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Introduction to the NEW HEAVEN'S CHILDREN! --Chapter One: It May Be Later Than You Think!--"What If?"--Part 5!

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU! I LOVE YOU! THIS IS GRANDFATHER AGAIN! After my many spirit trips to Heaven in my time-travel simulator, I'm back again with a new Heaven's Children series of Grandpa stories about the Future as I see it!--Only this time we're starting with our Rapture from the persecution of the Tribulation to the glories of Heaven, hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--And this time, instead of dying before the Tribulation, I'm going to go up with our little family in the Rapture, due to our recent revision of the possible change in time frame of these inevitable events!
2. THE BASIC EVENTS THEMSELVES REMAIN UNCHANGED, since they are very clearly foretold in the Bible, including the sequence of these events, these last days of the Endtime signified by the Signs of the Times of the End: Beginning with the Seven-Year Reign of the Antichrist, with its last 3-&-1/2 years being the years of the Great Tribulation, including his attempt to stop all religious worship except that of himself as God, his creation of an Image of himself known as the "Image of the Beast", since he is known as "The Beast" in the Scriptures, & his insistence on the branding or marking of everyone on Earth with his Mark of the Beast in their right hands or foreheads without which no one can buy nor sell--the number being "666", & his demand that all who refuse to worship him as God should be killed!
3. IN HIS LAST DAYS, THEREFORE, HE BECOMES A DEVIL-INSPIRED WORLD DICTATOR WHO CONDUCTS A WORLDWIDE REIGN OF TERROR, such as unknown since the World began, & which God promises shall never re-occur again, & at the end of which the Lord promises He will come again to rescue His Own out of this awful present World!
4. SO ALL OF THESE ENDTIME EVENTS RE MAIN UNCHANGED IN THEIR ORDER OR RELATION SHIP TO EACH OTHER & IN THEIR NATURE, as specifically foretold in the Bible many times, from the prophecies of the Book of Daniel to those of John in the great Revelation or Apocalypse, the last Book in the Christian Scriptures. These all clearly foretell all of these events of the End of the reign of wicked Men on Earth, ending with the last & most wicked of all, the very Antichrist tyrant himself!
5. HOWEVER, ALTHOUGH THESE EVENTS & THEIR ORDER & NATURE HAVE NOT AT ALL CHANGED & never will, some of our own personal & private interpretations & theories as to their possible time-frame in relation to each other is concerned have changed, due to recent developments by which we may be seeing more clearly where we're at by these Signs of the Times, & just how far along we might be!
6. IT REMINDS ME OF RIDING ON A TRAIN WITH A TIMETABLE IN YOUR HAND. You check your location as you watch the various stations named pass by. Sometimes they pass by at the times indicated on the timetable as theorised by the railroad company, or the interpreters of the train's progress, printed in advance, but not always an accurate estimate in the actual experience of the train! Sometimes the train is late, sometimes it's early, sometimes you get to the stations before expected, sometimes you get there later than predicted by this interpretation timetable.
7. WE KNOW A TRAIN COMPANY EXISTS & IS DEFINITELY IN CHARGE & THE TRAIN OF TIME IS CERTAINLY RUNNING & about to run out or get to its destination, but the printed prediction of exactly at what time you will arrive at each station is only a theoretical estimate as to what time the lower officials of the company have theorised or estimated that the train will arrive at these stations. Sometimes the exact time of your arrival at each station is quite different from that which the printers of the timetable estimated in their interpretations, theorised from the route & distances & the speed of the train, etc.
8. WHEN YOU DO GET THERE IS WHEN YOU ACTUALLY GET THERE, not necessarily when the timetable optimistically predicts when they think you'll get there, as we have often done. In fact, sometimes while riding trains, at which time I always keep a careful close eye on the schedule or timetable & try to keep a close eye on the stations that we're passing through, sometimes I've missed the name of a station, or not noticed that we'd already passed through it on a speeding train, as I fail to catch even a fleeting glimpse of the name of the station! I suddenly found myself at the station of destination before I had expected, & had to hurry & snatch my bags & make a run for the door, as we had arrived earlier than I had expected!
9. THIS HAS HAPPENED TO US RECENTLY WITH OUR OWN THEORISED INTERPRETATIONS OF OUR TRADITIONAL EXPECTATIONS OF THE TIMING of certain events & the methods of their development, as we may have missed seeing some of these stations on the way & may have arrived nearer the end of our journey before we expected, & even before the standard predictions of our own timetable! So that, although our route has not changed, neither the stations through which we pass, sometimes our timetable of guesstimates at the times at which we expected to arrive at these stations have been influenced by wishful thinking & possible mistakes in computation, interpretation & theorisation as to the exact times of the occurrence of these events, & as to how much evidence we shall have of their occurrence, which we may have missed or mistaken as our Time Train flew by & we had already passed the station before we knew it! I remember that we have literally done this a few times as we were not watching closely enough & passed our own station before we knew it, & had to get off at the next station & wait for hours for the next train to take us back home again!
