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THE MONEY CRISIS!        GP 2249

       1. LOOK AT THE WORLD ECONOMY TODAY! IT'S IN SUCH A MESS, IT'S ALMOST UNBELIEVEABLE! You don't need to be a financial wizard or an educated economist to see the serious dangers caused by skyrocketing prices & money that is worth less every day! With worldwide inflation soaring to record levels & the cost of living always rising faster than wages, people all over the World are beginning to wake up to the fact that something is terribly wrong!
       2. AND NOW AS COUNTRY AFTER COUNTRY FINDS ITSELF OWING BILLIONS TO THE IMF & THE WORLD BANK with no real hope of ever being able to pay back their loans, even the World's most respected economists are viewing the future with alarm, warning that we face the most dangerous economic collapse in World history!
       3. VIRTUALLY EVERY WESTERN GOVERNMENT IS BILLIONS OF DOLLARS IN DEBT & ALREADY BANKRUPT. The total debt of the U.S. alone is three trillion dollars! It's hard to even conceive of how much money that really is, but if you spent one million dollars every day it would take over 8000 years to spend three trillion dollars! The U.S. has gotten to such a totally hopeless, bankrupt state that they know they will never be able to pay off that debt! And yet they continue spending far more than they earn in taxes, getting more in debt every year! To continue their false prosperity they have borrowed heavily from the U.S. Federal Bank!--And where does the Federal Bank get this money? Well, they just print it!...Billions upon billions of paper dollars worth nothing more than the paper they're printed on, & no more valuable than the counterfeit dollars printed by criminals! It's like trying to pull wealth out of an empty hat! But wealth must be made from something of actual value! Only nothing can be made out of nothing!
       4. THE YEARLY BUDGET OF THE U.S. GOVERNMENT IS NOW ALMOST ONE TRILLION DOLLARS!--Over $900 billion to be exact--of which $300 billion is spent on the defense budget alone! The entire Latin American debt altogether is $320 billion, so what the U.S. wastes on military spending in one year could pay off almost all of that entire debt! But, of course, the U.S. isn't even paying its own colossal debts!
       5. DID YOU KNOW THAT BANKS ARE FAILING IN THE U.S. RIGHT NOW AT THE RATE OF ONE A WEEK?--And that several major corporations in the U.S. are hundreds of millions of dollars in debt & going bankrupt right & left? It's on the financial page of the newspaper every day & in the business news! These are the biggest failures the World has ever known, but they get no big publicity because it's becoming so common.--"Just another great multinational corporation gone bankrupt, so what? It happens every day now!"
       6. THE ONLY NEWS YOU SEE IN THE HEADLINES IS: "SLIGHT GAIN IN THIS! Not diving quite as fast in that!" Any time the economy stops going down so fast, they say, "Oh, Recovery!"--That's Recovery?! Some little tiny grain of encouraging news makes the headlines, but the huge monumental losses taken by the banks & businesses are hidden in a little two-inch notice in a column on the financial page. They're trying to keep it out of the headlines because they don't want to scare the public into a panic!
       7. THE GOVERNMENT SAYS: "DON'T WORRY IF THE BANKS FAIL, the big corporations fail, business fails, everything fails, the Government will pay!" But the trouble is, the Government itself is broke & borrowing the money to pay! And do you know where the U.S. gets this money from?
       8. BESIDES BORROWING FROM THE FEDERAL BANK, THEY'VE BEEN BORROWING BILLIONS FROM OTHER NATIONS. It's the loans from rich international investors which have been paying the bill for America's extravagance & its military budget. Both Europe & the Arabs know that the U.S. is now bankrupt, but they've got so much money invested in dollars & in U.S. businesses, etc., that they can't demand payment of their loans now, or it would cause a run on the banks. This would cause the entire fragile American economy to crash which in turn would literally blow the whole World banking & financial system to bits! Why?
       9. BECAUSE WHEN THE WORLD WENT OFF THE GOLD STANDARD some years ago, it yielded to U.S pressure to make the dollar the worldwide standard of value & of monetary exchange!--And it has been ever since! Nearly every government in the World today which uses paper money uses American dollars as the foundation of their currency!
       10. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A TOY HOUSE BUILT OF CARDS, each one stacked precariously atop the others? Well, that is precisely how fragile & shaky the present dollar-based capitalistic system is: Like a house of cards! It is so delicate & artificial that almost anything could cause it to come tumbling down. It is ready to crash right now! It can happen any time!--Suddenly! It's gone too far & it's in such a mess that there's no solution but a total Crash!--The real Crash in which nobody will accept worthless paper money any more! As soon as the people finally wake up to the fact that their leaders & rulers & economic experts don't know the solution & the World is in trouble, they'll all lose faith in the System & boom, the bottom will fall out!--And the banking system will crash & the money will become worthless!
       11. MOST PEOPLE ARE AWARE THAT THE WORLD MONETARY SITUATION IS IN TROUBLE, but they don't know what to do about it. They don't even dare think about it or they'd go crazy! So the general public is just going on "business as usual". Even though they know the whole System is already bankrupt, they just have to keep on having faith in it! They don't dare stop or everything would collapse!
