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HEAVENLY RE-EDUCATION!--And the Magic Bubbles! 8/86 --The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 12!        ML#2261

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! WE LOVE YOU! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN TELLING YOU THE STORY OF THE MILLENNIUM as we see it in our spirit trips into the Future! We've already told you the story of the Tribulation & the Rapture & our experiences in Heaven, our settling down in our Heavenly mansion & our attendance at the Wedding Feast of the Marriage of the Lamb & the momentous events of the Battle of Armageddon & our return home to Heaven for a little rest & recuperation, & then our observations of the mopping up of the mess, the burial of the dead, the destruction & disposition of all the war junk, & the beginning of reconstruction of the villages & towns & the settlement of them with the former citizens & survivors of the cities & their rehabilitation. We have tried to describe to you & picture for you the various scenes of all of these major events, & even our participation in them.
       2. NOW WE'RE GOING TO TRY TO PICTURE & DESCRIBE FOR YOU A LITTLE MORE PERSONALLY the major ministry of ourselves & our own children & staff & family, & what our principal activities are going to be in this marvellous Millennial period of Heaven-on-Earth! We've also described for you the beautiful differences between this Millennial World, & the old wicked, foul, polluted, warring world of the past!
       3. ALTHOUGH THE ACTUAL HEAVENLY CITY, HEAVEN ITSELF, HAS NOT YET DESCENDED to the Earth & will not yet for a thousand years until the creation of the New Earth, nevertheless, compared to the past, we call this present Millennial Earth "Heaven-on-Earth" by comparison, with all the curses lifted & no more wars or catastrophes or so-called natural disasters, no more storms, earthquakes, floods, epidemic diseases & no more Devil or demons or all his pests!
       4. THERE ARE NO MORE POISONOUS SNAKES OR LIZARDS OR INSECTS OR VENOMOUS CREATURES of any kind.--No more ravenous & rapacious beasts, but all is at peace, both Man with Man & Man with beasts!--And even the elements are at peace with the Earth!--A truly Heavenly World, a Heaven-on-Earth, compared to the way it used to be, since God has brought "peace on Earth & good will toward men" of good will! (Luke 2:14)
       5. EVEN THE NATURAL HUMAN SURVIVORS of the Tribulation & Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon are beginning to recuperate & settle down in their tiny villages & small towns, far from the filthy, horrendous cities of the past! Now they are re-learning the beautiful arts of agriculture & farming & the raising of livestock.
       6. SINCE THERE IS NOW PEACE BETWEEN MAN & THE ANIMALS & no more war between them, there's also no more eating of flesh or killing of life, but both men & beasts have become universally vegetarians, as they were in God's first creation before the Flood. So the livestock raising is no longer with the purpose of slaughter & eating the flesh of animals & birds, etc. such as chickens. But cows are raised purely for the purpose of giving milk & chickens for eggs, & likewise goats for their extremely nourishing milk, & sheep only for their shearings of wool for cloth-making. Horses & other animals are kept purely for transportation of both Man & loads of his produce, & others simply for pets.
       7. SO THE MILLENNIUM IS AN ENTIRELY DIFFERENT WORLD FROM THE ONE WE USED TO KNOW!--Although it's the same Earth with the same animals & many of the same people, the same forests & vegetables & fruits, hills & valleys & rivers & lakes & seas, etc. But now it's a beautiful Earth like in the days of the Garden of Eden before Satan tempted Man to sin & brought on all the horrible consequences upon his descendants & the Earth itself! We now know what the original Creation was like, without all of these horrors! It's wonderful! It's beautiful!--Heavenly! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Hallelujah!
       8. SO MAN IS LIVING IN AN ALMOST PERFECT WORLD AGAIN, except for some of the damage that he himself perpetrated upon it. There is still the wreckage & ruins of war & the contamination & nuclear radiation poisoning of some of the areas which were destroyed by Man, as well as doomed areas nearly wiped out by the judgements of the Wrath of God upon their wickedness!
       9. BUT AS I TOLD YOU BEFORE, most of the beautiful tropical, semi-tropical & sub-tropical areas of the South & the Third World were spared from most of this devastation, except that some of their vile, filthy, wicked cities were wiped out in these judgements of the Wrath of God!
       10. THANK GOD WE ARE RID OF THOSE CANCEROUS CITY SORES on the body of the Earth, & most of their evil inhabitants! Only their good survivors did God spare & bless with rehabilitation & resettlement in rural areas, small towns & communities in the farming & agricultural areas & a new World economy based on peaceful agrarianism, instead of the wicked ways of the World of the past.
