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WHY THE MILLENNIUM? --The New Heaven's Children--Chapter 5!

1. SOME OF THE MOST BEAUTIFUL, EXCITING & POETIC SCRIPTURES IN THE ENTIRE BIBLE ARE ABOUT THE MILLENNIUM! I've spent a lifetime studying those amazing prophecies about that Wonder-World to come!--Marking them, analysing them, endeavouring to interpret them, & going through the Bible from cover to cover collecting them, until I finally picked out my favourites & put them all together in a collection of those Millennial jewels in a 22-page section of our Book of the Future! ("Book of the Future", Pgs. 411-433).
2. SO IF WE'RE GOING TO TELL YOU THE THRILLING STORY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN IN THE MILLENNIUM, we can hardly ignore these exciting Biblical descriptions of it, directly from the Bible! After all, this is the very foundation of our faith in the Future & its Heavenly glories! For "Faith cometh by hearing the Word of God" (Rom.10:17), & the most accurate descriptions of the Millennium are found word-for-word in black-&-white right in the Bible!--Plus, of course, even more recent & detailed revelations & dreams & visions that He has given some of His Prophets to fill in even more detailed accounts & word-pictures of that wonderful World of Tomorrow!
3. YOU SHOULD HAVE ALREADY READ THESE GLORIOUS PROPHECIES OF THE FUTURE in the BOF, plus some of their explanations in the other Millennial section of the BOF, including some of the "Garden of Eden" series on this tremendous 1,000-year-long era of Heaven on Earth!
4. THIS AMAZING EPOCH IS TO BEGIN IN THE VERY NEAR FUTURE, after the soon-coming of Christ to rescue His dear persecuted, war-weary children out of this evil old World of the past & present, & to heap out His judgements upon the wicked left behind, culminating in the awesome Battle of Armageddon, which establishes His personal victory over all the kingdoms of the Earth & His visible Earthly rule & reign in the Kingdom of God over all nations, together with His Saints & Angels & all the forces of Heaven! This begins the first truly just & righteous Kingdom this World has ever known, & the most powerful united worldwide government it will ever know!
5. ALL OF THIS IS FULLY DESCRIBED IN DYNAMIC DETAIL RIGHT IN THE BIBLE ITSELF, & has been there for thousands of years! The Lord wanted you to know specifically exactly what His wonderful, glorious Heavenly Kingdom on Earth is going to be like!--So you could look forward to it with joy & exciting anticipation & thrilling satisfaction, to know that all of your labours of love here on Earth are soon to be rewarded in His Wonderful World of Love & Heaven on Earth! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
6. WE HAVE READ YOU MANY OF THESE STU-PENDOUS PROPHECIES OF THE FUTURE BEFORE, but many of you may not have understood them all. So in this account we hope to give you a running parenthetical explanation, along with the Biblical text, to enlighten you in greater detail on this fantastic wonderful World to come, with all the delights of Heaven on Earth to thrill you with your Future!
7. OF COURSE, THE GREATEST THRILL OF ALL WILL BE THAT JESUS HIMSELF, GOD'S SON, WILL PERSONALLY BE HERE visibly & powerfully ruling & reigning over the entire Earth, together with us, His Saints & all the powerful Angelic forces of Heaven!--An Earth ruled by God Himself in all His glory! So before I tell you more about what the Lord has revealed to us about His glorious Kingdom on Earth, let me read you some of these astonishing specific prophecies directly from His Word!
8. MILLIONS OF CHRISTIANS THROUGHOUT THE EARTH PRAY THE LORD'S PRAYER--or the "Our Father", as some call it--daily, & even many times daily. But very few really seem to comprehend the full impact & meaning of what they're actually praying many times over: "Our Father which art in Heaven, hallowed be Thy name!
9. "THY KINGDOM COME, THY WILL BE DONE ON EARTH, as it is in Heaven!" His Millennial Kingdom is going to be right here on Earth for 1,000 years, & His Will will be done here, exactly as it is already being done in Heaven itself!
10. THE STORY IS TOLD THAT ONCE WHILE PRAYING THAT VERY PRAYER, a little girl stopped at this point & asked her bigger brother, "What does that mean, 'Thy Kingdom come, Thy Will be done on Earth, as it is in Heaven'?" And the little boy is said to have immediately replied without hesitation, "Right now!"
11. --AND THAT'S THE WAY HIS WILL WILL BE DONE HERE ON THIS EARTH, over all the World & all the nations of the Earth & all their peoples, when that day comes! God's Will on Earth will be done right now!--And if any refuse to do it or to obey instantly, they will suffer for it. For His rule & reign over all the Earth & over all its peoples, together with His Saints & Angels, will not only be a beautiful, wonderful, glorious Kingdom of love & mercy & kindness & multitudinous, magnitudinous blessings for those who obey & love Him, but it will also be a Kingdom of strictly enforced obedience for anyone who may be reluctant or unwilling to obey Him or even rebellious against His loving rule.
