be, & when I am weak, then I am strong, for Thy strength is made perfect in my weakness." (Deut.33:25; 2Cor. 12:9,10) PTL! TYJ! Can you say that one? (David: "When I am weak, then I am strong, for Thy strength is made perfect in weakness.") TYL! "Thy strength is made perfect in my weakness." TYJ! Say, "As my day, so shall my strength be." (David: "As my day, so shall my strength be.") So whatever kind of day you have to have, the Lord is going to give you strength for it.--Even if it's to lie in bed resting & getting plenty of sleep.

       22. I THINK THAT'S ANOTHER THING, YOU HAVEN'T BEEN GETTING AS MUCH SLEEP LATELY AS YOU SHOULD GET, you've been staying up too late & getting up early before you really were ready to wake up, & we're partly responsible for that. (Maria: And maybe you haven't been having naps in the afternoon.)--Yes, what about the naps? Have you been having a nap every day? (David: No, every few days.) Well, he needs to really be made to take naps. (Maria: He works hard.)

SUPPOSED TO DO EVERY DAY, & WHAT YOU SHOULD DO EVERY DAY, SOMETIMES THE LORD MAKES YOU CATCH UP!--If we abuse our bodies & overdo. Now you've got to stay in bed all the time for a day or two in order to catch up! You're a good worker, Honey, but you don't want to work too hard just to show how good a worker you are! You've still got to take care of your body & make sure that you stay warm & make sure you're getting plenty of rest. Are you getting plenty to eat? (David: Yes.) Okay! Can you think of anything else that you might not have done or did do that you shouldn't have done?

       24. YOU'VE GOT TO BE HONEST WITH THE LORD & YOU'VE GOT TO BE HONEST WITH OTHERS, HONEY! Don't try to hide it, you'll never get away with it! "He that covereth his sin shall never prosper, but he that confesseth it"--what? (David: "Shall have mercy!") PTL! The Lord will forgive! (Pro.28:13).

       25. SO YOU MUST TAKE GOOD CARE OF YOUR BODY & GET PLENTY OF SLEEP, & get good naps, especially when you stay up late! That's partly our fault, Mama, letting him stay up late nights reading & all. They love to read, but sometimes they've stayed up a little later than they should, & then they wake up pretty early in the morning. They even set their alarm so they'll be sure to get to breakfast in time, & sometimes it's been pretty hard for them to get up.

       26. SO I THINK THEY NEED MORE REST! He needs to be encouraged to at least take a nap, even a short nap, Son, in the afternoon. Just lie down & try to see if you need to sleep. That's what I figure, if it's God's Will for me to go to sleep & I need it, He'll help me go to sleep!

       27. IF I HAVEN'T ABUSED THE PRIVILEGES OR ABUSED MY BODY IN SOME WAY, if I haven't disobeyed or broken the health rules, the Lord is very faithful to keep me in pretty good health. PTL! I hardly ever catch colds & most of the time I'm pretty fit! PTL! I've had this little cough, but it doesn't bother me too much, thank the Lord, except when I try to go to sleep. (Maria: The Lord's healing you because we're all praying!) Yes, it's much better, it hasn't bothered me near as much! TTL! I can't think of anything else right now. (Maria: The Lord heals you from every ailment! The Lord's helped you with your eating, with your food.) Yes, the trouble is now I'm eating too much, I think! (Maria: Oh, no!--You don't eat as much as I do!)

       28. (MARIA: GRANDPA LOVES YOU SO MUCH, HONEY, IN THE NIGHT HE WAS SO SAD THAT HE MADE YOU CRY THE OTHER DAY IN OUR CLASS. He was feeling real bad about that.) I didn't mean to! But you're awfully sensitive, you get hurt pretty easy. And you know what that is? (David: Pride.)--Pride, right! And pride comes from where? (David: Sin.) From sin? It is a sin. But it originated with whom? (David: The Devil.)--Right! It caused his fall out of Heaven, right?

