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WHO ARE THE SPARED OR SURVIVORS? 24/8/86 --The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 14!        ML#2263

       1. SO AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON WE WENT BACK TO HEAVEN, BACK TO OUR MANSION TO REST A LITTLE BIT, but then what did we do? You've been reading it, you've been looking at the pictures, what did you see us doing? What's the condition of the Earth? (David: Oh, pretty rotten!) What part of the World is pretty bad off? (David: Mainly the North rich countries.) Yes, where are they? (David: America & Russia.) Where are they? What part of the World? (David: In the Northern part.) That's right, the North. That's where all the big rich, powerful Superpower countries were. They are today in your day, but now we're in the Future, & so we say they were in the North.
       2. BUT WHAT HAPPENED TO THE NORTHERN COUNTRIES? They had a big war even before the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, & they just about did what? They had a big, what kind of war? (David: Atomic war.)--Atomic war! What does that do? (Children: Blows everything up!) Yes, it destroys almost everything. What else does it do? What does it leave behind? (David: Nuclear radiation.) Radiation, poisonous nuclear radiation, so that you can't even live there for years & years & years! They say it lasts for even hundreds of years, it lasts for so long a time!
       3. SO WHAT'S HAPPENED IN THE NORTH? (Techi: It got all blown up.) It's almost completely devastated!--North America, Europe, Russia & all those countries, they just about blew themselves off the map & there were very few survivors. The only survivors I'm sure would have been any of God's people whom the Lord might have been miraculously taking care of so that they could be spared. But considering how many times we've told them to get out, I'm not sure that they deserve to be spared. Anyhow, when they die, if they're really Family Members & God's people & Christians, they'll just die & go to Heaven anyhow, right? So, the North is a mess! It's uninhabitable because of all the radiation & everything. Buildings & cities are all ruined & the terrain is pretty much like a desert.
       4. BUT WHAT ABOUT THE SOUTH & THE EAST? (David: They probably didn't even know anything happened!) Well, they knew it happened all right, but they were not the targets & they were not the participants. What does that mean again? (Children: Partake.) In other words they did not take part in the war & they're just the poor--what do we call it, what world? (Children: Third World.) The poor Third World countries that didn't have too much that the rich wanted & weren't powerful enough to fight them, so therefore they weren't fighting the Third World, the Superpowers were fighting between themselves.
       5. SO IT LEFT THE THIRD WORLD PRETTY MUCH UNTOUCHED, except for some of their cities which would have been targets if they had any American or Russian bases around! Quite a few of them did have such bases, sad to say. But even if the war hadn't gotten their big cities, what did get them?
       6. WHAT HAPPENED TO THE CITIES IN THE WRATH OF GOD? (Techi: They all got burned up!) (David: They got the earthquake!) They mostly got shook down, rather than burned up. They were shaked down, a real shake-down. (David: That's when all the mountains fall down.) It sounded like a lot of mountains fell as well as the cities, & also what kind of rain came out of Heaven? (Techi: Fire.) Not yet.--You're thinking about the end of the Millennium. I'm talking about right now in the Wrath of God. (David: Big hailstones.) Right. Great big hailstones. And how much did they weigh? (David: A talent, which is 100 pounds?) Over 100 pounds, 104 pounds to be exact!
       7. NOW CAN YOU IMAGINE A HAILSTONE AS BIG AS MAMA?--Look how she's all balled up right now. If she did like that, a hailstone that big falling from Heaven, what do you think it would do to this house? (David: It would make a gigantic hole!) Every one would make a gigantic hole! And if it comes down like rain, like hailstones do, what would it have done to those wicked cities where God was wreaking His judgements & His Wrath? (David: Everything would be smashed!)
       8. THE GIANT HAIL WOULD HAVE DESTROYED ALL THOSE FILTHY, WICKED CITIES, EVEN IN THE SOUTH, right? (Techi: And it's also very much harder than Mommy.) Oh, yes. Hailstones are much harder than Mommy, not nice & soft like Mama. (Maria: And the further it comes from, the further distance it comes, the harder it falls.) Yes, the farther if falls from higher up, "the bigger they come, the harder they fall", & the higher they come from, the harder they fall. So they really came down like bombs!
       9. AND WHERE DO YOU SUPPOSE GOD WOULD RAIN MOST OF HIS BIG HAILSTONES? (Techi: On the wicked cities.) On the wicked cities! Even in the South? (David: Yes.) Yes, of course! He wanted to get rid of those festering sores on the body of the Earth, the body of Man, all those wicked cities that one historian called cancers! (Techi: But what about the good people when they fell?) Well, the good people are mostly out in the country, & if they're really good people who failed to leave the city like the Lord wanted them to--didn't He say to flee the city? "Flee ye to the mountains", right? (Mat.24:16) So what if they didn't? Then they got killed, right?
