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OUR HOMEGOING! 8/86 --The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 18!        ML#2267

       1. WE'VE BEEN SO BUSY WITH THE TREMENDOUS EARTH-SHAKING & HEAVENLY EVENTS of this momentous time of the beginning of the Millennium, so that we have not had time to make a visit back to our last Earthly Home until necessity demanded that we try to see if we can find & salvage any of the wonderful materials that we used to use in the preceding Endtime.
       2. SO MAMA & I DECIDED TO TAKE OUR NOW NEARLY-GROWN CHILDREN & some of our domestic staff, leaving the women & babies at home in our Heavenly Home, & try to take a little trip, almost like a time-trip back into the past, to see if our last Earthly Home was still existent!
       3. AFTER FLEEING THE CITY, WE HAD FLED TO THE MOUNTAINS to our small farm in the Latin American country where we had been living. Our poor Third World nation had been spared the horrors of the Atomic War because of its poverty, as well as avoiding invasion by the Antichrist forces because the Antichrist had greater enemies & bigger worries elsewhere, along with larger wars & interests to take care of amongst the Superpowers & their conflicting areas of influence, mostly in Europe & the Middle East.
       4. SO THE FAR EAST, ASIA, AFRICA & LATIN AMERICA HAD BEEN LARGELY SPARED FROM THESE HORRORS & woes of the ceaseless Superpower & Antichrist conflicts. Thank God, our Latin American basically-Christian nation had been spared from these last day horrors, as had most of the poor Third World, sitting on the sidelines while the Superpowers destroyed each other & the Antichrist forces rampaged about the Mideast! (Mat.5:5)
       5. THANK GOD FOR THE LATIN AMERICANS!--Always a wonderful, simple, sweet, loving, hospitable, humble poor people, always a pleasure to live with & work with, now one of the surviving areas of the World! It is almost untouched by the wars of the World, but always plagued by their own poor economic problems, coups, revolts etc., mostly caused by the rich nations of the North robbing the poor of the South & trying to dominate their politics & attempting to run Latin American countries in favour of the North.
       6. NOW WITH THOSE POWERFUL CRUEL NORTHERN NEIGHBOURS GONE, THE LATIN AMERICAN NATIONS ARE THRIVING & learning to shift for themselves & are starting to return to a prospering, fruitful, peaceful agricultural economy, as they had first begun before the nations of the North tried to interfere in their affairs & persuaded them to industrialise & ruined the South's people & their nations & their economies with Northern pollution of every kind!
       7. THE RICH BANKERS OF THE NORTH BEGGED THEM TO BORROW UP TO THEIR EARS billions that those rich bankers knew they could never repay, but would have to become slaves & servants of the Northern lenders, so that those banks would literally own the countries of the South & run them & tell them how to run their affairs!
       8. THE POOR THIRD WORLD COUNTRIES OF THE SOUTH HAD BEEN DUPED, DECEIVED & MISLED INTO BORROWING BILLIONS, supposedly to develop their countries & industrialise & become rich like the North, only too late to find out that their countries were not adaptable, by & large, to such an industrialised economy, with so many poor living on the land. They learned too late that they would never be able to repay those monstrous debts, & therefore would become the slaves of those Northern neighbours & their rich banks & cruel peoples. (Pro.22:7)
       9. FINALLY THE SOUTH HAD TRIED TO DEFY THE NORTH & REFUSED TO PAY, saying they had already paid too much & that the rich bankers were becoming richer through oppressing & exploiting the poor of the South, & that despite their monumental borrowing from the North, the actual cash flow from the South toward the North was much larger than the flow of lending & borrowing towards the South. So the rich were getting richer in the North & the poor of the South were getting poorer day by day.
       10. UNTIL FINALLY, THE SOUTH REFUSED TO PAY & this helped bring on the Great Crash of the North, & eventually the North, thank God, had been wiped out by their own wars & the judgements of the Wrath of God & their armies completely annihilated in the Battle of Armageddon!