12. FOR WE SHALL NOT ONLY RULE & REIGN WITH HIM IN RIGHTEOUS LOVE & MERCY, BUT ALSO WITH A HARD ROD OF IRON for those who attempt to rebel against us, & there will be severe punishment for the outright disobeyers & offenders. There will be no self-will nor independent choice in the matter in God's Kingdom on Earth. (Rev.2:26,27)
13. THIS WILL NO LONGER BE A PERIOD OF GRACE & PATIENCE WITH THE WICKED & WILFUL & REBELLIOUS & UNBELIEVERS. They will either obey or be destroyed & cast into hell-fire! It will be either "give up or get out"! There will be no more prolonged delays in God's judgements for those who take too long to make up their minds, or have some other ideas rather than the Lord's.
14. FOR GOD'S KINGDOM IS NO DEMOCRACY where the will of the people rules, but it is an absolute monarchy, where the will of the King reigns above all!--An absolute theocratic dictatorship of the Will of God Himself, obeyed by all, either in willing, loving voluntary service unto our wonderful Lord & King, or an abject, absolute slavery for the unwilling rebellious wicked, or total destruction & Hell for the incorrigible, unregenerate, defiant violators of His righteous rule!
15. IT WILL NO LONGER BE A WORLD FULL OF THE WICKED, unrighteous, reprobate unbelievers & disobedient, but a World ruled directly by God Himself through His Son Jesus Christ & His Saints & Angels in absolute authority without question or hesitations! For "he who hesitates is lost", & it will be a World of either "the quick or the dead!"--An absolute monarchy of an absolutely righteous God, a totally just, loving & merciful God, but Who will no longer tolerate the wickedness of Man!
16. JESUS & WE SAINTS SHALL NOW BE RUN NING THE EARTH instead of Satan & his evil forces, & "Righteousness shall cover the Earth as the waters cover the seas" (Isa. 11:9), & "No Man shall say,'Know the Lord', for all shall know Him" (Jer.31:34). For we will tell them & He will show them!
17. THE MILLENNIUM IS NOT A SECOND CHANCE FOR THOSE WHO HAD THEIR FIRST CHANCE to know about Jesus & His wonderful Love & Salvation but rejected Him. They had their chance & they are now all gone because they rejected Him, & were totally destroyed by the awful judgements of God in the Tribulation, Wrath & the Battle of Armageddon!
18. BUT THE SURVIVORS OF THAT AWFUL BATTLE & THAT TERRIBLE WRATH OF GOD ARE THOSE WHO NEVER KNEW HIM OR NEVER HEARD of Jesus & His wonderful Salvation & Love, or how to be saved. They were never told, never had a chance to be saved, but nevertheless fought against the Antichrist & his Satanic forces, refused his Mark & his worship & defied his evil system, even fought great wars against him & his wicked followers!
19. SO GOD HAS PERMITTED THEM NOW TO LIVE ON INTO THIS BEAUTIFUL MILLENNIAL PERIOD, ANOTHER PERIOD OF GRACE & forgiveness for those who never heard about Jesus or didn't understand His message of Love & never had a chance to receive Him as their Saviour because nobody told them. The churches & church Christians failed to reach them with the Gospel of Salvation.
20. MOST OF THE LAZY CHURCH CHRISTIANS REFUSED TO GO INTO ALL THE WORLD & PREACH THE GOSPEL to every creature as Jesus had commanded! So now, though saved, they are ashamed of their past failures & working hard to reach those they had failed to reach before, so that even they are having a chance now to do what they should have done, & are very thankful! So everyone will have had their chance to hear about Jesus, to believe on Him, receive Him, love & obey Him, & we'll judge those who still refuse, reject & disobey.
21. SO THE MILLENNIUM IS NOT A SECOND CHANCE FOR THE UNBELIEVERS & REFUSERS OF THE PAST. Their chances are gone forever & they're now suffering in Hell & Purgatory for their sins--the greatest of all of which was refusing to believe in & love Jesus Christ, God's Own Son! This is the only unpardonable sin, rejecting Jesus--the sin against the wooing, loving Holy Spirit of God Who tries to win the hearts of men & women of all the World. (Mat.12:32)
22. IF THEY REJECTED THAT CHANCE IN THE PAST, before the Rapture of all of His saved Saints, then they rejected their last chance & have no more chances, but are now gone to Hell to suffer for their sins! As they refused the suffering of Jesus Christ for their sins, they rejected His sacrifice on the cross, they doubted His being the Son of God & refused to receive Him as their personal Saviour & His free gift of Eternal Salvation, so they are now in Hell suffering for their unbelief!
23. BUT THOSE WHO NEVER HAD THAT CHANCE, THE MILLIONS OF THOSE WHO FOUGHT AGAINST THE ANTICHRIST & his idolatry & his wickedness & his satanic rule--the anti-Antichrists who believed in God, even if they didn't know His wonderful Jesus, they are still with us here in the Millennium, praise God! They are getting their first chance to see Him & believe in Him, know Him, love Him, receive Him & obey Him, to become born-again members & citizens of the Kingdom of God on Earth forever!--These are the Millennial Saints, saved now during this Thousand-Year period of the extended grace of God for those who never heard the message or saw the light of His Love!
