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THE STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM!--Part 1. 8/86--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 8!

1. THE MEEK HAVE INHERITED THE EARTH!--BUT, OH MY! WHAT AN EARTH! The rich, industrialised North has been largely devastated by the great Atomic War, the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, with very few survivors living in what is now partially an atomic desert!
2. THE DEEPLY RELIGIOUS SOUTH & EAST of the World who opposed the anti-God anti-Christ idolatrous World dictator are still impoverished & underdeveloped, after suffering years of neglect & oppression by the rich of the North, & finally persecution by the ruthless, irreligious World ruler! The poor peoples have been exploited & oppressed for years by the rich capitalist & communist North, as well as their own selfish rich rulers, & even by their own oppressive & tyrannical religious regimes!
3. NOW ALL OF THESE EVIL TYRANTS HAVE BEEN SWEPT AWAY by their own wars or judgements of God & the final Battle of Armageddon, in which the bestial anti-God World ruler & all of his followers & forces have been completely annihilated, so that all of the outright known enemies of God have been completely wiped out! So only those who worshipped God in some way still remain, those who steadfastly resisted the Beast & his Mark & his worship & the worship of his Image. Many of them had fought almost continuous warfare against him & his foul forces.
4. BUT MOST OF THOSE OF THE SOUTH & THE EAST who yet remain are still steeped in the ignorance & the heathenism of their former pagan religions, for only a minority of the millions worshipped the true God, such as the unsaved professing Christians, Orthodox Jews & sincere Muslims, etc. Nevertheless, these millions are still unsaved, having never found Christ nor heard the true Gospel or discovered real Salvation through receiving Jesus as their Saviour. All of us millions of true born-again Christians, of course, have been rescued in the miraculous, supernatural Rapture by Jesus Christ at the end of the Tribulation of the Antichrist!
5. THESE BILLIONS OF SURVIVORS of the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon are still mostly living in the most populous parts of the Earth--the South & the East, the tropical & sub-tropical areas of the World's surface, & they still do not know Jesus, for all the saved were removed from the Earth to the Heavenly City in the Rapture!
6. ALTHOUGH THE UNSAVED HAD WITNESSED HIS MIGHTY COMING in the clouds of Heaven with power & great glory to receive His Own in the sky, most of them still did not understand what was happening, but simply fought on against the Godless Dictator until the very end, when we Heavenly Forces rescued them from defeat in the great Battle of Armageddon, in which we wiped out all of their godless enemies!
7. BUT WE NOW HAVE A THOUSAND YEARS TO SHOW THEM THE LOVE OF JESUS, God's Son, their new World Ruler Who reigns in Love over all! We now must tell them all about Jesus & His wonderful Gospel of Love, & explain His simple way of Salvation by faith, His gift of Love, & to demonstrate what life can be like under a benign King of kings in an absolutely just & righteous rule & reign over a renovated Earth, freed from wars & pollution & the curses of sin & evil & the presence of Satan & his demonic, evil angels! All of his forces are now imprisoned for a thousand years in the Bottomless Pit of Hell, where they belong!
8. THUS, A LOT OF THE PROBLEMS ARE ALREADY SOLVED by this removal of the enemies & their forces & their evil influences, & the curses they had brought upon the Earth, so that all of these have been conquered & banished from the Earth, & God's curses upon them lifted from the surface of the Earth itself. So even His natural forces of creation are no longer struggling to survive against their Satanic enemies & the Devil's pests!
9. WITH THE ENEMIES ELIMINATED & THE CURSES UPON EARTH LIFTED, God's naturalcreations are now working in perfect harmony & peace with each other! Now even the animals & the living creatures of Earth are no longer at war with each other, & the enmity between Man & the animals & God's creatures has been completely eliminated!
10. EVEN THE ELEMENTS ARE AT PEACE & there are no longer storms & so-called natural disasters, which were totally unnatural in God's original Creation, but caused by the forces of Satanic evil! There is no more warring of the elements with Man--no more earthquakes, floods & storms, etc. All is at peace throughout the entire Earth, & both Man & Nature at last have rested from conflict with each other & are enjoying the blessings of God in a rejuvenated Earth like the Garden of Eden! Even the deserts are blossoming like a rose!
11. SO UNDER THESE BENIGN & HARMONIOUS CONDITIONS, certainly our tasks will be made much much easier than ever before, since that Heavenly Heaven-on-Earth of Eden itself before Man fell into sin & brought all this evil upon us! Thank God that's all past now & we must look to the Future & to restoring the remnant of Man to his loving relationship with God Himself & His God-created environment!