       12. APART FROM THE DANGEROUS INFLATION, ONE OF THE BIGGEST PROBLEMS FACING MANY NATIONS TODAY IS THE DEBT CRISIS. They have borrowed billions of dollars from the World Bank & the IMF--the International Monetary Fund. The World Bank generously loaned them the money, in fact, almost forced it on them, deliberately tempting them to borrow billions of dollars! The big money boys & bankers knew that they would never be able to pay them back, but they did it purposely, insisting on loaning all this money to the poor countries! Why?
       13. BY FORCING EVERYBODY INTO DEBT & BANKRUPTCY THEY HAVE GOTTEN CONTROL OF THE MONEY, control of the finances, control of the World economy, & have enslaved nearly every nation on Earth! As the Bible says, "The borrower is slave to the lender." (Prov.22:7), & that's the real reason the rich loaned them the money! The World Bank & IMF are now dictating the economic policies & the internal national policies of these nations & telling them exactly what to do about their government, their industry, their banks--dictating virtually everything! They are running these governments by money pressure!
       14. SEVERAL NATIONS ARE TRYING TO GET OUT OF THE CONTROL OF THE IMF, & the Latin American countries in particular have united in a Debtor's Cartel to try & renegotiate their debts. The IMF is aware that if these debtor countries refused entirely to repay their loans it'd destroy the World banking system now! But, by giving them a little more time to pay, they are keeping their slaves alive & still able to continue carrying the colossal weight of their debts.
       15. THESE NATIONS ALSO KNOW THAT IF THEY REFUSED TO PAY, IT WOULD BRING THE DOWNFALL OF THEIR OWN ECONOMIES. Therefore, to survive, they have to do everything just the way the World Bank tells them to. Otherwise, they wouldn't be able to borrow more money to keep from going into financial chaos & total bankruptcy! So the Debt Crisis was created by the big money manipulators. They control it & are using it to their own advantage just like they always have.
       16. ECONOMIC PROBLEMS DON'T JUST HAPPEN BY ACCIDENT & there aren't just some "natural" laws of economics that control all these things. The big money boys make the laws of economics & know what's going on because they are the ones manipulating the money. Through their control of the newspapers & the media, they persuade the public to keep on believing in the economic system, but they themselves are the first to leave, like rats deserting a sinking ship. They try to sneak quietly out the back door unnoticed with their money & their bank accounts before anyone else finds out what's going on.--That's what they did in 1929!
       17. DO YOU REMEMBER THE U.S.'S GREAT STOCK MARKET CRASH OF BLACK MONDAY, OCTOBER 29, 1929? When the international bankers removed all their investments from the stock market in one sudden move, it caused a public panic & a run on the banks! The banks immediately crashed, resulting in the Great Depression of the '30's. The little fellows all went bankrupt & the big money boys just came in & bought everything dirt cheap! And it's happening again, but now on a worldwide level!
       18. THEY'RE WITHDRAWING THEIR MONEY SECRETLY, selling their dollars, & stocks & bonds little by little while they can still get something for them. If they tried to dump their investments too fast, prices would go down & they'd lose money, & they don't plan on losing.--So they don't want to let the little guys learn what's happening!--Yet!
       19. BUT ONCE THESE INTERNATIONAL BANKERS HAVE THEIR BILLIONS SAFELY OUT, THAT'S WHEN THEY WILL LET THE NEWS BREAK TO THE PUBLIC & this will cause the greatest economic crash, depression & social & political disaster in all of World history! Then the little guys, the businesses, industries, banks & entire nations will all be in debt to the international bankers who will then wind up owning everything!
       20. YOU SAY, "THAT SOUNDS LIKE A PRETTY DISMAL, BLACK PICTURE!" Yes, but you've got to know about it! You can't let those big money boys outsmart you! You'd better be one jump ahead of them, by the help of God, knowing what they're planning to do!
       21. IT IS URGENT THAT YOU MAKE SURE THAT YOU HAVE SOME KIND OF PLACE IN THE COUNTRY FOR YOURSELF & YOUR FAMILY, because when the Crash happens the modern big cities will be in chaos, with riots & starvation! So the time to buy some land is now--before the Crash makes your life's savings worthless! A bank is the worst place to have your money when a Crash happens, so invest in land & things of real value today! A farm is the best place to buy. You'll also need to buy a substantial number of seeds, as well as to stock your place well with dried & canned foods such as grains, rice, beans, flour & other basic necessities, tools & equipment! And make sure you have your own safe water supply, not dependent on electricity to pump it up.
       22. PERHAPS YOU CAN BUY IT TOGETHER WITH ANOTHER FAMILY OR TWO or, if you can't afford it, you could at least be sure that your own house is stocked full of non-perishable foods & firewood as well as an adequate water supply for one or two months. It is far better to be ready months too soon than to be one day too late! Prepare now!
       23. SO BY ALL MEANS, PREPARE ALL YOU CAN, BUT MOST OF ALL TRUST THE LORD & DON'T WORRY! After all, the Lord & prayer are your best protection & your greatest security! With Jesus you're ready for anything!--Are you trusting Him? Do you personally know Him? You can! He loves you & will come into your life right now if you'll sincerely pray this simple prayer: "Lord Jesus, please forgive me for all my sins. I believe that You are the Son of God & that You died for me. I now open the door of my heart & I ask You, Jesus, to please come in & give me Your free Gift of Eternal Life! Help me to love You & to love others by telling them about You & Your Love. In Jesus' name I pray. Amen."
       24. FOR MORE VITAL INFORMATION & BEAUTIFUL COLOUR POSTERS on the Future, write us today! Tomorrow may be too late!

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