       10. I'M SURE THAT MOST OF THE GOOD PEOPLE WOULD HAVE HAD ENOUGH SENSE TO FLEE by that time, because they fled the cities anyhow for fear of the Antichrist, etc. & for fear of war & all that sort of thing, so I'm sure the Lord led the right people to flee to the mountains so that they could survive.
       11. BUT OF COURSE, MOST OF THE GOOD PEOPLE LIVED WHERE IN THE SOUTH? (David: In the country.) Out in the country on the farms, far from the cities. So it was mostly only the bad good people that didn't get out of the cities like they should have, the naughty, disobedient good people who should have gotten out, but they didn't. So they might have gotten killed. But I'm sure the Lord spared everybody He could who hadn't had a chance to hear the Gospel.
       12. SO NEARLY EVERYBODY WHO SURVIVED the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, which is really the end of the Wrath of God--who were these survivors? We were already saved & we were on the winning side fighting the Battle. (David: The anti-Antichrists?) (Techi: The unsaved good people.) Yes, all the A-ACs, the unsaved good people who were at least resisting the Antichrist & who at least believed in God & were fighting against the Antichrist forces.
       13. WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE THEY WOULD BE? What kind of good people would there be fighting the Antichrist?--In fact, whole countries fighting the Antichrist! (Techi: The A-ACs.) But who would they be, most likely? (Children: Country people.) What kind of religions? That's what I'm trying to get at. (David: Well, they could even be Hindus?) No, I wouldn't say Hindus, they don't worship God!--They worship idols & demons!
       14. WHO DO YOU SUPPOSE GOD WOULD WANT TO SPARE THE MOST?--The ones who are doing the best to worship Him, even if they weren't saved, even if they didn't know the Gospel of Jesus. (To Maria:) You used to be back in the States around churches & stuff.--Church people who believe in God & they're supposed to believe in Jesus & the Bible & everything, but they've never received Him.
       15. THEY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO GET SAVED, never been born again, weren't saved. (Techi: And nobody ever told them.) Right! Somebody's told some of them, probably a lot, but anyhow there might be a lot of Christians who were never really told how to get saved, that's right. They were told about Jesus & God & the Bible, but they never knew how to get saved, they weren't told how to be saved, these formal churches & Catholic churches & whatnot.
       16. THESE PEOPLE FIGHTING THE ANTICHRIST WERE GOOD PEOPLE & they thought they were saved, they thought all you had to do was just believe in God & believe in Jesus & believe in the Bible, even though they didn't read it, & even though they didn't really know Jesus & hadn't really received Him. But to be saved, you've got to not only say, "Oh, I believe", you've got to do what? (Techi: Receive Him.) You've got to receive Him, to be really born again & to be saved.
       17. WELL, THEY DIDN'T KNOW HOW TO DO THAT, & so there were millions of church people, in what kind of countries? Where do they have a lot of Christian church people, what do they call those countries?--Christian countries, right? But even though the others don't believe in Jesus, what other kind of religions believe in God but don't believe in Jesus enough to be saved the way we do? (Techi: Mormons?) Well, Mormons, but they really believe in Jesus. There are lots of people who are Christian church people who aren't really saved. But now let's not talk anymore about them.
       18. WHAT COUNTRIES ARE CALLED CHRISTIAN COUNTRIES because their major religion is Christianity?--Even though they are not saved, even though they have lots of churches. How about the U.S.A.? It's supposed to be a Christian country. Canada, Europe--they're all supposed to be Christian countries. (Techi: But the U.S.A. is all going to be destroyed.) Yes, exactly, because they are going to be one of the biggest fighters & because they belong mostly to the Antichrist even now.
       19. BUT WHAT ABOUT SOUTH AMERICA & ALL THE LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRIES? What religion do they have? (Techi: Christianity.) Christianity or Catholicism is their main religion. They believe in Jesus & they believe in God & the Bible & all that, but of course they don't really know Him, so most of them are not saved. But they can get saved very easily if you just show them how.
       20. LET'S SEE--NORTH AMERICA, EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA ALL ARE CONSIDERED CHRISTIAN CONTINENTS of the World, Christian countries. And what are the Christian countries in the East?--Australia, New Zealand & the Philippines. There are also other countries in the East which are not officially Christian, but with large Christian populations, such as Singapore, Taiwan, Korea, Fiji, Guam, Macau, etc.
