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The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 29!        GOD'S PIZZA!        DFO 2278 9/86--The 7th Wrath of God!--Where Did the Mountains, Islands & Seas Go?

       1. MY GOODNESS, IT SOUNDS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO TRY TO RESURRECT BABYLON, DOESN'T IT? "Babylon the Great came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His Wrath". (Rev.16:19) What Wrath? Which Wrath? He's got a name for it right at the beginning of the 17th verse! These are all Vials of Wrath, but which one is it? (David: The Seventh!) Yes, exactly! So you can call this the Seventh Wrath. The Sixth one was the Battle of Armageddon, right?
       2. NOW AFTER THE BATTLE OF ARMAGEDDON HAS GOD GOT ANOTHER VIAL OF WRATH? If Armageddon ends the Sixth Vial of Wrath, the Sixth Wrath of God, isn't this next Seventh Wrath of God at the end of the Millennium? If Armageddon ends the Sixth, what's the next one? After six comes what number? (Techi: Seven!) Yes! Isn't that what it says here in the beginning of the 17th verse? "And the Seventh Angel poured out his vial into the air"! That's the Wrath of God on the air, when the air explodes & burns up the World, see?
       3. ALL THESE THINGS IN REVELATION 16:17-21 HAPPEN IN THE SEVENTH WRATH OF GOD!--The greatest earthquake the World has ever known! We haven't heard too much about that yet in the Millennium Stories, but there it is! The greatest earthquake the World has ever known happens when the air explodes! Don't you think that when the whole atmosphere explodes it's going to shake this Earth & it is going to destroy revived Babylon? (David: Revived?) Yes! We just got through talking about when the Devil comes back & starts leading the Rebels again, they are going to grow stronger & stronger in the Millennium, until finally they are even rebuilding cities, rebuilding Babylon! Think of that! It's got to be, because here it is in the Seventh Vial of Wrath, & it begins right here where he starts telling about how the air explodes!
       4. "AND THE GREAT CITY WAS DIVIDED INTO THREE PARTS, & THE CITIES OF THE NATIONS FELL"! What caused them to fall? (David: The earthquake!) The Great Earthquake! "And great Babylon came in remembrance before God, to give unto her the cup of the wine of the fierceness of His Wrath!" (Rev.16:19) What Wrath? I keep repeating these questions so you can get it in your head! (Techi: The Seventh!) Yes! You can call it the Seventh Wrath or the Final Wrath, for it's the last one, the Last Wrath, so it's the Final one. Isn't that the Final Wrath of God on the Earth? After that it's what? (David: The New Earth!) Yes!--The New Heaven & the New Earth, & then there's no more Wrath! So that's the Last Wrath of God, right?
       5. THIS IS A WHOLE NEW LESSON, A WHOLE NEW IDEA! (David: So is this the end of the Millennium, the end of the Story?) Yes, this all happens at the end of the Millennium! (Maria: He's afraid that this class means that you're done with the story of the Millennium!)--Ha! No, we're just telling you the story ahead of time here, because of Hart's question, just like the Bible tells the story ahead of time.
       6. SO WHAT'S ALSO GOING TO HAPPEN AT THIS TIME? (David: Every island is going to flee away & the mountains are not found.) So when do the islands flee away? When do the mountains melt down? What's the end of islands? (David: The Seventh Wrath!)--The Seventh Wrath of God, which is which Wrath? (David: The Final Wrath.) Right!--The Last Wrath of God! After the New Heaven & New Earth appear, you don't read any more about the Wrath of God at all! There's no Wrath of God on the marvellous New Earth, under the New Heaven!--Right? Why did God have to create a New Earth? Why don't we just be satisfied with the New Heavenly City & forget about the Earth? (David: Because it's all ugly because when God rained down the hail, all the building rubble was there.) Yes!--And the atmospheric explosion burned up the air & the surface!
       7. BUT GOD IS NOT GOING TO BE DEFEATED! HE CREATED THE EARTH, HE SAYS, TO BE INHABITED. (Isa.45:18) The ball is still here, the Planet is still here, but the whole surface is all burned up by God. What did that burning up do? (David: It burned up all the rubble of the cities for one, it burned up the seas so we could have more land space.) I was just going to ask you, what did that explosion of the air do besides burn up the whole surface? (David: It evaporated the water!) Yes! It evaporated the seas! Think of that! That's when the seas are evaporated. So when the seas evaporate, what happens to the islands? (David: Oh, they become land!) They are no longer islands! The islands vanish! Well, they won't entirely disappear, they're just not islands anymore!