10. WELL, PRAISE GOD, ON THIS TRAIN OF TIME THERE WILL BE NO MISSING OF YOUR DESTINATION if you have made the right choice! But if you have not, there will be no train to take you back again, for your destiny is settled by that choice that you have made, or may yet have to make regarding whose kingdom you want to arrive in, the Lord's or the Devil's!
11. THE TRAIN TIMETABLE USUALLY SAYS IN A LITTLE NOTATION AT THE BOTTOM ON NEARLY EVERY ONE THAT I'VE EVER READ, "These times subject to change without notice" or "These times are only rough estimates & may be changed without notice", or a similar statement. That the train will run & pass through these stations & follow its route to its destination is not questioned, but that the actual times of arrivals may be slightly different from what is estimated on the time table.
12. SO ALL THE MAJOR EVENTS & CHARACTERISTICS OF THESE VARIOUS EVENTS OF THE ENDTIME THROUGH WHICH WE ARE PASSING REMAIN UNCHANGED & INEVITABLE & INCONTROVERTIBLE, inexorably set definitely by God in His schedule & revealed in His rulebook, the Bible! Nevertheless, some of the events which we know are to come may have passed unnoticed or unknown, as we speed through these stations of the Endtime on our express Train of Time! So it may be later than we think, & we may be nearer our destination than we thought was possible!
13. AS SOME OF YOU NOW KNOW, WE HAVE PROPOSED SOME POSSIBLE CHANGES IN OUR INTERPRETATIONS OF THE TIMING of these events in recent Letters to you, known as the "What If?" series. The exact times & years & days given in the Bible cannot be changed, they are set & "Forever, O Lord, Thy Word is settled in Heaven!" (Ps.119:89) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!: That the Antichrist will reign for Seven Years, that he will break the Covenant in the middle of the Seven Years, that the last half will be his reign of terror known as the Tribulation, characterised by various descriptions very specifically in the Bible, & that the End will come with the coming of the Lord to Rapture His Saints & rescue them out of this terrible World! All this is unchanged, inevitable & already settled, & even predicted hundreds upon hundreds of years ago by the prophets of the Bible!
14. SO WHERE WE ARE AT PRESENT UPON THIS CHAIN OF EVENTS IS WHAT WE HAVE BEEN TRYING TO ESTIMATE, along with our present relationship to them. The only specific keys which we have received have been certain specific prophecies straight from the Lord about ourselves personally & the predicted length of my life, said, or interpreted to be, exactly 70 years! This is beginning with my birthday February 18th, 1919, so adding those 70 years would mathematically bring my life to an end on this Earth on my Birthday February 18th, 1989, right?
15. BUT THAT MY LIFE WOULD END BEFORE THE TRIBULATION I BELIEVE HAS BEEN BASED LARGELY ON MY OWN DESIRES & WISHFUL THINKING, but not necessarily on any specific, direct prophecies or revelations from the Lord! I merely thought from various interpretations of various predictions that this meant that I would die before the Tribulation. Therefore I thought the Tribulation could not begin, according to my personal theories & private interpretations of the past, before that date in 1989.
16. HOWEVER OF LATE, HAVING BEEN QUESTIONED ABOUT THESE THEORETICAL DATES that we have before estimated & which have become almost traditionally standard in our Family, we discovered that we had overlooked some of the very exact statements of these specific prophecies, particularly the one regarding the end of my life on Earth, especially in the famous "Daniel-David" Prophecy given by the Lord through my Mother before the beginning of our present ministry. (ML 115 & 1501)
17. IN THIS PROPHECY SHE SAID I WOULD BE LIKE DANIEL OF OLD, TO BE ABLE TO KNOW THE TIMES, the days, the seasons, the number of the years, etc. Several years later, the Lord gave us another revelation in which He said that "the days of my years" would be 70. Together these prophecies seemed to indicate that specifically 70 years would pass before the "End of Desolations!"--In other words, my 70 years of life on Earth would end before the End of Desolations!
18. ORIGINALLY I HAD ALWAYS INTERPRETED THAT TO MEAN BEFORE THE TRIBULATION, considering the Tribulation the "End of Desolations". But through further intensive reading, study & prayer, when asking the Lord for something specific, we can now see clearly that the Tribulation is not necessarily the End of Desolations, & certainly the beginning of it is not that End! The nearest possible interpretation to fit that prediction would be the end of the Tribulation, not the start of it!