12. THERE ARE NO MORE ENVIRONMENTAL PROBLEMS HERE, for God has rectified all of that in removing the curses He had put upon Man's sinfulness, & removing the incorrigible sinners as well, leaving only those who had not yet had an opportunity to make a decision either for or against Him, having never had a chance to hear the true Gospel of His Love & Salvation.
13. SO THE MILLENNIUM WILL BE THE TESTING-GROUND for the billions of the unevangelised whom the churches failed to reach with the Gospel. It will be their chance to hear the Truth & to know the Love of Jesus for the first time, & to make their own personal decision either for or against Him.--The last chance for the survivors of this World!
14. SO THAT IS OUR GREATEST TASK OF THIS MILLENNIUM, to reach every man, woman & child on Earth with the Gospel, so that everyone will have had their opportunity to accept Jesus as their Saviour, & so that everyone will have heard about God's Love, & none shall have to say any longer, "Know the Lord", for all shall know about Him, whether they receive Him or not!
15. BUT WE KNOW, ACCORDING TO GOD'S WORD, that some, though being given this golden opportunity to receive His wonderful loving salvation, shall still be rebels at heart & reject Him & His love & His rule & reign over them. This is one of the greatest problems which we'll face in the performance of our greater task.
16. BUT WE ARE READY FOR THESE REBELS, for God has promised to give them plenty of trouble if they refuse His gracious mercy & wonderful Love during this final great Era of Grace & Salvation for Earth's survivors! He will send plagues & famine on the rebels, afflictions & curses, to try to turn them away from their sins & rebellion & toward His love & mercy & forgiveness! If they do not respond favourably because of these trials & testings & afflictions, He will eventually destroy them & send them to Hell with the rest of the rebels of all ages!
17. SO THIS MILLENNIUM IS LITERALLY A SECOND AGE OF GRACE for all of those who never had an opportunity to respond to the first one! Here they're given their final chance at Salvation. Thank God, millions will be saved & become the Millennial Saints! But just as in the First Age of Grace, others will not. They will go on in their own wilful ways & selfish living & rebellion against God's laws of Love & restraints on sinners. But more about that later!
18. IN THE MEANTIME, WE HAVE TO MOP UP THE MESS & establish law & order amongst those remaining, who have lost most of their rich rulers & tyrannical despots & would be nearly lawless & without government if we did not immediately seize power over them!
19. ACTUALLY, GOD'S HEAVENLY FORCES HAVE BEEN PREPARING FOR THIS SITUATION FOR YEARS & planning for this takeover in this time of chaos at the beginning of the Millennium. His spiritual Saints have been monitoring the characters & behaviours of these survivors long before these final events! They've been observing & analysing their actions & the very thoughts & intents of their hearts, so as to know who can be trusted to help in this tremendous task of reconstruction & rehabilitation of Earth's survivors.
20. THEY ARE THE RIGHTEOUS RULERS, the good governors, the merciful magistrates & mayors, the just justices & judges, the fair officials & merciful military, those whom their guardian angels & spiritual helpers know will some day receive the Lord & follow Him & obey Him & serve Him & others to the best of their ability, according to God's Laws of Love! These will be immediately put into service overseeing every level of government & peace & order, supervised by the saved Saints of Heaven & their powerful angelic back-up forces!
21. ALL WILL BE RECEIVING THEIR ORDERS FROM THE LORD & His Heavenly forces of both Angels & Saints who are now ruling the World & its survivors through a Heavenly systemof supernaturally wise organisation & administration at all levels of government from the highest to the lowest. For we have seized power completely, everywhere & instantly upon the fall of the former evil regime of godlessness!
22. THANKFULLY, THE PHYSICAL ENVIRONMENT OF THE SOUTH & EAST HAS REMAINED MOSTLY INTACT & UNTOUCHED by the horrible devastations of the North, so that much of its agrarian economy & social structure is still operating fairly smoothly, as it has for hundreds of years, yea thousands! It's not dependent upon the superficial structures, cities & creations of Man, but upon the normal, natural, ideal agrarian environment of the Lord!
