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BRAVE NEW WORLD!--The Heavenly Differences in the Millennium!--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 22! DFO 22719/86

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD! GOD BLESS YOU ALL UP THERE! How are you? I can see you're looking beautiful & I wish you'd hold the little children up where I could see them better & closer! Aah, that's better! God bless you, that's great! Hi there, kids! How are you doing? Do you still remember Grandpa?
2. WELL, I HAVEN'T BEEN AWAY THAT LONG, just a few days so far, so I sure hope you haven't forgotten me by now, but I'm sure you're happy there with your Mamas & other helpers while we have to be away on this exploratory trip to the World below &--I almost started to say New Earth--this is not the New Earth, that is going to come after this one, but I can sure call it a New World because it certainly has changed since we were here before! You'd be amazed at the differences that we have discovered since we've come down!--All of them making Earthly Man's life & work so much easier & his burdens so much lighter!
3. I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU ABOUT SOME OF THESE, SUCH AS THE GREATLY REDUCED GRAVITY which makes their loads so much lighter & their much lighter weight so much easier to carry, both their bodies & their various loads & their work, which tremendously cuts down the weariness & tiredness, compared to the old World that was.
4. OF COURSE IT'S ALSO WITHOUT ANY GERMS OR DISEASES & THE AFFLICTIONS OF LONG AGO, SO THE LONGEVITY IS ABSOLUTELY AMAZING! It looks like they're all going to live forever, except for the handful of rebels who still suffer from some of these curses because of their wicked rebellion & sins! Otherwise, all of the old curses of the old World upon Man's old sins have been removed from this New World of the Millennium & its Earthly inhabitants, whom God has mercifully spared to give them an opportunity to join His Kingdom, so that life is wonderful now & the longevity is absolutely amazing! It looks like most of them are going to live clear through the Millennium to the end of it!
5. THE LIGHTNESS OF THE GRAVITY NOW HAS ANOTHER ADVANTAGE which I forgot to tell you about, besides making women's carrying of babies much easier & making the loading & work of the farmers & labourers much lighter, & it makes walking & travelling so much more enjoyable & even rapid without the dangerous machines of the past, but more rapid than the walking of the old World & much faster in running, but also much safer in falling! You don't fall hard enough to even begin to break a bone, hardly even suffer a bruise! And because gravity is so much lighter, in speed in either walking or running, your momentum is far less, so that you're not as apt to run into things so hard.
6. OF COURSE IF YOU'RE NOT CAREFUL & PRAYERFUL & CAUTIOUS & GET TOO CARELESS, YOU COULD GET A FEW LITTLE BUMPS & BRUISES if you don't watch out, by running riot or galloping your horses too fast or carrying your load too swiftly! But otherwise, safety is another tremendous factor we have gained greatly in this new curseless, blessed World of today in the Millennium!
7. SO WHAT FEW LITTLE ACCIDENTS the Earth people do have today, are usually of little consequence with very light injuries & only because of their disrespect of the rules & their carelessness & disobediences. So that way they sometimes get a few bumps & knocks, but rarely anything severe enough to really matter.
8. THE WEIGHTLESSNESS GREATLY REDUCES THE IMPACT of momentum, & that saves them a great deal on their hurts & bumps. As I said, we can hardly fall, we more or less float to the ground if we do stumble, just about like you see in slow motion. Remember in some of those old slow-motion movies & videos that we used to see in the Endtime, how nicely & slowly they would move through the air & fall so gently to the ground, such as the athletes in their high jumps & pole vaulting, etc.? Well, that's the way it is now! Everything sort of moves in slow-motion & the whole World is slowed down to a nice leisurely pace that doesn't do as much damage, or hardly any, compared to the World of the past.
9. AND IF YOU THINK THEY COULD JUMP HIGH IN THOSE ATHLETIC EVENTS OF THE PAST, YOU OUGHT TO SEE THEM NOW! They can leap & jump & run about seven times as high & fast as before! And as for weight-lifting, it's out of sight! For the former heavy-weights of the past are now light-weights here in the Millennium!
10. OF COURSE, NOBODY WASTES TIME WEIGHT-LIFTING ANYMORE, & IT'S NOT NECESSARY TO WASTE ANY TIME JOGGING. Everybody is working hard & so active in their labours & farming & manufacturing of hand-made goods, etc. that everybody gets so much exercise all day long in their various duties, nobody has to go around wasting time jogging or weight-lifting or the foolish things that former Earthmen did.
