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DISCLAIMER: The sole purpose of this page is to document the existence of a publication produced by The Family International a.k.a. The Family, Family of Love, Children of God and various pseudonyms (hereon referred to as TFI). It is provided for the record, for educational and research purposes, with the principal aim of promoting accountability by the TFI for its teachings and statements, which have proven detrimental to the lives of many. By replicating this material, exFamily.org neither endorses the views expressed in this publication nor justifies the existence of this publication and its statements. Reader discretion is advised. The material on this page may be unsuitable for minors and may contain disturbing words of racism, hate mongering, directives to unhealthy lifestyles and/or criminal activity, and/or contain plagiarized works.
THIS PUBLICATION MAY HAVE BEEN "SANITIZED." This digital format of this publication was extracted from TFI's HomeARC 99, which was subjected to encryption and editing by TFI, who, in order to hide its controversial writings and thus escape moral and/or legal accountability for past/present core beliefs and directives, sanitized (edited) and purged (deleted, destroyed, burned) its texts—both printed and electronic. Where possible, exFamily.org has compared this digital material with the cult's original paper-printed versions to ensure that this publication accurately reflects the original, uncensored version. Locations where the text has obviously or potentially been sanitized is hilighted with bright-red [DELETED] or [EDITED] markers.


1. HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN, & WE'RE ABOUT TO TAKE A HEAVENLY RIDE ON THAT HEAVENLY TIME BEAM in that Heaven-Travel Simulator as we fly through Time & Space into the wonderful worlds beyond!--Genuine space travel is finally a real reality!--But without the nuisance of all that equipment & spaceship, etc., because we're going to personally fly!--You & me together! We'll ride right through the skies without any spaceship, without any equipment! We'll have nothing but our beautiful, glorified wonderful new bodies that have powers that you only dreamed of! We can sail through space like a bird & soar up to Heaven like an Angel & leave this horrible old present-day Earth & all its horrors & terrors & dangers & fly right out of it up to meet Jesus! So, watch us, Folks! Here we go!
2. FIRST OF ALL YOU NEED TO FIND OUT WHERE WE STARTED, AMEN? We're going to start in one of the precious Lands of Love who have been defying the hateful bestial Antichrist dictator of the World! Because we have seen that he is finally going to try to destroy this country & one-third of the World with his great demonic nuclear war against his religious enemies, we have fled its cities here at last at the very end & fled up into the mountains, as Jesus said, & we've been hiding in this cave here waiting to know what to do next. The nuclear war is raging in the cities below & blotting out even much of the countryside! But we are sheltered here in this cave, surrounded by this great solid mountain from the bombs & radiation & even the fallout, the radioactive dust from this horrible holocaust!
3. SEE, THERE IS A SPRING OF FRESH, CLEAN WATER HERE in our mountain cave, springing out of the bowels of the Earth & free from nuclear radioactivity, thank God! Also we had stored a little food here & brought some with us, that we might survive for at least a time, until this horror is all over!
4. BUT WE HAVE A WONDERFUL SURPRISE IN STORE FOR US!--For we haven't lived long in this cave until the most wonderful experience we have ever had in this life suddenly occurs! Many of our good native Christian friends have joined us here & are hiding with us from our terrible enemies & the horrible holocaust without, wondering what is going to happen to us next!
5. WE'RE GETTING LOW ON FOOD & SUP PLIES & are wondering how in the world we could ever possibly go back into that horrible scene outside! The wreckage of the cities is dangerous & radioactive, & the stench of the dead bodies is everywhere! There're still a few of the pitiful wandering wounded stumbling about & groping in the darkness for something to eat & for shelter! For they had failed to read God's Word & listen to His Prophets who had warned them that this great cataclysm was coming soon & would engulf them if they did not flee from those wicked, evil, vile cities to God's beautiful, pure, natural mountains far off in the countryside & the safety of its caves & hiding places!
6. MANY REFUSED TO RECEIVE JESUS AS THEIR SAVIOUR & LAUGHED AT US & RIDICULED OUR WARNINGS! Now most of them are dead or barely alive in a condition worse than death! Even some of the Christians & the religious people who claimed to love God still had not believed us & had not received us & had even rejected us & our warnings. Some even persecuted us because of our life of love & our freedom & the difference between us & them in our religion. They clung to their old church buildings & churchy ways & churchy preachers, & now they are dead or dying & their buildings that they loved & built & spent millions on instead of evangelising the poor & the unsaved & the heathen World & the Earth's untold billions--now those churches & temples are mere rubble in the ruins of their once fine cities!
