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THE RE-CREATION!        The New Heaven's Children!--Chapter 31!         DFO 2280        9/86

       1. NOW! HOW LONG DID NOAH HAVE TO WAIT BEFORE HE COULD LAND? (Techi: A year & 10 days.) Right! So, here's an interesting question that I don't know the answer to! How long do you think we're going to have to wait after this Flood of Fire before we can land down here on the surface of the Earth? (David: It'll have to cool off!) I'll bet it'll take quite a while to cool off! It's got to cool off first, & then...(David: Maybe the Lord is going to send a wind to cool it off? In the story of Noah's Ark it says the Lord sent a wind.) Yes, to dry it up.--This time to cool it off!--Ha!
       2. AND THEN AFTER THE EARTH IS COOLED OFF it's like the surface of your pizza, the cheese & everything all melted & running together. It won't have any trees or grass or anything yet. (David: The ashes will be good fertiliser!) Yes! But God has got to re-create the surface of the Earth, just like He did in the first Creation.
       3. WHAT WAS THE FIRST THING HE CREATED?--Light! Well, that He won't have to re-create because there is already light, right? (Gen.1:3) What did He create the Second Day? Do you want to go back to the first Chapter of Genesis & see? It took at least six days for God to create the first Earth, right? So how fast could He do it after the Earth cools off? (David: Oh, four days!) Well, He could at the most do it in six days again, couldn't He? (David: Yes, but He already created light on the First Day.) Right!--So that'll save one Day.
       4. THE FIRST DAY HE CREATED LIGHT, RIGHT? THE SECOND DAY HE CREATED THE FIRMAMENT that's in the midst of the waters, that means the space between the waters on the Earth & the waters above the Earth. That's the Water Globe that came down in the Water Flood. On the Third Day He divided what from what? After the Second Day, the Earth was still completely covered with what? (David: It was completely covered with water.) So the Third Day He created what? (David: He let the dry land appear.) Yes, He created the land! After He got land, what did He cause to be created next? (David: He said, "Let there spring forth grass & the herbs".)--And trees! (Gen.1:9-13).
       5. ON THE FOURTH DAY WHAT DID HE CREATE? (DAVID: LIGHTS!) Yes, what lights? (David: Stars & the Moon & the Sun.) Exactly! That was what Day? (David: That was the Fourth Day. He'll have to create that again, because it will all be burned up!) No, they're way up there beyond the fire. The Sun, the Moon & the stars are not in the atmosphere. They are way beyond that, they are way up even within the Water Globe. (Techi: So it's one day less work to do.) Yes, & less than that! He doesn't have to re-create light, & He doesn't have to re-create the Earth, He's still got the ball here. He doesn't have to re-create the land, it's there. The seas are already removed. (David: He has to re-create the grass & trees.) Yes, that's right, which He created on the Third Day.
       6. SO HE DOESN'T HAVE TO HAVE THOSE FIRST THREE DAYS OF CREATION because He's already got the light & the Earth & the firmament & the land, etc. (Techi: And the Moon & the stars.) Yes, that's right! He's got those already. That saves the one Day in which He created the Earth & the light, & it saves the Day that He created the firmament, we already have that, & it's going to save the Day that He created the lights, & we're still going to have land, so that's three days He doesn't have to worry about.
       7. BUT HE DOES HAVE TO RE-CREATE THE VEGETATION, RIGHT?--All the grass & the trees & vegetables & fruits, etc. The Third Day, He's going to have to have part of that. But the Fourth Day, when He made the Sun, Moon & stars, He doesn't have to have that Day, right? So we could take out the Days He created the light & the Earth, the dry land & the firmament, as we'd still have those. He'd still have to have the Third Day for more grass, herbs & trees. But we do not need the Fourth Day, for we'll already have the Sun, Moon & stars.--So all we'll need for the Re-Creation so far is one day for grass, herbs & trees!
       8. WHAT ABOUT THE FIFTH DAY? Start with the 20th Verse. (David: "God created the moving creatures in the waters, the fish and the birds".) Yes, He created the fish and the birds on the Fifth Day. So we've got to keep the Third Day when He created grass and all vegetation etc. But He won't have the Fifth Day when He created all the fish and the fowls.--He can bring Heaven's! So that's only one day of Re-creation so far! We'll call it the Re-creation of the Earth, it's kind of like recreation, fun, right?
       9. SO ALL WE'VE GOT NOW is the one day we have to have the grass, the trees, the flowers, the fruits & the vegetables re-created again! (David: Won't He have to re-create the air & the water in the rivers & lakes, because it will be burned up too?) Right! He's got to re-create that. He divided the land from the waters on what Day? (David: The Third Day.) Yes.
       10. (TECHI: BUT HE STILL HAS TO RE-CREATE AIR & WATER.) But the Day He created water was the same Day that He created the dry land & the vegetation. So yes, He does have to re-create water. But that's part of the same Third Day that He had to create vegetation. So He's just got one Day there to re-create the air, water & vegetation! Then what did He make on the Sixth Day? (David: The Sixth Day was the creatures.) Right, He created all the living creatures & Man on the Sixth Day. He created Man at the end of His creation of all the creatures.--But He's got those in Heaven!--We can bring them with us in our Heavenly Ark!
