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MORE MILLENNIAL BLESSINGS! DFO 2273 9/86--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 24!

1. HI THERE, KIDS! HERE'S GRANDPA AGAIN, viewing you from our Heavenly Home on Earth, back in Latin America again, which is where we were at the end of the Tribulation before we left in the Rapture to go up to the Heavenly City where you are now! Am I coming through okay? Can you see me clearly? You all look beautiful, as usual, & I hope you come soon--as soon as the little ones can make it & we have everything here ready for you!
2. WE REALLY DO MISS YOU a lot sometimes since we're so used to having you right around us all the time Up Yonder. This is one of the little sacrifices we both have to make in order to carry on this new Wonderful Wave of Worldwide Witnessing to win souls for the Lord & His Kingdom! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus! Amen!--Amen? God bless you, & I know He does, because you've been willing to give us up for a little while so we could get things rolling down here.
3. OUR JOB DOWN HERE IS STILL VERY MUCH LIKE IT USED TO BE, only things are so much easier now! We've still got to get things down on paper for these natural Earthlings to read & keep & learn, but it's so much easier to do it now, amen, girls?--I'm saying that to our secretaries here! Aren't they gorgeous? They're more beautiful than ever! Our women seem to get younger & more beautiful every day! There are no more long hours sitting at an eye-straining computer with aching backs & weary minds & tired fingers! We now have the power to dictate directly to the printers & they print out exactly what we have to say! Isn't that wonderful?
4. YOU KNOW, MAN WAS WORKING ON INVENTIONS LIKE THIS FOR A LONG TIME, but they never perfected them before we left. But now it has remained to us to finish the job, & with our supernatural powers & talents it was easy! In fact, all we have to do is even think the words & the computer circuits of the printers pick up our thoughts & print them right out! So be careful what you think around these new amazing printing machines!
5. WELL, I CAN HEAR SOME OF YOU KIDS ASKING RIGHT NOW, "Well, Grandpa, why can't you create the Lit with just a wave of your magic wand?" Well now, even God Himself had to give us His messages in words & we had to write them down. We were His printers & our papers His printouts in those days, & He still speaks to us in thoughts & words & visions & dreams & these direct communications from Heaven, & we still have to print them on paper for Earthly people who are still in their natural human bodies & still have to read things with their eyes.
6. BUT MAYBE YET IN THE FUTURE we might be able to learn how to use our supernatural powers to just print out the lines on the paper with our eyes or thoughts, but we haven't gotten that accustomed to these super human powers yet! You know, we have to learn how to use them, just like any new talent or job or chore or skill or art. So maybe we'll yet figure out how to do that one of these days, but right now we still find it very easy just to use the printer, which we activate with our thoughts & words & it just prints out whatever we tell it to, without the poor girls working so hard on their computers all day long, transcribing our multitude of words!
7. SO THAT IS QUITE AN ADVANCEMENT, RIGHT? Some of you secretaries might be wondering, "What are we going to do now, since we don't have any more transcribing to do?" Well, you've still got plenty to do in taking care of the Literature & the Letters & correspondence & organising our files of all these things. Besides, you've got to spend a little time with me making love!--That is, more time than before! That's not too hard a chore, is it? So it's not all work & no play, but a little work & lots of play nowadays, thank the Lord! So that just about cuts your job in half & doubles your pleasure, & mine too of course! Thank the Lord! God bless you! How I love you! I love you secretaries more & more every day!
8. SOME OF YOU GIRLS MIGHT BE SAYING, "OH, FOR THE LIFE OF A SECRETARY!" But don't worry, you cooks don't have as much to do anymore either, except maybe just wash the food that the boys have picked & even prepare them in various dishes or fruit salads for our pleasurable consumption. It's still a pleasure to eat God's wonderful provisions, although we don't actually have to eat in these marvellous supernatural, superhuman resurrected bodies that we have today!
9. AND YOU BOYS, YOUR JOB IS A WHOLE LOT EASIER TOO, with very little maintenance now with no more rain or rot to decay the woodwork & necessitate repairs & to repair leaks, etc. Everything stays in a perfect state of preservation, & all you have to do now is just keep on thinking up new & easier ways of doing it or designing it or building it.
10. AND SINCE OUR LITTLE FARM PRODUCES MORE THAN ENOUGH FOOD FOR WHAT WE NEED, you shoppers don't have very much to do anymore either, except to spend more time with the children, who always need lots of tender loving care & instruction, education & training, praise the Lord!
11. WE'RE ALL STILL LEARNING, & I guess there'll never be an end to that, as long as there's something we still need to learn about the things that we don't know yet. And after we've conquered the hearts of Men on Earth, there'll probably still be more Worlds to conquer, hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Amen? Praise the Lord! I'm sure the Lord's never going to let us run out of good things to do & enjoyable work & more accomplishments & progress throughout Eternity!