7. BUT HEEDING THE WARNINGS OF GOD'S WORD & HIS PROPHETS, WE FINALLY SAW IT WAS NO LONGER SAFE TO STAY WITHIN THE CITIES, & that it was time to move out & hide in the mountains & the caves, protected from the bombs & the radiation & the ruins & the savages that Man has become in the midst of all this horror!
8. SO WE HAVE BEEN LIVING HERE IN THIS WONDERFUL WILDERNESS NOW FOR A FEW DAYS, awaiting what God wants us to do next! We had been led here by one of God's great Prophetesses, known as "Heaven's Girl", who had performed many mighty miracles to save us & spare us & lead & guide us & protect us! But she's gone to Jerusalem with her friend to defy the Antichrist Beast & to try to delay our annihilation by the World Dictator! So we're here wondering what God's next move will be.--And we are soon to find out!
9. SUDDENLY ON THIS PARTICULAR NIGHT, when it almost seems that all hope is gone & we are at the end of ourselves & our supplies, suddenly the whole sky has begun to light up as with lightning from East to the West!--Not in flashes, but at midnight there's a great light like the dawn itself! We are all startled & awakened at this great light shining through the mouth of our cave, despite the underbrush which we had covered it with to conceal it! But this light is so bright that it shines brilliantly even through the branches!
10. QUICKLY WE RUN TO THE MOUTH OF THE CAVE & PEER OUT to see what is going on! Looking up at the brilliant sky we see an almost unbelievable sight! Jesus, the Son of God Himself is sitting on the clouds surrounded by the Hosts of Heaven who are shouting & trumpeting His return to rescue His Children from off the face of this doomed Earth!
11. IN THE DISTANCE WE CAN SEE AS IT WERE A CLOUD OF SHINING SWIRLS OF LIGHT rising up from the Earth itself toward the Heavenlies above, & it suddenly dawns on us that these are the resurrected Saints who had died in Jesus, loving the Lord, but had passed away! Some had been destroyed in the very city itself because they had failed to leave it! There are thousands & thousands & ten thousand times ten thousand rising out of their graves on the Earth all around from everywhere it seems!
12. AS THEY RISE TOWARD HIM ON HIGH, WE, TOO, SUDDENLY FEEL A STRANGE TINGLING IN OUR BODIES!--Something is happening to us physically like a spiritual orgasm! Suddenly our bodies are changing to become like theirs, clothed with light, the heaviness gone, the weariness gone, the hunger gone, even the gravity of this Earth gone, as we rapidly begin to float out of our cave & into the sky beyond behind these other Saints who are rising from the dead!
13. OUR OLD CLOTHING IS ALL GONE & WE ARE ALL ROBED IN THIS BEAUTIFUL SOFT, WHITE LIGHT, LIKE ROBES OF LIGHT IT SELF!--Iridescent, sparkling, beautiful! It hides none of the beauties of our own new bodies, for we can still recognise ourselves & each other as we sail skyward together, laughing & thrilling & praising the Lord!
14. WE SEEM DRAWN AS IF BY A MAGNET toward the Lord & the great host of departed Saints above, all moving rapidly in the direction of that giant blue orb & its golden Space City that is hovering in the sky as big & brighter than the Moon! We are all so thankful we can flee at last to its splendorous safety with Jesus, away from the Hell on Earth below, finally out of reach of all our cruel enemies & their woes!
15. OUR FLIGHT SEEMS GUIDED THROUGH SPACE BY SOME MYSTERIOUS POWER that is pulling us directly towards its Pearly Gates, & we pass through its protective global blue crystal sea forcefield as though it were not even there, our bodies now able to pass through substances as though they were thin air!--We stream through one of its huge Angel-guarded pearl gates & glide gracefully & slowly down to one of its golden entrance boulevards where thousands of friends & loved ones await us before its great Reception Center!--We kiss & embrace all we can & promise to see them later!
