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THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS!        The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 30!        DFO 2279        9/86--And What Happens to the Valleys?--More Pizza!

       1. (DAVID: THE CAMP OF THE SAINTS MUST BE A PRETTY BIG CAMP, TO HOLD ALL THE MILLENNIAL SAINTS! IT MUST BE HUGE!) Yes, that's for sure! Now whether it's one place or not, we don't really know. God could mean that that's little camps all over the Earth! (David: But then the army would have to surround all the Camps!) Well, they could be surrounding all those little camps all over the World, couldn't they? Just like the Antichrist does, he doesn't just surround everything all at once, he surrounds this nation & then that nation & that nation, etc., he captures each one.
       2. I'M JUST GIVING YOU THE IDEA THAT MAYBE IT COULD BE A LOT OF CAMPS THAT GOD CALLS "THE CAMP". Or it could be all in one place, it's up to the Lord. I'm not going to argue about it, are you? (Children: No!) So that's when all the islands fly away. Well, they don't exactly fly away, but they sort of melt away, they flow down. When those mountains on a pizza fall down & melt, they sort of spread out & fly away, don't they? (Techi: Probably if the whole Camp was in one place, it would probably go around the whole World!) Well, it would be pretty big!
       3. WELL, MAYBE WE WOULD HAVE GATHERED THEM ALL INTO ONE PLACE BY THAT TIME. Maybe we Saints would have flown them there. We could easily pick a person up off the Earth & fly with them through the air & take them to the one big Camp. (David: Maybe everybody flees to a certain country that saves them & flies them there.) Who knows? Maybe so!
       4. NOW COMES REVELATION 16:21: "AND THERE FELL UPON MAN A GREAT HAIL OUT OF HEAVEN", every stone about the weight of a talent: & men blasphemed God because of the plague of the hail; for the plague thereof was exceeding great"--here's that hail! And we pictured the hailstones a talent's weight, but falling upon Man during the Sixth Wrath of God, didn't we? Well, it sounds like that hail is going to be at the end of the Seventh Wrath of God! We really screwed up on that one, didn't we? We thought this was at the end of the Sixth Wrath of God, at Armageddon. But that all happens in the Seventh Wrath of God, see?
       5. SEE WHAT HART DID FOR ME? He insisted on plaguing me & tormenting me with that question & made me finally have to get down to business & get it all straightened out! (David: That's what Hart did with "What If?") Yes, of course! These critics of mine, they keep needling me with these questions, so we get the answers! They prod this old stubborn mule with an ox goad & make me get in on the right track! Ha!--God bless'm!--I love you!
       6. ALL RIGHT NOW, THERE'S THE PICTURE OF ALL THE WRATH OF GOD, FROM BEGINNING TO END! So all the Wrath of God is not finished with the Battle of Armageddon, that's just the Sixth Wrath of God. When does the Seventh Wrath of God occur?--The Seventh Vial of Wrath? (David: In the Final Wrath.) Yes, & how do you know that that's after Armageddon? Seven comes after what? (Children: Six!) Yes!
       7. (DAVID: BUT HOW DID WE USE TO THINK THAT IT WAS SEVEN?) We didn't use to think it was seven, we just lumped the whole Wrath of God together in one period from the Rapture through the Battle of Armageddon!--And we didn't really put the Seventh Wrath of God at the end of the Millennium! (David: But then how did we think that Armageddon was the Seventh?) Well, we didn't. We just said that that was the end of the Wrath, but it isn't!
       8. SINCE THIS IS THE END OF THAT WRATH-OF-GOD CHAPTER & THE NEXT THING WAS THE MILLENNIUM, WE FIGURED THAT MUST BE IT! We were just wrong, that's all! We were wrong, right? We were too sketchy in this, we really didn't get down & dig into the details like dear Hart made us dig to find out whatever happened to these mountains & these islands & how did it happen? Well, this Seventh Wrath didn't happen before the Millennium! The mountains & the islands don't flee away, melt down & disappear until when? (David: Until the Final Wrath.) Exactly!
       9. IT SAYS HERE, "THE SEVENTH ANGEL POURED OUT HIS VIAL INTO THE AIR", right? (Rev.16:17). And in Revelation 6:14 it says when Jesus opened the Sixth Seal, "The Heaven departed as a scroll when it is rolled together; & every mountain & island were moved out of their places." When a pizza is put in the oven, let me tell you, all that stuff on top is moved & melts down & mixes up with each other, right? It flows together until it is all kind of well-rounded & melted together.
       10. (DAVID: IS THE LORD GOING TO MAKE THE BIG CRATERS OF THE SEA LEVEL, SO THAT YOU WOULDN'T HAVE TO LIVE IN A BIG VALLEY?) Well, when you put a pizza in the oven, it's got all kinds of valleys, cracks & crevices, right?--It's got mountains & chasms & valleys, but when you take the pizza out of the oven, what's happened?--All the mountains have flown down into the crevices & the cracks & into the valleys. It says every high place shall be made low, & the low places shall be exalted. (Isa.40:4)
       11. SO WHEN THE MOUNTAINS & THE ISLANDS MELT, THEY'LL FLOW DOWN & FILL UP ALL THOSE DEEP PLACES. (David: If the mountains are going to be melted, then surely it's going to melt rock!) Right! So that's where a lot of the elements are going to get melted. Not only the elements of the air, but the elements of the surface of the Earth are going to melt. (David: So that answers our question about the rocks, they're going to melt!) Yes, & all the dead people on the mountains will all be buried by the mountains flowing down into the valleys! But we're going to be up in the Heavenly City safe & sound! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Amen?
       12. HOW LONG DID IT TAKE THE WATERS OF THE WATER FLOOD TO RECEDE ENOUGH FOR THE ARK TO LAND ON MOUNT ARARAT? (David: Let's see, 120 days?) They were in the Ark for 1 year & 10 days altogether before they got out! You know, I never heard anybody figure that out before we figured that out, added up all those days! I never heard anybody ever give exact specifics on that until we did for our Bible studies. (Techi: I thought there was something about 40 days.) It rained 40 days & nights, & they went into the Ark about a week before that, right? They went into the Ark a week before it started raining, then it rained 40 days & 40 nights. Then they floated on the surface of the water for months & months until the water level came down.
       13. BY THE WAY, DO YOU THINK MAYBE SOME OF THAT FIRST WATER FLOOD KIND OF MELTED SOME OF THOSE MOUNTAINS TOO? If they weren't made out of rock, it made the valleys deeper when it ran off. They say that's what made the Grand Canyon, those great big deep canyons & valleys, is the water running off the mountains after the Flood! So the Flood of Fire is going to melt down the mountains & the islands & fill up the valleys until the surface is all nice & smooth & kind of rounded & ripply like a pizza after it's been through the fire!

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