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WHEN THE AIR EXPLODES!        The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 28!        DFO 2277        9/86--And Rebuilt Babylon Falls in the Great Earthquake!

       1. SO WHAT IS THIS TIME OF THE MOUNTAINS & THE ISLANDS BEING MOVED? Look at Revelation 6, the 14th verse again. When are the mountains & the islands moved? (David: After the Battle of Gog & Magog, when He burns the Earth!) Yes!--And what else happens then? Read the verse again! (David: "And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; & every mountain & island were moved out of their places.")
       2. SO WHEN WERE THE MOUNTAINS & ISLANDS MOVED? You just got through reading it! (David: Well, it doesn't say when.) Read the first part of the verse, Son. (David: "And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together.") So when are the mountains & islands removed? (David: When the Heaven departs as a scroll!) Right, at that time, in other words. It says "and the Heaven departed" & it says there's a mighty earthquake just before that. There's a future earthquake, there's a shower of meteors, those great rocks & hailstones from Heaven, & the Heavens explode & depart & roll away like a scroll! Have you ever seen an explosion of fire?--It looks like the clouds of flame just roll & explode!
       3. (TECHI: I THOUGHT YOU MEANT THE TIME.) It's obvious it's at this time, at the same time that the Heavens explode! So now we know that the Heavens don't explode & the Flood of Fire doesn't come down & devour the surface of the Earth until when? (David: When the Heavens explode.) When? When does that happen? (David: That happens in the Seventh Wrath of God.) Yes, that's actually the continued Wrath of God. You could say the Final Wrath of God on the Earth. It's really the end of the Wrath of God on Earth at the end of the Millennium--The Fire Flood!
       4. HE'S EVEN GOT LITTLE WRATHS STILL GOING ON DURING THE MILLENNIUM, on whom? (Children: The Rebels.)--Curses & troubles to the Rebels, right? And then it gets worse & worse until the end, when the Devil is allowed out to deceive the nations again & gather together all these bad people & Rebels in a big army & surround the Camp of the Saints!--What Saints? (David: The Millennial Saints.) How do we know it's not us? (David: Because we've already been Raptured!) Because the first Saints, the Heaven's People couldn't be surrounded, only the Earth people, right?
       5. THEN AFTER THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS ARE RAPTURED, GOD RAINS DOWN FIRE OUT OF HEAVEN TO DEVOUR THE ENEMIES & EXPLODE THE ATMOSPHERE! That's when the mountains & islands are removed! So poor Hart can't understand. Just because of the way that verse in Revelation 16:20 is placed, he thinks it happens then during the first six Wraths of God before the Millennium.
       6. BUT PROPHETS SEE EVENTS SOMETIMES LIKE MOUNTAIN RANGES. You see the big mountains of the Future and they all look like one big range, like they all happen together. But when you get to them, you find out there's one range after the other. You go up one mountain & go down in the valley & then up the next mountain range & down in the valley & up the next mountain range, etc. but they're separate things. But when the Prophet looks at it, it looks like one big final event, see? So now back to the 16th Chapter of Revelation! Boy, I didn't know we were going to have a lesson on Bible prophecy this morning, but it's pretty important because this question keeps coming up!
       7. ALL RIGHT, BECAUSE IT TALKS ABOUT THIS EVENT RIGHT AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON, HART THINKS--& PROBABLY A LOT OF PEOPLE THOUGHT--THAT ALL OF THIS HAPPENS RIGHT AFTER ARMAGEDDON! Get it? Well, it does happen after Armageddon, but how long after? (David: A thousand years!) A thousand years after! How about that! Do you get the point? The prophecy is going right on to the very end!
       8. SO THESE ARE ALL VIALS OF WRATH, RIGHT? And all of these things that happened, from the 17th verse on to the end of Chapter 16, these are the Final Wrath of God, as David has pointed out, the Last, or Seventh Wrath of God. Actually Armageddon is in the Sixth Wrath of God. If you wanted to divide the Wrath of God up into seven periods, there are Seven Angels of Wrath & Seven Vials of Wrath. So in the Sixth Wrath, what happened?--Armageddon ended it before the Millennium!
       9. THEN IN THE 17TH VERSE IT SAYS, "AND THE SEVENTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS VIAL", so everything before the 17th verse is the Sixth Wrath, right? We've been teaching you a lot of lessons & right now you're getting an exam! That's what we used to dread was exams! I used to worry about giving the right answers too! I didn't always get them, but like David, I got them most of the time.
       10. BACK IN REVELATION 16:16 IT SPEAKS OF WHAT GREAT BATTLE? (CHILDREN: ARMAGEDDON.) Right! And according to this Chapter, that's the last thing that happens before what? (Techi: Armageddon.) Armageddon is the last thing in the Sixth Wrath of God, & that's the end of what we have usually called the period of the Wrath of God, right?
       11. BUT THE SIXTH WRATH IS NOT THE END OF ALL THE WRATH OF GOD, IS IT? Why? How do we know?--We know because of what it says here in the next verse in the Bible, & also what we already know is going to happen at the end of the Millennium. What does this say then? When is going to be the Last Wrath of God? (David: The Battle of Gog & Magog.) That battle is not the Wrath of God, that's the wrath of the Devil. (David: When He burns them up.) Yes, that's the Final Wrath of God!--The Seventh & Last Wrath!
       12. NOW, THE SIXTH WRATH OF GOD ENDS WITH WHAT BATTLE? (CHILDREN: ARMAGEDDON!)--ARMAGEDDON! Here in the 12th verse it says the Sixth Angel poured out his Vial, right? So everything from the 12th verse, which is the Sixth Angel, to the 17th verse, which is the Seventh Angel, all of these things happen during the Sixth Wrath of God. So you're right, David, there are Seven Wraths of God!
