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PARADISE! DFO 22819/86

1. WHERE IS THE LORD GOING TO GET THE MEN & THE WOMEN TO POPULATE THE NEW EARTH? (Techi: From Hell.) Well, not just Hell--Hell, Purgatory, Hades, all those in the grave & all the resurrected people who are written in the Book of Life at the Great White Throne Judgement. (Techi: How do you call that place that Jesus went down to?) Paradise. It's in what they call Hades. (Techi: Why do they call it Paradise?) Because there are several different waiting places, like waiting rooms down in the heart of the Earth. One is Paradise, or it was at least, before Jesus' resurrection. It had to receive all the Old Testament Saints, because the Heavenly City wasn't even built yet!
2. JESUS HAD TO GO AWAY & BUILD THE HEAVENLY CITY, right? It was built during the Christian period. So before that they had to have a nice waiting place for the Old Testament Saints, & it was in the heart of the Earth!--Paradise! (Maria: Amazing! We always learn something new!) Where have you guys been, I've said these things before! You guys remind me of the verse that says, "Ever learning & never coming to a knowledge!" (2Tim.3:7) They learn it but they don't remember it, so they don't know it! (David: When we were studying with Auntie Dora, I was wondering about when He says, "I go to prepare a place for you". (Jn.14:2) Where were they when He was making Heaven?)
3. WELL, THE OLD TESTAMENT SAINTS WERE IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH IN PARADISE! Jesus said, "This day shalt thou be with Me in Paradise!" (Lk.23:43) Who did He say that to? (David: The thief.) The thief that was dying with Him on the cross, right? And where did Jesus go? It says that He was three days & three nights where? (David: In the heart of the Earth.) And if He said to the thief that he was going to be in Paradise, what was Paradise? (David: The heart of the Earth!) (Techi: I always thought it was Heaven, like Jesus was going to go there.) He hadn't been to Heaven yet! How do we know?--Because after He was resurrected, what did He say to Mary Magdalene? (Fam: "Touch me not".)--"For I have not yet ascended unto My Father in Heaven". (Jn.20:17) He had descended to Paradise in the heart of the Earth & been with the Old Testament Saints & even preached to the poor "spirits in prison" (1Pe.3:19) who had been naughty but had never heard how to be saved, & He gave them a chance to be saved right then. So they moved out of Hell over into Paradise! How about that!
4. THEY WERE IN PARADISE FOR MAYBE A DAY OR TWO, we don't know how long, but we know that if they got saved while Jesus was down there, then we know they must have been moved over to Paradise, right? Then when Jesus was resurrected & all the Old Testament Saints were resurrected (Mat.27:52), those spirits in prison He just got through preaching to & who had accepted the Lord were also resurrected! They got saved within only one or two or three days, & then they went to Heaven with the Old Testament Saints!
5. (TECHI: I KNEW HE WENT DOWN THREE DAYS & THREE NIGHTS IN THE HEART OF THE EARTH, BUT IT NEVER DAWNED ON ME THAT PARADISE WAS THERE!) He said to the dying thief what? (Techi:"This day thou shalt be with Me in Paradise!") All right,where did Jesus go? (Techi: To Paradise!) Yes, & because it says He spent three days & three nights there in the heart of the Earth after He was crucified & before He was resurrected. (Techi: I never understood which Paradise He meant.) Well, that was the first Paradise, it was in the heart of the Earth. Actually the first Paradise on Earth was the Garden of Eden, because He calls that Paradise too. (Rev.2:7) But there was another Paradise, so Jules Verne wasn't so far from the truth, was he? He wrote a book called, "Journey to the Center of the Earth", & he found down there a Paradise, & also found hellish beasts & all kinds of things. But he found that there was a world down there in the heart of the Earth where people lived. (Techi: Did he go down there?) In his visions or his imagination.
6. JULES VERNE WROTE A LOT OF THINGS ABOUT THE FUTURE. He wrote of a lot of things that hadn't happened in his day, but have happened since then. So he was really kind of a prophet! (Techi: Like what?) You'll have to read his books to find out! Jules Verne's "Journey to the Center of the Earth", "Captain Nemo", "Into the Maelstrom", "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea", "From the Earth to the Moon", "Around the World in 80 Days", etc. There's a whole bunch of Jules Verne books! He was also the first one to write about a submarine that went down under water.