11. SO BESIDES THE LIFTING OF THE CURSES OF HEAVY GRAVITY, DISEASE, WEARINESS, PAIN & DEATH, another geophysical factor which has contributed to the longevity of the New Man of this New World has been the restoration of that great Water Belt out there in space around the Solar System which before the Flood used to protect Man from all the deadly cosmic rays. (Psa.121:6)
12. AS YOU MAY RECALL FROM THE SCRIPTURES, IN THE ORIGINAL CREATION GOD HAD A BODY OF WATERS OR HEAVY MIST OUT IN SPACE high above the atmosphere which He placed there to protect us. This body of water above the atmosphere out in space protected Mankind from the deadly cosmic rays & celestial disturbances caused by Satan to try to destroy Man's life on Earth! (Gen.1:6-8)
13. SO MAN BEFORE THE FLOOD EASILY LIVED FOR ALMOST A THOUSAND YEARS, LIKE METHUSELAH & HIS KINDRED! (Gen.5:25-31) But as a part of the increased curse upon the Earth because of Man's greater wickedness at the time of the Flood, God removed that protective covering which shielded us from those deadly cosmic rays which kill, & Man's life was soon cut down to less than a tenth of its length before the Flood! So men began to die in their sixties & seventies & rarely lived to be a hundred!--A far cry from almost a thousand years before the Flood!
14. SO NOW EARTH'S MANKIND ARE AGAIN SHIELDED FROM THOSE DEADLY DEATH-DEALING COSMIC RAYS FROM SATAN'S BLACK HOLES, & they're living long lives again, & it looks like most of them are going to live right on through to the end of the Millennium--a thousand years from now!
15. AND OF COURSE I'VE ALREADY TOLD YOU THAT THERE'S NO LONGER ANY WAR BETWEEN MAN & BEAST & the other creatures of the Earth, so that eliminates another one of life's former hazards, as well as all the poisonous creatures & plants, etc. which formerly threatened his life with imminent danger almost constantly in the Old World of the past. And of course the relief from storms & rain & hurricane winds & earthquakes & volcanic eruptions & so-called "natural disasters" have also greatly reduced the threats to Man's life.
16. EVEN THE SUN IS NOT AS HOT & BURNING AS IT USED TO BE!--Shining through the high mists now surrounding & protecting the Earth, it just has a beautiful luminous bright glow like a crystal ball or a frosted incandescent lamp, like light glowing through a bottle of water!--It's beautiful!--You can even look at it without hurting your eyes!--It's wonderfully diffused!
17. SO NEARLY ALL OF THE DANGERS OF THE PAST HAVE BEEN REMOVED, except for the disobedient rebels who are still often afflicted with some of these curses because of their rebellion & sins. But these do not affect the law-abiding & peace-loving obedient candidates for the Kingdom of God! Even the reduction of the speed of travel has greatly reduced the dangers to Mankind's existence on this Edenic Earth.
18. SO MAN IS TREMENDOUSLY RELIEVED FROM SO MANY OF THESE THREATS OF STRESS & STRAIN & THE RUSH & PRESSURES OF THE PAST which caused so many of his illnesses as well. Now everything moves slowly, safely, leisurely, easily & pleasurably, with little or no dangers at all, except the infrequent raids of the rebels on some of the outlying remote villages & farmers in the foothills.
19. BUT WE, THEIR HEAVENLY PROTECTORS, ARE WELL-INFORMED with the best of Heavenly intelligence to know when these threats are going to occur, so that we are well able to protect the Earth people from any serious harm, thank the Lord! So praise the Lord, it's a wonderful Brave New World of peace & freedom & plenty for all, & nothing but happiness, joy & pleasure in the Lord & His wonderful Kingdom on Earth!--And the thrill of winning their hearts for Jesus in this glorious new Heavenly World of Love!
20. SO AS YOU CAN SEE THROUGH THESE SCENES I've been showing you of these things through our Heavenly Communicator, you're going to have a wonderful time down here seeing the tremendous differences in this wonderful New World of the Heavenly Earth of the Millennium! And it's such a pleasure to work down here now for the Lord in His wonderful worldwide Kingdom of God on Earth!
21. SO COME SEE US AS SOON AS YOU CAN & visit us when you're not too busy There! For we can use all the help we can get in this wonderful worldwide wave of Millennial witnessing to save as many souls as we can for the great new Kingdom of God in both Heaven & Earth!--Amen? Okay, God bless you, I love you, & I'll be seeing you soon, God willing, in Jesus' name, amen!--Bye! I love you!

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