       29. MY MOTHER WAS EXTREMELY SENSITIVE, & THAT WAS ONE OF HER PROBLEMS, HER PRIDE! She'd get sensitive & offended by little things, like when my Dad would say something that he didn't even intend to offend her.--Such as I did the other day in class. I didn't intend to offend you, I was just trying to get some answers! So my Dad would say to her, "Sensitiveness is born of pride, & pride is of the Devil, & the Devil is from Hell!" So he was telling her that her sensitiveness was from Hell!

       30. (DAVID: I FEEL DIZZY!) Well, praise the Lord. Thank the Lord, Honey, you're often dizzy after sickness or a fever. PTL! TYJ! Rebuke the Enemy, Lord, in Jesus' name! Keep your eyes on Jesus, Son! Maybe there's something else the Lord wants you to confess! I don't think the Devil likes this little talk I'm giving you! He's resisting it in your mind, even making you dizzy, because it's the truth & you know it!

       31. NOW REBUKE THE ENEMY IN JESUS' NAME! (David: I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name!) I rebuke your pride, Satan! (David: I rebuke your pride, Satan!) I rebuke this sensitive spirit that tries to make me offended at little things! (David: I rebuke this sensitive spirit that tries to make me offended at little things.)--In Jesus' name! (David: Amen!)

       32. DELIVER ME FROM THIS PRIDE, LORD! (David: Deliver me from this pride, Lord.) Deliver me from this sensitive spirit that makes me offended so easily. (David: Deliver me from this sensitive spirit that makes me offended so easily.) Help me, Lord, to resist this pride. (David: Help me, Lord, to resist this pride.) To be humble, accept rebuke & not get offended & hurt. (David: To be humble, accept rebuke & not get offended & hurt.) Because that's pride, Lord. (David: Because that's pride, Lord.) And I don't want to be proud, Lord. (David: And I don't want to be proud, Lord.) Help me not to be proud, Lord. (David: Help me not to be proud, Lord.) Help me to be humble, willing to take rebuke. (David: Help me to be humble.)--In Jesus' name! We resist you, Satan, in the name of Jesus! Praise You Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Thank the Lord! Praise the Lord! (David: Thank You Lord! Thank You Jesus!)--In Jesus' name, amen!

       33. I LOVE YOU, JESUS! (David: I love You, Jesus!) I hate you, Satan! (David: I hate you, Satan!) I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name! (David: I rebuke you, Satan, in Jesus' name.) In the name of Jesus! (David: In the name of Jesus!) PTL! Hallelujah! TYJ! Amen!

       34. WHAT KIND OF NOURISHMENT HAS HE HAD? (Sara: He's just had juice since he's been sick.) Is that all he wants? Well, that's quite nourishing, I know it lasts me a long time. Praise the Lord, Son, lots of times when you're weak it makes you dizzy, so don't worry about it. Don't worry about things! Don't be fearful!

       35. SAY, "I REBUKE THE SPIRIT OF FEAR, IN JESUS' NAME!" (David: I rebuke the spirit of fear!) Help me, Lord, to have faith! (David: Help me to have faith.) In You, Jesus. (David: In You, Jesus.) To trust You, Jesus. (David: To trust You, Jesus.) "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace..." (David: "Thou shalt keep him in perfect peace...") "Whose mind is stayed on Thee..." (David: "Whose mind is stayed on Thee...") "Because he trusteth in Thee!" (David: "Because he trusteth in Thee!") (Isa.26:3) Thank You Jesus! In Jesus' name! PTL! TYJ! Amen! Praise the Lord, Honey, thank You Jesus! TYJ! TYL! Amen. PTL!

       36. HAS HE FELT SICK AT HIS STOMACH OR NAUSEATED? (Sara: No, just the fever!) Amen, how do you feel now, Son? (David: Good.) PTL! Better? (David: Yes.) TYJ! Amen, well now you just rest, okay?--And rest in the Lord, & do good, & thy days will be long in the land!" (Psa.37:3,7) PTL! Amen? TYJ! PTL! It also says, "Honour thy father & thy mother," which He said was the first commandment with reward, with promise, "that thy days may be long in the land, & verily thou shalt be fed" (Exo.20:12; Eph.6:1-3). And Sara's one of your mamas, & this Mama & Daddy, & you've got a lot of parents around here that you have to honour, right? PTL!

