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THE RISE OF THE REBELS!        DFO 2289        10/86

       1. THEY USED TO SAY, "NECESSITY IS THE MOTHER OF INVENTION". They used to say it, but they don't say it much any more! Maybe there're not many inventors these days. When I was a kid, there were many inventors! Come to think of it, most of the great inventions of this age were made in just the past hundred years or so. I can't say that too many of them have been made just recently except some of the worst, like the atomic bomb! Well, computers were a helpful recent invention, especially for us. But I'd say most of these most famous recent modern inventions are horrors, they're destructive!--Atom bombs, missiles, etc.
       2. THE WORLD CAN'T BE TRUSTED WITH ALL THIS ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY BECAUSE THEY'RE BOUND TO USE IT FOR EVIL, just like they did the splitting of the atom. They didn't first make peaceful use of atomic power, they used it to kill hundreds of thousands of people! That was the first use of the atom! This wicked World cannot be trusted with high technology, so it's got to be taken away from the humans of the Millennium.
       3. THEY'LL STILL HAVE FREE CHOICE TO REBEL IN THE MILLENNIUM if they want to, but technology has got to be taken away from them. We're the only ones that could be able to be trusted with it, but I think we won't really need it. We may use it or allow its use by those humans on Earth who are converted. They might be trusted to use some of it if it's official, but I doubt if we'll need much of it.
       4. MOST OF IT IS FOR SPEEDING UP EVERYTHING, just like that music digital synthesiser speeding up music compositions, speeding up everything! We don't need to speed things up anymore. It's better that everything slows down. Everything's too fast, faster than normal natural Man is capable of handling, & they're suffering. The whole idea of the pace of the Millennium is to try to slow people down, back to the natural, normal rate of life for which God created us, so that people don't destroy themselves.
       5. ACCORDING TO WHAT I'M GETTING, IN THE END OF THE MILLENNIUM THAT REBELLION IS NOT GOING TO BE SOMETHING JUST SUDDEN! It's dealt with very shortly in the Bible, but it's going to take a build-up over the centuries, so that the population of the Rebels is going to grow, sad to say. It only took a couple hundred years in this dispensation. Just like things have steadily gotten worse & worse now, as long as Man has free will & is allowed to rebel even in the Millennium, in spite of all the power of God & His visible Kingdom on Earth, the Rebels will grow worse & worse.
       6. GOD'S AUTHORITY WILL BE SO EVIDENT THAT IT ISN'T GOING TO MAKE SOME PEOPLE ANY MORE CHEERFUL OR HAPPY OR WILLING TO OBEY--IN FACT, IT'LL MAKE SOME PEOPLE EVEN MORE BITTER! They can see their Enemy then, they can see God's presence & His Kingdom & His officers & that we're in control & ruling, & there are some people that are going to hate Him all the more!
       7. THE REBELS ARE STILL GOING TO BE THE DEVIL'S PEOPLE, ALTHOUGH THE DEVIL & HIS DEMONS ARE ABSENT. The effect of evil & Satan's evil influence of sin on the past generations is still in Mankind, in the normal, natural, physical human people who are leftovers from the past, the survivors of Armageddon. They still have inbred sin, they still have all the effects of sin & all of the evil influences of sins of the past. They've got all of that programmed into them, you might say, just as people have in this generation & in past generations. It's still there.
       8. THE EVIL SEEDS OF SIN ARE STILL ABUNDANT IN MANKIND EVEN IN THE MILLENNIUM! Therefore, although people in the Millennium now have a chance of hearing the Gospel so that everybody will hear, "None shall say, 'Know the Lord', for all shall know Him" (Jer.31:34), not all shall be saved. Some of them will know Him & hate Him & plot against Him, because they've still got that evil seed of sin in them, all the way from the time of Adam!
       9. IT'S ANOTHER AGE OF GRACE, just like now, only in a sense it's easier to get saved & everybody has a chance to hear & know how to get saved. Everybody's given an opportunity. All the leftovers, all the survivors are now going to be reached & be given their chance, their choice.
