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WHY NOT?       DO 2243       12/86

       1. ALL OVER THE WORLD THE COMMUNISTS ARE WINNING THE PROPAGANDA WAR & the ideological war & the personality war. (Maria: They just make big demands & they get'm! "Ask & ye shall receive," it works on their side too!) Yes, exactly. (Maria: "According to your faith.") And they just tell big lies & people believe them--because they don't believe they could tell such big lies unless they were true! They're inspired by Satan, clever, winning the hearts of the people!
       2. I THINK THE PEOPLE ARE SO SICK & TIRED OF PRESENT CORRUPT AND BANKRUPT CAPITALIST REGIMES they'd almost like to try Communism & see if they could really do what they promise! Really, I think the poor countries are definitely tempted to try it! Especially those who really don't know or love the Lord are deceived by their lies "because they have not the love of the Truth, so they're sent strong delusion that they might believe a lie that they might be damned," in other words, get what they deserve for having rejected the truth of what we've told them & God's Word's told them! I'm sorry to say, that's about all I can see for some of those Third World countries now.
       3. THE LORD MAY SAVE THE CHRISTIANS SOMEHOW, THE FEW WHO REALLY LOVE THE LORD & really believe the Word & are aware of our warnings of the dangers, somehow He may figure out some way to save them. I think maybe one way He'll do it is because some are such Christian countries, like Latin America and the Philippines, that I don't think the Communists there would dare come out & openly oppose & persecute religion at first. I think they're going to slyly take over & proclaim that they're only a political force & have an economic ideology, but that they will not oppose the dominant religion or persecute the Christians. And that's the way the Lord may save the Christians, while He lets the Reds take over politically & economically in order to punish the rich for their sins & to help the poor. But they will do it slyly in such a way, I believe, that they will not hardly dare challenge the church! After all, the Catholic Church has been one of their biggest friends & helpers.
       4. THE REDS ARE GETTING BOLD ENOUGH & STRONG ENOUGH IN SOME COUNTRIES TO EVEN WIN IN LOCAL ELECTIONS & even some national elections, such as happened in Peru and Nicaragua recently. In the areas where they control, how would the people dare vote any other way? They'd probably allow no secret balloting, they'd probably inspect everybody's ballot to make sure they voted the right way, or mark'm for'm. You can bet your boots that every area that's now controlled by the Communists would have a landslide vote for Communist candidates!
       5. BUT I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO STEAL IN VERY CAUTIOUSLY, BECAUSE THOSE ARE PREDOMINANTLY CHRISTIAN & CATHOLIC COUNTRIES. They're going to claim that they don't oppose religion & they don't persecute Christians, that they're not the same kind of Communists that took over Russia, that Communism has learned a lot & they're going to avoid that sort of thing. And thereby, the Christians in some ways will be protected & allowed to survive & operate within certain limits. (Maria: Why not? They're no threat to'm anyway!) Good night, no! (Maria: They might as well let'm worship in their churches, if they're not doing anything to the Communists, if they're not going to fight them or anything!) In fact, the church is letting them take over! So why should they fight the Christians when the Christians are not fighting them!--Even cooperating with'm!--Like in Nicaragua where two Catholic priests are a part of the Cabinet.
       6. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE IT, THAT THEY'RE GOING TO BE VERY CAREFUL NOT TO OFFEND THE CHRISTIANS & NOT TO OFFEND THE CHURCH & to be models of exemplary behaviour regarding religion, to prove that what we have said about Communism is wrong & they do not oppose religion & they do not persecute Christians. I think they're going to do it deliberately to fool the Christians & deceive them & the church & allow them to exist, & probably even proclaim, "Look at us, we allow religious liberty!" Well, in both the Russian & Chinese Communist constitutions, they proclaim religious liberty, did you know that? They proclaim that they allow religious liberty & freedom, but in practice they of course actually fight it & persecute Christians.
       7. BUT I THINK SOME OF THOSE COUNTRIES ARE GOING TO BE THE MODELS, THE EXEMPLARY MODELS OF COMMUNISM, TO PROVE TO THE WORLD THAT THE COMMUNISTS CAN GET ALONG WITH THE CHRISTIANS!--Because there are quite a few powerful Christian countries the Communists would like to take over, who are using that excuse for not going Communist: that the Communists are going to abolish religion & slaughter the Christians. The Communists are going to prove in those countries that they're not that bad, that they allow freedom & liberty, including religious liberty & freedom, don't fight the church, don't fight religion of any kind, in fact they're even good to the Christians & will help them & be good to them, blah blah!