       11. NOW AT LAST THE SOUTH IS FREE from the yoke of bondage of the pharaohs of the North, & truly at liberty to develop on their own at their own pace with their own simple agricultural economies.
       12. SO OUR OWN LITTLE LATIN HOMELAND HAD SURVIVED ITS OWN COUPS, REVOLTS & THE HOLOCAUST OF THE NORTH & its horrible Antichrist government, & had even been spared most of the judgements of God in the Wrath of God & Armageddon, because they were almost entirely Christian, or at least of Christian faith & culture, even though most were still not saved, not having heard the real Gospel of Jesus Christ & how to have born-again Salvation.
       13. OUR FAMILY HAD BEEN TRYING TO EVANGELISE THEM FOR YEARS & MULTITUDES HAD BEEN SAVED, but there were many more millions whom we had never yet reached because we were so few! Even their predominant church had not preached real salvation, but a religion of works & merit of trying to earn your way to Heaven, which is impossible! Even the other churches had preached their churchianity & church attendance & self-righteousness & self-holiness for their salvation, which was also impossible, so many remained unsaved. (Tit.3:5)
       14. BESIDES, THE CHURCH PEOPLE SAT IN THEIR COMFORTABLE PEWS & LET THE REST OF THE POPULATION GO TO HELL while they enjoyed their own little churchy thou-me-thee-&-no-other fellowship & pious pulpit platitudes & sweet lullaby music to lull them to sleep to forget their true duties to feed the poor & save the lost & witness & win souls for Christ!
       15. THEIR PREACHERS TOLD THEM ALL THEY HAD TO DO TO BE SAVED WAS WALK THE AISLE, SHAKE THE PREACHER'S HAND, ACCEPT CHURCH MEMBERSHIP & COME TO CHURCH ON SUNDAYS with as much of their system salary as possible to put in the wastebaskets, & then go home & live for themselves & their jobs & their own homes & their own families, selfishly working & serving Mammon (the System Money-God) for the rest of the week! (Mat.6:24)
       16. SO THE CHURCHES HAD FAILED TO EVANGELISE THE WORLD & their respective nations. They had failed to save the lost & win souls & witness true Salvation, & failed to feed the poor, but lived on selfishly neglecting the needs of the poor lost souls about them by the millions!
       17. BUT NOW WITH THE PEACEFUL, JUST, MERCIFUL & PLENTIFUL RULE OF THE KINGDOM OF CHRIST ON EARTH & His wonderful, fair organisation of government with its Kings & Queens & Princes & Princesses & governors & magistrates & mayors of true Saints & righteous men & women, these Southern poor Third World nations are beginning to prosper as they return to the land to produce the necessities of Mankind, instead of the excesses & the extravagances & the horrors & wastefulness of war of the days gone by!
       18. FOR EVEN SOME OF THESE POOR NATIONS HAD TRIED TO RAISE ARMIES armed with sophisticated weapons, & had starved their peoples to pay the North for them, & so plunged their poor into more & more poverty as a result! For there could have & would have been plenty for all if all of these funds & resources had been invested in only that which benefited Mankind & fed the poor & employed the helpless, instead of the waste of weapons of war & all of its horrible carnage!
       19. BUT NOW THINGS ARE DIFFERENT, thank God, & things have already much improved in our Latin American countries, to which we had been driven from the North by the persecutions of the past, & even from country-to-country, depending upon the political clique in power, as to whether they were favourable or unfavourable toward us.--Whether receptive to our message of God's Love & His Salvation & supportive thereof, or whether they were hardened in heart & darkened in their understanding & past feeling & cruel in their rejection & mistreatment of us, until we would have to flee from that country to some more lenient & friendly country. (Mat.10:23)
       20. SO THAT OUR LAST LATIN AMERICAN COUNTRY HAD BEEN ONE OF THE SWEETEST OF ALL, with the most wonderfully receptive citizens, most of them nominal Christians & many truly saved, & with even a nominally Christian government, as nearly all Latin American governments are. So we had fairly great freedom there to produce our literature & disseminate our tapes & litness & tapeness & poster with amazing liberty, even many leaders of the government becoming our steadfast friends & helping to protect & support us, despite many of the already-Antichrist influences operating in their country.