16. SUDDENLY WE SEE OUR BELOVED FAMILY, together with Heaven's Girl & her friends awaiting us!--There are so many familiar faces, including my Mother & Father & Dr. Koger, as well as our Grandparents, etc.--And of course Aaron, Abner, Phoebe & others are right out front to welcome us with great joy! Those who've already been in Heaven for some time now seem to be in charge of us & lead us before the Angels at the Reception Center, who nod & smile their permission for us to pass on to the Directory where we receive our name crystals & directions to our Heavenly Mansion, & we're on our way to our Heavenly Home at last! Our already resident Family is leading us, but we've bade our other relatives & loved ones a temporary farewell at the Gate, all of us promising to meet again soon at the great Wedding Feast!
17. WE FLOAT ALONG WITH THE GREATEST OF EASE, the very light gravitational pull only strong enough to keep our equilibrium, & at each toe-touch of the golden street, we leap forward in giant effortless strides, floating along until our toes touch the surface again!--It's so thrilling & exhilarating, we feel we could fly at the slightest bound, & we are so excited emotionally it feels like a continuous sexual orgasm! So this is Heaven! Wow!--It's even better than we dreamed!
18. --AND SOON WE DO BEGIN TO FLY AGAIN! Abner takes us by the hand & says we have to go up now to a higher level, & he merely points his hand in the way he wants to go, & we soar up & away, high above the gardens & beautiful buildings below!--It's the most marvellous feeling, this weightlessness, a little like swimming was on Earth, merely indicating your desired direction by putting your arm & hand that way, & your body follows it, similar to the way you dive underwater on Earth! "I think that's why I always loved swimming underwater down there!", I remarked.
19. "THIS IS IT!" says Abner as he slows us down to alight gently on a beautiful garden terrace by the most gorgeous mansion we've ever seen, even more beautiful than we'd dreamed!--A graceful fountain is playing like light in its crystal blue pool surrounded by Eden-like gardens with playful pets, & best of all, our Beloved Family streams out the doors & windows to greet us & welcome us Home! We all embrace & kiss & hug tightly, together forever at last!
20. OUR HOUSEHOLD STAFF HAD ALREADY GONE AHEAD OF US TO ARRANGE our Heavenly Home in a way that they know we always like things, God bless them! It reminds us so much really of the way we had often fled on Earth to a new home, our personal family almost always going ahead of us to prepare the new place for our soon arrival.
21. THEY LEAD US FIRST INTO ITS SUMP TUOUS LIVINGROOM with its marvellous, mysterious, huge golden globe three-dimensional television communicator in the center, where the Family had been watching some of Heaven's goings on & following some of the latest news on Earth! The biggest news of course that they had been watching had been our arrival at the Heavenly Gate, as we were soon to be seen by them here in our new Home Town! So they had been very busy getting things arranged at Home just the way they know we like them. It really reminded us so much of some of our Heavenly Homes on Earth where we had spent so many Days of Heaven on Earth with our Heavenly Family working for Jesus!
22. THE LIVINGROOM IS LARGE ENOUGH TO ACCOMMODATE US ALL, with comfortable couches & lounges which you barely touch when you sit or lie down, feeling like you are float-ing on a cloud! The adjoining great, grand dining hall, large enough to accommodate all of our personal Family, is ornately furnished with the old-fashioned wooden furniture that they know I love, in its original natural wood finish of its God-made beauty, with an immense, heavy Monterey-style wooden table already covered with a beautiful white damask tablecloth, such as they know that Grandpa loves! It is set as though prepared to furnish us Heavenly travellers with a welcoming meal! We will still enjoy eating here sometimes, even though we don't actually have to.
23. NEXT IS THE LARGE KITCHEN where these delicious Heavenly meals are prepared, so much like the ones we enjoyed on Earth, only with many new exotic & celestial fruits that we have never tasted before!--Heavenly delights & ambrosias & aphrodisiacs that please our palates & tickle our appetites & emotions beyond imagination!--And no more indigestion!
24. THEN THEY SHOW US TO OUR UPSTAIRS MASTER BEDROOM, with an immense king-sized bed upon which Maria & I can sleep or play, as we so desire! I sank immediately into my lounge chair couch with a huge sigh of relief & thanksgiving to the Lord for our Family having finally arrived safely Home forever!
