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MILLENNIAL BLESSINGS! DFO 2272--The New Heaven's Children! 9/86--Chapter 23!

1. WELL, PRAISE THE LORD, CHILDREN! GOD BLESS YOU ALL! You're looking good, & I don't have to ask you how you are, because I know you are okay & we are too, thank the Lord, because we are the Saints of God and we will be okay Forever! Here is our little family back at our old Home on Earth in Latin America, calling you Up There in the Heavenly City! Maybe I should say viewing you Up There in the Heavenly City, because we have such wonderful communication now even though so far apart, thank the Lord!
2. WELL, I THOUGHT MAYBE TODAY I MIGHT TELL YOU SOME MORE ABOUT THE WONDERFUL BLESSINGS OF THE MILLENNIUM!--How different & greatly improved it is over that Old World that we used to know down here. I told you about a lot of our Millennial blessings already, but there's so much more yet to tell! Praise the Lord!
3. WE'RE GOING TO BE THRILLED TO HAVE YOU ALL VISIT HERE as soon as possible, now that we know the situation is convenient & everything is safe & secure, & our old Home is open again & habitable & safe & sound, thank the Lord! We need all of your help & we miss you little ones, so we'll send for you just as soon as we can, as quick as everything here is ready for you!
4. OUR NEW MILLENNIAL EARTH IS JUST SO FULL OF BLESSINGS, it's difficult to enumerate them all! We've already told you how even Earthly man is now free of disease, sicknesses, hurts, pain & early death, & enjoying all the blessings of the wonderful Kingdom of God on Earth! (Isa.25:8; 33:24)
5. WE SAINTS, OF COURSE, ARE IN OUR RESURRECTED, SUPERNATURAL, MIRACULOUS, SUPER-POWERED IMMORTAL HEAVENLY BODIES, so that none of these old curses have affected us since we left in the Rapture, bound for Heaven! But even the Earth men are free of all these former curses, except for the few rebels, as I've already told you. There's no more of all that sickness, pain, death & weariness that we used to have.
6. AND THE EXTREMELY LIGHTER GRAVITY HAS BEEN A TRULY GREAT BLESSING & helps to relieve us of much of those ills itself, as well as the renewed protection of the Water Globe around us, which now protects us from all of those damaging ultraviolet rays of the Sun & the deadly cosmic rays of outer space, both of which used to cause so many cancerous & ugly diseases!
7. AND OF COURSE THE FREEDOM FROM THE FORMER TERRIBLE UNNATURAL PHYSICAL CALAMITIES, such as storms & rain & earthquakes, volcanic eruptions, floods, etc. has been a tremendous blessing to Mankind & has eliminated many of his other great troubles that he used to suffer. Just as in the days of the Garden of Eden & for the 1600 years before the Flood, the Earth is again watered by a beautiful mist that rises from it during the night, so that everything looks bright & fresh & dewy in the morning, without those heavy torrential rains that used to do so much damage & were a part of the curse!
8. MAN REALLY DOESN'T NEED VERY MUCH SHELTER NOWADAYS because the climate of the Earth is so perfect, so that not only are there no longer any storms or violent winds or flooding rains, but it's no longer as cold or as hot as it used to be. We have a beautiful, perfectly temperate climate!--A wonderful Heavenly tropical climate over most of the Earth where most of the people now dwell.
9. THERE'S STILL A VERY MILD "SUMMER & WINTER, SEED TIME (SPRING) & HARVEST (FALL) AS LONG AS THE EARTH SHALL ENDURE", as the Scripture says (Gen.8:22). But it is so mild & so gentle that, as it always was in the tropical regions, it's almost difficult to tell the difference between the various seasons! The extremes of the Earth's temperature have now been greatly lessened by the corrected angle of the Earth's axis so that even the former polar regions are no longer frozen, barren, icy wastes, but have become temperate zones which Man is populating & cultivating for agriculture! So most of the Earth is now either tropical or temperate & pleasantly livable & you can take your pick of pleasant climes throughout the Earth! (Ezk.36:34,35)
10. OF COURSE IN THE TROPICAL ZONES YOU NOW NEED EVEN LESS SHELTER than the primitive, flimsy thatched huts of the past! For now it is more like the Garden of Eden was in the days of Adam & Eve, when you needed no shelter & no clothes & didn't even have to cultivate the ground, for all your food grew on trees! So now much of the Tropical World is free of the hard, laborious labour that the poor peons used to suffer in their back-breaking work in the rice paddies! For the trees again, like the Garden of Eden, are bearing such abundant fruit that it is actually possible to live just off the wonderful fruits of the trees!
