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THE STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM!--Part 2! 8/86 --The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 9!

1. SO BESIDES THE PEACEFULAGRICULTURE OF THE COUNTRYSIDE OUTSIDE THE VILLAGES, the only industries in these small towns will be the handicraftsof building & making farm tools & vehicles & harnesses for animals & wheels for wagons & carriages, & furniture for houses, & clothing for humans, & vessels for household use. This is the way Man survived peacefully & beautifully for thousands of years, before those mad, wild lightning-paced, destructive, hell-bent generations of the End, which destroyed so many lives, both bodies & minds, & gave no time for the development of the spirit! Now there will be lots of time to think & meditate & pray & love as we move slowly along the path of life, & live much longer to do it!
2. MANY OF THIS SURVIVING GENERATION WILL LIVE FOR NEARLY A THOUSAND YEARS, & their children for hundreds, so that conceptions & births will also slow down, giving their populations a rest from the overpopulation & overcrowding of the past, & their women more time to enjoy & teach their children & train them up in the way they should go. Home life will be Heaven-on-Earth, as it was in our own sweet Christian Homes & Colonies in our Family in the past.--But now without all the enemies & annoyances & pests & plagues & curses & devils & demons of our former life before the Millennium!
3. IMAGINE A LIFE WITHOUT THE ENEMY OF OUR SOULS & HIS DAMNED DEVILS & trials & temptations & afflictions & diseases & pests & poisonous plants & vicious animals & sadistic wars & the rush of the mad rat-race to get ahead! Imagine life in such a perfect environment with all the so-called natural problems & curses, storms & catastrophes totally eliminated! No more bugs & blights to eat our crops & destroy our produce! No more diseases & sicknesses to sap our energies & our very lives! No more fighting the very elements of heat & cold & storm of a hostile environment of destructive forces, but an Eden-on-Earth like the Garden itself in the days of Adam & Eve!
4. OUR ONLY PROBLEMS WILL BE WITH SOME OF THE SURVIVING HUMANS, & only with those who reject our love & God's mercy, those who still want their independence & freedom from God's loving laws & peaceful ways.--In-dependence & freedom to destroy & annoy & attack their fellow men in selfishness & greed!
5. THESE REBELLIOUS HUMAN SURVIVORS WILL BE OUR MAJOR PROBLEM, but we will have tremendous help--our own saintly, supernatural powers & senses & wisdom & miraculous gifts of intelligence & knowledge, our own Heavenly forces able to communicate by thought & vision & instant long-distance messages of the mind & spirit!--The ability to see through objects & discern the thoughts & intents of the minds & hearts of men, with the ability to appear & disappear, materialise & dematerialise & travel with terrific speed in the spirit without danger nor accident!
6. BUT EARTHLYMAN WILL BE LIMITED YETTO HIS MERE FIVE HUMAN PHYSICAL SENSES & NATURAL HUMAN ABILITIES, & will have to rely upon us & Heavenly forces for any speedier means of communication or transportation. Instead of his own electronic means of instant communication of the past which got him into so much trouble & so fast, he will be again limited to sending messages only by word-of-mouth or by handwriting, which will greatly slow down his communications & prevent a lot of the unnecessary wordiness & superfluous foolishness of the past.
7. HIS COMMUNICATIONS WILL BE LIMITED MOSTLY TO US & EACH OTHER in only the most vital & necessary forms, for his former media will eventually run out of electricity & manufactured spare parts, like his autos, & be abandoned & useless! It was these means of instant communication by various media of evil Man which helped to propagandise the World with his wickedness & enslave Man's mind & thoughts with his evil education & control their lives as slaves by tyrants, so that Man's media of communication had become a curse instead of a blessing!
8. NOW WE CONTROL ALL COMMUNICATIONS COMPLETELY & nothing is transmitted except what we permit & desire. No more of the evil messages of Satanic propaganda & evil education! We are in complete control & are the sole Ministers of Information! Mankind is only going to get what we want them to, & what they need to know. No more of this trash & noise & mental pollution of the past, but the Earth will be a people of a pure language, at last! (Zeph.3:9)
9. WHAT A BLESSING THAT WILL BE! No more television, radio, nor even telephone for Earthly Man! He will only be able to communicate mostly with his nearby neighbours, & therefore have more concern & involvement with them, instead of spreading his mind out too thin over too many matters that do not concern him, & with which he should not be encumbered.
