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OUR TASK!--Reconstruction, Rehabilitation, & Regeneration!--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 4!

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN, & HERE WE ARE BACK IN HEAVEN resting after that tremendous Battle of Armageddon, our wedding present from the Lord, & we're looking into the Future, as I see it! But to explain what's going on now, we need to look backwards a little bit!:

       2. AS YOU MAY RECALL, the Beast-marked, Antichrist people hounded us & persecuted us from nation to nation until we had run out of refuges & havens & places to hide & there was no escape any longer! There was no way out but up!

       3. BEFORE THINGS GOT ANY WORSE, lest no flesh should be saved, the Lord had come & rescued millions of us out of it all by our Rapture into Heaven, our gathering into the skies unto Him & His Holy City!

       4. IT WAS AT THIS TIME THAT OUR SPACE CITY, CONTAINED IN THE BEAUTIFUL BLUE GLOBE OF THE CRYSTAL SEA had come out of its hiding place in the Moon to appear as the Sign of the Son of Man in Heaven & caused all the people of the Earth to be astonished, & many of the tribes of the Earth to fear & to mourn, because they knew that the day of God's Wrath was upon them!

       5. THIS IS WHAT WE'D ALL BEEN WAITING FOR, the Sign of the coming of the Son of Man in Heaven at His appearance in the lightning & the clouds of the sky, as He came to rapture His living Saints from the surface of the Earth, & even the dead Saints from the graves of the Earth!

       6. HE RESURRECTED THOSE THAT HAD DIED IN THE LORD & TRANSLATED US WHO WERE STILL LIVING, & we were all raptured together into His presence in the sky!--This included all of the dead who had died in Christ for the past 2,000 years, since His Resurrection nearly 2,000 years ago!

       7. WE WERE THEN LED THROUGH THE PEARLY GATES into the beautiful, magnificent Holy City, the New Jerusalem!--The New Heaven, which Jesus had gone to prepare for His Own nearly 2,000 years before!

       8. AND NO WONDER IT TOOK 2,000 YEARS TO PREPARE IT!--It's the greatest, most beautiful, most wonderful, most marvellous, truly Heavenly City ever built! It's enormous!--1500 miles wide & 1500 miles tall, the shape of a gigantic, golden crystal pyramid!--And it's surrounded by its beautiful crystal blue Sea, a miraculous, supernatural spherical force-field for its protection! This could only be a creation of God Himself, mightier than anything Man could possibly do, or any of Man's puny spaceships & tiny nuclear weapons!

       9. SO AFTER A BRIEF REST HERE, WE AS SEMBLED TO WATCH THE WRATH OF GOD being poured out upon the wicked of the Earth, bombarded from our Heavenly Space City by the forces of Heaven & the Angels of His Wrath pouring out those last great Seven Plagues upon evil Men, the followers of the evil anti-Christ Beast! He had hounded us to the ends of the Earth until there was no more place to flee, until the Lord opened the escape hatch & let us come straight up to Heaven!

       10. THERE WERE VERITABLE FLOODS OF BLOOD & FIRE & DARKNESS & PLAGUES of sores until the very air was filled with fire & thunderings & lightnings! There was a great earthquake, greater than any other that had ever occurred on Earth, which destroyed the Babylonic cities of Man that then were bombarded by the gigantic hailstones from Heaven! Each weighed over a hundred pounds or more than 50 kilos each, which no buildings could withstand, so that the nations & the wicked cities of the North had been beaten into powder from both their own nuclear ruin & the curses of Heaven!

       11. THE RICH, WICKED NORTHERN NATIONS OF THE EARTH which had caused most of the Earth's troubles & pollutions & horrible wars & massacres of the poor, have them selves now been massacred & destroyed & wiped off the face of the Earth, so that the conditions there are virtually hopeless as far as any clean-up or reconstruction is concerned! They are now totally laid waste & alive with deadly nuclear radiation, impossible for habitation!

       12. THEIR FEW REMAINING SURVIVORS WERE THE LIVING DEAD, DOOMED TO DIE through radiation sickness & the plagues which God poured out upon them for all their evil wickedness, so that they gnawed their tongues for pain & even sought death rather than this living hell, but could not find it!

       13. THEY HAD EVEN CRIED FOR THE ROCKS & MOUNTAINS TO FALL UPON THEM, having fled into the caves of the Earth for refuge, casting their treasures & their wealth to the moles & the bats, crying for the rocks & the mountains to fall upon them & hide them from the Wrath of God & the face of the Son of Man Whom they had crucified for thousands of years, along with the fiendish persecution of God's people! Now they were the ones who were destroyed & devastated & their few survivors living in a nuclear hell & turning to savagery & cannibalism like the barbarians of the past, until they were totally destroyed in the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon!