12. THANK GOD THERE IS A LOT LESS TO DO FOR YOU BUSINESS MANAGERS & ADMINISTRATORS, because we're now the rulers of this Earth & we have no more governmental problems, visas, passports & money problems of the past. All our needs are supplied by Heaven & our government is run by ourselves, thank the Lord! So we have whatever we need, & whatever we don't have we get without any problems, praise God!
13. OUR BIGGEST JOB IS SO MUCH LIKE IT USED TO BE, GETTING OUT THIS BEAUTIFUL LIT to all these beautiful people, to win their beautiful hearts for God's beautiful Kingdom here on Earth! And with all our supernatural powers & tools & wonderful Literature, this shouldn't take us very long, since we have the best communication & transportation system this World has ever known--instant mental communication, mental telepathy, as they used to call it, not only face-to-face, but over great distances, even as we have now with you There in Heaven!
14. OUR TRANSPORTATION PROBLEMS ARE ALL SOLVED TOO, without passports, visas, luggage, reservations, long plane trips or train rides, etc., all solved by our marvellous new ability to fly with whatever speed we need, or even by our great swift spaceships of light for groups to any destination either on Earth or in the Heavens!
15. SO THINK OF HOW MANY OF OUR PROBLEMS OF OLD ARE NOW SOLVED by these new supernatural means of communication & transportation to deliver God's Message to the whole World to everybody, thank You Jesus! So we expect to have the job done before long, that's why we're getting everybody saved that we can get saved, because who could doubt or not believe when they've got right before their eyes the reality of the supernatural, miraculous Kingdom of God on Earth & His Heavenly Saints & our wonderful King of kings & Lord of lords, Jesus Christ Himself ruling over all?
16. IF WE STILL HAVE ANY "DOUBTING THOMASES" OR "SHOW-ME MISSOURIANS" WE CAN SHOW THEM NOW, THANK THE LORD! They can see the Kingdom of God & His Angels & Heavenly Saints & all of His miraculous, supernatural workings & doings that were once only visible in the Spiritual World! Now all that we want them to see to prove our points we can show them right here & now! We don't have to talk about the Future, the Future is here, & we are it, thank the Lord! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--And thank you, too, for helping us make it all possible, just as you all have always in all of our work!
17. SO ALTHOUGH WE'VE GOT A BIG JOB TO DO, WE'VE GOT A LOT OF BIG HELP to do it with, including you & the Lord & all of His mighty Angels & all of our new supernatural powers & a new & wonderful curseless, demon-less Earth & much more cooperative & submissive, receptive Earth people & the best Government in the World!--In fact it's the only Government! Hallelujah!--The government of God Himself!
18. SO IT SEEMS LIKE OUR JOB IS SO EASY NOW, as we used to say, "It's a breeze!", & it just flows with those Heavenly breezes wafted from your Heavenly City & the Lord Himself with all His Heavenly Angels, thank God! So although we always did enjoy the Lord's work, the love-work of loving others & leading them to the Lord, now it's almost pure pleasure without all of the problems & obstacles & hindrances & difficulties, trials & tribulations that we had in the past!
19. ALL OF OUR PROBLEMS ARE SOLVED & we have no more of those troubles we used to have from our enemies & Satan & his demons, & the biggest job we have to do is get out this Lit to the whole World & get them all saved as fast as we can & wrap it up & present it to Jesus as our Gift of Love for Him!
20. OF COURSE GETTING THEM SAVED IS THE EASY PART, like having a baby, & as easy as having a baby nowadays, with painless childbirth--pure pleasure! But like babies & children, after you've got them, you have to take care of them & grow them up in the nurture & admonition of the Lord, teach, train & educate them! And although that will be an easier job than it used to be before with all our former troubles & opposition, it will still be a big job to teach them all about the Lord & the past & everything they need to know, & train them to serve the Lord like we do. Praise the Lord!
21. I DON'T KNOW WHY THE LORD IS GOING TO NEED SO MANY MISSIONARIES & WITNESSES--A WHOLE WORLD FULL!--But there must be some reason for it! It must be those New Worlds we've got to conquer in all the other planetary systems throughout the Universe! So praise God! Hallelujah! We're always going to have something to do, or we'd sure get bored, wouldn't we?
22. I KNOW I'D SURE GET BORED JUST FLOATING AROUND ON A CLOUD PLAYING A HARP, LIKE THE CHURCHES PICTURE HEAVEN! I've got to have something useful to do & to be busy helping people, loving people & saving people & making progress, conquering the World for Jesus! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Amen? Don't you? Well, gotta go now & get busy at it! God bless you! See you later! Thank you! That's all for now, in Jesus' name, amen!

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