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THE ROLE OF THE REBELS! DFO 2269 9/86--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 20!

Written by Father David, Art by Noel Lawrence & Al Eastman.
(c) 1986 World Services, PF 241, 8021 Zurich, Switzerland.

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! THANK YOU JESUS! HERE WE ARE, HOME AGAIN IN OUR LAST EARTHLY HOME IN LATIN AMERICA, which was our last Home on Earth before we left for Heaven in the Rapture! We found everything beautifully guarded & preserved & gardened too, & just as we left it, thank the Lord & His Angels, because of our good landlady & her helpers & our friendly neighbours who took care of it while we were gone, hoping & waiting for our eventual return, & here we are!
2. WE'VE COME BACK NOT ONLY TO FIND OUR OLD EARTHLY HOME SO WELL PRESERVED, BUT ALSO OUR PRICELESS, PRECIOUS TREASURE OF LITERATURE for our tremendous new push of preaching the Gospel truly in all the World & to every creature this time, without any exceptions or neglections! This time we're going to finish the job, praise God, & we have millions of helpers, thank the Lord! All the precious Christians of all the past ages are here to help in this great worldwide Gospel campaign of reaching every single soul on Earth with the Gospel of God's Love & Jesus' wonderful Salvation by grace!
3. WE'RE NOT GOING TO MISS ANY OR LOSE MANY THIS TIME! Every single one will have their chance to hear how to be saved by faith in Jesus & His Love! Everyone on Earth will have their chance to hear the Gospel & make their own decision.--And how could they possibly make a decision for anything or anybody but the Lord, under these wonderful Heavenly conditions here on Earth, with the visible, manifest presence of the Lord Himself as King of kings over all the Earth in this great & wonderful Kingdom of God, His Kingdom come, His Will now done on Earth as it is in Heaven, TYJ! (Mat. 6:10) Of course God's Love & priceless Salvation is not forced on anybody, it must be a personal decision of their own free will, as it always has been, from the Angels in Heaven to the millions on Earth!
4. SO DESPITE THE MULTITUDE OF WORLDWIDE MANIFESTATIONS of the miraculous Love of God & His supernatural power throughout the Earth, there're still a few hard-hearted, rebellious, stubborn rebels who don't want to submit themselves to the Lord & His Law of Love! Even without the presence of Satan & his devils & evil influences, there are still some who reject & resent the Kingdom of God on Earth! They resent now being compelled to obey the laws of God & the rules of His Kingdom, as loving as they may be.
5. THERE ARE YET A FEW WHO STILL STUBBORNLY REFUSE TO FOLLOW GOD'S WAY & prefer to live stubbornly & self-righteously as they selfishly please--darkened in their understanding, hardened in their evil hearts, alienated from the life of God & past any feeling--reprobates, renegades & rebels, leftovers from the evil of the past age! (Eph.4:18,19) For as God's Word says, "Though mercy be shown to the wicked, yet he will not learn righteousness"! (Isa.26:10) So those who are thoroughly wicked in their hearts & evil & rebellious, although they had never before had an opportunity to hear the Gospel, now as they hear it, they reject it & resist the domination of His Kingdom & the officers of the Lord!
6. AS MOST OF THESE REBELS ARE STILLVERY FEW in these early days of the Millennium, they have had to flee from the peaceful areas of the vast majority of the precious souls who are now in submission to the Kingdom of God & receiving our Message on every hand, yielding to God's Will & receiving His Saviour, Jesus, for their Salvation. So He's adding to His Kingdom daily all the precious ones who rejoice to hear the good news of His Love & receive His precious Holy Spirit & are joining the ranks of our Heavenly forces in multitudes every day as they are offered His loving forgiveness for their sins & His Salvation by grace through faith, not of works, for it is a gift of God for everyone that receives it. (Eph.2:8,9)
7. SO THE REBELS HAD TO FLEE INTO THE WILDERNESSES OF THE WORLD & the high mountains, as did the guerrillas, terrorists & insurgent rebels of the past who rebelled against the Godly governments instituted by the Lord, & as even we ourselves did in those last awful days of Antichrist persecution on Earth as these Antichrist rebels came down from the hills & took over the cities & their governments & established the Antichrist rule & reign of terror! (Isa.41:11,12)
8. OF COURSE THERE ARE NONE OF THOSE BEAST-MARKED PEOPLE LEFT TODAY, as they were all destroyed in the days of God's judgements gone by & His last rain of Wrath against the wicked on Earth who were finally annihilated & cast into Hell with the Devil & his angels in that last glorious, victorious Battle of Armageddon in which we won over all the World & established the wonderful Kingdom of God on Earth!
9. BUT AMONG THE MILLIONS WHOM GOD SPARED TO LIVE ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM because they had never really heard the Gospel or had their chance to be saved, there are still a wicked, evil few who are rejecting & resisting Him & us. But because they are still so few, they have had to flee from us into their mountain hideaways & their holes in the rocks & hills & remote caves of the Earth to try to escape our rule & reign. But as long as they do not bother us, we leave them alone to live out their misery & hate in squalor, to suffer for their sins & agonise in their rebelliousness, for "the way of the transgressor is hard"! (Pro.13:15)
10. GOD EVEN PERMITS SOME TO LIVE ON IN THEIR REBELLION TO TRY TO TEACH THEM THAT CRIME DOES NOT PAY! However occasionally some do try to come down to raid isolated farms for food or remote villages for materials they need to make weapons. We immediately destroy them utterly or drive them back into the hills, for this cannot be tolerated! We must protect these dear Earth people until they have received the Kingdom of God with gladness & entered into His gates with thanksgiving & into His courts with praise, praise the Lord! (Psa.100:4)
11. SO THERE'S NOT MUCH THE REBELS CAN DO but be occasional rare pests, which are immediately exterminated or driven away, according to the justice & mercy of God, Who is still giving some of them time to repent, as He did even in the days gone by. So some of these groups are still allowed to remain up there in their remote mountain hideaways, like bandits, a lesson to all of us how evil Man used to be, & to warn Earth's yielded, submissive citizens of God's Kingdom never to let it happen again!
12. NEVERTHELESS THESE TINY WICKED BANDS OF BANDITS ARE THE EVIL SEED OF THE COMING FINAL GREAT REBELLION in the last days of the Millennium when Satan shall be allowed to come out of his prison with all his devils to try to deceive Earth people again & give them a final choice, so as to divide the sheep from the goats.
13. BUT THAT WILL BE NEARLY A THOUSAND YEARS FROM NOW, so there's no need for us to worry about it today! We are too busy saving the vast majority who want to be saved, & caring for the multitudes of God's Kingdom who appreciate His Love & are doing their best to serve Him! We have no need to be concerned about that now, when it's very easy to keep the few rats in their holes! So let's turn to the happier matters of today, praise God!
14. DID YOU EVER THINK ABOUT HOW YOU WOULD WISH THE WORLD TO BE? Well, that's the way it is now, thank the Lord! Everything you didn't like is gone, & everything that you do like is here & more so! But I'll have to tell you more about that later, so don't miss it!--I'll be calling again soon! God bless you! I love you!--And we miss all you mothers & little ones we had to leave behind for now, but hope to see you soon! Bye! God bless & keep you!--In Jesus' name, amen!

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