11. ALL THIS ELIMINATES SO MUCH OF THE HARDSHIPS OF THE WORLD OF THE PAST, in which so much of our time was spent in providing food, clothing & shelter, the former absolute necessities of life. For now in the Tropical Zones we need very little clothing or shelter at all any more, & we can get most of our food from the flourishing fruit trees which are now laden abundantly with all manner of delicious fruits that grow in profusion, such as never before since the Garden of Eden! (Psa.132:15-17)
12. THIS HAS ALL GREATLY LIGHTENED THE LOADS OF BOTH MAN, WOMAN & BEAST, so that now with Mankind's food growing mostly on trees, his former hard labours of tilling the soil have almost been eliminated, except for those who still prefer vegetables like Mama!
13. SO THERE'S STILL SOME GARDENING & TENDING & KEEPING THIS GARDEN WORLD IN WHICH WE NOW LIVE, just as there was in Adam's day, when God put him in the Garden of Eden to tend it & keep it. (Gen.2:15). He wasn't just loafing all the time, he had a little work to do, for even fruit trees require a little attention & care to help them grow well & fruitful, & even fruit gathering can be a job, as some of you former migrant fruit-pickers can remember! But there's no more worms or bugs or blights on the fruit, they're perfectly clean & perfectly, gorgeously, beautifully healthy & abundant!
14. SO WITH ALL THIS FRUIT TO EAT, WHAT DOES A WOMAN HAVE TO DO?--Just like Eve in the Garden, she doesn't have to cook, & just eating fruit picked from trees by hand, there are no dishes to wash, & with such a perfect climate there is not much of a house to clean, or you could even live outdoors, & with little or no clothes to wash, there's hardly any washing to do, or sewing or mending either!
15. SO THERE'S NOT MUCH CLOTHING TO HAVE TO MAKE EITHER, nor cloth to weave, except for an absolute minimum for the Earth people. They are not all saved yet, and therefore not free from evil thoughts that might give them problems! Not that nudity & sex are evil, but Man's evil mind sometimes distorts these things out of proportion, creating lust & gluttony which can lead to inordinate affection & create minor social problems, similar to those which swept the World of the past with total absorption in excessive & perverted sex!
16. BUT, THANK GOD, AS MEN'S MINDS ARE REGENERATED & PURIFIED, THERE'S NOW GREATER SEXUAL LIBERTY AGAIN, like the Garden of Eden. All is done in love now, & unselfish consideration & concern for each other, so that sex amongst the Earthlings is better than ever before & with much greater physical strength, there are far greater physical thrills, & more frequent! Sex is also without the former horrible contagious diseases with which God cursed the wicked, sinful people of old! But still there's much less pregnancy, since much fewer children are needed now to replace those formerly destroyed by war & disease & the sins of Mankind!
17. WE NOW HAVE A WARLESS WORLD OF PERFECT PEACE & FREEDOM, free of all these evils of the past, except amongst a few rebels, who are still judged by God with such curses for their rebellion & disobediences. But even some of them are finding it is better to obey than to rebel against God's loving laws of mercy & kindness & consideration for each other.
18. SO IT'S TRULY A WONDERFUL WORLD FULL OF WONDERS that we are all enjoying now, including Earth's natural people, those left over from that awful Battle of Armageddon against the incorrigible wicked Antichrist followers who were all slaughtered in that great holocaust & cast into Hell with their leaders, the Devil & all his demons & the Antichrist & his False Prophet!
19. SO AT LAST ALL THE EARTH IS FREE FROM ITS FORMER CURSES & their horrible results, & these wonderful changes are so great & marvellous that it's almost like a whole New World, thank the Lord! So these Earth people of today never had it so good! But I'll have to tell you more about that later, as I've got to go now & help with the Literature preparation for our worldwide evangelisation of these Earthly survivors. So bye for now! God bless & keep you! I love you! So long until next time, when you see me coming through!--And keep training those kids for the big job we have to do down here! Thanks!

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