       14. SPACE CITY HAD ACTED AS OUR MOTHER SHIP & virtually a battle ship, descending out of the Moon from the sky, carrying us, the invasion forces, who rode out upon our White Horses to fight the Battle of Armageddon against the fiendish forces of the Antichrist & his Mark-of-the-Beast people, whom we wiped out throughout the face of the Earth in a tremendous war, culminating in the Battle of Armageddon in Israel itself, that final battle stretching all the way from the height of Megiddo near Haifa to the very gates of Jerusalem!

       15. WE WERE, OF COURSE, VICTORIOUS because we now have supernatural, super-powerful bodies with super powers, much more powerful than anything or any type of weapons that Man had on Earth, destroying them with lightning bolts & flames of fire, or even a look or the pointing of a finger! Nothing could withstand us & we literally wiped them out, mopped them up in wave after wave of the onslaught of the Hosts of Heaven, helped by the Angels of God Himself!

       16. HOWEVER, THE SO-CALLED THIRD WORLD FORCES OF THE DEEPLY-RELIGIOUS PEOPLES of the Earth, who had been fighting the Antichrist for years, suffered great & heavy casualties, as well as the Antichrist forces themselves in the last days of that greatest of all battles that the Earth has ever known--Armageddon! There are literally miles & miles of piles & piles of bodies & wreckage of armaments strewn everywhere. During the height of the Battle, so much blood was shed that it was running to the horses' bridles in the rivers of Israel!

       17. THERE IS WHERE THE GREATEST BATTLE WAS FOUGHT, THE GREAT BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON predicted in the Bible many years ago! The greatest destruction & the greatest wreckage & debris from the Battle, as well as the greatest piles of the dead were littered about the land of Israel, so that it has taken them seven months to bury the dead there in the land of Israel alone!--And it will take them seven years to clean up the wreckage & burn the weapons of war! Our forces of Heaven are supervising & directing this mopping-up operation, as reconstruction cannot begin until this clean-up campaign is over.

       18. THE SURVIVORS are mostly those who were living in what was once known as the Third World, or the poor nations of the Earth, the ones who had fought the Antichrist & resisted his rule & rejected his Mark & refused his worship. They had fought so valiantly against him for so long, until they had been forced back behind the very gates of the besieged city of Jerusalem itself! This is when we had come down to help defend them & finish him off where his main forces had been focused on the rebellious Jews of Israel!

              19. OF COURSE IT IS WORSE THERE IN ISRAEL THAN IN MOST PLACES, since that was the scene of the final great Battle between the forces of the Antichrist & the forces of Heaven & Earth fighting the Antichrist! We in Heaven, of course, have had no casualties, because our forces are completely impervious to the forces of Man & Earth!--And our Heavenly fortress is absolutely impregnable!

       20. GOD LET US, HIS OWN BRIDE, PAR TICIPATE IN THIS GREAT FEAST OF REVENGE, in order that we might have the satisfaction of wreaking His vengeance upon these forces of evil who had persecuted & hindered us & hounded us for so long & caused us so much trouble & pain & agony! Now it was our turn to give them trouble!--Those who had troubled & tribulated us, we now had given them the utmost of tribulation, including complete extermination of the Devils' own pests, so that they've all now been killed & cast into the Bottomless Pit, including the Devil himself! They can now no longer bother us for the next Thousand Years of our rule & reign with Christ on Earth! But that war is over now, thank God! It's all over but the shouting, & we have certainly been shouting & praising God for the victory! Thank the Lord!

       21. WE'RE NOW GOING TO HAVE OUR HANDS FULL ENOUGH with the hosts of the anti-Antichrists, those that refused the Mark of the Beast & rejected his worship, refused to bow down to him, refused to yield to his Satanic rule on Earth with the power of the Devil, this Devil-possessed man who reigned over the Earth as its god & king, Satan in person, for three-&-a-half years!

       22. NOW WITH THE BATTLE OVER & the forces of Satan destroyed & Satan & his demons themselves cast into the Bottomless Pit, along with the Antichrist & his False Prophet & their evil Beast people, the Armies of Heaven have returned to their Heavenly Base for a bit of rest & recuperation & regrouping to plan the tremendous clean-up of the destruction on Earth, & its reconstruction & rehabilitation.

       23. THE MILLIONS OF LONG-TIME INHABITANTS OF SPACE CITY have been preparing for this great Endtime event for hundreds of years, organised into supervisory forces to direct the survivors of Earth in the mopping-up operations needed to cleanse it from the destruction & wreckage & horrible carnage left behind from that great Battle in which hundreds of millions perished & only about a third of the Earth's population were spared!

