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ALL THIS!--AND HEAVEN TOO!       DFO 2270 9/86--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 21!

       1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS ALL YOU HOME FOLKS BACK THERE IN OUR HEAVENLY MANSION who have not yet been able to visit us down here in the Millennium, so here's Grandpa again reporting to you about our new Earthly activities!
       2. OUR FIRST CONCERN OF COURSE WAS THE WORD, around which had always revolved our greatest activities, for "He hath exalted His Word even above His name!" (Psa.138:2)--Think of that!--And by His Word He created the Worlds & created us & is working out our Salvation, thank the Lord! (Heb.11:3) And "the just shall live by faith" in His Word, thank You Jesus! (Hab.2:4) For "faith cometh by hearing the Word of God", & what some still need is this faith in His Word that can save them! (Rom.10:17)
       3. SO THE LORD HAS SENT US BACK HERE TO RETRIEVE EVEN THE PRECIOUS WORDS OF THE PAST which are still just as good for the unsaved as ever! For most of them are still pretty ignorant about the Lord & His ways & the whys, whats & wherefores of Man's existence & God's Salvation.--And it takes the Word to give them the faith to believe it all & receive it & be saved, thank You Jesus! So here we are, digging it up again, mining these precious jewels that God gave us in the past! So it's still your old Gold Miner speaking, God bless you! (See ML #324.)
       4. IT SURE IS GOOD TO BE ABLE TO TALK TO YOU SO EASILY ON THESE HEAVENLY COMMUNICATORS where we can see each other & talk to each other directly through space from our Earthly labours to your Heavenly sphere, praise the Lord!--And at least I can show you from here the various things that I'm talking about.
       5. THE EARTH TODAY IS REALLY AMAZING! It is so different from the World it was! Can you imagine a World without death, without pain, without sickness, without sorrow, without tears?--Well of course you can, because you're living in one Up There right now! But I mean this old Earth, the one we used to live on! (Isa.25: 8,9)
       6. REMEMBER HOW TERRIBLE IT USED TO BE & how insanely wicked men were & how awful those terrible wars were? Well, thank God that's all gone now & there's perfect peace throughout the Earth, except for these few little insignificant rebels hiding in the hills, & they can't even give us enough trouble to spit at!
       7. BUT GOD IS HAVING TO SPARE THEM TOO to lead that final rebellion of Gog & Magog at the end of the Millennium to sift out the good from the evil & destroy all the wicked who are left, & free us from them forever in that final fiery purification of the whole surface of the Earth & its atmosphere itself! But we'll tell you more about that later as we come to it, God willing!--Much, much later!
       8. RIGHT NOW IT SEEMS LIKE HEAVEN ON EARTH ALREADY, even with much of the World the way it was, as God has allowed the destroyed areas of the great cities & the Superpowers to remain ruins for the duration of the Millennium as a testimony against the evils of Man in the past, & as reminders & memorials to the awful destruction in which they wreaked havoc upon the surface of the Earth & the slaughter of millions!
       9. BUT THE REST OF THE WORLD IS MORE BEAUTIFUL THAN EVER!--A truly Heavenly World, with the Heavenly Kingdom of God on Earth in total peace, serenity, beauty & wonder! The curses which once racked nearly every form of life on Earth are now removed, even the greatest curse of all, which was Death because of Mankind's sins! But now God's Kingdom is a Kingdom of Life, even Life Eternal for those who will receive it! Hallelujah!--And multiplied thousands are receiving it continually, thank the Lord!
       10. THESE NEW CONVERTS ARE JOINING OUR SUPERNATURAL RANKS OF THE SAVED EVERY DAY, & as you know, are whisked off to your Heavenly Sphere for their initial retraining, re-education & literal "babes' training", as we used to call it, only to return to help others as soon as possible, as soon as they're capable of passing on the Gospel to others, so they might be saved also.
       11. SO CAN YOU IMAGINE AN EARTH WITHOUT DEATH!--Or very little death, for death is dealt only to the delinquent here now.--And there are very few, as we told you, who dare to be delinquent! For the vast majority, the submissive & obedient, do not die, they're not even sick anymore! For there are no more disease germs, no more sicknesses, no more pain, no more death, hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! So most of these Millennial people are amazingly long-lived, most with longevity which will last throughout the Millennium to the very end! (Isa.65:20)
       12. BUT YOU ASK, "HOW CAN THAT BE? Won't the Earth get over-populated in a thousand years, with hardly anybody dying?"--No, because God has slowed down the process of procreation, & women don't have as many babies as they used to, when God had to try to keep the Earth populated by multiplying her conception due to the awful toll of death & war in the wicked World it was! (Gen.3:16)
       13. ALTHOUGH THERE IS NOW MORNING SICKNESS-FREE PREGNANCY & PAINLESS CHILDBIRTH, Earth women have more time between those births in order to give more time to their children & their husbands & their loves & each other & more time for pure pleasure! You can love all you want & yet have very few babies, for there's not as great a need for so many babies as there used to be. But oh, what babies you have! These super-children who behave so well & learn so rapidly in this miraculous Age!