       21. SO WE INSPIRED & FED & ENCOURAGED THESE RECEPTIVE SOULS & continued to preach them the Gospel & teach them the Lord's Love until the very End, when the native Antichrist forces began to infiltrate the nation & even the government, & it seemed that they would soon topple our dear Christian friends from power & completely take over!--The enemy was within, the Red fifth column of native rebels who had been driven into the arms of Antichrist doctrine by their poverty-stricken suffering & oppression & exploitation by the selfish rich.
       22. SO OUR FAMILY WERE NOW EAGER TO RETURN TO OUR LAST EARTHLY HOME to see how it had fared in those last grueling days of the Tribulation, after we had fled to our mountain cave & refuge. We're going to try to see if we can find anything left of the house or property, & especially those priceless, precious treasures of books & literature produced in the past, particularly the gorgeous tapes & Posters which we had last been using in spreading the Gospel of His Love & the beautiful visions of a Heavenly future!
       23. SO WE DECIDED TO TAKE A LARGER GROUP-SIZED SAUCER, as they were commonly called in the past, which men had also called "UFOs"--Unidentified Flying Objects--because they didn't know what they were & didn't realise they were Heavenly vehicles ridden by Angels & Heavenly Saints! The small family gondolas are only fit for transportation within the City & not interplanetary travel through space, being too slow & unprotected, though lovely for leisurely local trips viewing our own local Heavenly scenery.
       24. BACK IN OUR FORMER LIFE ON EARTH I would have said, "Come on, folks, let's get packed up so we can go!" But now, thank God, there's nothing to pack up! No more luggage, for our Heavenly robes of light stay perpetually clean all the time! We have no other needs, not even food, unless we desire to eat merely for pleasure. So there's nothing we have to take with us except our robes of light & our crystal wands of power, bearing our Heavenly names & controlling almost unbelievable forces for both protection & creation of any necessities!
       25. WE DID TAKE A GONDOLA TO THE NEAREST SAUCER TERMINAL FOR OUR SPACE TRIP, & we're soon all aboard & on our way, flying out of the City & through the beautiful Crystal Sea surrounding it, & picking up speed toward that green Earth below & its fleecy white clouds & now-perfect weather, & on toward our old home of the past in that lovely Latin American country we had learned to love!
       26. AS WE ENTERED EARTH'S NOW-GORGEOUS UNPOLLUTED ATMOSPHERE, rich with the oxygen of the restored flora & vegetation of the unspoiled Southern regions, we oohed & aahed as our spaceship slowed so we could view the terrain below! We marvelled at its renewed youth & beauty, like the Garden of Eden of the past!--Beautiful verdant green foliage now even covering the former deserts, & its crystal blue seas no longer polluted with oil spills & garbage & the awful offal sewage of Mankind which had been indiscriminately dumped into its oceans, killing sea life & endangering its seafood sources!
       27. THIS IS A BEAUTIFUL NEW WORLD of true health & wealth of genuine natural resources good for Mankind, God-created & meant for Man's use, with pure clean air, rich in oxygen instead of the pollutants & waste of the former World!
       28. AS WE SOARED OVER THE COASTS OF OUR FORMER COUNTRY & HOMELAND, we were amazed at its renewed beauty & agricultural development!--Clean air is abundant & unpolluted waterways are plied by the new sailing ships, & its road traffic moves slowly along under animal power, past lush farms & verdant groves of rich fruits & fields of delicious vegetables & grains & all that is healthful that God created to be edible by Mankind! The fields are now grazed by animals used only for their production of milk & eggs & butter & cheese & wool etc., since all Mankind on the Millennial Earth is no longer carnivorous, nor the animals, but all moderately vegetarian & at peace with each other, no longer slaughtering & killing each other for survival!
