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GREAT BALL'S AFIRE!--The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 27!        DFO 2276 9/86--When the Earth Burns!

       1. SO THEN AFTER THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE EXPLODES & BURNS UP THE ENTIRE SURFACE OF THE EARTH with all its pollutants, space junk, enemies & all, we know that God makes what? (David: A New Earth!)--A New Earth! A whole new Planet? (David: No.)--No! He just remakes the surface into a nice clean beautiful lovely Earth! He made the first surface like in the days of the Garden of Eden--beautiful, perfect, everybody at peace, before the old Serpent entered in, right? So He's going to make it again, just like He did in the beginning! He's going to make it over again! (Techi: The whole thing?)--The whole thing!
       2. (TECHI: WILL THE EARTH BE THE SAME AS IT IS NOW?) No! It's going to be like it was in the days of the Garden of Eden. (Techi: But will there still be trees standing right there?) Well no, I'm sorry, those trees are going to burn up when the air explodes, our house, & all these things. That's at the end of the Millennium after the Battle of Gog & Magog, when He burns up Gog & Magog & all the evil forces & burns up the whole surface of the Earth! (Techi: If everything burns up here, the three trees, then will the Lord still make three new trees?) He'll make billions of new trees & millions of everything all over again! (Techi: But what I'm trying to figure out is if He burns the whole thing up, will He still make those trees back in their place again?) Not those three, no, but He'll make new trees.
       3. THE WHOLE SURFACE OF THE EARTH IS GOING TO BE BURNED UP, & HE'S GOING TO CREATE IT ALL NEW, LIKE THE GARDEN OF EDEN! He's going to create everything even more beautiful! (Techi: Will the rocks still be left?) It's possible. They might be, although it may be so hot that even the rocks are going to melt, but the ball of the Earth itself is still going to be here. Then He is going to recreate the whole surface of the Earth. (David: It says here the elements are going to be burned with a fervent fire, they're going to be melted.) (2Pe.3:10) All right, what elements?
       4. WHAT ARE ELEMENTS? Is oxygen an element? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Is hydrogen an element? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Is helium an element? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) I think there are over 100 elements. Is nitrogen an element? Are all these gases of the atmosphere elements? (Fam: Yes, Sir!) Okay, the elements are going to melt with fervent heat. But let's not go into such details or guesswork about what's going to collapse & what isn't! We just know generally that the atmosphere is going to explode & destroy the surface of the Earth! (Techi: It would probably make it nicer.) The Lord is going to make it perfect & beautiful like He did in the beginning in the Garden of Eden in the days of Adam & Eve!
       5. SOME PEOPLE EVEN BELIEVE THAT THE MOUNTAINS WERE A RESULT OF A GREAT CATACLYSM THAT OCCURRED AFTER SIN ENTERED IN & THE FLOOD, that these horrible big mountains & everything were even a part of that, that God didn't originally create mountains. (Techi: They were a part of what?) Sort of the explosion of God's judgements after the Flood. (David: Do you think that since we're going to be spirits in Heaven, & that big rocks could fall on us & nothing is going to happen to us, do you think the Lord would allow us to come down & watch the Earth burn up?) Oh, I'm sure He would! But I don't think we're going to have to come down, I think we're going to be able to see it from Space City! We're not even going to be in the Moon then!
       6. DURING THE MILLENNIUM, WHERE IS THE HOLY CITY GOING TO BE? (David: It's going to be right above the Earth!)--Floating right up in the sky where they can see it! So do you think we'll be able to see it? (David: Yes!) Of course! (David: But I mean, could we get a better view?) Honey, I wouldn't want to get that close to get a better view! Do you want to be in the fire? (David: But we wouldn't burn up!) Honey, let's not worry about these details! If you want to fly a little closer & get your wings singed, that's up to you! I'm going to stay a safe distance! (Techi: What does singed mean?) Burned a little bit, kind of like sin that burns you a little bit. (Techi: But we're not going to get burned up.) No, I'm telling David that he'd better watch out & not fly too close!