       37. YOU'RE NOT COLD NOW, ARE YOU? If you're cold you should put a blanket on you, because sometimes when you have a fever you get cold. Do you want a blanket?--Or are you comfortable? (David: I'm comfortable.) Okay, Sweet Boy! PTL! All right, now you go back to sleep, okay? You're in the Lord's hands, amen? PTL! In Jesus' name. He's completely in Thy hands, Lord, he's Thy child & You love him, Lord, & You're going to take care of him. Is that right, David? (David: Yes, that's right.) Do you trust the Lord? (David: Yes!) Say, "I trust Jesus." Say it to Him, "I trust You, Jesus." (David: I trust You, Jesus!) Thank You Jesus! (David: Thank You Lord!) Praise You Lord! (David: Thank You Jesus!) Hallelujah! (David: Hallelujah!) Thank You Jesus! (David: Thank You Jesus!)

       38. USE THE NAME OF JESUS! Not even Lord is sufficient, say Jesus! Even Satan-worshippers call the Devil "Lord"! You've got to make sure what Lord you're talking to! "At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow!" (Phil.2:10) Keep saying Jesus, Son! (David: Jesus! Jesus!) PTL! Say, "Jesus help me!" (David: Jesus help me!) Finish the work, Jesus! (David: Finish the work, Jesus.) Help me to rest now, Jesus. (David: Help me to rest now, Jesus.) Take away the dizziness, Jesus! (David: Take away the dizziness, Jesus!) In Jesus' name! (David: In Jesus' name.) And help me rest. (David: And help me rest.) Thank You Jesus!

       39. HELP ME NOT TO MURMUR & COMPLAIN! (David: Help me not to murmur & complain.) Or be hurt or sensitive, Lord. (David: Or be hurt or sensitive.)--In Jesus' name. (David: Amen.) Deliver me, Lord, in Jesus' name! (David: Deliver me, Lord, in Jesus' name.) Deliver me from all my sins! (David: Deliver me from all my sins.)--In Jesus' name, amen! PTL! TYJ! Amen? Praise the Lord? Thank You Jesus? Can you smile? PTL! Amen, Honey, are you thankful? (David: Yes.) Praise the Lord! Thank the Lord, thank You Jesus. One of the most important things in a fever is to be sure you keep him warm. Are you warm enough, Son? (David: Yes, Sir.) All right, praise the Lord, Son. Well, we've prayed, amen? And that's it!--Right? We believe the Lord heard us, & we leave it in the Lord's hands & know that He'll answer, in Jesus' name!

       40. WE LEAVE IT IN THY HANDS, LORD! Thank You for how faithfully Sara's cared for him & nurtured him all these years, through sickness & health, all this time, Lord, & always been so faithful & cared for him now, Lord. In Jesus' name we ask Thee to help her & give her wisdom as she nurses him, as his nurse & mother. Give her strength & patience, in Jesus' name. Did you get enough sleep last night, Honey? (Sara: Yes, Sir, & I slept in this morning with him, too.) Oh, thank You Lord! Thank you for taking such good care of him, Honey. We know he's in good hands, yours & the Lord's!

       41. THE LORD JUST WANTED US TO HAVE A LITTLE SPUNK & FIGHT THE DEVIL & SHOW THAT WE STILL TRUST IN HIM! TYL! We're not to worry about these trials & testings, how does that verse go? (Sara: "Think it not strange"?) That's the one, "Think it not strange"! That's a good one, quote it to him! (Sara: "Think it not strange concerning the fiery trial which is to try you, as though some strange thing happened unto you. But rejoice, inasmuch as ye are partakers of Christ's sufferings!") (1Pet.4:12,13) Amen! Can you rejoice in Christ's sufferings? (David: Yes!) PTL! TYJ! Amen, thank You Lord! Well, you're better, amen? PTL! TYL! Well, poor Sara's gotta go nurse the baby or she's going to be dripping milk all over the place! You just rest, David. Amen, you're in the Lord's hands!