       8. I THINK THE DEVIL IS GOING TO BE REAL SMART TO DO IT THAT WAY. And, in a way, that will help our Family to survive a little longer. But I don't think these pro-Communist governments are going to allow any real potent anti-Communist movements or real potent or powerful anti-Communist propaganda, they're going to say that's against the government. They don't like anti-government propaganda. They take over newspapers, radio & TV stations to make sure that they don't speak against the government, & they don't allow attacks on Communism & the Communists, or anti-Communist literature.
       9. SOME GOVERNMENT OFFICIALS ARE JUST THE KIND THAT COULD WORK WITH THE COMMUNISTS, compromisers, no guts as far as religion or religious convictions are concerned--critics, sceptics & unbelievers. If they pray, it's like the pagan business of going through the motions of some kind of ritual just to keep the devils away! So that I think some of those governments would be the perfect type of governments to receive the Communists & let them in & then gradually let them take over, cooperate with them in sort of a compromise coalition.
       10. BUT I THINK THE WAY THE LORD MAY BE GOING TO PRESERVE THE CHRISTIANS IS TO HAVE THE COMMUNISTS PRESERVE THEM, TO PROVE THAT THEY'RE NOT AS BAD AS THEY'RE CRACKED UP TO BE!--At first! I really believe it! That's the only way I can see it. And that way they're going to allay the fears of the people: "See? We're not so bad, we're not monsters, we're not evil like some of these Christian groups are saying in their propaganda! Look how tolerant we are, look how broad-minded we are & advocate freedom & liberty & democracy & religious liberty!"
       11. (MARIA: I DOUBT IF THEY'VE EVEN DEMANDED THAT ALL THEIR RECRUITS FORSAKE CATHOLICISM! They probably just let them be Catholics if it doesn't hurt anything.) Yes, especially as long as the Catholics are cooperating with them. Priests lead them & nuns minister to them & the church sympathises with them, so why should they? (Maria: So in other words, they don't really have to be atheists or Marxists.) No. And the Communists don't have to fight the church or religion because it's helping them, cooperating with them, assisting them, letting them in! So why should they fight'm?
       12. WHY SHOULD THEY FIGHT THEIR FRIENDS, THE CHURCH & A LOT OF THOSE LIBERAL CHRISTIANS! (Maria: It's like the Evangelicals with the Jews: They don't have to fight the Evangelicals.) Yes, the Evangelical Christians are the Jews' best friends!--Promote'm, support'm, propagandise for'm, defend'm, lobby for them, the works! [DELETED]
       13. THEN, OF COURSE, THE COMMUNISTS, HAVING TAKEN OVER & CONSOLIDATED THEIR HOLD on those countries & in the government & working together with the church & the Christians & blah blah blah, & supporting their governments & economic measures, etc., I can see how eventually they really could get control. Then, particularly, I think, when the Antichrist comes along, of course, then they will start trying to clamp down on religion & Christianity, Christians, when they've got everything under control.
       14. THEY'RE SLIPPING IN NOW BY DECEIT wearing a happy face, a false face, false fronts--even calling them fronts--& deceiving the people until they get in control. And by the time they get in absolute control, then they can begin to eliminate religion & religionists & have purges, particularly of their sworn enemies. So that's probably the way they're going to operate.
       15. I THINK WORLD COMMUNISM & THE POWERS BEHIND IT ALL ARE ENGINEERING THIS WHOLE THING RIGHT NOW FROM THE ANTICHRIST WORLD HEADQUARTERS! [DELETED] And he's leading them to do it very carefully & judiciously, tactfully, diplomatically, to show the people how broadminded they are now & how tolerant they are, how much they want peace. In other words, they're the ones suing for peace, they're the ones promoting peace--not the government or the military--but they're posing as the real peacemakers & vilifying the military as the ones who want to destroy peace. Recently, in Peru, the military got so fed up with them that they shot 400 Communist leaders who came out openly against Garcia.
       16. THE MILITARY IS THEIR MAJOR ENEMY THEY'RE GOING TO TRY TO GET RID OF FIRST OF ALL, & it looks like they're going to do it by a literal takeover of some of the spineless, liberalistic governments, & appointing only people who sympathise with the Communists & like the Communists, so that eventually they can collaborate & merge. In other words, they're trying to take the military from within. In the Philippines, for example, they couldn't beat them face-to-face, they couldn't beat them at arms, so they're conquering the military by infiltration--mostly by appointments by a pro-Communist president--& the putdown of any officers & men who are rabid anti-Communists. So it'll be a real purge, to get rid of all the anti-Communists who wouldn't tolerate Communism, especially in the military.--As one official warned our people in the Philippines, "It's encouraging the people to fight against the government when you put out anti-Communist propaganda," which means the government is pro-Communist! They don't like anti-Communism, they want you to be pro-Communist, friends of the Communists!