7. HE ALSO WROTE ABOUT A FLYING SHIP & HE EVEN WROTE ABOUT ROCKETS FLYING TO THE MOON! (David: And he lived a long time ago?) He lived way back a hundred years ago, in the last century (1828-1905), yet he wrote about all these things that hadn't happened yet & now have happened, so he was really a prophet. You'll find his books very interesting. He wrote in French, but they have been translated into English. But I think it's better to read true stories out of the Bible, & out of our Letters & Komix & our Heaven's Children Story & all that, don't you? I think you've got all you can read already.
8. SO NOW YOU ASKED THE QUESTION, HOW'S HE GOING TO RE-CREATE THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH? Well, He can do it just like He did it the first time, only He has less than half as much to re-create, right? And if He did it in a couple of days the first time, He can do it in a couple of days the second time! Okay, do you get it now? Do you understand now when & how the mountains are going to be brought low & the islands flee away--really flow away? He could have said flow instead of flee, & that would have been even better, but the Prophet probably didn't exactly know how himself! When they flow away they flee away, don't they?
9. SHALL WE PRAY NOW? (Techi: It's my turn, & I wanted to say that my tongue is sore, that's why I didn't answer all the questions.) Oh, I'm sorry, Honey! Lord bless & touch & heal her tongue in Jesus' name! You promised, Lord, "They shall lay hands on the sick & they shall recover" (Mk.16:18), so whatever made her tongue sore, we ask Thee to touch & heal it. (Techi: I think I bit it a little bit.)--I'm sorry!
10. OKAY, HAVE WE GOT IT STRAIGHT NOW? Let's ask Hart's question & see if you know the answers. When are the mountains & islands going to disappear, flee away, fall down, melt, fill up all the valleys & everything? Is that going to be before the Millennium, like Hart thought? (Children: No!--At the Final Wrath, the Seventh Wrath.) Yes, & when is that?--Before or after the Millennium? (Children: After.) Right! Why is the fire going to come down? (Children: To burn up the wicked.) To burn up the wicked & the whole surface of the Earth!
11. WHY DO YOU SUPPOSE GOD HAS TO BURN UP THE SURFACE OF THE EARTH BY HAVING THE WHOLE ATMOSPHERE EXPLODE? (David: Because it's all full of space junk.) It's full of junk & germs & pollution & all kinds of bad stuff, right? So He's got to get it all burned up to purify it. What is going to cause the big fire? What is the big fire going to be? What's going to explode? (Techi: The oxygen.) The air, the atmospheric heavens. What does He say about them? They're going to depart like a great what? He said it's going to be like rolling away a...(Techi: Scroll.) Yes! That's when the atmosphere explodes & that's when it burns up the surface of the Earth at the End of the Millennium.
12. THEN WE DON'T KNOW HOW LONG IT'S GOING TO TAKE TO COOL OFF, but I was trying to bring that up about how long did Noah have to wait for it to dry up? (Techi: A year & ten days.) Right! So we don't know how long it's going to take for the Earth to cool off. But maybe during the whole Great White Throne Judgement it will be cooling off. At the Great White Throne Judgement people who came out of Death & the Grave & Purgatory & Paradise & all those places, He's going to have them to people the New Earth! They're going to be allowed to live outside the City on the New Earth until they get saved!--I'd like a Farm out there too!--As well as my Mansion in Heaven's City!--A country place!
13. (TECHI: IN THE HEAVEN'S CHILDREN STORY IT'S THE NEW MILLENNIAL WORLD, but then soon in the Heaven's Children Story it's going to be the New Earth!) Right! It's a New World because that includes everything sort of like it was today in the Old World, but so much better! In other words, in the Millennium it'll be a lot of the same people & the same planet, the same surface & everything. But it's going to be like a New World because all the curses & everything are gone, & we & the Lord are running it!--It'll be our Kingdom instead of Satan's! Hallelujah! Thank You Jesus!--Isn't that wonderful!--Amen!

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