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THE MILLENNIAL WORD! 27/8/86--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 17!        ML#2266

       1. ALTHOUGH THE MAGIC BUBBLE ATTRACTS BIG CROWDS with its living sound & colour & three-dimensional real life images & is very educationally entertaining, we've found that these Millennial people often go away afterwards & soon forget the real meaning of what they have seen & heard, just like they used to do in the previous Age of Grace when I used my colour slides & sound motion pictures to attract crowds in various public places in order to preach them the Gospel. I still found that something more permanent was needed to put in their hands & leave with them so that they could read & study & absorb it at greater length, long after we were gone. So, Beloved, here in this miraculous supernatural Millennium we have found that natural Man still needs the printed Word! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!
       2. SO AFTER A FEW TEST RUNS with our Heavenly missionaries using their "Magic Bubbles", which is what the people have come to call our Heavenly communicators, the evangelists have come back to our teaching seminars clamouring for literature to leave with the folks who attend these sessions--something they can take home with them & look at the pictures & study the text in the quiet of their private homes where they can continue to read & re-read & study & re-study until the Truth really sinks in permanently into their dull natural minds.
       3. SO THE SAINTS HAVE COME TO ME PERSONALLY, BEGGING US TO REVIVE SOME OF OUR OLD LIT, especially those large, beautiful Heavenly Posters with their Gospel backings telling the story of each one & giving an invitation & sinner's prayer at the close, so that the message would be clear & clear-cut, brief & to-the-point with the prayer on the end, the invitation for them to pray the little sinner's prayer, inviting Jesus into their hearts.
       4. SO NATURAL MAN STILL NEEDS NATURAL MEANS FOR HIS RE-EDUCATION, & literature is still the easiest & quickest & most thorough method of teaching which we can possibly leave with them, for literature keeps on talking as long as it lasts & keeps on showing the beauties of God's Love & Creation in its gorgeous colour pictures!--And what greater wealth of appropriate literature--effective, time-tested & soul-winning-proved--than our beautiful colour Posters with their Gospel messages on the flip side!
       5. WELL, AS THEY SAY, "YOU CAN'T TAKE IT WITH YOU", so we had had to leave all of this behind us when we left the old Earth in the Rapture in our sudden midnight flight from our mountain cave refuge on that momentous night! In fact, we had had to first leave most of it back in the city from which we had fled, in order for the few who stayed behind to continue to minister to their friends & converts underground, & we had only carried with us the means of production in our Creations Unit into the hills at some distance from the city, where we used our computers & other equipment for composing & producing our original literature.
       6. OF COURSE WE HAD PRODUCED LARGE QUANTITIES AT THE SYSTEM PRINT SHOPS in the various cities around the World for our entire Family worldwide, plus the general public to whom we had distributed them by the millions! So that with most of those cities now destroyed, both in the Atomic War & the Wrath of God, we would now have to depend upon the small-town local print shops still remaining, as well as our own copy machines in our various Homes the Family had had throughout the World--if they still exist!
       7. BUT WHERE ARE ALL THESE NOW, I wonder? When we'd had to leave our mountain hideout for the cave, we had to leave all of these things behind, & were thankful to be able to take enough food & clothing with us to last us a little while. But no such work was possible in our refuge cave, because there was no electricity there, we couldn't have a generator there as it would have made too much noise & attracted the attention of our enemies, who were searching for us.
       8. BUT WE WERE STILL ABLE TO PASS ON GOD'S MESSAGES BY WORD-OF-MOUTH & MESSENGERS, & even by the few tapes we had left, as long as our little batteries lasted us. But these too had soon worn out & we saw that the end of our ministry by word-of-mouth was coming because the enemy was hot on our trail & it was difficult to get couriers through the lines. Even paper & writing materials were now difficult to get & were getting very low, & lines of communication even more dangerous.
       9. SO WE WERE BEGINNING TO WONDER WHAT IN THE WORLD WERE WE GOING TO DO to get God's Word out to the Family & His latest messages for their encouragement & inspiration, feeding His sheep--His last poor little sheep throughout this Earth--when suddenly the Lord had come for us! Thank the Lord! He knew that we had done all we could in that dispensation of the terrible time of the Tribulation, & our job was done, so that He then had to rescue us out of it so that He could destroy our enemies & all their filthy wickedness & cruel persecution!
       10. SO NOW WITH THE TRIBULATION OVER, THE RAPTURE ACCOMPLISHED, THE WRATH OF GOD poured out upon our enemies & the Battle of Armageddon finally defeating them entirely & totally eliminating all the opposition, & the first Millennial period accomplished of mopping up the mess, destroying of armaments, enforcement of peace, reconstruction of the agrarian economy, rehabilitation of the population & its resettlement on farms throughout the habitable regions, the real earnest work of regeneration, getting folks saved & won to the Lord by the Gospel of His Salvation, was beginning in ernest.