19. RECENTLY I EVEN SUGGESTED THAT THE END OF DESOLATIONS HERE ON THIS EARTH under Man & his present wicked rule are not to come to a final consummation until the end of the Battle of Armageddon, which is the end of the Wrath of God, even after the Tribulation! So that the End of Desolations actually could certainly be construed as meaning the end of the Battle of Armageddon!
20. HOWEVER AS WE KNOW, WE CHILDREN OF THE LORD ARE NOT GOING TO GO THROUGH THE WRATH OF GOD & suffer the Battle of Armageddon, but only to win it & be the victors thereof, having been Raptured out of this Earth before the Wrath & the Battle, as we know we are going to go up to meet the Lord in the air before these final desolations!
21. THEREFORE AS WE NOW SEE IT, I'M NOT GOING TO END MY 70 YEARS BEFORE THE BEGIN NING OF THE TRIBULATION, nor even before the end of it, but more likely at the coming of the Lord Himself in the Rapture, passing my 70 years before the end of the desolations which follow, not before the beginning of the Tribulation, as previously perceived.
22. SO OUR TIME TRAIN HAS BEEN TRAVELLING MUCH FASTER THAN WE THOUGHT! If this analysation is true, which I now believe it is, my 70 years could pass, or end, & will, according to the prophecy, before the end of these desolations of the very end of the Endtime of the kingdoms of Man on Earth & the arrival of the Millennium! Therefore if my end is before this End, my end could be even as late as the Rapture, which therefore could be as early as my birthday in 1989!
23. THIS MEANS WE COULD NOW BE IN THE TRIBULATION! Since 1989 is only a couple years away & the Tribulation lasts for 3-&-1/2 years--or at least from the breaking of the Covenant to the end of it--therefore, according to this figuring, the Tribulation should have begun a year or so ago & its end could be as early as 1989, ending with the Rapture in that year, instead of three years later, as we had previously thought! So we should now be in the Tribulation, as it should already have begun, although we have not yet witnessed as yet some of the scenes described in the Bible as being associated therewith, but which are certainly definitely yet to come as predicted in the Scriptures!
24. WE ARE JUST SUGGESTING THE DEFINITE POSSIBILITY OF THESE CHANGES IN TIMING, not a total contradiction in our faith in the coming & sequence of these specific events. If this slight change in the timing seems to contradict some of our former estimates of our timing & any dogmatic traditional views which you held regarding these dates, I suggest you leave yourself more open to other possible interpretations! We have been seeing through a glass darkly, but are seeing things a little more clearly all the time!
25. AS I'VE OFTEN SAID, WE SHALL UNDERSTAND THESE THINGS BETTER & MORE CLEARLY THE CLOSER WE GET TO THE END & the more the Lord begins to show us of exactly where we're at, when we really need to know! Let's not be so dogmatic in our theories & interpretations & plain guesses at where we're at on God's timetable, so that we are impossible to change in our thinking when God shows us something new & different as we read the signs on the stations we're passing through, having previously perhaps missed a few!
26. WE KNOW DEFINITELY, SPECIFICALLY & INCONTROVERTIBLY FROM THE SCRIPTURES THAT THE TRIBULATION'S 3-&-1/2 YEARS WILL END WITH THE RAPTURE, & that the end of my 70 years could also end as early as that date of February 18th, 1989, & we also believe that my 70 years could pass thereby still before the End of Desolations, & there is therefore this distinct possibility that I could live right on through the Tribulation to its end in the Rapture! Therefore we may have to shift our reading of the timetable somewhat to find that we've already passed several stations that were unseen & we're nearer to the End than we thought!--Possibly even already in the Tribulation, as we have brought out in this recent series of Letters, "What If?"!
27. ALL THIS I AM EXPLAINING TO THOSE WHO MAY HAVE MISSED THESE FORMER EXPLANATIONS of possible changes in our interpretation of the schedule. Therefore, I have proposed that we may have missed the beginning of the Seven Years of the Antichrist because the beginning of his reign may have been secret, & even his breaking of the Covenant been known only to those involved in the great worldwide conspiracy of the Antichrist himself & his antichrist forces, whom we already know well are working so effectively to gain control of the Earth & have very well nearly finished the job already, so that all that remains is for him to be revealed as they trot him forth at their chosen most auspicious time!
28. SO ALSO THESE SPECIFIC EVENTS & ACTIONS WHICH WE HAVE ALWAYS THOUGHT WOULD BEGIN IMMEDIATELY at the breaking of the Covenant, such as the stopping of the worship of other religions & the setting up of the Image of the Beast & the institution of the Mark of the Beast & the demand that all who refuse to worship him be killed, we now realise they do not necessarily have to happen immediately upon the breaking of the Covenant, which could have been done secretly a year or so ago!