       29. AS WE SAILED SLOWLY NOW TOWARD OUR LAST MOUNTAIN RETREAT in the hinterland, our hearts beat with excitement as we thrilled to think of what might or might not be left of our former Home! At first we saw only the nearby city in the distance, lying mostly in ruins from the judgements of God's wrath in the great monumental earth-shaking earthquakes & horrible rain of giant hailstones!--Hell-fire & brimstone from Heaven itself had destroyed all of these cesspools of iniquity & cancerous social sores on the body of Mankind! (Rev.16:17-21)
       30. BUT THE SURROUNDING FARMS OF THE POOR ALL SEEMED INTACT & UNTOUCHED by the destruction that had rained even upon the cities in these poorer nations who had built these monstrous hotbeds of iniquity by the rich on the slaving backs of the poor for very little pay & starvation wages! Now these rich of those cities had received their judgement & received their pay--doom & destruction all around, with only the poor inhabitants & refugees of the countryside remaining! The poor are now thriving in plenteous abundance for all of their needs!
       31. OUR EXCITEMENT MOUNTED AS WE SLOWLY APPROACHED THE FORMER SCENES of our activities in the mountains & our mountain home & began to hover & slowly descend in its direction. Thank God no airport is necessary, no baggage check, no customs, no passport checks, for now there's just One World of One Government & all one people of the Kingdom of God on Earth, with the exception of a few rebels.
       32. SO WE QUIVERED WITH EXCITEMENT & MADE THRILLED EXCLAMATIONS AS WE SLOWLY FLOATED DOWN TOWARD OUR FORMER HOME! Soon we caught sight of the mountain valley & small village near which we had lived, & we could make out the familiar roads below leading to it. All seemed the same as before, no destruction here, but everything & everyone flourishing in the midst of abundance of produce, food & necessities!
       33. THE BIGGEST CHANGE IS THE SLOW-MOVING ANIMAL-DRAWN TRAFFIC once again, as it had been for centuries before the cursed machines of the North came! Now it is without the rushing noisy foul pollution-spewing automobiles, trucks, buses & vehicles of the past which had destroyed more life than even its wars! We can see below now that everything is moving at a slow peaceful pace, with lots of time for thought & prayer, meditation & visitation.
       34. SOON WE SLOWLY TOPPED ONE MORE HILL & THERE IT WAS!--Our old home was still there & still standing & still looking very good, almost the way we left it!--How could this be? How could the Lord have preserved our place so well during all these months we had been away? Well, we had taken good care of it to begin with, & built it up & preserved it & watered it & tended it & kept it & cared for it, & as the Lord Himself had said to us once, "You have made it strong!" Thank You Lord! We had repaired it & increased its security & improved its facilities, so that it had become a very pleasant place to live.
       35. NOW WE COULD EVEN SEE PEOPLE WALKING ABOUT THE GROUNDS, WAVING TOWARD US & GREETING US! Who in the World were these? We had been afraid that perhaps the Antichrist's rebels had overrun the place & destroyed it, looting for booty & spoil, & perhaps had ruined it altogether, but here it was, seemingly just as we had left it, with someone there even to greet us!
       36. WELL, I'LL HAVE TO TELL YOU THE STORY OF OUR LANDING & WHO THEY ARE IN OUR NEXT CHAPTER! Praise the Lord!--And hopefully, we'll be very happy if we are able to find any of our materials still stored there--the ever-priceless most precious treasure of the Words of God! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Praise the Lord!--Amen!
       37. ARE YOU TREASURING HIS WORD & SHARING IT WITH OTHERS? There are many in this Millennial World today who wish they had, but failed to, & now they're living in shame & contempt before all! (Dan.12:2)--Ashamed even before the eyes of those they had failed to reach! Are you ashamed?--Or are you thankful you did your best for Jesus & others? May God bless & help you to always do your best, in Jesus' name, amen!

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