       17. SO THAT'S THE WAY I CAN SEE HOW THEY'RE TAKING OVER. THEY'RE GOING TO SLYLY TAKE OVER FROM WITHIN, the Trojan Horse, infiltration, fifth column, through their Communist sympathisers--"fellow travellers," they used to call them, Pinks, sympathisers, friends. And of course anyone who's not against the Communists is for them! So they know that!
       18. SO THAT'S THE WAY I SEE HOW THEY'RE GOING TO DO IT. BUT IN SOME WAYS THAT'S GOOD NEWS FOR OUR FAMILY!--Because it means that they will try their best to be on their best behaviour, not to oppose religion at first, & not to proclaim atheism & anti-God propaganda, & not to persecute Christians & oppose the church, to try to persuade the people that Communism is not so bad after all, just a little different political & economic ideology, & not against religion.
       19. AND ESPECIALLY IF THEY HELP THE PREDOMINANT POPULATION OF THE POOR, THEY'LL CERTAINLY WIN THEIR HEARTS! Because very few of those governments have done a thing for the poor, not a thing, not a really major revolutionary thing for the poor! The poor are just as poor & living in just as much squalor & poverty as before. They're promising to do things, but they haven't done anything yet. They don't even have the money to do it. (Maria: When the Communists get in control, they won't have to do it then anyway, because they'll be in control, they'll be the last government. So whether they do anything for the poor or not won't much matter.)
       20. WELL, THEY'RE GOING TO DO ENOUGH FOR THE POOR TO MAKE SURE THEY WIN THE POOR TO THEIR SIDE, or keep promising the poor that they're going to do these things. But whether they have to do them or not, that's questionable. Like you say, if they get in power & control soon enough before they have to really help the poor, then they won't have to help them at all & the poor will be just as bad off, if not worse! (Maria: And you know nobody else is going to take over from the Communists, they're the last ones & they're the strongest.)
       21. BUT I DO LOOK FOR THEM TO TRY TO HELP THE POOR. I believe, in a way, because the Christians failed to help the poor, the rich failed to help the poor, the Capitalists failed to help the poor, that God is allowing the Communists to take over so at least they will do something for the poor. Really, I'm hopeful in that regard, that as they take over, they've got to do some kind of projects & have some kind of programs, etc., to help the poor, at least promise to help the poor, & maybe actually do help them.
       22. THERE AREN'T MANY POOR IN RUSSIA to speak of, as there are almost no unemployed. Everybody is either employed or has to be employed, it's against the law to be unemployed. They have totally free schooling all the way through university, & the government takes care of everything, including the poor.
       23. BUT CHINA HAS SO MANY PEOPLE, THERE ARE STILL A LOT OF POOR PEOPLE IN CHINA, they haven't gotten that far. They had a lot more people to deal with to begin with. So of their billion people there are still a lot of them poor. But they are bettering their lot rapidly, especially that of the peasants, so that they have hopes that they will be better off. In fact, the peasants now are much better off, & the peasants are the vast majority of the Chinese.
       24. SO HAVING HELPED THE PEASANTS TO HELP THEMSELVES by less governmental control & allowing private production, etc., & selling their products independently of the government, there are a lot of the peasants who are much better off now than they were before. So they're very favourable toward the government now. Some didn't like it before but now they do.
       25. SO I WOULDN'T BE A BIT SURPRISED THAT THE COMMUNIST TAKEOVERS IN THE THIRD WORLD WILL DO THEIR BEST TO HELP THE POOR, to keep the poor, who are the vast majority of the people, on their side, & prevent any further uprising that might occur from the poor. I think they're going to be really on their best behaviour to try to really erase their bad image that they've had in other countries.
       26. I THINK THEY'RE GOING TO TRY TO MAKE SOME COUNTRIES A SHINING EXAMPLE OF HOW COMMUNISM CAN BE GOOD, how it can really help the poor & how it can really get along with the church & does not persecute Christians, blah blah! I think they're going to be very very careful now to try to do their best to project a better image.