25. THANK GOD WE HAD NO LUGGAGE TO UNPACK or things to put away, as everything that we need is already here & provided for us in this Celestial dwelling place! Its commodious closet was already stocked with a variety of beautiful robes of light of various colours & textures, the Family knowing that Maria does like a variety of clothing, as every woman does, to please her husband & be attractive to others!
26. THE BED IS CLOTHED WITH THE CLEAN EST, WHITEST, MOST BEAUTIFUL EVER-CLEAN, EVER-LASTING LINENS THAT WE HAVE EVER SEEN! There is no such thing as uncleanness here, or dirt or wastes or anything that would soil anything! So nothing ever has to be washed, not even the dishes, as when we're through eating, the scraps simply vanish & the dishes are just as clean as ever! Even the water is purely for play, feeling more like liquid light than earthly water!
27. MARIA WAS THEN LED AROUND TO IN SPECT THE OTHER ROOMS for the staff & children, as well as the schoolrooms, as we're still learning here, even more than on Earth! Meanwhile I settle back down to my entirely new library--more like a large computer monitor controlled by rays of light & thought--& upon which I can display anything my heart desires, from ancient history or the Bible or events going on on Earth to the latest news in Heaven!--All the mysteries of the Universe!
28. THERE IS SCIENTIFIC DATA, FACTS, FIGURES OR DATES, OR THE WONDERS OF GOD'S CREATION, BEAUTIFUL SCENERY, BEAUTIFUL WOMEN & all that my heart so dearly enjoys, as well as all the true events of past or present history!--All true history, nothing needs to be fictionalised, there is nothing but reality! It also includes any type of drama we desire to see--true romances of the past or the present, & documentary explanations of various events, including the Creation of the World!
29. WE CAN SEE ALL THE THINGS THAT MAN HAS ALWAYS WANTED TO KNOW BUT COULD ONLY PARTLY DISCOVER! All the knowledge of all the old World & this new Heavenly World, as well as the entire Universe, is now at our fingertips! Even a thought or memory can be projected into this amazing three-dimensional globe! The figures & the scenes look as real as life, as though you can reach out & touch them.--In fact, you can! You can ma terialise them if you wish! That beautiful girl can step out of that crystal globe & make love to me if I want, & then vanish again to wherever she belongs!--Or remain as long as I wish!
30. SHE ACTUALLY REMINDS ME OF SOME OF MY SPIRIT GODDESSES who had often come & made love to me in the night on Earth long ago! Only these are real & have actual sub stance! In fact, they are literally here in the flesh!--That is, this new spiritual kind of flesh that we have now, which is so marvellous & so different, so wonderful, & yet so wonderfully the same as the old, but without all of its handicaps & drawbacks & sicknesses & weariness & heaviness! In fact, you can even make love while floating in midair!
31. WE ARE SOON CALLED TO DINNER, almost like old times back on Earth, & we gather together around the big Family table & enjoy a Heavenly meal, prepared by our own precious cooks! Here they did not even have to cook it, as everything is natural fruits which grow in the beautiful natural gardens of this Heavenly City! We do not desire to eat too often since we don't really need to, but once in a while we do so just for Family fellowship & pleasure! Therefore there's no cook stove in the kitchen, nor refrigerator to have to keep perishables, because nothing ever really perishes here!
32. THERE ARE NO SINKS TO WASH DISHES because they never get dirty, & no garbage disposal because there is none! There are also no long wearisome trips to town for food shopping, nor even tiresome trips to the Gardens for food-gathering, for here all our lovely dream-girls have to do is wave their beautiful scintillating magic-wand name-crystals above the dish upon which they wish it prepared, & the food appears as if by magic!--And it is magic! Everything here is magical, yet it's still so realistic, like the life on Earth with which we were familiar!
33. SO THERE IS NOT SO MUCH OF A DRASTIC CHANGE THAT WE CANNOT FATHOM IT. We still have bodies that look the same & are recognizable, except that they are even more beautiful & are now perfectly strong & healthy & supernaturally powerful! We can appear or disappear as we please, or walk through seemingly-solid walls, or fly through the air, or float slowly, or even travel with the speed of thought, if necessary!