       21. AUSTRALIA & NEW ZEALAND ARE CHRISTIAN BECAUSE OF THE INFLUENCE OF THE BRITISH, & the Philippines are Christian because the Spanish went there hundreds of years ago with the knowledge of Jesus & God & the Bible & taught them to believe in Christianity. However, the Catholics teach such a works religion, that you've got to be good to be saved. "Yes, Jesus died for us, Jesus saves us, Mary too & God too, but you've got to be good & work for it, earn merit to be saved." Well that doesn't save you, we know that.
       22. (TECHI: EARN WHAT?) MERIT. WHAT'S MERIT?--It's like good grades in school, good marks, credit for being good. What's credit? (Techi: Praise.) Yes, in that sense, that kind of credit is praise. (Techi: Oh, credit marks?) Yes, when I was teaching school we used to use the merit system. I'd give people good marks for doing good things & I'd give them black marks for doing bad things.
       23. THEN AT THE END OF THE MONTH if they had too many black marks & not enough good marks, I gave them some spankings right in front of the whole class, with a great big paddle! (Techi: What's a paddle?) It looked like a cutting board, a bread board with a handle. I really didn't hit them very hard, but on that day when they knew they were going to get their spankings, the big bad boys used to come with several pairs of pants on & one guy even had several pairs of swimming shorts stuffed in the back of his pants so it wouldn't feel so bad! (David: What did you do when you found out that they had padded themselves?) Oh, I just hit them a little harder!
       24. BUT ANYHOW, THE CREDIT & GOOD MARKS & MERITS AREN'T GOING TO GET YOU TO HEAVEN, right? (Techi: Like demerits & merits?) Demerits are black marks. De-merits. Merits are good marks, demerits are black marks. So, merits didn't save them, right? Even though they had heard all about Jesus & Mary & God & the Bible, all those countries have been taught that they still have to work their way to Heaven somehow by all kinds of ways--penance, indulgences, masses, etc.
       25. WERE YOU A CATHOLIC? (Fam: No, Sir.) You were Episcopalian. (Fam: Yes, Sir.) Well, that's the next best thing to being Catholic! Ha! An Episcopalian is a Protestant Catholic. (Fam: Yes, just the other side of the fence!) They have Priests & beautiful ceremonies.
       26. I USED TO GO TO THAT BIG EPISCOPALIAN CHURCH that they built right across the boulevard on Bay Front Drive there across from our house in Miami. My Father & Mother thought it would be a good education for us to see those beautiful ceremonies when they walk up & down in these gorgeous robes & carrying these golden staves & have incense & the choir boys dressed in robes & they have processions up & down the aisle. I don't know whether yours was a high church or low church, but this was a very high church & very fancy, just about like a Catholic church, you could hardly tell the difference. They even had statues of Mary & Joseph & everything, just like a Catholic church. I mean, you could hardly tell the difference between a Catholic church & Episcopalian church, the Church of England.
       27. ANYHOW, ALL THOSE CHURCH PEOPLE, EVEN THOUGH THEY CALL THEMSELVES CHRISTIANS, AREN'T ALL SAVED. But they did do one good thing during the Tribulation, didn't they? What did they do? (Techi: Refused the Antichrist.) They fought the Antichrist, refused to take his Mark, refused to bow down & worship his Image, right? So they fought the Antichrist & therefore in the judgements of God & the Wrath of God & the Battle of Armageddon, what did God do for them? (Children: Spared them.) Yes! Spared them!
       28. WHAT OTHER NATIONALITY BELIEVES IN GOD, what other nation believes in God but they don't believe in Jesus? They don't believe Jesus was His Son or the Messiah. (David: Israel.) Right! Israel, the Jews. The Jews believe in God & they even believe in the Bible, at least in the Old Testament, & they read it & they chant it & they pray to God & all, but most of those Jews don't believe that Jesus is the Messiah. Techi? (Techi: Since the Jews didn't believe that Jesus was the Messiah because they killed Him & everything, so they think the Messiah is still to come. So when the Antichrist comes, they're going to think that he is the Messiah.) Right!
       29. AT FIRST THE JEWS THINK THE ANTICHRIST IS THEIR MESSIAH because he glorifies them & makes a treaty with them, the Covenant, & lets them go back & build up Jerusalem & maybe even rebuild the Temple if they have time, etc. But when he starts declaring he's God & insists they bow down & worship his Image, what do they think then? (Techi: That he's not it.) Then they know he's not their Messiah, because God's Word, even the Old Testament, was very much against idols & idolatry & men who claim to be God. So then they start doing what? (David: Resisting him.) Resisting him & fighting against him. (David: So they're anti-Antichrists too.) Right!--Good Kids! 30. (IN WHICH GROUP ARE YOU, READER?--Hope you're in ours or amongst the true born-again really saved Christians who'll go up with us in the Rapture!--Amen?)

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