       8. (TECHI: WELL, WHAT ABOUT ALL THE PEOPLE ON THE ISLANDS?) Honey, it's the end of the Millennium, so who is who & where at the end of the Millennium? Where are we at the end of the Millennium? (Techi: In Heaven!) We are up in Heaven, at a safe distance from this Earth when it explodes. Where are the Millennial Saints at the end
of the Millennium? (Techi: On the Earth.) They're on the Earth still in--what is it called? (David: The Camp of the Saints.) Yes! It's surrounded by the Enemy & his forces, the Devil & all his Rebels & fiendish forces, right? But of course the Lord is going to take the Millennial Saints out before the fire, right?--And when somebody starts yelling, "Fire! Fire!" What do people do when a building is on fire? (Children: They get out!) Yes, they get out! And only the bad ones & the slow ones get burned up! (Techi: So the islands & any Rebel people on them are burned up!) Right!
       9. WE'RE IN HEAVEN, THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS ARE ALSO RAPTURED TO HEAVEN, of course, but the Devil & all his forces are burned up with the surface of the Earth, right? (Techi: And the islands.) Yes, the surface of the islands are all burned up, that's right. The seas are all burned up & the islands are just like hilltops. (David: Yes, because actually an island is a mountain sticking out of the sea!) Right! But now when that big fire burns up the surface of the Earth, not only will the elements, the gases of the atmosphere explode, but the mountains will be melted down & the seas will be evaporated & the islands, as it says, "fled away".--But how?--Because they melted down, because they're also mountains sticking out of the sea.
       10. WHAT HAPPENS TO THE CANDLES ON A BIRTHDAY CAKE WHEN YOU LIGHT THEM ON TOP? (David: They melt down.) Yes, & if you let them burn long enough, they melt right down to little hills, almost level to the surface of the cake, right? Well, it's kind of like that.
       11. HOW ABOUT WHEN YOU PUT PIECES OF CHEESE ON TOAST WHEN YOU HAVE CHEESE TOAST, WHAT HAPPENS? You have big hunks of cheese at first & then what happens? Those hunks of cheese are like mountains on the surface of the Earth! The slice of bread is like the surface of the Earth & the cheese pieces are the mountains, & you put it on the fire & what happens to it? (Children: It melts down!) It all melts down to a nice rolling hilly layer on top of the toast! (Techi: And the Earth is toasted!) Yes, that's exactly right! All these mountains melt down & the islands melt down & the seas melt away & the whole surface of the Earth is nice beautiful rolling hills, all kind of melted down, like the cheese on your toast! Then after if cools off, what do you think God does? (David: He puts grass & trees all over!) (Techi: Then it's yummy!) That's right! Ha! Then it's yummy!
       12. THAT'S ANOTHER THING WE CAN USE FOR AN ILLUSTRATION, A YUMMY PIZZA! Have you ever seen them make a pizza? They put all that cheese on top & what else do they put on top of pizzas? (Children: Onions, tomatoes, mushrooms, cheese, olives, capers, anchovies, green peppers, pastrami, ham, pineapple, tomato sauce!) Yes!
       13. HAVE YOU EVER SEEN A REAL PIZZA MAKER MAKE A PIZZA? He takes this wad of dough like this & he rolls it out until it's big & round & then he throws it up in the air, & I've seen them twirl it around like this on their finger so that it creates an edge all around the pizza. They catch it on their finger on the edge like this & twirl it around & it's just like a potter making a pot on a potter's wheel & it makes that edge around it. Then you flap it down on the table. (David: But won't your finger go through it?) I've seen them do it, but it doesn't seem to, they seem to know how to do it!
       14. THEN HE FLAPS IT DOWN ON THE TABLE & WHAT DOES HE DO NEXT? (David: Then he puts all the stuff on it?) He puts all the ingredients on! That pizza made of flour is a dough, & when it's baked it becomes like a pizza pies when I was young. Now they don't call them pizza pies anymore, they just call them pizzas. And that's what it is, it's a pie for holding all these ingredients. And when they put all those ingredients on there, what does a pizza look like? (David: Flat.) Yes, but with mountains of food on it, it looks like a mountain! It's a mountain of all this stuff. When you get one of those grand pizzas, you've got everything, like Mama likes!
       15. THEN THEY STICK THIS MOUNTAIN IN THE OVEN & WHAT HAPPENS TO IT?--You just said it! It all melts down to a nice hilly lovely, almost flat Earth, which is just a little bit hilly, a little bit roly-poly, & that's what that fire is going to do to the surface of this Earth! (Techi: Burn up all the people?) It's going to burn off the seas & melt down the mountains & the islands, which are also mountains sticking up out of the water, & melt them all down! You said burn up all the people? Yes! Whatever people are still here, because the only people left on the islands will be what kind of people? (Children: The bad people, the Rebels.) Yes! The bad people, the wicked people!--Where are the good people, the Millennial Saints?--Well, that comes next!

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