23. THEIR EVIL CITIES HAVE BEEN DESTROYED BY THE WRATH & JUDGEMENTS OF GOD & the horrible earthquakes & hailstones of the End, but the countryside remains as beautiful & natural & normal as ever, thank the Lord! Our first task is to meet the physical needs of these survivors & transfer the very few survivors of the metropolitan centers to the more amenable countryside where they will be returned to the land from whence they came & learn farming again from those who stayed loyal to the soil.
24. MOST WILL PRODUCE THEIR OWN MEAGER & SIMPLE NEEDS OF FOOD, CLOTHING & SHELTER, & what they cannot produce they will trade & barter with others that can, from each according to his ability & unto each according to his need. "They that shall not work shall not eat"! (2Thes.3:10)--No more welfare, dole & so-called social security for the lazy & the slothful!
25. SINCE THE LOVE OF MONEY HAD BECOME THE ROOT OF ALL EVIL in past generations, there will be no more filthy lucre to pollute the economy, but the people will exchange commodities of real value, & none shall be allowed to accumulate more than his share, neither any be permitted to suffer for lack of it. For all shall share according as each man has need, as we all did in our own loving Family Homes of the Endtime.
26. NOW THE WHOLE EARTH IS TO BE LIKE THIS, with millions of Heavenly Homes of believers & receivers of Millennial Saints, sharing & cooperating & loving & living in peace & harmony with each other in God's glorious Kingdom on Earth, finally a reality, with only a few dissenters among us! The great evil festering sores of the sinful cities will not only have been destroyed but banned forever, & the only great city permitted will be God's Own Heavenly City floating in the sky above & out of reach of still unregenerate Man!
27. ON EARTH NEW VILLAGES WILL HAVE TO BE BUILT for the survivors of those city hell-horrors of Man's evil creation! Beautiful, well-planned, perfectly ordered & wisely-organised small villages will be built for the refugees.--Small circular towns with roads radiating out into the surrounding farms & countryside, small communities with every necessary facility & tiny cottage industries of skills & handicrafts necessary for such an agricultural economy. No more giant smoke-belching Earth-polluting factories & industries, no more roaring, self-destructive forms of rapid transportation which killed more than even the evil diseases of sin in the former wicked civilisations!
28. THIS TREMENDOUS CHANGE FROM MAN'S FORMER ARTIFICIAL ENVIRONMENT & modes of transportation & communication is not going to be sudden, but will take some time in implementing, & will mostly occur through the mere lack of production of any new vehicles & spare parts, etc.
29. MANY VEHICLES WILL HAVE TO BE ABANDONED as soon as they run out of gas & parts & repairs, & the huge graveyards of wrecked & abandoned autos will be carted to the shorelines & dumped into the seas to be used by the fish & the marine life to establish new coral reefs to preserve God's natural environment! So as these vehicles run out of gas & oil & parts, they will have to be abandoned, like it or not, because no new ones will be permitted to be manufactured.
30. THE OLD FACTORIES WILL BE TURNED INTO ASSEMBLY LINES FOR FARM WAGONS & CARTS & carriages & buggies & the naturally animal-drawn vehicles of the ages.--Not the gas-burners, but the grass-burners! Not the hot-rodders, but the cool fodders, as all Mankind on Earth returns to the ancient & enduring, peaceful, slow-moving, non-destructive means of God's natural animal transportation.
31. AND WHAT ABOUT THE LARGE CARGOES of many tons of products being exchanged between communities in barter & trade? These will again be transported in the ancient means of thousands of years by camel train, wagon train, ox-drawn carts, mule trains & sailing ships which shall sail smooth & stormless seas with perfect winds for power, ordained by the Lord for the benefit of Mankind throughout the Earth!
32. SO THE FAST, HELL-BENT, DESTRUCTIVE SPEED-THAT-KILLS OF THE PAST WILL SLOW DOWN TO A PEACEFUL PACE that Man's mind & body can better endure & survive & enjoy at a rate that gives us time to think & pray & observe the beauties of God's Creation as we pass slowly by, & absorb the clean fresh air of an unpolluted atmosphere that we can breathe deeply & freely with plenty of time, instead of the nervous haste & reckless driving of the past & all its human carnage & vehicular wreckage!
33. WE'LL HAVE TIME TO STOP & TALK & VISIT with other drivers & riders instead of racing past them at horrendous speeds that do not even provide a glimpse of their faces or feel the humanity of their spirits! Life will move slowly at a graceful, gracious, life-giving, healthful pace which Man's body, mind & spirit can easily adapt to & enjoy, to induce healthful living & survival without the killing craze of the wild world of past civilisations!

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