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THE RISE OF BABYLON!        DFO 2290        10/86

       1. SO IN THE MILLENNIUM IT'S GOING TO BE EASIER TO BELIEVE IN THE LORD & HAVE FAITH because it's going to be so easy to see it all, & people can't doubt it because there it is! But just like the Scribes & the Pharisees, there was just as much evidence in Jesus' day of Jesus' Messiahship, His power & His miracles, but they still refused to receive Him! He was the Son of God, He was the King of kings already & He gave all kinds of evidence, all kinds of proof of His power, His authority, His Son-ship, His Messiah-ship. He did miracles, He raised the dead--all of those things--& yet they didn't believe because they didn't want to believe because they were Rebels of their father the Devil!
       2. THOSE PEOPLE LIVING ON INTO THE MILLENNIUM, those who have the rebellion of Satan still in them, the seed of Satan, are still going to be of their father the Devil, even though he is not right there any more, even though he is in the Pit! There are still going to be people therefore who, the more they know about God & Jesus & His Kingdom & His Saints & His Angels etc. & their power over them, are going to hate Him all the more! They're going to be like rebellious slaves who only obey because they have to, but they hate their masters!
       3. I BELIEVE THAT THE SEED OF SIN IS INHERENT IN MANKIND, according to God's Word*, & the seeds are still in the natural leftover people from the former Age, they're going to be just the same.--And eventually the vast majority of them are going to rebel! Obviously they are in the majority when they are led by Gog & Magog to surround the Camp of the Saints, & probably would win the victory over them if the Lord didn't rescue them!--Just like we're about to be overcome by the Antichrist when the Lord raptures us! *(Gen.8:21b; Psa.58:3; Ecc.7:20; Isa.53:6; Rom.5:12)
       4. I BELIEVE THE REBELLION IS GOING TO BUILD UP, & although at first they begin with a huge population, millions of people who just hardly know what's going on, & though millions who hear the Gospel will be receptive & believe & receive & obey & become members of the Kingdom of God--Saints--there'll still be plenty of Rebels.--Although they don't have the help of Satan & his demons any more & they have all kinds of deterrents & cords & bands, as they say, "Let us break their bands asunder, & cast away their cords from us" (Psa.2:3), they'll hate Him all the more!
       5. ALTHOUGH THEY HATE TO HAVE TO OBEY, & they hate to have all these regulations & laws of God & they hate to know that they're not the rulers of the Earth any more, & they have to knuckle down & obey the Kingdom of God or be smitten or receive curses & sickness & pain & even death because of their rebellion & disobedience, there are people who will curse God & die! There will be people who curse God in spite of all the chastisement that He sends them, the chastenings & afflictions to try to put the squeeze on them to get them to repent, they'll still hate Him, they'll still rebel!
       6. GOD GIVES THEM THEIR CHANCE, EVERYBODY IS GIVEN THEIR CHANCE TO MAKE THEIR CHOICE & choose what side they want to be on. I would expect that the number of Rebels, just like it has been in the past generations, will continue to grow until obviously by the end they are in the majority, whole nations of them (Rev.20:8), & they are the ones to whom Satan then comes & so easily deceives & who are ready to follow him! They'll look on him as their saviour, their messiah who is going to liberate them from the Kingdom of God! Therefore they'll grow stronger & worse & more evil as the Millennium goes on!
       7. THE MILLENNIUM IS NOT ALL SWEETNESS & LIGHT! The end of the Millennium is going to be almost as bitter as the end of this dispensation! In fact, from what I've been studying in the Scriptures lately, apparently they're even going to get so strong & so numerous & so powerful they're going to rebuild the cities again, rebuild Babylon! In all the Scriptures having to do with the last or Seventh Wrath of God, the Wrath at the end of the Millennium, it speaks again of the destruction of Babylon! In other words they rebuild Babel, in a sense.--Why not? They've gone the same way as the former dispensations of the wicked men of old!--Man cannot succeed without God!
