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A REVIEW OF THE ENDTIME!--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 13!       8/86       DFO 2262

       1. WE JUST WROTE CHAPTER 12 YESTERDAY, & I THOUGHT MAYBE I'D TRY TELLING YOU CHAPTER 13! Would you like that? (Children: Yes! Wow! That would be so fun!) I don't know just how that will work out, but I'll try it! To get an idea of how it works, I'll just tell you the story without worrying about tape recorders or anything. (Children: Oh fun! Wow!) (Adjusts curtains in room so lighting is correct.) It's getting mysteriously dark now, because we're going to take a spirit trip into the future on our time machine!
       2. WHO WOULD LIKE TO PRAY? (Children: I will!) Okay, since you both volunteered at the same time, both of you can pray, okay? (David: Thank You, Lord Jesus for this time, Lord, that we can take a trip into the future, Lord Jesus. Thank You for Grandpa telling it to us, Lord, & thank You that the tape recorders can pick it up for the whole Family, Lord Jesus. We pray that You will please bless it to us, help us to be good listeners, Lord, & help Grandpa to get lots from You, Jesus. Thank You how You've inspired this story so well, Jesus. We pray that You continue to do so, in Jesus' name.)
       3. (TECHI: AMEN, THANK YOU JESUS FOR THIS GOOD HEAVEN'S CHILDREN STORY, Lord, & please anoint Grandpa to tell it, Lord. Thank You so much for him telling us, Lord, & thank You for the opportunity to put it on tape for all the Family for their benefit so they can hear all they can about the future, in Jesus' name.) Amen! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       4. AMEN, LORD, HAVE THY WAY, LEAD & GUIDE US & HELP US TO DEPICT THE FUTURE, Lord, to these who are soon going to be living in it, to prepare them for it, in Jesus' name, as we've seen it, Lord, in spirit trips & time trips which You've given us into the future, Lord, in the spirit. Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord! Amen!
       5. HOW DO YOU TAKE TIME TRIPS IN THE SPIRIT INTO THE FUTURE? How do you take time trips into the past? (David: By remembering.) You remember. You visualise things that happened before, right? You remember them, they were recorded onto your memory cells of your brain. When you want to think about it, what do you do?--You just decide to go back & think about a certain time, a certain place.
       6. LIKE WHEN TECHI WAS BORN, I can remember right now seeing it. I got to thinking about it, & immediately, suddenly I'm back there & I'm seeing it happen & I'm there in the apartment waiting for news from the hospital from Mama about our new-born baby girl!
       7. OR I CAN GO ALL THE WAY BACK TO TENERIFE FOUR YEARS BEFORE THAT! Right now I can remember that little room where I was waiting for our baby boy to be born! I could look through this little tiny window about that big, right onto Mama's head where she was lying on the delivery table, & watch the doctor working on her as they bring David into this World! You see?--All I have to do is think about it, right?--And all of a sudden I'm back there seeing it again! When I shut my eyes, I can see it even better, amen?
       8. SO HOW DO YOU TAKE A TIME TRIP INTO THE FUTURE IN THE SPIRIT? Really, when you're remembering things way back like that, you're sort of taking a trip back into the spirit, aren't you? You're recalling things you saw & the things that you remember & the things that you heard, etc.
       9. SO HOW DO YOU TAKE A TIME TRIP INTO THE FUTURE? (Techi: By thinking.) You pray, you think about it. Usually I close my eyes & ask the Lord to show me things of what it's going to be like in the future, because it's just as easy for the Lord to show me the future as for me to remember the past. Therefore I have been able to tell you all these things, especially things that are already described in the Bible, it's not difficult to visualise those, right?
       10. WHAT DOES IT MEAN TO VISUALISE? (David: To picture it.) To picture it, that's right. You picture it in your mind. Some people call it your imagination. I don't like to call it that because the things that the Lord shows us are not our imagination, are they? They are real pictures!
       11. SO WHEN YOU SEE SUCH PICTURES IN YOUR SLEEP, WHAT DO YOU CALL IT? (Children: Dreams.) Dreaming. And when we see them when we are awake, what do we call them? (David: Visions.) That's right. When we hear things & voices & people saying things in our sleep, that's a part of our dreams. And when we see things & hear things when we are awake, that's what? (David: Visions.) Visions & voices that the Lord gives when we're awake.
       12. SO HE CAN JUST AS EASILY GIVE YOU TIME TRIPS INTO THE FUTURE & show you things in the future as He can show you things in dreams or any other kind of visions. All you have to do is pray & ask the Lord to show you. So the Lord is apt to show you a lot of things that are going to happen, especially when many of them are already described in the Bible.