10. EDUCATION THEREFORE WILL BE MUCH MORE PERSONAL & PRACTICAL & individually taught, as even in our previous Earthly existence. As I have shown you from the Scriptures, the Lord sets the stage, but we have to fill in the details & the acting. So it will be, with the education of both our own children & this vast multitude of Earthly survivors, so that there will have to be both child education & adult education--re-education of the adults. So there will still be the schools & tools of education necessary for such purposes.
11. THIS MEANS THERE'LL STILL HAVE TO BE TEACHERS & TEXTBOOKS & the printed word for most of the millions of Earthly survivors who still only speak & understand their own native languages & can still communicate only in normal, natural physical ways of speech & reading & writing. We as teachers, of course, will still have an amazing mass of voluminous literature & inspired writings & publications of the past for them to study & learn from through their already-learned means of communication.
12. BUT WE WILL ALSO HAVE NEW & ASTOUNDING MEANS OF TEACHING & LEARNING which no teachers ever had before, except God's spirits!--The supernatural ability to be able to communicate with our minds & show them pictures & visions of the things & places we're trying to explain. We can even miraculously transport them to those places & backward in time to those historical events, to personally witness the characters & the speeches & the historical occasions which led the Earth almost to its doom, & to learn lessons from it, in hopes that they will not commit some of the same mistakes as did those past generations.
13. WE CAN TAKE THEM ON CLASS TOURS OF THE WONDERS OF GOD'S CREATION over the surface of the Earth, helping them to fly by our power when we wish, when normally they are bound to the surface of the Earth by its gravity. They can visit historical places & the wonders of God's Creation & see & learn of other cultures & peoples throughout the Earth only as we will & design & know is good for them & not in their former helter-skelter fashion of uncontrolled World-wide travel that did so much damage!
14. THEY WILL GO WHERE WE WANT THEM TO GO & SEE WHAT WE WANT THEM TO SEE, & hear what we want them to hear, & taste what we want them to taste, & smell what we want them to smell, & feel what we want them to feel! And oh, what they will feel with our Heavenly, supernatural, miraculous ability to convey to them all of this by spiritual means!
15. WHAT TEACHERS WE WILL BE & WHAT TEACHING THEY WILL GET! The best that any peoples on Earth ever had! So they will be without excuse or the excuse of ignorance or the lack of knowledge of what they really need to know, but without all the foolishness & frills & ridiculous ideas of former Mankind, such as the lies of evolution & the false ideas of ecology & the ridiculous organisations of Man's governments! They will be learning true history for the first time, & not that written by the victors only!
16. THEY WILL BE LEARNING TRUE SCIENCE, not the lies of science falsely so-called, with its profane & vain babblings! They will not need telescopes to visit the planets or the stars nor Man's space vehicles, but we can take them there ourselves to show them the wonders of God's creations & whatever they need to know. (1Tim.6:20)
17. THEY WILL NOT NEED MICROSCOPES & THE FABRICATED TOOLS OF MAN to investigate the micro-organisms & the microscopic world of life & its wonders, but we can whisk them away into those very tiny spheres! They will be able to travel through the bloodstream of Man & investigate the amazing organs that God has given him & their operations & see exactly how God does it, & how His whole Creation operates in perfect harmony, now that Satan is gone & not here to disrupt everything!
18. WE WILL BE ABLE TO SHOW THEM EVERYTHING ABOUT LIFE, to experience everything that they need to understand, & wisely observe & comprehend the marvels of God's Creation & its wonderful operation through His divine power!
19. WE CAN EVEN TEACH THEM ALL ABOUT SEX & the marvellous system of God's procreation in the creation of human life on Earth! We can teach it as God-made & God-ordained, God-created--beautiful, wonderful, marvellous, good, right, pure & to be fully enjoyed, without all the ridiculous Devil-inspired & Man-imposed taboos & shame & embarrassment & restrictions of foolish misled Man!
20. SO THAT THEY CAN ENJOY LIFE & SEX TO THE FULL without inhibition or phobias or fears or false ideas & improper misconceptions & neuroses & complexes & guilt, as they enjoy God's pleasurable procreation facilities of the human body! Sex was created by God Himself to be used & enjoyed in ecstasy to the most thrilling of all orgasms--the orgasms of the spirit as well as the flesh!