       11. THE MIRACULOUS CRYSTAL BALLS OF OUR MAGIC BUBBLES WERE MAKING A GREAT HIT & drawing great crowds & becoming very popular with the public. They were now just about the only entertainment available, as all cinemas were either closed or destroyed, all television abolished, most radio communications banned from the air & all the Devil's various polluting media completely abolished, & most of the folks so busy on their farms they didn't have much time left for amusing entertainment, even if there had been any! So religion, which had drawn such poor attendance in the old churches of the past, was now the best thing going, with our vividly illustrated messages by means of our Magic Bubbles!
       12. BUT OUR NEXT DESPERATE NEED WAS THE LIT to leave with them to meditate on afterwards. So our evangelists throughout the World, the thousands & tens of thousands of them, are now begging us to please revive our beautiful Gospel literature of the past!--Our lovely, full-colour Posters with their heart-warming messages on the back!
       13. TAPES & TAPE RECORDING & TAPE PLAYING WAS BECOMING ALMOST PASSE because of the temporary closing down of all such factories & manufacturing which could no longer be accomplished in this period. Pollution is no longer allowed & the smoke-belching factories are now closed & dead. Only the most absolutely essential small plastics industries will now be allowed to operate, as the artificial non-decaying almost indestructible plastics had become a world menace, almost suffocating the Earth in their trash & polluting the seas! As the Lord said, "Nothing shall hurt nor destroy in all My Holy Kingdom" (Isa.11:9), & all of this had to be put to a stop, as it was no longer necessary nor healthful for unregenerate Man, nor spiritually good for him.
       14. SO THERE ARE NO NEWSPAPERS, RADIOS, TELEVISION, CINEMAS, RECORD PLAYERS, TAPE RECORDERS & all the various forms of polluting entertainment of the past. Even all of unregenerate Man's means of communication have been taken away from him because he cannot be trusted with it.
       15. THE ONLY LONG DISTANCE COMMUNICATION IN OPERATION TODAY IS STRICTLY SPIRITUAL & IN OUR REALM OF THE SPIRIT! It however is much more efficient, secure, faster & effective than any other communication ever has been! For we have instant, direct communication with the courts of the Lord & His angelic forces & the other Saints around the World by means of our prayers & mental telepathy & spiritual communications.
       16. MILLENNIAL NATURAL MAN DOES NOT NEED MANY FORMS OF COMMUNICATION other than what simple messages he can send by hand or word-of-mouth by the slow transportation of the present, so that any rebels can do much less damage than they did in the age of fast transportation& worldwide quick communication.
       17. WE SAINTS NOW CONTROL ALL COMMUNICATIONS & SUPERVISE ALL TRANSPORTATION & only organise & limit all of the simple hand-made manufacturing of the individual towns & villages & their exchange with others nearby for the fruits of their labours by the simplest means of transportation of today, by ship & cart & wagon. The only passenger traffic is that which rides on horseback or other animals or in animal-drawn carriages. So the whole World is completely slowed down to a nice, quiet, soft, restful, thoughtful, meditative pace, compared to the Hell-bent-for-destruction speed & ruin & death-dealing wreckage of the past!
       18. BUT WE STILL NEED THE PRINTED WORD, PRAISE GOD! But you say, "How are we going to print it without printing presses & electricity to operate them?" Well, I didn't say there were no printing presses left, there are plenty of them, but mostly in the smaller shops of the smaller towns & villages. And electricity?--I didn't say there was not to be any electricity or power, for there is still plenty of water & wind-generated power left, with hydroelectric plants & wind-diven turbines still producing sufficient electricity for the much more meager needs of this present slowed-down peacefully operating agricultural economy of this Millennial Age.
       19. SO THAT SOME SMALL ESSENTIAL INDUSTRIES WILL STILL BE ABLE TO OPERATE with a minimum of electrical power with light machinery, such as various tools of construction & printing & very light manufacturing of furniture & other necessary needs, including the various animal-drawn vehicles & ship building, etc. These are still being furnished a very minimum, moderate amount of electricity to meet their minimal needs, & only that which is essential to the welfare & well-being of modern Millennial Man.
       20. REMEMBER, THE MILLENNIUM IS AN AGE IN WHICH GOD IS TRYING TO SHOW MAN HOW HE SHOULD HAVE RUN THE WORLD & COULD HAVE, if he'd asked God & sought God & God's leadership & lived in obedience to the Lord, instead of running wild in his own wilful, selfish way until he brought the whole Earth to the brink of destruction with all of his fiendish inventions & horrible creations, inspired by the Devil for the destruction of Man!
       21. SO NOW WE'RE DOWN TO AN ABSOLUTE MINIMUM OF MANUFACTURING OF OUR SIMPLE MINIMAL NEEDS of this agrarian economy, such as "ships & shoes & sealing wax & cabbages & kings", hallelujah! (Courtesy of the Walrus in "Alice in Wonderland"!) So there are multitudes of small, light, non-polluting industries continuing to manufacture by the simplest means, many hand-made, making the simple minimal needs of Man for his necessities & pleasure & happiness.