       27. SO WE'LL SEE! I'm hopefully believing that things in some ways will actually get better! I can't see any other way but that some of those countries are going to go Communist, considering how powerful the Communists are & what an appeal they have in popularity, & how many of the poor are suffering in abject poverty. That's the kind of a situation Communism thrives on, posing as a friend of the poor. So I can't see some of those countries going into a reactionary stance at all. It doesn't look like the opposition in some places is powerful enough to hardly even raise its voice, much less raise any actual significant or forceful opposition to the creeping Communism.
       28. BUT I THINK AT FIRST THEY'RE GOING TO DO THEIR BEST TO TRY TO PROVE THAT THEIR NEW COMMUNISTIC GOVERNMENTS ARE GOING TO BE DEMOCRATIC & TOLERANT--tolerant of religion & Christianity & not fight it, to try to get everybody sympathetic & on their side, & to eliminate the opposition just by not fighting'm. After all, the Devil is the one who's really calling the shots & synchronising the tactics & all, to try to get'm on their side, & to be on their side is not to be anti-Communist, but to be pro-Communist.
       29. THEY DON'T CALL IT PRO-COMMUNIST, OF COURSE, THEY CALL IT MIDDLE-OF-THE-ROAD, they call it tolerance, reconciliation, blah blah, & what they mean is reconciliation with the Communists, they're going to be tolerant of the Communists, reconciled with them.
       30. I REALLY BELIEVE THAT'S THE WAY IT'S GOING TO BE! I've been praying & praying, "Lord, how in the world could You work it out to spare the Family with all these Communist takeovers?" Well, they're going to be very diplomatic, tactful & very careful at first not to offend the church or Christians because they know they're in the vast majority, because they're mostly Christian countries.
       31. I BELIEVE THIS IS HOW THE COMMUNISTS ARE GOING TO TAKE OVER CHRISTIAN AND CATHOLIC COUNTRIES without any significant opposition--compromise with them, tolerate them, appease them, don't fight them, don't persecute them, just accept them. That way they'll catch'm off their guard & say, "Well, the Communists are not so bad after all! They don't really fight religion, they don't persecute Christians & they're helping the poor! So why not? Why not?"
       32. (MARIA: AND FINALLY WHEN THEY HAVE THEM ALL COMFORTABLE & OFF THEIR GUARD, THEN THEY WILL!) Yes, when they get powerful enough & have control, when the Christians no longer have any control or power whatsoever, no way to stop them, then they can start cracking down on the Christians. Maybe that's a good title for this particular little talk: "Why Not? Why not Communism?"
       33. WE'VE SAID ENOUGH ABOUT HOW BAD THE COMMUNISTS ARE, LET'S EXPLAIN TO PEOPLE NOW HOW WE THINK IT'S GOING TO HAPPEN! The Lord may let the Communists take over to save the poor, punish the rich, & cause the Reds to be very careful & unaggressive regarding the church & Christianity, etc., & very tolerant of Christians, in order to save His people.--To let the Communists take over on the one hand, but allow the Communists to even spare the Christians! That's the only way I can see many countries going Communist & at the same time the Lord saving His people!--At first!
       34. THIS WON'T BE THE FIRST TIME IT'S HAPPENED IN HISTORY, there have been many great heathen dictatorships and tyrannical governments that the Lord caused to spare His people time and again throughout Bible history. Although they conquered their kingdoms & and other kingdoms, etc., He had the same tyrannical governments and tyrants actually protecting His people! And in some cases His people even won them over to faith in God, and put His Own top men so near the top of the government that they were actually running the country, like Joseph and Daniel, etc. He had the tyrants even favouring His people, whereas they were crushing all others, including their enemies!
       35. SO IT'S NOT AN UNUSUAL CIRCUMSTANCE for the Lord to allow some terrible tyrant to take over other kingdoms & conquer countries, & yet at the same time save God's people. One after the other, many of them have done that. Nebuchadnezzar got converted. Cyrus even helped God's people, he set them free to go home, rebuild their city & rebuild the temple & was a friend, protected them. And Daniel was right up at the top at the right hand of the king!
       36. JOSEPH DOWN IN EGYPT, God allowed him to be taken as a slave, but to work his way up in the kingdom until he was the right hand of the king, just in time to save God's people at that time, the Jews, from starvation in the great famine! So that they were allowed to come down & occupy the best part of the land of Egypt, the delta of the River Nile, the Land of Goshen. The richest, best watered, most fertile part of the country was turned over to them & the favour of the King, Pharaoh, while Joseph acted literally as one of the rulers of Egypt! Think of that! The Lord's done it lots of times!