       13. WELL NOW, IN OUR STORY OF HEAVEN'S CHILDREN in all these Chapters--we're already up to Chapter 12 & now we're about to write Chapter 13. We're sort of reviewing all of the events which preceded our present story & where we are in our story now. Let's see if you can remember the sequence of events. What does "sequence" mean? (David: Order.) Exactly, Honey! That's just the word I was going to say! I didn't know whether you could get it or not!
       14. IN OUR STORY, DO YOU REMEMBER WHAT THE EVENT WAS WE STARTED OUT WITH? What great period? (David: The Rapture.) Yes, that's good, but we did talk a little bit about the Tribulation, didn't we? Because in order to talk about the Rapture, we had to tell about what had happened & how it happened & what we were doing. And where were we, Techi, when in the Tribulation we were being persecuted & hunted, etc? Where did we flee to finally? (Techi: We went to the caves in the mountains.) Yes, the mountain cave! And where were we when the Rapture occurred in our Story? (Techi: In the cave.) In the cave!
       15. AND WHAT HAPPENED IN THE RAPTURE, DAVID? (David: We floated up to Heaven!) That's right! We were all caught up into the Heavens to be with the Lord & who else with us? (Techi: The graves burst open & all the dead rose up.) That's right! The dead people rose first. (Techi: And Jesus comes back with all the dead people's spirits & then they meet with their new flesh bodies.) They get their new bodies. (Techi: And then they get their new bodies & they go up first.
       16. (AND "THE LORD HIMSELF SHALL DESCEND FROM HEAVEN WITH A SHOUT, with the voice of the Archangel & with the trump of God!--And the dead in Christ shall rise first, & then we which are alive & remain shall be caught up together with them in the clouds, to meet the Lord in the air! Thus shall we ever be with the Lord!") "Wherefore comfort one another with these words!" (Techi: First Thessalonians 4:16, 17 & 18.) Very good! You put our reference into the text!
       17. ALRIGHT! IN OUR STORY WE WERE ALL CAUGHT UP--not cut up--if we'd stayed behind, we would have got cut up! But we all got caught up to be with the Lord. Where? (Children: In Heaven.) In Heaven. And what's Heaven? (David: Space City.) Right! And that great big forcefield bubble called what? (Techi: The Crystal Sea.) The Crystal Sea! Boy, these kids are smart! I'll tell you! And what happened when we got there? Where did we arrive? (David: We arrived at the Pearly Gate.) Right, in Heaven at the Pearly Gate! And who met us? (David: Abner & Phoebe, I think.) All your relatives & friends & loved ones & Family members that have gone on to be with the Lord.
       18. THEN THEY TOOK US WHERE? (David: Up to our Mansion.) To our Heavenly Mansion, & we got settled in our beautiful Heavenly Mansion & got rested up & got ready for what? (Techi: The Marriage Supper.) The Marriage Supper, & what did that turn out to be? (David: A big feast.) What did it turn out to be? Have you read those latest ones, the latest Heaven's Children? What was the surprise? It turned out to be not a great big banquet at a dinner table like we thought, what did it turn out to be? (Maria: It's because they've had the other idea in their heads for so long, & the pictures.) (David: It's the meeting in the Crystal Sea.)
       19. WELL WE ALL MET, YES, IN THE CRYSTAL SEA, THAT'S TRUE. But then what did the Lord show us? What did it turn out to be, instead of a big banquet at a big table, like we thought it was going to be, a big party celebration. It was a party alright, it was a banquet alright, but it turned out to be what? (David: Preparation for Armageddon?)--Yes! It turned out to be Armageddon! We watched the Wrath of God on the Earth, then rode down to Armageddon!
       20. YOU SEE, IT SHOWS YOU HOW THAT FIRST CONCEPT IS THE ONE THAT STICKS! It turned out to be to watch His Wrath on Earth destroy our enemies, & He let us then ride down how? (David: On white horses!) Oh, not on flying saucers? How about that! Wouldn't it be much more exciting to ride down on a flying white horse than ride down through space in a spaceship? And He let us do what?
       21. WHAT DO WE DO AT THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON? (Children: [EDITED: "Stop"] our enemies!) Yes, He let us participate in the Battle & destroy our enemies, the Antichrist & all his evil Beast-Marked people! We got rid of them all, slaughtered them & they all went to Hell! (Techi: Like that verse, "And the armies which were in Heaven followed Him upon white horses, clothed in fine linen, white & clean.") (Rev.19:14) Yes, very good! Boy, this gal really knows her Scriptures, thank the Lord!
       22. SO YOU DON'T HAVE TO IMAGINE or try to even take a space trip into the future to visualise some of these things, because they're all described in the Bible. We're trying to show you our personal participation in these. What does that big word, "participation" mean? (David: Joining along with?) That's right, taking part, "participation" means taking part in it.