       8. WHAT HAPPENED IN THE WATER FLOOD?--GOD DESTROYED ALL THE WICKED, RIGHT?--ALL OF THEM! Only one man & his family were left, righteous Noah & his wife & his three sons & their wives! But does that mean then that that wiped out sin entirely? Does that mean that the wicked were gone forever?--No! Because they began to have children & multiply & replenish the Earth, & yet in their descendants the evil seed of sin was still there, brought on by Adam & Eve in the beginning!--It's like an hereditary disease!
       9. SIN WAS STILL THERE IN THEIR HEARTS & MAN WAS STILL NATURALLY CARNAL & SINFUL & WICKED & IT WAS STILL MORE NATURAL TO SIN THAN BE GOOD! So what happened was, it wasn't long after Noah until Man was back at it again building the Tower of Babel about 300 years later! So that's the way it's going to be in the Millennium, although thank God it will be under some certain control. But God is not going to force those people to believe, He's not going to force those people to receive!
       10. GOD'S GOT TO MAKE IT FREE WILL & CHOICE just like He does now. He has to make them come to the full fulness of their wickedness so that their cup of iniquity is full, so that He has a right & He is righteous in finally just completely wiping all the wicked out in the Flood of Fire at the end of the Millennium, so that the whole World & the Universe & all Heaven will know that God was just & righteous in totally destroying them & sending them to Hell, all the ones who are not saved & not Saints in the Camp of the Saints & not rescued!--All the Rebels!
       11. SO IT LOOKS LIKE THEY'RE GOING TO GRADUALLY GET WORSE, & eventually even to the extent of rebuilding cities! God is not going to completely force them to be good, because He has to let them have a choice & go their own way, just like they do today. (Maria: Maybe just like our learning & our training today isn't going to be wiped out, it's going to be for a purpose to use on into the Millennium, maybe the Devil's high technology is not going to just be wiped out for nothing either, because he's going to use it.)
       12. AS FAR AS I CAN SEE, THEY'RE GOING TO ATTEMPT TO REVIVE ALL THAT & attempt to beat their plowshares into swords & their pruninghooks back into spears & revive their munitions & their weapons & their cities! How else would the forces of Gog & Magog surround the Camp of the Saints? They must have power, they must have numbers, they must have weapons, they must have unity, & it's going to wind up bad again!
       13. IT'S ONE MORE ILLUSTRATION BY THE LORD THAT, "THOUGH MERCY BE SHOWN TO THE WICKED, YET HE WILL NOT LEARN RIGHTEOUSNESS!" (Isa.26:10) By the end of this Age we are in right now, that will all be proven & shown manifestly by the Antichrist kingdom & the Tribulation & all that. There's the great demonstration of how, as good as God is & how merciful & how loving, Man is still so wicked & sin is still so bad that it still damns him & still there are those who are still so rebellious that they refuse!
       14. MAN IS A FREE MORAL AGENT. HE HAS THE MAJESTY OF CHOICE & FREE WILL, & that same majesty of choice is going to continue in the Millennium, because Man is going to be the same! Only the Saints are changed, born again, heavenly spirits, supernatural & miraculous etc. But nevertheless God is giving the rest of humanity a chance.
       15. BUT THE POINT IS, THEY'RE GOING TO WIND UP THE SAME WAY AS THIS GENERATION, or you might say this former dispensation of people wound up--mostly wicked & mostly rebellious--as a vivid & horrible manifestation & demonstration to the whole World & whoever needs to know that this is what happens when people resist God & rebel against Him, disobey Him & insist on being independent & selfish & wilful & rebellious & disobedient!
       16. SO IT'S ALMOST THE SAME PLAY ALL OVER AGAIN!--Only under more ideal conditions, so that those people are going to deserve punishment even more than the people in these past dispensations, because they are going to know more & see more & are going to resist & rebel & refuse to obey in the face of it all!
       17. THEY CAN HARDLY KEEP FROM BELIEVING GOD EXISTS ETC., THEY'RE BOUND TO BELIEVE BECAUSE THEY CAN SEE IT ALL! They're bound to believe that God exists & His Kingdom & power exists, His Saints & Angels & all the supernatural miraculous things of the Spirit World exist because they're going to see it! God's Kingdom is going to be manifest! But this is another demonstration to show that even though people see it all, some will still not believe or follow or receive!--And will prefer their own way--just as they do today!--Do you?--Are you a Rebel?

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