       42. GRANDPA & MAMA HAVE GOT TO GO BACK TO THE LORD'S WORK, OKAY? We've got some wonderful things happening, marvellous things, & the Devil's really fighting! We're really making some terrific inroads into the Devil's territory! No wonder he's mad & trying to hit us in some weak spot. Okay, now don't you be the weak spot! Be strong in the strength of His might! Amen? PTL! "Resist the Enemy & he'll flee from you!" Be strong! Don't let the Devil get in through you! Amen? Don't let you be the little chink in the wall or anything to let him in. Resist the Devil, Son! Really fight him! PTL! TYJ!

       43. I THINK YOUR BABY'S WANTING TO EAT, SARA, YOU'D BETTER RUN ALONG! (Sara: I was going to pump it out & just give her a bottle, since he's had a fever.) Well, it's up to you, but goodness, I don't think she's going to get a fever from drinking your mother's milk, & that's the best thing for her. Honey, why don't we trust the Lord & you feed her! (Sara: Amen! It's much easier!) Who are you going to leave with him while you're gone? (Hope: I can stay here.) Okay, thank you, sweet girl!

       44. OKAY, WE'LL LEAVE YOU IN THE LORD'S HANDS NOW, PRAISE THE LORD? Can Grandpa & Mama go back to work for Jesus? You wouldn't want to stand in the way of the Lord's work, would you? (David: No.) (Maria: He never does! God bless him!) All right! TYJ! Lord bless & strengthen him now & give him a good rest. Completely cure this thing, whatever it is, & rebuke it! We've put him in Your hands, we've prayed, we've done all the things You told us to do, & that's all we can do, Lord! Now he's in Your hands & we know that You'll take care of him, You'll never fail! He's been sick many times, Lord, & You've always healed!--In Jesus' name, thank You Lord!

       45. SO HELP HIM TO REJOICE IN THEE! You said to rejoice! Are you rejoicing? (David: Yes!) PTL! Amen! You look like you're happy! You look happy! (Maria: Do you feel like going to sleep?) (David: Yes.) Let's let him go to sleep, praise the Lord. God bless you, Son, we love you! As soon as Mama & Grandpa heard that you were really sick we rushed right in! (Maria: And we were praying for you last night too.) Sometimes when it's just a little thing we don't always pay so much attention, but when we were told you were pretty sick we thought we'd better come & pray for you. Are you glad we came? (David: Yes!) All right, praise the Lord! Now try to go to sleep, okay? Rest & recuperate & get back your strength--the Lord's strength, amen? PTL! Lord bless & keep him now & keep him safe & help him to fight the good fight of faith & resist the Enemy!--In Jesus' name! PTL! TYL! Hallelujah! Amen!

       46. ALL RIGHT, SON, IF YOU NEED HELP, JUST CALL ON THE LORD! Amen?--Or call on Sara or whoever is with you to pray with you & rebuke the Devil! Hope is right here till Sara comes back. TYL! Do you love Jesus? (David: Yes!) Do you love Grandpa & Mama? (David: Yes!) Do you love the Family? (David: Yes!) PTL! Amen! TYJ! I love you, Son! Are you trusting the Lord? (David: Yes!) Okay, that's all we need to know! We'll see you later! Okay? Come see us when you feel better! I love you, & I hope that's soon! You've been through a real strain & now you need a little rest to regain your strength. PTL? TYL! ILY! Are you happy? You're looking better! Praise the Lord? (David: Amen!) Thank You Jesus? (David: Thank You Jesus!) Amen! Thank You Lord! Smile! Amen, that's good, I like to see you smile when I'm leaving so the last thing I can remember is your smile! xxx! I love you, Sweet Boy, God bless you! xxxxxxx! I love you, Sweetheart, go to sleep now. TYL!