       14. AND THIS REMINDS ME OF ONE OF THE HEAVIEST BURDENS OF PREGNANT WOMEN, A BURDEN WHICH THEY HAVE NO MORE, & that is that heavy weightfulness of carrying a child! Believe it or not--& this is going to be a bombshell to some of you there in Heaven, even though you are already enjoying that weightlessness that we already know of There!
       15. BELIEVE IT OR NOT, THEY'RE ALSO ENJOYING MUCH LESS GRAVITY HERE ON EARTH AS WELL! For the heavy weight caused by gravity was a part of the Curse, which has now been largely removed!--Not entirely, mind you, but greatly, so that even the Earth people can walk as it were on air, floating easily by & bounding about effortlessly to great heights & lifting loads with ease which are almost unbelievable! So the farmer's & the labourer's load has been wonderfully lifted & the pregnant mother's once heavy load is now, as they used to say, almost lighter than air!
       16. SO IT'S NO MORE A STRUGGLE TO LIFT YOURSELF UP FROM A CHAIR OR A BED & to have to huff & puff laboriously up the steps & work hard with great weariness because of the heavy burden of flesh, due to the gravity of the past! But now everyone, including the precious, delicious, gorgeous pregnant mothers, are floating around with Heavenly ease about their much lighter labours, because weight was one of the curses of the World that was!
       17. OF COURSE THE EARTHLY PEOPLE WHO ARE NOT YET SAVED CANNOT ACTUALLY FLY YET LIKE WE DO. They're still bound to their surface by sufficient gravity to keep them there, but their loads have been gloriously lightened so they can leap about their daily chores with almost effortless ease, picking up huge sacks of grain with only one hand & tossing them through the air, instead of their poor backs bending low under the heavy back-breaking burdens of the past!
       18. EVEN THE ANIMALS HAVE NOW FOUND FREEDOM FROM THE HEAVY BURDEN OF GRAVITY--that is, the heavy gravity of the World that was--& they find pulling their loads easy, so they can almost run, at least trot, but not gallop, as that would not be wise with a heavily-loaded wagon or a passenger-loaded carriage! But they find that pulling these once-heavy vehicles is now no problem, as they are so much lighter than before!
       19. SO THAT'S ONE OF THE MOST AMAZING DISCOVERIES WE HAVE FOUND about this New World of Heavenly Earth here in the Millennium, & it's solved so many problems! The heavy loads which used to require great derricks & lifts can now be tossed into the air by a few men & loaded with ease on the great ships of the seas! So we no longer have need of those monstrous machines that Men used in the past for these heavy burdens!
       20. SO THIS GREATLY REDUCED GRAVITY IS ONE OF THE GREATEST DIFFERENCES BETWEEN PRE-MILLENNIAL EARTH & OUR PRESENT HEAVENLY-MILLENNIAL EARTH! And it has solved most of Man's mechanical & transportation problems, & made them much easier than ever before, as well as extremely lightening Earthly men & women's labours, so they're almost a pleasure now, compared to what it was before, as everyone is even stronger than ever without death or disease!
       21. SO EARTH IS TRULY A DELIGHTFUL PARADISE NOW, COMPARED TO THE HEAVY DRAG LIFE WAS BEFORE! So this absence of heavy gravity has made load-lifting & hill-climbing & almost all forms of labour a pleasure!
       22. SO IT'S A NEW WORLD FOR YOU BELOVED UP THERE, & we can hardly wait until you are able to come down & visit us & see these marvellous changes for yourself! But there's still much much more that I have to tell you about, so don't miss it! Tune in again at our usual time & I'll show you more! God bless you!
       23. WE LOVE YOU SO, SO MUCH & hope to be able to take a little time off to see you soon!--Bye now!--And remember, you can always call us any time!--It reminds me of an old Gospel song:
       "Telephone to Glory, oh what joy Divine!
        I can feel the current moving on the line!
       Built by God the Father for His Loved & Own,
       We can hear from Heaven on His Royal Telephone!"
--Ha!--That's a cute little ol' number, huh?--And you have our Number, so call us any time! I love you!--See you soon!

Copyright (c) 1998 by The Family