       7. NOW WE'RE GETTING AROUND TO THE POINT: When is the atmosphere going to explode & burn up the whole surface of the Earth? (David: In the Battle of Gog & Magog.) Not necessarily in the Battle of Gog & Magog in which they encompass around the Saints, the battle's going on a long time before that. But that will be the end of the Battle of Gog & Magog, because that will burn up all their forces & the atmospheric heavens will explode & burn up the whole surface of the Earth! And he says here that the heavens shall pass away with a great noise! (2Pe.3:10) We're going to be able to hear it clear up to the Heavenly City! Maybe we'd be able to hear it all the way to the Moon!
       8. "AND THE ELEMENTS SHALL MELT WITH FERVENT HEAT." (2Pe.3:12)--All these elements & gases that make up the atmospheric heavens shall pass away with a great noise & the works that are therein shall be burned up! All the works that are in the Earth are going to be burned up! (David: Even the animals?) Everything! The whole surface of the Earth is going to be totally burned up, completely! So this just shows you that the Holy City, Heaven, must be very much like Noah's Ark, & why it has to be full of animals, because we've got to re-populate the Earth!
       9. DURING THE MILLENNIUM THE SAME OLD ANIMALS & the same old people & everything are going to still be living, the same old Earth, right? Let me tell you, after that big fire it's not the same old Earth any more! It's a completely New Earth! It even says "new heavens", what does that mean? (David: A new atmosphere!) (2Pe.3:13)--A new atmosphere!
       10. THERE'S GOING TO BE A NEW EARTH'S SURFACE & NEW ATMOSPHERIC HEAVENS, & the Holy City is going to do what? (Techi: Come down!) Come down from God out of Heaven! Good for you! And it will settle somewhere on Earth or float above the surface very close or something. (Techi: But the Sun & the Moon will last forever.) (Psa.89:36,37) The Earth too. (Techi: Well, I mean they won't get burned up.) No, none of the Planets or stars or anything like that, no. But a lot of the stars that he's talking about there are either the Devil's angels or meteors when they fall from the heavens. (Rev.6:13)
       11. ACTUALLY, WHEN YOU SEE THESE SO-CALLED "FALLING STARS" DROP OUT OF THE HEAVENS, WHAT ARE THEY? (David: Meteors.) Meteors! They look like stars falling, & so the Bible calls them stars. But as far as we're concerned, they're meteors. They're big hunks of rock that hit the atmosphere & because of the friction they burn up. (Techi: I always thought they were stars.) Nope, they're not real stars, but they look like stars & so the Bible calls them stars.
       12. IF THE BIBLE SAID, "THERE ARE GOING TO BE SHOWERS OF FALLING METEORS", THOSE OLD ANCIENTS WOULD SAY, "WHAT ARE METEORS?" They'd never heard of meteors! They hadn't yet discovered what meteors were. The Bible talks & we still talk about the Sun rising & setting & the Moon rising & setting, don't we, because that's what it looks like to us. But actually we know from science & from studying our Solar System what actually happens. The Sun is not rising & setting & neither is the Moon rising & setting, we're rising & setting as the Earth rotates!
       13. SO THE BIBLE TALKS IN A LANGUAGE THAT EVEN A CHILD COULD UNDERSTAND, & doesn't try to go into all the scientific details, right? I'm going into a lot of scientific details this morning that maybe I shouldn't have, I don't know. But I'm getting around to something that will answer this whole question!
       14. OKAY NOW, DEAR HART WANTS TO KNOW WHY I'M STILL TALKING ABOUT MOUNTAINS IN THE MILLENNIUM when it says here in Revelation 16 that every island fled away, & mountains were not found & there fell upon men a great hail out of Heaven that were about the weight of a talent, blaspheming God, etc., & I'm still talking about mountains in the Millennium! Chapter 17 talks about the destruction of Babylon, describes who Babylon is & then tells about how it is going to be destroyed in Chapter 18. Chapter 19 talks about Armageddon, & Hart just figures that this is in chronological order & therefore that the mountains must have tumbled down in that big earthquake & the islands must have sunk!