       37. SO THE LORD CAN CAUSE THE COMMUNISTS IN SOME CASES TO SEEM MILD AND TOLERANT AND ALMOST HARMLESS: "Look, you can be taken over by the Communists & still survive & thrive & not be persecuted or annihilated! The Communists will be good to you as long as you cooperate!" That's what the Jews were very good at doing, they were very good at cooperating in those days, no matter who was ruling the World! They went along with them & cooperated, therefore they were spared & they were even considered friends of the king when sometimes he couldn't even trust his own people, he trusted God's people!
       38. SO THAT'S THE ONLY WAY I CAN SEE IT happening, if God is going to spare His people--the Communists are going to at first walk softly & be very careful how they behave so as not to offend the church & the Christians, & they have done that already, been doing it all along for years! They have been having détente & coexistence with the church & with the Christians, even with the help of the church & its priesthood & nuns & convents, etc. They've been their friends & helpers & sympathisers, even protectors!
       39. (MARIA: IN SOME OF THESE PLACES, HOWEVER, LIKE COLOMBIA, PERU & THE PHILIPPINES, the Communists have gone into churches and killed their people and pastors, Jehovah's Witnesses and Baptists and other Protestant groups.) Because they are bitterly, militantly vociferously openly extremely anti-Communistic! So they are wiping them out in order to wipe out any really active militant anti-Communism. Oh, I think they'll right away do their best to put down any militant anti-Communism, especially anti-Communistic propaganda, that sort of thing. And any really rabid, radical, militant anti-Communists who can't be persuaded to cooperate, they'll eliminate them, assassinate them or whatever, get rid of'm, even if they do it politely, do it in a nice way if possible.--Or eliminate them all together, liquidate them if necessary! They're not going to put up with any rabid anti-Communism.
       40. BUT WITH THE CATHOLIC CHURCHES WHO ARE ALREADY COOPERATING WITH THEM, & other Christians, as long as they don't oppose them or preach against them, they're going to show how they can get along with them. But churches who openly are bitterly anti-Communistic & fight them, oppose them & preach against them, they're obviously going to fight them.
       41. (MARIA: IN VIEW OF ALL THIS, SHOULD ANYONE EVEN TRY TO STAND UP & PREACH AGAINST COMMUNISM NOW?) Well, right now before those governments have gone completely whole-hog into the hands of the Communists, while there's still any possibility of saving them from Communism, voices should be raised in warning of what's going to happen. But by the time it gets to look like it's hopeless & useless & even dangerous, that's the time to quit warning the people, when they have not heeded the warnings. When the people refused to heed the warning of God's Prophets, God shut up! He didn't warn them any more, there was no use warning them, they wouldn't listen, so He just let them go their way. But as long as there's any possibility of the warnings doing any good, if there's any possibility of possibly saving the country from Communism, well, it looks like people should try.
       42. THEY ARE LIKE THE CONSCIENCE OF THE NATION, like prophets they need to continue to remind them of what they're getting into & warning them of what they're getting into. "Thus and so, this is going to happen because you're letting it happen!"--To warn the people that this is what's going to be because they're allowing it. I mean, that is if they want to deliver their souls so the blood of the people won't be on their hands.
       43. BUT AS THOSE PRO-COMMUNIST GOVERNMENTS & FRIENDS OF THE COMMUNISTS & THE LIBERALS GROW STRONGER, they are going to be emboldened to resist people who are attacking Communism. That's how it begins, with a blackout on news and with the strident cries of militant anti-Communism silenced through pressure. They've got all kinds of ways to do it. [DELETED]
       44. [DELETED] I preached this a long long time ago in the early days. If the Communists should take over, why should we resist? Why should we [EDITED: ""resist"] the power" which has taken over the government? (Rom.13:2) If they are the government we have to cooperate with them, just like the Lord says to cooperate with whatever is the power or the government. We need to teach the people how to survive under Communism, because it looks like that's what they're going to get. And one way of surviving under Communism is don't fight it! Don't raise your voice against it then!
       45. IN SOME PLACES THESE ARE THE LAST DAYS IN WHICH TO RAISE VOICES AGAINST IT, THE LAST CHANCE, but after this I don't think it would be wise in any way to raise your voice or try to fight Communism. (Maria: I don't think we have to tell some that though! Ha! If they're not even raising their voices now, they're not going to raise their voices later!) Yes, but we need to warn [EDITED: "those who oppose Communism of this"]. [DELETED] God bless & keep you!--In Jesus' name, amen!--Now is our last chance!--Are you warning the people?

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Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family