       11. SO SINCE WE ONLY HAVE TO HAVE THE RE-CREATION OF AIR, WATER & VEGETATION, that's only one day!--And He doesn't have to re-create Man & beasts, does He? So it's only air, vegetation & the waters. We're only going to need one day of Re-creation! So He should be able to replenish the face of the Earth in how many days? (Children: One!) How about that! In just one day He can remake the surface of the Earth! He starts with the ball & the land & no more seas, but it only takes Him one day to make all the air, water & vegetation!
       12. WHERE IS HE GOING TO GET THE PEOPLE? (David: From up in Heaven.) Exactly right!--And where else? All those living after the World was burned up. The only people living after the Fire are all the Saved, right?--The first Age of Grace Saints & the Millennial Saints! And they're all where? (David: Up in Heaven.) Right! (David: They proved themselves a thousand years, can't they go to Heaven?) Right! Of course! The Millennial Saints go to Heaven in that Rapture before the Fire!
       13. (DAVID: WHO POPULATES THE EARTH?) Good question! Are those the only people in the whole Heaven & Earth? The saved people are all in the Heavenly City. Is that all that's left? Those are the only ones that are left who are alive, but what about... (Techi: Oh! The people that He put in Purgatory or the waiting place!) Yes!--All the billions who are still dead! And when do they get resurrected? (David: At the Great White Throne Judgement.) Yes, which occurs when?--Maybe while the Earth is cooling off & He's Re-creating it! How about that! Because that Judgement happens right after He burns up the World, right?
       14. WHICH CHAPTER IN REVELATION DOES IT TALK ABOUT BURNING UP THE WORLD? (Techi: Chapter 20?) Right! Exactly right! Chapter 20, in the 9th verse. These wicked people led by the Devil "went up on the breadth of the Earth & encompassed the Camp of the Saints about, & the beloved city, & fire came down from God out of Heaven & devoured them!" There's your explosion of the air!--And the Devil & all his people were cast into the Lake of Fire!
       15. THERE IN THE 11TH VERSE HE SAYS, "I SAW A GREAT WHITE THRONE, & Him that sat on it". There's your Great White Throne Judgement, right after the Fire while the Earth's cooling off! He could have the White Throne Judgement right then, wouldn't that be a good time to have it? Well, He does have it right then! (David: But Grandpa, it would be fun to watch the Re-creation! Can we watch it while the people are getting judged?) The people are getting judged while the Earth is cooling off. (David: Oh, I see! And then He starts re-creating the Earth again.)--Amen!
       16. WE CAN WATCH ANYTHING, EVERYTHING! We can watch the White Throne Judgement, we can watch the Fire, we can watch the melted Earth, we can watch the cooling off, we can watch the Re-creation!--We've got the best possible front seats!--The Heavenly City! How many days of Re-creation are there? (David: One.) So the Lord can re-create & re-vegetate & re-populate the whole surface of the Earth in only one day! (David: So when the Great White Throne Judgement is happening, the Earth is cooling off, then after that He starts re-creating it, right?) Yes!
       17. RE-CREATING THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH WILL ONLY TAKE ONE DAY, in which He has to re-create what?--Vegetation, air & water. (David: And He has to create the lakes.) Yes, that happens first. He obviously created the water before He created the vegetation. He made the water separate from the land first, & then He made the vegetation, didn't He? So He's got to put air & water on the Earth first & then make the vegetation so it can grow.
       18. (DAVID: SO THE LORD JUST MIXES HYDROGEN & OXYGEN TOGETHER & THEN THERE'S WATER?) I guess so! How He does it, Honey, I don't know all the details, but we know He's going to re-create the surface of the Earth. He's going to have to put water on it, because He can't create vegetables first, so He's got to put water on first, & then He's got to put the vegetation on it, & then He's got to put the fish & the fowl in it, & then He's got to put the animals & the creeping things on it from Heaven!
       19. WHAT ARE THE CREEPING THINGS? (Techi: Snakes!) If there are any more snakes, they're not going to be poisonous anyhow. I don't think there are going to be any more bad things, they're a part of the Curse. (Techi: What are snakes good for?) Well, they eat mice & rats. (David: But there's not going to be any more mice & rats.) Well, okay. Then there won't be any more snakes on the New Earth, okay? Now, let's not get into any more of this. Okay?--Thanks!--We don't really know all these little things.
       20. WE'RE JUST TALKING ABOUT WHAT HAPPENED AFTER THE MILLENNIUM & THEN WE GOT INTO THE RE-CREATION OF THE EARTH & finding out how many days it would take God to re-create the surface of the Earth & all the water, air & vegetation, & we found out it only takes one day to Re-create the surface of the Earth!--Water, air & the vegetation in only one Day! The fish & the fowl & all the animals & creatures He can bring with us from our Heavenly Ark!--Space City! (To be continued!)

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