       24. WE STILL HAVE A GREAT WORK AHEAD OF US, to try to clean up & rebuild the societies of Man on Earth, the anti-Antichrist forces who have survived this greatest of all holocausts! The destruction in the North was even greater, where the great so-called "Superpowers" of East & West had nearly annihilated themselves in their final diabolical Atomic War!

       25. THE LANDS OF EUROPE & NORTH AMERICA ARE VIRTUALLY NUCLEAR DESERTS, largely destroyed by their nuclear war, along with their great, proud cities of which they had once so boasted! They are now lying in smoking, desolate ruins from one end of their lands to the other, having been finished off by the judgements & Wrath of God, poured out upon their wickedness!

       26. SO--SO MUCH FOR THAT & FOR THEM! They are finished & done for, along with their lands which they helped to destroy! They would have destroyed the whole Earth if we had not intervened to stop them in the Battle of Armageddon! Now their lands are stinking nuclear wastes, poisoned with atomic radioactivity & radiation! It's a very hopeless area which cannot be reclaimed by normal means. Apparently we are going to leave it that way for the Millennium as a testimony to the wretchedness & the wickedness & destructiveness of wicked Man himself, & as a lesson to the remaining inhabitants of the Earth never to follow the evil devices of the Devil!

       27. LET'S NOW TURN FROM THAT AWFUL SCENE TO THE LANDS OF THE LIVING, the beautiful paradisaical, natural creation of the gorgeous tropical southern regions, the lands which once were called the Third World, the poorer nations of the Earth in the lovely climes of the tropics & sub-tropics! They have been left almost untouched by the horrors of war & nuclear holocaust & even the judgements of God, because the main offenders came from the North & the wicked rich Superpowers of the Earth whom God destroyed in His Wrath & who had nearly destroyed themselves!

       28. THANK GOD THEY HAD LEFT THE SOUTHERN NATIONS NEARLY UNTOUCHED because they were poor & had little that the rich North needed, & were filled with the billions of the poor living on the land, as Man lived naturally & healthily in the earlier years of God's creation, & had lived for thousands of years before this awful Endtime in which Man's unnatural creations & hell-bombs & horrors of the wars of the great powers of the rich North had threatened to destroy the whole World!

       29. IN THE LANDS OF THE SOUTH, LIFE HAS GONE ON, IT SEEMS, ALMOST FOREVER since the creation of the Earth, in its peaceful, agricultural, pastoral societies living healthfully & naturally on the land, raising their crops & herding their animals, living in their simple shelters, existing mostly in peace & harmony with one another, especially in the rural areas, until the Antichrist forces began to take them over.

       30. HERE IN THE TROPICS & THE SUBTROPICS OF THE POOR NATIONS of the Third World there was the least destruction of all, either as targets of the hell-bombs or targets of God's judgements & His Wrath upon the rich. So these Southern nations & their poor have survived well, thank the Lord, & been spared from most of the conflict, as well as the judgements of God.

       31. IT WAS HERE AMONGST THE ANTI-ANTI-CHRIST SURVIVORS OF THESE SOUTHERN LANDS TO WHICH MOST OF OUR FAMILY HAD FLED, both for a refuge from the hellish wars & savage so-called civilisations of the North, to live with the simple, peaceful people of the South, & to bring them the good news of God's Love & Salvation! Here the common people heard us gladly & most of them received us with open arms, until some of their selfish Antichrist governments & godless religions turned on us as they saw we were capturing the hearts of their people, after we had reaped a great harvest of souls in the South for the Kingdom of God in Heaven right on up to the Rapture!

       32. SO NOW THE DESTRUCTION & WARS ARE ALL OVER, PRAISE GOD! We can now freely go to work & organise these precious people into the Kingdom of God on Earth under the rule of our King of kings, Jesus Christ Himself, according to His principles of Love & goodness & righteousness, which will cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas! We are now organising these dear people into the Worldwide Kingdom of God & telling them of God's Love & explaining to them how it all happened. Their re-education will be one of our primary jobs on Earth.

              33. OF COURSE WE MUST TAKE CARE OF THEIR PHYSICAL NEEDS FIRST before we can minister to their spiritual hunger. One of our first tasks is to flush them out of the remains & ruins of the polluted wicked cities where so many had once lived, & return them in a reverse migration to the farms & the agricultural lands from which most of the population of the overcrowded cesspools of these malignant cancers of the cities on the body politic had originally come!