21. THEY'LL HAVE A PERFECT SEX EDUCATION with beautiful & normal demonstrations, experimentation, implementation & observation without reservation & Man's interpretation & silly restrictions & taboos, so that their children can grow up in a natural, normal environment of freedom of sex as God intended for them to do!
22. THEY WILL MARRY WHEN THEY PLEASE & whom they please & have children as they please, without the insane abnormal restrictions of the hypocritical self-righteous former Worldly System society, so that family life & all its phases will be perfectly natural & normal & beautiful & thrilling & exciting & full of pleasure, as God created it to be!
23. WHAT A WONDERFUL WORLD THAT WILL BE as we get them thoroughly re-educated in all of these spheres of life & society.So that Man can live naked & normal again, as did Adam & Eve in the Garden just the way God made them, to enjoy all of His Creation to the full without inhibition or prohibition, except for that which would harm or hurt or not be in love. What a wonderful world of Heavenly delights this Earth could be if it were not for some of the still crooked & perverted ideas held over by some survivors from the past!
24. BUT THIS TOO IS A PART OF THEIR TRAINING & re-education--how to know the difference between truth & falsehoods, right & wrong, good & evil, & how to choose that which is good & eschew the evil, just as we ourselves were educated by good teachers & the Lord in the past. But oh, what advantages we & they will have now with our new supernatural powers & miraculous gifts for teaching tools here in this world of the Future!--More marvellous than anything Man ever dreamed of, without mechanical nor electronic devices nor man-made inventions with all of their limitations of incapacities & frustrations & problems & even dangers! What a wonderful world to teach in, & what a wonderful way to teach! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah!
25. SO THAT JUST ABOUT SUMS IT UP, how all of the needs of Man will be met in this wonderful new world of Heaven-on-Earth in the Millennium, a thousand years of Paradise! Our only problems will be Man himself, & our only serious problems the unregenerate & degenerate! But this too is a part of their education, to learn to stand for the right against wrong & to fight for the good against the evil, praise the Lord!
26. AND MILLIONS OF THEM WILL LEARN & BE SAVED & work with us for the salvation of millions more, until the very end where they will all learn their last lesson that "though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness"! (Isa.26:10) For finally the rebels will rise against us & Satan will be allowed to return to deceive them & divide the sheep from the goats, to find out who really loves the Lord & wants to follow & serve Him forever, & who really loves the Devil & prefers to follow him & serve him to their eternal destruction!
27. THIS IS THEIR LAST CHANCE TO ACCEPT THE GRACE, MERCY, LOVE & SALVATION OF GOD! There will be no more for them! They have seen the visible, personal, Earthly rule of Christ on Earth & His Heavenly Saints in person, ruling them with perfect love & perfect government in a perfect environment, so that they are without excuse & deserve to be destroyed! "Brute beasts created to be destroyed"! (2Pe.2:12) Because they will not learn righteousness & have rejected the love of God & the Salvation of Christ, His Son & Saviour, & resisted the Holy Spirit to their very doom!
28. SO THE LORD WILL ALLOW THEM TO ROUND UP THEMSELVES under the Devil's direction & to encompass the Camp & the final Earthly city of the Saints, so that the evil forces can be destroyed by fire from Heaven & the whole surface of the Earth burned up, incinerated, & all of its poisonous pollution utterly eradicated, both in the atmospheric heavens & space & on the surface of the Earth!
29. ALL THAT SPACE JUNK WILL BURN UP as the atmosphere explodes & rolls away like a scroll, like a garment cast off from the surface of the Earth! The whole Earth will thus be purified by fire from all its pollutants & junk & corruption & evil forces, until it is recreated & refurbished & rejuvenated to its original pristine perfection of the first Creation & even better! There are no longer polluted seas & dangerous mountains & areas of deadly radiation, but an Earth of perfect beauty, with Heaven-on-Earth itself coming down from the sky to rule & reign forever!
30. (THERE YOU ARE, THAT'S THE STORY OF THE NEW HEAVEN'S CHILDREN IN THE MILLENNIUM! Praise God! Thank You Jesus! Hallelujah! "Even so, come quickly Lord Jesus!" (Rev.22:20) Amen! So learn all the lessons you can right Here & Now so that you'll be a great blessing to millions There & Then!)

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