       47. I HOPE HE'S WARM ENOUGH. (Hope: I have this lightweight sheet I can pull up over him.) Fevers, believe it or not, are sometimes good for us, they burn up the poisons in our system from things that we have eaten or things we shouldn't have done or some kind of poison. So sometimes fevers are good for us! We'll just put this over you a little while & if you get too hot, throw it off! I love you, Sweet Boy! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Thank You Lord! Okay, Honey, God bless you!
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(Two days later, after David's recovery:)

       48. IT WAS A REAL ATTACK OF THE DEVIL! It looks like he's really mad because we're having such success! I'll tell you, the Lord is really blessing, so the old dirty Devil tried to give us a little hard time! Sorry it had to be you, Son. (David: That's okay!) Anyhow, I'm sure you had lots of love & attention & they took good care of you. It's almost worth getting sick to just have a nurse like Sara! I don't think I'd feel too bad if I was sick if I had a nurse like Sara! Mmmmm, mmmmm! I'd be nursin' all the time! PTL!

       49. WELL, THANK THE LORD! HOW DO YOU FEEL? (David: I feel fine, my fever's all gone!) Do you feel a little weak or anything? You don't feel achy any more? (David: A little bit on my feet.) (Maria: The achiness left his legs.) (Sara: It went down his legs & out his feet!) Yes, how about that! It went out your toes, huh? That's the old Devil leavin', he was trying to get you down! Well, "many are the afflictions of the righteous," Honey, "but the Lord delivereth him out of them all!" (Psa.34:19). So praise the Lord! (Cook comes in with meal.)

       50. THAT MAKES ME HUNGRY, IT'S MY LUNCHTIME! I love you more than my lunch, how about that? I came in here first! PTL! (Maria: Sweet Grandpa!) Well, I'm not too sweet, as you know, Honey! (Maria: Oh, you're very sweet, Honey!) So, what did you have to eat last? (David: Chicken noodle soup.) Wow! (David: And some crackers & cheese.)

       51. WELL, I HEARD YOU FINALLY GOT THE VICTORY & YOU WERE PRAISING THE LORD! Thank the Lord, that was wonderful! (Maria: And a little while ago he listened to your prayer for him while he was sick.) Well, I don't know what the first part said that was in tongues, but I had the feeling it was challenging the Devil! I was really angry at Satan! I didn't know I was going to pray in tongues, it just suddenly happened! I mean, I just came in &, boom, the Lord was really mad at the Devil for getting you down! So I was really bawling out the Devil! Praise the Lord, Son, it did the work! (Sara: It sure did! It got us fightin' mad!) PTL! You've gotta fight!--Get up & fight, claim Scripture, praise the Lord & don't let him get you down! (Maria: It doesn't mean you have to get out of bed, but just get up in the Spirit.) Yes, of course.

       52. DO YOU FEEL A LITTLE WEAK YET? You can at least get to the bathroom & back, that's good! PTL! Well, when I was in the hospital, that was one thing I was sure glad for, when I could finally get to the bathroom & back. [DELETED]

       53. THANK YOU JESUS FOR PROTECTING THY CHILD & FOR ANSWERING WHAT WE ASKED THEE TO DO, LORD! We knew You would, Lord, because You love us & You love David & he loves You! Thank You even for this experience where he was tested & tried & went through the fire, the fiery furnace of this hot fever he had, Lord, & came out as pure gold! PTL! TYL!--Hallelujah!--And stronger & more victorious, knowing that he can fight the fight of faith & come through & win, in Jesus' name! Keep him strong & well & finish healing him! God bless you, Son! ILY!

       54. (TO SARA:) GOD BLESS YOU, SWEETHEART! XXXXXX! (Sara: Thank You Lord for the victory! Thanks for your prayers!) I wonder what I can do to get a nurse like this! How sick would I have to be to get a nurse like this? (Maria: You don't have to get sick just to have a nurse, I'll let you have a nurse any day!) Forgive me, Lord, I'm only kidding! Anyhow, if I were sick, I would like to have a nurse like you! God bless you, Son! (David: God bless you, Grandpa!)

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family


Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family