34. WE STILL ENJOY EATING IF WE WISH, & MAKING LOVE--BETTER THAN EVER BEFORE!--And best of all we're having more children for the glory of God & His Kingdom!--New citizens of Heaven! We have completely, totally, morning-sickness-free pregnancies without all of the weariness & strange feelings!--And we enjoy entirely painless childbirth, as God had originally planned it to be for Adam & Eve in the Garden before they sinned & fell from His grace to suffer all the consequences of their fearful disobediences to the Lord!
35. NOW WE ARE FREE FROM ALL THESE CURSES & ALL THESE PENALTIES & PUNISHMENTS OF SIN! Now we're sin-free & disease-free, weakness-free, weariness-free, no more pain, no more sorrow, no more tears, no more death! For it is truly Heaven at last! Here we can enjoy all of the pleasures & delights that we once knew on Earth, but without all of its handicaps & its drawbacks & its curses!--And our joys & pleasures are even magnified many times over!
36. HERE THERE IS NO END TO WHAT YOU CAN DO OR WHAT YOU CAN ENJOY or how much you can love or how many children you can have! Their care is no problem, for there are no diapers & washing & mending & ironing & dressing & undressing & feeding & all that! There's only teaching & training & learning, with some of the most beautiful, educational tools ever invented by the Lord! So teaching is a pleasure & training is a delight & caring for our children is virtually effortless because there are only good children here who never do wrong! They are always loving & kind & considerate & thoughtful & helpful, so much like our own best children were down there on Earth! They are now here with us as slightly older children, whom you've already seen, & ready to take care of our new crop we are hoping to have right here in our new Heavenly mansion! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
37. TECHI SAYS SHE WANTS FIVE CHILDREN HERE, & so many of our young teenagers are eager to have children of their own, having successfully cared for & trained our little ones on Earth! But some of our teenagers then did not have time or opportunity to have children on that fearsome & terrible Earth in its last awful days! They were so busy helping others with their children & witnessing & winning souls for this Heaven!
38. BUT NOW THEY'LL HAVE FOREVER TO HAVE AS MANY CHILDREN AS THEY WANT & to love as much as they desire, all with effortless ease & pure pleasure! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! God did not make all of these wonderful pleasures that we enjoyed on Earth to come to an end in Heaven, but to be even magnified & multiplied & made effortless & easy without all of those former troubles!
39. HERE IN HEAVEN, WE ARE CONSTANTLY LEARNING MORE ABOUT THE LORD & HIS WONDERFUL HEAVENLY NEW CITY HERE ON HIGH! It's such a relief not to suffer all that eyestrain & reading fine print to learn it! We just sit before our three-dimensional communicators or viewers, & we actually see the things we want to see & hear & can even talk with them! For they are real as we recall them, like visions & ghosts of the past who materialise within this blue-&-golden globe viewer! We can not only see & hear them, we can even feel them & they can step out & talk with us, visit with us, even make love with us!--A dreamworld come true, with delights beyond your wildest imagina- tions!
40. ALL WAS PREPARED FOR US BY THE LORD HIMSELF FOR OUR HEAVENLY HOME! His whole Heavenly Host is now visible in all their glorious power & might, ready to obey our slightest command, or to fulfil our smallest wish! They are far more beautiful & pure & wonderful & mighty than the ugly old genies of the fairy tales of Earth!
41. SO HERE WE ARE IN OUR NEW HOME, living a life of pure pleasure & delight, as well as satisfying, fulfilling, educational & instructive, preparing for the work we have yet to do when we return to Earth after this marvellous sampling of Heaven, to encourage & inspire & rest us & fill us, to make us ready for the heavy tasks yet to be done below.
42. WELL, I'VE GOT TO SIGN OFF NOW, BE CAUSE WE HAVE TO PREPARE TO ATTEND THAT GREAT HEAVENLY WEDDING FEAST very soon, at which rewards & recognition are given to the most faithful, & our Crowns of Life & the awards of merit, & great auras of most brilliant light for those who won the most souls for Jesus, who shall shine as the stars forever! I can't say that the Great Wedding Feast will be tomorrow, nor the day after, nor next week, because here there are no days--nor nights, nor weeks, nor years! For all is God's great Eternal Now & Forever! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! See you at the Feast!--In Jesus' name, amen!--So glad you're Here too!--Amen?

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