       10. BUT STILL THERE ARE GOING TO BE PEOPLE--JUST LIKE THERE ARE TODAY--WHO DON'T LIKE IT, DON'T WANT GOD, don't want His Kingdom, are rebellious, selfish, stubborn, independent & want to go their own way! Therefore there's going to be a gradual buildup like that, just like there has been in these generations, you might say in the past thousand years.
       11. WHAT WAS IT LIKE A THOUSAND YEARS AGO? Well, it was a lot better than it is now! In those days, in some places there were more good people than bad people! But it's gotten worse & worse! "Men & times shall wax worse & worse" until the End (2Tim.3:13), so it's going to do the same thing in the Millennium.
       12. IN SOME WAYS THE MILLENNIUM IS GOING TO BE SIMILAR TO NOW, BUT IN OTHER WAYS, OF COURSE, IT'S GOING TO BE MUCH BETTER. It will be much easier to see & believe, easier to live, easier in many ways to serve the Lord, easier to hear the Gospel, easier to get saved, so that everybody will have their chance. But there will still be people who are stubborn, rebellious, foolish & independent & incorrigible, people who are just going to refuse. But God still has to give them their chance.
       13. EVERYBODY HAS TO HAVE A CHANCE TO MAKE THEIR CHOICE, the decision is up to them so they can't blame God for it, understand? They have their chance to choose, which before the Millennium they didn't have because they'd never heard the Gospel. But they have a much better chance of believing, you might say, because they hardly even have to believe anything that's not seen because they can see it all!--Saints flying around, Angels flying around, saucers, the Heavenly City floating in the sky & the obvious presence & power of God all around everywhere & God's manifest Kingdom on Earth ruled by us, His Saints!
       14. IN OTHER WORDS, IT WILL BE EASIER TO HEAR THE GOSPEL, EASIER TO GET SAVED, EASIER TO LIVE FOR THE LORD & under a government that is saved & righteous--the Kingdom of God--in which we'll have the authority & power. It'll be easier to serve the Lord, there won't be the extensive persecution there is now in these horrible Last Days, these evil times which have fallen upon us. We live in the days when the Devil has virtually taken over the World in every way. Then it will only be God's Kingdom.
       15. AS I SEE IT NOW & AS I'VE BEEN THINKING & PRAYING ABOUT IT, THE REBELLION IS NOT GOING TO BE JUST SUDDEN.--All of a sudden the Devil's let loose & all of a sudden these people decide to follow him. But this rebellion has been building up over the centuries & people haven't changed much. As the Lord Himself said, "Strait is the gate & narrow is the way that leadeth to life eternal, & few there be that find it. But wide is the gate & broad is the way that leadeth to destruction, & many there be which go in thereat." (Mat.7:13,14)
       16. IT SEEMS LIKE THE MAJORITY ALWAYS WIND UP IN THE WRONG PATH & DOING THE WRONG THING because Man seems to be so weak morally & spiritually because of sin entering into the World. He has sort of a natural inclination to sin like he did after the fall in the Garden of Eden. It was just natural to sin. It was more easy to sin than to do good, & it then took a miracle of God to change Man's heart & his nature so that he would want the Love of the Lord & want to obey the Lord more than to sin.--The born-again experience.
       17. OTHERWISE, MAN IS STILL NATURALLY A SINNER IN THE MILLENNIUM & it's more natural for him to sin than it is to do good & be righteous, unless he gets saved. So that principle is still going to be true in the Millennium as far as I can see. I don't see how it could be changed any, except that the Gospel will then be more widespread to everybody. Nobody is going to fail to hear the Gospel, they'll all know the Lord, in a sense. They might not get saved, but they'll know that He exists & that His Kingdom exists, as it's all around them. No longer will they have to just believe by faith that it's all true, they're going to see it!--But they have to accept it & receive Jesus to be saved!--Amen?

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