       11. THE ANTICHRIST & HIS EVIL FORCES HAVE BEEN WIPED OUT, as well as most of the wicked rich who destroyed themselves & their countries in their horrible wars! Mostly it's only the poor of the Earth & the poor nations of the Third World that have been spared & given a chance to survive & be saved & to know the Lord & His new Kingdom of Love & His Kings & Queens & Princes & Princesses,& the Priests of God.--The true people of God, the Saints of God who now rule the World, along with His Angels & His Son, Jesus Christ, the King of all kings, under God the Father & the Mother Holy Spirit.
       12. SO IT'S TRULY A NEW WORLD compared to the old one.--Not the completely New Earth which will follow the Millennium, but certainly a better World than ever before, & very much like the Future one.
       13. THERE ARE THE SURVIVORS WHO WILL BE GIVEN A CHANCE TO KNOW THE LORD & BE SAVED & learn His ways for a thousand years, & be tested to see if they will follow the Lord & love & obey Him & receive Him as their Saviour, Lord & King.--Or whether some will yet rebel against Him & His Laws of Love, as some will, sad to say!
       14. BUT HE HAS TO GIVE ALL THEIR CHANCE TO CHOOSE the way that they will go, to divide the sheep from the goats & the wheat from the tares.--Until the very end, when He will reap His final harvest & rapture His Millennial Saints to Heaven while He destroys the wicked forces of Satan & the whole surface of the Earth, which is purified by fire & then re-created into the completely new Earth, whereupon His Heavenly City shall come down to settle with regenerated Man forever! But that's a thousand years away, so let's settle down to the task at hand!
       15. I KEEP GOING OVER THESE PAST EVENTS so that you who are perhaps reading this for the first time will understand. Just like they used to do with the old continued stories, they always gave a brief synopsis at the beginning to tell you what had gone before. So now you know! Maybe the more times I tell it, the straighter you'll get it in all your heads, what these past events of world history were.
       16. THANK GOD THESE ARE PAST, & WE CAN GET ON WITH THE HUGE TASK OF EVANGELISING THESE WHO ARE LEFT!--These who were never evangelised before, never really heard or understood the Gospel before, never had a chance before to be saved & born again into the spiritual Kingdom of Jesus Christ & His Father, God.
       17. WE HAVE HAD TO MOP UP THE MESS & tend to their physical needs first, get them resettled & rehabilitated before we could possibly minister to them spiritually, & it will take several years to finish this physical task with some. However, many are already settled & prospering & thriving in this new world of peace on Earth, & are ready for their re-education, as well as evangelisation, the greatest tasks of all that we have with these millions of remaining survivors.
       18. SO WE ARE NOW IN THE PROCESS OF INSTITUTING AN EDUCATIONAL SYSTEM WHICH WILL REACH THEM ALL. Having gotten them provided for physically, of course our first task is to preach them the Gospel & explain to them Salvation & give them an opportunity to receive Jesus as their own personal Saviour & be saved, born again & filled with His Spirit, so that we can communicate even better with them in the spirit.
       19. --FOR ALL EDUCATION IS FOUNDED ON COMMUNICATION, & WITHOUT COMMUNICATION THERE IS NO EDUCATION! And you will be amazed at some of the marvellous, wonderful, phenomenal means of communication we are going to have & we have now for their re-education! As communication requires communicators, & education requires educators, therefore we are being briefed in seminars on God's plans for this tremendous task.
       20. SO HE HAS GATHERED TOGETHER THE BEST MINDS & HEARTS & SPIRITS OF ALL HEAVEN to show us how we're going to do it! The work of reconstruction & rehabilitation is being handled almost entirely by the humans themselves under our supervision, or the supervision of those who are experts in those fields. But the task of evangelisation & re-education is going to be handled entirely by His Saints & Angels who have experience in these fields.
       21. SO ALTHOUGH WE ENJOYED OBSERVING & EVEN PARTICIPATING IN SOME OF THE RECONSTRUCTION & REHABILITATION, visiting some of their sites to advise & counsel, nevertheless you know what I'm most experienced in, & that is in education & teaching & the preaching of the Gospel, which I was doing for many years--nearly 50 years--before I became a prophet of God. But after all, a prophet is a preacher too, & a teacher!--Except that he is a direct instrument of God through whom God actually speaks & to whom the Lord shows visions & dreams of the things that He wants the people to know & to tell the people about. So a prophet is an educator too!
       22. ALL MY LIFE I'VE BEEN CALLED TO TEACH & PREACH & PROPHESY THE GOOD NEWS OF GOD & HIS LOVE! So it is only natural that I should be involved in His great evangelisation & re-education program, along with all of our Family who are experts in these fields & have been faithfully serving in them & harvesting souls & teaching & re-educating them for many years now. So our Family are some of the most qualified of all preachers & teachers to reach & train this new world of souls on Earth!