29. BUT THESE EVENTS OF THE WORST OF THE TRIBULATION COULD ACTUALLY OCCUR MORE NEARLY TO THE END OF IT in its very worst years & near the end of his reign, of which the Lord Himself said those days would have to be shortened or no flesh would survive! (Mat.24:22) So those days of greatest Tribulation may be even shorter than the whole last 3-&-1/2 years of the Antichrist reign! The whole last 3-&-1/2 years do not have to be all the severest of Tribulation necessarily, although we are already getting plenty of Tribulation right now as true Christians, & our own Family is being persecuted everywhere throughout the Earth in various places, even imprisoned & tormented & kidnapped & killed upon occasion!
30. SO THE ANTICHRIST FORCES ARE ALREADY IN CONTROL OF MOST OF THE WORLD! Very little more has to be subjugated to their ferocious, devilish, fiendish, antichrist rule! It may not be until very near the end of the Seven Years that they reveal him as the great World dictator superman who has been controlling things from behind the scenes all the time through the past few years! He only then reveals himself & institutes these horrible measures which bring the worst of the Tribulation near the end of his seven years of control when he is more sure that they will be obeyed & that he has the power now, near the very end, to enforce them!
31. SO THEREFORE, INSTEAD OF SOME OF THESE EVENTS OCCURRING IMMEDIATELY UPON THE BREAKING OF THE COVENANT in the middle of his seven years, these events could follow sometime after a secret breaking of the Covenant, perhaps when he is finally revealed even near the end of the Seven Years, bringing on the greatest of all the Tribulation very close to the Rapture of the Saints, which days the Lord then must shorten so that we will not all be destroyed, & there will be somebody left to Rapture!
32. SO THEREFORE WE'RE SUGGESTING THIS, PERHAPS VERY SHOCKINGLY TO SOME OF YOU who have become set in your ways & dogmatic in your doctrines & closed in your minds as to any more recent revelations & clarifications! These new suggestions as to a change in the time-frame of these Endtime events may somewhat unsettle you & shake you, & maybe that's good! I hope they do shake you up & I hope they get you so unsettled in your present sticking-in-the-mud & in a rut so that you get out & get to work as you have never done before! Finish this job quickly now before the End, which now seems to be so soon to come upon us, with not more than two or three years yet to go before the coming of the Lord, according to this new interpretation!
33. SO YOU'D BETTER HURRY & GRAB YOUR BAGS & GET MOVING so that you'll be ready to disembark from this old Earth in the Rapture, having finished your task, having kept the faith, fought a good fight, & finished your course, so that from henceforth there's now laid up for you a crown of righteousness in that Heavenly City! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen?
34. SO I'M SAYING ALL THIS IN ORDER TO EXPLAIN TO YOU WHY THERE MAY BE SOME SLIGHT CHANGES made in this new story of God's Heavenly Children, which we are now visualising to occur a little sooner than we thought, beginning with the Rapture at an earlier date than we had estimated, even possibly as early as 1989!
35. SO GET READY! YOU HAVEN'T GOT MUCH TIME LEFT, as this time train is much closer to the End than we thought & speeding toward our destination with terrific velocity, so that we may arrive there much oonerthan we thought & may have ess timethan we figured to complete our work here on Earth before we take flight in the Rapture!
36. SO WITH SUCH A LATENESS OF THE HOUR IN MIND, PERHAPS THIS WILL STIR SOME OF YOU to stop delaying, procrastinating & putting off what you have been planning to do for the Lord, stalling in your obedience or your planned obedience to serve Him, thinking there is still lots of time left in which to do so. So if you thought you still have maybe at least seven or maybe even ten years to go before the Lord is coming, you'd better have a second thought & think quick & act quickly, or your time may run out before you even get started!
37. SO IF WE'VE ONLY GOT TWO OR THREE MORE YEARS TO GO, YOU'D BETTER GET GOING! Do what you can in the little time there is left, & don't do the things that don't need to be done & can't be done before that, such as lengthy projects which will not be finished in time to do any good before the coming of the Lord, when it will be too late to put them into effect! "Look up, for your redemption draweth nigh!" (Luk.21:28) You must "work the works of Him that sent you while it is yet day, for the night (of His coming), cometh when no man can work", (John 9:4) & the days of this Age of Grace will be over & your opportunity to serve Him now will be ended & you'll be ashamed to face Him because you failed!
38. BUT IT'S NOT TOO LATE TO GET BUSY RIGHT NOW!--GET UP & GO! Get out & do the works of Him that sent you, so that you may yet hear His words of welcome, "Well done thou good & faithful servant, enter thou intothejoyofthyLord"!(Mat.25:21) Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Amen?--And not having so unfaithfully left unfinished & undone so much that you intended to do, but started too late!--Amen? God bless & keep you as you go into all the World & preach the Gospel unto every creature before it's too late! In Jesus' name, amen!--ILY!--Grandpa.

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