       22. SO WHAT DO WE NEED?--Food, which is produced by our farming, clothing, which is a home industry (& was for thousands of years before huge smoke-belching factories run by filthy oil & coal were invented), many many hand-made goods, beautifully made, as even they are still an art in the simpler, poorer countries of the World, made by hand on hand-made wooden looms for making cloth, & wooden spinning wheels for making thread, small shops still carving beautiful hand-made wooden furniture of beautiful God-made wood, the most beautiful building material in the whole World, created by the Lord Himself!
       23. THEN THERE ARE THE SIMPLE TOOLS OF THE FARM, MOST OF THEM MADE MOSTLY OF WOOD, such as the plows, but whose blades no longer have to be simply wood because those swords have been beaten into plowshares & those spears into pruninghooks (Isa.2:4), & all of the scrap metal of the past ages is now heated on a simple blacksmith's forge just as it was when I was a boy, & it's molded & beaten into the various simple tools & instruments needed for this peaceful Age.
       24. AND OF COURSE THERE ARE THOSE VEHICLES OF TRANSPORTATION WHICH ARE NOW NECESSARY, even in a modest slow-moving agrarian economy as we have today:--Stout, sturdy wooden wagons with wooden wheels, & carts for carrying the farmer's produce to market.--Also beautiful ornate carriages for passenger service, & those gorgeous bird-like sailing ships, hand-made as they were of old!
       25. MANKIND OF TODAY IS GETTING ALONG VERY WELL--IN FACT MUCH BETTER & more peacefully, more slowly, but more healthfully than ever before, without all that metallic & plastic junk of that last hundred years or so of his declining, destructive existence on Earth at the time of the End!
       26. WE'RE GETTING ALONG VERY WELL WITHOUT ALL THAT JUNK & its destructive, perverting influence throughout the Earth, & we're now living as God intended for Man to live under His leadership, His rule in peace & plenty & love & happiness, praise the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!
       27. SO WHAT ABOUT PRINTING? Well, we can still turn them out by hand, as I used to do on my little speed-o-print mimeograph, that's still very simple & with very simple parts that can easily be hand-made today as much small complicated machinery was made in the past, without the huge mass-production of giant polluting factories.
       28. PEOPLE WILL NOW BECOME SO SKILLFUL WORKING WITH THEIR HANDS instead of those elaborate machines, so that they can make almost anything small, whether it be of wood or metal, just as they had for ages past, including paper too! That's an age-old art that Man has had for eons! Some of these things you think are so modern, you'll be surprised to know, have been in possession of Man & made by Man for ages, from the first papyrus of the Egyptians, on down to the present time.
       29. SINCE THERE WILL BE NO NEWSPAPERS & NO MONUMENTAL WASTE OF NATURAL WOOD resources for the making of wasteful newspapers, man's paper needs will be very small, in fact now almost entirely for educational purposes & evangelistic literature for the missionaries! The needs will be in millions of copies for the billions still here, but they will be produced on thousands of small presses & copy machines & mimeographs & lithographs--all small, light industries that can operate almost anywhere with a minimal amount of electricity & motor power.
       30. WHEN WE GET ENOUGH OF THIS LITERATURE printed for Man's re-education, evangelisation, we may even get around to allowing some small electronics industries for the remanufacturing of small tape recorders & tapes for playing our beautiful music & for dictation & communication & all the many other uses that we have found so helpful with these modern small inventions.
       31. BUT NO MORE OF THOSE HUGE IRON SMELTING, STEEL-MAKING MONSTERS who made the arms & weapons & big guns & battleships & bombs of the past & which gobbled up Earth's wealth & wasted Man's resources on war, instead of his simple personal needs of food, clothing, shelter & transportation. In fact, the nations who avoided war have become the most prosperous, whereas the warmongering & war-making powers had gone bankrupt making war & making armaments, which ate up the strength & production facilities & natural resources of the Earth in wasteful production of useless arms, weapons & war! This had devoured most of their national budgets in paying for past wars, their current wars & even future wars & all the horrible destruction & slaughter of Mankind!
       32. SO WE'RE GOING TO HAVE PRINTING AGAIN, THANK THE LORD! And soon we're going to have lots of it, & lots of that luscious literature, those precious treasures of God's Word from the past, using what we've already produced as the quickest possible method of reviving their distribution.
       33. SO I SAID, "MAMA, I GUESS WE'RE GOING TO HAVE TO GO BACK HOME where we last left our Lit & see if there's anything left, & hopefully try to salvage some!" So we'll try to tell you about our exciting trip back to our last Earthly Home in our next Chapter! God bless you! We love you! Treasure that Lit!--Amen?--God bless you! We love you!

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