       15. SO I THOUGHT, "WELL, LORD, YOU'VE GOT TO GIVE ME A VERSE this time that will really knock that one in the head!" Not knock Hart in the head, but maybe he needs it too. Well, that's all right, he wants to know the facts. Some guys are doubting Thomases that merely want the truth!--To stick their fingers in the wounds & to see the wound in my side. Sometimes they wound me too, sticking their fingers in! Anyhow, Jesus was tolerant of them, wasn't He, & He gave them the proof! (Jn.20:26-29) So I'm trying to give you the proof.
       16. ALL RIGHT, TURN TO THE 6TH CHAPTER OF REVELATION, WHICH IS THE HISTORY OF THE WORLD FROM BEGINNING TO END! The 16th Chapter tells you all about the Final Wrath of God, now here it tells about it too. The Lord opens the 6th seal, & let's read the 12th verse out loud. (Children: "And I beheld when He had opened the sixth seal".) Now what were the six seals? Get that in your noggin! (Techi: The horsemen!) Yes, the horsemen & what else?
       17. THIS CHAPTER OF THE SEALS REPRESENTS WHAT AGAIN? (Fam: World history.) Right, the history of the World right through to the very end. He doesn't stop to tell about the Millennium & a lot of the details when he gives you the end. All right, go ahead & read it! (Children: "And lo, there was a great earthquake & the Sun became black as sackcloth of hair, & the Moon became as blood.") Now we're talking about that great earthquake again, right? The Sun is black, the Moon red like blood. Okay, Techi, you read verse 13. (Techi: "And the stars of Heaven fell unto the Earth, even as the fig tree casteth her untimely figs when she is shaken of a mighty wind.")
       18. THEY ARE GOING TO HAVE SHOWERS OF METEORS, the stars of Heaven fall to Earth, & over in Revelation 16:21 it says they weigh about 104 pounds apiece, like a talent, a great big hunk of rock falling out of the sky! They come through the atmosphere so fast they're going to catch fire, & yet be so big that by the time they hit the ground & hit the men & the buildings, they're going to be the weight of a talent & on fire like a bomb! Think of that! The hailstones from Heaven are on fire! They're not nice little pieces or hunks of ice like hail today, that's nothing compared to the hail that God is going to send down from the Heavens!--Great balls of fire!
       19. HOW DO THEY DESCEND FROM THE HEAVENS?--SHOWERS OF METEORS are going to strike the Earth's atmosphere, catch fire, come down & smack the Earth smackeroo & set everything on fire! (Techi: How big are the meteors, as big as this whole house?) Well, they might be before they hit the atmosphere, but by the time they get here, the Lord said they'll be the weight of a talent, that's 104 pounds!
       20. THEY DON'T WEIGH ANYTHING OUT IN SPACE because out there there's hardly any gravity. Even big space ships & great big rockets & satellites, etc. float out there in space. And the men in the space ships, what do they do? (David: They float around.) They float around because there's no gravity, they're weightless! So things that are out in space like that can even be weightless. But Brother, when they come down close to Earth & feel the Earth's gravity, they've got a lot of weight then! Boom!
       21. ALL RIGHT, VERSE 14, DAVID! (DAVID: "AND THE HEAVEN DEPARTED AS A SCROLL when it is rolled together; & every mountain & island were moved out of their places.") Aha! So what is this describing here?--Not the Wrath of God before the Millennium, but the Wrath of God when? (David: After the Millennium!)
       22. "OH, GRANDPA, YOU NEVER TOLD US THAT, THAT THERE WAS GOING TO BE A CONTINUED WRATH OF GOD AFTER THE MILLENNIUM! You talked about Gog & Magog & fire coming down & burning up the Earth, but you never told us that was the Wrath of God too!" Well, is it? Isn't that going to be the Wrath of God, the final Wrath of God, the final Flood of Fire? Isn't that the Wrath of God, Gog & Magog & the whole Earth burned up, the atmosphere explodes & burns up the surface of the Earth & burns up all the evil people & the Devil & all of his followers, the armies of Gog & Magog, isn't that the Wrath of God too?
       23. THAT'S THE GREATEST WRATH OF GOD EVER! He flooded the World once with water, but that is nothing to completely burning up the surface of the Earth! (Techi: If the Islands were in one place, where do they move to?) Well, we'll get around to that in a few minutes, one thing at a time! (Answer in next Chapter!)

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