       34. IT IS LIKE DRIVING THE RATS OUT OF THEIR NESTS IN SOME CASES, in which we have to use force & compulsion! Remember, these people, though spared from destruction because they had never heard the Gospel & they had fought the Antichrist, nevertheless none of them are yet saved & regenerated or born again into the people of God. Some are still somewhat resentful & rebellious & do not like to be told what to do by their now-superior super-powered authorities--us!

       35. SINCE THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT YET SAVED & born-again members of the Kingdom of God & His Heavenly forces, they must now be taught about His Love & shown His Love & re- educated, removed from the cities, transplanted into the agricultural areas of the economy & once again encouraged to till the land & herd their flocks & build their homes & care for & feed themselves in the natural way God had originally designed for them to survive, amid the glorious beauties of His creation in the countryside & its unpolluted air, its pure streams & on unpoisoned soil!

       36. SO WE HAVE, AS ONE OF OUR FIRST BIG JOBS AFTER THE CLEAN-UP, THE HUGE TASK OF POPULATION TRANSFERENCE out of the destroyed cities & back to the farms, & their rehabilitation into an agricultural economy, to learn to work hard on the farm to feed & clothe & shelter themselves & keep them out of trouble until they're thoroughly re-educated in the ways of the Lord & the knowledge of His Word & the experience of His glorious, merciful, loving Salvation--to be born again!

       37. THIS WILL TAKE TIME, MAYBE A MILLEN NIUM, AS THERE ARE MILLIONS OF THEM, YEA, BILLIONS OF THEM! Most of them were once involved in religions which taught God & were against idolatry, but did not yet know Jesus nor His sweet love & precious Salvation, & wonderful, glorious, marvellous, miraculous, supernatural experience of being born again, transformed into new creatures, the Children of God & citizens of His Heavenly Kingdom!

       38. SO THAT'S THE TREMENDOUS TASK AHEAD of us as we re-organise them into God's economy & under His government & supervision, led by the Saints of God & His Angels & our King, Jesus! So once again this is still our task here on the Millennial Earth with these Millennial survivors: Saving souls!

       To help these wandering souls to find His way,
       To ponder o'er God's holy Word & pray,
       And trust' til evening comes, And smile when evening comes!--This is our task!

       To do their best from dawn of day till night,
       And keep their hearts fit for His holy sight,
       And answer when He calls, And answer when He calls!--This is our task!

       To lay their burdens at His Own dear feet!
       Within God's City, saved in life complete,
       Within these jasper walls,
       Within our jasper walls!--This is our task!"
(See Dad's "Songs of Service" Tape)

       42. PRAISE THE LORD! SO, THAT'S STILL OUR TASK here on the Millennial Earth, just as it was on this old Earth before the Heavenly Kingdom came down to Earthly Man with our Heavenly King in person!--Jesus!

       43. SO OUR MAJOR TASK HASN'T REALLY CHANGED TOO MUCH: We're still trying to
bring the Love of God to Man & change Men's hearts & turn them to the Lord. Only now
we're in charge & we have the power & the rule! If we do have any resentful rebels who don't want to obey, we can either force them to, or destroy them!

       44. SO OUR TASK WILL NOW BE MUCH EASIER THAN IT WAS BEFORE when wicked men ruled the Earth! Now it will be far simpler under the righteous rule of Christ Himself & His Saints, now that all power is given unto us in Heaven & in Earth! So we should be making good progress very rapidly in this task of reconstruction, rehabilitation & regeneration here at the beginning of the Millennium!

       45. PRAISE GOD, WE'RE ENJOYING IT! We're still able to commute back & forth to our Heavenly Home & its Heavenly delights & our Heavenly society & our Heavenly habitation above in the Holy City of God, which still hovers ever-near to the Earth, since its security is now safer from the onslaughts of wicked Men & any rebellious attempts to attack it, but it still hovers high in the
sky, a constant reminder of Who is the Boss--Jesus!

       46. AND HE CONSTANTLY ENCOURAGES US & LEADS & GUIDES US AS ALWAYS IN THIS ENORMOUS TASK of the regeneration of Man & as we tackle this tremendous endeavour of universal reconciliation for the billions still alive who have never before had a chance to know Him & His Love!

       47. SO IT'S A BIG JOB! But even as Rome wasn't built in a day, neither is the Kingdom of God, but it has to be built brick-by-brick, living-stone-by-living-stone until all God's children are in His Fold! In fact, it's such a big job, it looks like it may take us a thousand years to prepare them for Heaven on Earth, when the Earth is re-created into the New Earth & Heaven comes down from the sky & lands upon it!

       48. BUT THAT'S A LONG WAYS AWAY, & we must now get busy with this tremendous job that we have at hand! So God bless & help us as we tackle the task, in Jesus' name, amen!--Are you preparing for it?

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