       23. WE ACTUALLY ARE TRYING TO SHOW YOU IN OUR PICTURES in our space story of all of you children. In a sense, Noel in his pictures is trying to show our own personal little Royal Family & how you're participating, taking a part in all of these events. Because Grandpa gets a little complicated & a little bit difficult sometimes because I use all these big words & I describe it in more mature terms that are not exactly designed sometimes for children. It's just the way I think, because that's the way I was trained & that's what education does to you, it makes you too complicated. It makes you use too many big words.
       24. ACTUALLY IT'S EASIER THAT WAY FOR ME, BECAUSE WE CAN USE ONE BIG WORD that can maybe define or describe a whole sentence. But anyway, I thought maybe today I could tell you the story & I wouldn't maybe use such big words, & I would have you right in front of me to remind me I've got to talk more to children & put it in your terms. If you catch me using any big words you don't know, you stop me, will you, & ask me what it means, okay? (Techi: Yes, Sir!)
       25. ALRIGHT! THEN WE RODE BACK TO HEAVEN, & then what? (David: Then we went to the Pearly Gate in Heaven again & everybody...well, not too many, but the people who were there were...) Well, if you think there weren't too many people, okay, but remember it's very difficult for Noel to draw so many people, ha! (David: Well, I meant because we all went down to fight the Battle of Armageddon & then we come back again.)
       26. WELL I DON'T SUPPOSE THAT ALL THE MOTHERS & THE LITTLE BABIES & THE TINY CHILDREN WENT. I would presume a lot of them would stay behind, but just the people who were old enough, like the teenagers & on up, were able to go down & help fight the Battle of Armageddon. So even Techi, I think, was riding along there, wasn't she? Because all you have to do is point your finger or look at the enemies & go "zap!" & poof!--They're gone! So that's a pretty easy battle to fight, when they couldn't even possibly hit you with guns or bombs or anything because you are impervious, impregnable!
       27. --WHAT DO ALL THOSE GREAT BIG WORDS MEAN, ANYHOW? (David: Impregnable means not able to be destroyed.) That's right, not able to be overcome or entered. Impervious means you're bombproof, you're bulletproof! You don't have bullet-proof vests on or anything, but even if they'd shoot at you it'd go right through you & you wouldn't even know the difference because you are more of a spirit now. They would bounce right off you like that boulder that bounced off David's shoulder, & things like that, because you're so powerful & so strong that nobody can hurt you anymore. (Techi: Davida said, "What happened, David?" & he said, "Oh, nothing, just that big stone fell off & bounced off my shoulder!") (See "New Heaven's Children" Chapter 7).
       28. WELL, I WOULD HAVE THOUGHT, DAVID, THAT YOU WOULD HAVE PAID MORE ATTENTION & thought that was pretty important to have such a big happening, not just say "nothing"! But, well, maybe that's all you would have said. That was Noel's idea anyhow, how you reacted. "Oh, it's just a big boulder that bounced off my shoulder--that's all!" Ha! "Oh, they just shot a big cannonball that went right through me, & it didn't even affect me!"
       29. SO IT DOESN'T MATTER--ATOMIC BOMBS--NOTHING CAN AFFECT YOU ANY MORE, because in the Millennium you're a powerful spirit-being like the Angels, & nothing can hurt Angels, right? And nothing can hinder Angels except maybe other angels--fallen angels of the Devil. But now where are they all in our story? (Techi: In Hell.) All in Hell & in the Bottomless Pit, right?
       30. (TECHI: HOW COULD THEY HURT ANGELS?) They can't, but do you remember that Angel who was trying to come & give Daniel a message when he was praying & he had to fight with one of the Devil's angels to get there? (Dan.10:12,13). They can't really stop us, but they can kind of hinder us & delay us sometimes. But now we don't have to worry about it in our story. Where are they? (Techi: In Hell.) (David: Even in Armageddon are they in Hell when we're fighting the Battle of Armageddon?) No, no, they're still around. They don't get thrown into Hell until at the end of the Battle of Armageddon.
       31. SATAN & HIS ANGELS DON'T GET CAST OUT INTO THE PIT UNTIL THEN. Satan gets cast out, so of course all of his demons get cast out with him. (David: So they can be helping the Antichrist?) Oh yes, of course they are helping the Antichrist! But we come down from Heaven so powerful & we outnumber them by the billions because there are so many Christians in Heaven by this time! When you think of all the Christians of all ages who were raised & gone to Heaven, why, we outnumber them by billions, right? So they can't hurt us. We overcome with great power & great glory & we win a glorious battle!
       32. BUT NOW WE'VE GONE BACK TO HEAVEN for a little bit, a little rest--"R&R" they call it in the army--rest & recuperation. After a battle you need to take a little time out, right? Although our new bodies don't tire easily or anything, nevertheless everybody needs to rest, even mentally & spiritually, right? (Do you?)