       13. SO ARMAGEDDON IS NOT THE FINAL WRATH OF GOD, right? For in the 17th verse what does he talk about? (Techi: "And the Seventh Angel poured out his Vial into the air"!) Which Angel? (Techi: The Seventh.) So this is what Wrath? (Techi: Gog & Magog.) You're right, that's when, but it's the Seventh Wrath! He poured out his Vial into the what? (Techi: Air.) Air! So this is the Wrath of God on what? (David: On the air.) On the air & Gog & Magog! Doesn't that sound like what? (Fam: Like the atmosphere is blowing up.) It sounds like when the atmosphere explodes!--Right!
       14. LISTEN TO WHAT IT SAYS IN REVELATION 16:17: "AND THE SEVENTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS VIAL (OF WRATH) INTO THE AIR!--And there came a great voice out of the temple of Heaven, from the throne, saying, 'It is done!'" When is that? When is the Wrath of God all done? (Children: When the Earth is burned up.) Exactly!--And what's it going to sound like? "And there were voices & thunders, & lightnings". (Rev.16:18).--And what does 2nd Peter 3:10 say? "The Heavens shall depart with a"--what? (David: "A great noise.") Yes! It sounds like a lot of noises! "And the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the Earth also & the works that are therein shall be burned up!" Then Revelation 6:14: "And the Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together, & every mountain & island were moved out of their places."
       15. AND NOW BACK TO REVELATION 16:18: "AND THERE WAS A GREAT EARTHQUAKE."--Here's that great Great Earthquake! There have been earthquakes before this. There were earthquakes back in the Bible era even before this, but here is the Great Earthquake!--"Such as was not since men were upon the Earth, so mighty an earthquake, & so great!" When God pours out His Final Seventh Wrath on the air & the whole atmosphere explodes & burns up the surface of the Earth, there is going to be an earthquake such as was not ever so great an earthquake!
       16. "AND THE GREAT CITY WAS DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS." (Rev. 16:19).--What great city? (David: Babylon.) And is Babylon located in any particular place? Well, the biggest Babylon is the U.S.A., but the whole System, the whole Earth's Worldly System is Babylon, right? The whole City-System is Babylon! So God's great Final Wrath falls on the whole City-System of the Earth! You say, "But Dad, I thought they were all burned up & everything before in the Battle of Armageddon!"--Those were, but what if the Millennial Rebels finally tried to revive Babylon & built more cities?
       17. WHAT IF THOSE REBELS DECIDED TO GO OUT LIKE ADAM'S DESCENDANTS IN GENESIS 4 & BEGAN TO BUILD CITIES AGAIN! I wonder if those people who follow the Devil in the end of the Millennium start building cities again! I'll bet you they do! I'll bet you they start building cities again, because that's their main art, that is their main passion, building towers & buildings & cities, think of that!
       18. JUST THINK, EVEN THE BIGGEST CITIES IN THE WORLD HAVE ONLY BEEN BUILT WITHIN THE LAST 100 YEARS!--And the largest, tallest towers in the World have only been built within the last few years! So in the last few years of the Millennium, it wouldn't take long for those bad people led by the Devil & his demons & all to rebuild cities, they are their favourite projects--cities! They are Man's worst creations! Man's very worst creation are the cities! So it wouldn't take long to rebuild cities, right?
       19. "AND THE GREAT CITY WAS DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS, & the cities of the nations fell." (Rev. 16:19). We don't really understand exactly what the three parts it's talking about are, but what do we have three parts of the World divided into today? Do we have a First, Second & Third World? So today the Earth is divided into three parts. The First World, that's the U.S. & Europe, the West: The Second World is what? (David: Russia.) Yes, Russia & the Communist countries. America & the Western World are called the First World, & Russia & the Communist World are called the Second World.--The First & Second Worlds are the richest nations of the World.
       20. THEN WHAT'S NEXT? (DAVID: THEN THE THIRD WORLD.) The Third World is what? It's neither American or Russian. (David: All of the poor nations.) Yes, all the poor nations. They used to call them the Poor Nations, then they called them the Undeveloped World, & then they didn't like that term, so they changed it to Underdeveloped World, & then the United Nations didn't like that, so the poor nations insisted that they call them the Developing World, that's more positive, but it's also called the Third World. They're still not as rich as the First or Second World. So, maybe that has to do with this Earth being divided into three parts! It says, "The great city was divided into three parts". It doesn't say when, maybe then, maybe it's already been divided into three parts.
       21. "THE CITIES OF THE NATIONS FELL". MY OH MY, THE REBELS MUST HAVE REBUILT THE CITIES! My goodness! "And great Babylon came in remembrance before God". So what if these cities of the nations are rebuilt by the Rebels? (David: But aren't we there to stop them from rebuilding cities?) Well, Honey, why didn't the Lord stop the Devil? Why did He let him out of prison? Why did He allow the Rebels even during the first of the Millennium? We don't stop them, we can only stop them when they bother us or they bother the Earth people who are going to receive the Lord, right? That's only when we stop them. Otherwise we leave them in their own soup. That's a good question, David. What's the expression they use? (Fam: Stew.)--To stew in their own juice!
       22. IN OTHER WORDS, WHEN PEOPLE REBEL AGAINST THE LORD, THEY HAVE ALL KINDS OF TROUBLE. "The way of the transgressor is hard." (Pro.13:15) They're sick, some of the rebels are going to be sick & die & all kinds of curses are upon them--no rain, & famine & starvation & everything because they rebel against God, but God doesn't throw them all out! He still tries to make them repent, by all those terrible things happening to them!
       23. (ARE YOU A REBEL? How much does God have to do to you before you repent?--To be continued, D.V., in Chapter 29!)

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