24. NOW INSTEAD OF WICKED MEN RULING THIS EARTH AS IN THE PAST, WE, THE SAVED SAINTS OF GOD ARE THE SUPREME AUTHORITIES OF THIS WORLD! For He has made us Kings & Queens & Priests & Princes & Princesses under God, ruling over this Earth as His Own authorities & officers & governors & judges, the new government of God on Earth, as well as His loving ambassadors of mercy, still spreading His beautiful Gospel of Salvation & explaining it to all those who had never before heard or understood or had an opportunity to receive Him!
25. THIS IS THE REASON FOR THE MILLEN NIUM!--To give these poor people who never had a chance their first & last chance to hear the message of God's Love & to know & obey Him--or to be judged & cast into Hell with the others who refused Him & His rule & reign & ours on the Earth!
26. THOSE IN THE THOUSANDS OF YEARS BEFORE JESUS CAME TO EARTH, WHO HAD DIED WITHOUT KNOWING ABOUT JESUS & without hearing about His Love & Eternal Salvation, had already been preached to in Hell by Jesus Himself during the days & nights between His crucifixion & resurrection, "the spirits in prison". (IPet.3:19) Those who believed & received Him there were saved & transported to Heaven, along with the other Old Testament Saints who were raised from the dead at Jesus' resurrection, & transported to Heaven together with all of the Saints of the past!
27. NOW THE LAST OF THE UNEVANGELISED LIVING BILLIONS OF THE PRESENT HAVE BEEN SPARED TO LIVE ON INTO THIS MILLENNIUM in order that they too might have an opportunity to be saved & to become Saints & mem-bers of the Kingdom of God on Earth! So the Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ Himself on Earth together with His Saints & Angels will be the last chance for the last of the living of this Age. And this is the primary purpose of this Millennial Age of Grace, the final grace for the last of the living!
28. THIS SECOND DISPENSATION OF GRACE SHALL ALSO COME TO AN END AT THE END OF THE THOUSAND YEARS of Millennial Salvation for those who will receive Jesus. It shall end with another final awful rebellious war against Jesus & His Saints & the Government of God on Earth by those who rejected His truth & His righteous rule & reign & tender loving mercy & the message of His Salvation, deceived again by the Devil & his demons into one final terrible rebellion against Christ's Millennial Government, to bring out clearly in open defiance those who have turned totally against Him & against us, His Kingdom Saints!
29. SO THERE IS ONE FINAL GREAT WAR against God & His Saints & the Kingdom of Christ on Earth. This war, called the Battle of Gog & Magog, led by Satan himself, followed by the rebels against the Kingdom of God, clearly reveals to the whole Universe that "though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness" (Isa. 26:10), their last lesson to be devoured by fire as they surround the stronghold of the Millennial Saints on the Earth! (Rev.20:9)
30. THESE SAINTSARERAPTURED like the Tribulation Saints of a thousand years ago, & transported to the heavenlies to be with Jesus forever! This time the entire surface of the Earth is burned up, along with all of the evil forces of Millennial rebels of the Devil's final rebellion against God!
31. THEN GOD WILL RECREATE THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN of old, & there will be a New Earth, & the New Heaven will come down to that Earth out of the skies--our Heavenly City, Space City! Then the Lord will dwell with us in that final Heaven-on-Earth forever! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
32. THEN ALL OF THE UNSAVED DEAD OF THE PAST WILL BE RESURRECTED TO THE GREAT WHITE THRONE JUDGEMENT by God Himself, & all of those whose names are not found written in the Book of Life shall be cast into Hell! But the good, whose names are written in that Book shall be given their opportunity to be saved on that New Earth, the third & final Age of Grace for those who will know & receive & serve Him forever in His eternal Heavenly Kingdom of Heaven-on-Earth! Hallelujah! Praise the Lord! Thank You Jesus!
33. SO WE'VE ONCE AGAIN REVIEWED THESE CLIMACTIC EVENTS for those of you for whom they are not yet clear, & to help you understand what these wonderful prophecies of the Future are all about, particularly those about this wonderful, glorious, soon-coming Millennial Kingdom of Christ on Earth, a last chance for the last of the living to be saved or to be damned, according to their own personal choice, to either thankfully surrender to Christ or be destroyed!
34. THIS IS WHAT THE MILLENNIUM IS ALL ABOUT! So now read it for yourself from prophecies thousands of years old, which we shall soon see fulfilled in the glorious Millennial Kingdom of Jesus Christ on Earth, our King of kings & Lord of lords forever! In Jesus' name, amen! So God bless & keep you faithful to win millions of Millennial souls for Jesus, in Jesus' name, amen!

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