       23. SO WE'RE GOING TO BE MOSTLY TEACHERS OF TEACHERS & EDUCATORS OF EDUCATORS, TEACHING OTHERS TO TEACH OTHERS to teach others etc. (2Tim.2:2), along with many other faithful, sincere, dedicated, hard-working Christians & missionaries & preachers of the Gospel, who for years have been trying to reach the Lost with the Message of God's Love & Salvation & have been reaping souls throughout the whole Earth, as well as our Family, along with the great multitude of witnesses of the past who are now resurrected & here alive with us to help us in this gigantic task of reaching the rest of the whole World with the Gospel of His Love!
       24. BEFORE WE HAD ONLY OUR OWN VOICES & PRINTED LITERATURE, POSTERS & TAPE RECORDINGS of our music & radio & television & the mail through which to reach these multitudes of millions of the World's unsaved. But we now have new tools, hardly ever imagined before, as well as some of the old tools of generations & the millenniums of the past of the spiritual world, spiritual communications which God has used from the very beginning: Mental telepathy, voices, dreams, visions, leadings, spiritual guidance, Heavenly communications!
       25. BUT THESE ARE USUALLY ONLY EFFECTIVE WITH THOSE WHO ARE SPIRITUALLY SAVED & SPIRIT-FILLED & IN TUNE with the Spirit of God & His Heavenly Spirits, Saints & Angels. Whereas the carnal mind of natural Man can hardly communicate in this fashion, for he is simply not in tune & not on the right channels. His spirit is not regenerated & he's out of communication with God & the Spirit World. He cannot understand these things, nor be receptive to these spiritual channels until saved & born again & spirit-filled & in communication with that wonderful world of the spirit & its Heavenly personalities. (1Cor.2:14, Rom.8:7)
       26. SO WE MUST FIRST REACH & TEACH THEM WITH MORE VISIBLE TYPES OF MEANS. So here our Heavenly communicators, our three-dimensional TV globes, are going to be tremendously effective & useful, in which we can picture the sights & render the sounds & even the tastes & fragrances & feelings of these events, to tell the story of it all from the very beginning to the very end, so they'll understand it all, from the Creation to the Millennium, the whole history of God's dealings with Man & the reasons behind it all, in order to teach them about God & His Love for all of us!
       27. FOR USE WITH THE LARGE GROUPS OF THE UNSAVED OF WHOLE VILLAGES THERE ARE EXTRA LARGE COMMUNICATORS more than life-size which will be used for village & small-town gatherings to explain to them God's plan of Salvation & to tell them about the Lord & His Love, how to be saved, & give them a bit of the history of God's dealings with Man & the whys & wherefores of it all, about where we came from, why we're here & where we're going, & why.--All because of the great love & wonderful mercy & Fatherhood of God in His Fatherly care for His children & His creation!
       28. SO SINCE THESE HEAVENLY COMMUNICATORS ARE REALLY A SPIRITUAL MANIFESTATION or materialisation wrought by spiritual powers & governed by us as their operators & the powers of our magic wands, those beautiful name-crystals which each of us were given when we entered Heaven, therefore their transportation from village to village is a simple matter for us, through a mere wave of our wand! So we can picture to entire crowds these marvellous wonders of God's creation & the miraculous mercies of His Love! Folks call'm "Magic Bubbles"!
       29. SO THERE ARE NO PROBLEMS OF TRANSPORTING LOTS OF HEAVY & COMPLICATED MATERIAL EQUIPMENT, like I used to have in toting my projectors & screens & slides & motion pictures & film around to try to show people these things. Now we have these terrific magical powers which can create before them these means & methods of communication!
       30. OF COURSE WITH THE SMALLER GROUPS OF THE SAVED & SPIRIT-FILLED, WE HAVE MUCH MORE DIRECT COMMUNICATION by mind & mental telepathy in spirit! The age-old means of God's Heavenly communication with all of His people has always been by oral & mental messages & dreams & visions & Heavenly pictures & messages & thoughts, projected directly into their minds from ours, as God has always done by His spirits & His angelic messengers in moods of meditation & prayer & trance, that wonderful borderline of the spirit where the soul has one foot in Heaven! So that we're God's lightning rods to ground His Heavenly bolts to Earthly Man & shock them into the realisation of Heavenly things! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       31. SO THESE ARE THE MARVELLOUS MEANS OF COMMUNICATION & the tremendous plans for the re-education of Earthly Man! Do you want to be a part of it? You can, if you've recorded God's truths in your own mental recorder & the memory cells of your own mind so you can project them into the minds & hearts of millions! God bless you as you prepare for this great Task! I love you!--Grandpa.

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